Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 6, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1952
Page 7
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SUB MAKES RECORD 5,000th DIVE , r - -^^-- , . .,,,,,,, Life Insurance Firms Gain In Financing Business Expansion Throughout U.S. THt U.S. SUBMARINE Flying Fish became the first In naval history to m«l:e. 5,000 dives into the sea. Here, Secretary of the Navy Dan A. Kimbtil (center), on leaving the sub at New London, Conn., congratulates LI. Comdr. n. W. Phipps (right), commanding officer of, the craft. Looking on is Rear Adm. Stuart S. Murray, Atlantic Fleet submarine chief. Kimball handled the submarine 1 ! bow-plane controls for four minutes during the dive in Long Island Sound. The Fljlng Fish has been on continuous active duty since Dec. 10, 1941. (International) TANK LUMBERS ON THROUGH TREES A FOREST on « sr.ow-covered Korean hillside Is a pushover for th!« i U.S. tank as It bowls over scrubby trees while supporting a front- UM Infantry unit (U.S. Marine Corpi Photo from JnlernctionaU PROTESTANT LEADERS PLAN APPEAL 01 Pres ' dcnt of lhe Natlon1 CouncU .», u ,. r s ' " the U - S ' A " examines in New York City a p*er held by Dr. Stanley I. Stuber that will be displayed during fht Counal. dnve for overseas relief funds. Dr. StuberTs general director £n^fu^MI,?, -S fcShar1 "*' ** 1852 S PP"' of 21 Protestant de- B ° n) '° ati( " u «*« «"" be made week of March 16-23. fjnlenwlionci; TfOOFAT? Your own doctor will tell you that Wafex is absolutely Sofe for Reducing AND Clinical Evidence proves Wafex help* you lost weight without dieting or feeling hungry BY 8AM DA1VSON New York - (/P) - The vrn».-jn s dominance of the life insurance companies in financing business expansion worries some financial observers who believe it may give the insurance giants too much economic power. Especialy critical are those connected with ' the traditional security markets and the investr ment banking houses, who find (heir competitive position steadily weakened, and who don't like to loie business . Insurance c o m p a n i e s deny, however, that they control business operations simply becaus they hold corporation securities and stress the financial aid thej have provided for industrial ex pansion. This dominant roit of the in surance giants is discussed todaj from two angles by the heai of an investment house and bj the Federal Reserve Bank c New York. Both agree thHt insurance companies have the inside track nou at the expense of their competitors. Neither discusses the gen era! effect on the economy, how ever. Control Bond Market Harold L. Stuart, head of Halsey, Stuart anrt Company, Rays this dominance has grown out of two things: Income taxes have made it no longer profitable for wealthy individuals to buy corporate bonds; and the great concentration of savings in savings banks, insurance policies and pension funds make it possible for these agencies to control the bond market on behalf of m i l lions of small savers. Stuart was testifying ai the government' suit against 17 investment bank ing firms for alleged violation o the anti-trust laws. The Federal Reserve Bank o New York in its March review out today, notes that insurance companies now hold 40 per cen of outstanding business debt se curities, and recently have been absorbing 90 per cent of debent ure bonds and notes being privately placed by corporations. Steady Gain Pension funds may challenge this dominance latsr on, the bank says, but In recent years the insurance companies have gained steadily. "Their ability to provide long-term funds in large amounts has gained for the larger life insurance companies a competitive advantage over other .types of investors in securing investments directly from corporate issuers," the bank says. Business has preferred dealing with the insurance companies for several reasons, the bank notes. "Corporate borrowers apparently have placed » high value upon the convenience of direct borrowing." The bank notes, even "when the interest rate was slightly higher than might have been obtained with a registered market offering"--that is, with notes underwritten by investment bankers, or with securities to be .traded on the stock and bond exchanges. Quirino Urges Pact For Pacific Defense Manila - (/P) - President Eipi- dio Quirino said today the Communist movement is gaining momentum in Southeast Asia so fast The Philippines are "practically facing isolation." Quirino called on the U.S. and other Western powers to form a* Pacific defense pact "before it is too late." Industrialists Arrested Bonn, Germany-(/P)-Four German industrialists suspected of peddling industrial secrets of t rich Ruhr Basin to Commun East Germany were arrested ye I terday. **· Bevan Splits With Attlee In Balloting London - (/!') - Worried Socialist leaders tried to decide at an emergency meeting today how to curb rambunctious Aneurin Bevan and keep him from splitting the Labor party wide open. · Bevan, 54, left-winner who wants to be prime mlnisler if Britain has another Socislisl government, led 56 other Laboritcs in open defiance of party, leader Clement Attlce's voting instructions in the House of Commons last night. Their riefeclion let Winston Churchill's Conservative government beat down a Labor "no confidence" motion by a startling 95- vote majority inslead of the 30 or so votes usual on such ballots. Attlee, hacked by more than i'i ino-nimre 0 ' i'" 1 ? House, hart ordered all Socialist members to vote for the Labor amendment ex- nrpssing lack o' confidence in the a b i l i t y of the Churchill government to carry out the $13,160,- "no.000 arms nrogram. He told .hem lo abstain from voting on a' government motion approving its handling of the plan. Bevan and his followers, who think the arms program Is too big, All-Time Record Number Of Births Is Indicated Washington - M'i - Preliminary fidui"! Indlralc a record 3,833,000] births In the United States I n ; T h e I n f a n t mortality r a t a dropped last year for the 15th straight year. The 1951 »t« was 218 per 1,000 live births! cop- trattwJ with 47.4 In 1840 and 84.3 in 1OTO. .The national overall death rate 3,818,000 in 1017. , "Dcrmue n( the smnll d i f f e r e n c e ! ., . .... . between the two figures It Is ncc- ' Mo!tlco c - !tv if mor « ' cet n b o v e " '««'· 7,000 o«snry to wait for final data I ' n f . ' IBM before determining w h e t h e r ! IDS I. is d e f i n i t e l y the all-time ; Advertise In Ihe TIMES--I. pin. BEST-DRESSED MAN FROM MARS?-No. but h« wai one of the best-dressed men abo»rd the cruiser Albany when the ihlp recently joined in cold-weather exercises near Greenland. The training exrcise gave the Navy an opportunity to test face masks, electrically heated suits and other fear for uie In Arctic weather. and some Socialist house members who oppose rearmament on pacifist grounds, did just the reverse. The Socialist amendment was rejected 219-341, with the Sevan group abstaining. As Allies and his followers abstained, the Bev- aniles voled against the government motion, which carried 31355. Keep ip with UM ttmu nH ·· I'li.ira dill* Yes, show Ihe Wafex label to your own doctor. He will tell you it Is absolutely safe for reducing-- lhal it is a Food Adjunct, not a drug. Wafex, the discovery of a group ', of New Yodt physicians, is more than Tuite; it actually . makes you lose weight without dieting.or fMling hungry. And we mean, without dieting. HEHE IS THE PHOOF Wafex was tesled mi a group of ronlly overweight people under the supervision of several mcd- · leal experts on obesity. This group was Instructed by the doctors not to go on any special diet, not to cut out anv {pedal food, not to do anything except chew or suck a Wf fex Wafer before each meal, then eat until satisfied. . The results were astonlsh- ln|ly. successful. Weight losses of 6 to 30 lb«. were obtained without any ill tff«cts and all said they never h«(t « tingle hungry moment. These same Wafex Wafers usifd by the doctors are now a v a i l a b l e at F«yeltarlll« Drug Store, Eld Side Squire, H o w Waff » sttpl l h a l hungry fetl- I»I -- »r«- rents «ver- «»lln«! One W.i fex W«f- «r hft!t the hiriner-sntljfylni capacity of 1 Ih. boiled pctlntocK or 5 slice.! of white brcnrt or 4 eg««. Yet only contains A calorici. , A month's supply costs only S3. And you must lose weight after the very first bottle or your money back. Mall orders filled. Dr. Frtdtrlc Dimrtu, neile* aulho.-lly on reducing rtttmnwMM WAHX in Mi mil. If r fciitoy iflirmm RMK Hull* T«lh.. M« uyi, "IB l Urn trwsi *f M*lt wlw wtn raMfy Id, IM *"»·,,·;·« RM SMI M · «M. WAMX *rMM«4 M (vitM* ***^^* I**' ·» I pMirti f9f fMHni wlthMi kunitr mifi. TMn «nr 51V- *·*'·" "·« §M M»ix kMin* II li · itlluM It, tfMldf IM * nttr tmt ·vtrtitlnf." DOCTOHSI Write on your let- terhcatl for profession*! sunv pies anrt cllr.lcal d a t n . Wafry Inc., N. Y, .11, N. Y. EAST SIDI SQUARE Hefpi You Ovtrcom* FALSE TEETH Loosenfu and Worry No lonfer be annuyea or feel ijl-ti- «»e DfCriUie of InoM, wobbly t»Ii« eeih. KASTtETH. »n Imprbved «lh»- iiw Inon-icldi powder «prtnkl«r1 on our plitH holds thtm firm-r to they ecj more comforuol* hoothini ana noling to fumt mid* ftort by excci- iv« »cid mouth Avoid emo«rrHsm*ni ·u»«d by looir pistes del rAS JEETH todiy *t any drug *tor«. FEEDS-FEEDS-FEEDS Corn $3.75 Chop» $3 ,§5 Scratch Grain $4.00 Square Meal Laying Math $4.40 Square Meal Dairy Feed (167!) $3.70 Square Meal Hog Feed . . ; . .$4.25 Square Meal Hone and Mule Feed $4.00 Ground Milo , . $3.50 Black Strap Molaisei, per Ib 4'/je We Do Custom Grinding and Mixing. WE DO FREE CITY DELIVERY Coll Us For Your Feed Needs. Wilkinson Hatchery Milling Co. PHONE 296 PRAIRIE AVE. washes clothes WITHOUT BLEACH! THAN ANY OTHER PRODUCT WITH BLEACHING! AND, FAB WASHES CLOTHES CLEANER THAN ANY SOAP ON EARTH! IT'S AMAZING-BUT TRUE! New Fab washes whiter without bleaching than any soap, any other "no-rinse" suds or any washing product known with bleach in the wash water. And, freshly rinsed Fab clothes arc cleaner than you can get them with any soap. Fab washes out the grimy d i r t . . . leaves no dulling soap film in the hardest water. As you use Fab, clothes get whiter and whiter ... colors get brighter and brighter. And you have the world's sweetest-smelling wash! Buy lh» ·coiiom/cof GIANT SIZt! Washat/e CO/O SAVES ClOIHIS! SAVE WORK! SAVE HANDS! Fab - all by inclf - washes clothes darling white. You don't need any, bleach! So clothci last longer m'ith no bleach tn weaken fabrics or fade preuy, wuhable colors. Fab Immediately lonscni din 'nil keeps it (lotiing in the wash water. So, with new Fab, no soaking is needed! You can stop rinsing, too - and »»vc hal/ your washday workl New F»h is wonderfully mild to hands! And, whut'i more, it's safe to me on haby'i clothes. In mldiiion, you'll find new Ftb ii kind lo your own pretty wishabln, too. CUT DISNWASHIM TIM W NAIF! F«h ia ,k, dishes, glasses, pms, p, n s ibiny clc.n! If « hii of food clings, ihe dishcloth whiilu it oil No h«rd Kouring and no wiping I A COIOMI. PAIMOLIVI- HIIPIOOUCT AND, TN CAN STOP IHUINCI If y*w pnhr M* I* rlnM, F*h|lv*irtvtlM tltWMII SWHlkl*, WHITENS AS IT r.

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