Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 26, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1952
Page 9
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MMTHWMT MKANtAS TIMK,, ArhanMi, TvM«f«r. M, 1«SI ANNUAL REPORT-- CONTINUED FROM PACE ONE While operating expenses used up $9,507.15 to leave ;i net of $25,210.82. Of this, $32,600 went lo the Street Department and $2.500 J to the Fire Department. This means that mnncy transferred .from the meter fund exceeded the net income by $9,889.18. Fire Department income for the year was $31,562.93 including the $2,500 from the meter fund and $2,500 from the'general fund. The properly tax brought, in $26,424.18! and miscellaneous income was listed at $138.75. The department's! expenses came to $35,311.21 in- · eluding $5,226.31 depreciation. I. This left a net loss of $3,748.28. General and administrative de-' partmcnts--offices of elected of- j ficials, business office, -city cngj- · necr, etc. -- had an income of $100,623.07 and .spent or t r a n s - ' I erred to other funds $67,788.20. ·"· .This left 532,834.87, which 'was j used for operation of the Police; Department. The Police Department, with ( no funds of Us own,, is listed as j one of the general and adrninis-1 trative departments, but for p u r - j poses of clariflcailon its income- j cost figures were: . . j Operating expenses of $47,{i38.99, j less police court fines of 512,015.72 ! and a court expense rebate from j the county government of $1,800. Thus the net cost of operating the department for the year came to $33,823.27. 1 Airport incbine from all sources was listed at $7,242.11 including a $400 transfer, from the general fund. Expenses came to $5,672.30 --leaving a $1,560.81 balance. LEGAL NOTICES GEN Plantation Owner Shot Columbus, Miss.-(/Pj-A plantation owner was shot to death today and a posse began hunting an unidentified Negro man. J, Allison Hardy, whn operates a large plantation about seven · miles southwest of here was slain when he sought to quell a disturbance in a cabin on his plantation. School Is Closed Jonesboro, Ark.-(/P)-Threal of a spinal meningitis epidemic has closed the Valley View School, three miles south of Jonesboro. Supt. S. H: Kosscr said the school would remain closed at least until Thursday. Avalanche Kills Six Vienna-(/P)-An avalanche roaring down in the neighborhood of the Kaprun power station in the Austrian Alps today hillrri six ington before the Senate Preparedness 3ub-Committec. The group is holding hearings on charges of waste, fraud and mismanagement' in the construction of. U.S. air bases overseas. In reply to -one charge that 'engineers and contractors "Did what they damned pleased," the General said he has taken steps to prevent such happenings in* future. (International) workers others. a n d injured s e v e r a l DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. INJUNCTION-- CONTINUED FRn.M PAGE ONE · formed of the qunranlinc by the Health Department officials. Neither Glenn, Honomich! nor j INSTRUCTION Coe testified this morning. Simply Held Cut Off Jones charged t h a t the sanitarians hart "cut o f f " part of the Glenn milk producers so that the dairy was unable to obtain all the Grade A milk it wanted for processing ami distribution. He said tile dairy wouK have used Grade A skim milk for buttermilk if the Grade A supply had been great enough. But he said use of Grade C milk for buttermilk fs acceptable under purity and sanitation laws and rules. He did not explain liu\v the producers had been cut off. thlf court within thirty day* nnd answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff In the shove entitled c«ute nnd «Uu, Nolle* in hereby given that Ihcre hni been Ilk-d In my office ni Clerk of the Washington County Chnncery Courf, a petition for the uontirmii- i U » n of the title of ForoEtlnea M [ Campbell, anil Sarah Hrrntlbn. if llv: ing. and If deceased, her unknown : heirs at law to the fullowiiiK Jandi in ' Washington County, Arkansas, lo-wil: 7 Pt. of the SE!i of the SW'.i see. [ 1. twp. If north, rnnge .10 west. I described as: Beginning at a polni j 43-^i i-odl north of the SK corner i of said 4t acrft Iract. rind r u n n i n g ; ihcnce north 4l» rods, thence west bearing north A? rod* 10 a point . 48 rods. 7. feet and 11 inches n o r t h of the south line of naid 40 acre trac t thence northwest 1 1 rod* to the cast line of the right of way of the SI. LoufH S. F. Railroad, 1 hence southwesterly u fonit the cast aide of an Id rail mart right-of-way 6 rods, thence south bearing west along ihc middle of the public Wftflon road to a point due west of the beginning corner, thence east to {he place of he- linnlng, containing 4 acres, more or Jess. AH persons, ffrtiii. nnd curpuraiioiis .-ho claim any interest in or t i t l e to ;nid real ffslale or liens on same are hereby warned io appear tn said court w i t h i n 6 weeks a f t e r d a t e nnd I show cnuse wh y tne l i t l G ° r P l a i n t i f f S3 -,?» ""' u ' d n ° l b · 'Vitness niy hand and ical t h i s 25th day of February, 1932, · Hichard B. Grcer Chancery Cicrk __ 26 _ March 4-11-18-25 AprH_Nc WARNING OHDKR In The Chinccry Court Of W«hln|t«n County, Arkansas Yvonne Dickert Plaintiff VK. Curtis Dickert Defendant The Defendant Curtis Dicker! is warned lo appear in this Court w i t h i n t h i r t y days and answer ihc complaint of ihe Plaintiff in the nhnve e n t i t l e d cause. Witness my hand and seal of this Court this n t h day of February, 1952. (SEAL) Richard B. Gruer Chancery Clerk 1Z-1Q-2C, March 4-c FOR SAUt--nOMF NEEDS FOR KKNT--M1SCKU.AVKnUK | fOfl HALF--REAL ESTATE ROOM lurnlshed a p a r t m e n t arrow cRmpu*. Phone 1247. HOOM IiinfUhcd j i p h i t m c n i , bUU milrt, 2 h!ock\ c.'unpin. A v a i l a b l y Mnrt-h f i r s t Piitinc- -68J. "lINJSUEn lour room «n;iriin.-m. ·uodtni i.nrl pnviur. A t i l o n i n t i e t i i m r junmctv G.-irbiicc disposal unit rjpijdlx washer a n d dryrr. A m p ) c r i i n l n c t nnd closet space Qnrflcr. ' r.'n riot* JSSW month utilities n n r t . paid. Kverit E Campbell. I'hono UiVKUKTT. Sln K lr roniin S14 f i t h up. Double Sir) mrmih wh . V"_.Mi'«lS_nei(ihy. MJmnt* 1171-J. hoini- o n ' f ' r l K c n Street. decorated. ! M r«e alnss suriporch. i? preferred. Mr. H;inki. phone 1500. . . N e w l y 1 . alnss suriporch. ' Gnu pi? preferred. Mr. and Mrs. Al- 0. HKDHOOM. p r i v a t e h n t h e n t r a n c e ns. ' ! 'home.' 7 closets' Large! garnitc. High elcvnlmn room bpnrtiiicnt' l' . Sullahlc for o f f i c ' MAD ANIMA1S REMOVED PROMPTIY Quick tiniKry ttrvlce Fayetteville Rendering Service Call u Colkti No. 181! Keep Yaur Farm JfcM _»«nch _Sanitary Esles, noting that his duty is to "protect citizens" as well as to "prosecute," said his purpose in arranging the meeting between Smallwood and Glenn was to "get the maitc'i' straightened out," and try to reach a settlement without removing the A rating or going to court. The deputy prosecutor said he | had information regarding the | disposition of the quarantined ma' tcrial but he took no action as deputy prosecutor and knows of nu action by Prosecuting Attorney Ted Coxsey of Berryvillc, with whom he said he discussed the situation Estes said he "took a dim view" o[ the sanitarians' story on the quarantined material. .Chancery. Judge Thomas, Fi -Butt is". hearing the case. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMMS Phon* Coiled 2353 FartiteTille, Arkansoi Joplin Rendering Co. Today's Market-- EXPERT TRUCK SERVICED · will keep tjOurTRUCK POWER tUP EXPENSES VOWNi snivia MASONMII St. Louis Livestock N a t i o n a l Stockyards, I1I.-W)- (USUA)-Hoxs 13,000; moderately active early, hitcr slow; weig S?n ]hs down 25 to 35 lower; heavier weights 10 lo 25 lower; sows steady to 25 lower; b u l k eboice N'os. 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 17.5075; several loads mostly choice Nos. J and 2 under 220 Ibs 17.85 240-270 Ibs Jli.50-17.10; 270-300 Ibs 1G.OO-65; 150-170 Ibs 15.7517.25; 120-140 Ibs 13.50-15.25; 100110 Ibs i:.00-J3.00;Xiows 400 Ibs down 15.00-16.00; heavier sows 1.-.00-14.75; stags 11.50-K;.50; boars 9.00-11.00. Cattle li.SOO, calves 850; opening moderately active on steers anrl heifers with prices f u l l y ' s t e a d y ; prime 1,280-lb averages 36.30; good and choice steers and heifers largely 31.00-35.00; commercial and low good steers and heifers 27.50-30.50; cows strong; u t i l i t y and commercial 21.00-23.50; -conncrs and cutlers 17.50-21.00; bulls and veal- crs steady; u t i l i t y and,commercial bulls 33.00-39.01); prime sorted vcalcrs 40.00-41.00; utility and commercial vcalcrs 23.00-30.00. Sheep 1,500; slaughter lambs steady to weak, spots 25 lower; ewes steady; good lo iirinic wool- cd lambs 2G.50-27.75; 33 head prime Southdown lambs to city butcher 28.25; good and choice lambs Nos. 1 and 2 pelt:; 24.7520.50; some yearlings 22.75; most owes 12.00-14.00; culls down to P.OO. COMPLETE your high school at home in spare time. Texts furnished Diploma. Nn claBses. Send for 47 pnfic hooklet anrl sample lesson free Am rican School, write P. O. Box .120. Fnyeltcville. HELP WANTED--MALE DELIVERY boy. App"iy~in person, Quaker Drug Store. YOUNG men wanted to net ready to accept positions in drafting, accounting, electricity and dicscl cnfiinocr- ing. We teach .vou / at hoine in spare time and help place you. American . School. Write P. O. Box 320 Fay. ellevillc. HELP WANTED--FEMALE WAITRESS wanted, npply 8~o 10 a. m. Razorback Restaurant, 41(1 WANTEDT^A" V~ON~REPR ESENT A~TIVES. Good earning o p p o r t u n i t y for amhiliotis women w i t h spare time'. For details, call Miss Garner at the Washington Hotel, Thursday, February 28. LEWIS BROS.-CO., Inc. B R A N O new Goodrich Sllvertown white sidowall tires, size 8:l!Uxl5. _Phtme 19-tD. \ ELECTRIC refri,ji-nitur,~rfrmt d e l u x e Kclvioaior, perfect condHUni, SB5 00. Jlahfock.Jttfl Souflijfclionl. '-·ETYLENE welding o i i t f f l . ComplJtu 2 sets hose. 2 lorches w i t h .10 pound Bcmrnitor. 400 K o u l h -School. SET of fiolf clubs, bag. shoes, glove and several wood halls. All of above l i k e new. Clubs arc Wilson. S n m Sliced, and is a crumple I c set of irons mid woods. Prlcu $85.00. pi KGiSTEnEh^Vcker'spiinM puppies. _Mnt : _\V.frnU._ Photic 507-.N2. S-'VEN**,vcnr" old 'work horse. Osca IJj'Khcs.^WfMSlow Arli . R o u t e 'i. LESPEDEZA n n d mixed hfiy. I V blocks o f { ' sullr;, very ' ? for junnll 1 T I I R K E riinm iiiiiilrril i i p i i r t m r n l . t i t i l l . ! ties pnut. $40 m o n t h l y , u n i u r m s h c d | 1 wp room-modern a p a r t m e n t , u n f u r n - ished.. 5^7.50 i n n n l h l y . . -..icletu-y i.n.utment, JoO m o n t h l y . I Hiiiniiioiid Hi-Hhy Co. Phone 7»:t ! .'NKUrtNlsiiKD 3" room u p n r l m e n t l'i ] from the square. t»hnne i!(i|'j j ilV.F ' M a r r h ' r i r v t . Is'lrp f u r n - ished efficiency i t p n r t n U M i t (or I 1 _:!°.L'k_woQd_ np.'irtnu-nta. Plume 2!iS.I. | UPSTAIRS iurnlsbcd .1 room n p n n - ' mcnt w i t h Klnssed in jjfjri-J: and biilh. G J 5 N o r t h College. P h o n e ,, --'I- | 2 *lbdM ji]iuriiiicni.'313 WCBI Mountain · THE OWNER SWUNG AN AX ON the prlrc of Ihll 20 nrrri, becauift (hr hnuir nerd* dccnr«lin«--hut the houtr i* rodtn.v *nd corn for la hlf Anil thrrr'x hroomncflse nn (hr Innd ' --hut it'* a vMJk-y 20. and ran n u n - 1 port 7 or » hend of r a l t l c . The I n - 1 callon i* Riind, lanrt It fenced, thr-rr'n | 'i f»!r hnrn, chicken houif. f r u i t i rll«r. rlfit'irli'ily. A.itl fin u t t m c i i v r . ' yard you'll enjoy (hl« jUrnnier. $.1.P,00. ; Trrmt | GOOD PLACE TO LIVE j K1CHTY nrrc* f r n r r t l (or iinck »i I tnllf nf (.' S. 71. near U«t Ttirlc j Knlr 4 room,- hum c h i c k e n hmur. R l r c l r l r l t y . t r l f p h o n f a v a i l - ' · hlr A *ood plnrr (or xomconr who ] w n n t * »cmip Mock. Priced lo sell-- j soon Call f u r I n f o r m a t i o n . ' ROOM FOR TWO FAMILIES ON t h l x fin Acre f a r m . Two annd hmnrs. nnf Ti room hoiiar, p t r c l r l r l t y . ca«, r u n n i n x water One 4 room hnti*c. new. r . i r r f u l l y r o n n t r u r t e d New hnrn. loin of nhpd room. 2 5(10 iviuaclty hrollcr hoiiK? w i t h C'"». r u n n i n g w a t n r . I.nylnx houfft Loll of new f r n c i i i R . A well Improved f a r m t l i a l w i l t run a jot of cow* this u i m m r r . B u i l d i n g * In n tynk-nl Oznrk F r t t l n f i . .Iuti ^ tnile irnji p i v r m ^ n t . A m l R h * y hlj( buy for 112.iion. ESTATf! nrtOILEft pl«nl, MxIM foot b r i n k (inn! . lory f n r n i r f »chfto| httlttflnif with \ nnt city hlork nt g r o u n d . C.ip«MI,v. l.flOO Iirtiiltrs. rirmr nlnn .1 m i f n - , m a f i c K l t A n n fcMcr*. "0 rfiitnnnhc : Onkr* w n t r r r r t . 21 Oikn e n brood-! rr* Drcsiint; rnnm c r t t t i p n i f i i t w i » h ' u i a m ^ i i r p t r k r r (»n hirtuv.iv fit. t w o ·title.* from ^ h i j i h w i i y m i c n r r f t o n i Clood pny.liiliUr-i for roift dlttc =rl- ! v r r t U S n n -nut chk:k*n r.tft. Cir- ; ^ n r l l u i Rrojlrr t'l.Tiit, Chfrn'*?e. Okla, ' F I V E ere *(iliurh;irt 'i:lr ith n^w tw Itnrn LocHtc'l c o n v r n l r n l tn I J n l v i ' D U t i Ow I v M v l n i t titut hut, rrdm r-l t h « prl to Jl.'j.icnn w i t h i r r r n i f i v d l t . i h f f . F'FTF.EN acre* U i t h MI,;. I! home A barn New f e n r e «nd f i n e I H T · prlttK. Xhi* ptm-e hn^ |nl» of (uUi *n\ U |nr«iril on r, I t t i t l t w A v of town Thr p r i c e Ix only Si.VWj WIIKINS REAL[Y CO. 10 REAL BUYS AT. ;,' '{ WHITFIELD'SI 1942 O M , 76 Club Sedan. Hydromalic drive. Radio and healer ..... .$34} 1941 O l d i 76 Sedan. Radio, heater; good tirei. Reconditioned engine .. .S295 Ford 2-door NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY 1'hono nnheast Broyltts. of Fnrminston, Lester EAHN innnoy at home. Full parl-Umc. Wrltu Box K-2G, %Tline«. SALESMEN WANTED SALESMAN WANTED For Selling Appliances Stoves - Sweepers - Etc. Some Experience Necessary LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. FACTORY SALESMEN--Sell Charles Chester nationally k n o w n Cushion Shoes direct. Complete line for entire family. Full t i m e or side line. Full time men earn up to $25 01 per day In cortimiBsfon Hi* repeal* Sample and equipment free to pro- duceri.' CHARLES CHESTER SHOE CO.. 33 Chester Bldg., Brocti Mass. ABSHIER. BRYAN Year Friendly Ford Dealer . Sine* 1913 FflKsom l.s Aequitied Blrminfihnm, Ala.-(/P)-Formcr Gov. .lames E. Folsom of A l a b a m a w^s cleared yesterday of a charge of drivinfl while intoxicated. He wcjlt when Jiid|,'c G. O. Doner ae- quilled him a f t e r a non-jury trial In County Court. His pretty brunette wife broke into a wide smile. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS 'TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate; 3 cmU per word slnjle In- fcrlton. Three conwcutivr inserlioni, 7 cents per word. M i n i m u m order 42c. Classified nds cash In ndvnnce-- not taken over ihc telephone. Deadline for clnMiHerl fid«: -10:30 ·\ m (Intly; 9;,10 .1. m. Salnrrtny. CiirrcciionB nnd rerun cheerfully m.vle n f l p r flrBt inBcrtlon. No corrections or rerun m.idc n ( t r r ad hat expired. NOTF: AdvcrilKinK copy for other pnitca In duo nt 12 noon the day pre* cccttinR publlcntlon; 12 noon Saturday for publlcntlon on MonrlAT LKdALJJpTICrR^ _ _J Till* And Wflrninit Or4»r in TM cmanccry cturt or Wiitilni(»n Ciuntv, ArhintM ForeMlncn M. Cnmpbell Ex I'nrte *nd P l n l n l l f f Snrnli Herndon. U living. And If (tern me (1, her u n k n o w n neiri «t Inw Drfenjrinnlft The rtf'lrndnnl.i, S a r n h Merndon, If HvhiR, ftnrl K rtrremrd, her unknown hf.'r* p'. *!fv, t"- "'irneri lo uppcur in SALESMAN WANTED For genera! sales work on retail floor LEWIS BROS. CO. IHONF.V TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY. INC. Phone 2203 FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK YELLOW Jersey cow. Brcd"to~Tl5r6"- ford Fresheri May. Phone 458WI. FOR SALF, -AUTOMOTIVE 1338 BU1CK SZQfl.QO. 511 West Center. PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO ^"?..^ 6 .' .^_?.?j WANTED TO BUf !OOD used i;iwn mower. Phone H50J jifjcr 6 p. m. ACRKAGE in " Norihwcst Arkansas which will handle about f i f t y head of catllc and feed for winter. Give full particulars as In improvements cond'Hons of land, fences, water and location, prices nnd terms. Also directions to find place. W r i t e to: Lonnie Snow, G8« Grapevine Hiith- way.__Por 4 ._ Worth._Tcxas. CLEAN cotton ragi, 12c pound. Whit- f i e l d M o t o r Co. LOST AND FOUND LOST, 7 month old blnckrcoi'kcFsnn n - icl. Answer? to name. "Tubby." Reward call 173-W. Mario Edlin 15 Koji^l.h_Duncan. OST^LiRhl grey i'crsian cat. Phone FOR SALE-- HOME NFKDS Located 2 ' a miles s o u l h of I'r.-iirit ·ova and !i mile e«sl of Centei Point school house, on-Thursday, Feb. 28, 1952 BEGINNING AT 10:30 A.M. 21 H E A D OF LIVESTOCK K A H M I N O IMPLEMENTS HOUSEHOLD GOODS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS TKHMS: CASH LUNCH S K R V K U P.,R. CARROLL, Owner BARTHOLOMEW McKENZIE, Strrel. Phone 2178J. UNFUHNISME»"n|wrtincntr"A"irii1 is. ! __Phone JBi;i. | rOWNSTAIllS'ltirnlithcrl .I'rnotn npnrf. I inent w i t h bath. Olfi N o r t h College,' _Pbnno 2257. _ f .1 ROOM f u r n i s h e d " a p n r i m b n t "iiuntcrn w i ( h electric r e f r i c u n i l o r nnd wnili- cr. Private. Rnnlmi if wattled. Couple only l l i f i h w n y 1(1 West. SM.OO. '.ills pnld. Phom- 17-IJI. NICE tarnc bedroom. Business tmm or sludL-nt. J17 Ensl Uifnyclic. Phone 'i ROOM rc;tily f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t . i ROOM H p n r t m c n t , new modern tlic inJsi; 1 linoItMim. Knrmn-. fi miles south on 71. U t i f u r h i s h c d . 541100 3 ROOM "rurnlsheil n p a r l m e n l , ' neiir campus Nir-e close S, firivatc balh. _^ Rprfn^flMij Ark_ _^ BY n W K E l l · ROOM hdijir on KaKt Mrtjilft a t r r r l . lint tnnjc roomv A u t o m n l i c r c n i r n l ln-.-tt n n r t wood bnrntnit Ilrpplnce On nl.v hu* Hoc. Prircvl r f A t o n a b l t t iorjiuii-H. *.;!(· Call 201(5. YOU MUST SEE "if""-"" -'OH wi rninidt drscrtbe nil thr n l r r f e j i l u r r ^ - - f l l T p l a r r in Inrfip l i v i n g room, three roomy berlmomi nnd n l n r « p p!ny or exini room, k i t c h r i i i wild p leu m ins cubinef*. Iwn r m l h t ; and closets R it lore, all prriQllrally j ne\V »"'! In n l o r n l i o n you w i l l love. : Hcsl nf n i l in tlie pricn.' I.rt in Miow | COUNTRY HOME WITH .-ill rll.v convi-mrm-ri till. i r r n l hetl wr h n v r hurt In nr n InnB !(irt« l i t T i r hnprnv-ni TAinUi n iii!)dprn :: hvlnvini hti Inw. t t n i i k r liixisr. trim, mul prn. Thr hnini. I, Ir.vilalr.l ·Ity u - H t f r . n.itiitiil (,.; ( s. dnn k i r . h l l l l l l n i nnil lilcn'.v nl C ,IM,| rrt - I O H B I B E n t i r e t r r i f l h wrl! fnt Ymi may iijivr inunriltiilc poi^ot INVESTMENT PROPERTY rn'O tii-ilr(uin hinnr iinly 4 nr ft i Olrt W e l l lrir.,|.|| III S \V fn^ v l l l r - np;ir new «chfin],. It win al r p n t r r n d l l y . Lrl tjs Blow you t'hntii' 7fi:i RFMTY CO t H D. lla .l;irvii AS YOU LIKE IT" _ _ - j _ ^ . ~__ _ _ ROOMS. t24" North cbileRc. TKonc ««._ ' _ _ __ONE f u r n i s h e d hcdrnotn In p r i v n i c home. r J'wo bloclti (rum squnrr. \VIII rent to m i d d l e IIRO man nr wanmit. JMusl furnish rorpronry._Plnnip :in50. REDKCOJIATED'3" room u n f u r n i s h e d . aivirlmcnt. 9B South Uunrnn. Pliom- 27011,1. UNIVEHSiTY " "A'PAilTMBNTS. "'one licdroom. iinlurnl.shcd S. r i7.50, l u r n - ished S7il 50 bil's pnlrt. B c n (i I x _J a AT:i!' r - v _ "V". 11 " 11 '**- ''httnc 2,'flnit , PARKVIEW APA'RTMENTS." nnc hetf- i'i)om u n f t i r n h h c d SriO.Ofl. f u r n i s h e d Sltfmi; I w n bcdfnom i i M f l t r n l r h r t t Jif.MK) iicndlx iBitmiry n V n U f i h l r . Phone B9«. I KITTRON FADDIS. Clsrli Of Sample Dresses All Klzea 2-10 School drcsse* and shuL-rs. Also cotton mnirrlnl.i nt cost. PYPER CO. 1'!l- W _I^J_P ic ^ 5nn . Phom; 2:t2fi USED Rrnfie "wi'fc a n d ~ h c l f c r "calf. Phono 312.12. TWO 8 cnn Wilson rrrllk coolers Onml as new. Inquire V/m Tries R r n l l y Co.. Brcnlwood, Ark.__ KCiiiS. large.' Kie. WHI__^gIL ver - CB8R4. RKOISTERED .Icrary bull 2 ycnra old J',j milcS west of Fnrmlnglnn W. D _WJtt.___ ,__^ MODKRN w i t l n u l study riosK. nllo snx- nphonc. Sfmnions bed and inner- snrinu nriltress. white shoe roller skHles, D.vI2 wool ruR. Phone LiIMBKR for hroilor houses. W. S. PijBffhal, RoulG 7, HAY. Extra pood quality. R. L. Combs. KEYSTONE QUALITY FRESH BULK GARDEN SEED LEWIS BROS. C0_ "" "WOOD" F I R E P L A C E stove 'sn'." Kern- 53 f n l l o n wood, delivered. Phone nOMM4._ _ ONE' Flak' tire" 6:70x1. " i ' ^ ' ' " scnc, 10c prr j;;tl|on lots^ Phone SG3R. .10 ; GALLON* hot water t n n k and Bide __srm hcnter. Phone 173,'iJ. NKARLY n c w ~ M a y t n B fjas rnnKt, S-W. Hruah saw, S100. N E W L I N REALTY ____ WI!:ST_Jf;*pnK._AnK. ___ KSKO nnd Es«n K x t r a ^ n t special reduced prices. If you WJHH ihfsc prices cnitiiniiGd. show mi-. Tell your friends. Johnson Esso Service, llijjh- way_7]_North. ___ _ ' ~TM r'niti'rntio'nB. b u t l o n - scrvleu, Mrs. \ V n l k i n s , Jioles, q u i r k __Hione , r i77.1. t _ DON~ J3onen. pijini~luni.-r, R i i u t e 5, ' _-»hono 2248W. __ ] !Nl)IVinUAl. InroincYnx sefvlcp. Ren- i nnnnhjc. :iO!t2Il. j ROCK and BLOCK ....... | WORK, tirtvrwny smvcl top xoll. Jjhuna 2fi9(5R. FOR gitfdcn plowlnR "cnll" R70W1. n. _JjpJI;imt.__ ' _· _ K X C A V A T I N n -- BtJU-rio^fNn " -''ONUS -- ROADS -- CLEARING OLIN K A R N E 8 A N O KLLIS WILSON 316£W_ 2ril9J ^ ""HARRY H. CREMER SIGNS Ron In 1_ _ _R"*_ 211. __ Wlnslow FOR YOUn""R6dFING NEEDS Call II. L. Stewart RonflnK Contrnctor Also, Asbestos Siding. Home rrpniri._J J hnno 101 U _ J . W . H i l l . ElEQRIC CO, Quality Initalltr* · PUMPS ·POWER _ I!! 10 TM *f ^' st Forl _ " E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 Ixtra nice used Apex vacuum cleaner .. .. . J 25.(Ml Jsed Klcctrohix refrigerator $100,00 Iscd Kelvlnalor electric rnngc jtSOn on im,oking t t n n d f f . i 1 So J O H N RHODKS APPLIANCE CO. ' 1 N. Block 'Phone 2021 "Your KeMnalor Dealer" USED dining room stifle, qiinrlcr "sawed onk. Larcc h u f f n l , round oxlon- sion table and six chairs, $50.00 set. -iAPLE~"1Tvlng""room Ti7{tc~"'iiofn""ancl f w o club chnir* $79.50. S t u m p -li'ZHi*"! 0 ^"-. 603 W. Dlckson. USED runiVrtURE'fiARGAINS"" Rebuilt InunRe choir, new tip- holMerinK , . j zfl 5{) Iclnl |ed, iprlnn, new cotton Mflttreti . . . . $17 50 .ockiail table, walnut flnl«h x.4.05 rtnhogjiny Inddcr buck chnlr a ' 4 (W ::lrfl nice wnlnul puncl befl $12.50 *--· iBble j ]. M u ....»ote tnhln . . . $ 4 0 F » Slump FurnhuriR·_ Co.. C0.1 W. plck»nn WE HAVE GLAMORENE lh» New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. AlfffdANV bedroom »tiitr.~vanrty with iwlnilni mirror, ^drawer chc»f, nicely «t.vtcd bed and hrnch. lltsu. Hrly priced JZ09..W, »pecl»l JI.W.W Slump Furniture Co., 803 Well Dlek- lion. nnyd Mllli COSMETICS (a Llndell I'hono _ Pinrio-- hebuIU-- 'Sircamllncd A VERY f i n e I n s t r u m e n t a t a f»\r price. No iminMronitlcs. 800 South _SchooL_3057J. ____ RESTA'URANT ruturcB. Mnson's cnfrT- PUB Grill. PIT West Dlckson. ___ IDEAL MATTRESS CO. W* m«tt or b«al any comp«lllion 401 WEST DICKSON Sprlngdnlo tfnr John: RAINBOW TTIOUT nolrt ilnlly. Phone Sprlngdnlc 3201. Ozark Trout Fnrm innon. . font iocV.(.fv I.UGGAGE. suit casei brief cnsen, IM bag*. O'nltc loflM kits, ptc. A complete hn* I I A M P T O N ' a A R M y SURPLUS STORK FOR SAl.t OR TRADK ^n^cjJ^PJonft^MIW.K. M- Murph'y! WANT TO RENT 2 BEDROi6"M"jimr«o"ffi"'Jeffrriinn School vlclnlly. Phone 33fi7 n f t e r .1:.10. 24 HOUR SERVICE ON Hemstitching, Plcoltng, Covered Bullons, Button Holes, Tailored Bellt and Bucklei. Special Attention given Mall Orders. Satiifaction or Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. IB S.E. St.. F.iyellevlllf Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor 212 Virginia Avc., Box 14.1 U. Stn. Phone H80. Fayclteville ~ ~ ~ I'rnovnlrd, rrbulll. One dny service. Phnnc 2774 _ Highway^ 71 sonlh. ___ 1J _n«iC8 : _ DITCH DIGGING FOOTINGS-- w a t c r, can and lewer dilL-licn, neptlc lank holes. D f K R i n g nnd back f l l l l n R C-ill 2«C Dryce Davi« J'honc SI-J-2 Free FOR RRNT--.1 SijT~rootn house" In" Prnlr'liT Grove _ K l m r r Cnrney. PrnJrle Grovp. A r k . KURNISHKD npurYmfnl."" bcdFnom. _j?ln«e In. ndnlt.i Phoni "~ A TTH ACTIVE, u n d i r n l n h e d two-lied- room n p n r l i n f t i L one block trom | U n i v r r s l l y rninpflY 47J..'.0, IHIh p f t l d . ! Phoni- 2AC9W, , .1 ROOM house w i t h M-rren NORTH SECTION BHrtNH now rnnch-typtt linme G npnciotis rooiin v/Hh 1 ' b.'ilhs »nd n t t a c h r d cnr.-iRr. ,1-lovely bedrooms. Ifirre l i v i r t K rnmn. scpnrnle flimn* room, roomy k l i c h e n w i t h Iota ol b u i l t - i n * . B e a u t i f u l hardwood floors: tnrccd-.-il: 1 Ki« lurn-ice, Lornc ahariy KINCAID'AND'COMPANY SOfi _ P M O N K _ I G 1 I SOMK"THINGS vriij Wif.irf.ik~K"AND SOMi; YOU WON'T nboilt t h i n .'.7 ncrc-i. II ·· linled nt a h;irR»tn $1.7.10 has n 'Ircenl 4 room home w i t h rl'TiricM.v, n n t u r n l RBS nvallithlr, n rc.'il fpritifi of wnlcr nt the rorncr of the home. A l l kinds nl n u t h u i l d . ing*, m o s t l y plnn construction nnrt \ in fiilr condition. Two bar nil t w o : cblckr-n IIOUSM and .1 or 1 o i h r r 'innll bjllrilnr.s, our nurd for '.rn- i n t homo. There In ',-/ mile p r l v n t r rond t l i n t *U rouuh in spot*, hut pmsab'e. The if'iirriil lor.ill'm It cofid. n n.ilr-i f r o m K j i y e t l c v i l l e , i ' i mil'"* (r«m ll;ick-lop. NEWLIN REALTY _WKKT K p H K . AIIK i l)6""Yoii"WANT"To"nilll.I"Yril'JR WADF FINCHER HI*H| KstMe nnd InMirnnce Arr.'in1f»__Btrta.--Plum** r,nn NORTHEAST LOCATION " 915 Rush Drive A JiKAI., buy in n two bedroom homr, nf-wty rtrcoralrd thru out. h c n u t i f t i ! hnrdwnort floors, c n m b l n n t l o n l l v l n ? room itnrt dlnlnif room, b u i l t In china r n h l n H . cnmpncl kitchen w i t h lol; '»( built-in?:, u t i l i t y room equipped for n u t o n n l i c washer. .Inrsc fin men, Hootl ni7.p lot. enst front nlre rmple tint do, pnld pnvnnicnl, lorn i Ion one of the br*!. For n fliort tJmr onlv priced al $10.2.1000. Urije cninblnn- llon F. II. A. and fl I. Lo«n. Tor H p n r i i n l m r n l cnll 0. H. Gamble McCartney-lewis Co., Inc. ^ Phone , TWO A N D ONE iiAt.r niJocKS Yrom 'he sqimre In Wnnhmitton School Olslrlcl THIS TWO HKDHOOM HOMK w i t h InrKc llvlm room, dining room, kitchen Inrcr Klnwcd-in back porch, floor furnpce nnd wond b u r n i n g fireplace, level lol, ensl f r o n t . G, I. loan In force, sin (ino (10 r M R E K HKDROOM HOME w l i h lar) l i v i n g rnont 14x2H. lornied In Nor W a l n u t Slrrc'. lot IdOxlSO. h f l t f bna m e n t . sn.son.Ofl. · K O l f H B K O R n O M HOUSE locufrd In Ihc Northe.ifil p n r l of the c i t y lurut lol will 1 plnily nf dhrubhery, two bnths, Rtasnort-ln front porrh. plenty of biilll-lhn. (9,4.10.00. . LOCATED I'.V BLOCKS FROM TUB UNIVERSITY, lmn l i v i n g room, l a r R p k l ' c h r n , u t i l i t y room, t w o brflrnonn nnd linlh rloxvnuUirs, two hrHrnom,. u p n l n l r x , lot fifl.vino w i t h pfivcmrnt pnid out. Jfl.flfllino A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR JIM noi.nrn Tclephnn- 211 2HS4 or IO.U Jll Nnrlli Cnllrnr BRICK" FOR" DURABILITY' WE Imvr just I l K l e d Ihl* five room hrlrk In n very rholre locallnn, ex- Irn nlre lol h r n u t l f u l l y landscaped. The hoiiKc con.ilidB of l i v i n g room, f t l r i l n i f room h r r n k f n j t room in kitchen, twn bodroomji and bntb. Lnme f i n i n h c d bnsement, a u i o i n n l f c Han heat. Home I'i of forlrk conntruc- tlon, I n o n t n t o d and tn cxcellpnt repair. THIS IS ONB OF THE REST V A L U E S WR H A V E HAD TO OF- FKR AT $tl.S(m.OO. Ulley Company, Inc. lIllS m ·ippetil Thrn-'s | 1 9 4 1 i 1941 Sludebaker Coupe..J195 j 1940 Ford 2-door $295 11939 Olds Sedan ,'.J29i ! 1937 Ponlioc 2-door ,;..$145 1937 Oldi 2-door JUS ; 1935 Olds 2-dbor . , . : . .$22J 1942 ford Pickup J19i ' V/E Will TREAT YOU ~'. RIGHT BEFORE AND AFTER .I WHITFIELD MOTOR CO; 15 Morlh East St. Phona 3160 ; Kincaid Co. dcrn c h f will f o l k s r l n x . · l y l c li In r n m f o r M o v l i a n i n v i t i n c h v l n i ; MifMl In s o f t l y Klowint: k n o t t y A room thiit t c m p h MIU tfi ,iuri In- l a / v \ h i V h r n Ih-'it ix hniidsotnr. c u i n p u r t nnd w.eli « r - rnngcrl Cirnn intUlt* it rid on!. A cn- rnr.r and \ v n f k i h n p han ryo- nppctit A n n t i n i L M u c y n r i l f o r j m i r outdoor livHic ronm. Our iirre ol land In nn excellent t r j l d t - n l i a l Hll- irlct north of U n i v e r s i t y 'nn wrM Hide University Fnrm Road N f W H n - Powfll 9\%n In ynrrl. Xfl.noo. Trrnn NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY I s 71 Smiih oi» pir. AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Btllcf pliu lo Bur · fkrtpoint II N. Block DEALER Ph. 193 Automotive *Fire · Health and Accident _ · Polio ·Liability · W O R K M E N ' S COMPENSATION · Plate Gloss ··Burglary I N S U R A N C E Automobile - Liability Fir* - Extended Coverage PoJlo - Plate GloJ» WADI FINCHH Areade Bldfl. Phone 601 "Are y*i RAving TreublenT . Ut * Want At Help Yett Satv* Thi-ml" REALVOnS Call J J LENDERS Pycnfl 220.1 INSUPORS Re* «9X . _ _ R i g h t Location-- R i g h t Place THI.T I n v n l y 2 hrrlrnom homo. lot-Hfrtt- nl Bfi South Ounrnn. f h c r r n t c r of at! school nrrn*. Lnrcr Icx'fl c-nrryr nn pild vctncnt, thin homr rrcf-ntly decorated I h r u otil. Lnrijrr limn muni brdroom^ nlcff h n i h . H n r n nnd clothfi.t cln^ctx. unu.iunl sl7.p. f,nr«f L flhnpftt l l v l n c nnd M i n i n g i n n n i . b c n i i f l f u l hnrdwood floors. . kltchiMi u-lrpd for electric stovr »in pit; cfibinul Bp.icr, ulillt.v room pqiiippfrd for a u t o m a t i c wnib- «r. nltncherl flurr.Ec. A b e a u t i f u l honif for only SlO.SflO.fHi w i t h a lonn of In e f f e c t . P n y m r n t x lc»* Ihtm rent. For Bppolnlmcnt cnll 0. H. Gamble McCartney-Lewis Co, Inc. CLOSE OUT WINDOW SHADES FACTORY DROP PATTERN p- MINETTO STRIPE, LIGHT AND ECRU' COLOR jif Special $1.35 Special . . .$1,50 Special .$1.45 Special $ 1 .)rjj| Special $2.00 32"x6' Regular $1.80 32"x7' Regular $2.00 3A"x6' Regular $1.95 36"x7' Regular $2.15 X0"x7 ; Regular $2.70 LEWIS BROS. Inc. Plioni: 3M _ L I F E T I M E OF COMFORT' I hnint* tiilu.itrd nn A t this nrre lot on W a n r r l a h . r x t r n larjtr bfdroomi. \nr^f nJnssrd In study. 2 lovely bath* l i v i n g room fix2H. pine punclcd ^fllli, Inrttc womilmrnine firrplacc, f«H dlnlnit room, and t h r kitchen I* n n y worn- Mi's dream f u l f i l l e d , Thl* homi hu'lt 'jv ih" owner (or hi* l i f e t i m e bode. Juts e v e r y feature on*i would f x p r c t in much hli,'hrr priced plnces. Rur- In r l r c u i u s t a n e r t -which CAUKP thr nvvrii-r to leave FnyrttevHlr. Ihe nrlcc of S22.r,nn M in for QUICK SAI.K. K n x i l y f i n a n c r d . For ·ppoint- mrnl call O. 11. Gamble McCartney Lewis Co., Inc. Who's Who For Service Consult Yoir Classified Service Directoi BKAUTY SHOP AMCK'S HKAIITY KUOf* Now up town. 7'j K M o u n t a i n St Alice nnd Mnriha Phone GZO COLVARD'S BEAUTY SHOP / 204 W Mnadow-Phonc IifXH Mjieh W .10^iip^Cnla^wnvn J5 up " " ' ~ ~ piiii~'i (·"IT 1 *! ut A iriv Pll!LK £v,VA. . - II ... w ul " r L I ' IAn1 '* WO i OWN IIOMK? WP. I I A V K KACM.I- TIK.S KOII l l t l l l . n i N C HY YOUR PLANS KOn YOU A N D CAN KUI1N. ISII Till: LOT AND H A U L I N G llnullnl Dnv «r nifihl Cnll Gltnn R n y Rred furnished. l.lKhu and Will lurnlsh refrigerato Phone ir.ttf.M. a p a r t m e n t rooms Prlvnlt- l i i t h . 2 Street. I'honn I01VV. w a t e r paid. r and Hove. Two ir. . !^ ThunipKon i ROAD AND DH1VTWAV ORAVEI - AI-SO TOP SOIL Phonei 1514J und 30SJ 'KIIVICFS OFFRRKH i'riil K M A . (ii. Oli (TONVKNfljrNAV. ,VUN-Tii/l'vVntiln'n blind': unn Sluml LOAN. SHE US KOII AN K.STIMATK num wlnilow icrorm m WITH NO COST nn om.ioATic" WILKINS REALTY CO. Kl North College I'liong 173! An. ftrt Snulli i l l i n M t r i G«lf Cooppr. l.nrml Phnni I O I « Srll Kanlrr Al A Rcttrr Prlrn. N«im The Brtiid U l*nr M. Compare These Material Costs -i-;l|Js Important In Tbaay r/ s Buying (These are fads and figures from £ representative jobs) 2 Arkhola's Grade A Tested Concrete and Lightweight Blocks for: ~ A 28'x32' (5 roofn) home--inside and outside wdlS Single Wall Construction $245.00* Double Wall Construction $325.00 A 24'x34' combination garage and work shop $180.00 A 6 cow Grade A Dairy Barn " A 30'x60' hoy barn (14' outside y/all) A 4'0'xl50' (7,500 chick capacity) broiler house A 12'xl4' combination pump house and " tool shed An underpinning job average'5 room house $190.00 $450.00 $395.00 $ 60.09?' $ 54.00" For economy, durability, firesafety, lower insurance costs, beauty and ease of building, specify Arkhola's- Regular Concrete or High Pressure Steam Vacuum' Cured Ligh'tweight Blocks. ;;. See Your Local Dealer or Cnll ~ ARKHOLA SAND AND GRAVEL COMPANY 502 Merchants National Bank Building Fort Smith, Arkansas Phone 5000 Sand, Crushed Slono, Lime Polly, Dur-O-Wai, Ready Mixed Concrete, Concrete Slave Siloi, Asphaltic Concrete Fhn now r;m certainly aro b r n u t f -- with d r i v i n g iidvfiiilnccs nn v\\ cvrr offered before. Of com si- y . _^^^ wanl to own one. to clrivr i x o u d l y ^^^ V5H*~ . / -- for l)UMin« or plciixiiio-. or hf/lh! And you can order your cur Immediately, w i l l ) fmids niovided by our KlnanclnJ Plan. Upf'w IB months to p»y, nnd von have the thrill ol ear ownership «t)tni umt """ MOTORS FINANCE co., 17 E. Meadow Phont 3101 FAYETTEV I LLE, ARKANSAS^ . .

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