Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1974
Page 23
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r SPEAK: SOFTI*; AND 1 ···;·"/THOSE KIPS %seo. rt« tor otr TO smer 6vTAXlN6 THE AWICE OP AW TROUBLE, BUT I'M ALSO .THEODORE ROOSEVELT... NOT AFRAID OF THEM! "'{WHAT DID '7VOUOQ TOrr? ASKEOtTHOWTO) I BUILD A BETTER ^KM^^^ UM1CPP , FRCM\ ABOVE. ATKAP POOR OPHft. ...AND DOWN COME WHW APPEAR tO BE OLD SADDLEBAGS DOOBS ARE LOCKED.;.BUT WHERE WRIT'S SPILliNG corns; UWTS ARMS.\O« T 1PUNNO,HOWUANP«" Awd24*W£AKUMe ( «00e THAT S WHAT , flRieWCONprnON. ,1 MJ«5V6WUSAS ' HflRK!! IT SOUNDS LIKE VORE NUSS.ftM'ELVINEV ARE GOSSIPlW OUTVONDS? OONT UHSaJE NOW THE PRESS WISHES TO RECORD YOUR AND SO, WILL YOU SIGN' . THE CHECK "WITH THIS FINE QUILL^ PEN-- ? A, RAVEN Nut LEY is OH, BLESS THE FOLKS WHO WROTE THE : SURGEONS'HAVE' GIVEN UP'HOPE OP EXTRACT! NG ,A' LARGE QUILL PEM.FROM THE SKULL OF HUMBLEBV PYE, COMMISSIONER OF CHARITIES ' WHO WASVVAGELY ATTACK.ep 'LASf .NISHT... IF TH WORtD IS ROUND UKfrYOl/SAY IMT6AD Of FtAT--HOW COME WEOON'T ALL i DON'T TWIMK WE'RE BECAUSE WE LIVE ON'THE Tap PART ANYMORE WITH POK6V RUNMIN6 AWAY FROW HOME AU. ASAIN5T THS I WONDER IF THEY HAVE THAT EVENT LISTED IN'TME YOU WERE OAWCWS -. 'THE CARIOCA WITH BETTY JAMS MOSS IT'S THE AWN! VERSAR.Y PASWOOO,tX koJOV/WHAT OAVTH1S OP THE FIRST TIME MONUMENT TO A HORSE ERECTED BY BSiWEALWCWMSt WMEPOOLOFHtS iiwiiiiiiiiiii«^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Emphysema Lifiked To Smoking Grass MMIM^ IS MQRE TtMM 2,OOO WRSOtD WEARS HER HUSBANDS SKULL SUSPfHED FKOM A StK/HS AROUND HfK NECK llllll!!IJlllllllll!Il!llll!llllil!lll1llllllllllllll!tillllllSII!lllllll!!llll« illlillMIMMinHpMinilllplllllll FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope 4 · NorthwMt Arkantat TIMES, W*d., Aug. 7, 1974 FAYETTIVILLI, «KK»N1A« has understandably fears in" parents. ·! I've never seen an answer to his question. Can smoking marijuana cause emphysema of :he' lungs, just as tobacco can? . B.L., Ind..D e ar.M Mr. B.L., Ind Dear Mr. L.: _ · · ' - . , I have been flooded in recent years-, with.. requests to /write more and more about marijua- The mass epidemic of its, use introduced have also had many, letters from teenagers and young adults who are concerned because their parents smoke .marijuana. In a recent column I stated that many hidden dangers are unfolding about this so-called 'harmless weed.' LUNG DISEASE Emphysema, a desperately crippling disease of the lungs is attributed mostly to cigarette smoking. It occurs in middle and late life and is a pathetic aste of the joys of living :mphysema. ' in many In iances, is'· preventable. .Doctors are seeing man more cases of emphysema in .he young because of the deey nd^- Look in the section in- .which your birthday comes : and. find what your outlook is, according Lo the stars, FOR THURS., AUG. 8 ABU S CMar 21 to Apr 20) If" there is 'no giiide (^"directive, be careful not to act impulsively, on new projects. Appraise values w a r i 1 y Day 11 '.be a challenge to yo.ur genuity. AURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) If there are a few cloud' i -your horizon, look · beyond 'en overlook them You car ave a' satisfactory day- despite mar obstacles .MINI (May 22 to June 21) Controversy may. prove an lying Yet here is where your itgorng tolerant self can inc.. Emphasize pertinenl inls and keep minor, issues their place. ANCER (June 22 to July; 23) The most-diffieult..chpre' may ·ing the most, .rqwardinf iturns. if handled 'well. : Avoic hsioh, dissension. -Intellectual iresuHs. .'highly, .favored; EO (July 24 lo Aug 2IJ Avoid , a tendency'- lowart difference. Rewards, will .be ommcnsurate with the. efforts ou. expend. Keep -your own ouns'el in personal affairs. IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept: 23) Under. day's. potent influen cs, you should have new incen ve.'seek new ways to improve our status. Arflbitious.projects ell-managed, should work ou ell :-"^ ! - . : = . . IBRA (Sept. 2* to Oct. 23KJ;! Quite unexpectedly, yo'ii -may ; afforded- the chance ·· to omething "dif/erent," attain.a urer foothold on the ladder fl uceess. Keep alert and read; o act. iCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 Do not let problems or dis ,iiiHi!!jHiyiiiii!iimi;iiiiiiiaii-:iuaiiiiaiwtiiiMiti!i ussioris.'grojv out L of proportion. i o'ld'-1.yourself in check, specially if dea ling; w i th super- ors, business associates. iAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. II) Stellar influences .on the mile iide.. You are/just about on your iwn to ; decide, act, \york ou new- tactics", but don't 'waste ime on nonessentials iAPRICORN (Dee 22 to Jan 20) r Saturn influences-, fine! Now's ;he time to launch new yen ,ures,'Set- forth your ingenious deas and make decisions: invol ing 'future .activities. AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to B eb 19! A differnet- approach rather han-a ; -complete-change-of ob active.' may b e . t h e keynote t day's -success Take .=time. tc think things out. to absorb details. PISCES (Feb 20 to Mar 20) A little- more'restraint may be needed to improve you chances for gain. now. Don' 'orce issues and do prepar well. Romance and) travel fa vored. YOU BOHN TODAY ruled b the Sun, are one of :the mos djnamic of all personalities You have ; enormous prid which, if, working, for, you. lead to unusual ach'ievemen but, if expressed in-self-import ariee. can-lead to'arrogance an hauteur · -- with the result tha you will .make many enemies You have a great Jove for luxu ries; and · will work assiduousl to.attain .them.,Your talents ar many, but as an-executive o salesman, you wriiild be-tops Other fields in which you woul excel: the stage;. the law writing. -Birthdate of: Conni Stevens, ' singer; Esther Wi iams, swimming and film star Andy Warhol, .mod painter an underground film producer. n h a l i n g associated witi marijuana smoking. To obtai tie full impact of the effcc f marijuana, many smoker ee'ply fill their lungs and hoi' he smoke inside as long a ossible. Crossword ty Eugene Sbeffer AOWSS 1-FIower 5 Adage 8 Amazon estuary 12 Idea: comb. form ISPalmfeaf (var.) MKnglish architect 15 Winter vehkle IS Dress coin edges BFreuch resort ISSfiipworm ZOFresbets 22 Master 24 Part of the psyche 25 Marshes 28 Abased 33 Crude metal 34 Employ 35Wing 86 Affirms 39 A fair 40Paia . ·'. notice riwr 43 LDsenesses 47 Escapes 51 London district S Conflict 54 Coffin · coyer 55 Roman road 56 South American rivet* · : 57 Reticule SSAny ; 59 Born 60 Season DOWN I Roster IVain - »Ga» askance 4 Warble* 5 Resonant «Fonrth calipb TOsciifates SDish' tread 25 Dandy » Blunder 27 New: cor* " fonn 21 Mosaic square* JO Merry Jl High note 3Z Family r Hinr 9 Entrance poet. M Contest S Nether- " lltara _ ; . . . .- lands · 11 AcccopB* « Horns and a Moslem peoehei saint «God. Aye. soWJon tfmes a mta. of the SfflES HSH HQa fflBHB OEgypton goddess ranotis rana . Ifr.r- « Exclamation 4CBM 41 Fads IGSDS 0 NKIUW - ·The result is that', em-,/ ifiysema, with, its devitalizing^ ffecl, is being seen-more more among these smokers. . Emphysema is only one of..: he tragedies that can result' - . rom long-term smoking of; marijuana. The scientific literk-:- ure is revealing .more a n d . more, reasons why legislative . ontrol is imperative to. halt thV. use of marijuana; 1 - .' - ''·;, How .does a ' simple fraclure'-f differ from a compound frac-..; ure? Is one more difficult to 5 leat than the other? -,"·-. · " ' » Mr. G.B.; Ohio ', Dear Mr. B.: .· . . . ' The descriptive word- "sim- ' pie" docs not mean'the. fracture ; not serious. It means that the bone.has ; been' broken .without injury ta · .he skin surrounding it. ".. '4 INJURED SKIN V A compound fiacture is one'tf-' -P which fragments of the boneT^ Save', torn through, the muscles^*-' and the skin and exposed th^ injured tissue to infection. '*u Both a simple and a com^i. pound fracture may be minor ortJS very severe, depending on the-_ particular bone that is brokerfr^l and the injury to the surround^i" ing itissue. ;^", Speaking o f . ..Your .- health.^ Handrails in bathrooms can pr'e'-^, * vent broken hips in the elderly/^ iiiiiiiimiiiiiifflitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiffliiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiim B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Master* 1 Individual Championship Play) ininiiniiiiiiiitH^^ South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH 4 4 2 V A J 10 5 4 * 10 5 2 *Q109 WEST *A5 BAST *J9 + A Q J 9 8 4 » K 7 « 3 *A2 , + 8 7 5 4 3 SOUTH * K Q K 8 7 6 3 East 2NT * K J 6 The bidding: Soatfa West North 1* I N T 2 ¥ 3* 3 NT 4* Pass Dble Opening lead -- ace of clubs.. Occasionally, in a competitive hand, the bidding is exceptionally illuminating and player has at his command the facts necessary to produce a killing defense. Consider this deal 1 where South got to four spades doubled. , West started off on the right : foot when he led the ace and another club, achieve a ckib ruff. hoping to Declarer won in dummy with^ .he queen and played'a:trump7 o the king, losing-to the.'acei' West knew from t h e ' b i d d i n g " hat his partner had the kirig^ of .diamonds, so he underled the' ace. expecting to gam the club, ruff he was angling for. But .declarer trumped.the dia-^ m'ond, cashed the queen of .rumps, led a hea i rt" ; to the .ten, osing to the king,, and sopn af^ .er took another heart, finessaf." to make exactly four for aj score of 7SO points. J West slipped when he undef, led bhe ace of diamonds. His«- general plan was good -- b u IA it wasn't good enough. He~should have realized that East*, needed .both red kings : for hisC " two notrump bid,'arid that this.j in' turn meant that South had opened the bidding-and had bid-; again in the three level with ei--',' : ther 9 or 10 points. . i This strongly .suggested dis-. tributional values--and -espe-; : cially a void in diamonds. y i: Upon winning the king trumps with the ace at three West 'should have returri-:- ed a low heart! J, This would have fixed Soui wagon beyond repair. If er finessed, East would take t h e , king and return a club to put';the contract down one, wliile-- if declarer went up with tha' ace he would later lose two', heart tricks to arrive at the'"* same dead end. ' ' , · Tomorrow: Self-destruction. * ig - -pfc- trick' PONYTAIL "It's quite a.coincidence, Donald... I noticed you had some change left over, and there's a domit shop just down the street!" Complete news coverage, (local, area, national,!' international), intensive sports and women's-" interest reports, top features. . . .six afternoons^a week and Sunday morning... .delivered to:? your door for less than 11* a day. ·""*}. *·' · NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES t Phone 442-6242 1

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