Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 25, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1952
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

, Mruwy U, IMS Flight From Santiago To Buenos Aires Gives Writer Biggest Thrill He's Had ': ·' 'i''..«'. '·-'.' ,. . . ' · . . ^^ ^^ . ·- ," WAVES BID POLIO VICTIM GOODBY ,. i(Thli te one ii( a serin Ixl Van. | Mountain of (he United States, i '%*·!** JP V»«c V*. a 9v*v «w · no- I'l'juiiiniii in nit unncu ai*iirii| M 1 V U/ K u r i l 11 flKcllIJSl ',1 I l l l n l J U p fiUllJ .'·dtvchttr.:* writing about his trlf. I known as Ml. McKinlcy In Alas-laji · the bursting of fl tire on the through South America. He will ka. return In April.) Br ED VANDEVENTKK We hardly had io.ralse our cyeit | to see the snow and ,ice which I crowned Aconcagua, and It has an Buenos Aires--Flying five miles, elevation of approximately 23,000 'a minute ii 20,000 feel, nearly I feel. tour miles up in the .air; I crossed Now the light was bright are to guard against i mishap such the/awe-inspiring* Cordiillcra de enough for making acrlai pictures .-Andes, coming from Santiago in a j In color, using my new special . Panagra DC-6 lujfuryjrplanc. i filler for aerial shots and distant '·,Thl« Ihree-hpiir fHghMwarfbd-] "i"Uhtaln..scenes, all the many thrills I lijrfoxperl- "· Up^In that rarefied atmosphere ehced prcvlotisi,V' ; d"rlnR my:long. l"!..wencs change.suddenly like life. No other place on earth | R i fl.mrivlng picture reel. Now I was tHerc ,n air passenger service which has such helghtsMo conquer glad that the camera had been -f the Andes Moun- r · the crossing · *·'"'· ' -V~ ;· .-·' : ' ' As the mighty qiifecn of the air, with her four powerful engines, . began. climbing rapidly from the 1 Santiago runway, (he -"light · of dawn was ' utlininR;-- th0A]Jpfty.: .peaks we faced.. Sh6w',i y l(i«ps from the 62 passengers proved how slarllingly' beautiful was the ·un, peering over a white-capped mountain. Thaf.was'the most Imprcssiv light my eyes hav; ever gazee .upon.- The grandeur of the scene »'as beyond my poor power description.'% .. "Below you and to the right,' came the announcement over the loudspeaker, "you sec the. Chrisi of the Andes." Benediction By Statue : Lighted by the brilliant sun the ·tjtue, which marks the boundary between Chile and Argentina, twined to be offering a benediction for all of, us. aboard the gigantic airliner.' "Now you see Aconcagua Peak," ·aid the announcer, ; The pilot; irwung as close to it ·i wiii safe to give us a good, view of Jrie highest elevation In .the W«ftern world. Only Ml. .Everest between India and Tibet exceed It altitude, His approximately 9,- tttl higher than the King PUN TO BUILD ···' SM Our Maltrlal, Oft Out Print. Try Out Strrlei. DYKE LUMBER CO. ' · Mt St Chirlti used, for no longer could we see the mountains. Below us, like a sea with billowy waves, a solid mass of clouds moved in. They Were as white as snow. Made me t h i n k of coiton candy, they were KO feathery In texture. ' One rose beside the plane, the 'si/e of a two-story house, and seemed to be waving at us. We could sec the brilliant sun and once in a while the. tip of an extra lofly peak pushing 1 through the oloud bank. : Without any warning the picture changed again. We .were In a fog so dense that I could not sec ns far as the tio'of the wings. You can bet that the: Panagra pilot kept high iinnugh to 1 miss any mountain hiding in that'fog. Finally we" were over the range and began descending for the long flight over the. level .Pampas of Argentina, famed for'the gouchos and cattle. The rotten air down there had, faults Ir it. I feared that my morning meal would be lost when the enormous plane dropped Into an air pocket. Children Alr-Nirk saw the effect of fear .and Imagination across the aisle from my young friend, Gordon Klstcr, of Newcastle. Calif., and me. A little girl an-i her young brother had'been holding paper sacks to Ihclr mouths alj the way, expecting to be alr-slck.) The- din into the vacuum did the trick; Everyone fell sorry for them, but there was no way to stop their nausea'. The steward'and'the hoitess tried .comfort them but they surely sick children, traveling You see the filgn In the front'pf .he.cabin: "No smoking," and "fasten your belt." Those -tlgnu were alone. f runway. When the plane rises ofl the concrete the signs disappear. You remove your belt and stari smoking! In front of-you Is a largr paper sack for air-sickness. And in a pocket Is a life belt in case of landing In trn water. ·A pretty hostess-brings chewing gum to you so that the working of your jaws will relieve somewhat the;'pounding 1 in your eardrums. The cabin In the luxury plane I. 1 -pressurized, or your heart- could not-tolerate an altitude of nearly four miles. · ' A riillow'is brought to you. By ' pressing a button your chair folds back and you may sieeo while going over', the Pampas. Y o u - t u r n a knob .above you to regulate, t h e a'mount of air you desire blowing .on .you.. Mazazlncj and 'fountain pens 1 are .at your'dlsposa], . ' O u r breakfast', delivered to o u r seats, was delicious. There was a : snack for us any time we requested It. Vintage Chilean wine, extraordinarily good, was served j with meals. · " | A tastefully appointed lounge i for. the women was matched by a well-equipped rcstroom for men, with a dual-head electric shaver sterilized automatically a f t e r every use. . Before landing, the hostess passed around gum -again to help the j ears while the change in a l t i t u d e ' was made. And we were told to i fasten our belts and'stop smoking. Storm Delayed Flight .- : -Wc had been-due to leave San- tlsgo. February 14 for Buenos Aires, but a storm delayed takeoff. We we.H to the airport, showed-passports and signed all kinds of papers, 1 then waited anxiously for .the huge airliner to warm up. To tell the truth I was nervous and scared. I had just read a story about the,crash of the DC-6 a t 1 Elizabeth, N..J. 1 , and wished I had j bought a f rain ticket. I knew that | when an 'English plane hit one of i the Andes.peaks all trace was lost; never has been located. - "There is a bad storm over the mountains," came the announce- j mcnl. "We. cannot make a cross- Ing.". . . . . . . Panagra paid .for our transpor- tation.back to town, but we bad surrendered.ouV luggage and went back without any shaving outfits or even combs and 1 brushes. Hotels had 'been-, filled 1 In 'the meantime sn ; Panagra had a ' d i f f i c u l t time I finding beds for us, for which it I paid the bills. . 'They .put some beds .in display 'rooms near ' the"ilbor show. But some young Chileans surrounded j us .and .demanded that we drink i 'with them. I had formed a warm j friendship for several of them. The party was really' "alive" when we reached- the swimming pool floor, from which w.e saw the! ·lighted statue of the Virgin, 72 feet j high. ""'-. . ! '· Fjnally my friend and I got to bed'at 1:45'a! ni. We were called at 4:30.*n.l.taken to the airport. It was.dark then. I was.wishing that II was In'Buenos Aires already in- ste^id of waiting for that t r i p over those, snow-covered mountains, reaching toward the sky. ORACI IODISE SHAULl, 23, WAVE night orderly from St. Petersburg Kla., who contracted polio last October while at MofTet Flel'd, Cai.; ,Navai;Alr station, gets'a scndofT to Warm Springs, Gaffer convalescence at the National Foundation for I n f a n t i l e Paralysis -hospital. Bidding her gooclby before she was put aboard a plane are WAVE.S Evelyn Ellis and Karen Heritage. lInlernatlonal Souiidji/iolo; NEW WEAPONS SHOWN TO PUBLIC Lt. Bart P. Rcncdettl ahowa position of aoldler In flrlng. NEW WEAPONS currently on a - t o u r , of 35-. midwest cities Include the giant bazooka,, or 3.5-lnch rocket launcher used- In Korea against enemy tanks. Also being shown arc the Bl^mm. mortar, 30 pounda lighter than other models, and 57-mm.-rccolllc»i ride.'.(International' And Will Mean Greater Savings For You . . . We honestly believe we can save you more t h r u our new affiliation with the Independent CARDINAL FOOD STORES. The reason? Because we own our merchandise at actual manufacturer's cost thru the CARDINAL STORES. Don't be confused, we're the same, friendly, independent store with chain-store buying power. Chain- : loro savings, too! Watch For Our Cardinal Food Stor« Opening! Comb's Grocery 501 Huntirill. · Purdy'i Supply Hiway 71 South · Sov-rVUr Grocery 230 Mill SI. · Campbell'i Super Market 337 South School · Morris Greenwood Hlwar II Eail Buckner Guests of Mr. and Mrs. .Eenst Von Errimannsdorff and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Longstrect the past week have been Mr. and Mrs. nassetl Longstrcel and son, Kenny; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Longstrcet nod chllorcn, Nita Fayc and Stcv- le. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Long- strect and children, Palty and Lirry; and L.' M. Longstrcct, nil of Joplln, Mo., and Walter Longstreet of Pawhuska, Okla. Harry Couch is reported improv- ir.K after being ill with flu, Mrs. Louise Sell has been in Kansas City Mo., the past week, visiting 1 friends and attending the ice carnival. ·Seaman, first class Carlton Mhoon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Him- nvt Mhoon, is home on a 15-day leave /rum San Diego, Calif. He has recently returned from the Korean area. ' *Mr. and Mrs. Bon Drake were complimented \v i t h a surprise birthday party«Friday nignt. Twenty guests arrived In a g/oup. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Ballard Drake and Mrs. .lack Hughes. Prayer services will be conducted Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. at the homo of -Mrs. Zealous Ward. The George Washington Highway (U.S. Route 17) skirts the eastern edge of the Dismal Swamp of North Carolina and Virginia. Not white, not wncat. not rye. b u t ~ a · flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf Keep ·» ttltk th» Unra--mri h« TIMES toll*. LITTLEST ROYAL BELLE AND BELL-Fivc-year-old Princess Marijke, youngest of the Dutch royal family, enjoys the peal of the smallest bell of the carillon which her mother, Queen Juliana, will brinE to the United States this spring as a present from the Dutch people. The carillon will symbolize Dutch gratitude for all that America has done to help war-ruined Holland. Collector's Item NORTH ATLANTIC TRT.ATY ORQANI7ATION NATO Net Income For Than Year Ago Increase Recorded By A. T. And T. For Year Just Past New York-(/P)-The annual report of the American Telephone and Telegraph Confpany for 1953 shows net income of $326,944,708 or $10.54 "a share compared with $28(5,802,203 or $10.40 a share in J950. Because of the tremendous ex-; pansion of the telephone industry, Lhe company's net income figure I represented a new high as ir every year since the end of Worli War 11, But it had to be dividei among an average, of 31,028,48 shares of slock or 3,442,878 more .ban the previous year. The Bell System, consisting o A. T. T. and its principal telephone subsidiaries, had net income of $375,612,955, of which S364.874.176 or $11.76 a share wai applicable to A. T. T. stock. -Thi: compared with 1950 not income o: ;358,866.924, of which $346,962,151 or $12.58 a share was applicable to A. T. T. stock. A revision in accounting prac- Ice. resulted in a figure of $9,732.518,787 for Bell assets as of December 31, 1951, or three billions ess than it would have been under previous methods. The reserves or depreciation and amortization; ieretoforc listed as liabilities, were deducted from the plant v a l u e - i n the assets' column. These eservcs totaled $3,041,696,173. and more iriiportintly, he Is- an excellent city .official, with great and honorable- training via the U.S. Navy.and via himself. . . Along ' with ethical cbhsidera^ tions, the recent' fiasco of, a city mayoralty, election 1 , tearful haw- baw r haws, touch me for emotional and family reasons. My great- grandfather, also my grandfather, the late and great Colonel Alfred M. Wilson helped found this town. Both'served it as mayor, at those times, without salary. My father, the late and great Joseph Dickspn Wilson, (after his. mother's family Dickson Street was named) was a longtime member of the City Council and served under duress as Mayor. My Uncle Bob, Robert J. Wilson, was mayor for 12 years. My cousin Alan, Bob's son, and i another great and good man, was Maydr'for iO years. All these men were elected honorably and served honorably and for the good of the town. 1 They did riot have "write- in" and again haw-haw-haw'-subsidized opposition.-Thus I salute -Judge Cummings for his integrity and courage and Admiral Rhea for his integrity and courage. -Let us · have and keep legal, elections. Fayetteyille is an honorable' town, peopled preponderantly by honorable people. It has been so since its founding in 1823. It will not change. ; .Charles Morrow Wilson..' The central undisturbed portion of the Dismal Swamp in North Carolina and Virgiina is about half the size of the state of Dcla- · ware. : rom The People · 'o the Editor: As a country neighbor, and an xtremely interested' onlooker, 1 m immensely interested , in the uling ' of Judge Cummings and :ic status of the late mayoralty lection. Thank- God, we have icn like Maupin Cummings and 'owell Rhea in Arkansas. .Admiral Rhea has no kc me, and to some extent vice ersa. About two years ago I sat in is office and told him the facts bout my sale and gift--prepon- erantly the latter, of a parksite i . Fayetteville. Ill-advisedly, and ithout regard to the legal docu- ient - in question, Admiral Rhea ad signed his name, to a public .atement to the effect that I had old the parksite in question to he City of Fayetteville for the um of $15,500. That was abso- litelyand by .the documents un- rue. Tn' the. sales contract the City E Fayetteville-had acknowledged gift, far and away the largest n record In all Fayetteville his- ory, by me, which I was not and m not able to afford. The latter a matter of documentary record, lie copies will gladly be mailed y me to anybody interested. Ad- lifal . Rhea looked me very .raight'in the eye, and vice versa, nd acknowledged the error and facts. It takes guts and discip- ne and integrity to do that, owell Rhea, to mv absolute nowledgc, has all the latter. Also WHO FSXES RADIOS? · , · We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP Piles May Cause FISTULA (elated Ailment* Explained in FREE BOOK Write today lor a copy of a 40-page ~.EE BOOK which explain! Piles. tula, other rectal ailments and as- ciated colon and stomach .conditions, ornton Minor Hospital. Suite 2, 911 E. Linwood, Kansaf' City 3. I ' FIRST DAT salr ol new NATO commemorative stamp Is scheduled (ur April t. 195'.!, In Washington. De- :lgn symbollzc.i freedom and peace held aloft hy h u m a n handa which ^represent strength and co-operation of NATO. t International/ 71 * * * W* ^#*iAe __ RE-dPENIN ONLY 4 MORE DAYS FIELD HOUSE MONDAY Univ. of Ark. March 10,8 p.m. A GREAT MUSICAL EVENT Sponsored by The Student Senate of the University ITU RBI TWO-PIANO RECITAL Moil Orders Now! Pric*i Incl. tax, dtneral Admission J3.00 Unlrerlily Sludtnli, 11,00 Main rcmlllanet parabU to Student Stnali. tnclM* r«- tuin HampW tnTtUp* to O*orf« Hudion, P.B. 1111, FtTtitiYllU, Aik. Tlck.l Salt at Sludml Unto* and Callltr Dtuf SIM* . . Wad., F.b. J7lh - NOW PLAYING 07 A R K 1:10 - 3:15 - 5:15 : 7:20.- 8:25 ANEVER-LOVIN'...CVER-IAUGHIH 1 ... EVIMIW fUN HIT! DARK SHOWING SHOWS AT 7:00-9:00 UNDERSEA RAIDER! SUBMARINE COMMAND PALACE STARTS TUESDAY ENDS "AS YOU WERE" TONITE AND "THUNDER TRAIL" ALL SEATS 50 OPENS 12:45 ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! Brauns private intimate posesf 0\US 1HIS S6COHO AN EXPOSE, NCfT A SEX PICTURE

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