Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 9, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1974
Page 9
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Democratic And Republican Party Leaders Look For Era Of Reconciliation Northwwt ArkanMt TIMES, Friday. Aug. 9, 1974 yAViTTlVILI.1. : Mayor Wanls Black Vice President WASHINGTON · (AP) -- Re-predicted better relations with lieved by Richard Nixon's res- the White House in tho post-Wa- ignatlon, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders say they look forward to an era of national reconciliation Ainder President Gerald R. Ford. Noting Ford's long service in the House, leaders of the Democratic-controlled Congress Major Changes Sought In Slate Health Insurance LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state Employes Insurance Advisory Committee adopted Thursday some major changes in the group health and life insurance Ford The Center Vice President Gerald Ford as a center for (he University photo) is shown in a posed picture of Michigan in 1934. (AP Wire- program for ployes. 12,000 state em- Of Public Opinion, Attitudes Stock Market May Not Be Accurate Barometer By JOHN CUNNIFF ' ; NEW YORK (AP) -- The - stock market will attract a' lot ': of attention during the coming ..weeks and almost all the interpretations of its activities :will ; refer to it as a barometer of -public attitudes. The upsurge in prices Mqn- - day through Wednesday, for in.'stance, was attributed generally to a sense of public relief '.that the continuing tragedy of ^ Watergate'might soon be put ·Into the past, leaving the future unencumbered. But the question remains: Is the market a barometer of public opinion? Those who follow the market have understood for a long time the significance of Needham's statement. Exchange figures show that in 1960 more than 60 per cent of all volume was by individuals; at the end of 1973, just 27 per cent. .·In .1966-1967 a significant change in the character of transactions took place, with in- stitutioris'pvertaking individuals as the dominant traders. The gap has been widening since then. The question then is this: Do mutual and pension funds, in- urance companies, bank trusts and the like constitute "the lublic?" · · ; . ' · A further investigation of re- ;ent trading activity reveals iome other items that throw [oubt upon the casual assignation of mysterious, mind-read- ng powers to the .stock mar- Thieu Orders Military Alert To Guard Against Offensive portfolio managers of unds and insurance companies lave never been seen or heard loliciting the views of the mas- i£s who supply them with mon- ;y. They act completely inde- pendeniiy of their public. T1 ; e cost of ]ife ; nsurance to -These same institutions the current gtate employes ls have. enormous amounts of not expected to exceed the money with which to trade. · SAIGON, South Vietnam '(AP) -- President Nguyen Van -'Thieu ordered a general military alert today to guard : against any attempt by the :;Communist command to take Advantage of the government ;cha'nge in the United States /with an offensive in South Viet- "nam. "We think that the Commu- -nists will consider' this an op' portunity to reignite the war in "South Vietnam," said Nguyen .Quoc Cuong,'the Saigon govern- nment's chief spokesman. Thieu met with his top ad- on Thursday.'and ordered the alert ;visers -both · Friday and -after Nixon announced his deci- Vsion to quit.. · : Heavy fighting continues in '.South Vietnam 18 months after ;the Paris cease-fire agreement ~that sent, home 'American ^troops and was to end the war. ',,". Fighting has intensified, in tiic ^northern and central parts of ,-the country in past weeks. The - A s s o c i a t e d Press reported . Thursday from Washington that nam has alerted some of its six lomebased army divisions, jossibly for a general strike nto the south. But American sources in Saigon said they were unaware of such a move by Hanoi. A Viet Cong statement issued just after Nixon announced he ,vas resigning warned' that continuation of U.S. aid and in. volvement in South. Vietnam /ould mean a'.continuation o. fighting, no matter who is in the White .House. Later, the office of Thieu's premier, Tran Thien Khiem said the U.S. Embassy had in formed South Vietnam that the administration of Gerald R Ford will continue military and economic support to Saigon. A broadcast said acting Ambassa dor W.J. Lehmann gave Khiem a communique to that effect. High - level government offi cials, who would not allow th of their names, said th'ej primarily concerned abou period immediately afte! The committee also agreed to seek bids on the revised plan. In the meantime, the changes will be incorporated by Oct. 1 in the policy the employes now have with Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. James E. Spencer of New port, a consultant to the committee, said Equitable insisted on raising rates about 8.5 per cent to continue coverage. The new policy will incorporate both the rate increase and additional costs of expanded benefits. Spencer and a policy specification subcommittee recommended rebidding so that the policy could be placed ivilh a domestic insurance carrier that would be reinsured by a national company that would assume the risk. .. ^ The committee said that if all other things were equal a domestic carrier would, -be favored. ' Spencer said the committee itself would take over administration including claims handling and investing the. claim reserve. "This is as close to self-insurance as you''can get," Spencer said. The group plan -is one of the largest in Arkansas, 'with Equitable having received $3.8 million in premiums from it between December 1972 and June tergatc period after the often- rancorous Nixon yearc. Republicans and some Democrats said one early result would be an improvement in GOP political prospects in this November's congressional elections. Although most members of both parties praised the tone and content of Nixon's resignation " speech as conciliatory, some cricitizeci him for failure to go beyond a brief statement that "some of my judgments were wrong." Sen. Edward W. Brooke, R- Mass., said he would drop his move for congressional support of immunity from prosecution unless Nixon makes a "full confession" of his involvement in Watergate and related scan dais. Special Watergate Prosecutor Leon Jaworski declared "no agreement or understanding' with Nixon had been sought or offered. Rep. Paul N. "Pete' McCloskey, R-Calif., w h o un successfully challenged Nixon'. 1972 renomination, predictee the outgoing President woulc soon be indicted. For the most part, however the reaction to Thursday night's climax to the long Wa tergate drama reflected th waves of relief that swept Cap] tol Hill earlier in the day whe it became evident Nixon ha decided to step down. " "The agony is over," said as slant Senate GOP . Leader obert P. Griffin of Michigan. The long, dark night Is over," aid Sen/Frank Church, D-Idao. . ' "The country has been oh the erge of a nervous breakdown mg enough," declared Senate epublican Leader Hugh Scott : Pennsylvania, adding that ^xon's decision "now opens IB way to a healing and men- Ing ^process under President "He's a decent man," Senate lajority Leader Mike Mans- ield said of Ford. "He's coii- ervatlve, but you know where e stands. He'd give consldera^ ion to congressional views. He yould get exceptional coopera- ion." "The night of Watergate is jvcr, the Constituti6n is safe, and America can become whole again," declared Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. D-Mass. "I believe President Nixon will find a prominent place in history," said Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz. Republican National Chair, ·nan George Bush said, "The battle is over. Now is the time tor kindness.' 1 And he added, "Clearly, it clears the political ir." Sen. George McGovern, D- S.D., Nixon's 1972 opponent, said, "I have no desire to see the President go to jail. The loss of t h e presidency is the worit penalty, the harshest punishment that could be imposed. ' MONTREAL (AP) -- Los An- *elcs mayor Tom Bradley soys :he United.States Is ready for a black vice president. Distress And Mourning F1NDLAY, Ohio (AP) - "In distress and mourning that the President should be forced to resign," Kim Hite says he will fly the (lag in front of his home add business at half staff until the next presidential election. The city · councilman said Thursday nitht to blame Presi dent Nixon lor Watergate Is actually "a conspiracy trying to break down the morals ot America. I wish he could stay in there," said Hite, a Republican. Bradley, among the first black mayors of a largo 'American clly, was commenting on reports that Sen. Edward W. Brooke, a black Republican from Massachusetts, is on.''a list 6f possible successors Iq" Vice President Gerald R. Ford .when Ford assumes the presidency today. Bradley, here to view Mqn- treal's subway system, commented following President Nixon's resignation Thursday night. Do You Need o Detective Ph. 442-6191 They concentrate their atten- ,ion on a relatively few stocks. Wany of these stocks are in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ;he best known measure of jrices. As a result, the DJIA has a pronounced tendency toward wider swings than, let us say, five or six years ago. And sharp price, changes:,in themselves attract more attention. .--Many of these institutions have what is called fringe or play money.'That is, they have certain amounts ready for quick action on important, market-exciting news, such as a government price report -- or a resignation. So much for the institutions and their role in the "public market." Then there are the speculators of all sorts who at- $1.000 coverage. Spencer said the committee would ask the, 1975 General Assembly to have the stale pay the full amount of each em ploye's life insurance premium as it does now for health cov erage. The .cost for health insurance is expected to raise from $10-93 a month for an individual cm- ployelto $11.95 and from $19.54 for an employe and dependents t o $21,35. , , Employes now are limited in the amount of life insurance they may have under the plan. With the change, all employes enrolled will have a t minimum $3,000 life insurance with the option of taking more based on salary scale. off a few points characteristically tempt to rip from the sharp rises and falls. And therS are the short tra ders, those who put their money on the down side of stocks, hoping to repay shares they have borrowed with shares pur- Riceroots Reaction Boys Arrested SPEINGDALE -- Two brothers, aged 14 -and 11, were arrested Thursday on grand larceny, charges. T h e boys, from Springdale, allegedly stole two'bicycles from the police department week. The released ' to chased at a lower price, difference .is theirs. 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Actually, «M more taalde nn- lahing work yoe do, Ihe more awoey jwfn Hte... making your new honta evea awre affordable. You may pitf- chaae Interior mawjrWa and InaWla- Son of ELECTRICAL WIRING » FIXTURES, PUMBINa, KITCHEN » BATH FIXTURES * CABINETS, FLOORING, WALLS, DOOMS * TRIM. When Jim Waiter tratatft «H interior option*, yog Ju»t pain) or paper walla, petal ban, connect to ouHlde uWWet and no«e hi. Or you may purchase ffie "I krteiior malaciaja your* aeH to aave many eilra doKen. EHfcer way, 9» coul ottaM* finishing opax»eaa b* with or stni tti» covpon to th* tr*/iw Home* aHp1*r tut* for r lft» IM-tolm. 34 t»n uu/oi al watching developments along the Vietnamese border, where fighting between the' north and south has picked up in recent daya. _ ____ Top Grain Cowhide With The Look Of Faded Denim! "Faded Jeans" Purse Accessories HNANCING TULSA r OKLAHOMA 74115 SPRINGDALE, ARK, 72764 i I vndwitaod itar cMgaioi M b«» 1 yo« wovU «n« ·· lh*l« foeH 7779 E. ITth Street P.O. 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