Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 4, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1952
Page 11
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I ARNAll TAKES OVER IN PRICE OFFICE NOtTMWBT AtKANf At TUMI, Ny«tHvllle, ArhcntM. Today's Market-- NEW PRICE STABIIIZEK Elll» Arnall, former governor' of Georgia, talka with reporters in his office In Washington 4s he officially takes over the duties left to him by Michael V.' DiSalle. . {International) BEST WHALE-TO-HAVE-BEEN "·-···, 8t Louti Lirtilock National Stockyards, Ill.-W)-USDA-Hogs 15,000; weights under 220 Ibs steady to 10 lower than Mijnday's averafic; heavier weights steady to 25 higher; later slow with few lots later 15 cents under'early; sows steady to 25 lower; bulk choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 17.75-18.00; few later 17.60-85; most choice 240-270 Ibs f u l l ' w i d t h of grade 10.75-17.50; 280-320 Ibs 16.00-50; 150-170 Ibs I 10.25-17.75; 120-140 Ibs 14.00. 15175; 100-110 Ibs 12.50?13.50; sows 400 Ibs down 15.50-16.25; heavier sows 13.50-15.00; few 15.25; stags 11.50-15.50; boars 8.50-11.00. Cattle 3,500; calves 800; one load primell77-lbstcer535.50; good and choice steers and heifers largely 31.50-34,25; commercial and low good 28.00-30.50; utility, and commercial cows 22.00-24.00; canners 1. cutters 18.00-21.50; utility and commercial bulls 23.50-27.25; cutter bulls 20.00-22.00; bulk good and choice voalors 32.00-38.00; moderate number ported prime vcal- ers 39.00; utility and commercial 22.00-30.00. Sheep 600; deck choice and prime 109 1b wonlcd ' skins 27.35 to packer; few other small lots 26.00-27.00; market strong to 25 higher t h a n Monday; slaughter ewes steady; bulk 12.00-14.00. Toronto, Canada, is now building a 70 million dollar subway. As early as 80 A.D., oysters were exported from the Thames estuary lo Rome. described is: Beginning at a, point «-i rod! norlh of Ihc SE corner of «ald 40 acre Irnct, and running thence north 4; rodi. thence well bearing norlh 67 rod! to a point « rods. ^ feet and 11 .Inchei norfn of the south Una of sold 40 acre tract thence northwest I I rods to the can line of ihe rlghl of way of thr "· · - - - · - - -.- St. Louli Si S.'FV thence southwesterly Funroiir 1 . aloni: thi east side of said'railroad Virginia built what is believed Lo have been the first toll road in j the United States' in 1786. - '· In Aztec days the capital of VIoxico, T e n n c h t i t l a n , was a city of canals m u c h - l i k e Venice. The "smoke" that,rises from an erupting volcano usually is not smoke but steam. [Uht-ol-way. G rods, thence south bearlne west alons the middle of the public wason. ro»d lo n point due west of the bcginnlnc corner. Hience east to the place of bo^ .sinninr containing 4 acres,'more or less, ' * said real estate or liens hereby to appear . n t, cjurt within 0 weeks a f t e r date ani show cause why the title of p l n i n t l f " - ' ' ·"""'" n01 "* qUi ° 1C and (SEAL) '"" ""' ""' WE HAVE . GLAMORENE the New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO, Inc I SilMSNLAND. Southland fillinf stitlon and |ir« tnhhsned tiuilnrm. Phon _wrlle ItojJO!. FsycLleVll M(TlJEHN""h"ousc"wlth "g«ra«e" son. Arkansu. Call ' .l|7iJ2 a f t e r «. W e D e v e r Phone 246 _ . PARTLY furnished i __rnonth. Phone 2R7IR. 'i JIOOM "apartment, fii Illrs nalil s:o.oo: 426 .ioa-j. BETTER USED FURNITURE: Kltchi-r r a t l n r t like new ....· S3H SO ,,., , Walnut six piece dinette · in w ! -.'TM'."?--"! J : J [.Hilary table . . 7 So t 2 LARGE rooms well fui Tv.'u 'jiiee; living room suite .VI v j ' H"ht hmttelj*n»i.. rim* Studio couch, good condition "" :n ho -l.ounce cluiir, reconditioned .. 22,ri!) Hand ciirpct sweeper 3 so STUMP F U R N I T U R E COMPANY r '!!iL.W...,UJckson Phone .1112 pattern!;. Complete new stock, l.ewts Bros. Co, Inc. LEWIS" nR6sT"Bs\SEMENT bervet kclnsenc refrigerator .. S7S.OO _sitj-_Plione 1103. IOMK. 5 block* fr 221.1W. refrigerator :erator Richard B. - Grcrr Chancery Clerk 26 March 4-11-18-25 April J-c I r'rlgidHlr"" rcfrlcei'j | Kaiser disbwnsner . 9D.OO L'ajri outlioard. bont motor . | Used Eureka cleaner in 06 WARNING OROIR In The Chancery CMirl Of Vvon'nV'DlckVrt'fflir*'* 11111 Curtis Dlckert Defendant . · The Defendant Curtis Dickert is warned la appear In this Court w i t h i n thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff in the above entitled ··nuse. Witness my hand and seal 6t this Court this l l t h day of February, 1S3Z. (SEAL) Richard B Grecr Chancery Clerk 12-19-26 Mnrch 4-c NOTICE DOGWOOD Dining Room.' Wlnilow .wl:i reopen. March 2nd. Fnmily style mc»ls 11:30 lo 2 and S:.TO to 8. Sandwiches and snort orders between times. Our hamburgers arc famous) Comejice^us. The Kmtzij. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY/ NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Rite: 3 cent! per word single in- ertlon. Three consecutive Inscrtioni. cenlf per word. Minimum order 42c. Classified ads caih in advance--not aken over the telephone. Deadline for clawlficd ads: 10:30 . m daily; 9:30 a. m. Saturday. Corrections . and ' rerun cheerfully marie after first insertion. No correc- ons or rerun mad* after ad hat ex- ircd, , - . . NOTE: Advcrtiilnf copy for othjftr ·««· ii dup At'12. noon-the day nre- eeding publicaUon: 12 noon Saturday a t l o n f on Monday FAILING health forceif~nie (o sell I h«ve a well equipped r e s t a u r a n t do- ins «ood business. For quick sale w i l l - Eell fur lew t h a n fill 1 ";, o! in- vrstment. Phone 2214 between 3 and . m. _ ^ WANTEb^Hcspo'nsiblc party to tnlTc up paymcnls on nice '40 Packard COMPLETE your h f s h school at home in soarc fJme. Textn furnished Dl- ploins. 'Nn classes. Send for 47 page booklet and Bumple lesson free , Am rican School, write P. O Box" ^32Q^.FayeticvHie. MONEY TO LOAN FHA .HOME I-OANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. 'Phone 2203 established route truck furnlihed expenses paid, salary and commission. Alfin promolional sauRaladv. Sn^ Gerald Lcdhctter 41 East Hock", ^^^day^andSaiurday 5 to B. HELP WANTED--MALE I WOOL. prejuer-~WUh dcefFc nnd to^ Icnrn Sanilonc cleaning ..Phone 272 or 979. Used General Klcclrlc wnchcr .. 2iHH) Usuri Itt-rnseno L-ocik ntovc . 200(1 lin dwooc* floors. Venrt American k l t r h r n clrctrl !or, front porch. Encl _p,irch. 4 1 5 _ S n i t t h H i l l , No pcti. rOriNinil'p.D 'apprtmcnt. _Meariow._ LARGE h'droom rqulppp ing Elcrlric r r f r l g t r a l o inent. "Vparl- W e s t P r ' v a l e cittr; --Southern c x p n t t n b u n d a n t »h»dr ai tlc»"Uciirnhlc lor fcHKionnl couple iceklnif privncy, | quictutlo, nncl Tenure. 511 North _Wimuv--Phoi EXTRA "nice" furnished 3 room Air comliiioncii. 21 Sl£Cf1. 1'hnnc 2454. 3 ROOM fiifnlsncrt" nnarlmcntrJuiVrc'. decorated. Privnte h A i h . I n n c n p r l n j j rnntlrexii. 417 Weil M o u n t a i n . Phono 5~nb~OM house, W-F* at Klkins a f t i DOV. NSTAIRS apart men l~ *~f rirrTlihed" hllli palrt. Garden. J3U.OO. 147 E. ANEOUS U Philllpi / Good «·· ; M-lt-3 or ·'ayaittvll!* oiVln7c»ll ·ei. """136.00 ·n f \ t n «r. nlihed fnr nn bllndt, rrlrigen- peli. 123 Went for~cbnk- Mtn . nm- rtt? Inwn, Hrntr utltl- fliit vices orrruRD HARRY H. CREMER SIGNS Route 1 * Box 211, Wintlow FOR SALK-- KEAL ESTATE FIVE room houit. Ml Smith -.riioclc. r Vffj ; . i ,ghone I67ow. t WILL trade-- Rio" Vrahit1e~~V«llcy~ Texan-- modern -home, · cwnplfiply furnUhert, (n city of ]o,ooo pnpu- li I Jon, Vnliird n| ]ft, 000-03 W;inU ·mull farm. J. H. RAY MAY WE INVEST THAT yoi »rt *l onre if you tire InirrtMcrt in n neu- ultra *nirdorn Ihree-birrtronm home, ipuclmji Jiv- nlayronm. (learninK kltchr-ri w l l h ·teel rAhlneU. hath and halt. »]| on nun lit $ in eomfnri nnd convenience Rltunttd nn nlrr lot in com! rr»l- cfcttnn and 1 priced for outak »«lf. Thin won't lp»i ion*. t . Wade Finclier $ AUTO PARTS i STATION 1 f\ ;.i 10 PFAI VAN IK KLHL TMLULJ,; Si-Ford 2-door .... 1791, 50-Dodot Sedan .. . \79S~ 49-Chevrotet 4-door li»£ ^7«-DMt 7tV ^a^r-iit *o« r 42-OldJ 76 C.S 395,( 41 -Chevrolet C. C. ., 39S.C 39-O|di 74 Sedan ., 345.1 SAFETY - TESTED _,. GUARANTEED , MIJflELD MOTOR CO j OlD$.- -- CMC s -: · IS North Edit It;vVS GENEROUS PRICE DEDUCTION - ..... ..... - - ..... -M »r pro. i ONh of .thr hrst. If Utcreslcd i . hu.iinei conif d ' . f IhU kind, cull us or i Arcnrrttna to owner h-n "" ly : mcdVrn wlfh · L cltv n f u l l bath, tmHUni U ' in stork. »3.lm(i In enuipincrit. I Wol! located on U,, S. Hl«hway7t. C ·' J»0 per m n n l h . Tolnl price! I.''.'-* 1 loejlfpn /or Isrue broiler^fjim. , MILE CITY HMfK "* _ upil palii. . . To a I, -illy, (IKJK). 147 E, TlSHlCb np'arhiirntrth h. First floor. One b LEGAL NOTICES paiitiMi U-TUt Cknmr; Till* Cnrl Of · SALESMAN WANTED Experienced in soiling furniture i Lec Scamsfcr. Edward k.Mertwether, r advonco- h as0 i« :i njeWmy'^Occ^ cicrk menf for t h « r '^t m a n . Apply of the Chnnc«ry Court of WnshinRton Coun'y. Arkansas. Ihc Petition of Lcc Seamttcr. Edward B, Meriwethcr nnd Jack--PhlllipSi fta Trustees- for 'The Southern Memorial Aisociatior, an im- Incorporalcd aiioclation prayinjt for the veiling, confirmation and quieting of tiile in them to the following dc- BC.'ibed real estate situated in V/ash- initon County. Arkansas, lo-wlt: f-°. tB il.?, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. A i n Block m person. T. H. CHAFFIN Montgomery-Ward^ HAIR-RAISING STORY--Robert Oais, 20-year-old Cree Indian of Rocky Boy, Monl.,- display» souvenirs of his first haircut which n« recently received when he. was inducted into the Army and ««nt to Fort Lewis, Wash. His barber estimated that Oats has saved $170 or more in tonsorial-fees' over the years. FOR A-l USED TRUCKS COME TO ABSHIER-BRYAN 1951 Chevrolet Pickup Deluxe C^b-Healer-Low Mileage " 1950 Ford V-8 Pickup Healtr-Radio-Very Clean ' 1950 Chevrolet Pickup Good Tires-Heater-Slick 4 1950 Ford V-8 Pickup Black-Healer-One Owner · 1948 Ford 6 Pickup Good'Low Prjft Tranlporlalion . ,,: ;. -TT-- . . · ;j .MANY MORE LOW PRICED TRUCKS TO v .'..CHOOSE FROM- ' v .1946 FORD IVz TON 1947 STUDEBAKER ' 1 Ms ton T942 FORD PICKUP 1941 FORD'PICKUP YOUR FORD DEALER .' IN FAYITTEVILLE FOR 39 YEARS Men and boys in Yemen, small kingdom at the southern tip of Lhc- Arabian peninsula, .wear wide belts holding curved daggers. par! of the North Half of ihe Southwest Quarter of Section IS Township Jfi North, Ranee 30 West of the 5lh P. M, A part o r Ihe North Half of the. So-.thwcst Quarter nf Section Fifteen (15). Township Sixtet-n 116) North of Range 30 West of the 5th P.. M., ir.ore'particularly described as 'jeginrrfng at a point 4 chains and 36 links ; Soutlj of the point 25 chains and 36 (inks East ' of the one-half section corner between Section ' l p arid Ifi, thence South 7.5 degrees East. 5 chains nnd 70 links, (hence South 82.5 degreri V.vt. 6 chains and 30 links, thence North 7.5 degreei West 4 chdlns a n . 96 'links, thence North 76 de- Krees and 45 minutes East 215 feet. thrnce North 8J.5 degrees Eitst 207.24 fret to the point of beginning. containing 3 acres more or less, and lUbject to any portion thereof encompassed in public streets or. ' alleys* . All person! claiming any Interest id land* or any lien thereon am notified and warned to appear xaid I in rhf ! in said Court within six (6) weeks TV j · i · IT A . ' m * a *a Court within six (6) weeks Birds no not usually begin j n c u - j of the dale of the first pubilcntlon of Dating their OCgS Until the full ' lnis N o t i c c and. show cause, if an; r n m n l n i - Q n M l li , - \ ,, 1 -J the y h n v e wh " ^ n e t i l i c to S8 ' d l a n d complement has been laid. . Rnou , d not be v « led; con fj rme d am Advertise in the TIMES--It payi! '.GALLON 'Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bros, locktr Plant AUTO WORK br reliable m*chanici. All work GUARANTEED. BROUGHER and ROBB · Whiielty'i ttirm. kMk «l Whit.l.,', fenfe* .m»M 1MT YOUNG men accept posit I School. Rtteville. wanted to ret rea ons In drn eady to caJunt- Far- HELP WAN'TED--ngiALE "w^.^." 1 !^ 11 4 p m ' to n -Whlgh"C40 nly Employmont Oftice."ToT Wc'jit _Ccmcr, COMPANY "Imalcing national s"urvcv wnritK JO women wilh cnr.s to call oh ( nomcs and place product on dcinon- 5iralio in various parts of Nonh- wcsti-rn Arkansas. No selling Furn- Ings n h o u t SG. r ..oo per week, include phone nunilie-rewrite K-31, %Timca. REGISTER'itb nurie~w", ; irt"tcd~ror~new JM bed hospital. Hcsort town in Rout horn Mlusourj, C. K. Childrcss Administrator. SkaRRo Community -r *ioap^rn,Branson. Missouri. .WANTED TO BU!T ^^^ in. Write Bo c d r oom K-M. _ . _ USED fYr~c"pTflce"sc~nTid ""liscd" manic sidcl ' Phone 283.'1L1. quieted in the peiitloneri, _ sjcr. Edward B. Merlwcther, and .Tack Pnillipi, as Truiteek for The Southern Memorlnl Anociation, an unincorporated auoclatfon, forever. WITNESS my hiind Rnd seal on this 3rd .day o! March. 1952. (SEAL) , v Richard B. Grecr Chancery Clerk ! n L« e Sean.- FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK QUAUTY Dairy h:lfcr3.~3' month* old NICE work" marc. Goo(f~1juy! ""nice . . p i R K V Hampshire (lit. Henry JHrvis. ^WeU_Fork. Route a. Yt. GpOD"»'poTteri Po!and~CnTnFivMrT- rd pigs. -w. B. Crow,-phone LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. 7QR SAMi OR TRADR BUSINESS bunding" 25x55!--ilvirii quiM-lcrs unrnilc «nd Harass Hparl- nicnt, Cllnlon. Oitlnhoma. S20,0i)0.0ll wriln for inform^llon. xvhnt hnvc j-ou In o f f e r . W r i t e David G. W«riswnrth JJoj^rrtoo^Avc., _cilnlon. Oklahoma. TORJEXCHANGE 10 A C R E fin-Til, 2!i~iniTca - ers. Elcclricily. gas, tL-lcptionc, ne..- l.v 1-ccor.dlllonod house, good horn. Wil: scl: or frHdc 1'or i."ly or tu- hurban Knycttevlllc properly. Phone ItoKcrt 70.IR or wrlle John S«bo, Arknnsas. HEATING WOOD ilovc. delivered-Phone M54M4. "PUBLIC" "SAL THUnSDAY, March t, bnginninK at 10:30 n. m. located «ix mflcs cast of Springrlnlc on Highway 08, and 2 miles fiouihcast on Hinhwny «8 at Ihe f a r m knnwn ns 'roll Harp. head of liventork includliiE one registcrcr. White Face htili. 21 White Face calves, hcnvy B.ji-ingcrs. nine While Face cowi wllh calve* II yearling White face licifers, ^ hones. 12 good inllk cows. fo.Tl TcreuBon ti-r -lor with n i l equipment. O t h n r i t c m t too numerous tn men j ion. r/Indlcy nnd Il:,rrc]fion, owricri- Bale Itced nnd Hilto-i nros., nuc- _tioneers. _ GOOD mixBd~iriiyr7.Sc Vnd" Sl'oo" bnlc". _ . . . _ _ c o n I i J n d . _·· ALMOST new SijritiRricld "wfigon" new one row planter. Henry Os_ l n i r n . Ciiy l,nke_nomi. ^Phonc 710MH. TVVo"6:70xlS tireV UacH' less llion 500 F ' T R N I B H E D four room n p a r t m e n t . modern and p r i v a t e . A u t o m a t i c flonr furnace. Gnrhacr disposal u n l Bendlx washer ami dryer. A m p I cabinet and closcl space. Garaite. S55.00 month, utilitl*!* p a r t l y pild. Evrrlt E. Camt)hpll. phone 190, ' " . . . room*, balh. First floor. One block from Jn vcrs'ty. U t i l i t i e s paid. $35.00. Pli"no C67.-W. HOUSEKEEPING roorm. p r T v a l * aj^h...,_ Adult i_._J 830-J. ^ r FURNISHEb~aparimiini, pr;vile~bath. For coupl«. .Sea after 5.-- W North NIC J bedroom] private" entrance. TOUR Vl-^nTVpiViimcnT l' 1 ,* hlpL-k7~ofr squiirc, Suitable for o f f i c e lulle, very ROD i for office and home for imall f n n i l l y . THREE rnurn modern npHrtmcnt, u l t l - ifics paid. S40 00 monthly, u n f u r n i s h ed. FIVE room biin«a)nw, Me m o n t h ) Hammond RcaJly^Cpmpany Phnne 7 2-3 ROOM iinfurni(ihr.c:~|(araic**apar monti. Private hath. Ample cabin and closet space. Available Marr 1. $40.00 per month. Bllli paid. Lr iratcd nn bun roulo. nil South ' Phone 7S2 day*, W6-W «venlnKi. Jo WiUnn. great for 'Hi'lthw»y" 1 'roitfjt nuilr.w« Out of Statp. owner t« ir.-* . r i ii , , - o f f e r i n g - thin property for llfljoa i- home alien, /or iuh-(i « ' i ioriP F A A A H V u n u c '" -.' i ' J W C TAMILT. MOMfc .. . -t wtih ienar6ui ' yltloii or tppculairiinV' only Sl.7no for 31 acrm overlook.nit Faviltrvilli' anrt^vlclnlty. Cfty u-»ter rind "rifltufi* '!«· 4Vfli!«hlp. H«x 5 rnrmi nrcttina qulle a hit of repntr. bar.- rind K»- ra«c. IviratM in N mmrh of new hnmc». We fcrl t h w t li'» r ·'«»' -' 54 7,10 Would like for yoi and tell in w h a t yoi) Oilnh NEWLIN REALTY W£5TJ!!G5]?' ^ n K __ 7 ACREB KOCH! lo\'el "Und. pSWd h l K h w n y n r n r ( o w n . Good a room hou«. f^ori barn, butane fia, «ln-- trnns. L 0. Wclln. ;, poor fnipVovemcnis Ba. electricity, ' P r i c e Milton " ' ~ bedroomi central littnt an^i many ofhVr"ftne fr^'urci ' M u s t b* »o|«f',Quick to Bet tin E j f H t f . Central ''-Moeatibn » - t V ! i « dlitnnw of every (him. · 7 to. look! ONE ACRE , trU-lty. Good Uncoln. __· . . . __Bueknei , Boyd. . tlmHct fi. NEWI.Y dtcof«S3 .mil) rurhlihe npnrlinenl. Private Rntnnce n n hnlh. UllllUes paid.. SZS Ulililsnd, «2 - LEVEnETT, Slnili rooms I m o n t h up, Double $10 inonlh CHC person. Mesls ncirby. Phone 1171-. ONE furniihrd 'bedroom In priva home. Two blocks from iquare. Wt rent to middle ace man or woman Mint f u r n i s h reference.JPhftneaoft UNIVERSITY XW-KTMENTS." on bedroom, unfurnlihet) $.57,SO, furn Inhcd $72 BO hllli paid. B t n d l lau-.idry available. Phon» ZMOH . PAHKVIEW APARfSffiNTS. oh? S«d" I'oom unfurnlihcd 150.00. furntihc )fi, r (.oo; two bedroom unfurnlihc |6!!,no. Bendix laundry Phone -" BKBVIpEg OFTEtgn INDIVIDUAL Income tax itrvicr. Rea ii_giiablo.^ MB2R, ^ ^^ ^^ ^ __,,__ LOCAL or long dlktanct; bauUn(. Smi or lame loads. Phone 7 rtayft, 2X72 nifihU._E. Wood. foH DapcrKih*irer''"or u piTnter phon 4D4-J. . I ' W . H I I L ELEQRIC CO. Quality Initalltn ·PUMPS «POWER Phon. 24. Wttl Fork BCCAVATING -- BULLDOZING -- '·ONDS -- HOADS -- CLEARING -- OI.IN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON ench. Motor Co. Harold McKce GOOD grni-n .OklHhonHi~n~rnifie~ JiVy l'honc'2307W. ~ J hone_B. I). Groathoiiir. 3!7fiJl. HAY a l f a l f a , orchnrd " K r j i M . ^ K p r e eapedcza. Laxvrcnce H. Bmi.h tillc east of traffic light, Hlnds- ·Illc. BUTANK. Ma«(c Chef ra~nge. SfiTotf electric rcfrlficrator, $20.00; one Thnr one Apex washer $20.00 each Sin mese_cat3. N._W. Johnson. West Fork Ii HP outboard motor." like new at jM»r_Baj_n. Phone 230. 'Nit »ldo ami do'ible " h7aVer."~phone JLcwis Urns Cn. Inc. . T-ii-id-25 April-1-8 c WJOD team work horses. C.-E. Shafcr. L'NOTICC " ~ '"" " | ..C r ^ ir " : ^ Grove.^Walnut Orovu . Ronrl, ie provisions of Pro- I 58 CiOOD Western ewes," lambs by tide. LIGAL Punuant to the proviiioni of Pro- j 58 UOOD Western ewes," lambs by bite .Code, Sec. 15?. notice l.i given 2 r^gislcrccl rams. Lambs castrate.] that accounts of Ihe administration and docked. 3 miles west of West of the estates listed below have been Fork. W. W. Stephens, filed, on the dates shown, by the · SIX QIC pigs JlZ50~oach. Pedigrees , , named personal 'representatives. All interested persons are called on lo file objections to such accounts on before the sixtieth day follovjjng "ling* of the respe*llve accounts, [ wliich they will he barred for- CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* Collect »I3 Fay«lteTille, Arkihtu Joplin Rendering Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. ME'RCURY MOTORS PHILUPS MOTOR (0. DEAD ANIMALS RIMOVID PROMPTLY quick linllary ferric* . Fayeneville Rendering Service ·Ml Ul OlMd Nt. 1111 Mt*e TMW rirn fiM Meiitft feellerv the /Hi. failing i ever from excepting to the account. KHie E. Brazeel. Di-ceased. .Tames S. Brazeel, Executor; Final February IS, I9S2. · Claire Farrar, Deceased, Eupene Claire FarrT, Executor; Annual January I i 1952. Grover M. Ford. Deceased, May ford. Executrix; Final February 8, J»52. F r c A L. MacChesney necemed, Gertrude MncChesnev. Administratrix: Final February 7, 1052. fc Ray Mulkin, Drceaned. Vrrnie MuU kin. Executrix; Final February 7, 1052, Ed Roscr* Neah Incompr'ent. J. C. Barnett acting for G. B. Shafer, Guardian; Final February 4. I9S2 DATED this 41h day of March, 1952. (SEAL) Roy A. Scott Probate Clerk nf Washington County, Arkaniai * Jean Henderson . Ntflw Of ftil*i«n T« ,-. Tilto AM Warnlm Orritr In Tt»» Chancery Cfwrt Of Foreatlnea M. Ctrnphefl Ex Ptrte and Plaintiff 7 vi, Sarah Ilrrndon, If living, and If rie- ctaied, her unknown hnlri at taw iMfendanti ' , The defendant,!, Sarah' Herndon. If UvlnR, and If d*cea«el, bef u n k n o w n helm at Inw, are warned in Appear In thli court within t h i r t y dayi and in- ·wet t h e , complaint, of th« plalnUff In t)t* nbovt enlltled emu* and nlio, Notlc* U herahy (Ivt-n that there h«* h*cn fllad In my office, ai Clerk of the Waihlngton County Chancery Court, a MtltUm for the condrnia- t l m nf the title of For*»line* M. "ampbtll, and Sarah Herndon, If llv- m«. «nd If dereawd, hrr unknown lelri M law tn the Inllowln* I n n d i In Wiihlnflfln County, Arkfin«a«. to-wlt: Pt. fit t h t SE'» of the SWn »ftc, 1, twp. 17 north, ranii 30 weit, . . . Crldcr, Greenlnnd. FOR SALE-- AIJTOMOTIVI- ·51 PLYMOUTH SSfiSrbalT"(AII~rncinl nation wnson). Low mllanse. radio 'and healer. Sale or. trade for low jijlceri cm. Phone 1S!SJ. IMS " ' 1539 FORD tudor. line Ilnrjcy'D«vl'd- TM "nolnrcj-cle. Best ofler. Phone BEA(JTY counselor cosnietici."AnTl'y"- sis by appointment. Dorothy Brant- South Untverjlty Phone icy. .18 j-jash. PRICEL for q u i c k - sale, neslauran". equipment. Apply Campus Grill. 653 west pickson. 200 nUSHELS '"cnrnT~41.7.'r~iiu».iei .1 mflos Boulh llijrris pnstoffice. Pearl _ Wnorlwnrfl._Knyct1cville. ftmite 7. PKDIGHKEI) New /ealamf white" rnb- hll«. BreciT;n_: Block. Phono 2382. __Ua;'.o£hj c lt_C len n c r ji. BARGAIN! Crane pon-cfain~i«undry turn and wa*hiiiR mnchine. · Phone _ ! -?10Ll._ "P/a'no--RcbuUt--SVrcamTl"ne"(r _ _ ribbn' Ponllac Hydrnmatic. 8 J A VEnYTMflne*TMn'airiinV«'nV' ll iitTM» fair ' ""' " " ' ...... ~ ' . cylinder Cheap. Coll JS73 after fi'30 p^_m. __ __ . _ j HMD 'CROSLEY sed"anT"clc«nr'S495 TO' ' 1913 Dodnc'.truult. Rood, JSflS.OO: 1U1G i Ford p!.-kup,; 13IB Willys ! Jecn. S105.00; 1311 De Solo sedan. I S4.W.OO. Lion Brake Service. South _7J J _nexl to Purdy's. Open Sundays. Ittt CHEVROLET Flcctllnc' 2 door, radlrt aril heater. Good condition. · llnrold Leach, Lincoln. Ark. I price. No monstrosities* gno South School. MS7J ID.EAL MAHRESS CO. W« mMl or b«al any competition 401 WEST DICKSON FOR SALE ".""" IJ48 SFECIAL Deluxe Pl.vmoulh Hullo »nd hcntcr, price SS^S.OO Cull Hnr- _ _ _ BY orl«lnal~ownor n |Rht_J27fi.I ]9So"'Pick»ril condition. Hontcr nml ovc.rdrlvt. Priced for quick inle. Phone _ II75J2. lOsTGMC nitkup. '.1 inn~onir^-Rccl- PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phpnii 666. 208 Wost Block 1951 PI.VSibUTII-!.cs1t~ih"an~.V(kKl TMl«. n SOOd Uonl lor lomcone. SOT v/ttl^Ctnin. _^^_ J LOST AND FOUND iTost. Mtira(lirr'tSn""oK~4i)ui'rT ni" XJST: Ci(7Ki!)n"hrlwran*Wnnl'«y' anil W r i t Fcrk N n l l f y Hobcrt I'lcslon. ttlnilow, Ark. noult 1, RAINBOW TftOUT Hold dolly. Phont Snrlntdnle 3201. Ourk Trout Firm Nenr Johnson. ClIGOAOt iuIT cuei. foot lockeri. ·hrief c«ci. B-4 higi. o'nlte c»ei! tollfif klti. etc. A complete lln. FOR I.KASF. FOR LEASE Usd'd car lot. Size 40x155, together with ono ilory concrete block building, size 30x40. Total area 6431 iquoro (oel. Located 116 South East Street. SEE T. H. CHAFFIN Montgomery-Ward WANT TO RENT "'* tqulpnwhl. SlIN-Tlf.T venellun b'llndl nd iltiml num wlndnw icreenn ind -- »wnlnci Free etttimtttei. Gibe Cooper, (4 South Uruit I'horir mil. DITCH DIGGING FOOTINGS-- w t r. in mi ttwir dltcnei, i.pttc link hotel. Dtfflni nnd hick fllllni. Clll Oat ' Divlt Dllfjx tnt 24 HOUR. SERVICE OH Hemilltchlno, Picotlng, Covered Bultont, Button Hole*, Tailored Belii and Bucklei. Special Attention given Mai 1 Orders. Satiifactlon or Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO If S.E. St.. Fur««evlll« Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake ' Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 212 Virginia Ave., box 143 U. Sta Phone 148(1, faycUevillc LEWIS MATTRESS~C07 Rtnovaltd. rebliMI. One day service. Phnne 2774 Hltihway^ 7J south IVv miles FOB vquR noSTRNiTNVTibs-- Call ||. L. Sltwart HooHnj Conlraclnr Also, Asbestos gldlni. Home renalrs. Phone. 10IIJ "TxTTvTnTr B U L L D O Z I N G Grovtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D^M. r A T T O N Phon» 249 Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory i«m«i*«« . . . . . . . - _ _' IU'AUTV SHOP 204 w Miadow-Phona 30W Mich MM-up. Cold wivii tt u» ··'·*"-- utAu'fl *»Ot-- rior«nc PKlCKJCri-S HKAUTY 8HOf RBLIAIll WOUK ATJ^S~8iStrf?~sHcS l ' ! ~ a Now up town 7'.» K. M o u n t a i n Kl. ^J^^^norirti, P h o n t _ K . or 2.131 HAULING Cill Iliullnc Dny «r nlfht OXnn Ray Htid 1.1JW. 8AM) AND GRAVEL ROAD AND DRIVEWAY GRAVEL - ALSO TOP SOIL Phoot lilt) tnd 10W HOUSE l.ot sain nt KflfCrtitcircTsircnt. urlnidale, Arkarisas. Could not he l 'U (or nowiiy. m » n v . unusual fenturej. plno pnncUrd den uprlalrs. Near schools, churches hM- j p l t a l , ihi[]plriR cotter. Vacant now. I Sacrifice price J7.0HU 00 ctlh. IllKher '· on terms. Write Mrs, J. H. Harper Pine Bluff A r a o r a l . Arsenal, Arkansas. Pox S«.1.^_ 5« ACHEf 4 tnllcs /ronr^rayeVfevltTe all fenced. Rood pasture, sprinc fed lake *n all cottage, chlckifti lioune. Price M750.W. ton ACRES cnnd slock farm. 5 miles' from rayettevlllc, on ' imvclnenl, ! room modern .house, good barn. A milk barn. PRICED lo sell this werk. ^ 6. R. Crandell Real Estate' Street Phone 2536--1223 AT KSOE of town with 4 room hotti* This homr hai KH». cjty water and H*llU. O r l v four nr f| V | yturi 6ld__ J . nn. *clllnr At J2.5OT. . L*t uii show ou Phone 783 HAMMOND RFAITY CO: Eve Phone II. 0 Hammond 137J .1 A Jsrvli \IKW . hn YOU W A N T TO BUILD "VtJUrt OWM HOME? WE HAVB rACIUi TIES for) BUILDING BY YOUH PLANS FOR YOU AND CAM FURN; }S" TIIE I.of AifD rtNANCINQ^- ['OR FHA. 01. OR CONVlNtlOflAI, U LOAN. SEE US FOR AN ESTIMATE TM WITH NO COST on OBUOATtO.V. 1" WILKINS REALTY 902 Nonh Collice AVP. phone }7M , . u 9 . Kincaid Co. -4 ACftTs, wllh- nice fence-, on'tmvc- ' mcnt. 2 inlir* from cliy, .» room modern no USD lotn of Rood h ha tic, burn, chicken houto, cxlr* Rnr,d ,----·-- -·· - · eltetrk MAKti . . ,, ,,. ed ronic to" office. No" Information by telephone. G. R. Crandell Real Estate l l a Norlh East Blreej Phnne 3808--183.1 IN THE WHlfFRIVER VALIEY A OOCD §|nck (arm, of 202 acres. 7S acres of bottom land, .19 acres fclli land lo; mature. One six room modern house, one R rnotri house . 2 har.ii, 2 Bsragts. Plentiful supply ui OIN HIGHWAY 71 v NORTH of Fayetlevtlle. 2 acres of amtnlh level land. 1 bedroom modern residence w l l h all utilities. 5000 · broiler liuuscs. HAMMOND REAITY CO. J. r. Rack!lrani^.r)ione^IU., · Automotive. · Health and Accidenl · Polio . . ·Liability iffl?! 1 " owV'wni -"finan'S?! · WORKMEN'S COMPBNSATIC* :*' :,' '. .-our. own term,. .If. Interest- »p| ate GlaSS ·Burglary C ii Autom'ebllt - Llnblilry ; flri - Cxdndtd Covirof t j foilo - Plot* Olaii i WAOIIMMCMW : Arcodt Bltlg. f ha»« «0 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Bailtr PtlM I* Bur ' THE DREAM HOME THAT V6u HAVEBEENH WAITING FOR TO COME ON^THE MARKET.-* walls 'downstairs -plastered and "p»P« '-'···--· '" k n o t t y - p i n e with built-in " A. LSHAMBLIN, REALTOR or J I'M HOLDER : Telephone 241; 2654, 1039 The new rars corUilnly are bcnulic.i -- w i t h driving advantages no cars vcr offered be/ore,. Of course you w a n t lo own one, tn d r i v e proudly -- f o r buslnm or pleasure--or both! And you can order your car Im- medijtcl.v, w i t h f u n d s provided by our Financing Plan. Up to U Ijnnlhn to pay, and you h a v e the t h r i l l of car ownership tt th« unit 'MOTORS FINANCE co, inc.." E. Meadow ' Phone 3Ttf FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS FOR LEASE TEXACO SERVICE STATION CORNER MOUNTAIN COLLEGE On Highways .71;,'62, 16 ' Immediate Possession Flat Rental Phone 35 Now Operated as Tuck's Servict

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