Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 5, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 5, 1952
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TM PUKIC MTUEST · IKE FIRST CONCERN Of THIS NEWSPAPER Aftocioted Pros Leased Wire AP. King and NEA Features IOCAI Fayettivllle and vicinity. p«rt- ,'y cloudy and warmer tohlfht with.' temperatures from 39 to .35. Tomorrow Increasing cloudiness wit'h Ileht rain and cooler In the,'afternoon, .fllgh temperature yesterday. 33; low 20; noon' today 42. Sunrise 6:43; sunset 6:17. VOLUME V), NUMBER 190 fAYETTEVUU, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 5, 1952 PRICE FIVf CENTS Bureau Change Proposal Is Disapproved Senate Group Votes 7 To 5 In Opposition Resolution Goes To Senate Floor For Final Decision Washington-OP)-The Senate Expenditures Committee toda.v disapproved President Truman's plan to reorganize . the Internal Revenue Bureau. The vote was 7 to 5. The · resolution of disapproval now goes to the Senate floor where the final decision will rest. Majority leader McFarland CD- Ariz) has said it will be taken Up there next . Tuesday. The committee, which has held four weeks of hearings on the plan, discussed it behind closed doors for an hour before voting. Only yesterday President Truman made a new- and urgent plea for apnroval. The vote was taken on a resolu- Big Job Ahead No Plans To Take War To China Even If Truce Talks Fail Washington"- (#*) - The Truman administration has decided against any move to carry the Korean war to China even if the truce talks { collapse. 'Officials said that*is the present basic policy, but how it would be applied will undoubtedly depend on what the Communists 'do and what the American people think about it. In the highest levels of the Defense and State Departments it is recognized, officials privately concede, that popular indignation could force the United States in some circumstances to take action which would either contradict or diverge from its present policy. A clear indication of the administration's attitude came last night in a speed-K sent by Assistant Secretary of State ..John M. Allison to the .Philadelphia Bulletin Forurn at Philadelphia. It was delivered by his assistant, U. Alexis Johnson, who returned 10 days ago from talks w i t h Gen. Matthew B. RIdgeway and other top U. N. military men in Korea. "It is our policy," Allison said, "to confine the conflict in Korea. We do not propose to w i d e n ' t h e j scope of the war. That has been i our policy from the stfirl. Thai j remains our policy. It is up to, the Communists. If "they want to; widen the conflict and enjfulf t h e ' world in a terrible world war. then they must be the 'ones to do it." House Vote Shelves UMJ Paris.--Right-winger -A n t o i n e Pinay formally agreed today to try to form a new French cabinet and said he would ask the Na- Millikih (R-Colo). Supporting the resolution were two Democrats, Senators McClellan ( A r k ) , chair' man 'of the committee, and Hoey (NC), and five Republicans--Sen*- ators McCarthy (Wis), Mundt (SD), Schocppel (Kan), Dwof- shak (Idaho) and Nixon (Calif.). Opposing it were four Democrats, Senators Q'Conor ( M d ) , Humphrey (Minn) t Monroney (Okla) and Moody (Mich), and onn Republican, the Senate's only woman member, Mrs. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine. ' · McClellan had announced before the committee-met - that-no matter which way it voted, the resolution of disapproval would be submitted to the Senate. House Has Approved The House has approved the Triiman plan for reorganizing the scandal-ridden tax bureau and it will go into effect automatically by March 14 unless 49 senators . vote before then'to reject it. '· Opponents of the plan say they ' ·re certain .1 majnrity of Iho Kcn- %tors voting will be against it but . t h a t they are not so sure of get- · ting 49 adverse votes. The law governing reorganization plans re- 1 quires a majority of the full j membership of either branch of Congress to kill one. ! The key provision of the plan ! would abolish the jobs of the politically-appointed collectors of internal revenue. Regional officials under Civil Service would be substituted. Seven collectors ' have been ousted in the wake of .recent investigations of tax irregularities. Fayelleville Family Injured In Missouri Mr. and Mrs. William C. Myers and son, Ricky, who 'were injured late Saturday in -an automobile collision south of Warsaw, Mo., will probably be returned to their home here this weekend from a hospital in Scdalia, Mo. Pinay, 60, a leather manufacturer and transport minister in .the cabinet wh'lch resigned last Friday, is expected to ask for a drive against - tax evaders as .a solution" to the government's grave financial crisis. Bulletin · Clinton won the opening fame of the ..Arkansas, .state high school basketball tourn- »'ttM*ir*»««ie'-Wi4versity Field- House this afternoon,, defcat- . Ing Emerson'56 to 47. Fayville took on Lavaca In the second game. NLRB-Operated Election Under WaylnCily Workmen At Auto Firms Decide On Representation A National Labor Relations Board election nmong employes of scveri local 'automobile agencies got under way this morning, but not all the workmen will have an j Medical Education of the Amori- Washinston - (/P) - Bitterly de-» bated universal military training appeared today to be a dead issue, for the next few months at least. The House y e s t e r d a y shelved an administration bill to start UMT. It voted 236-162. to send the measure back to committee, climaxing a dramatic and unusual session. Representative Vinson D-Ga, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, then killed off ariy immediate chance for reconsideration,' He said his committee would not bring up any more UMT legislation during this session. Senator McFarland of Arizona'. Democratic leader in the Senate, said that in view of the House action, the Senate probably would not consider UMT before the end of the 82nd Congress. The proponents insisted that UMT was not permanently dead. "We'll start all over again in the 83rd Congress, after the election," Vinson said. Chairman .Russell (D-Ga) of the Senate Armed Services Committee, another strong supporter, said thai 'it will be .little short of a national tragedy" if the House action "means the death of 'UMT legislation." Well Dressed Even Though Fat And Lazy New York-OT-The New York Custom Tailors Designers Club .says. Americanjnen are the fattest and laziest in U.S. history. The reasons: too much sleep and food, not enough exercise. But, the club said yesterday, men now are better dressed than ever before even though the model size has jumped from 32 to 40. The club selected those as the in |" best dressed men in the country: United'Nations Delegate Warren Auslin. Boxer Ray Robinson, Dancer Arthur Murray, Actor Gregory Perk, Socialite Charles Munn Sr., Bandleader Freddy Martin, Television . Host Robert Montgomery, Producer-Composer Richard Rodgers, Comedian Bob Hope and George K. Funston, head of the New York Stock Exchange. State Hospital Wins Association Approval Little Rock-(ff;-The Council of opportunity to .vote before tomorrow. The skilled workmen -- mechanics, bodymen, painters and others--will ballot to determine whether they want to affiliate with the International Association of Machinists, AFL. In practice, a separate election is being held at earh of the seven shops, since em- ployes of each company must make their own decision. A representative of the Mem- Myers, 39, suffered a fractured phis office of the NLRB, Field Ex- knee and arm and injuries to his i amincr Myron K. Scott, arrived face and head; Mrs. Myers, 32, j here this morning to conduct the suffered a 'broken hand and face j election. The voting opened at lacerations; and Ricky, four, suf- j Golf-McNair Motor Company. Re- fcrcd face and head lacerations.! suits will not be made public un- Their car was demolished. Driver of the' other car involved, Mrs. Ada Brashcars, .52, Fristoe, Mo., was also injured. Jet Plane Passenger Service Scheduled NewYork-W)-Jet plane passenger service between New York and Jamaica and Nassau ' i s expected to begin in December. Plans were announced here yesterday by Sir Miles Thomas, chairman of the board of British Overseas Airways Corporation. Poultry Market -- The poultry market today as reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology nnd 'the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas market stiidy lo firm, demand good, volume o f ' trading very heavy. Prices paid f. o. b. farm up tn 2 p. m., brollern and fryers all w.jIghU 2«-2« cents lb., mostly 27, til all of the'.workmen have voted. Other firms involved are Green Chevrolet Company, Whitfield Motor Company, Hatfield Fnntiac Company, Phillips Motor Company, Modern Motors, and Houston-Taylor Motor Company. can Medical Association r has approved the Arkansas State-Hospital for Nervous Diseases for a two-year residency in psychiatry* Dr. C. C. Odum, superintendent, announced the action yesterday, and said approval of the institution was a long step forward in that it provided professional recognition for its facilities and therapy program. The hospital has four resident psychiatrists, and has been approved for training 12. Ferguson Interested In Payment Of Pensions Washington-(^P)-Senator Ferguson (R-Mich) said today, he had Many Prisoners Not Reported, Say Reds Jack Hamblen Home Destroyed By Flames Family Away At Tme Of Fire Near Walnut Grove Fprmington-(Special)-The home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kamblen on Highway no.belv.'cqp Farming- Ion and V/a.lnut Grove was completely destroyed early last night by a fire which apparently originated in - a flue. Mr. and Mrs. Hamblen were in Fayctleville when .the fire broke out and nobody was at home. The flames were first seen by a neighbor, who found the large, two- story frame structure already past saving. Only a refrigerator, left on a back porch, was saved from the flames. . Prahie Grove firemen found the house fallen in on their arrival, but- were, able- 1 to -pave-the--btffrv and other outbuildings.' The loss was not covered by insurance. No'Such Word As Strikeout ' To This Man With U. S. 40th Division, Korea- W)-A Chinese Communist learned "fast h o w . t o play b a s e b a . ' l -- w i t h hand grenades. Fortieth Division infantrymen caught hin slipping through barbed wire. They started pitching grenades. To their surprise, the Communist stood up and batted the grenades .'down hill with a large plan];. After half a donen safe hits, the batter darted away. "He was one batter who couldn't afford to stride out," said Sgt. Finn"/ skildsen of San Bernardino, Cali/. ap- More Sabre Jets In Korea Are Requested Washington-(P)-An urgent peal for more Sabre jets came today from the skipper of the pioneer F-86 Combat Wing in Korea. "We have a great little airplane here--if we just had enough of them," said Col. Harrison R. Thyng, commanding officer of the Fourth Fighler-Intcrceptor Wing. His interview was filmed and recorded in Korea and shown at the Pentagon. , . Munsan, Korea-(XP)-The Communists admitted today they" hold unreported prisoners and tried to use them as a ctub in Korean truce negotiations, The Reds ?aid they would supply the names of these prisoners "in due time"--but only a f t e r the Allies furnish data the Communists have been demanding. Rear Adm. R. E. Libby reported sharply that the United Nations Command would furnish additional prisoner data on an exchange basis or not at all. The Red admission followed a demand by Libby that the Communists account for 174 additional prisoners. Most of these are A/ncr- icans. Some are British. This makes a total of 1,621 U.N. soldiers and 5,000 Republic of Korea troops for which the U.N. has demanded an accounting. None of them was listed in the original list of 11,500 prisoners of war the Reds turned over December 18. River Is Dragged For Body Of Boy Reported Missing Since Feb. 26 Girl Threatened With Spanking Object Of Hunt Oklahoma ..City-t^Aji^cight- yeaK blcT'gTri, (hreateiTed "with a spanking, didn't return home yesterday and is the subject,of a citywide search.-. Mrs. Lois Ann Carroll (old"detectives her daughter Janice .Kay had gone to a girl friend's house from school without telling her. The girl's mother, Mrs. G. M. Jack, called Mrs. Carroll. "Put her in a taxicab and «end her home," she said. "She should have a spanking for not coming straight, home." The taxi -driver said he let Janice out in front of her home, but the child -walked down the street. Bombers Go To French Saigon, Indochina - (/Pj - Four asked Secretary Acheson for t h e ' American B-26 bombers flown number of State Department e m - j here from Macnn, Ga., were turn- ployes drawing pensions after re- j rd over to the French today to aid signing while under investigation I them in fighting Communist-led on loyalty or security charges. I Victminh troops in Indochina. Governor McMath Orders Investigation Of Utilities Little Rdck-WVGovornor Mc- Malh ye.itcrday ordered an Investigation of public utilities operating in Arkansas. He Instructed the stale Public Service Commission to audit the books of private utility companies with a view of eliminating "questionable and political" expenditures from their rate bases,' and reducing rates. He ordered the PSC lo determine: 1. the amount of waslc arid favoritism. If any, In the companies' construction and purchasing practices, 2. Whether contracts h»ve been awarded t« the lowest bidders. 3. Whether contracts hav« been Influenced by politics. 4. Any "unconscionable" profits or any'improper practices Involved In building and buying. . Amounts charged to advertising, legal expense, contributions, travel and entertainment and "related matters," Lawyer-members of the Arkansas legislature who might be receiving retainer fees from public utilities would be Identified In an investigation of "legal expense." His reference lo political Influence In pi.rchasing practices apparently was prompted by a desire to learn Whether same contracts hnvc'becn awarded lo members of the legls. lalurc nnd others wllh'oul competitive bidding, McMath snld his order was based on the Arkansas Supreme Court'* opinion In the Southwestern Bell f. Telephone Company rate case. In that opinion the court said: 'The utili'ty must tise all Its receipts as though they were a public trust. Receipts must not be dissipated in an effort to act further increases from the public." Ready To Cooperate L. L, Baxter, president of the Arkansas Western Gas Company of Faycltcvllle, said today he Is willing "to cooperate with the gov- erncr In this matter in any shape, form or fashion. As alv/ays, our books arc ready available lo the commission." Ean Dyess, manager of the district office of the Southwestern Gas and Electric Company, wns In l.ltlle Rock and not available for comment, Kronenberg Speech Is Set For Thursday Night Dean Henry H, Kronenberg will speak tomorrow night--instead of tonight--at a meeting of University student. 1 ;, on the proposed Ford Foundation "bold experiment" in teacher education in Arkansas. The meeting, sponsored by the Arkansas Traveler, student newspaper, is open to the public. Dr. Kronenberg w i l l outline t h e principles of the teacher-training plan as it has been worked out by Arkansas educators. Kronenberg, dean of the U. A. College of Education is chairman of the committee doing the planning. The meeting will begin at p. m. in the ballroom of the Student Union. H haAbcen scheduled originally for tonight, American Killed In Korea Riot Identified ^ .loje Island. Korea - (/P) - The American soldier hilled in the riot of civilian internees here February 13 was identified today Pvt. Donald Buntcnbnch, 22, of Williams, Iowa. The young soldier arrived In orea one month before the riot. Earlier, camp officials had said he soldier had 'died of fractured Judge Overrules New Trial In Vote Contest Motions Filed By Both Sides Denied By Cummings Circuit Judeo- M a u n i n Cummings overruled motions for a new trial hy both A r t h u r B. DavHson'and Mayor Powell fi^oa. o p p o n e n t s i n FayeUovillc's lengthy ma* rality struggle. Davidson Hind a motion for a .new t r i a l at the end of a trial In which .ludnc Cummlngs ruled nhea was the w i n n r r because he receivc.'l more valid voles and because Davidson's write-In voles were invalid under Arkansas law and the state constitution. Khea nrompllv followed suit with a mo T tion of his own. . , In overruling both motions this morning, .turisc Cummings cave attorneys for Davidson an oppnr- t u n i l y to present proof of their allegation tlwt Khea was not the Democratic nominee for mayor. The lawyers declined. In the motion for new trial Davidson had contended t h a t nhea was not the Democratic nominee. Davidson was a write-in candidate after Rhca was unonposcd as the regular party candidate, During the trial Davidson- son's lawyers made efforts to prove--by members of the Demi ncratlc Central Committee--that nhea. was never certified as a candidate/ although hl«- certification',' "limed 'b^'cortrtfittceitsfficMls.-'wa! a p a r t ' b f t h J court record.. . Dominicans Charge Red Subs Wild Violations Cludfld Trujlllo. Dominican Republic-Wl-The Dominican He- public plan's to complain to the U.N. Security Council that Russia has committed "flagrant violation" of Dominican .waters by sending Soviet submarines nosing around her shores. The government said yesterday t h a t five Russian submarines.were sighted off the eastern tip of the Caribbean republic. In Washington, the U.K. Navy ordered Its own Investigation. Continuing Outbreak Of Flu Is Reported Llltlc Ro'ck-(/P)-A continuing but subsiding outbreak of i n f l u - enza in Arkansas was reported today by the state Health Department. The department's weekly report covering the seven day period ended last Saturday, showed there were 3.083 flu infections in the state. This sent the total for the year to well over the 20,000 mark."Polk County with 400 eases suffered the highest rate last week. Three Men Killed In Explosion Of Boiler Elwood, !nd.-(/P)-Threc men were killed in a boiler explosion «t the Indiana Die Casllng Company today. A fourth man died later In a hospital. The men were Installing a bollrr at the plant when the explosion occurred. fhe WMthtr-- Arkansas--Generally fair, · llt ll« ; warmcr in weit and north por- llomt this afternoon; Increasing cloudiness and warmer tonlgh 1 and Thursday with occasional nln Thursdjy afternoon or nlfM. Margaret Trunjan Said To Have Laryngitis Malibu, Calif. - Ml - President Truman's daughter, Margarcl, suffering from laryngitis, is expected lo spend two weeks at a collage at this beach resort before she bc- Tins a scries of concerts in the West. Euol 0»on Smith Fulbright Says Senate Finding On Costs Right Remark By Adkins Brings Statement From Senator Washihgton-(/P)-Scn8lnr ' F u l - lirlght ( D - A r k ) says the cost of his -1044 campaign for election to rtls first term did not exceed $74,190.35. · · - " FulbrightV remarks came after Former Gpv. Homer M. Adkins of Arkansas,, ohe of Fulbrlght's four senatorial-race'.was the highest' In the history of Arkansas,/;' . J Adkins said 'he'ii'perit $97ioi)0. in his unsuccessful b i d . f o r ' t h e Senale. He listed the expenses of one opponent,' Col. T. H. Barton of. El Dorado, chairman of the board of the Lion Oil Company, as $11)2,- OOn and FulbrUht "even more." Fulbright said a special Senate committee which investigated expenditures in the campaign was correct "in listing mine at $74,11)0.35." "I sec no reason for further comment about my expcndilurcs," he said. "I know nothing, of course? about expcndilurcs of Ihc olher candidates." Two Women Killed In Fire At Montreal Montreal - I/P) - A three-alarm fire destroyed a building bousing the - Monlrcal repertory ' theater early today and took the lives of two women. / Firemen said the body of Mrs. George Perkins, 30, was found at the boltom of the stairs leading out of the building. They discovered the body of anolher woman In the.rubble of the building. She was not identified. Miss Truman, bonked for a concert tomorrow night a( State Teachers College, Conway, apparently will be unable to appear, according to the above story from the Associated Press. $75 Fine Assessed On Charge Of Assault Loy Keller, 47, was fined 575 and costs--A tolal of $134--yesterday afternoon when he was found guilty on a charge, of assault with a deadly weapon. Sentence v/as passed by Municipal Judge V. James Plak. Keller was charged in the slab- bing Fchruary 27 of Chester Tal- hot, an Air Force private. Talbot a j.'stient al Iho Camp Chaffee | hospital, is sun in serious condl- ] lion. Keller's son. Faye Keller, 2fl, I and Jimmy Williams, 23, charged i with disturbing the peace In cnn: ncction w i t h the fight, w e r e found 1 not g u i l t y . Boat Capsized/ Youth Drowned Companion Changes Story Told First To Officers By FLOYD CARL. JR. The rain-swollen White -River y^ continued to hide the. body jf a 12-year-old Sprinjdale rchooj- boy who, a young companion told police, drowned February 26 .in ,1 boating accident. . . . -." Firemen from three towns .arid police from two counties dragged Ihc twirling, muddy waters of the Whi'j River'eight miles east o f . Sprlngdale late yesterday -afternoon and 'last night in an etfori io recover the body of'Eua'i Dean S.nlth, 12, son of Mri and Mrs. R. F. Smith o( Sprinsdaie. This afternoon us firemen. re- luincd dragging, Sheriff Bruce Cridcr reported from the scene that searchers had discovered the waterlogged boat used by the t'.vo boys. The · craft- was discovered several . hundred : yards downstream, lodged against the remain! of a dame .-. '. A ciowd which at tunes reached 100 persons'stood on the muddy aonks of the stream yesterday afternoon a n d Into the . nigh* .to watch firemen and · police drag the bottom of the river without success. Not 'more than were actually engaged In thc.icarch at «ny time^ - . . ' ,;. : . · : . the'; youth- .had ..beeti missing.. Chancellor Sustains Motion To Dismiss Plea For Restraining Order In Levee Case ... r li/«ffie^ftr" ; Jc)«fei;''Wnef' he'fajled.'tp"return hohie-'hu par^- eiuV'idiicdi'ercd; .'he-, had.; neVer · reached. (He school. A three-state polled 4larrn was broadcast without reiultsj , .'· "'·· A companion, Dean Roger«,'l4, also . of Sprtngdale, earlier told police he and Ihc missing boy had stayed away from school and spent the day of February 26 playing near White River cast of' 1 Spring-' dale on Highway 63. He.insisted,'-'' however*, thai lha last he saw;o! Lhu Smith boy was when the youth left him to hitch-hike to Hunts- vlllc; ! ' Yesterday aflernoon ihe Rogers boy luld a different story to Slate Trooper Leon Clinton of Spring dale. Called from a classroonvfcy police, he said Ihe Smith boy liad been drowned In a boat accident the afternoon they stayed away frorh'school. '. \. ,-, . 'According to the 'Rogers boy, the two companion skipped school · and hitch-hiked to the "Highway 68 bridge over -White River, where they look a boal and started float- Irii Jov.'n the stream. - , The boat floated slightly -more than two miles dov/n stream before It struck a submerged log"'in the vicinity of Coonskln Bluff, turned over and threw the W" boys intr. Ihc Icy wjler, young Rogers related. . The Rogers boy told SheriO Bruce Crider and -'other officers 'thai he caught a t - t h e submerged log, dragged himself to the surface and swam to the bank. After · climbing out he saw the other youth once when he was swept tiea.- the surface by the current The yo'jth walked most of .the way bjck to '.Springdale despite his wet clothes, and said he .Remained silent about his Irlend'l death because of the fear of punishment. · - · Sheriffs-Lead Search , . Searches started for the river shortly a.'ter 2 p. m. yesterday, . led by Sheriffs Crider and John- Black of Bcnton Counly. Firti..; men from Fayettevllle, SpringdaUi and Rogeri joined in the hum anq carried the main burden of drag^' ging operations until, the search" was abandoned al 10 p. m. This rr.nrning the two sheriff* and other officers combed thi bank/ of the stream for sever*,' miles below the scene without re. COJfTtNUKD ON PAGE Chancellor Thomas Bull today sustained a defense motion to dismiss the city of Knycttevllle's pica for a restraining order to prevent construction of a levee on the Gene fioff farm. In the suit, filed last .summer, the city protested construction of the Icvcc, saying It would result In flooding the city's pump station on the West Knrk of While River. While the case h u n g fire--th« city did not ask i temporary re- straining order--Goff completed the levee. In sustaining the motion by Rex- Perkins, attorney for Golf, Chancellor Bull pointed out that the matter is a moot question since the levee has long been completed. Further, he said, flood waters are the common enemy of land owners and each has the right to pro- j tect himrtlf. The levee, built to i protect the farm, lies upstream I frpm the pump station.

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