Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 25, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1952
Page 7
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NOffTHWHT ARKANSAS TUM, feytttcvUb, ArkamtM, M«ifer, Nfcmwy tt, 1MI Ferguson And Humphrey Blast Tax Laws And Revenue "Rules Washington. -(IP)- Present tax loopholes and a proposed peacetime tax ceiling were under congressional (ire foday for what some lawmakers viewed as a tendency to sock the poor and help the rich. Senator Humphrey (D-Minn) Hid existing tax loopholes cost the government more than 4\4 billion dollars a year, and benefit almost entirely those with incomes above $10,000 annually. Staffs of two congressional committees said a proposed 25 per cent peacetime federal income tax ceiling, already endorsed by some states, and under study by Congress would "tend to shift the individual tax burden from the rich io the poor." Humphrey's views were given in a study publishes by the Public Affairs Institute, which describes itself as a non-political organization designed to air facts about public issues. He said ."enormous handouts" go to "high income recipients," 'and outlined what he said were the six principal loopholes--and the amounts they cost the treas- ury--iri the present tax' laws. Two of -the major "loopholes" ·were income splitting ana percentage depletion allowance, he ·aid. Income splitting was enacted in 1948 to benefit married couples, but Humphrey said only 3 per cent of the benefits went to couples with annual incomes below '$5,000. He said this law cost the government 2tt billion dollars t year. percentage depletion also helped those In the upper brackets. It allows owners of certain mineral products oil, coal, gas, even oyster thells,.to deduct a certain amount of gross income as depletion allowance in, figuring income taxes. The senator said some of the allowances' granted were "unbelievably generous." The proposed 25 per cent tax celling would be made law by a constitutional amendment, requiring approval of two-thirds or 32 of the states. Proponents say 28 states already have ashed Congress to call a constitutional convention on the subject. Several of the stales have rescinded their action, however, and officials say only 16 now actually have resolutions in force. Staffs of the Senate-House Economic Committee and the House Small Business Committee turned in reports on the proposal during the weekend--and all conclusions were adverse to it. The general tenor was thnt a "ceiling would cut taxes now paid by the rich, and would force the government to recover this loss by heavier taxes on low and moderate income groups, and possibly through a sales tax. ' Keo ·» with the Umea--reaJ Ike Time* ·».'!». Washington-(jP). Senator Fenju- son (H-Mich) today accused the Treasury Department of "stretching its rules", to let a former internal revenue commissioner represent tax-troubled clients. A Treasury official called the c o n t e n t i o n "somewhat farfetched." Ferguson said in an interview the Treasury "had no business whatsoever" authorizing Joseph D. Nunan, (ormcr chief of the Internal Revenue Bureau, to represent clients. in tax difficulties with the government, "I think the department was stretching its own rules when it did that and I am thinking about introducing legislation w h i c h would prevent, it in the future," Ferguson'said. Treasury officials saicl yesterday they would welcome a move by Congress to clamp rigid restrictions on former government officials seeking to represent clients before government agencies. In fact, a spokesman said, the Treasury urged a sweeping bar against the practice in ]930, but Congress did nothing about it. As a result, the Treasury said, it worked up its own restrictions which "go far beyond the prohibitions imposed by Congress." 'Ont Law On Subject ' The Treasury said 'the only law on the subject, basically Unchanged since 1873, bars a former employe for two years after leaving, service from prosecuting any claim against the United States that was pending while he was with the government. The Treasury says 'its own rules bar "forever" -- not for just two yeurs -- any former employes from acting as attorney or agent in any matter they learned about while holding a government job. It docs, however, permit them to handle cases about which they gained no knowledge while holding government jobs. This Is the type of permission, granted 631 former employes, now the subject of controversy. The issue was brought up again last week when Senator Williams (R-Del) outlined to the Senate the cases of four taxpayers for whom he said Nunan got. permission to serve as counsel. Williams said the government has collected "hot one dime" in taxes or penalties in any of these cases. Ferguson said he had been. told by Treasury officials the department's rule is. that such permission may not be granted to any former employe who had any knowledge of the case in question while he worked for the revenue bureau, part ot the Treasury. "I .think it should bo taken for granted · that a former revenue commissioner had at least indirect if not direct knowledge of every single lax case which was pending before the bureau when he was in charge," Ferguson declared. Angel Falls in Venezuela is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls. The Orinoco Hivcr in Venezuela has a mean depth of 335 feet. ·'HUP-TWO'^ARE COMING; LOOK OUT BELOW! - Six new-type HUP-J helicopters are turned over to the Navy at Philadelphia by the Piasecki Co., builders. The 'copiers, especially de- ligned to carry submarine-detection equipment, will idon be In service with new Navy squadrons that will concentrate on techniques of anti-submarine warfare. Toft Reported Sure Of Full MacArthur Support At Time Of Republican Convention | lican--not (By The. Associated Preaa) . Senator Taft of Ohio has told colleagues he is confident Gen. Douglas MacArthur will give him solid support lor the Republican presidential nomination when the chips are down at the Chicago convention. Friends say he Isn't worried about reports MacArthur might be thinking of himself as a possible nominee if a deadlock develops between Taft and Oen. DWight D. Eisenhower. Evidence of Tafl's confidence in MacArthur- was .seen yesterday when he said on a tclevlsion-pro- flram he favored the general addressing the convention. It he j docs, Taft added, he probably | would be the keynote speaker. But he fijr'estepped a direct; answer to whether he plans to name MacArthur head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff if eleclcd. He said he hasn't been' elected yet, and Is not announcing any "appointments." ' Senator Duff (R-Pa), an ardent Eisenhower man, said yesterday in a radio Interview that if anyone In the world can win a presidential nomination without campaigning for it, the general .can. Eisenhower has,said he would accept the nomination, but will not campaign for it. Saya South Democratic T.he nation's new price boss, former Gov. Ellis Arnall of Georgia, said "in'another radio interview he didn't believe any Repub- even Elsenhower-- could carry i single Southern state in the election. President Truman's f r i'e n d s were reported looking around for a way to beat off what some of them now regard as a threat of victory by Senator KefaUver of. Tennessee in the March 11. New Hampshire primary. One close friend Is reported to be "deeply concerned" over the outcome, and ( hopes something can be done tn buck things up for Truman there.' I Sen. Robert S. Kcrr of Oklahoma larger as a Democratic candidate -- if Truman doesn't ruij. He has promise of powerful Midwestern and Southern support. More evidence of this came yesterday in. n statement by Sen. Edwin C. Johnson (D-Colo) that he wolild support Kerr if Truman doesn't run. Mtten to th* NEWS, ·nch weekd.y, at 7:30 AM, ewtr (lallen OKLAHOMA TIRE A SUPPLY CO. Guaranteed TO RIMOVI MORI BIRT IN (Iff TIMI Or v«nr m»n«y b«ekl Use the revolutionary new fromrourrugsindeirpertinle»» Eureka "3*in*l" Wonder Cleaner time and with less effort, your for 10 dayi io your own home, money will be refunded, and tht Then, if you are not fully utis- 10 day trial will not have coir (ted that it removes more dirt you a cent. · NOME TRIAL ClMmkMMr erMMwkwkl 35s? QUALITY --·=--'· PRICE W«t Side Square Phont 161 HOME OF BETTER VALUES Hope Inquiry Will Result In Big Savings Investigators Plan To Reopen Public Hearings This Week Washington-(/P)-Senste investl- catnrs said today they hope their current probe of overseas airbase construction wlli save "untold millions of Collars." Senator Hunt (D-Wyo), acting chairman of a Senate defense watchdog subcommittee, reported he expects to reopen .public hearings later this week, probably Friday. Hunt ordered Downey Hice, committee counsel, and other Investigators in dig through five different Pentagon reports, understood to be highly critical of expenditures on once-secret projects in North Africa and Greenland. It- was learned these show the weekly payroll on the Greenland base, known by the code name "Blue Jay," amounted to . more than a million dollars at times. Laborers and skilled workmen drew from three to eight dollars an hour for the first 40 hours weekly and then time and one- half for an additional 30 hours. This ransed from $255 to $6BO · week when they worked 70 ho. r.s, 01' annual pay rates of $13,000 to $35,000. At limes the workmen numbered m"rn than 5,00(1 and some drew a total of more than three m.nioii dollars pay before they even reached the job. They were sent in by ships that were delayed by frozen ice. Testimony thus far is that the "Blue .lay" Base ifi operating, but B A T T Y -- M a n a g e r Tommy Flealh holds a bat with "mumps" which he hopes will hela hooit. hli San Francisco Seals into the flrit division, The Inventor claims It will keep Inn* drives f i o m joins foul. If the ball hits one fit the i n w a r d curves, strange lucks result. ( N K A ) · only about half completed aftc expenditure of more than 100 mil lion dollars. KM| ip mil Ik* lime*--real Hit TIMES tally. WALT BEACH Watch RtfMlrfftt 70 Scientists Observe Eclipse Of Sun In Sudan Khartoum, Sudan-M'i-The lljhlJ went on as the lUn Went out this morning here In the capital at the Sudan, The moon covered Old Sol completely--for juit over three ninutes--In a total eclipse. . Visibility seemed f a t o r t h l e for the 70 udontlatj from 10 countrlei who hart wilted hern ior weeks io record the phenomenon. From their observation*, they hoped to find out more nbout w'lal'.i around and behind th« nun, whether Eincteln was rltht about relativity and ho'.v wrong are tome of the world's maps. The sky »·»» clear and the '.'rather was cool. No «and wa» blowing from the nurroundlnf ric.-iprt. The sclcnllstx had rome here from the United States, Britain, T h e Nclherlanria, France-, I t a l y , Greece, Canada, Egypt, Auitrla and Switzerland. No Riwtlani I'reaent Though the Fluuians »ent no ex- pens to Khartoum, presumably ih ry were making their own observation' at home, The eclipse, or enough of It to make observation worthwhile, was to be ?ecn along a S,000-mile route, about 70 m l l e » ~ w i d s snd curving from somewhere in the A t l a n t i c between Brazil and Africa, acioss Africa and the Arabian and Persian Gulfs to the Irkutsk region of Soviet Siberia. Aitrinomer» calculated t h a t , In the Khartoum area, the moon's shadow -darted across the urn's face at 9:49 a, rn. (2:49 a. m. EST and slipper! off the eastern side at 12:30 a. m, (.1:30 a. m. EST). The United States, still In darkness, didn't see anything, To Study Flndlnii Th* scientists' findings won't be computations and ttudy of (hi mi! meroui photograph* and record* Inns. But here are §orr,«. of tM tr.ln«« they hope to find out: '£ 1. More about what's way out i* space, behind the sun. When tht orb Is in full blaze, its light black* nut the less visible itellar bodiei brhlnd It. . ' . -. 2. froof or dl»proof of Albert I'.tnstoln'i famous relativity theory --whether the »un'» gravity Held 'oends light rays from itari paiiini close to It, making those utari look where they aren't, a« Einstein reaf ibned 37 yean ago. . ".' ', How wrong are some dii: lances shown on today's map!; K v c n . l f they are only a few hUnV dred feet off. t h a t couid make a . a-l difference In th* looming age of remote-controlle planes and ? rocketi. ; known for months, after elaborate Adtertbe In Ike TPK»--li t*1*--. 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