Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 10
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''Prevailing - Wage" Interpretation i Up For Discussion {Washington - WV- 'A group of Southern congressmen oppose Sm torn IBS V HumtHt. St.Josepn 3 i" 1 " whit'they iy Is I Labor Department'- threat to Industrial ex- pansion'In the South.'-· .* Senator Fulbrlfht and Representative Hays, Ark«n«as Democrats, seek to block: · potiibllity the Labor Department will establish "the prevalllni wage «cale for the incandescent. lamp industry on 'a nationwide, rather than on a regional basis.' ' ' , Secretary of Labor Tobih and his aides now have the matter under study, and have promised « public hearing Before a final rul- made,.Hays said." 'The 'situation,: Fulbrljfht and Hay's reported, Is this; The Walsh-Hcalcy act provides that n n y concern obtaining.n contract with the government nhould pay the wage scale prevailing In the industry. "The Intent of Congress," Fulbrlsht said, "was to Women's Day Friday and Saturday Only Dpiible Sti Green Stamps. 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OZARK THEATRE BLDG. prevent covernment contractors from going to the so-called 'sweat shops. My view Js that the Labor Deportment is ignoring this language of the law, "The department Is t a k i n g . t h e view that the prevailing wage for an Industry means the wage of thai Industry on. a nationwide basis. I think (he purpose of the law was to have the depiirtmcnt look at an Industry In a ccrtnin area -and apply 'the prevailing wage to that area." The Arkansans, together, with several other Southerners arid officials-of the Wcstinghouso Jilec- trlc Corporation, carried the matter to Secretary Tobin this week. The m a t t e r affects Wcstinu- hnuse which operates one light bulb plant at Little'Hock and Is proposing to build another at Hot Springs. Both Hays and Fulbright said t h c y . f e n r that if the Labor Department view. Is actually applied, industries may cease to expand in the South since one Southern advantage is a lower general wngc pattern, "1 think maybe one of Tobin's motives in to try to maintain the present industrial pattern of Now England and prevent the growth of competition," FulbriglH said. Super-Power Engines Outstanding New Development in American Automobiles Buckner \ Mr. and Mrs. Hlmme Mhoon entertained Sunday w i t h a dinner In honor of their son, Carlton Mhoon, and his friend, Billy Phlpps, both seamen first class on leave after service in the Kor-an area. Oul-of-town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Noah Smith oi'jjaldwlni Miss Patsy Curry and Miss Earlene Smith, both of Springfield., · The Rev. anil Mrs. 15. .), Counts were weekend guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Claude Counts of Drakes Creek. Sgli Clinton Combs o' Camp Chaffee s p e n t - t h e weekend with his mother, Mrs. Ada Combs. Mr; anr 1 Mrs. Garland LaVaon Wore guests o.t Mr. riad 'Mrs. Paul Moore o Baldwin Sunday. · Mr. an'!. Mrs. .Lester Atkisson and duUphtcr, Marsha, of Dogers were flucsts ,of Mrs. Emma Sliar- rock Sunddy. Mrs'. Stacy Phelnn and Mrs. Gladys Spillars assisted at the Red .Cross rooms of the Veterans Hospital Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hnusc of Harrison were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Drake and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Daggctt. John \Vllson, who has been ill with flu, Is reported better. Keep ·! with tnc lime*--reid Ihe TIMES dillir. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH Cct, UIK. laugh or. uncoze will:out fe»r rt Iniecurc (·!·· 1t«lh rtromiinij c l i p p i n g or wohhllng FASTEKTH 'noldi pint** Mr.-ncr ^nrt more comfortably. Thli plcHBtuil powder hnr no gummy, gooey, pmty fnato or reeling rtoein't cmisc niiuBca. it ·Htillnt non-Held). 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WRISLEYS SOAP . . . . . . 20 Bars 98* eif Soap Sale on market today. High quality Wrisley Soap at prices less than pay for ordinary soap. 14 assorted cakes, lanolin, Both Tablets, Butter Milk, Oat Meal, Cold Cream and Castile Soaps. 3 PRO-PHY-LAC-TIC TOOTH BRUSHES, only 69c By DAVID 1. WILK1E DctroIt-(/Pj-I ! robably the outstanding development of the last couple of years in the auto industry Is the steady- increase in horsepower output. 'Of course there have been suc,h things as automatic transmission refinements; 'power steering and power 'brakes along with body styling advances. But the advent of the IV and 190 horsepower engines seems to stand out as the major me:hanical advance, ' A few years ago t h e - ' i O O and j25 horsepower engine was regarded as virtually the ultimate r automobile power plants. It was s-iic 1 that no car designed for normal use required any more power that. '- . · ' JIuw, hov.'ever, Cadillac has in- Iroduccd its new models with 130 horsepower engines; m a n j other rar makers have added from 10 to 15 horsepower to'thei. engines Jnd considerable, experimental won. Is under way looking to further power expansion. 2«* H. F. Next V*«r It never has been done before but it isn't unlikely that some car maker will have a 200 horsepower engine in his conventional passen- gei cars next year. Of course this can be done without re-designing Ihe engine;-Chrysler den onstrated f'is when it stepped up one of its standard 180 horsepower engines to well over 300 horsepower .by some minor changes and a new carburetor arrangement. Why all that horsepower for average C3r use if, a good question. It is true that it seldom is used In anything short of a racing car, b j i in thf convention car it does contribute to smoothness of oper- 'ation and thd ability t'j gel. out of tight places in a hurry. Despite the increase in power output tr.t new- engines also give in proved fuef mileage, if this seems contradictory it should be remembered all the power rarely is used and that an increase in com- piession ratio has accompanied the higher power output. John K. Brown Now Employed At Oaklawn Former Purchasing Agent Of State Is Auditor At Track Little Rock-l/Pl-John K. Brown former state purchasing agent who resigned during the 'Highway Audit Commission's recent public hearings, Is working at Oaklawn Park. Brown's name was Included in a list of .employes recommended to the track by the state . Racing Commission. The list was released yesterday by Carl F. 1 Parker, state revenue commissioner. Brown, a star witness in the HAC's investigation of the state Highway Department which he once served as purchasing agent, is employed as a $15-a-day pari muUiel auditor at the track. The appearance o f " Brown on the witness stand a t - t h e HAC's hearings were characterized by his Inability to remember details of many department transactions. Dut, he testified, among other things, that ho had received and solicited campaign, contributions fnr Governor McMatli from .vendors of materials to the state. (-47 Crashes In Storm, 18 Men Aboard Bail Out Sydney, N. S.-(/Pj-Lost in a blinding snmvs'.orm and unable to 1,-ind, a U. S. Air. Force transport plane crashed on the banks of the Sydney River In . darkness early lirU;y a f t e r all , 18 men aboard parachuted from it. -. Ten of the men were fpund, and police and troops searched^for I h e - o t h e r s on the outskirts' of Sydney. One' n[ the 10 suffered govern 1 injured ribs. He was b.-oughl down from a hilltop on a lohcggon. The plane, a C-47 attached to Ihe U.'S. base at Torbay, Newfoundland, was returning from Wcslovcr, Mass., Base. The Air Force withheld all names. A, "The New Discovery," will be shewn Sunday night at 7:30 at the Baptist Church, Ihe Rev. D. M. Krels has announced. The meeting will be open t o , thb public. The World Day of Prayer Service will be conducted at 2 p. m. Friday, at the Methodist Church. Mrs.' ScoUy Scott will be program leader. The Laymen's Day program at the Methodist Church was conducted Sunday morning by L. B. Uhl o.' Faycllcville. W. L. Scott conducted services at the Lake Wodihgton '.barge* last Sunday for the pastor, the Rev. · amazing new «H fer thaie with severely impaired hearing 'EN iTM I "Super-Royal" _ m HEARING $ 75 AID B«ver« hturini toit? Knjoy 4b-mll pnufr »nd ««wpt!r.«l ptr- farmflncB In an Amazingly Unlit, compnct, tingle'iinil ni1. HAtn* liijli qunllly «nit fxduiivn frit- lunu«iZ»nliir«piipiil«r"Koy«r mwlfl. Krw dcmonnlrftlion, ItaJband OIK! lont Cnulatlltf Dtvk« A«ilo6l« il Multrot. (ilr« C«il 10 D A Y IITUIN EASY PAYMENTS DIXIE RADIO A. L. Riggs. Announcement has been receiv- 2d here of the marriage of H. £. Broyles,, former Farmington resident, to Mrs. Eva Bird of Wilman i n - a services conducted February 15 at Por'iand by the lii-v. Black^ The couple will make its home at Wilmar, where Mr. Broyles is a teacher and Mrs. Broyles postmaster. YOU CAN'I FOOL A GROWING BOY! EVERYONE ON-Tfffi-GftO W HAS A KIOHT TO MEADOLAKE GOODNESS IT B f T T f R / J MAKES AND DELIVERS IT C R E A M I E S 1 F " W O R L D ; FRANKLIN'S brings you bargains galore on YM, Franklin's hot gone all out to pleas* the women of Northwest Arkansas on their day. Listed in this ad are 10 items which are typical of the bargains to be found "where smart women shop better for less." Come in early for best selection. Doors open at 9. New Spring Handbags $ 1 00 Each and every one of our handsome n e w handbags make* an important fashion contribution to your Spring outfit. Choose yours in w.hite, red, green, blue, brown or navy . . . Patent leather and faille. Reg. $1.99. Rayon Tricot Knit Panties 3 for $1.00 Imagine Three pairs of these wdnderful knit panties for a dollar . . . a n d we've your choice of white, pink or blue . . . small, medium, large. Lace- Trimmed Slips 59 2 for $3.00 1 lavishly trimmed with lace, these rayon slips usually sell for $1.99 to $2.49. They're yours at a ridiculously low price tor this special sale only. · Special Purchase Better DRESSES $JOO ! 4 Purchased especially for this event, these Spring dresses are sensational at such a low price. Print, linen/ chambray, picolay, cord . . . in your size. Fully Lined AII-Wool TOPPERS 14 ThenVs no seasonal limit on toppers . . . they're bright, gay and comfortable most any season of the year. Fully lined all-wool shortie coats priced below regular wholesale cost. Spring pastels, muted plaids and checks, sizes 10 to 16. Reg. $24.95. Nationally Advertised S U I T S $j2°° Slim as a reed with lady-like details, these suits can be worn the year 'round . . . in solids and checks, sizes 10 to 20. Values to $14.95. Cotton, Crepe Blouses $ 1 59 3 for $3.00 Here are luih cotton and crepe boluses each a pretty gem . to team with your Spring suit, to mix and match with skirts and slacks. You'll love them. Reg. $1.99. Fashionable Skirts $ 1 59 2 for $3.00 Youy better come early for this one for we only have 60 in this sensational group. The best buy we've seen In many a moon. Reg. $2.99. Bestform Bras 00 The Best bras come from Bestform, and we .have them in nylon, satin and cotton, sizes 32 to 38, A, 8, C. You'll want two or three af lhi» price. Sheer 51-15 Hose 69' 3 Pairs $1.99 Beautiful hose In the newtsl Spring shades are youri at a big savings during this tale. Made to sell for 89e a pair. FREE! A $5.00 GIFT! TO THE LUCKY LADY WHO HOLDS OUR NUMBER! JUST REGISTER AT THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Attend W*rM Day of Prayer, Methedjsl Church, 2 le 3 P. M., Friday, February 2» FRANKLIN'S "WHERE SMART WOMEN DRESS BETTER FOR LESS"

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