Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1974
Page 22
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22 · Northwest ArVaruaj TIMES, Wad., Augu»t 7,1974 Livestock Auction Beef supply was up and prices dropped at the livestock auctions held here this past weekend, accbrding to the Federal- State Market News Service. Receipts for cattle were 1,600 at Fayetteville and 1,500 at Springdale and prices were down from SI to $3. Auction results were: SPRINGDALE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 1,500, week ago 1,033, year ago 1,177. Slaughter cows J1.-3 lower. Slaughter bulls $.50-1,50 lower. Feeder steers $.50-1 lower with most decline on weights under 500 Ibs. Feeder heifers $l.-2 lower. Suply largely Good and Choice 300-600 Ib. feeder steers, 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commericial $20.-24.50. High dressing Utilities 524.50-26. Canner an dCulter ?19.-20. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1100-1650 Ibs. $31.-34.80. FEEDER STEERS: Choice 300-700 Ibs. S32.-35.90. 700-1000 Ibs. S30.-31.30 High and Good and Low Choice 200-300 Ibs. S30.-32.50. 300-700 Ibs. S29.-32. Good 300-600 Ibs. $Z6.-29. FEEDER HEIFERS: High Choice and Prime package 565 Ibs. $36.25. Choice 300-600 Ibs. S28.-31. High Good and low Choice 200-300 Ibs. $27.25-30. 300600 Ibs. $26.-28.75. Good 300-600 Ibs. {24.-25.23. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Choice 2-5 year old 700-1000 Ibs $24 -29 40. Good 2-5 year old 7001000 Ibs. $19.'-Z4.10. COW AND CALF PAIRS: Good and Choice 3-6 year old cows with 200-300 Ib. calves at side $320.-351. per pair. Good and Choice 3-6 year old cows with 75^200 Ib. calves at side 5250.-300. per pair. . HOGS: Estimated receipts 315' head, including 58 sows and 6 boars. Last week 306, year ago 184. Barrows and gilts $.20 higher. Feeder pigs $.50-2. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2 200-235 Ins. $36.-36.20. SOWS: US 1-3 300-350 Ibs. $31.-32.10; 350-400 Ibs. S30.-31. 400-500 Ibs. S27.-28. BOARS: $20.40-22.60. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 40-80 Ibs. $15.-21.50 per head; US 2-3 35-45 Ibs. $12.75-15 per head. FAYETTEVILLE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 1.600, week ago 1446, year ago 1978. Slaughter cows . $l.-2. lower. Feeder steers $l.-2. lower with most decline · on weight under 500 Ibs. Feeder heifers $l.-l.SO lower. Supply largely Good and Choice 300-600 Ib. feeder steers, 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial S20.-25. High Dressing Utilities $25.-26.75. Canner and Cutter $17.-23. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1100-1710 Ibs. $30.2535.90. BREEDER STEERS: Choice 300-825 Ibs. $32.-35. High Good and low Choice 200-300 Ibs. 528.30. 300-700 Ibs. $28.50-32.25. Good 300-600 Ibs. $26.-29. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice 200-300 Ibs. $29.-32.50 300-600 Ib5. $28.-31.90. High Good and low Choice 300-600 Ibs. $26.-28.50. Good 300-350- Ibs. S24.-26.50. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Choice 2-6 year old cows 6501000 Ibs. S24.-26.50. Good 2-6 year old cows 650-1000 Ibs. $20.24.25. COW AND CALF PAIRS: Good and Choice 3-8 year old with 200-300 Ib. calves at side $287.50-332.50 per pair. Good and Choice 3-8 year old with 75-200 Ib. calves at side $265.230. per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 475 head, including 46 sows, 11 boars. Week ago 359, year ago 322. Barrows and gilts steady. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-3 200-250 Ibs. $36.50-37.; US 1-2 package 210 Ibs. S37.25. SOWS: US 1-2 240-325 Ibs. $30.-31.; US 1-3 325-400 Ibs. $29.30.; US 2-3 300-400 Ibs. $28.-29.: US 1-3 400-500 Ibs. S28.-20; US 2-3 400-500 Ibs .$27.-28. BOARS: $19.25-22.75. FEE.DER PIGS: US 1-3 30-80 Ibs. S15.-21.40 per head; US 2-3 25-35 Ibs. S11.-15 per head. Light Rains Relieve Drought By The Associated Press Most of the nation enjoyed cool weather tinged with wetness today as temperatures dipped into the 50s and 60s. Light drizzle fell in the Midwest, relieving drought -stricken farm regions, But. winds churned through central Wisconsin and some funnel clouds were reported. Scattered thunderstorms also sifted through the Gulf and Atlantic Coast states. A cold front pushed storms into the Rocky Mountain regions. Clouds and fog lingered over portions of the Pacific Coast, but most of the region enjoyed fair skies as did the Mississippi Valley and upper New England. Temperatures before dawn ranged from 52 at Bradford, Pa., to 95 at Needles, Calif. TWO S ENTENCED 18 Fodor Honored NEW YORK (AP) -- Eugene Fodor, the young horseback-riding American who took top honors in one of the world's premiere violin competitions, has been given a gold key to the City of New York. Fodor, 24, who became the first American since Van Cliburn to win lop honors in the Tchaikovsky competition .in Moscow, reciprocated Tuesday by entertaining city officials with a rendition of Paganini's "Caprice No. 24" on a 1726 violin. The violin, valued at $300,.000. was loaned to Kodor by an admirer. 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Anyone having a question about social security is Invited to send it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES 72701. All inquiries must be signed and should include address of sender. Names will not be published, Q. I have been hearing about the new Federal payments for aged, blind, and disabled people. Why is social security operating this program? A. Supplemental security income payments are for pcoplt with little or no income and limited resources who are 65 or older, or blind, or disabled. Social security is handling the Federal program because it is already in touch with many people through already existing social security benefit programs, and because social security has a network of field offices, and established data processing systems. Q. In April I hired a woman to come to my house twice a week and help me with the cooking and cleaning. When must I report her wages? A. If you pay your household employee cash wages of $50 or more in the April, May, June quarter, you must report he?, wages and send the social security contributions to the.In- ternal Revenue Service by the end of July. You can get a copy of the leaflet, "Social Security and Your .Household Employee" at any social security office for more complete information on this subject. Q. I plan to retire this year. I have a grown son at home who has been severely disabled since birth. My wife takes care of him, but she is only. 58. Can she get payments from social security when I retire? A. It is possible that your wife can get payments when you retire. In addition, your son may also be eligible for benefits that can be paid to adults disabled in childhood. You should apply for benefits for your wife and your son at the same time you apply for retirement benefits. You can apply at any social security office. Q. I will be 62 later this year and I expect to apply for monthly social security retirement benefits at that time. I know that by applying at 62, my pay-' ments will, be reduced. I have a wife and two mino rchildren. Will their payments also be figured on my reduced rate? A. No. Even though you'll get reduced benefits, the payments for your wife and two children will be figured on your . unreduced rate. Q. I am 61 years old and a widower, and I was completely dependent on my wife before she died. Can I get monthly social security payments on her work record? A. If your wife worked long enough in jobs covered by social security, you may be able '.a get monthly benefits. Effective Januarty 1973 the age of eligibility for dependent widowers was lowered from 62 to 60. You should get in touch with your social security office and apply for monthly payments. Q. My husband died In an auto accident 4 months ago, and my 20 year old son was severely injured in the same accident. Since my son had worked for 6 months before the accident can he get monthly disability payments from social security? A.. To qualify for disability payments on his own record, i'our son needs at least l-'A f'ears of work under social se- :urity during the last 3 years. However, if it looks like he'll be disabled for a year or more, he may be able to get benefits on his father's earnings record. Children can get monthly payments on the record of a deceased, disabled, or retired parent if the child becomes disabled before age 22. NLR To Retain Mayor Form Of Governmenl NORTH LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- By about 400 votes, North Little Hock residents decided Tuesday to retain their mayor- council form of government. Complete, out unofficial returns show thai 4.403 persons voted against switching to the city administrator syslem, while 4,016 voted for the change. VOICE, "Voters Organized In Favor of City Administrator Election." had initiated tha drive for the change in government June 10. A group called TRUE Ihen organized to retain the present mayor-council (orm ot government. 'We've done the best we could, but both sides made mistakes." Phillip Lemley, TRUE; chairman, said Tuesday night. When VOICE officially announced its campaign, former North Little Rock Mayor Bob Rosamond and his administration were being investigated by the Pulaski County Grand Jury. Rosamond resigned June 27 and the grand jury dropped its investigation. A special election will be held Scpl. 10 to choose a new mayor. With the defeat of the city administrator proposal, North Little Rock residents must now wait four years before they can attempt again to change their city government. 'About 8,419 persons voted out of the nearly 30,000 registered voter* In 1.IM.1. Bnck

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