Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 19
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NOKThWEST ARKANSAS TIMtS, Fay«M«v!Ut, Arkanim, Thunder/, fabruary 31, 1*S2 -19 Colu mn By HAL BOTUI · New ,York-(/P)-What keeps the .common man common is the common cold. Death'is the final level- e..-, but the common cold in life is the greatest equalizer. It is the. most democratic of diseases, creeping with equal impartiality into the nostrils of the aristocratic .and ... the bronchial KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE . NmfKine bickache, loss of r-ppand«ncrgy, headaches »hd dlnincu may be ilue to ·low- down of kidn«jr function. Doctors my good kidney function is very Important to good health. When some everyday condition, iiuch ·a Btreta and itrain, caiisen tliis important function to alow down,mnnyfolksBufTemBK- ·Tine backache-feel miserable. Minor bind- der irntationi due to cold or wrens diet may cuttereLtinuupnighUorfrcquentpassaKcs. · Don t ncKlect your ki!ney B if these condi- ttoni bother you. Try Bonn's Pilh-a mild diuretic. Used nuccesafuily by million* for over 50 yean. It's amattne how many limea Doan B eivc happy relief from these dinccim- JorUi--hclpthcl5.nile H ofk;dncytuhc8itndfil- teri fluih out wute. Get Duan'x PjlU todayl tubes ot the most lowly. The common cold links us at in a fine mortality, a brotherhood of. susceptibility. Like money it is a medium of. exchange. The colonel's lady can give it to Judy O'Grady, and a peasant can relay it t j his king. Even Joe Stalin can't .lower', his celebrated Iron Curtain on this invisible bond that joins all mankind. Yes, one "kerchoo!" makes the whole world kin. Like love, the common cold is caused by a non-filterable virus. And tij in the case of love, people rail against its torments, but secretly enjoy them. Again, like love, it can really be i jred only by tbe passage of time. So many wonder drugs have been developed to defeat the common cold it is a wonder one of them doesn't really work. People happily ply themselves with lozenges, nose drops, cough drops, bromides, salves, unguents, ointments, pain-dullers, gargles, ultra violet rays, antihistamines tef Us Dry Clean fliem Our Miracfe SAHIJONE Way SPOTS VANISH · PERSPIRATION GONE · BETTER PRESS · COSTS NO MORE THAN ORDINARY DRY CLEANING $5 oo IN CLEANING le the lucky.lady wild our number in the Treasure Hunt. JUST REGISTER AT THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Also Double Green Stamps on ALL CLEANING brought in or picked up on February 29 i Attend World Day of Prayer tomorrow, Central Methodist Church, 2 to 3 P.M. OZARK CLEANERS 1C1 N. BLOCK PHONE 272 and prohlstamines. There are 1,00 remedies for a cold. But my con viclion is that nobody ever rcalb got over a cold until he was tlrcc o it. · When you really get tired of i cold--*hcn it has done all it can fur you--it usually leaves you anc goes on to help somebody else Either.that or you go Into p'ncu monia. In all honesty some #o: ernmcn ought to strike a meda! honoring the common cold for service t( the h u m a n race "above and he yond the call of duly." For it'i a bcneficicnt malady, an alarn clock to warn you to put yoursel in better health. A common cold sets a man apart The first warning--a watery eye a rheumy throat, a snceze^con- fer upon him distinction,^ attention, sympathy, pity! These things a .man has tp. have or else doesn't seem worth while. life WilhQul a cold he is just another nobody, one more .cipher amid the official zeros. Wilh a cold he .immediately a person of importance. The boss tells him kindly to "go hcme and take it easy. 1 ' Hi wife wears a rut in the floor by his sickbed, bringing iiim pleasant food and wondrous drugs. During this .drama of convalcs- ccnse the patient escapes all daily cnres, catches up on his rest, and returns looking so cheerful the joss decides, "J think I've got a cold, too." So he goes home to jcd, and one after the other the rest of the office staff does the. same thing. This is such a normal practice in i.ost offices today a sneak is de- 'incd as "somebody v/ho tries to catch a cold before it's his turn." n the better run offices winter colds by an unwritten rule are now jntnled on the principle of senior- ty, just like vacations.- That, of course, is just what a common cold is ~a vacation from ·eality. And if any doctor ever discovers a one-day sure cure for cold he had better keep it to li'mself or the race of man will .vish the meddling busybody to lie n an unmarked grave. Community Builders Meet With Mrs. Price Sulphur Cily-{S p e'c i a l)-The Community Builders Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. E. W. Price, Jr., Tuesday afternoon. Five members ni.d two guests, -Miss Mary Jane RaUcr and Mrs. Ctcni, were present. Mrs. W. T,. Harris, act- ling president, conducted the meeting. Roll call \v--s answered by telling what each thought most important about voting. Minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. Price. The devotional from 13th chapter o[ Corinthians was read HV Mrs. Harris. Mrs. K W. Price, Sr., read, tbe po£rn of the month. Letters from the state Medical Auxiliary and IfTrs. Margaret Brownfiefd, Home Demonstration agent, were read and the Red , Cross appeal given by Mrs. Neil McKinnon. Tt was unanimously j voted to send the auxiliary $2.50 for thn library fund at the Tu- berculosis'Sanatorium at Boonc- ville. A collection \va.. taken for the Red Cross a m o u n t i n g to $1.65. j Miss Mary Jane Baker gave a talk on how to. buy nylon hose to the best advantage for fit and wear, and demonstrated with several pairs of hose. . A game was conducte by Mrs. Harris. The mystery package was received by Mrs.. E. W. Price, Sr. Refreshments were served by the hostess. The March meeting will be w i t h Miss Betty Jones, March 25. Keep np with the Umw--raid the Times daily. RAISINS, 2 Ibs , ... 29* PINTO BEANS, 2 Ibs 25r DEL MONTE CATSUP 19c SWIFTNING, 3 Ibs. with coupon. . . . 65c PRUNT PLUMS, Hunt's, No. 2/ 2 can . . 25c Fanning Bread Butler PICKLES . ... 25' NORTHERN TISSUE, 3 for . . . . . . . 25* PRIZETAKER FLOUR, 25 Ibs $1.79 WOLF MEAL, 5 Ibs. . 34* KRAFT DINNER 10* SUNSHINE CRACKERS, Ib.,. . . . . . 30* TOP KICK DOG FOOD, 3 for . . . . . 25* CAIN COFFEE, Ib. 85* WANTED! COLGATE COUPONS fff/NG THEM IN.' THEY'RE VALUABLE TO YOU AND US CASHMERE BOUQUET 3 h|Blw - A s, I9c 2H 19c FAB 2 for 29c BoxTomaloes 17* Pascal Celery, stalk . . . 17* Cello Carrots, pkg. . . . . 15* Gold Bar Oleo or Chief . . 19* Corn King, Ib 36* We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities MISSION STREET GROCERY 525 MISSION PHONE 117 Stick To The Chipmunks, Steve; Feeding Wild Animals In National Parks Is "Out" By W. JOYNES MACFAKLAN WnshfRjjton -{£')- The National Pnrk Service is asking tourists and campers to protect themselves and the wild animals in national porks by leaving the animals completely alone. For t h e _ f i r s i time, ii will he ainst regulations to feed, touch, tease or molest any deer, mouse, buFfalo or bison, bighorn or mountain sheep, elk or antelope. And the Jong-standing -prohibition against having anything to do with bears will continue in effect. Last year more than 3G',fc rnil- lon persons visited national parks and 40 million arc expected this season. The serious injury of a 10-ycnr- old girl by a. deer in ^oscmilc Ka- .ional Park last summer probably provided the impetus, for keeping animals and visitors apart, pbrk service spokesmen 'said. The lit- le girl was in ajr.rpup watching some mule deer. She walked up o one and rubbed its head. J t s intlers were "in the velvet," just tarting to grow, and at that time hey arc very sensitive to pain. Without' warning the deci lashed at the child, cutting her eye with n hoof. She WHS badly cut but did not lose the sight in Jhe injured cyo. Officials also recalled that about 10 years ano a buck deer tamed by Park Service 1 , omployrs in Mt. Ilanlcr N a t i o n a l Park, tit- tackcd nncl seriously injured « child. Park Service records list no deaths from attacks by deer, moose, m u f f a l o , bighorn or elk or antelope but one woman was f;i- lolly injured by a bear at Old F a i t h f u l in Yellowstone National Park in 1D-12. Many H u r t By Hears I n ' 2 0 years--11KJI through 1950 --8B5 persons are listed as injured by bohrs in Yellowstone. There wore 1,701 cases of property damage by bears recorded, and 524 bears were killed because they had become dangerous or were classified ns nuisances. And in recent years in Yellow- alone and other parks many traffic accidents have pccurrcd, the Park Service said, because motorists stop on highways and feed: in violation of the rcgulfi-' lions. Parking cars on the highways, it explained, causes congestion and creates a traffic htirard. Officials point out that "animals spoiled by people feeding them and becoming u n d u l y f a m i l i a r | with them nifty appear to hnvc become tame when In reality Ihry arc still basically wary, wild mii- j mul.s ready lu turn on their bcne- j factors at any moment. 11 Pcedins H a r m f u l And the feeding of Kuch. animals is definitely h a r m f u l to them, they add, whether it Is done purposely or by disposing of garbage where the animals can got it. j Bears, deer and other wild rmi- j nuils t h a t , feed on h u m a n h ; i n d outs or garbage often show in | their outward appeuiTiice t h a t j their health has been impaired, i the .service .says. And fn some; ureas, dead deer are o f t e n found in camp areas showing no signs of e x t e r n a l injuries. The o f f i c i a l s figure the mortality ralo iirnon» bears who have lived nn h u m a n handout* during the s u m m e r tourist season must be very high when they no into hibernation.^ in the winter. The bears have to turn suddenly in the fall lo providing for Jhcmselvcs, when the tourist season ends,'the officials say, and after months of easy living find it hard to do. BALLOT Another Chance to Expiwt Your Preference for Republican Nominee for President DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER.., ; Q HAROLD E. STA5SEN ' . . . ' . '.. .p ROBERT A. TAFT. ;'.Q EARL WARREN, Q Mark this ballot for your preference, sign your name, post office address and voting precinct. Cut out the ballot and mail it to CHAS. W. ATKINSON, Chairman or W. M. RITTER, Secretary of REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE, FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Your name Your name Post office address __^____ Voting precinct Prices Good Friday and Saturday Will You Be a Winner? Be sure to check at the Fairway, for you might be our winner in the Women's Day City-Wide Treasure Hunt. Our Gift is . . . . $5 Worth of Groceries AT THE IPl WANTED! COLGATE COUPONS BRING THEM IN! T H E Y ' R E VALUABLE TO YOU AND US ·P JL PE Whiter Woth»t 0 ··MB ·% mhout / · ^AMP B/eocnmo fc Wh'ttr Wothti Without B/eocfimp With Coupon FAIRWAY Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Ib. 69c Swiss Cheese, Ib.. 98c Blue Cheese, Ib... 89c Philodelphia Cream Cheese, pkg. 19c Ground Beef, Ib..-.. 67c Maryland Club COFFEE, Ib. . 93 c Admiration COFFEE, Ib, Donald Duck Orange Juice, 46 oz. can. 21c Wortz Tenderist Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice, 46-oz. can 19c Avocados, each . . . 14c Yellow Jacket ), Ib. . . Crackers, ib. box . . . . 29c Pillsbury Yellow Cake Mix, box . 25c Firm Heads California Oranges, doz. 17ic We Give SH Green Stamps F. E. ·ROOKS J. E. HOOKS v-- 1 i« i !f-f--::t?s«3iB**'

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