Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 26, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1952
Page 3
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MORTHWtST ARKANSAS TIMB. faycttmM*. ArkoiMM. TIM**?, NferiMry 14, IfSl by Miss Tanta Lizer Spring is everything beautiful and that in eludes little girls am P««rl L«'i spring coa fashions especially designed for beautiful little girls. The coats arc prettier than ever this year . ., exquisitely styled in every sparkling color in all wool coverts, worsted checks and rayon mixes for early spring and summer wear. AND to please the vanity of any little girl these coats come with the cutest match- Ing hats, fancy lacy looking plain tailored ones. Made' by Banbury Jhe coats come in sizes 2 to 14 and are priced from $10.9i to $24.98. And while you gre there see the other spring fashions in children's wear. That is Pearl Lee's Childreni Shop, just off the Square on Center Street. To turn that drab room into a gay cheer. ful . one- that can be easily lived in ... try the new Rubberized Satin Finish Wallhide at Johnson's, 25 North Block. This is an entirely new product, ready to use ... requires no tHin- ning. It hcs a rubber latex base and can be used on wallpaper, wallboard, wood, brick or concrete. This enables you to use the same paint on the walls that you use on the woodwork, eliminating a second paint and assuring the same color for the woodwork in the rooms as the walls where desired. This Pittsburgh paint product has a tight film' and does not permit dirt and grease to become imbedded. Ideal for your kitchens too, since it is definitely .washable and may be "spotted" without redoing the entire wall or room. Colors arc all new in both the pastels and deep colors. Onl J4.98 per gallon. Leprosy Treatment Subject Of Address To Be Given At Church The churches of Fayctteville, through the Ministerial Alliance, are sponsoring a community service at the First Baptist Church, Wednesday night starting at 7:30 o'clock. Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Kellersbcrger will prcsen^ a Christian approach to the problem ol leprpsy. Dr. Kellersbergcr is the general secretary of American Leprosy Missions, Inc., which represents more than 40 Protestant ci.urches in the specialized field of leprosy cure and prevention nearly 50 countries. Mrs. Kellers- bnrger is promotional secretary of the American Leprosy Missions. Mrs. Kellersbergcr will speak, followed by an illustrated lecture. Dr. Kellersberger will show pic- lures lhat he took in leprosy colonies in the Orient, South America, and Africa. Dr. Kellersberger holds mem- hershii, in the U. S. Public Health Service Commission on Leprosy, Lhe American Society of Tropical Medicine, and the International Leprosy Association, among many others. As a medical missionary, and ordained minister of the Pres- byterian Church (U. S.)' to th Belgian Congo from 1910 to 1940 he founded the Bibanga Mcdica Service and Hospital, and Bibang Agricultural Leprosy Colony. During his work in tile Belgiai Congo, he became an expert. in the field of leprosy and other trop ica! diseases, notably African sleeping sickness, for which hi was twice decorated by the Bel gian colonial government, but hi regards himself first and Jore- most as a Christian missionary The Kellersbergers collaborated recently on a widely read book "Doctor of the Happy Landings,' the story of their journeys to distant and seldom-visited leprosy colonies. Mrs. Kejlersberger iJ al.-o tht author of "Congo Crosses," : 'Cod's Ravens," "Salt Baby," and "A Life for the,'Congo." Accompanying the Kcllersberg 1 - ers will be the Hev. and Mrs. Forest S. Eisenbise of Dallas, Texas, Southwestern area regiona secretary. Mr. Eisenbise will make a' brief introductory talk on the Mission and its relationship .to denominational missionary pro;rams. Burios Aires Makes Writer Think Of Beautiful Women (This is one of a series Ed Van- devenler is wriling on his trip .hrougli South America. He wil return in April.) Ladies, once every four years leap year occurs and this year the merchants of Fayetteville have planned a giant sale with most of the merchants taking part. Watch for the ads in Thursday's Northwest Arkansas Times and check the-bargains you need. Shop early when the selection of articles offer a variety to choose from. Remember Woman's Day "jv._r;day, February 29. If you're like most women you a r e looking forward to t h e d a y s ahead when you can wear shorts and T-shirts again. Now this may seem like most unusual time to be buying them but just stop and think ... in only · few short weeks you can disc*rd those skirts and sweaters and what better time to buy them . . . displayed at thc Boston Store are the cutest, most practical shorts and shirts to be found anywhere. You may have your choice oi cotton twill shorts with or without a cuff, in whites, paslels or dark'colors. And look, here is the most surprising part of all . . .' they are priced at only $1.98. The T-shirts, are fine, combed .·jotton knit Garland Originals and so many different styles you won't be able to choose from them all, however, they are so reasonably priced that you can afford to take one of each. They are in solids, novelty patterns, sleeveless or with sleeves. Sizes 10-16 at only $1.98 and $2.98. Remember they're at the Boston Store. In the spring a young girl's fancy turns to thought of d a i n t y t h i n g s . . . t h e s e thoughts naturally suggest Silverman't . . . headquarters for feminine loveliness . . . picture a ' heavenly blue net formal dripping purple pansics a c r o s s the bodice, tiny clusters peeking through the bouffant skirt as though an artist had thrown thrm there ... the mauvcs and orchids sprinkled with imported velvet roses and sprays of spring lilacs, caught gracefully beneath huge puffs of illusion . . . to see them is to love them! To go with these' bits of beauty . . . the daintiest nylon undies, panties trimmed in permanent pleats and lace . . . satin strapless bras . . . net hoops with inches of deep lace to add the masterful touch to a perfect ensemble for a perfect evening for a perfectly lovely lady ssu tut thli scientific way may cnrold ihowtng monthly "n«rv«" All the tnnkfr-up In tlir world rn'I lake Hut drawn. - - - - . . . «· nUBlOOkoutoryoi _ _ . , «· eye* wirh month. Din . modern w«y that hui helped runny women and cttk who suffer from calendar mlj*ry, nervousness MKl UK iriKni. It'i Cirrtiil. * tnied merltclne that hdpa nulld sl/cnsth and rrnlManre cacti month-- m» after a lime, reany women feel nn monthly finmjw »t all. AIM rirln* rMnx littery nerve*-- ·leen better. J.ooh. fe«l ymir normal, happy Belt., Atk TOUT dealer for Uwdul. [Say: "eara-wu-nt"). | MONTHLY CMNMt CHANKE OF LIFE CARDUI By ED VANDEVENTER Buenos Aires--This metropolis of all the lands south of the Rio Grande is like a fascinating woman who knows how to display all her charms to captivate romantic men. My .introduction to her was both exciting and pleasing. Misinformed people had told me that the Argentines hated people from the United Slates--especially newspaper men. As T was carrying two cameras and a typewrH- er, I had some misgivings. But I never was treated with greater courtesy passing customs --not even when returning io my own country from foreign lands. Since my first visit to Mexico City in 1905 I have had to pass customs many times in many lands. Never before had I seen such efficiency as here; never had I seen examinations of luggage handled so smoothly. I requested receipts for my cameras and typewriter; they were given to me immediately. I knew I was going to like the Argentines and enjoy my visit to "TKe Paris of the Americas." My week here has passed so pleasantly I will stay two.weeks more in this most interesting city. We landed at the magnificent airport at 10 in the morning attcr flying over the .impressive Andes Mountains in perfect weather. 1 never rode in more comfort than in the Panagra bus. My first impression was the modern form of Buenos Aires. I rode over superhighways, two lanes on each side of a parkway. Numerous l a r g e apartment liouses are nearing completion. 1 learnc-' they .were for workers. It is easy to believe that the president ind his wife are the lardcst working team in world. You see the habitations fo working jirls arranged by Ev: Peron, and you know these re quired much planning and nan labor to make 'them attractive. There arc so many things to sec here thc tourist feels like a spec tator at t'.e circus with five rings trying to watch all of them. I rode in the subway with twi other men from the United States Thc three of us noticed how much cleaner it was than in New York Five trips are available for th' low cost of 20 centavos a ride Figure that out, for I received 28 Argentine pesos for one dollar and there are 100 centavos in ona peso. There are/ too many magnificent statues lo bo described in one newspaper story. And the flower- bedecked parks are scattered al over Ihe city. Florida Street caught my fancy. Many of the best shops are here. Motor and horse-drawn vehicles are kept iff it most of the time so the gay-hearted Argentines use it as a promenade ground. They walk in the 'middle thc street and here friends arc sure to see friends. It was the first paved .street in Buenos Aires and led to thc old bull ring (bull fighting is outlawed 'here now). The people would walk proudly down this pavement to thc ring, and the- the society folk aban- Old Time Revival First Assembly of God 8. W. COH. FAIR GROUNDS, C2 HIWAY WEST EVANGELIST F. C. CORNELL OF BAXTER SPRINGS, KANSAS An Old fashioned Pentecostal Preacher With A Message Tor This Hour! BEGINNING SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 DAILY AT 7i30 Everybody Welcome! DONALD WALKER, Patter doned the traditional plazas in favor of Floridi. Street for their evening!strolls. World's Widest Street I find myself joining the throng every night. It fascinates me. There is the'widest street in thc world--400 feet from building to GIs FROM HAWAII STRANDED Foot-And-Mouth Disease In Canada Found; Fight Opens Refiling For Stale Senate Posts Called For · Hcttlmi, Sask. - l/n - Canadian Mounties went gunning today for livestock infected wilh dread foot-mid-mouth diseunO as Can-: ado. took drastic fiction to save h e r : twn-billion-dollar stock industry; Litllc Rock-(/IVS I x t c a n Ar- from nn outbreak of thc m a l a d y ! kansans who have announced in Southern Saskatchewan j their intentions of seeking n scat! ·,.,,,, ,, ,, , ,., , u , . ' . ,. ! in (he state Senate will have to | , TM c ""' C(l , lalsi ' " hll; ' Bot i u ' flic again, ruled Ally. On. I k e ! r ' r!;1 fool-anc-i-mouth Infection: Miirry following yesterday's a c - i f r " ' " Cnnadii In 1870, banned all lion of the Arkansas Supreme | ·'"''''·* ;int ' meal imports /rom Court in re-apportioning the across the border. This nipped a trade in breeding animals am Didn't Waich PurM-LIU«»« , Indlanapolis-W-Mrs' Josephine Young, a department store policewoman, told city police yesterday' I that while she was it a glove counter looking for shoplifters somebody stole $8 ind her badge from her purse. Keep op with ih Hrnif*--r*M ·hr Tlmrs d»!lj. stale's senatorial distric Murry said he thought candidates whose districts were changed ' by the court's decision would have lo f i l e again. And he advised that those candidates whose districts weren't affected by the ruling to i refill!, i At least two of Ihe 10 meal which last year totaled 130 million dollars. Tluj action followed announcement yesterday Ihe disease had 1 ""'"!. I 1 ' 1 " l ·- 1: " ms RM nn - nlcipalllics around Rcxtna. didn't i Mounted police began destroy- 100 Witt BUM ttj 36 Met! 15 HUD'S aiC SOUI AT Ik SHOWN SWEATING It uut In Los Angeles arc a few of the 53 homebound GIs of the Hawaii Infantry Training corps grounded by the CAA so their chartered plane could undergo repairs. From l e f t : Marvin Taylor, Robert Taylor, David Nadeau, Lyle Crane, Frank DelisI (reclining). All privates with not more than five months service, they were granted short furloughs to their Detroit and Chicago honird before being shipped to Korea. Personal effects were sold and wires ·cut home for money to finish the trip. (International HounttpliotoJ wail for Murry's opinion. Bob "'!! tnfrrtort animals, which fed- :.---;-- lilley of Utlle flock rrttled for ernl position No. 3 from Pulaski County and Dr. E. J. Byrd of Cnindun filed from the new I2lh distric?t. fcMalh Campaign Fund Records Not To Be Subpoenaed Now By Commission Little liock-OT-The Arkansas [ighway Audit Commission ha bandoned--at least for the time cing--plans to subpoena Gov- rnor McMath's campaign f u n d ccords. Commission Chairman B. II. Dickenhorst of Morrilton said yesterday it would be impossible to make a thorough check of the building. It is called "Avcnida 0 de I amounts by the March : deadline Julio"--the ninth of July after in- I for completion of the first phase dependence day. | ° thc a u d i t One of the city's most beautiful I Sitkcnhorst said thc A u d i t thoroughfares is the Avenida del Liberator General San Martin, Commission could look into the McMalh accounts in the n e x t named, after the great Argentina'' pl ? :1EC of ils investigation of state who did more than any other one man to win freedom for S^outh American countries from Spain. It one of the favorite drives for city dwellers and crosses the most luxurious residential districts. The imposing Congress Building, seat c " legislative power, stands at the end of thc Avenida dp Mayo, a n o t h e r famous thoroughfare. The tourist in his j first ride through thc city is impressed with the beauty of the architecture he sees. Highway Department operations. The 1951 legislature created the A u d i t Commission to probe Highway Department operations from mid-1047 lo mid-1053. Only the first four years of the period were covered in Ihe first phase of audit- i n g - a n d public hearings. It has not been decided whether thc next phase will be delayed u n t i l after mid-1953. For Reservaf/ons And Tickets AIR -- STEAMSHIP -- HAIL HOTELS -- TRAVEL AND LUGGAGE INSURANCE AMERICAN TRAVELERS CHEQUES No Service Charge Independent Conducted Teun K R U G E R TRAVEL B U R E A U 701 M«:n Phne 5-7170 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Km up with the limes--read '.In, T'MES rtallf. authorities said Included 1,1)15 cattle, Jill) hoes and MO sheep. Rigid q u a r a n t i n e regulations were enforced to confine th disease to Ihe Retina area, thc only Keclion whole il ha.i been found so far. MOORE'S I FUNERAL CHAPEfe BUSINESS WANTED A national sales executive, now living in the Eal, wishes lo locate in Fayotlcville or adjacent area. V/ill purchase a going business of most any type l h a t is showing a good net proiiJ-- wholesale, retail, distributorship, automobiles, farm equipment, hardware, feed, hotel, etc. Please supply complete information in first letter, stating amount ol net prolits. Your reply will be treated in strictest confidence. If what you have to offer is oi interest I will come lo Fayeltovillo for discussion. Address Box K-27, NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES. Start home ownership right with our popular plan that assures debt-free owning without loan renewals or lump-sum payoffs.'Fin a n c e o r r e f i n a n c e t h e monthly payment way today* No Red Tape -- No Delay FAYETTEYILLE BUILDING and LOAN ASSN. The Borne Association for Home People 19 E. Center Phone 353 Amazing Hew EXOTICA "Dutch Wintfir · Lo.k; Llhi An Orch!4 · tm.lli Llko A ROM · Crow. Llh« A OIK , Etniatlonil Introductory Prlc« Only 25c per bulb s Direct from Holland'* finest growers conies this Jicnsauonal new EXOTICA . . , more unuiiul thin uny other flower you have ever Bern, Klch cnsamy white blouohis with dncri crfmion throati (ail'the beauty of the rare and highly prized catty leu orchid), Each bulb ; roclure».up lo G colorful, frtgratt* looms on sintely 3 ft. itemi. Ideal cut flower*. Fjiay to growl Llvo for yenrmi Imagine how proud you'll · when thpy:i)urit Into bloom , J t like it whole xurden of flunutrduf orchids find with the h«a verify HJC ill of n hundred American lltuuty floies. Limited Supply. It's vlie to order at least one dozen now hcforc ort nupply fun* oiit. Send 23c for I bulb, ultu lOc for tngt!, hanclllnn, $1 for 5, 12 (ftr , $.1 for 20 pOKtpaJd. C. O. D,'a welcome. Bv«ry My* OdarMMttf · hlMiM Thit T««r U Vmr f*Ut- fietlQn «r VMI- M««* y ·wk.-EX.. ilA GIFT--with every II ordtr ve'll icnd nn Imported French LUy ju'h. (52 artier* get two glfU--S3 orders--three gffii), KKUII Numimii. DMI. ·iMnlnd.n, .llllMli Same (Iclrci 11441 /t4/ NEW "JET : SCOOr FORERUNNER STYLING- NEW 125-HPV-8 PfRfORMANCE H«rB r i th» moit challemomg n«w car de*ign --Up gaet Iho horiapower. on the American Rood--made pcmlblo by Up goeitho compreuion ratio, new methods in melol engineering. Th« reiutln Thii engine hoi to be good. It'i n«w and differen! "let'i go" line*, "Space- prid)Ion-manufocturad by Iho planned" Inlvrlon, gp to 17% graatir buitdnn of morn V-fli than vliibllily, eipocially over the low hood. all other companies combined. NEW "IHTE8CEPTOR" PANEL-Tha moil practical !mtfum«nl panel «v«r d«lgn«d. It tokoi Iti Implralion from Iho quicV-tlghl control! in Ihe toleil fighting aircraft. All Imtrumenli aro conveniently growped In a handiome, unillied coniole --built oul from the doih for eaiy reading, raachlng, and "eyet.front" lately. HEWSratlS-CA* "fLMH-FIIEE" KDAL-Tlx HEW CEKIMIZEI) "IIK-MAr US CUP brake pedal U luipemion mounted (no --it ii located behind Ihe n«w hingtd need for a floor hole) for eatler action and lic«m«.plot« holder. You can approach ·Mra foot room, Droflt and dull are mini- gat pumpi from either lid*, fverywhere mixed. Big, powerful, quick-acting brakei you look there'f lomerhing new, for the provide imoother, lafer, ttraight.line ilopt 1952 Mercury It a really new carl See In reiponie to the ilighfetl toe premre. the 1932 Mercury, compare iT, foda/. WITH MERC-O-MATIC DRIVE 3-WAY CHOIC£ ! -Tlin-c ,l« r n,lal,l,-, priforniaiino-pinvnl drives: Silent-r.Tr; M;[indanl tnintnmtinn; llirifty T'ntcli-0* Mnlic Overdrive*; nml Mero-O'Malic*, K tea test of nit aulumulic drives, ·Vfiiuntt el tttra tott GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO., Ihe. 331 North College

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