Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 6, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1952
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

!··· I W -I 14--NMTMMfT AKAMAI TUMI, hycftovlfe, Artiwum, TfiyiKtay, March », IM2 1951 1M2EST. I»5JEST. ! HIGH COST OF WAR--The InrKcst share of I!»5.Vs Fcderni budccl iwlll fa to pay /or post wnrs, posilblc future ware and Ihe cosl or {Containing the spread of Interim llorml cnmrnunnm. Above Nuws- ehart ihowi rise In tolnl dollars received by U. S. government alonR [with, military mill non-military expenditures since 1939. For every idollar that will be spent during (he coming fiscal yenr, 83 cents will IJP for pail or future military services mid committments. Data | V. from N»tlonl Industrial Conference Board. Progress, Modernization Of Argentina In Past 50 Years Declared "Amazing" : : (This is another. In a Series Vandfcventcr Is writing nbout h " trip through...South America.) B/BD VANDEVENTK* · Buenos /ires--Amazing ; Is il ··"· proper a-Jjoctive for the progrc ·hd modernization of Argcntli .-· during the past SO yean. Knl · i roads mid airplnncn h.ivc hpd . Important part in this rapid jrrowt ; and astonishing Improvement. v Argentina owns the railroad ; It purchased from the Inlerna " tlwitil Telephone Company tho · concern's vast commtinlciilluii sys '·' tern. Postal authorities control th ' Mejraphy system, ·'. . Argentina. pushes 'toward Ih : equator, in thb north, to a l.'irg : area \s tropical.'.Iti'iouUicmmos · tip la clillled by the blizzards blow liif In from the'Antarctic. Th ' Pampas are flat, and millions o ,.' hud, of-cattle and tnnny fin V.' horse* graze on the lush alfnlf '.;; thtre. Tht Andei, Handing guar ;· on the west, are the hlgHesl rani ·j" ln : the world with the exccptloi -.-! of the Himalayas, no you can flm V.i my sort of temperature you de ·.; tire In Argentina. V Irrigation makes useful the rlc \ loll in th. nlmofll rainlfss Klopo of .the Andes, A' drouth has Con tinued for three years over mo.1 .. of Argentina, reducing productin : of frnln and raising of cattle · Cross-bred sheep furnish mud ·'' yealth In wool and'meat. Now hy :; bifid corn Ia being Introduced, The cub-tropical northeast sup piles excellent hardwoods for Industrial purposes, Sugar plants; tlons and oil fields create weald ini"the northwest .section. litttl In Beef Exports '.-Argentina lends tlie world '' · productlorl at linseed and is the :. leading exporter of chilled beef H ranks high In shipment of wool --wheat and corn. 11s development ..'- of manufacturing has bccrA im... presslve in. recent years. '. .The old Roman law is the liasls ;'; 3Tor Argentina's jurisprudence. Kd- ;· ucatlon Is free, and there arc many '?: aplcndid universities, colleges and · secondary schools. The country is ] one-third the size of the United Stales In area. Wome.i now vote for the highest offices in Argcn- i'tina. -;.: Spanish Is the official language, though many claim they have dc. velopod their own language as it .differs; somewhat-from Castillnn . Spanish. Buenos Aires is a federal district, the same as Washington, D. 0. It l.i. In the province of ; Buenos Aires, one of H provinces : n n d nine national territories in ·iArgcniina. Every one of the H jprovinps has Its' own capital and Mta governor is chosen hy the vot- ·jera. The federal government ap- ipoinut. governors for the tcrritor- ": La Plata, Ihe capita! (if the ;-jproviricc nf Buenos Aires, Is where ;'iJ shuddered, as motor cars paid rio more attention to red street- crossing lights than Shelby Kcn- ; nard docs when I request a utrohc ; at the Frycttevillc Country Club. · · This chnrminc city has risen from a sleepy river lown to a place in the sun as third largest mil inlelplllty In the We.slcrn Hcmi ; sphere, and Chicago must grow fatter than at present If il is '·remain in second place. : ftMern Harbor ^ Buenos Aires deepened its ..'waterway* and constructed the jmwt modern of harbor facilities ijwMch can nccommodato *1 ffrern all points of the rnmpass |Af th. river Plate empties into tl jAttontlc, thlc, the "Paris of ihp ilVwtem Hemisphere," has easy ao i;«M to New York and Europe h) JitMrnet, though most of the lour- 4 iti I have i«th from the U. S. A ];M jhtrt by airplane, j It» architecture l.i nf surpassing twautjf. JU many unditrtround St.Joseph A S P I R I N electric lines arc clean iind'.furnlsh comfort'In riding. Its wide and statcjy ovcnuei, its impressive statues, Its magnificent parks, playgrounds and plazas make it an alluring picture to delight thf visitor and make proud the native. ] have been reading "The Writings ol Eva I'eron." She has Ignored the advice of doctors while, working to help the "descamlsa- dos"--literally "the man without a shirt to ills, back." Here's what she says about the charity she says used to be offered instead of justice: "I do not reject almsgiving as Christian principle. To do so would be tc, deny Christianity itself . . . But it ( s my ambition, which ought to be shared by good m».n all the world over, that the HKED for charity should be eliminated." Who refuses to say "amen" to thnt? It's Expensive To Fire Workers In Washington! Washington. - f/K) - Ki r I n K O ne[ Jovcrnmont worker is so compli- j rated, says Sen. Olln IX Johnton iij-SC), it costs thp taxpayers $fl,000 In paper work. One unidentified agency, he said, ran up. ii bill of $1511,000 In dismissing K people. Johnston ·elntcd these details of tho case: J. The agency spent 4 % months an attempt to discharge 164 workers. This e n t a i l e d 1,553 paper actions." 2. Only 25 employes of the 164 ictually were dropped. 3. The reshufling Involved was damaging to morale, at least 297 employes quit. t. The agency found itself in be "ridiculous" position of huv- ng to recruit new employes. lr«ft Quota Set · Little flock-(/P)-Arknn*.n.:' luota for April is 251 men. draft AdteHlae In the TIMES--It P»TI. HANGING AROUND-Htre's · man who believes that hanging himself each day actually improves his health. He's Commander E. O. Selser, USN, Sen- ' lor Dental Officer of the Naval Air Station at Corpua Christ!, Tex. Above, at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla,, he demonstrates the method he devised for deviating the naf|in( backaches he aays dentists get from conitanUjr bending 'over dental chaitx. U. S. Seeks Return Of AWOL Soldier From Communists Washinjfton-(/I)-The State Department plans to press for return of an A WO;/ American soldier who disappeared behind the Iron Curtain a year ago and turned up recently in a Red propaganda campaign. The department saidCpl. Alexander S. Czarnecki of Ozone Park, Long Island, N. Y., fled into Communist Czechoslovakia December 15, 1950, from his po«t with the Sixth Cavalry Regiment in Western Germany. Ht was jailed and help Incommunicado a year although he apparently managed to cmutkgle a note to the American Embassy in Prague. No reply was received to five inquiries made thereafter by American diplomats to the Chech government. Last week, the Czechs finally said Czarkecki had been sent to Poland a week earlier after, he "requested asylum" there. He I is of Polish descent. j The. d e p a r t m e n t said thci P r a g u e Communist newspaper, Rude Pravdo, reported Czarnecki had gone AWOL because he dis- agrecil "with the aggressive policies of the United States" and was "dissatisfied with American imperialism." State Department press officer Michttl J. McDtnnott said Czar-1 asylum obvloutly wa* "a nsult at recki's purported r e q u e s t for I pressure." . »·· iiroqer O May Talk About Oatll 1 T,Tis-(/l)-A diplomatic source said today the Czechoslovak government has expressed a willingness to conduct official talks about Hie case o,' W i l l i a m N. Oalis, imprisoned American correspondent. Make yjgJ^Coffee Taste Test! . . . and if you don't agree that Maryland Club is the best tasting, most economical coffee you've ever tried ... my you OWePOUAR! SlarKist Brand. Chunk styl*. Tuna Fish 3 H °. n2 ^ Armour Star Brand. Polled Meal 10 '£? Krogir, Brand, Crmhtd. Pineapple 4 Nc : ni2 Arondil* Brand. English Peas 8 N °,^ J Slronghtari Brand. Dog Food 11 £?. Griffin Brand, with bacon. f A No. 300 '" Cans GROCERY PRICES GUARANTEED THRU WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12 Meat and produce prices effective thru Sat., March 8. STRETCH YOUR FOOD DOLLAR. STOCK UP AT KROGER DURING OUR . . . Sin Standard brand. Good Quality. Here's why «« dare to make thu ual o f f e r . IJKS-2; MWtUHOCUW Maryland Club is the coffee preferred by distinguished hostesses, by w o m e n of recognized good taste, all over the Southwest. Too, it's the coffee served exclusively by the world-famous Shamrock, and other celebrated h o t e l s a n d restaurants! £***»""-* J: ! TM, \MI\ . don't take our word, or onyoM's word, for H! Tost Maryland Club yourself! Maryland Club wins in certified laboratory tests!. Yes, here's evidence that Maryland Club tastes better at less cost per cup 1 Vet we don't ask you to take our word, or anyone's word, for it. Instead, we ask you to put this evidence to the test yourself. Buy and try a pound of Maryland Club Coffee today. Either it tastes better at less cost per cup than any coffee you have ever trted--or you get on'e dollar in cash just for having mado yunr 0101 tnste-teat! CO DUNCiN COfFEE CO. Get 10-15 A/ore Cups Per Pound of Maryland Club! Try using less Maryland Club. This premium- quality blend is so flavor-rich, mvch less coffee is needed to make a satisfying cup! Lima Beans HUNT PEACHES TOMATOES TOMATO CATSUP SCOTTISSUE CREAM CORN EATMORE OLEO IT'S KROGER FOR IETTIR VAIUES TO COT THE COST Of LIVING Halves in heavy syrup. 4 No. 2Vi Cans Packers Label, rich natural flavor. Soft as old linen. Tough, sanitary. Standard quality. White or golden. Cans No. 303 SL 14-or. 9 bottles rolls 7 No. 303 Cans $ 1 Chocolate Drops... lb.pkg.25c Folger's Coffee . . . . .lb.83* l| Krog.r Brand. - ' 5l«| ChiffoflCake . . . ea.43c S^'J^ · · 1/2lbt38c H Krogar'i Orangt variity. . ' PlIP Kroger Donut's . . doz. 21c Cream Cheese two 3 oz-pkg-29c If Plain or Sujarwl. Philad.lphia Brand. PlR Kroger Bread 2 ^, 31c Salad Dressing . . . ql. 49C H 1 --20-01. loaf. 16c Embassy Brand. ·· Spotlight Coffee . . lb.77c Kroger Flour . . 10 Ibs. 75c M Freih Hol-dal«l. Enrichri. Bluclod. PS Shop and save the Kroger way. SMOKED HAMS Swift Premium, 18 to 20 Ib. Are. Butt, 6 to 8 Ib. Portion, Ib. . . . OV9 47« Choice Centers, Ib. 79« 6 to 8 Ib. Avs. Shank portion For seasoning. Ib. Maryland Club Coffee =* JF^ 3r ·If you don't ncrcc Hint Miirylnnil Clul tattet (id- Itr, nl. Inn east per rnp-- JUKI roiurn to u* hy April 1, 1(152, Ihe c a n - t t r l p with your own twenty-five word atntomcnt Icllinjt tuhy you don't »(trc«, and we'll tent you a Money Ordtr (· r »n« dollar in caih The coffee you'd drink if you owned all the coffee in the world I Ground Beef . . Ib. 59c Sliced Bacon . Ib. 39c Ocean Perch Ib.pkg. 39c Krogar mad., fr«h, U.n. Wicklow Brand, Ir. r pack. F.r.-8hor. Brand. Sirloin Steak . . Ib. 89c Piece Bacon . Ib. 29c Cattish Fillets . Ib. 55c Kr^»-cul T.nd.ray B««. 2 to 3 Ib. tint cut. F «ah, Iln. quality. Neck Bones . 2 Ibs. 25c Bacon . . . Ib. 39c Scallops . 10oz.pko.59c r , lot waionlnj. C.nt.r.. b r Ih. pi.«. Kiog.i'a Ft«.5hor. Brand. BtLL P tP PERS ea 5 Radishes . . . bch. 5c Red Potatoes, 10 Ibs. 65c Sweet, juicy. Fine quality. U.S. No. Vs. Selected. Emperor Grapes, Ib. 15c WinesapApples,2lbs.25o " U .L .-!._ ' * II . . . Small, ens*, juicy. NMIM^KWIIf TfMltf Cflfp*

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