Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 25, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1952
Page 6
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French Forced To Retreat In Indochina ' · S a i g o n , Indochina -WV The' IVtnch last night announced their lint major retreat In ,'Iorth Indochina In 15 months--abandonment .f the key highway center of lion Btnh and withdrawal o f . 20,000 soldiers into "a 'much-shortened perimeter around Hanoi. The French had said, after capturing Hoa Blnh In mid-November, they would never let Ho Chl- mlnh's Communist-led Victmlnh guerrillas get It back. Torty miles southwest of Hanoi, it'was a Key 1 point on the Vlet- minh's north-south supply route. But French commander Clm, Raoul Salan reported the battle^ devastated town wab no longer of atrateglc Importance--partly be- csuse the Communists hart bypassed it on the west with ro«d« over which Red China Is pouring in Increasing amounts of. wnr supplies, · . · Along with (he abandonment of Ho» Binh, the Frenc:!- wilhtlrcw from Colonln! Roule No. 6, the main supply channel to the town. This cut fhe H«noi defense perim- eltr from 500 to.375 miles, Salan said French and Vlel- narnete troops were now concentrated In the Hed River ilella around Hanoi, and this would be held as · beachhead until th«y can launch · big-scale offensive. Though h« hinted this might come Within three or four months, ob- aervers felt the French and Vietnamese troops now would lc- ( on the defensive in the no-th for some time, '· 1st Ike TIMKB--II P»r«. R.F.D. Seven ·y JACK CARDS).! A R I S E ! "V/kr ill T»« IHift and dl«T" TUNE IN KIRS Mender thru Saturday, lit! a. *, ItindtTi 1 ·· m KEY. BEBYL E. BETH Monday as J drove around the loult! I could sea plenty .of enow remaining, especially In sheltered spots, But the weather was BO nice and warm that by the time I came back around 'the next day, Jonquils were blooming where the snow had bdbn the day before. Jock Cook has gone to his new job that I mentioned 1^ the column'L-iil:. Ilo is leavinn from New York Clly, Mr.'. Cook, who Is remaining at home, tt/d me that once before Jack was In Arabia for 1R months, working /or an oil The C. W, McCorinacks have Just, a b o u t . completed their new home on Williams Mountain. Most of the wood ^material was tawed from t i m b e r - r i g h t there on the p'.tcc, , The Lyle Barkers-have moved from the Ed Edwards pfticc on the Eld Edwards' Road. Mr. Barker operated a sawmill. He took the sawmill, with him but we still have another one In ti'c neighborhood; the Standlcy sawmill, whirh is looKtcri just about half a rnile cast. If there Is one thins that we have' plenty of on RFD Seven, It is sawmills.. The W. W. Rlchcjions nre home again alter a molor ,trip through Texns. Mrs. nlchesoh said that they .had no trouble at all on the entire trip, They w«nt as for down as Galvcs|on. Mrs. nlii.cson had a birthday the week t h a t they were Son*'and she got a lot of candy. She didn't say how ol. she was now but i:he did share the candy with me. What 1 got wn» a generous supply oMmmcmade divinity and chocolate, and it was delicious. Wilson ordered early In December to give to his wife for Chrlstmaa arrived lutt week. It'h.-isn't been on the road all that (lire, though; It wiis just shipped a little late. Incidentally, It was. the largest package I ever saw cjme through ihe\ mall, being several Inches larger than the maximum allowed. I know because 1 'measured It. Anyway, he got It. f Hid yo.u know that'you can send I n n air mall letter any vhcre in the ' world lor- ten cents, provided you wrllc It on government stationery? I f r a n k l y acJmil that I didn't know this, although my wife has been tislnjf these air mall wrappers for years. You just buy this air mail stationery.--the paper - folds -to make the envelope--with the ten- cent air mall postage affixed, write' your letter, (old H and it's, ready to mall. But if you furnish your own paper and envelope, It costs as much ns 25c for each half ounce . Don't ask me why. The vacuum cleaner that Edwin p REVIVAL Calvary Baptist Church Corner Maplt and W«it StrttH B A. D. STUCKIY, PMtwr February 24th St rvicts Each Evtninq at 7:30 ·rim Y«ur Family «nd W.nhip With Ui I hale been t h i n k i n g of trying o u t , ah A u t o m a t i c shift on the route. A'll the boxes along the highway h.ivc to be on the right side and I have to do a lot of stretching to reach the boxes, But if I had one of those automatic deals, I could sit over there on the right side Of the seat and give it the t;as with my left foot. Anybody got one they would trade for my station wagon? Three or four weeks ai'.o I wrote in this column about a mother who hnd lost track of her daui'.htc'r and wanted me to see If I could find her. I am ,happy to say that several people told me where the daughter had moved to so-they ar^ In touch with each other now. If you are planning on moving and know just when and where you arc moving, It Is .1 very good idea to notify'your correspondents at once. This is especially true with mngafclncs and newspapers. T h e only way the postofflce can change those adresses Is to return the periodicals to . the pubtohers. Of. ' iTM movii! you are ju from one Fayettcvillc address to another, -we will deliver them to the new address for five weeks; if you haven't thought of writing the company by that time, your magailnes will be returned to the publisher wilh the new address on Ihem. But, ot course, you -will gel Ihcrn eventually. Springdale A dinner w«i held In the Elm Spring nchool Friday night, «t 7 o'clock by the Sprlnfclalc Chamber o( Commerce. Approximately 190 persona from Sprlnfclale and the .surrounding tbwni attended the dinner, Proceed from the dinner will go to the building fund of the Methodist Church at Elm Sprinxr;. The meeting was one of the urban-rural relation)) · program flponsonvd by the Chamber of Corrimcrce. E. H. Hitter, manager of ihe Chamber, acted as master 1 , of ceremonies. The welcome address was given by the Rev. Woodrow Wood, pastor of the Methodist Church of Elm Springs, H. n. Sharp, mayor of Springdale; gave the response. Gilbert SIsco, president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Judge Bill Enfield of Bcnton County gave short talks. William Ollber, valedictorian of his high school class in 1051, gave an address to represent the young people In the community. The Sln-K-Pators furnished the music. There was also a solo by Doyle Clark, and n Spanish lullaby by Irving Kltts. The Berry Street Baptist Women's Missionary Society observed the. "Day of Prayer for Community Missions" Thursday evening at 7 o'clock with Mrs. "Stella King leading a discussion on "Glorious Footprints." Mrs. Lawrence Layman led the singing,' accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Winnie Holt. Peggy .Layma sang several solo numbers in keeping' with the theme of the program. Women on the program were Mrs. Minor, Mrs. Charles Eastburn, Mrs. Jlnb- ert Ru.iHell, Mrs. Stella King, Mr*. Joe Holt, Mrs. Layman, Mrs. Anderson artd Mrs. C. T. Howcrton. The Brotherhood of the Fir»t Baptist Church will meet Tuesday night at 7 o'clock in the dining rnnm of the church for their regular -monthly supper. The Rev. Delbcrt McAtPe, pastor of the Immanucl Baptist Church In Fort Sinithr Will be the guest speaker tor the" evening. The Rev. -L. Burncy Shell of Clark.vville, representative of the Synod ot Oklahoma, was euosl speaker at - the Presbyterian Church Sunday morning. The Rev. DoUfclna Brewer, pastor of the church, was filling the pulpit nt the Walnut Grove Presbyterian church. Sunday evening he was the speaker at the Mt. Comfort church. The Camera Club of Springdnle High School is sponsoring its first photo contest among the members of the club. Three prizes will be awarded. First pri/c is a roll of H W t l l u l u . r l l M . ju l/.v J3 n l u n ui Nearly every day as I drive out | cq | or f n r n ; scconci| ,,,, oil-tinted ,,,,].,,..,,,,,,, nl| a n d t h| n l, a sm ' ·' · - * · · ' '· -· · ·- of the Hunt Lane I meet Leonard Stanbcrry driving home. for lunch. As you perhaps know, Leonard is the constable. He lives just at the t end of Hunt Lane, and his mall box along with several others, is fastened to a large wagon wheel In front of Lester Bale's house, Leonard Is one of those folks thai I mentioned seeing every day on the route. If you ever need any "conslabllng" done, you can find Leonard around the Washington County jail-- probably In the basement. % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland IrM. l»ckf r Mint T O D A Y If you're the kind who like* to spend vacation-time traveling, why not 90 the b a n k - w a y! Small d e p o s i t s m a d e regularly quickly add up to a perfect trip. Start plans a-going by opening your ac- 'count today. F I R S T N A T I O N A L B A N K FAriTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS oil-tinted iildure. Photography was added to tnc course of study nt the beginning of this school year. The Springdale Eastern Star chapter will meet Monday night at 7;liO In the Masonic Hall.' Part of the evening's events will be an Initiation service. Mrs. Albert · Hough conducted the story hour Saturday at the public library. A large group attended. All children from six to 12 are invited to attend each Saturday morning from 10:30 to 11:30. The Ladles Country Club met at 1 :3(1 p. m. Saturday for a dca- scrt luncheon nt the Hitchln! Post. Mrs. John P. Stafford was the hostess. Later the members went to her .home on Holcomb Street for the social hour. Plans are being made by the First Methodist Church and the Wesley Methodist Church for the district training school here from March ..10-14. Th Rev. W. F. Cooley, district superintendent, met with the pastors of the churches l.nd also with the officers and teachers of the churches to help them make the plans.- rs^ H. L. Gosnell of East Emma Avenue will finish teaching the book, "Crusade In Home Missions," «t the Berry Slrect Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mr. nnd Mrs. B. B. Patrick and daughter, Rosemary, of Springdale left Friday morning for Oklahoma Citizens Colled Fees For "Tattling" On Tax Evaders By CHARLES F. BAHETT I Washington-(/P)-If you're Judging on your income tax return this year, better watch out for nosey neighbors. The business of tattling to the 7vcrnment on income tax evaders --for a fee--is booming as never before. · ' The Internal 'Revenue Bureau reported today it paid out half a million dollars last year to informers who /tipped · the government to tax violalloni'by business associates or neighbors. As a result of the tips, revenue agents picked up 19,037,846 mo in taxes for th,e fiscal year which ended June 30, All signs indicate this will b« »n even bigger year for Informers Citizens pouring in tips on recurring revenue scandal* are likely to uncover even more tax evasion. Parmenta Increase In the past .three years,' payments to informers have averaged 480 thousand dollars a year, a tremendous increase over former years. For 13 years ending in 1948 payments averaged only $71,921 year. And the $9,d27,846 collected last year because of informers' lips comparts with an average of only two million during that 13-year period. * A revenue official said the, chie motives for informers are envy o: wealthier people, revenge againsi a former boss, informers' fees and just plain patriotism. The amount paid in fees can vary a lot. Some would-be informers have shot in-the dark am turned in the names of known gamblers and' bootleggers withoul any evidence. They didn't get « fee even If agents later uncoverec a tax violation. On the other hand, fees up to $80,000 have been paid for detailed and specific information leading to collection ot up to two million dollars in taxes in a single case. The smallest reward is likely to be at least $25. "Th»t'« My Still" fn one case in Alabama, an informer gave details on the location of an illicit still. He seemed unusually anxious to catch the operator. Asked why, he replied "That's my still--the crooked so and so stole It from me, and I want him caught." In many cases, a study of rev- City, Okla., where they attended funeral services for Mr. Patrick's mother, Mrs. Rose Bcatty, Saturday. Miss Lillian Hart and Cpl James Ginn of Bentonville were guests Saturday night in the home of Miss Hart'r sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs.'W. A. Hardister and son on Theodore Drive. Sunday, was laymen's day a' (he First Methodist, Church. Laymen filled the pulpits of the church at the morning service Tom Warre i presided over the service at the First Church and Radford Grecnway was the speaker. Special music included a women's trio and a men's chorus. A film telling the story of Christian stewardship, "All That I Have." designed to promote the current expansion program for education and missions in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, was shown at the Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon at 2:30 and agsiri at the evening service at 7:30. AltertlM In Uw TOMBS--It pan. EVERYTHING M P1UMMNO .net SUmiH FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVEftNMINT AVI ft'j Iff** ft Mm Marty Of tow* AM *f Mr* iMtffc Wfcf TW H*4 ft I Treetort Nave Ptonty «f t.i.rv. P.W.T With a union* «n|in« ihlt (tiiurei 140 fewer pin!... Core* (red f lured lubrication ..'. controlled cooling with torn. pl«i« w»« circulation around cjrlindiri and combustion chimtxrl... easy inspection and icnicinf ... oil waih air clMfur . . . replaceable ctrtridit* »pt oil rtlftr and . Ktxnur iff* brother... drnimmllr balanced drop- for«d «Hl crankshaft and superior piston; Moducad vndtr rigid quilitr control mtthodi... the MM Model R Is hud to (quit for economlci! power and low up-KKf costs. Lit "l show you tkt tdtlntu«i of owning an R tnctor, ivallablt in 4 front tod typii wish a co«pl«n Un of mtclMd tractor tools. ' MM MAIM M Mill AN. NtVtCI Chorlesworth Pontioc Co. SrRINGDALE, ARK. enuc files showed, the tax evader's own boasting o f - h i s accomplishment leads to his downfall. And then there's one case where an informer got a sizable fee but made the .mistake of failing to report it on his-own Income tax return nc;t year. He paid back , most of the fee In penalties and interest. T The Italian name of the port of Leghorn is Livorno. Adrerttet) IB the TIMES--It pay*! Old Time Revival, First Assembly of God S. W. COR. FJClH GROUNDS, 12 HIWAT WEiT EVANGELIST F. C. CORNELL ; OF BAXTER SPRINGS. KANSAS 'An Old Fashioned Pentecostal Preacher With A Message For This Hour! BEGINNING SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 DAILY AT 7:30 Everybody Welcome! DONALD WALKER, Pastor CONTINUED ONE MORE WEEK WALLPAPER YOU ACTUAlir SAW m OH IVWY MUf All THIS WHf 2 ROLLS for the PRICE OF Reg.21 ( to37' P A T T E R N S Reg.37'to47 c P A T T E R N S Reg.47toS9 ( P A T T E R N S Reg.59'to74 c P A T T E R N S Reg. 74'to 89' O N E OUR LEADER DESIGNS STILL NOT mciUDn m: RISIRVI THI WOHT TO UMIT OUANTITIIS THE NATMNAUY-FAMOUS ASPHALT THI .'N'C'H K E N T I L E IN M HOMI-FUniUHW COIMI S O L I D DECORATOR C O L O R S EA, MHttiiH Kintril Mtn 7tt«-1if1fc Ink 6 HEAVYWEIGHT, FELT USE ^9x12 Ft. RUGS noict Colon and Design! '95 fACH ·I Design 7! f UNCOMITIONAUY 6UARANTEUI ANOTHER COOK PAINT DECORATING FIRST IfS FUN TO COLOR-PLAN YOUR HOME COLOR CABINET IT'S SO EASY To Achieve Hi. Perfect Color Scheme 1. Merely fill in your color plan folder and see the finished result before you start to paint. Add your accent color swatches. J. Then, paint the^qulck, easy way with Shado- lone Flat or Satin Enamels ·s described on your color swatches. M A K ( A F R E t COtOI' " I A H F O i n f B F O P NOW VOW CAN SUTHl flNISHID IHKT BSTOU YOU tVtN STARr TO PAINTI It's simple ... and fun!... to color-plan your decorating the Cook-Paint way. It's the sura way to get color harmony! Select swatches of the colors you like best from th* 144 exquisite Decorator Colors In the Cabinet. Slip them into your Color Plan Folder and - prestol - your color icheme comes to life . .. |ust as you'v. planned It. And the Color Plan Folder is yours to keep - FREE - for checking against lighting^fabrics, drapes. PAA«'t f.r Ih. Perfect COLOR. SCHIME COOK'S SHADOTONi lATrN INAMIl -i loil-rciiilint tlnlih f« kitchtni, bllhroomi, tic. Uti It for woed work ind trim whinvir Jhidtttnt flu inimil li ulld on willi *r il|. Ingi. Tho colon milch atrfritly. Us. th. Perfect ENAMELS COOK1 IHAOOtONI F!»flN»MH -t fill,ollr«-tut finlih. u» il for wllll, woodwork or mtlll trim. Covir moil lurfltli with · .innl. coil. And ll'i tcrubblbltl COOK'S PAII Wtttbtr" EAST SIDI SQUARE--PHONE 524

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