Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 24
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'.ARKANSAS TMMI, hyMtvft*, Mam*, DwfMtoy, Mmmfy Zfe, aV*ut of tvery five European h«i b«« taken in by I /.ING F R O M ' l i L FILES OF G - r ' Government May Retort To Pump Primin In Effort To Get Business Going Moving Ahead Faster y* iM if Sunday · By 8AM DAH'SON New York-WVA little . p u m p imlnc may bo on. tap to.get business moving upward again. That's, how some businessmen arc putting two and two together today. By pump primlnj! they mean relaxation · of price and Material controls and perhaps easier credit tcrmsr--as'.wcll as the''j(uvernment money to be pumped out in the forir. of defense spending. . On the one hand, Inflation seems lets o! a threat than deflation to many businessmen 'and possibly k some government men now. They c|to as indications that Inflation is old hat: : ' 1. Yesterday's' report the cost of living rise appears halted for: the time nt losst., 2. The drop of wholesale prices .back to lust summer's low point. 3. The sag in tlic Industrial production. Index below the figure this tlrrlc last year. 4; Unemployment's rise in many cities. . - ' . ' . . v · On Ihe other hand, the government appears; to x be'doing a lurn- nhout, "Anumbor of industrialists think Washington Is. gelling ready to loosen controls that only recently it was threatening to'tighten. Businessmen, , n q t e : Washington fic^nis eager now to. get people to resume building plans it once held up, 'to make more consumer goods, to keep more workers busy in "less essential" Industries; . The .stretch-out 61 the arms pro- grairi over a longer period is avowedly aimed at letting con- iiimer . goods ' Industries produce more--and .hence hire .moce. More Material, \ The auto industry Is to get more aluminum and steel than first al- loilcd. There ·-dre reports more copter is to be.given auto makers in April so^that : they;.:can turn out one million ran; in the second quarter; 1 70,0(10 mor.e than the government first thought they, should. Unemployment:', in ··Detroit, may have had, a loHlb .'doo.WIth .the change.. ; · : . ' . . :, · Restrictions on the Use'of lead am being, lifted..- Mor« tons · of tinrlaie'.'are t o ' go -.lo v m'alters of cans. Building material controls are being-relaxed;'Copper supplies appear, likely- to become mure available soon, according to the president of Wcsllnghoiiso Electric.' lie, says,'In'that case "our major prpblcrn.ln 1952 will be sales, not rjj-oductlcn.''. . , . 'Secretary of 'Commerce. Sawyer RSJySHdecontrol of materials will go ori ; steadily, but at an Increasing ral«!f,And ho Indicates belief that many industries are going through a' mild recession like'the one in 19*0, but he Insists'that the econ-i omy as ·. whole Is'ntlll healthy. I Cuslnessmen have to spend more I time these days guessing what Washington policies are going to U in the months ahead, so that business can make Its own plans a-.cordlngly. ' Therefore, business is trying to « If more pump priming wl he tried. Some think It will...They expect--if business doesn't pick up soon--that other controls will be loosened, ' Examples: Installment buying curbs may be relaxed again, to gt't customers back Into .the appliance 'stores and the auto dealers' lots. Or real estate credit' terms may be eased, to get nfore homes started and more building work- men'employed. This, of course, Is just businessmen's guessing. The official Wash- It fiton position is still that expressed by President Truman, who says inflation is a real threat and likely to become a pressing one; later-this year. British Mechanical Brain Reported Tops London-W)-BHlaln , has a' now mechalcal brain that doesn't, have.- to ask, "What's wrong, Doc?" w h e n - i t gets sick. It does the diagnosing Itself and tells the operator.. This was just one of the powers' attributed to'a new electronic de-' vjce described here t o d a y ' t o ' t h e Royal Society of Arts' by. the Earl of HaJsbury. The new bralrT, was designed by Prof. Frederic Wll- DAYS til THE END OF THE EARTH OAUCE TODAY IHOWi ENDS "HITIK'S STRANGE LOVi UK" TONITE AND ADM. "SINS Of TH£ OWINT" 5Qe STARTS 1:45 CARTOON AT 4:20 1:55. 9:30 "SLIGHTLY DAFFY" A Rearing Epic, Drama of th» LawlMi tfft Yukon Manhunt KIRBY GRANT .: . . ( V I S «1H,1B[' I I I L D CHINOOK . .,.,,. "Overland Telegraph' NOW SHOWS NIGHTLY SHOWING 7:00 - liDO r«milr In t Bloloui N«w tenmj Hill HOW · FEATURE! At · PLAYING MO 1)10 StiS 7:11 ·:« HLE FOR TEXAS! QfKI VrW ·NVfW of Manchester- University. It's artistic, too. Give it a coded version of ."God Save the Queen" nrd In no time back' comes the national anthem. No 1 record needed. · ' · · The brain's chlcf'speclalty, like similar ones in the United Slates, is rapid calculation; Using a magnetic drum that can 'remember OSO.OOO units of inforir.tlon, it turns out huge sums hundreds 'of times faster than the speediest human'gray matter. . Not white, hot wheat, not rye. but a flavor blend of alt three-- Jungc's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf PLAN TO BUILD SH Our Malniai. , G«t Out Pricn. . Try Oiir 8tr»tc«. DYKE LUMBER co. Ml St ChulM . · ass* ·u» thli fctattlflc wiry nwtthly Klrln *lxi ·ulTer from c iflrf » lime, many wontrn ffwt no monlhlf rmrnp* »tml. Alw hHm relax ]lttcr r ' nlwin h*twr.-fxw», "-" ' Alk ytiur,de«lcr for ilw hHim relax Jittery nerve*.-- ik. feel your normal, happy wit. tor Cardul. (flay: "eartt-vou-tyt"). C A R D U I IMMTNLT CMMn MI IF uri WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP SPECIAL Women's Dqy February 29 Only $2.00 and $2.50 Primroses 98 C $2,50 Spring Bouquets. No Deliveries Please Attend World Day of Prayer, Central Methodist Church, Feb. 29, 2 to 3 p.m. Adams Flower Shop PHONE 320 R. A. ADAMS 33 N. BLOCK Butter, Egg Prices Pick Up A Little (By The Associated Prest) Butter and egg prices moved higher in most retail markets this week. Moats showed little change. Many stores 1 ;marked down, fish prices and planned to stress sea- food aijiuni- their. weekend specials for' the ' beginning ol the t*nt«n"Ee»son. ^ Butter advanced one to as. much ar. six cents a pound--to the highest retail · and wholesale le since early/April of 1948 in some areas, production continued to'fall off as milk was diverted to fluid market channels, and storage stocks were low. · Eggs rose an average of. two to four cents a dozen at retail but were still listed among the best food buyi (or lent by tht majority of stores. ' - · . ' · ' A survey of advertised specials for food shoppers during the coming weekend showed a heavy ri- vels phasis on Lentin "loods like fresh, frozen and canned fish, macroni and spaghetti, oysters, shrimp and cheese. A wide variety of fish was being" Offered: swordfish, mackerel, flounder, codfish, halibut, haddock, herring, whiting, ocean perch, sal- mor and tuna- Also showing up frequently on atcirt*' iiifilof' apeeiaia for jhij«. weekend' were leg* of limb; lamb chops, bef! Tib roast*, fowl! ducks, grape'riiit .and apples; · ' . " . ' · . Fresh: produce items were i little changed pricewise this week; Here's the nationalist if pienti- f'ula;for. the month of March: Oranges canned and frozen'citrus products, domestic dates, prunes, raisins, dry beans--including pea beans and baby limas; A^erttee IB Ih*' TIM1S--H pan. IhMn te.lh* NEWS, «och wwkday, at 7:30 A^eMr stationJCCRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. Outside HOUSE PAINT The One and Only Paint Contain!*! "FLOW ACCELERATOR" \ A smooth-flowing piiht that covets with one coat! The miracle ingredient, Flow Accelerator, insures a porcelain imooth, professional finish! $449 MAJESTIC C M A II C I MIRRO-LUX C N A M C L Coven ifflobthlr .with one coat, leaving no brush marlu. ·. .A .high(lost f i n i i h th«t ii eitr to_keep clean. Wide choice of colon. Quart CM, $t.4» Imperial" HOUSE PAINT A good quality economical house paint. Good covering qualities. Special low price. Galvanized WASH TUB Reg. $2.39 $ HERE NOW!! SPRINGDALE THE NAME IS RIGHT APOLLO SEE IT NOW!! T-i-Mal. l«l. li»0 N.w. -- PlMMf -- Ihetta pace-Saving OUTDOOR CLOTHES DRYER Reg. $11.45 ·k 120 Ft. of ' Drying Space Lightweight and,, easy to handle. /Put out of sight wheni not in use. Opens to 9 foot diameter. Maximum drying area in minimum space. Heavy-duty steel. 14 gal. No. 2 size. 10 Gal. Galvanized G A R B A G E P A I L Cloje-fittingcover with 'handle. Strong wire bail. Rust proof. 20 Gallon Sit* w _-PAD COVER SET 10 Qt. Galvanized W A T E R P A I L Just the right size for h u n d r e d s of uses around home. Strong wire bail. Special ough, long-lasting GARDEN HOSE Durable rubber hose with rust-proof brass -25 couplings. Seamless tube, cord reinforced and corrugated cover. Special! Only ' 5-Yr. Guarantee PLASTIC HOSE Impervious to heat and cold. t*i OQ Won't kink. Lightweight. 25'. **·«·« .. 50 h. S5.4» Uxk-Type PRUNER Ideal for rose, bushes, shrubs , and -other light piunioc. Only G A R D E N R A K E (1 ._ 14 curved non-clog teeth. )]·*} G A R D E N H O E ( ( _ Keen edge 6'/4 inch-blade. 5|.39 SPADING FORK t| M 4 beveled edge tinei. Only )|.OO CULTIVATOR t ... Pot all general garden work. *|-J ' Long-HandU SHOVEL for .ill di|gini. SI 98 *| V «l-Hf Oklahoma PRICE W«i» Sid* Squor* Pheri* Ul WOMEN'S DAY PRIZE $5 Gemril Electric (lock VIGORO W-147 A l t o i n . 5 , : j , J « « i , i ' l O O pound ba«

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