Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 7, 1974
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Aug. T, 1974 FAYITTIVlLLI, ARKANSAS ;iNixon's Only Supporters In The South ·iiiiinrniiiiiiiiiiiiiininiinniiiuiiiuniiiniiniiiiniiiiiiniiii Today In History :By KENNETH B. DALECKt TIMES " the time to vote nears. the r'oUt hesitation: 3,-oui -in.', history" ;V Passman, , he is to ' '/the 36th I " ! States. '' TPublic 5 ;-:'Sbuth j ' .'support t ' " t h e country . signs that flfld. Washington Bureau JTON -- Ask Otto /hat he thinks about chment of Richard he will tell you with.on: "They are per- e greatest President a Louisiana Demo- 3 kind of Deep South *!ixon badly needs if erve out Ms term as resident of the United union polls show the 'es Nixon stronger an any other part of y and that backing d by the region's re;s in Congress. .ess, there are clear · support for Nixon and loyalists like are becoming hard to 'assman, the average ive from Dixie hesi- re telling a newsman s on impeachment as "I don't think we'll go as a block," said Rep. Trent Lolt, VMiss., "but at the same time : think it (the South) will give him strong support." Loll, the young freshman on the House Judiciary Committee svho fought a losing battle with nine other Republicans against three impeachment articles, concedes that Nixon will un- doubtably be impeached by the Souse -- and with the help of some Southern votes. "This is not a clear-cut conservative versus liberal issue," Lott said. Pro-impsachment votes from Southern, Judiciary Committee members like Rep. Walter Flowers, D-Ala., "has got to be bad for the President -- it's going to cost him some Southern votes and that's all there is to it," said Lott. Most politicians here see no hope of Nixon heading off f majority vote for Impeachmenl in the House and thus a trial in the Senate. The discussion |in the House cloakroom now centers on the size of the irn- leachment vote. .. · . NEEDS MAJORITY If Nixon can keep a healtliy majority of' Southerner's and conservatives on his side, he might be able to defeat the effort to oust him from office n the Senate where a two- thirds majority is needed for conviction, B u t ' if a substantial number Mathis, a Georgi a Democrat whose district gave Nixon 80 per cent of its presidential vote in 1972. "A stale of indecision" Is the way Rep. L.H. North Carolina described his Fountain, a Democrat, impeachment of and conservative Republicans Deep South Democrats Once-Obscure Congressmen To Return To TV In Mid-August abandon Nixon, the President will be ousted by a landslide vote regardless of the zeal displayed by a handful of Otto Passman s. Rep. Morris K. Udali, D-Ariz., an influential liberal Democrat who is "leaning toward impeachment," sees: declining Nixon support in Dixie where he said "a sense of high moral purpose in politics is valued." "When they see the evidence they will change their minds," Udali predicts of the Southern block. "This simple blind acceptance of the President is, I think, fading." : Indications of Nixon's waning Southern Support is reflected in he ambivalent comments from congressmen who generally support Nixon's conservatism. "I am leaning right down the middle," said Rep. Dawson stance. Fountain's constituents include conservative tobacco farmers and a liberal college community at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nixon's statue In the South may be badly damaged by evidence that his lieutenants sought to use the Internal Revenue Service bama Gov. ir~By RICHARD J. MALOY 5 TIMES Washington Bureau ;; WASHINGTON -- Here is '· Roundup of hews items gathered m the nation's capital by the jstaff of our Washington Bureau. 'it"-'- ' ;2 You haven't seen the last of to discredit Ala- George Wallace during hi sgubernatorial elec- .ion campaign in 1070. The Mixon White House also gave Wallace's primary opponen' aeavy financial backing. "To have turned the IRS loose on Wallace really got to Lhe .people in Alabama who knew about it," said Hep. Join II. Rousselot, a California con servative Republican who .says he has not made up his mine on impeachment. WILL HANG HIM Attempts to misuse the IRS and other federal agencies an alleged in the second article o impeachment which charges Nixon with "abuse of power.' "That's which going to be the '" hang him," sail Rep. William L. Dickinson,, at \labama Republican who is no aying how he will come down n impeachment. A pro-impeachment stand ii le South was once considerec olitical suicide for the law maker who took it, but tha ittitude is changing. ''If a man is objective an :omes to his conclusion in lincere manner, I think mos icople will accept that," sal tep. David C. Treen, a conser 'ative Louisiana Republicar who represents a strong pro- Nixon district.. Treen said eon stituents must realize congress men have access to the ev dence and the expertise of stal and colleagues who hav studied the issues. Most Southerners still seem to require strong proof tha Nixon personally committe illegal acts before supportin impeachment -- a standar some impeachment advocate say has been met in tbe ev dence gathered by the Juc ciary Committee. 'We're not one breed (in th South) as much ns we used be," said Hep. Lott of Missi sippi. Nixon "will probab have some of . h i s stronge. support from the South, but think the Southerners are goin to come up all over the ba park." By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Wed. Aug. 7, thr ;19th day of 1974. There are 14 .ays left in the year. . Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1769, the U.S Var and Navy Department xere established. On this date: In 1782, George Washingto established the Order of th Purple Heart. In 1804. an American lleet bombarded th Mediterranean port of Tripoli. In 1912, a Progressive part convention in Chicago nom nated Theodore Roosevelt fo resident. In 1941, Soviet planes carrie out their first World War I bombing raids against Berlin. In 1942, U.S. Marines lande on Guadalcanal in the Pacific. In 1957, a federal grand jur in Brooklyn, New York indicte Colonel Rudolf Abel as a Sovi spy. ··· ' · Ten years ago: Turkish A Force jet fighter planes a tacked Greek Cypriot position on Cyprus. Five years ago: The U. Justice Department said would not appeal to the S preme Court to try to revers the acquittal of Dr. Benjam Spook and Michael Ferber i charges of conspiring to cou sel evasion of the draft. Judy Petty Sees Wynne Demand For Honesty LITTLE HOCK (AP) - Judy city or Little Rock, the Rc- ublicau congressional card! ate, said Tuesday that she slil id not believe President Nixon hould resign. She said, however, tluil six olds any office of public trus 'in far too high an esteem I Killed ¥··[ 13ENNING, Ga. (AP) -The Army said Tuesday- that Army Reserve Sgt. Richard Yelverlon of Wynne, Ark., wns killed Monday night when he was struck by aii armored personnel carrier here. A spokesman said that Yel- vcrton.'a member of Ihc engineer battalion, was participating in field training exercises when he was struck accidentally. Yelverlon's unit is based at Memphis, Term... and 'was at III Idl IUU II£LI t\ll »-uw\-*."» - lVlVlIl(JJI10 ( 1 til L I . , *MIM ·· ·"· -xcuse or condone any abuse of (Ft. Bcnning for'summer tram-, hat t r u s t ' . " i i n g l according to the spokes- Mrs. Petty, who is seeking man ' he 2nd District seat currently leld by Rep. Wilbur D." Mills, D-Ark., said that Nixon, by his own admission, has "deceived he.American public" and there s no defense for it." She said there is "an overwhelming demand" for honesty and integrity in government. "Public pressure forced disclosure on the President, ape rightly so," Mrs. Petty said "It is now my hope that Wilbur Mills will he forced by that same pressure to make his own disclosure and tell the truth about his own campaign finano ing." One year ago: A U.S. fighter bomber struck a government held village in Cambodia In a second bombing mistake in 2 hours, killing eight persons ani wounding. 16. Eds: no, birthdays of note ii our files.) Permit Given Knievel BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Mo- orcycle daredevil Evel Knievel las cleared the last hurdle pri- r to his planned jump over the Snake River Canyon. The state of Idaho granted inievel a permit for the scheduled Sept, 8 jump on Tuesday. Knievel plans to use a rocket- jowered motorcycle ' to jump he canyon, which is about a quarter-mile wide and about 500 feet deep. TERMITES ? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL Roaches, Ants, Spider*, etc. COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL. 442-7298 · those once-obscure congressmen 'pn the House Judiciary Com- ;jnjltee who vaulted into national iprpminance during the televised .'impeachment proceedings. -'"'·They will be on center stage im; mid-August, when the im- ·peachment drama moves to the VHbuse of Representatives for j'twb weeks of debate which is v e*xpected to culminate to House ^approval of Articles of Inv .'preachment. : "The men and women who J carried the ball .during the 'Judiciary Committee proceedings will also play the key roles iB' the House debate. Hep. 'Charles Wiggins, the California Republican who was Mr. Nix- on.'s.most able defender will be cast in the same role during.the House ' fight; while New Jersey's Charles Sandman will be again addressing his domogogic appeals to the galleries in behalf of the. President. People like Chairman Peter Rodino, D- N.J.. Jack Brooks, D-Tex., Larry Hogan, R-Md. and James Mann, D- S.C., will be pressing the case against the chief executive. The House proceedings, like those before the Judiciary Committee, are expected to oe carried on live television. But the historic showdown will come in the Senate in late FUEL STORY -- The o i 1 industry bad a hard time this week trying to explain away a published report that it was curtailing production of gasoline n an effort to keep prices high The American Petroleum Institute, which represents the industry, issued a press release after the report appeared. Jt acknowledged that gasoline production was down, and that gasoline stocks were 20 per cent higher than this time last year. But it also said demand for gasoline was down, so it wasn't necessary to keep production at full capacity. .Critics charged the industry wants to keep price wars from breaking out, now that gasoline supplies are plentiful, because price cutting would erode oi! industry profits. September trial gets when Mr. underway. Nixon's Then a select handful of Judiciary Committee members will be tftfown back into the spotlight S?;the "managers" of the case jgainst the President. XjThese five managers.will fill {ne role of prosecutors and will $1obably include Hogan,. Rep. Walter D. Flowers, D-Ala. gttid several others. It will :ftS up to 'Mr. Nixon to select his own corps of defense law- iyjjfrs, who can include both private lawyers and such con- 'gfessional defenders as Wiggins. KThe Senate trial will be tele- ;{rised, and during the long w£eks when the crucial case unfolds these congressional "managers" of the impeachment case will- come to be known by almost every American. POPULATION -- There's been a marked shift in American population patterns, according to a new Census Bureau study. The report, covering what has happened to our population during the years since the 1970 census, shows a sharp drop in the U.S. growth rate. The U.S. population oh July 1, 1973 was placed at 210 million, up 3.3 per cent since the 1970 census. The most striking change, however, was a shift in migration patterns within the country. The years-long migration out of the South and into'the northern industrial states has been reversed. Between 1970 and 1973 most southern States had a net in- migration of people, while most northern industrial States experienced a heavy out-migra- OPEN DAILY 9-10; CLOSED SUNDAY WED.,THUR, FRLSAT. tion. Northern states as a whole declined in population during the three year period. Southern and Western states had a population gain in excess of 2 per cent. INFLATION HEDGE -- Want to beat inflation, which currently soaring at a dizzy 10 per cent annual rate? One way is to buy some farm Bfld. which is increasing in at a much t}]an inflation. faster rate ,,A new Agriculture Depart- iflent study disclosed f a r m real estate rose a record 25 per cent during March expected to jump another 15 per the year which ended 1. Farm real estate is Cent in value during t h e (Sir-rent year, according to the VJSDA report. ; ;LOBBY SPENDING -- Lobby groups reported spending a record $9.5 million to influence federal legislation and policies last year. However because the law r e q u i r i n g lobby spending reports has large loopholes, this amount actually represents only a small fraction of the money spent by special interest groups to influence federal policies. Despite the loopholes, the spending reports give an indication of which special interest groups are bard at w£rk here trying to influence congressmen and bureaucrats. IBusiness groups reported spending the most. $3.3 million Ia$t. year. Next biggest lobby sjwnder was organized labor which reported spending $1.9 million. Professional groups, representing such occupations as doctors and lawyers, spent $732,000 while farm interests reported spending $672,000. BIKE SAFETY -- Starling the first of next year, all bicy cles sold in the U.S. must meet new federal safety standards. Ordered by the .Consumer Product Safety Commission, the rules set requirements for bike f r a m e s , steering systems, wheels, brakes and reflectors. Bicycles rank number one on t f f « commission's product hazard index, blamed for inju rISs to more t h a n a million per- sdtts annually. The standards art designed to reduce bike iiv juries. Jury Selected In Crossell Trial LAKE VILLAGE, Ark. (AP) -- Six jurors were selected Tuesday as the trial of James Williams, 43, of Crossett, who is accused of the rape and slaying of Maudine Deggs of near Crossett, opened here.. The jury selection will resume today. " Circuit Court Judge G. B. Colvin of Dermott, who is presiding, granted a change of venue from Ashley County Circuit Court because of publicity. Robert Morehead of Pine Bluff, Williams 1 court-appointed lawyer, had moved that the jury panel be quashed, but Colvin overruled that motion. Morehead alleged that the jury wheel favored landowners and business and professonal persons in the upper-age bracket and discriminated if gainst the young wage earners. Williams was convicted of the charge in 1964. He received the death penalty but his sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment by the late former Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. The Arkansas Supreme Coart later ordered a new trial because of alleged discrimination in the selection of an all-white jury. Williams is black. State Rice Harvest Comes In Early STUTTGART, Ark. (AP) The Arkansas rice harvest, which began Tuesday, is 10 days ahead of the first rice dates of recent years. Bob Rawlings, vice president Foods at Stuttgart, said the outlook for the state's 1974 rice production .is about 650,000 acres -- which would be an increase of about 35 per cent over last year. He said the first rice Tuesday was Labelle, an early-maturing long grain, off 60 acres of the George Minor farm near Dumas. Minor has another 100 acres to folio wthe first 60. The Labelle was planted April 20. Rawlings said the 2-year- yleld and quality of t h e old Texas release "looked good." He said the yield was anticipated at more than 100 bushels per acre. 6-BAND PORTABLE RADIO 19 37 Oar Ray. 3037 4 Daft Only Re«. 8.44 9-pc. kit for Rag. 9.97 AM radio. AM/FM/PB-l/BP-2/Air/WB. Built-in AC home haircutting. Handsomely styled. adaptor; y speaker; battery charger. GAF MOVIE KIT Includes Camera Projector DUAL 8 MOVIE PROJECTOR HAND MIXER T 8 Has zoom'lens, automatic threading. Shows B«». 9.76. 3 speeds, Attractive buffet styling with high-dome, vent- Super 8 and Regular 8 movies. 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