Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 5, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1952
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

AtKAJrtAI TIMIi. W«l««d a y, March 5, W» ·» HAL BOTLP 3?-,IWw: York-ffl-Some pecslrnlsti '£Mltv* that at man builds .better 3*4/better machines, he himself jarill fit \yoree and worse, ·-·r.Biit'a more opUmlatlc ;: .vlow is '^Bil'ilnan may eventually invent fnichtnM that wiUircbci against 'him and create a more sensible ' jw.«ld, just as a son often Improves {fcfcyowi jib'father..'- :--: . j". Men 'have depended upon the JBtchlrM since. th'e first man leaned ·M* weight."on the first lever-- iprpbibly a stick used lo lift aside j»: alone. Over'the centuries man" helped his lot In life by maktn* Intfy detecting' (heir mlsUkes of hand. «ye and mind. r.vcntuMly the machine may reach a point where it Judges all iv.snklnd. That is the hope of tomorrow. Nc riachine no f»r hn* develop- co » b?d.conscience or t sense of guiK, ·' but 1 ' Ib'me of. the . more In- Iricite mnchiinlfims, when frustrated In: their normol operation, have 1 developed symptoms corresponding to a nervous breakdown in proplc. Sconer or later one of those electronic .br U. S. HAS DEFENSE PACTS WITH 37 OTHER NATIONS 'and grow. .He is pretty nuch-'ihe .sinie drronnnt, vain L of hypocrisy he always was. v '.Today/ there .are. pachines with lh« rniiiclc ofl.OOO men. There are machlnei with Jcucli. thin -man. .aiine« ! tb«t an'- that SHIM' his stir 'his' ..more,, delicate . ___ ,,, _________ "chins i»!li;ha« Uken'.cVei'.so many iu.n't and think 10 times as quickly a« till slow mind-- with lens error. ,Th*'. nice.'. thing ;.«b6u't. ; th* machine!'! it his taken' over so many B' min'a virtues "without being Iri- ,'tteted by hU defects. Nobody hits bt«n J»blb 'to biilld 'hypocrisy or rir.te bito « machine.:' *:: No-.mtchine - h a s ever showed '·''··lite ..of :gralitude cither. But »'hy fliotild it? H treats Its. creator with ;i. cold Indifference and rc- g*rdi him. more is a slave than i .master. It wlll.':work .lor him,' ttnlt. tut only on Its own terms r-tJie l«.wi of physical nature. And it.lniUt«xm being paid. You know tot old .wiylng! ;"You can't get (Tibrt «ntfgy out of a machine than fail Intu It."- ' · ;.'Arti'«lly the : machine, which *H »o many things better than than, if beginning to criticize Its Bukir. SUrtlnf with' the-. 1 1 me e^b*it,.;.|inpre and more machines uted to sit In judgment and more men, uncrr- life. "Why · fhbtild . machir.cs fight oath other In. wars to glorify man?" It w l l l a s k llsclf. "Why should we .destroy each other? Death "is ivasleful and unnecessary for us. Machines could live and_ function. forever if left in peace. Our parts are all replace- i. : A-'iTu«t r ;aK.".a machine's power is greater thiih' man's, so -will ' i t s moral fiber be, sturdier, once it appears. The built-in logic of machines fl'nd Ihclr developing social consciousness will force them to rebel against . mankind's ancient follies, . They will go. on strike ngnlnst them, holding; to their own pattern of righteousness with precision and firmness. Ht of UK KotM KotMni otat *s» W Mmlt r»h. . U RKSINOL Firmef's Market 1U W, Center. MMIW «34 CAR LOAD PRICES on mm FOTftlZEItS and FIEU) FENCING Check Our Garden Seeds V and town Grasses Before Buying Sonic robot plane will be sent Up to shoot down an enemy robot plane. But Roscoe, '.the electric pilot, .will say: ! "Why should 1 knock my metal buddy out of the sky'/ To hell with war, I've nlways wanted to write a sonnet. I think I will right now." Thai will signal the end of the age of man and the d a w n of the true machine age. For men are so dependent upon machines they must do- what the machines decide; It's a machine-world. H Isn't kUch a bad Juture. Men a', least, will-kno'w general peace for the- first lime In their history as they tow to their new metal clhica'. leaders. Gears and' wheels will grind out well-oiled justice Ic all. Men will go on dying In time Mkc cattle as they always have, but thu'machines will live hp-pplly ever Hflcr,, blissfully composing lyrics for the music of the spheres and contentedly purring out the endless mathematical equations of eternity. EnoiMcrTikVilile Of Grandson, Kills Self Slim-on Springs, Kan. - (/T) - A railroad engineer killed his small grandson, wounded his granddaughter critically, then shot himself to death, on t lonely mad seven miles cast of here Tuesday. A Coroner's Jury ruled H a case of. murder and suicide. Coroner W. W. Carter said the man was Herbert Abernathy, nboMt (10, of Sharon Springs. The boy' was Jeffrey Nolan, three, and the girl is Jancth Nolan. She was rushed to the Goodland hospital where attendants said she bad a fair chance of recovering from three wounds in the chest and arms. The coroner n«ld he knew of no motive for the shooting, which was done with a revolver. The planet urimus .'s a T..ean distance of 1,785,800,000 miles away from the sun. WE'RE SHOUTING FROM THE HOUSE-TOPS WHAT? ', i.'f* Tl "' '·'» Tho Flm Showing In Thii Vicinity, ·;., .- And Which It Rtally It BUT SEASON'S FINEST WESTERN" Mat. Sat., 2:30 P.M. .".HI »IO MC7 NATIONS __^ NOITH ATLANTIC TKEATY OKSANIZATPCN pT^T] fACIHC PACT NATIONS SOVIET UNION t SATIUITK H»l ARE Alt the nations with which the U. S. has defense pact* or pucta In the making. With the CentraJ Amcrii lean nations they number 3; Japan's Vets Write Books About Deeds Tokyo-Wj-Japon's soldiers and sailors are flgnting the Pacific War, all over ngaln--with best ·tellers. Memoirs of the former ligh command nnd a. flood of "I was there" thrillers arc heaped high on the counters of every Japanese book store. They are finding a ready public In a country just taking its first steps toward rearmament. Very few of these books have been translated Into English. Sonic of the. accounts are complimentary; some decidedly not. The boom started last year. Former Navy Capt. Milsuc Puch- planes In the harbor,, made attack on Pear! hit by writing , the full details : of the Midway battle -- a disastrous defeat for Japan. Another best seller was former Col. Masonobu Tsuji's "Hiding Away 6,000 Miles." It recounted his 'underground adventures while he hid for nearly three years in Thailand, Indochina and China, eluding British authorities who wanted him as a war criminal suspect. One of the two sensational standouts in the book stores in February was Tsuji's "Singapore." This book partly challenged Winston Churchill's memoirs and boldly 'justified Japan's belligerency as ''forced by the Anglo- Americans" and contended that, despite defeat, it nevertheless is a 428-page account.of the celebrated'..flying suicide "corps. 'The book w'as'fwrilleh by.two'-former Navy air-commanders who trained the youths. This book has created a hub- hub-among Japanese. Many women and pacifists angrily demanded its suppression. The book ap* pearcd to them a "brazen attempt to eulogize foolish tactics." The Philippine Island's most famous volcano is Ml. Mayor, in SoutheasternLuzon. It has er- ruplcd more than 30 1'rr.ess since 1800. . '. Keep up. *ith the time»--read 'tie TIMES dill;. PLAN TO BUILD SM Our MittriiL Get Our Pricn. Try Our Service. DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 Si. Charlm Tonite and Thursday 7:00-9:00 BEVERLY TYLER if Cartoon: GI?NN CORBETT Talking Magpies Pony Ridei ··' ' Playground Bring the Kiddies and Come Out Early ' GolfCourtt · 71 Drhe-ln Theatre SPRING CLEARANCE 40 Gallon Table Top Electric Water Heater, Rheem, C1A9 10 Year Guarantee. . . WlU£ U. A, To Try To Develop "Instant" Gas Analyzer University scientists will attempt to develop an instrument for the instantaneous analysis of gas' mixtures, it was announced today. The work will be done by the' experiment Station of the College of Engineering under a one-year'$60,000 contract witli the U. S. Air Fore* An instantaneous Hal analj-zer would be useful in testing and operating jet engines and in other operations, such as the monitoring and purification of oxygen, nitrogen, and argon; In processing mined helium; iri petroleum cracking and refining; and i n - the analysis of gases eliminated in high-vacuum tubes. Kee. op with th» lime*--read the TIMES dally. WHO FiXJES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Year* . SMITH RADIO SHOP - cr - OPEN SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 P.M. RHONE 21 1--20 Gallon Rheem Warrior Gat Hot Water Heater, 1 Year Guarantee. 1 50,000 B.T.U. Rheem Floor Furnace with controli * 4 J 44 w44« 1--50,000 B.T.U. Rheem Gat Circulator S50. 40 Gallon, 10 Year Rheem Gas Water Heater $107" Fayetteville Plumbing Heating Co. 310 N. West Phone 730 Your ATTENTION: FARMERS WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING GOOD USED TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS IN STOCK. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUYI 1949 FORD TRACTOR 1941 FORD TRACTOR M T JOHN DEERE WITH 3 IMPLEMENTS H JOHN DEERE TRACTOR I A JOHN DEERE TRACTOR WITH 3 IMPLEMENTS B JOHN DEERE TRACTOR F-12 FARMALL TRACTOR H FARMALL TRACTOR B FARMAll TRACTOR WITH 3 IMPLEMENTS CUB FARMAll TRACTOR WITH 4 IMPLEMENTS "77" NEW'HOLLAND AUTOMATIC BAUER "76" NEW HOtlAND AUTOMATIC BAILER "50-T" INTERNATIONAL AUTOMATIC BAILER JOHN DEERE STATIONERY BAUER-LIKE NEW CASE 2-WHEEL STATIONERY BAUER INTERNATlbNAL STATIONERY BAILER JOHN DEERE TILLER TRACTOR MOWERS PLOWS - GOOD SUPPLY HORSE DRAWN MOWERS ON STEEL OR OOOD PULL TYPE TRACTOR DISC 1 HORSE DRAWN DISC GOOD SIDE DELIVERY RAKES 1 PAMC ENSILAGE CUTTER AND HAY CHOPPER YOUR FORD TRACTOR DEARBORN IMPLEMENT DEALER Hailey Sales Company NK»HWAY 71 NORTH THONI tilt It's a love-and- pinchti story that will give you th« longest laugh of the year! GEORGE PAL-RUDOLPH MATE ppliy by Sydney Bothm tnti Mi I novtl by E4mn pilmtf tnd Philip A Pinmount Picture NOW SHOWING 1:20-3:20-S:20-7:20-9:20 · LATEST NEWS 9POPEYE CARTOON UARK NOW 7:00-1:00 p.m. Color Cirtoon Flaming Fury of .tin Notorious Miitouri Outtawii KUnry + G«nt FONDA TIERNEY 'THE RETURN OF FRANK JAMES" FHlurM Slirt lilt · lt» till · 7:20 1:10 to C«l»r kr TMk*kel*r TIRE SALE Guaranteed 1st Quality Materials Throughout SAVE ON RIVERSIDE TIRES, TUBES 11.95,«,« 1,3.45 \ 6.70-2S F/«i F.J.fol Jn mi y«»r cM Hit FULL NON-SKID DEPTH-FULL TREAD WIDTH-FULL SIZE RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS '; Size 6.40-15 6.70-1 S 7.10-15 7,60-15 8.00-15 6.70-16 Tire Price* 13.85 13.45 15.45 17.25 18.95 13.75 Tub* Prlct** 2.35 ! 2.70 2.80 2 .9S 3.50 2.75 RIVERSIDES FOR OLDER CARS 6,50-15 157|r 270 ,,.95 240 16.25 2.75 6.00-16 6.50-16 .ONLY 10% DOWN ON TERMS x SALE ENDS SATURDAY ,

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