Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 29, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 3
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. Showing Next Week At Ftiyetteville Theatres ' -DECISIOH BEFORE DAWH," MIGHTY DRAMA OF DARING MISSION BEHIND GERMAN LINES, AT OZARK SUNDAY. _ '.'A highly acclaimed wartime ad' venture-drama, featuring Richard Basehart,-: Gary Merril, Oskar Werner and Hildegarde Neff, "De- cision'Before Dawn," opens at the '» Ozark-Sunday. ' . Filmed.entirely in Western Germany, the 'picture deals with a little:known World War H episode when?'German. prisoners of .war, /iUgruntled. with their plight and anxious for the end of · hostilities, · volunteered : to spy. on :their own country for the Allies.' These men, braying damnation by their countrymen, risked-: their lives,- identities', a n d ' futures to bring the conflict'.to: a speedier conclusion. . Richard. Basehart plays the courageous and daring American officer - who guides the dangerous mission behind enemy lines; Merrill, the .intelligence chief jvho.stakes his military career on the success of the operation. The other two stars are well known European actors, Osker Werner and Hildegarde Neff. Recommended for adults and young adults, but enjoyable for teen-age children. "BOOM FOR ONE MORE," uproarious comedy at Oiark-itari- ing htxl Wtdneiday. · Cary Grant 'and Betsy Drake, man and wife»team, hjive.the.Jead- ing roles in the new comedy'about edy' Who SHElltr WINTERS a happy but zany couple Who suddenly become,involved with a flock of family problems. As an engineer working for the city, Cary is a happy-gp-lucky_ fellow who tries to maintain peace and harmony among 1 the members of his.household. However, due to the over-generosity of his 1 wejl- meaning spouse, Betsy. Drake, nciii L/KAM Grant undergoes a scries of madcap experiences which nearly cost him his job, but the climax bring him and his wife the prize of becoming the cit'yVmost honored couple. · · . With a light romantic-comedy theme, "Room For One More," is delightful entertainment for the entire familj " P H O N E C A L L FROM A · STRANGER" E ' X C E L L E N T ADULT ENTERTAINMENT AT UARK SATURDAY. While essentially a drama of marriage problems, "Phone Call 'From A Stranger," is an absorbing story about a man who leaves his indiscreet wife and during a plane trip meets three pepole who are killed in a crash. When he gets in. touch with their survivors, he discovers that they too had had their marriage problems, and so forgives his wife. Gary Merrill is the · "stranger" in the title, Shelley ' Winters is appealing and h u m a n as_ the -show-girl bucking life and a vicious mother-in-law, while Michael Rennei gives a smooth, .convincing portrayal of the doctor whose guilty conscience has him on the run. Keenan Wyhn.and Bette Davis play the part of a jokester and his crippled wife, and perform with tremendous effect. ,. Recommended for adults and young adults only. " , EARTHQUAKES. TIDAL WAVES " RAVAGE A DOOMED. TERROR-STRICKEN WORLD IN "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE"! If you've ever wondered how ^ things would go. during the last rlays of life oh earth, you'll find the eye-opening answer in "When Worlds Collide" at the Uark start^ ing next Wednesday. George Pal, i the producer, has thoughtfully considered not only the cosmic pyrotechnics and the mechanics , Df a rocket escape, but the wide ' ranging reactions of .the doomed millions as well. The result is a startling drama that generates ' nerve-wracking tension as the onrushing star approaches, then releases it with the pulverizing impact of the inevitable collision. The massive tidal waves that sweep in from the coast and deluge cities, the terrible earth-quakes and- the final cosmic smash-up are gems of movie make-believe and rate as some of the most spectacular ever put on film. Starring Barbara Rush, Richard Derr and a large supporting cast, '"When Worlds Collide," is a startling emotional experience that no member of the family will want to miss. GEORGE MORGAN OF "CANDY KISSES" FAME TO APPEAR fN PERSON'AT PALACE THEATRE TUESDAY. George Morgan, one of the nation's folk singers and a featured tftar on WSM's Grand Ole Opry, will appear in person along with the Candy Kids next Tuesday at tjie Palace Theatre. " The George Morgan show features Ken Marvin, Jerry Byrd, Autry Unman, Floyd Robinson, ·nd Don Slayman. Elaborate Plan For Development Of Campus At University Worked Out By Professor From Yale; Many New Buildings Proposed the Faculty Club, organization and service offices. The final recommendation made is construction of a new wing for Engineering Hall. Tax Burden In Arkansas Up to Rogers Business Group Hears Talks On Europe Hogers-(Special)-Two European natives anrt an American . w h o spent her early years in Germany were speakers Tuesday night at a meeting of the Rogers Business and Professional Women's Club at the Harris Hotel. Johannes Stortenbecker of Germany, who 'is attending Rogers High School under, sponsorship of the; National Grange; F.'.iss Greta Schneider -of·· Rogers, · a native of Esfonia; and Mrs..R. V/. Williams, WALT BEACH OuorantMd Watch R*paMne Wllk Inwti ' III. C«»w Mm* ·ATirriVILLI, AR 'i GALLON Vmilli ke Cream (Ac BTM, . Lvckor Plont who lived in Germany during her childhood, all appeared on the international relations program. They were introduced by. Marina Keihl. Each of the. speakers discussed conditions abroad,' past, present and future. Miss Schneider told of Ihe evacuation of the Kslonians from their native land when it wc.s swallowed up by-Russia. A proposed plan for development of the University campus has been submiited to the University by James Ward, Yale University professor and professional planning consultant. Not a master, plan, it makes recommendations only for the next 10 to' 15 years. Ward warned that ."as those years race into the present, the plan must be revised to adapt itself to developments now unforeseen.'" The plan is divided Into . three stages of dcvejopment. It calls for the re-grouping, relocation, and re-housing of several colleges and departments,' to coordinate closely related departments and to meet g.-owing needs. The first stage was discussed in an article yesterday. The second and third stages are included today. The second stage of the development plan opens with construction of an Arts and. Sciences building on the site of the present School of Law building. It would house the departments of history, political science, geography, and sociology. To make possible the constru tion of an addition to the librar the next step recommended is t erection of a new journal is building adjacent to the prcse faculty club, anrt the demolitii of the present journalism bulling. Field House Proposed A new Field House, constructe next to the Stadium, would fo low the library expansion. The agriculture buildings would built for the departments of agr culture engineering, plant patii olosry, and entomology. The plan proposes that a ne infirmary then be built on th west side of Garland Avenue nor! of Gregson Hall. Ward state that it. would have the advantag of being centrally located- to th residence, academic, and activi centers of the University. Construction of two more men dormitories and two more women dormitories would complete th second stage of the plan. The third stage proposed open with construction of ·' a women gymnasium on the site of th present dairy building, followe immediately. by construction of swimming pool adjacent to it. Re modeling the, men's gymnasium-the present Field House--is th next proposal. The plan recom mends that it be enlarged to th west to provide a permanent stag which also could %e used as a additional basketball p r a c t i c court. Acoustical treatment als should be given to the building according to Mr. Ward's recom mcndations. A new College of Business Ad ministration building is next 01 the agenda. As proposed, it wouli stand between' the present Stu dent Union and the new Mililar. Art building. Mathematics am geology, together with the depart mcnt of physics,' wo.uld then oc cupy all of the present Busines Administration building. The department of'agricultura education would then be moved ti the agriculture building, allowing demolition of the present building This would make room for a new group of College of Education buildings to replace Peabody Hall The last of the five new men's dormitories and two additiona women's dormitories would' then be built, the plan' proposes. Hoi- combe Hall and Davis Hall would be remodelled for agriculture anc General Extension offices anc services, as well as rooms · anc apartments for guests of the University. A hew Student Union building is next on the proposed huildinj plan. It would be built next to the men's gymnasium on the west side of Garland Street. The present Student Union would then house Federal Levies Qver Half Of The Amount, Report Says Little Rock-W)-Two st-ite officials t a x Nature Men Nothing To Laugh About As Lovers, Say Hollywood Actresses; Defend U. $. Actors have estimated . b u r d e n this Arkansas' year Buckner MOOPF S F ' J N E R A L C H A P E L Mrs. Rfioda Mhoon. entertained with a cooperative luncheon Tuesday .for women of the Baldwin Church of Christ. The afternoon was spent In quilting for church gifts. "Guests were Mrs. Stone Roberts arid daughter of Wyman, Mrs. "Mary Hinkle and daughter of Fayetteville, Mrs. Leonard Couch, Mrs. Ford Roberts, Mrs. Mack Shoffncr, Mrs. Margaret Murphy, Mrs. Olcn . Lacy, and daughter of Baldwin, nnd "Mrs. Garland Lawson. The" Rov. Jake Drake of Fay- cttevillc wll! preach at Ihe Baptist-Church Sunday'morning and evening, Olen Elzlc, who has been ill with flu,for the past week, is reported improved. Mrs. Gladys Johnson spent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. John Benson of Sprlngdalc, Mrs. Emma Sharrock is the rue»t of Mrs, John Van Horn of Priirle Grove," thl» week, Mri, Edith Couch Is ill with flu, Used by thouMndi In reduclnf I dlcu--Junft'i Roman Mial bread. 1 11-lMf ___ · UM tan-ll Mf* 7 SHOPS / IN ONE · Apothecary Shop · ToilttriM Shop · Candy Star* · Stationary Sjtpr* · Tobacco Shop · Soda Fountain · Gift Shop , for a i d * .to. b t o u t y s e l e c t the world's fintit You CAN buy beauty at the drug store, for here perfumes and toiletries UiaJ wi " "make the best of what you've got." Our selection -includes t h e finest beauty aids from some of t h f f m o s t famous houses of cosmetics. Shrtp here for your beauty needs. SHOP RED CROSS DRUG FIRST RED CROSS DRUG STORE PHONE 490 N. SMe Squire $372,000,000, Comptroller Lee Roy Bewslcy and Julian C; Hogan, director'of .he budget, said in a report Hint ,he federal taxes make up 53.5 per ceni of the total. St; '.c taxes account for 34,1 per. «nt,. and local taxes for 12.4 per c-^nt, they said.' In money, this means that federal taxes will total 175 million dollars; state taxes w"'l run 111V million and 1 o c a 1 taxes 40Vt million. Their calculations -'l-o showed that 95 million dolliirr will bo administered b y ' t h e federal government, and the - remainder--232 million--will be adniinistercd by state and local governments..' .. The slate's share was* broken down in this manner: 17 per cent for slate and local jovcrnment administration and "debt service; 27.2 per cent for education; 16.0 per'cent for highways; 18.7 per per cent fo- rhighways; 18.7 per cent for veterans assistance; one per cent for natural resources; and 4.1 per cent for retirement and unemployment benefits. The .report said there arc 683,000 persons in Arkansas receiving direct benefits from expenditure of public funds. Keep ·? with the llmei--nac the Titan «atlf. By BOB THOMAS Hollywood -(/P)- T\vo glamor girls today came to Ihe defense o mature men, »who were termcc "too old to kiss" by an Italjai: actresj*. Said Joan Crawford: "The young lover is an amateur. The older man is the professional." Added Gloria Grahamc: "If a man's ft tfood lover, he's good at any ajje." This week an actress named Sylyana Pampanmi pounded o f i in Rome about kissing nnd such, She claimed that some top Hollywood actors are too .old to make love convincingly. She namcc Claris Gable, Charles Boyer, Gar Cooper, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Paul Muni and Ronald Colnian, all past 50. fi ridiculous to see a man dtd enough lo be your grandfather playing an ardent Jovcr," she said Miss Crawford rose in defense of the seven actors anu mature lovers in general, "Apparently not everyone shares her opinion," said Miss Crawford, 'because these men have . bcoh playing lovers successfully for a good hiany years^You,can't iirgue with fhe oox office; that's peop.le. "Messrs; Boyer, 'Cooper and Bogart have been married to young and attractive women, w h i c h , i n - dicates that they ^are not only Tdcpl as screen lovers but have horoughly satisfactory personal lives. Messrs. Tracy, Muni and Colman have as wives women of the greatest charm and poise. These men also have satisfactory personal lives. .."As for Mr. Gable, I speak for inysel .as well as millions of other women when 1 say that he is still king. I'm sure if he called Miss Pampnnini for a date, she would drop everything and run in his direction." Remembers Love Scene She added that she has played love ucencs opposite all the actors named, cither on the screen or radio.' "Speakinfr professionally, I can sr,y t h a t all of them have great strength and appeal as lovers," she said. "When onv of thorn kisses you, you know you've bec*i . kissed." The Italian actress had praised i her young leading man, who had left m.'.rks on her arm after a movie clinch. Miss Crawford's comment: "In she interested in' I o v c-ma1;ing or a '\Vrestling match?" Miss Crawford's final comment: "I don't t h i n k any woman knows whether she has been loved well until she is 30 and her husband is 35. U n t i l then, it's strklly high- school stuff," Miss Grahnme Speaks Out Miss Grahamc. who is appearing w i t h Miss Crawford in "SUd- dcn Fear," also stuck up for (he more mature m a n , but said t h a t nee had nothing to do with the question, "If i m a n ' s . a good lover, he's good ai. any age," she expounded. "He could be 15 or he could he 75. The qualities that malic him gooel have nothing to do with age. It's a question-of masnclisivi,-drive and I energy. If a man doesn't have qualities when he's young, he won't acquire them later." She agreed w i t h Miss Crawford that the I t a l i a n gnl might b e . m n k - ing her comments for the Benefit of publicity. "Of the men she mentioned, I can tell you 'She's entirely wrong about, him. He's terrific; lie wonderful. I'll lake (he eland and testify for Bogie any lime." Slie also found f a u l t with the nhoto depicting Miss Pttmpani kissing technique. Miss Grahamc demonstrated Hollywood methods in a kissing sttane w i t h an actoi icarlng Ihc implausible name of Touch Conner*. Windotv Mrs.' Clyde Chapman ha.i returned frmn Ponca Okla., where she spent II) days with her Knn-in-lnw nnd daughter, Dr. and Mrs. I. C, Oliisicnck, Mrs. Kd Larson was hostess to Thursday. 'Luncheon war served at noon. .'-T'.; · : ' . - " · · Lt. and Mrs. Wilbert Sydney and children of-Tort Braji, N. C., arc . guests x bf Mrs. Sydney'!, mother; M'r».'Bewie Jonej, They arc en route to the went coast. The Boston Mountain Luncheon Club will meet Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Verne Carter with. Mr?. Ed Larseh as co^hOatess, Mrs. Orvel Perry and son are visiting her .siller,- Mrs. A. .H. Vnught of F'ort Smith. Mr. and Mrs, Verne Carter have returned from Dallas ind Austin, Texas. At Austin they were guesU of their daughter-in-law and erandsnn, Mr«. V. H. Carter, Jr.; the Thursday C l u h at her home and Robert Stewart. CORRECTION Pork Beans .. 12 No. 303 fins $1 Golden Corn . . 7 No. 303 Tins $1 June Peas 8 No. 303 Tins $1 · i SAFEWAY Correction Dressed Fryers Lb. 49c CONSUMER'S IGA SPRING CLEARANCE 40 Gallon Table Top Electric Water Heater, Rfieem, · . C1A9 10 Year Guarantee. 1--20 Gallon Rheem Warrior Gat 9JJ 44 Hot Water Heater, 1 Year Guarantee. 50,000 B.T.U. Rheem Floor Furnace with c o n t r o l s . . . . . . $81." 1--50,000 B.T.U. Rheem Gat Circulator 40 Gallon, 10 Year Rheem Got Water Heater (1 Fayetteville Plumbing Healing Ce. 310 N. West Phone 730 so LOW! You're money ahead from ffce *farf... you're value ahead through th* mi/es ... you're ahead all. (he way with Cfwvrofeff Ntw Impravid Power- Jtt Carburtlion Svtltr, Smoolhtr Rid* P*wrgl!d» Automatic Troniminltn* W-YMirPr*v«dValv». In-Niod [*j!nt Dttlf n Exlra-Eoiy Ctnttr- P*!nt Stttrlng Jumbo- Drum Irakti Brilliantly new In styling, in colorful beauty, in smooth performance nnd smooth riding qualities . . . and thor-. oughly proved in every feature , . . these new Chevrolet* arc equally outstanding in their appeal to your pocketbook, They're the oi\ly fmc cars priced so lowl The only can combining to many advantages o( expensive can at such low.cost in. purchase price, operation nnd upkeep! And, wilh all their finer quality, they're ako the hwcst-prictd line in l/ieir field! Conic in . . . sec ihcsc-big, bright, beautiful buyi for 1952 ... and place your order nowl NUrt pMpIt b«y Chnrckts HIM e*y eriW ml ·Combirutlon of Powciglide Automatic Tr«n»raiiilon nixl lOMi.p. Hnilnc oplionul on Oe Lux inrxlcli il tmra coil. Green Chevrolet Co. 17 E. Mecfew Phone 25S

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