Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 6, 1952 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1952
Page 20
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1 · -. .·I." -. -- ,,, , a n s w « r - t h e tjltwUoni campalfni, V.TKe' Repub'Ucan : and Demu- etatlc race* each apptareaVto be · conUut'between a man wprk- hird ' for the presidency an who hasn't slid he wants t S,,The' Republican choice secmi tarrowed to $en. Robert A. Ta who arrives In -New HampshI today of the nomlnatio and Gen, Dwljht D. Elsenhowe who says he won't seek it bi will accept if "nominated ... ·-, On. the Democratic . jd'de, Se · Bites'Kefauver of Tennessee wi tifhtinf what .he calls on 'tiphl battle afalnst supporter: of Pres kleht Truman. The president ha not: announced whether he wont another term. The results of th« New Hamp shir* primary election nexlTues day'art not binding on convcnt'lo delegates. But since it Is : ih iirsi presidential primary of th y«ai, treat psychological yalu laittacbed to Its outcome. ; Ttit' latest happenings in th national campaign: . . Daeeetrafe: ; 11 'Itepresentative Bryson (D tC) .rlslted Truman., yesterda and Wid the president told him he *buld'kflpw what to do abou runrUnf .,''11 : he were sure Taf would not' .«et- the Republican ·emlnation and '· would not RC etlected If he fotlt." ..-BvStnator. ;Brewster ·· (R-Mo), i T»ft backer, called this statemen ·wi. · flKvlnnc · mtt»mnt tn \t\t ' th, by ' the obvlom attempt 1 pr*oent to : Influence the New Haenpahlrt primary. · f a j r l f i ' t i m e t o call his EVtRYTHING IRON ·n4 METAL CO. ·OVMNfMMT^AVI.' PLAN TO IUILD ·t* Our MtleriiL Oet Otir Meet. T»t Ow I LUMIER CO. . , they are discouraging entry of the president's name In contests where 'his consent Is required. 3. Kcfnuver conducted a slow- motion type of campaign In New Hampshire* selling himself In a folksy sort of way. Truman backers expressed confidence president 'would get all the Democratic none.' - delegates, Kefauver PoliticsRujhinjBujiness In New Hampshire .. ·. /·» SsTia**'.' ···!· if J ·*-' ^ . U l i . * t f it n u ' i j _ · · , , . . _ · - . ' ' . (»T jn» AsHeklcsl Pnea) iblulf," Brewster declared. "Let vPOUUcal oratory echoed across him run analn . , . Let him so INw^niinipahire'i' snow-covered | out and defend the record ·ilia : .today,. in - hand-shaking,jcandldalc." " "" ' " " 2. Democratic .National Committee officials said they are leaving It to state leaders whether to enter Trumans' name in their presidential - primaries. But to' avoid, any embarrassments 1. Paul 0. Hoffman,. former economic cooperation administrator, told a Durham, N. H., audience that Elsenhower Is the only GOP candidate "v/hp can win tho Independent vote and break the clntrle 'Solid South.'" 2. Toft, ' nirnln protesting the alphabetical listing which places him .lost on the ballot, opens his three-day drive tit Manchester. He has 2rappcaranccs scheduled. 3. ' The New Jersey Tnft-for- Prcslclent Committee .announced the Ohloan will hi .'entered in the slate's preferential primary April 4.. Goy^ Earl Warren of Call- rrnia' Mid.'Jw;will.'enter Orcfon's May 19; Republican primary. ' Actor Robert Ryan, No Favorite Of Country's Bobbysox Set, Says He's PrenYGIad Of It . . - ' · · ' · . ' · ' ' · ' . . ' ·' ;'t ' I * . - . . By BOB THOMAS Hollywood-(;Pj-.Hefe'« one 'lead- ng man who admits that bobby-j oxers ircn't his main following, What's more, he's glad of It. ' i The nctor Is Robert Ryan, Chl-r aifo-bprn former boxer and Ma^ ine. He is good-ibohlng'in a rugged sort oT way, but he readily Onfessed.lhal the teen-age':fans don't blow their tops over him. "They never have," he. remark-' d; "One reason Is .that I have ever played the kind of role that' vould make the kids m«J for me.' The sole exception was the picture n which 1 got my -first big break --"Tender Comrade,", opppsltc linger Rogers. That ' w a s · during IB .war, when the', movies, were aklng a play for the, bobb.ysox. iidlenciv', ·. . . ' ·[ "I probably would-have gotten' ped. in that category, because the udlo had four, or five scripts lln- d up for. me and they, tended: in ,at direction. But : luckily 1 wa ived by going into'the Marines "It. wan actually a good brcal )r my career. A lot of young guy ho-were playing leading men li ose, days and were the rage o e malt-shop', set are forgotten day. ' ' The bobbysox audience is Theory .Frnyen . !Kyan!s * theory seems to have ckle. The kids drop their Idols tier someone,new.comes alohg so they grow up and find other terests. 'An ictor who bases his reer on them alnne flndj. hlm- If in trouble when they lose in rest in nlm." WHO FIXES RADIOS? Serving You 20 Year* SMITH RADIO SHOP Now you con get DURBSERVICE At MAYO'S G R I L L Highway 71 North From 3 P. M. to Midnight · «p*elaliiine In Sriaki, Chick.n, Seafoods '_ MB. AMD MRS. PAUL YOHK. OWNEKS-MANAOERS been' evidenced In recent Ilolly- wfbod-history. Frank Sinatra evoked the most hysterical response from the bobbysoxers,.and his later.; career, has failed lo. maintain the .'niomcnium of.-the war years. Van-;Johnson;was dropped like a hot spud' when the youngsters were disenchanted with his marriage.. His studio had to cast him In! dramatic roles-instead · of rely-' Irig on hi i romantic, appeal. Montgomery Clift was another who'.hlt'n let-down. His miscasting inV'The Heiress" didn't help his career at all. Even Hopiuong Cas- sldy^has experienced the fickle nature of the Juvenile audience. l! I can. watch it happen with rny own Ilttln boy, Tim," Ryan continued. "Ev.cry week he has a new favorite (in television. Just- the other day, he asked me, "Have you ever been a' space manV" 1 had to -admit that. Was one of the new lines that 1 haven't been in." ' · · . ' . e; actor, added Hint, t h e bulk of his fan mail comes from adults. "Most of the letters arc from intelligent people," he slid. '-'That's the kino" of response t h a t makes PRAY FOR ASLEEP-ON-DUTY SOLDIER FAMILT of Pfc. Wirren McConnell (Inaet), wtjo li serving 10 years In prison In California on a court martial «entenc« for falling asleep while on guard duty in Korei. knwl. In pnyer for' him on lawn of McConnell residence In .Alloway, N. J. From left: Johnny, 9; Sammy, 11 (milling Wanda Jean, HI monthi; Dorsey, the father- Violel tht mother; Jim, 12; Betty. 17. · .'.. iIM, rn aii, ma t s,un«vn u , a , the nctor t h i n k he's doing a good job." Hyan observed that he would kn to pattern' his career after that of the late Walter Huston. .'·He was a great actor and ho did :he things he wanted to do," Ryan remarked.'-"! would :llke to gradually : work Into charador acting. That's whore the fun is In this U'slncss. I've gotlon myself into the 'financial position so that I mow my children will he taken cnrc of until they arc able to take care of themselves. Now I'd like to do different things! want to do plays find television, as well as ilctures." Little Chance Seen Tor Rbee To BeReelectedln Korea If He Is Candidate Soviets Ridicule Submorine Charge oscow-ftfVThc Soviet press oday ridiculed assertions by Ihc iovornmcnt of the Dominican Republic thnt Soviet submarines ave been sighted off the Carib- can Island's coast. The Russians ailed, the report nn "anti-Sovet fabrication." As many as half n million mcn- aden, n species of fish, have een trapped in a single catch. Pusan, Korcn-(/P)-A' liot political fl(ht' is raging in. this embattled Korean republic despite Uic pressure of .a mighty Communist nrmy massed nenr its northern frontier. With n presidential election only three months away, antagonism bcU ccn President Syngman Rhee and the pne-hotisc National As- somUs has flnred into a running battle. Political observers here agree almost unanimously that flhee has little chance for reelection--even if he seeks another four-year term. The president, although convinced the Korean people will insist (hat he run, told the Assoc- latctl Press he had made up his mind "long ago" not to seek another term. But political intimates of the 70-year-old "Fatlier of the Korean Republic" say Hhcc could be induced tn run If he thought ho would be elected easily. Under the Korean Constitution, the president Ih elected by the National Assembly. In January, nhcc sponsored a proj'.osod amendment for direct election of .the president and for a two-house National Assembly. RhCv argued these would be "more In accordance with democratic principles." Critics said he intro- duced the measure as a move toward reelection. After only two days of debate, the Assembly turned down the amendment by a 143-19 vote. The president suggested thnt the voters should recall the lawmakers. A "recall movement" sprang up. Two weeks ago, several hundred people gathered at the National Assembly carrying placards and shouting for recall. Petitions were drawn'up. The assemblymen pointed out that there is no constitutional provision for recall. They also claiafed that the "recall move had been carefully planned by Rhce supporters." Meanwhile, Rhec said he might rclntroduce his proposed amendment after the present legislative session ends March 20. Reds' Execution Stayed Athens-OT-Eight 'Greek · Com munists sentenced to die as spie have won a stay of execution un til their cases can be reviewed h a pardons board. A military cour convicted the eight Saturday. The planet Neptune is a mean distance of 2,796,600,000 miles away from the sun. AdrertlM In the TIMES--It pays ALL -- L-every drop ! Extra Smooth! and be Sure of the FINEST totan bottled! ] .'.-l^^iipMA' / CHi»i **** HJIrtm. *« ^- ttH Of»m HtuMI Sp^». Siurnn-DlstiHtn Corp,, N, Y. PALACE ENDS TONITE "THE RETURN OF FRANK JAMES" FRIDAY * DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM t) OPENS 0 Z A R n At 1:20 - 3:20 · 5:20 - 7:20 · 1:20 ROOM FOR ONE UARK PLAYING Shows 7:00^1:00 IflWS and Cartoon "BEE ON GUARD- Child.Refums Home Unspanked; Reaches Agreement With Mother Oklahoma · C1 t'y-Wj-An un- spafikea eight-year-old girl wa tucked snugly in her bed last nigh --and. she was glad to b'e there Janice Kay Carroll icai ed ' the spanking her mother had promised her more than the night, the wind and sub-freezing weather. Shi spent Tuesday night huddled between two houses,. afraid to gc home. When she.showe'd up for'schoo --right nn' . schedule--ycsterdaj morning, she had a tearful reunion with her mother, Mrs. Lois Carroll. . . Mrs. Carroll says .'.he and her daughter have reached an under- s.anding, /.'kind of 50-50." Janice Kay has promised not to stay away 'ffonrhpme without first telling her'mother--^and Mrs. Carroll ha* ruled out spankings. The whole thing started Tuesday when Janice .-Kay went to. t a girl friend's home 'straight.'from school without telling' her mother When Mrs. . Carroll discovered where she'was, a spanking/was )romised. · . · " · ' Her girl friend's mother put'.her In a taxi 'and the driver let/her out in -front of her home. 7 'But nstcad of going inside she walked down i the street. - . Janice says she .went to the home of a woman "who used to take care or me when I was little..But wns afraid, to.go in her house because I thought she would'take m e hoine.". - ' . - · · ' ..'.,· She went between the., houses nrl went to sleep. "I .wasn't 'scared," she.'assured everyone.'"I got up several times', but I wasn't cared." .' . ' · ' -v : U. 5, Of Europe fleeded, German Leader Declares 1 · ' ' ! Bonn, Germany-t/PI-Chancellor tonrad Adenauer says West Ger r Tiany will join with any nation hat takes the initiative in -draft- ng a constitution for a United slates o f : Europe. · ' '' : "A united Europe · would be ecessary, even if there were,no oviet danger," Adenauer said'in' radio interview,', because' "no ingle European country can 1 have he standard just' rom her own strength!" Anthony Takes Job With Stale Department E. P. "Toney". Anthony, service man with the Ozarks Rural Electric Cooperative, has been appointed director of safety with,the state Dcpartmen of Education,- effective March 1, Chester Williams manager of the REA 'Cooperative, announced today. - ', ... ',:' Anthony was recqrriinended for the job by the' Safety. Committee of tht Arkansas'"State Electric Cooperative., Hfs work y/ill be with Arkansas' 18 electric:cooperatives. He wjll be responsible lor direction of the 'safety programs: and' will make regular visits tc the various cooperatives... ' . '; . Before being appointed to his new post/-Anthony'had been em- iloyed .by the local, cooperative 'or-eight years'and had.also work- ec-'for.a; private, utility. He^plans o.make.his home at Conway, but will work out 1 of ^Little Eock. . ; Peron Urges Support , For Austerity Plan , .Buenos A i r ? s- (IP) -President Juan Peron.'says" Argentina wilj be fed before cxp'orts are sent abroad. But he .'pleaded"in,'a' na- ion-wide r broadcast last ..night or support o f ' h i s . austerity.'pro? gram a n d , f o r greater .production. For Reservations MB -- STEAMSHlll* -- RAIL HOTELS ·-- TRAVEL "AHC LUGGAGE INSURANCE ' AMERICAN TRAVELERS CHEQUES/ No Strrict Charg* · ln4*»*Mnt ft CwrfvctM T«yri KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU i-7iri LITTLI ROCK, ARKANSAS 13-YMf-OW Boy HeM for Killidfl ClMsmte Smithtowh, N. Yrtilj-A 13- year-old., boy was held ih jail today, accused of killing i pretty classmate when she resisted his advances as they walked together. Harold Lorentspn, an honor student, was charged with first' de gree murder last night. Suffolk County-Dist. Atty. Linsay R. Henry said the boy admitted that, he killed-Lyde Kitchner, 12, who had sat'next to him in a seventh grade 'class. The brown-eyed. girl's ' bruised bxly, the clothes in disarray, was' found,'in a Long Island wooded area'.November 29. She had been strangled with her own icarf. Kee» ·» with tke ttmm read . the TIMES i TohiM. 7:00-9:00 MKXIV dH MONEY 'UCgSist Two Big Hits Pocked With Action! if.- if CO-HIT Hopaleng Casiidy · : . - , -IN, .. RANGE WAY starring William Boyd · Free Pony Rides · Playground and Monkey Village 71 Drive-In theatre OPEN SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 P.M. PHONE 21 EASTER FABRIC LEADERS t · , Fashion-Right Cottons and Rayons 42" NAILHEAD TAFFETA Addt extra glamor to dreu-up" dottiei. Mi- bodied rayon with dobby nailhead deiigni woven in. Choice'of brilliants, darki. 89e yd. * 39" RAYON PETALDOWN kwxpsniive and practical, yet styled with the beouty of One lilk. Dull-luster crepe in vibrant prints. Hand-washable. · 69c yd, 41" BEMBERO RAYON Height of fashion for coolness and,comfort. Sheer and lightweight In o lovely variety of flattering, hand-washable prints. 79c yd. , 39" LINEN.LIKE RAYON Washfost to 140°. Shrinkage controlled to 3%. Cool, critp Rayon for family taW-veor. Ctaoie dark, medium, pmfel shades. Mc/d. -- 35" EMBOSSED COTTON ^ Permanent embossed design gives a crisp, cool appearance. Stays fresh longer because of it crease-resistant Everglaze finish. 69c ydj 42" BUR.MIL SUITING All-rayon woven In jwmwear'-fypt sharkskin and pinpoint patterns. Lightweight, wrinkle, resistant. Now reduced from 98c. 77c yd. 36" PLAID SPORT DENIM Popular sport cotton^ cojorful woven pot. term. Mix and match. Sanforized. 69c 'yd, 36'SOUD-COIOK MNIM 59c YD. 38" CRISP WATTLE PIQUE Vot-dy»d cotton hi solid-color pastels. W(* «e design gives rkh ttxfvrt Mtr«tt, OWOM II for *lm, dresMs, cMtdren'i WMT. 39t '

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