Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 13
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MOtTHWBT AlftANftAS TUNIS, Decorating No Science, Stylist Claims By DOBOTHY KQE Anociaitji Prcu,'Womft'i Editor Dorothy Draper^ apo.lecart-up- setter of the decorating world, Mys American women,'known as the world's best-dressed,.produce some of the world's worst-dressed homes. , . . · : , She holds that most of the mys^ tcridus aura surrounding the 'gel- GUISINGER MUSIC HOUSE R.C.A. VICTOR Radio:Phonograph Combination Model A108 Reduced from $299.95 to $199.95 Model AT01 Reduced from $269.95 to $179.95 Model 45W10 Reduced from 209.95 ro $159.95 Our Gift To A Lucky Lady in The City- Wide Treasure Hunt will be..... . an R.C.A. Record Player Attachment 16.95 Value cnce of interior decorating is so much hokum, and insists that anybody can do it. . Mrs. Draper is living proof of her theory. Though she has been responsible for changing the whole current concept of-decorating,, she admits- lightly she'nevcr studied the stuff at all, knows nothing of 'pe'riod furniture and "really never went to school.'.' A brief skirmish with a. young ladies' finishing school constitutor most of the formal education of this light-hearted tycoon, who now turns out whole housing projects, luxury hotels, modern apartment buildings and private homes in gay, unorthodox colors and functional furnishings. Mrs. Draper, who -gives off enough energy to run an atom- busting machine, says dressing and decorating are two halves of the same apple. She explains: "Thanks to our fashion, magazines, the average 16-year-old girl nowadays is a wizard at planning her own clothes. "But when this same girl gets married and starts buying furniture, rugs and draperies for her new home, she often goes haywire. She. starts out with no. definite plan in mind, buys a bed here, a chair there and a lamp someplace else, puts them all together and then . wonders why nothing looks right." ' . Practical Advice Mrs. Draper has some practical advice for the woman starting out to decorate a home or an apartment. "First she should go out and buy some.big brown envelopes- one for each room she's going to furnish. In'each envelope goes all the data she has gathered on the kind of- effect she wants--color scheme, fabric swatches and so on. "Then she should buy a six-foot rule, a supply of soft pencils and some big sheets of paper, which she marlis into one-foot square*. On each sheet ot paper she lo- _cates the necessary items of furniture, and with crayons she blobs i in the colors. "Next she lists the things she must buy'. For'the living room she will need one divan, two ,end tables, two lamps, two arm chair's, a coffee table, a rug and pictures for the walls. . - . "She. shouldn't try to economize too much on the m a i n pieces, of furniture. She shouldn't buy anything that later she will want to throw away. It's better to splurge on handsome lamps, for instance, and save on such things as the end tables. Three Color Schemes "Her color scheme can be of three things: (a) sharp contrasts, such as white walls, a red carpet and black accents, for instance; (D) all one color, such as walls, rugs, drapes and f u r n i t u r e all the same tone of light blue; (c) blended tones of various colors. This is the thing most women try to do, Join the Smart Homemakers Who Will Scurry to Save on LADIES 1 DAY! February 29th -- 29 -- THREE TIMES 29 29 SPECIALS -- $29.00 -- FEBRUARY 29 DESK AND DESK CHAIR Modern .walnut desk. 18x30 . with drawers on one Hide. Matching desk chair wltli- plastic teat. 29.00 , BASE ROCKERS' Comfortable base rockers in plastic, open arm type also covered in * plastic. 29.00 SOLID WALNUT WHAT-NOT Beautifully designed solid- walnut what-not or book case with 4 shelves, a drawer at the base. Delicately turned posts on the sides. 29.00 LAMP TABLE AND MAGAZINE RACK Solid limed oak lamp table banded ton and straight tapered legs. Solid limed oak magazine rack in matching finish. 29.00 FIREPLACE ENSEMBLE Brass framed firescreen, brass andirons and brass firesel. Truly a real addition to the fireplace. 29.00 PORCELAIN TOP TABLE AND UTILITY TABLE All metal porcelain top, chrome base kitchen table. Utility all metal table with three shelves. Legs with casten. 29.00 CHEST OF DRAWERS Large five drawer cheat of drawers In maple or walnut finish, knob nulls. Ideal for extra storage space in hrd room hall or other available spncc. 29.00 OCCASIONAL CHAIRS Mahogany and blonde finished plastic covered chairs beautifully designed In grey, gold, red and chartruese. ' ,-· · * 29.00 ·RECORD CABINETS Large size record cabinets, in blonde or mahogany, doors on the front, plenty ot storage for record, albums. Top for radio or television set. 29.00 VENETIAN MIRROR 2 PICTURES Heavy plale, bevel edged Venetian mirror. 28x28 and 2 distinctive modern framed pictures, 24x28. Bird subjects in newest colors. 29.00 11. STANDING PIER CABINET What-not or bookcase with 3 shelves, one dVawer and open cabinet space at base mahogany finish open' fret-work sides. 29.00 CONVERSATIONAL BASE ROCKERS Newest modern occasional type chairs without arms., with legs fitted on a rocker spring. Plain tapestries in grey, persimmon, red. gold and brown. 29.00 , 'TABLE LAMPS A large group of table lamps, modern, traditional or period Rtyles, suitable for any type of room. DISCOUNT MATCHED TABLES 2 mahogany lamp tables, with piecrust edge, straight Nutted legs, stretchers underneath, and matching cocktail table. 29.00 CARD TABLE and 4 CHAIRS Card la hie with plain plastic lop and metal legs 4 metal . folding chairs, plastic seats to match table. 29.00 WOOD DINETTE CHAIRS Set of 4 wood dinette chairs, sturdy, walnut finish, with . plastic seats Splat back modern design. 29.00 APARTMENT RANGE .1 burner gns apartment range, high, shelf back white oven door panel. Regular $44.50. 29.00 CIRCULATING HEATERS 4 styles to choose from. Vented or unvcnied 20.000 and 24.000 BTU circulating type heaters. 29.00 METAL BUNK BEDS AND MATTRESSES inch metnl hunk hcds, including 2 cotton mattresses and link snrincs. Ideal for the.small room or children's room. 29.00 BOX SPRING An Enflandcr box spring to match tht Englander rnattress. The best foundation available for an inner- ·prim mattress. A $39.75 value. 29.00 ·ABY BED-MATTRESS Standard *«ire haly bed, in wax finish, onft Hide lets down. A plan- Ut lick \vet proof mattress. 29.00 REMEMBER Special. Women's Service In Connection With World's Day of Prayer ' At Central-Methodist Church Feb. 2il, From 2 la.'g P.M. WALNUT DRESSING TABLE AND BENCH Dressing table In walnut finish, one long drawer and attached mirror. Upholstered walnut bench to match dressing table. 29.00 BABY PLAY PEN PAD AND HIGH CHAIR Folding play pen complete wllh pud. Handy for folding to «tore or lake in car. All .wood high chair in wax flnlih. .Wood tray. 29.00 9 x 1 2 WOOL FACE RUG All wool face, "Wool·hire" nif. In flclf lone figure. Choice of green or roue colon. Nice look I nit for any room. · 29.00 WARDROBE Walnut finish wardrobe, plenty of hanging space on one side, drawer* on the other, full · length mirrot and hat compartment. 29.00 21. INNERSPRING MATTRESS 'An -Englander $39.75 mattress, in art licks, prehuilt edges. Made for comfort and years of service. A real Ladies Day special. 29.00 IRONING BOARD - ELECTRIC IRON-METAL STOOL A' rigid Vll metal Ironing board, Folds flat. Standard make Electric iron. All metal Slcp Stool with buck. 29.00 BABY PLAY .TABLE, TWO CHAIRS * · iky rtck.r, Hl|h Chllr lit* Svlkr Red piny table and 2 little chairs to match. Plastic or music*! rocker. Servlcable Hlth Chiilr with tray. Blue canvai 2 wheil lulky. 29.00 TELEPHONE SET Ilnhteenth Century telephone «et. oval style, with rimmed ed«e lop. Lyre buck matching chair. A beau- Illul set. 29.00 STUMP FURNITURE CO. 403 W. DICKSON PHONE 3112 and is by' far the musi difficult" The amateur decorator can't (· wrons. however, says Mrs. Draper, if she takes the sugRcstlnns of thf manufacturers of rugs, drapes and such, 'on coordinated colors, textures and fabrics. These companies arc hiring top designers to work out complete room plans that are almost fool-proof. .' Mrs. Draper, who. believes t h a t everybody needs some color In his life, does everything on a big scale, hates dinky things, doesn't care how m a n y _ periods arc combined, just so they arc in scale-"and look right." AdrrrliM In the TIMES--It +. . --y New Englandern were th« flnt to extract the oil from menhaden, a species of fish. WALT BEACH OuaranlMd Watch R*paMnfl Wltk mnrnm CttMMn 11 I. Cffttor flnM 'AVITTIVILLt. AUK. PIMM UN e» o» *mlM 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55c Critter Bros, Nursery GREENLAND, ARK. Women's Day Values Ladies' Nylon HOM. 51 gauge, IS denier. B9c value Beautiful Assortment Plastic Billfolds . . . ,. . 51.00 18* S1.00 25* See The Beautiful Prize On Display F. W. Woolworth Co Turkish Wash Cloths « 10 for . ' * . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . 18" Assorted Colors Silk Neckerchiefs, 25c value. Men's Large ·','·· White Handkerchiefs, doi. , Aluminum Foil For Houtehold Use. 25 ft. roll WOMEN'S DAY VALUES IN OUR GIGANTIC FULL-SIZE, 54" CABINET SINK NoV it can he yours! A worlcl-fiuiiuiis. tied loungstown Kitchens Cabinet S i n k -- w i t h limcsaving, work-saving features gnlorc-nt n tremendous raving! A perfect way to start your dream kitchen! Sec. this value-packed bargain t o d a y . . . while they lastl I *YOUNGSTOWN KITCHEN CABINETS Used In Our Floor Display ,' : Corner Base Cabinet With Rotating Shelves $69.50 No. B1836 18" Base Cabinet With Top $49.50 No. W1830 Wall Cabinet $23.56 No. W2730 Wall Cabinet $29.50 No. WS30 What Not Shelf . . . . . . . . $9.95 No. B2136 Base Cabinet With fop $55.00 Snack Bar, 72" With Cabinets $139.50 Ladies! Here's your opportunity to buy wonderful, work-saving home appliances at tremendous savings. Cy Carney has slashed prices to the bone in this great event. Check this ad carefully . . . you'll find the appliance you've always dreamed about at a price you can well afford to pay. OUR GIFT TO A LUCKY LADY IN THE CITY-WIDE TREASURE HUNT I A GENERAL MILLS ELECTRIC IRON Valued at $14.95 Just Register at the Chamber of Commerce * REFRIGERATORS * Servel, 4 Cubic Feet. . .'. ' . - . - . . . . $169.95 Serve!, 6 Cubic Feet . . . . $199.95 Servel, 11 Cubic Feet ; . $469.95 Admiral, 9.3 Cubic Feet . . . . . . $269.95 - Admiral, Dual Temp., 11 Cubic Ft . . . . $319.95 Kelvinafor, 8'Cubic Feet. ; , . .;. .V. .V...-; .i'f^;'..'$249.»S" - ' "· Kelvinator, 11 Cubic Feet, Double Door . . . . :. . , ? '. $449.95 Your Old Refrigerator May Be Used As Down Payment * HOME FREEZERS * Deepfreeze, 7 Cubic Feet . . . . $269.95 Deepfreeze, 13 Cubic Feet $449.50 Polar Freeze, 16 Cubic F«et ;. $349.50 * WATER HEATERS * 20-Gallon President $59.95 30-Gallon President $69.95 20-Gallon Coleman, 5-Yr. Guarantee . - . . . : . $79.50 30-Gallon Coleman, 5-Yr. Guarantee. $99.50 40-Gajlon Fairbanks-Morse . . . . . . V . $129.50 MOWERS, MOTORS, BATH SET Power Lawn Mowers From $49.59 Up Electric Motors, 1/4 to 2 H.P. . . . . " : From $13.9.5 Up 3-Pc. Bath Set, Trim from Floor Up $169.50 * . RECONDITIONED USED APPLIANCES * THESE WASHING MACHINES ALL COMPLETELY REMODELED Vots Washing MacMne, Like New . . . $42.50 Thor Washing Machine . . . ' " . . . $42.50 Thor Washing Machine $39.50 Auto-Matic Washing Maching $49.50 Maytag, Square Tub $69.50 Apex Washing Machine $36.50 Windsor Washing Machine $29.50 Kaiser Dishwasher $79.50 Norge Refrigerator, 7 Cu. Ft. $89.50 Norge Refrigerator, 6 Cu. Ft. $69.50 Firestone Refrig'at6r, 9 Cu. Ft. $129.95 Servel Kerosene, 8 Cu. Ft $229.95 Kelvinator, 6 Cu. Ft. $7950 Norge, 8 Cu. Ft. $89.50 Westinghouse, 8 Cu. Ft $19.50 SEVERAL DIFFERENT MAKES OF USED GAS AND ELECTRIC RANGES SMALL DOWN PAYMENT-EASY TERMS Cy Carney Appliance Co. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE "'Depend On Us For Service" PHONE 1728 i.-V

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