Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 8
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f«v*tt.viltt, AfftoMM W*iy, February If IMS Over INFORMAL DIPLOMATIC 'TALK' Chairman Requests Order Requiring ' . noek'-pPl-C e n. Douglas ullicA'rthur.'and membcn of many ' Uon' of space In the museum at 'WacArlminParJt. ' . ',':'Th« famous general'Is a native of Litti«"nock..Tho Army barracks in wrjch : he wa« born now is a ffiuaeum and part of the old Army pp«(-his been .made intci a park. Sot 'far' from downtown Little ' S6ck. v. · . . . ' · ' '· . " · · ' ·'·"The controversy Involve*' the ', Board .of Trustees of the museum '.Mdi/jJit/Aesthetic Club, exclusive Rock women's organization. a. 'C«r ago voted 1o 'to'givi! up ils'qunr-- museum because;add.l-·'· flfce/was heeded/to house nd.Vellcjof General Mtic- IZ^^!"* ' · ' . - . · · · . . . ' ·'· ' ' · ,s3I)« ; .club,.only organization with .quartet* in the'.'museuin, has re^ · i!jftfed..lU resistance stiffened when !.SI»yor:.Sam Wasscll.,,just.boforc B».retired January .1,' named 'five of the club to the Mu' ' Doctor Advises ii Of Others Gives Recipe For Avo ding Need For Psychotherapy North Little Rock-W)-A simple recipe for avoiding the need lor psychotherapy has been offered Colu mn Bf HAL BOTLV. m* i, museum board in'; yesterday, filed.suit as o jivitkiijg :pulas!(l; Chancery : -iuue an injunction nnd JG'the Acslhclics are oc- i : ,jnU6curni quarters II- i"bther alx'. members of .officers of the , . ll»»nd SJ*y'c.r, Pratt C. Hcmmol · ' ' ' · . . . . ^SJJf,:"' : ioWlirt.. f :is:'..lhe' only male aiiRiber. of tbe.-.Mui^um. Board, "Th« : 'X«itn*Uc:'6iib '·'limits Ho «*mb« 100. arid by Invltn- f$i only. .One of its rr.ombcrs Is Or wife of the chief justice of ·flfiF' Arkariias Supreme Court. ,£O«n«ral : MucArthur Is to visit ig(tle nock Marcti,?3^ "SPA, weather maps arc prepared fittn information obtained by tcle- sjrilph and radio from' hundreds nf ·wtrwr atattons In the United , Canada and other point FRENCH FOXilCN MINISTII Robert Schuman ( r i g h t ) urgucn wltn Gallic fervor with- Weil German Chancellor Konrao Adenauer outside the British foreign utllce In Lundon following a four-way conference with British Foreign Secretary Anthony : Eden and U. a. Secretary of Stale Dean AchFdnn, The conference was an attempt to reconcile Franco- German dllfcrehcas _ovai,.German participation In European defense Francs fenTM Germany will agiln become a threat to her, .(Jermanj wants concesnfo'na°f6r:.ti»lp; In European defense. f/nfcrnnftonai'- Ncv/ York-(/P;-Mllllons or love lorn single girls are hoplnR thl; Leap Year Day because they aren' among the marrltd. ."\Vhat does'it really fke to wii a husbandV" they, wonder. The ai.swer to this has slumped soothsayers and p s y u h'a'tricts »cient:cts have been unable to comt up with a test tube solution Now. business is trying to solve [he problem. For the creation no-./ families is becoming more ant .,,,, aton . important to Industry. If by the president-elect of the PTMPle quit geltli.g married, the American Psychiatric Association. I n a t i TM would soon smother with Dr. D. Ewcn Cameron of Montreal Uns °W refrigerators, washing ,ma- tnlcl the fourth annual hcuropsy- ,*»««. and layettes, chlatric meeting here yesterday thnt the first thing to do is relax. ' ' I have 2t hand the resulls of a ,, .,, ,,,,. "'Ue kusiness research "into the Then,, he'said, t r y ' t o understand ; " I , ! el I 8 '* 1 ' ,'.! is a survc * other people as well as yourself. """"·· ' ·· ' ' - -: ; -pr. Cameron,..head of the ,"De- partrnonV'.of'jP's'y.ChiatTy at Mon trial's' McGIll'JUhlvcrsity "College of Medicine" also offered this ad- V TMJL. ,, , , . ,, , ncedod tD sel her ma'n nd make "The first port of call for any- 1902 a successful leap year?" one with an emotional problem Is .The returns'are in and I must his family doctor." ' .say, very .dislretsinc. The dis- In anolhcr address, Ihe 1,000 lurbiri- Iruth is llial Ihere are rira- delegalcs lo the meeting were lol malio and fundamental differences thai medical practilioner shou" made \,y Shadow Wave, a Lever Erolhers home permanent. This, firm polled about 100 guys and 100 gals on this- question:' i'VWhat' are the.fivr. most important weapons in a girl's ars'cnal Alley Cats Draw Big Crowd With Fierce Revenge Fight In Heart Of Buenos Aires (This Is one of n series Ed Van devcntcr !u writing about his tri through South America.) DANCE , To Tin Music of WBIEYRAMHY ·n4 His ftyHNR Wranglen Every Saturday Night £ to 12 Legion Hut Lincoln, Ark. By ED VANDEVENTER ' Biionoi! · Aires--My iong-tim ''cry good friend, Mis': Ida Gregg .would, adore La Plaza de la Sai Mnrlln, ncross tho street from ny Intel, for It harbors 100 cats. That' more Ihnn Miss Ida had when culled on her before starting fo South America. She had only n measly 15,. There Is a .womnn here who Ii almost lie fond of "gains 1 ' ns Mis; PLAN TO BUILD S« Our Miltrlal. Oil Our Print. Trr Our Swvln. DYKE .LUMBER CO. lOt SI. CharlM EVERYTHING IN nUMBINO and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO GOVERNMENT AVt. WHO FIXES RADIOS? Wive Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP rwrt ii lh«(Kition tfM powtr, tii* tuiptn pock.4 drama of G^rgt Hvm'i Chrlitaph.ri Award Mvtl, H CallHTrta»n" A mcnttrplM* f«m . ANATOLI LITVAK Starting Sunday Ida Is. Uut she prefers that they roost in the bushes of the pretly park for which my hotel is named. As shtt arrives with cul-up liver in a sack and begins calling "rtilcho"--pussy cal--you see a variety of color like nothinfi you have seen bafore. TV o cats strayed from their haven in the pluza today- and caused 11 blockade In Florida Street, One was a-very large torn with light colored body and brown spots; the other was a s . b l a c k as S'.nlln's soul. ' : ' Evidently Ihc dark boy had made im . dirty crack aboul Ihc other's Indy love' and (he latter was out for revenue. The crowd began to Rather as they Blared (it each other. The big one wt-nt to a itore opening and looked nround .he comrr nt his rival. The hlack 'galo," though smaller, hiid in his ;yes the deadly Utok of a Bengal iReri ready for the kill. Leada With Ills Rlihl As Bifj. Tom bcynn moving in r the attack t warned him to cint with his len mil he committed thr worsl blunder any boxer cnn make--he led with his. right! The black one moved inside, nd with the speed of a striking obra, scicked him on the j a w . 'he :rowd roared its njiprovnl, but slorekceper, wishing to clear rnfflt so he could do some busi- , picked up the spoiled cat nd carried him away. The show 'ns over and the guy Argentines nntlnued their slroll along Ihc :rcel of promenades. The alley cats had stopped the inpplng In the very heart of a ity of 4,000,000 inhabitanls. Miss Ida's cats arc not rowdies ke these Buenos Aires gatos. There nre no traffic lights here. I many hazardous crossings no onlrol of automobiles is ntlempt- d. When a driver sounds the nevei* forget that they arc subjo to the same biological and emo lional pressures as Ihcir palienl Dr. Leo H. Barlameier of De .roil, president of the APA, sai 'the more a physician can main lain an awareness of his feeling ibout his patients, the less fre quently he is apl to say or d .hose Ihings which interfere wil ils capacity for healing." Dr. Joel- T. Boone, chief of th Veterans Adminislration Medica. Service, said that neuropsychiatri patients make up more than hal of Ihe VA's medical case load. H said lhal on January 1, Iherc wer 52,000 neuropsychjatrlc palient on VA rolls; 15,000 tuberculosi patlenls imd 32,000 general mcdi cal and surgical palients. horn he considers that. he ha fulfilled his obligations to societj Let Ihe pedestrian beware. It i said that accidents to those afoo on Ihe wllcst slrcel average cigh a day. When I find myself intact afte crossing a thoroughfare I atlri bule my good luck to the fact tha my nuaibor simply war. not Up. in La Plala, capital, of th' province of Buenos Aires, thi other day no car even hesltalet at red 'lights, so the signals in creased the danger lo anjone whi expected them to be observed. ' The crucifix held by Catherine Ihc Grea 1 of Russia and by all Ihe czars who followed her, including Nicholas, Ihe last of the Roman- nffs, 1 in the Russian Church here It was smuggled out by W h i t e Uussians of whom there is quite a colony here. It is made of platinum aiid precious stones. It was a trcal to 'ec It. I also saw Ihe crowns Used in Ihe marriage ceremony. No ring is used. Instead, the man places one crown ot, the girl's head and she sets one on his head and before hey cnn change their minds they re man and wife. Robes marie 180 years ago by icasants in the Ukraine arc in this icautiful church. No woman is allowed to wallt over the rug in front of Ihe allar, bul must pass behind it. Well, it's no further to go behind it than in front, so what's the dif? Spanish conquistadors of the New World trained dogs lo Ugh the Indians, o.' opinion between Ihe sexes on j u s t - w h a t qualities a man looks for in a male. Even where there were areas of agreement, the emphasis differed. Goth sexes agreed the girl ought lo be wei'-groomed and "attractive in appearance. But ihe girls themselves stressed neatness, while the bachelors voted heavily for more definite feminine allure. "Pleasing personality" was high on .the aien's list; the women voted forT.'.'charin," and just what thai covers remains a mystery. The ability 'to cook raled nea Ihe lop with the lads but thi lassies hardly even mentioned the :· 'Ichen arl, perhaps because of a growing womanly conviction tha co^kiny-is something done only in the back rooms of restaurants. Many men put down "a sense o: humo,'.". The girls word it more often "the ability and willingnes: !o hur/or him." In general, the bachelor girls piclurcd Ihe prospective bride as a nice dean girl--it was amazing how many menlioned cleanliness --in love with hearth and home conversationally gifted and so informed aboul her husband's busi- n;ss .affairs she could even help him ;"isure out his incoir.e tax. The difference bclv/een the se?:es showed up most clearly in ihe matter of conversation. Most ivorren were dreamily sure men yearn lor ? wife lo "be able lo discuss many subjects intelligently," be "a good conversationalist," or 'a lively talker." The fcllo'.vs themselves, on the other hand, showed a morbid dread if wifely loquacity, or, a.-, they pul I, "nagging. 1 " One said flatly: 'She should reir.embar thai Ihe ess .s'tie nas to say, the less she vill Have to explain." one male traitor listed interesting conversationalist" as lesirable. Oddly enough; he was a [enlist. Many, many girls in the survey vrote down "common sense" as a usl.and-winning trait. The men vere unanimously silent on this bjcct, either through sheer male .Hanlry ur because of the feeling hat, fter all, a girl can't have ierylhing. Prairie Grove The United Daughters of the Confederacy met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. J. C. Parks. Mrs. Lincoln Maupin presided at the business session. 'Following the program the hostess served refreshments. Vql Hannah, who has been in Los Angeles, Calif., for several weeks, has returned home. He was accompanied by his brolher, Roy. Hannah, who will be his guesl. Dr. and Mrs. Frank Rjggall are spending two weeks in Canada They plan to visit Victoria and Moosejaw before returning home Miss Jean Bennett is spending two weeks with friends at Tahlequah, Okla; One hundred and 25 young pei pie from Fayetteville, Lincoln, Farmington, Oak · Chapel and Springdale attended a meeting of Ihe Albert Watson youlh group ticro Monday nighl. David McCartney, principal of the high school, was the evening's speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Lake Hannah have relurned from Lilrle Rock, where Dr. Biggall attended a medical meeting.. Friends of Mrs. Alcie Edmiston mcl al her home Wednesday lo celebrate' her birthday. The afl- rnoon was spent playing rook. Seaman Warren Beaslcy, who is talioned at Treasure Island, Calif., is spending a two-week eave with his falher. The Hev. and Mrs. G. C. Bid- veil, Mrs. J. W. Webb and Mrs. H. Cook altended services al he First Baptisl Church of Fay-' tteville Wednesday evening. Dr. Mrs. Eugene Kcllersberger poke on Iheir experiences in forking with leprosy colonies. Five University of Alaska students in 1951 scaled 13,200-foot Mt. Hess in (the Alaska range for the first time. ·· BOWL FOR PLEASURE Bentop Bowline Lanes--Adv. H-Bomb Plant In Carolina Means End Of Beautiful Town;ManyAreHeartbroken By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE Augusta, Ga.-(/I')-This weekend the lown of Ellenton, S. C. ceases to exist -- a place of beautifu homes, more than a century old a historic early American monument. It had to go to make part of the room for the huge H-bomb planl that covers 315 square miles of ijouth Carolina across Ihe Savannah River near herei A year and Ihree months' ago notice was given, and March 1 is the deadline when every person and home has to be gone. What is left, probably will be destroyed All Ellcnton's 600 people are gone and 80 of their 150 houses. They are among 6,000 persons similarly moved, from the vast inililary area. Ellenlon's slory is typical of them all. Even though this is jrobabl.v the most kindly con- lucted of all dictated evacuations, nnd though many Ellentonians and olhers have reaped rich financial ewards, the story is sad. There is litterness in many hearts today. _ One group is atlempting to start ·ew Ellenton, near the reserva- ion, but many miles from Iheir 10 home, in a nol-so-bcauliful ite. Many have scattered, finish- ng lifelong nelghborllness. Among some there is a sense of ijustice at not getting what they elievc is replacement value for 'hat they had to give up. These values were not lost for ny lack of effort to be generous y the U. S. Atomic.Energy Com- iiission,, and state, county and federal authoriites. It is just a case of the difficulties of justice by fiat. They are getting schools provided by government. Removal of graves and cemeteries is free. Engineers appraised the land liberally, at better than current values. People who were land-poor --had lots of area with little productivity--jumped to comparative wealth. Others, by the time they got their money on smaller parcels of land, couldn't replace because outside land had skyrocketed in this area at boom-town rates. Some took their complaints to courts and juries have never failed to give them more. But many haven't the means to go to court. Hardest hit were among tena farmers. They had no land to se They had no more jobs. Man were too old to compete for jo new areas. Still more we heartbroken to leave. Many were helped to jobs agricultural agents. Others got jo! and better wages on the H-bom plant construction. But eve where it is better, life will n be the same. In the first two years afte \Vorld War II about seven millio displaced persons went hoi again. Advertise in tbe 'TIMES--It pays! Fiild HOUM Monday, Unl». * Ark, Marck H, I p. m. A Great Musical Event Sponiortd by Tht Stutfent Stnato «f tht Univ. ITU RBI TWO- PIANO RECITAL Mail Orders Now Prlces incl. tax General Aiimi!- M a k e , ·remlt- tance payable to Student Senate. University Stu- dsnti. ------ J2.00 I f l l , Fayette- vllle. Ark. Ticktl tal* Optni at «««H Unin Oilier Onif tt*m. WM. Fttraanr 27I» RAZORBACK SQUARE DANCE CLUB MEMBERS Old Time Fiddling Square Dance Music By HARREL KING'S STRING BAND Alio Round Dancing, Paul Jon*», Etc. SATURDAY NIGHT, MARCH 1 9 to 12 P.M. Salt water bathers often ha\ to retreat from the water becaus of the slinging netlle, a specie of jellyfish, which shoots micro scopic stingers into balhers. 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55c (rider Bros. Nursery GREENLAND, ARK. MM "R".Tractor* H«v* W.nty of Roitrvo Powtr Wiih a unlaue engine ihit future) 140 fewer parti..; force feed filtered lubrication ..'. controlled cooling with complete water circuUijon around cylinder! and combustion cnimberi J . . c«iy inspection and servicing ... oil wish air cleaner . . · rtplicctble ctrtrldie type oil filter and icatchfer type brother . . . ilxnimiolly bilinced drop- forged. steel crinkilufi and superior pistons produced under rigid quilitv control methods... iht MM Model R It hard to equil for economical power and low up-kccp costs. LCI us show you the advantages of owning an R tractor, available In 4 front end types with a complete Una of muched tractor tools. DRIVE-IN Theatre Tonite 6:00 p.m. TOW MAIM IN UlllANOHIVKI Chorlesworth Pontioc Co. SPRINGDALE, ARK. DoubU Ftetur* Triplt Troublt AND Thtrt's a Girl in My Heort Giant Fireworks Display 10:00 p.m. Fr«. Pony RidM Miniature * Go'* Count Fr.« Playgrounds. KMdin «nd Com* Out Eorly BATTLE FOR TEXAS! · OfKI mo BofffO offhwStxts! TODAY fe SATURDAY Yukon our ' -W* TOHITE AND SATURDAY ROYAL 4 Unit Program! "Overland Telegraph" Plui! S«i«l « Color Carloon Action-Pocked Dayi of Early Ariional Randolph Scott "SUGARFOOT" Color by Technicolor Pluil Serial · Bugi Bunny .UARK "TOHTTE "Here Comt the Nelsons" Starts Saturday · 1:20 - 3:20 - 5:20 - 7:20 - 9:20 as secrets are revealed as lies are exposed as the truth is bared!

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