Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 25, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1952
Page 5
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·MTHWIST MKANSAS TIMIS, F«jy*HtviMi, ArfMMM, , Mnwrf M, IfM *J kUL BOTtK .'. New YorM/P)-Whalcver -hap- · pened to Saturday night? . Saturday used to have a special . character of its own · all over .America. Today it is just getting ,'to be another day in the week. ·" A generation or so ago almost - every town in the country . was, ,'ai the saying went, "A Saturday -',niiht town." » . . Saturday was the working man's ; one day of glamour, a time when he could kick up his heels and show he was really born to be a king. It was the week's regular -'Madri Gras carnival, looked forward to by everybody. . .Everyone who lived in the country came in for a night on the town. The farmer unhitched his plow and hitched up his wagon. ' , While his wife toured the store, buying the best gingham and rib- bpns she could afford, he sat with other farmers in the courthouse square and traded crop gossip and found out who was suing whom and cussed out the local banker and criticized the weather. Then the family took in a dance -or a show and clip-clopped con- tehtly home late at night, the kids asleep in 'the back of the wagon, the grownups wondering if the ·hired hand would show up by milking time and saying to each other, "It must be awful to live in town all week. I just couldn't ' stand i.." In the cities Saturday was pay- day. The jubilee signal was the · factory closing whistle that blew at noon or one o'clock. The workman paused oa his way home to wet his whistle and get a haircut. His chillren could hear the happy jingle in his pockets. The family bathtub got a real workout then, . washing away the week's sweat arid care, and somehntiy was always banging on the door and saying, "Hurry up in there, won't you? I'm next." Mama scrubbed " the youngest kids in a washtub in the kitchen to save time. After there was the week's grocery buying and the candy buy- .ing, and dinner out, and a movie. Sister disappeared with her best beau, and big brother sneaked off young girls to dishonesty .and worse, some gullible young serviceman may be saved the fate o: your husband. Too many girls are marrying today solely for the allotment check, which represents money for a good time and no responsibility entailed. Your Actions Dishonest . So you acknowledged your debts "as an honorable person should". Why, you don't even know the meaning of t he word honor Every step you've taken has-been dishonest, sly, deceitful. Marrying while you had debts was dishonest. Adding to these debts for a big wedding just to make an impression was deceitful;-marrying the young man against his parents' wishes, and in fact against his own good judgment, was not the action of an honorable person. You have shown not one evidence of decency in your entire treatment of your husband. He has been badly stuck in his acquisition of a wife. Naturally you know by this time what I think of the bond situation. You have absolutely no right to them, especially under existing circumstances, and if his parents have any sense at all they'll keep, the bonds tucked safely away in a safe deposit box. Even Junior shouldn't be trusted with them; picking'you for a wife proves his lack of judgment. He'll improve with age and experience, probably. However, I'm afraid you won't. To you money will always be the prime requisite of life regardless of whose life you wreck to Dr. Orr To Lecture On Value Conflicts In Southeast Asia Dr. Kenneth Orr, visiting professor of social anthropology in the department of sociology at the ~i".~'t"."~ r j ~, f,-,H n ,i University, will give the first of a with his pals and mama fietled, Mr | es ' o£ public lectures -tomorrow "I'd just like to know what those . night at 8 O . do( , k in tne gamc boys are really up to now. room of the Student Union. The .The next morning everybody lecture will be illustrated by slides woke up happy, tired and so broke I and movies and will be on the you looked the other way when topic, "Conflicting Values you dropped your contribution into the plate they passed at church. It made such a small tinkle you felt guilty. Mama then cooked a mammoth 'Sunday dinner. After that was eat- eri, everybody was so .worn out they had to take a nap, and you could hear snoring all over the "house. The next day was Monday, the beginning of the empty-pocket part-'of the week, but the excitement of looking forward to another Saturday night would carry _yqu through. · ' That was the way America celebrated its weekends for a couple of centuries. In hundreds of towns 'Saturday night is still the night people, choose to celebrate, get drunk, get i n ' a fight, or propose to their best girl. " But.the five-day week, the radio, and the automobile are changing the pattern. There are a lot of "Friday night towns" now. And many people who live in the country now can't.go to town on Satur- da'y; they have to stay home and entertain visitors from the city, who flee the concrete .canyons at . every chance. More and more folks also just hole up at home on weekends, saying, "I wouldn't go uptown and fight those crowds for anything." -" Whatever happened to Saturday night? Some people just got so they couldn't stand all'that fun in one evening. And, of course, there are · some who now try to make every night a Saturday night, and when Saturday comes around it no longer feels like anythingjspecial. .DORQTHY DIX -CONTINUED FROM PAGE FOUR could give you would please you; all I hope is that your young husband can get out of your clutches "while he still has a shirt to his; back. I do hope; however, that by j showing the merciless hunger for Southeast Asia.'* This is one of. a series of four lectures which will be given on alternate Tuesday evenings on the theme of '"Anthropolocial Observations on the Road to Mandalay." The lecture 14 free to the public. Dr. Orr recently returned from Burma,, where he held two nine- month awards of Fulbright fellowships. While "in Burma he was visiting professor at the University of Rangoon. He also was co- director of the Burma community research project which was spon- 'sored by the University of Rangoon ·*"and the government of Burma and financed by the U.S. Economic Cooperation Administration. Dr. Orr is a student ol Thailand as well as other parts of Southeast Asia. Dr. Orr will discuss the military and cultural conflict in Southeastern Asia, consisting of Burma, Thailand, French Indo-China, Malaya, Indonesia, and the Philippines, which for thousands of ' years the area has been peri pheral to the cultures of China and India, and a refugee of some of the most primitive peoples in the world. He will point out the basic conflict between the different ways of life and values of the peoples. Battle Shapes Up Over Trail Blazer's Remains Watonga, Okla.-(/P)-A battle is shaping up today over the historic bones of Jesse Chisholm, an early day Western trail blazer; Junior Chamber of Commerce members posted a 24-hour guard over the gravesite near here after some Oklahoma Historical Society members proposed the bones be transferred to a site on U. S. Highway" 81 near Enid. M. L. McFarlin, secretary of the Watonga Jaycees, warned Enid that if some move was planned for the Chisholm remains, Watonga money which' will drive many wanted to know about it first. I help farmers to farm FASTER |H show you hew to form faster . . . and better, too . . . U you'll let me demonstrate a new Ford Tractor right on your farm. I'll prove that, with a Ford Tractor, feu can keep gaining on your work instead of getting tehind. You have no idea how much time you lave With Hydraulic Touch Control of implements, new, falter 4-ipeed transmission and a lot ef other advantage* thli new Ford Tractor has. And, my service if (he best. So how about telling me to bring out * Tractor and put on · demonstration? There's no obligation. HAILEY SALES COMPANY Hifhwiy 71 North MOM 1689 End-OS-Month Clearance » ·, . Rock Bofrton Prices on Over 200 Items That We Mean to Sell... Bring This List and Circle the Items You Want to Shop. MEN'S FURNISHINGS | 400 Men's LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS. About 75c to $1.00 values. Odds and ends from one of America's biggest handkerchief houses. 3 for $1.00 To Reduce Our Stock of Men's Fancy Patterned DRESS SHIRTS^4 Days Only--Your unrestricted Choic* of ony Shirt in stock- Reg. $3.95, Only $2-95 Reg. $4.50 and $4.95, Only : $3.45 3 only size Large, 1 only size Small WOOL SHIRTS, $6.50 and $7.50 values/only $2.50 72 only McGREGOR AND ARROW LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS, pullover style. Originally up to $7.95 values $2.50 10 only CORDUROY PULLOVER SHIRTS by Me- ' Gregor. $8.95 and $10.00 values. Now only $3.80 53 prs. INTERWOVEN $2.95 ALL WOOL SOCKS. Pre-shrunk, imported Argyle Pattern $1.85 280 prs. MEN'S RIBBED NYLON SOCKS. Sizes 10W- 13, solid colors only. Irregulars of actual $1 · values 45 45 MUNSINGWEAR "BURNING - THE - CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS" BOXER ATHLETIC SHORTS. Made to sell for $1.50, reduced now to 3 for $1.95 5 2 . only MEN'S QUADRIGA CLOTH PAJAMAS. $4.50 and $4.95 values. Reduced for clear ance to $3.40 · 6 only BOTANY AND ROYAL ALL WOOL ROBES . for men. $19.95 values, now only $10.00 201 MEN'S TEE SHIRTS, $1.65 and $2.00, $2.95 values. Odd and discontinued styles $1.00 MEN'S SUITS - JACKETS - SLACKS 1 27 only MEN'S SUITS. $60, $55, $50, $45 values. In these sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 44 and 46; and 37, 39 and 44 longs $32.00 9 only MEN'S SPORT 1 COATS. $29.50 to $39.50 values. brands. Odd styled, sharply reduced for clearance $17.00 3 -only MEN'S CORDUROY COATS. $25 to 22.95 values $15.00 1 only MAN'S GABARDINE OVERCOAT. Size 37. $45.00 value, now, onlyy $22.50 8 only prs. MEN'S PANTS. $14.50 to $19.50, oil wool pants, now $7.00 6 only MEN'S CORDUROY JACKETS, $16.95 and $17.95 values. McGregor and Cresco $9.00 3 only WIND BREAKERS, size 36 only. $7.95 values $3.00 1 only VARSITY TOWN RAGLAN SLEEVE TOPCOAT of all wood gabardine. Size 36. $57.50 value $28.75 12 only MEN'S WINTER JACKETS by McGregor $22.95, $25 values. Now only $10.00 1 only Grey Flannel, size 39 long, $70 DOUBLE BREAST SUIT. Soiled and recleaned. Because of that, we reduce it to only .'.. .$.45.00 1 only 100% Wool McGREGOR JAC-SHIRT. Size 36, was $13.95 now $5.00 1 only Size 36 CALIFORNIA TYPE LOAFER COAT. $22.50 value, now. $10.00 1 only $55 GRIFFON GABARDINE TOPCOAT. Size 38 '. .$27.50 2 only men's Oil-type WATER REPELLANT RAINCOATS $1.00 T4 only Men's $20.75 Value RAINCOATS. America's best brand. Sheen qabardine, now only $10.00' 1 Group MEN'S FUR FELT HATS, values to $7.50, Now only . $3.00 Another qroup MEN'S FUR FELT HATS, values to $16.50, now only . . $5.00 NOTIONS 16 Sets of eight COKE APRONS, Reg. $1.00 ....... 39 5 only Ladies' STEEL SWEATER DRYERS. Adjustable to any size. Regular $1.98 ............. 60 8 only Men's WOOD BACK HAIR BRUSHES. Reg. $1.59 qualily ........................... 35 16 only LADIES' BLOUSE HANGERS. Holds 6 blouses. Regular $1.00 ................... 60 3 only SOLID STEEL PRUNING SHEARS, Reg. $2.50 $1 .20 14 only CHILDREN'S BOOK SATCHELS and ZIPPER BOOK CASES, Regular $1.98 ............... 80 I DRAPERY DEPARTMENT""! 1 GROUP 50" DRAPERY FABRICS. Made to sell up to $1.98 per yard. For four days onyl, yd. .95 30 only GREEN ORGANDY CURTAINS. 45" x 2Vi yds., with 5" rolled hem ruffle. A tremendous value at pair ......................... $3.00 2 pcs. only 50" RAYON PRINTED DRAPERY FAILLE. $2.29 value for four days only, yd. $1.40 18 pr. Pinch Pleat DRAW DRAPERIES. 2'/j yards long, 46" wjde. About a $7.98 value. Our special price is $6.50, now only, pr ......... $5.00 1 assortment BOLT END DRAPERY FABRICS. Lengths long enough for chairs, setees, one window rooms, etc. Truly a grand opportunity to save ....... ; ................. V4 price 3 pcs. only 45" PRINTED DRAPERY FAILLE. 1 pc. Western Motif, others conventional, $1.49 value, yard ................. ' ......... go 300 yds. SO" DRAPERY SATEENS. Slight imperfects ^ of $1.00 value. Four days only, yard ........ 65 Clearance! WUNDA-WEAVE ROUND RUGS The same good Wunda Wove rugs you see advertised the country over. Buy at these prices and save 50%, Blue, Grey, Gold, Green, Beige. 24" Diameter Round Rugs, Usually $3.98 .......... $2.00 30" Diameter Round Rugs, Usually $5.98 .......... $3.00 36" Diameter Round Rugi, Usually $8.98 .......... $4,JO | LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR"! 12 only BETTER DRESSES from this foil's lole styles. Values to $34.50 $5.00 10 only MATERNITY DRESSES. Reg. values to $17.98. On sale at only. . . . . . . .$3.80 and $5.80 3 only SWIRL HOUSES DRESSES. Regular $8.98. .Sfr.lO 3 only LADIES GABARDINE RAINCOATS. Regular $12.98 v a l u e . . . : : $5.50 3 only TEXTRON FAILLE ROBES, full length. Sizes 10, 12, 14. Regular $17.98 value $7.50 1 only Full length PLAID CHAMBRAY ROBE, size 18. Reg. $12.98 ·. $6.50 8 only SWEATERS AND TEE SHIRTS, two-piece sets of inter-lock cotton knot. Req. $4.98. . . .$2.99 4 CREPE BLOUSES, Reg: $3.95 and $5.95 $1.99 3 LACE TRIMMED CREPE BLOUSES, rep. $7.98. . .$2.99 2 only LADIES' COTTON BLOUSES, faded. Reg. $2.98 · 60 F LINGERIE ~" 65 prs. IADIES NYLON PANTIES by B!ue«wan and textron. White,'Blue and. Black. Regular ·· $1.98, on sale for $1.00 42 only LADIES' LACE TRIMMED CREPE SLIPS. Textron and Wonder Maid's $3.98 and $4.95 values. Pink and Black. Nearly all sizes $1.99 46 only BALBRIGGIN COTTON PAJAMAS by Mun- singwear. Regular $4.98 and $5.98 values. All sizes, a wonder buy at. .4 $2.99 ONE TABLE LINGERIE FROM EASTERN ISLES SAMPLE LINE. Pajamas, gowns, bedjockets, etc. Regular values to $9.98. Sale price $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.50 5 only 40 DENIER NYLON KNIT BASIC SLIPS. Pink only. Sizes 32 and 46. Regular $6.95 . $3.20 1 only VAN RAALTE NYLON GOWN. Reg. $14.00, size 32 -. $5.90 | LADIES' ACCESSORIES | 5 only LEATHER HANDBAGS, Regular $7.98 value $2.90 16 only small DRAWSTRING BAGS in plaid and corduroy. Regular $1.19 qualily 60 J TABLE ODDS AND ENDS IN COSTUME JEWELRY. Reg. $1.00 to $1.98, on sole 50 64 pair NYLON HOSE by a leading manufacturer in sheer constructions. Regular $1.75 and $1.98 values, pair 66 36 pair "SPILLERETTE" NYLONS. Fancy heel number, regular $1.98 value, Good Shades, pair $1.20 32 pairs 70-gauge NYLON ANKLETS, Pastels and and while, 9'/i to lOVi, regular 69c. 35 85 LADIES BELTS from Speyer's Sample line. Values to $2.50 30c and 60c 14 pairs LADIES LEATHER DOESKIN GLOVES in red, black and green. Regular $4,98, reduced to : $1.50 | CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT | 40 only GIRLS' COTTON BLOUSES, white with trim. Sizes 7 to 14 $1.19 12 only GIRLS COTTON DRESSES. Regular $3.98 and $4.98, sizes 7 through 12. Reduced to. . .$2.20 8 only CORDUROY AND WOOL SKIRTS for size 7 to 14. Regular $3.98 and $4.98 $2.80 3 only CORDUROY DRESSES, 10 and 12. Reg. $5.98 $3.99 2 only GIRLS' WOOL COATS, sizes 4 and 5. Reg. $12.98 $7.90 1 only GIRLS' WOOL SLACK AND COAT SET, size 6X. Regular $27.50, on sale for $18.50 1 only COATS AND LEGGIN SET, size 2. Reg. $14.00, on sale for only $5.00 1 only GIRLS' COAT AND BONNET SET. Size 1. Reg. $14.98 . ..'. $6.50 12 pairs JERSEY KNIT PANTIES. Sizes 1 and 2.. ' Reg- 60c value, reduced lo only 29 | SHEETS-LINENS. ETC. "~1 · MONTH-END SHEET VALUES - FOXCRAFT SHEETS ·Type 128 long wearing sheets by E W thai will give you years of satisfactory service. 72 x 108 Size; $2.44 81 x 99 Size !$2.44 81 x 108 Size ' " ^$2^54 32 only 81 x 108 LENOX COMBED PERCALE · SHEETS, $4.98 value ' $3.29 120 belter value 42 x 36 PILLOW CASES, ea.. . , 40 36 pkgs. DIXIE JUMBO SIZE TEA TOWELS, 20x37 size. Extra soft and absorbent, pro-shrunk, 6 in package $1.40 20 only Regimental Stripe WASH CLOTHS, 29c value jn 1 only 72x74 Quality 80 (One of ihe Best) Pure Irish Linen TABLE CLOTHS. Soiled, |ust right for oval or round tables. $19.95 value. . . . $9.50 22 only Pure Linen NAPKINS. Original $7.98 and $b.98 dozen. Odd styles. Now priced at only each 45 22 only,Best Quality Irish Linen NAPKINS. Regular $19.98 dozen. Now only per dozen 1 -. . . .$10.98 (You may buy less than a dozen) BUCILLA PURE LINEN TABLECLOTHS WITH CONTRASTING COLOR HEMS. TRULY BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF COLORS 52 x 52 Slie, $4.98 Value $3.50 J2 x 70 Slie, $6.98 Value $4,60 66 x 18 Siie, $10.98 Value $6,80 I PIECE GOODS PERT. | Big Group of Bolt Ends of COTTON, RAYON, AND WOOLEN FABRICS, AND LINENS. Up lo 3-yds. and t 4-yds. lenglhj V, PRICE 18 DCS. 59"-60" WOOLENS, including Gabardinnj, Crepes, and Novelties. E W fabrics usually selling to $3.98 yard. Four dayi only, yd $1.55 20 colors 50" BURLINGTON MILLS FINE RAYON TAFFETA. Certainly a value at, yard .95 14 pcs. 36" IMPORTED PURE LINEN. Good assort- · men! of colors, fist color, yard $1.40 2 pcs. $2.95 50" BROCADE TAFFETA. Exceptionally nice quality. Choice of Black or Tan. Four days only, yard 45 1 pc. only SPUN RAYON PRINTS. About a $1.00 value, Navy Ground, yard 40 3 pcs. only PRISCILLA PRINTS by E W. A fine washable fabric priced very, very low, yd. .. .50 13 pcj. only "THICK''AND THIN" RAYON PRINTS. A $1.00-value anywhere, yard 70 1 Group ODDS AND ENDS OF RAYONS. Solids and Prints, values to $1.69 yard, yd .\ . .50 LUGGAGE . ""1 3 - only GRAIN FINISH LEATHER BRIEF CASES. $5.00 values, Zipper closure, two pockets inilde, now only ;$4.00 2 only Tan LEATHER BRIEF CASES. Genuine leather, Truly a real value for only .$5.00 2 only $19.50 SADDLE LEATHER SHOULDER TYPE CARRY-ALL CASES for women. Us* for weekend coses or purses , $14.00 SPREADS-BEDDING " | 1 only $8.98, GLAZED CHINTZ BED SPREAD, Flounce'Style. Single Bed Size, Now only. . " . $ 5 . 4 0 1 only Single Krinkle Crepe FLOUNCE BED SPREAD. Single Bed Size, $7.98 value »4.00 2 only Chartreuse Quilted Satin, Ruffled, BED SPREADS. Double Bed Size, $10.98 Value.'.. .$7.90 15 only DREAMLAND PURE DOWN PILLOWS. 21x27 size, completely sterilized, $10.98 value . . . . . . ' . . . , . . . . ; . , ' .\.$9.00 4 only Imported, All Wool BLANKETS.' Made In Holland, $26.50 values $ 19.00 10 Wool Filled, Two-tone TAFFETA COVERED COMFORTS. A stupendous value for 4 days only at ,. $7.90 BASEMENT DEPARTMENT") 1 Group WO'S SCARFS, silks ond rayons ". .30c 1 Group Children's WHITE ANKLETS, Alladln Brand · iflc 300 yds. COTTON PRINTS, 36" wide, attractive patterns, factory mis-prints .J9c yd. 118 Children's FLANNEL SUEDE SKIRTS, sizes 2 to ' 6 35e each 300 yds. WHITE AND PASTEL NAINSOOKS, 36"-39" wide .'. 29 e 306 TURKISH TOWELS, face and bath sire. Run of the mill quality .30c, 50c, 70c« 168 Children's LACE TRIM RAYON JERSEY PANTIES, sizes 2'lo 12 ; 29e 11 only Women's WATER REPELlANT ZELAN CLOTH JACKETS, zipper closure. Grey and Green. $3.50 value $1.80 2 only WomenYBLACK SLIPS, $2.00 value, size 32 ;. $1.00 2 pcs. only 50'.'-PLAID RAYON-WOOLEN FABRICS for shirts,.skirts, etc ^ $1.00 yd. 2 pcs. only SHEPHERD CHECK 42" rayon suiting. . Easily a usual $1.29 to $1.49 value 75c yd. 1 pc. only 42" GREY SHARKSKIN WEAVE RAYON SUITING; Easily a usual $1.98 value 75c yd. 360 yds. PRINTED BROADCLOTH, PRINTED PIQUES, ETC. At least 79c to 80c values, only 60c 1 only Horse Hide LEATHER JACKET, size 34. $19.98 value, for only $12.80 1 CORDUROY, COAT, size 34, $8.95 value $5.70 5 SATIN JACKETS, for men or boyi, a usual $4 value $2.60 7 Men's JACKETS with fur collar ancTquilled wool lining. Regular $7.98 value, only $5.80 3 WOOL'JACKETS for men, size 44. Regular $5.98 value on sale for only $3.98 1 Table WESTERN AND SPORT SHIRTS. $3.00 and $3.50 values $1,80 18 only men's WHITE SHIRTS. Soiled and imperfects of $2.00 and $2.98 shirts $1.00 each 8 only WOOL JACKETS for boys. $5.95 value .. .$3.80 1 only size 4 CHILD'S RAINCOAT, $4.95 value . .$1.00 1 Lot MEN'S BELTS, $2.00 value 80c each 4 only MEN'S PLAID RAYON SHIRTS, heavy wool type. Sizes 1 4 W , 16 and 16V4. Usual $4.98 qualily $2.50 1 only RED WOOLEN SHIRT, size imoll, About $3.98 shirt on tale for $2.00 2 "only BIG SMITH CORDUROY SHIRTS. Were $5.95, now $2.00 , 8 pr. only GIRLS' AND BOYS' BOOT PANTS, corduroys and Iwills 50c 49 only PLAID SUEDE FLANNEL SHIRTS, size 14H and 15 only. E W brand, worth to $3.50. ,$1.50 5 only MEN'S WOOL SWEATERS. E fr-'W; Samples of $3.95, $4.95, $5.95 qualities . '.,',','-; ,J.OO 35 only BOYS' SWEATERS, slztt 32 and 34 meitly. S W, samples , ;. ,$1,00

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