Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 1, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1952
Page 6
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ic(nrd«y, Match ,1, 1»51 HEWERTXW6WOOP IM / JUNES JACV? JUNIOR [MXllREAGOODBOY JUNEP-'COOD BOY. MEANWHILE, MODEL is RETURNING HOME FPOM THE MEETING MOTH HER BnarHS3,LAW7Vc . 'tu- POCK A FEW THINGS" AND TAKE A BUS TO THE COAST? fLURUNAWAV ^ FROM AULTWS. f THINK WEftE WO60W COULD CLIMB IT WITH ALL THIS JUWK/ AMD THATS A20-PDOT JUMP/ STOP BEERUG IKE SIMPLE! I DID IT, VESTERDAy/ E STMTS TOVARD (T-WKN A KUPM6 VOICE STOPS HIW COi.0 WHOA! STAND WHIM YOUAK.CTMNBH! H'IDOKN EVES WE WATCHING MM. HE TURNS, IS PUMB- FOUNDED TO SEE THE PLANE ABIAZE. D s *. I UW^/.^VvV.^svs,'^ AND MY TIME-\YEAH...VND MACHWE 18 OtJU 5UFPOSE THE UP AND UPI THE 6QUM TOO...A3 Y1?U/THERE IS LCAN SEETXpOCAHONTA! VbU9EE,HC3LU5,TrfE3e PEOPlEAte MOOVIANS TOO, JU9T LIKEOOR,. I A.PREHISTORIC AND THEY (ZKENT YOU CALLINGIV MAN.EH? NOT HIM A MIS8ING UNKl ^ JUSTA...BR rf ^ · , . ^^S^Z-mL UH,AHl*....J *A»»f.'-If GBTS THE POOH I TREATCPMMUll ASTHKBICM-- f WHAT'S THE UW I OF- ME KINS RICH?- HONCW J KNNILCSS? WHAT K DONT BE SILLV^T DOING WITH THAT PENNILESS · A NCKCL'S WORTH O' TABOOOLE, AND TREATED LIKE A MILLIONAIRt PC iA DfV, WITH OUST A famous In Buenos Aires; fearless feline lias;A Lethal Teft (ThiB Is one of a seriei Ed,Van-; deventer is writing about his trip! through South America.)- ' " · . By- ED VANUEVENTER Buiho's Aires--"Crouched against the, west wall, his^ bad; arched as he waHs eagerly'for the .'glory; of the .fight, his cruel eye:, flashing: haired and contempt ior his rh'uch' larger challenger,' his ceps he tenses, then're-', iaxes to make them pliable; his claws razor-sharp, garbed in black, as always, here stands the Pride of Calle Florida and the Scourge of Plaza San 1 Martin--riohe-'other than the undefeated.La-Pa'ntera-Negro.". '. Thus, announces, the .master .of ceremonies as we prepare to see a foolish yellow cat -from Plaza San Martin . advance · to his doom against the . unconquerable black feline that knows no feai. Well does he deserve the title: "The Black; Pa'nther." Looking At Fame V/hen I saw him in an easy victory over the large torn with light colored body and brown sp'ots as Calle Florida traffic was blocked by the excited crowd watching the struggle, little did I'know'that 1 was fame. After painstaking research and talking with merchants and.guides, ' learned"that I had.seen a celebrity in action. His follower's will bet you the last peso they own that he can defeat any gato alive. This baby is so fast I would-not pretend that my eyes caught every movement. But by comparing notes with those who have witnessed many victories .he has won, I believe that he throws the left out straight to the limit, then uses a sort of sideswipe. When his v.'ick- ed claws feet the flesh ,o|. a; luckless adversary, La Panteri Negro uses a pulling movement. That is plenty for airbut the' nioitstout- hearted gates. v . Never does La Pantera-Negro launch the attack.-With.'the cunning of a fox -he ;waits patiently ior th, other fellow td/stafU'hbs- tirities,' knowing that thr average sucker leads with-his right. That is di'.vn his alley, As. Henry Cot- ion, three.-limes winne 1 - o f - t h e .Open; golf 'crown, .would say, "That's '.a.,piece, of cake," This..bundle of fury -then; stepi inside .thr punch and uses his lethal left.. ...... ' No FuLlicitr-Seeker -,,.·' , ' La Pantcra Negro 1 is'no.publicity hour.c. The · crqwn of ..fame rests ligntly on his brow.'He craves only the-thrill nf battled Tl;e,agonizing screar f t the vanquished' is the only music he enjoys. L have tried to get him in a pose for -"a color shot vit'n m y - c a m e r a , ;hoping to record ' the- look o£ malice in his terrifying eyes. .' '- ' I lool eu in shop windows, strolled along and waited nearly four hours before the yellow cat showed up for his punishment. The fight v.'as worth waiting for, as. it proved to be a classic in craftiness cunning and skill, to say nothing of the viciousness with which the finish was brought about. ' ' It took · me back' to the days when I watched. the 122-pound Abe Attell, invincible featherweight boxing champion of the United Slates, who had to find men 20 {rounds heavier to furnish any flfhting thrill for him. All the featherweights . I saw him face had to taste defeat. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / OH, BEG YOUE '· PARDON, SIR- AWFUL SOKK.V WE WAS. JUS,' ) TARtSfT PRACTICIN' WHEW YOU . SUDPIKJLV CAME AROUKID TH' COEMER.' THAT SMELLS FISHY · IF VDU TIME 'EM RIGHT. TH .tih« Wtcli.fiiithw'i rabid folr loWeri chair-him.'every time:hi face* ·'foe.- I beiieyi! :'tli«t only Tirbe will be'ibit to tame him. , 1 hope He neyer.wander* to the ipvely. garden inhere Miss Ida. Gregg's v.ell behaved call loll in the gentle sunshine. BUCK SMOWSHOERAIIIT . ' SubmrtVd bv RICHARD State Gam* Protu Saranac KK 400YEARS EVERYTIMEAHEADOF *E UO flWULY HAS PCD A REPLICA OF HIS HOME HAS KEN ERECTED AKO FURNISHED LUXURIOUSLY: »^«i*?.*«^«'«Wf4a » LOST COW WN.KEO WTO TW A.S.RC.A.SHELTER ' "icmaiwh.otaj -Nov. 17.1151 . CAPTAIN DUNCAN STtVKCT OF W BRITISH ARMY " IS WORSHIPPED AS » OOP w THE . · TEMPLE OF. . BHAWALGHAT HIHHITlimfS mmnesmicnoH ···off/next* PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK Hillside Adventures * ' . B; FKED STARR , When;we,-reported to the little woman a b o u t ' t h e ' s h o r t a g e . of column '.material fbjr this week, she,suggested .writing about -the weather. .'It' was. then, we fell ,to thinking-'what a ' l i f e -saver-the .weather is.; If. we run out of.anyv thing else to,.discuss, ihere-is the weatMr to fall back upon.-If we do'n'f want to do »' certain thing, and need a good excuses-one acceptable by all comers-^there is the' weather \right handy.' It 'can be either, top wet or too drj; too hot or too c'oli · . , . . ' · . ' · ;' -If you don't 'want.: to · go' to church the parson, .will 'always accept the excuse that the Weather wasn't right. Even school_ childien use the weather as in.excuse for not getting their lessons. In warm weather it is too hot; 'and* winter always finds, things top cold for concentration'. I even;-remember orie ; spring when;a hill .'.neighbor threatened to leave off planting a crop.' He 'lowed there'd be ,a drought or a flood to destroy the results" of his labon · · · ' , ' ' : . - ' · Back yonder · before' the daily piper'and radio became so common, we depended on the almaf nc to keep us posted; on -the weather. In March you could con- iuu that bit of weather kriowledie compiled by somebbdy up in New England, and find out what kind of weather you would/have -for the Fourth of July , picnic. The only trouble with, the whole setup was that the prognosticate was wrong more times. than he was right. Of course the law of averages made him hit it right oh the nose now and then. Since you didn't have a' daily report on what kind of weather was in the Offing, everybody ventured a guess. That was where we got all the westher lore a lot of hill folks still.set « heap of store by, especially in times of drought. .It seems most every day at this time of year we gel all kinds of weather all piled up in a wad. It may be spring at breakfast time, deep winter at noon, with autumn moving, in before sOppertime. We have had only short "snatches of winter since Christmas and we drift into March hoping there is nothing false 'about signs of s--'"- - - --nrine. The soil lover chafes because th..', ,..,· ^o ifi-.v days to get in the spring plowing. Too much moisture and a. body can't turn wet soil. He hears the field larks singing in the early light of frosty mornings, and the crows circling and calling, and he knows,before itiarch has been' shoved 'off the --^··-r the cooves will be wooing, the whip-poor-will courting from ,,.,? hiiiaicie, andvthe wild, geese flying. tirelessly -. n o r t h w a r d through cold skies, pressing onward- to the : North--something wild and free and mysterious and beautiful. The hillman will tell you there are, two certainties; death and taxes. He doesn't know just when death - is , going to strike, but he has come to know- something about the deadline for 'pXying. his distant t)ncle some :income tax. That brings up; aboift the circus.strong man,.in demonstrat- ingihii strength, cruihtd a coconut with OM hand, and fquMzed until it no longer eruded milk. /He held it up'and announced to the cro\yd, "I'll give »2S to anyone in thVaudience.who can jet another drop of; fluid out, of this coconut." To the surprise of everyone, a little man stepped up and squeezed out several.additional drops. "How in" the world did you manage to do that?" asked the strong man in amazement. . "T'was easy," replied the little man, "I'm with tht Bureau of Internal Revenue." AirertiM · the TOMS-lt payil Tops In Summer Styles t Sue-Burnett Destined .to bt » close companion all sMspn--» good linking, .arrow, ilim dress to make with or without sleeves,''and topped, with i brief jacket that makes It an ideal traveling outfit: Pattern- No, 8S03': is a jew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 12, 14 I 1«, 18, 20; 40, 42, 44. Size .14, dress short sleeves, 4Vi yards of It-Inch bolero, Hi yards.' . for this pitt»rn,, a*nd Mic' In COINS, your namt, addrtts, aiu dolrwl, and tht PATTtaN NUM ·IR to SIM Bumttt, (Nprthww Arkutut, Tlmaa, I ISO Av*. Amtt- kit, N»w York It. N Y . BailcTASHION for 'SI It fllltd with Meat, to rn'ak* your clothtt budget go furthtr--thne-MvIng and (conomkal daslgnsithat ar« ,**JK lo .. i * w P"? *"«*'" IniMt, U cmti, ' . 6:00 Lombards on the Air 8:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 20 Questions :30 Army Band 8:00 BASKETBALL University of Texas .';. . . a t , ' Arkansas 9:4!T Musical Irit'erluds .6:00 N i w s - i 0:15. Dance Orch. 10:30 Dance Orch. l*:SS'Wewt. ., 1:00 Dance Orch. 11:30 Sign. Off 8CXDAT MOKNINO ·f:00 Freedom Story 7.IS Music" for Sunday 7:30 Music for Sunday .1:00 Church of Christ 8:30 Fayetteville Baptist Assn. 8:45 Sunday Serenade 900 Nazarene Church 9:15 The Story Behind the Song 9:30 Voice of Prophecy 10 :M Sacred Heart Program 10:15 TIMES Morning News Edition 10:30 Tabernacle Choir 10:45 Harding Hymns 11:00 First Baptist Church SUNDAY AlTItNOON 12:00 News with Vandeventer 12:IS Melodies for you 12:30 Show Tips and Show TmM» 1:00 Top Tunes with Trendler 1:30 Bill Cunningham 1:45 Piano Portraits 2:00 Bandstand U.S.A. 1:30 Air Force Hour 3:00 Oklahoma City Symphony 1:30 Oklahoma City Symphony 4:00 4:30 The .Shadow True Detective Mysteries 5:00 5:30 5:55 Sunday Down South Nick Carter Cecil Brown SUNDAY NIGHT 6:00 Affairs of Peter Salem 6:30 News 8:45 Christian Science Program 7:00 7:30 Gabby Hayes Show Methodist Church 8:30 Favorite Stories 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten University Hour 10:00 News 10:15 Dance'Orch. 10:30 Sign Off MONDAY MOKNINO 5:30 Rise N' Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 . 8:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Market. Report and Weather 6:35-Rise «;-Shirie 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kapen 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Koffee.Kup 8:00,Robert.' Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30: TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum .Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take a Number 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckage' Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical: Roundup 11:55'Market Report MONDAY AVTEKNOON 12:00.Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon " ;·'.'." 12:30 Chuckwagon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sale 1:00 Dixieland Matinee 1:25 News 1:30 Afternoon Varieties 2:00 Ladies Fair 2:25 News 2:30 Pools Paradise ' 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Plck'n Time 4:00 Tune Plck'n Tim* 4:30 Tune Plck'n .Time 5:00 Bobby Benson. 5:30 Wild Bill Hlckock ,V:SS Cecil Brown WALT BEACH

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