Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 25, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 25, 1952
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IHI nilUC INTEREST · THE FIRST CONCERN -Of THIS NEWSPAPER' Associated *reis Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Features IOCAI WMCAST-- "" 7 Fayettevllie and vicliilfy pirtl* cloudy with occasional inowfal «nd colder tonif ht.,. Tbmorrov partly cloudy and slightly Warme by afternoon. Precipitation '.44 snowfall .7. High temperature yet tcrday 46; low 31; noon today 3: Sunrise 8:54; iun«t (1:10. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 182 FAVETTEVILIE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 15, 1952' NICE FIVE CENT! State Divided Into 26Senatorial Districts Highway Department Cleanup Depends On e, Thomas Says Siloani Springs Wins Trophy Peopl Charges Waste, Continuing Audit Commission Met With No Cooperation, Rotarians Are Told Only the -people "of Arkansas can.say whelher there will be! a c l e a n u p in the Arkansas' H i g h w a y Department, Herbert' Thomas, vice. chairman of the ( Highway Audit Commission, to-1 ' day 'told the Springdale Rotar/ Club and a number of visitors ct the luncheon session at the Springdale Methodist Church; In · answer lo a question, "What can we do to have a system that is operated efficiently and for the best interests of the people tl.em- 'selves?" he replied "By getting a policy maker who believes In that." Thomas, who said he has no plans' for making p series of speeches on the recent commission hearings, in Little Hock, but was speaking at the Rotary session because he was talking to "home folks," made it clear that he feels there has been great i.i- efficiency and waste in the operation . of the Highway Department,, arid that the inefficiency and : wastie, is continuing. Thomas'-said t h a t ^ a t the start ; of-:ther:recent-.hearings, the commission had every ..- intention, of "leaning backwards'/ to see t h . t the 'administration had the benefit of the doubt in all respects, and that .he commission would have.proceeded as it did. regardless of v who was governor. On August 15, 1951, the commission issued an interim report, he recalled, which gave "fair w a r n i n g of things to come." "We laid the 'bli,mi! on the system and on the .public for accepting the system," he said. HP also remembered th: I although the report was issued "there was no evidence the ad- Chitf Herman.. Paden,'lcft,-of the. Sil ministration "thing." would admit any- The commissioner said [hat the group had no cooperation from the administration or those close to the administration and the governor; instead of saying he would help clean up the situation, "denied everything and castigated the commission for doing its du' -." Invites Question Governor McMath was inviled lo appear before the' commission, to "be given as much time as he wanted," Thomas, told the group, , "yet he sidestepped an appearance, and suggested that we again mecl wilh him.". He pointed 'out that following the - refusal, the commission, subpoenaed Executive Secretary Henry Woods and "gave the administralion the right lo answer questions concerning the connection of the operation of the Highway Department-and a campaign for funds in behalf of the governor." ^, "Their refusal to explain," he said, "creates, in my mind the question what would-the account reflect?" ' . Thomas said he hopes the public will not take seriously any .attempt by the governor "to clarify when he is nol under oalh." The commissioner said' as far as he · wns concerned Tie planned lo lake no cognizance of any allcmpl which may be mark in the future to "clarify." Response ."Discnuraglnlr" .Thomas said he "is discouraged" at the "response" from the public which has a tendency to say "so what, there is nothing we can do Italian Beaury Says Hollywood fetors ' about and declared "if the public acccpls this kind of thing Ihe slate is not deserving of bet' CONTINUED ON PACE "ELEVEN Murder Trial Delayed In Benton County Bcntonvllle-(Spcclal)- The first degree murder trial nf Klmcr "Dick" Short which had been shcedulcd to open here Wednesday his lieen continued indefinitely because of the Illness of Vol T. l.lndscy, one of the counsels for Short Short In charged with shooting Is 'wife, Hazel Irene, 38, on last ovcmber 21, their second wed- :iS Anniversary. Hollywood-(/P)-An Italian film beauty's remark that some Hollywood actors are loo old to pitch convincing woo drew snickers and snorts from the local movie colony yesterday. "It's ridiculous to see a man old enough to be your grandfather playing an ardent lover," Actress Slyvania Pampanini told an interviewer in- Rome. She named Clark Gable, Charles Boyer, Gary Cooper, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Paul Muni,' and Ronald Colman as examples who, stripped of their movie glamor, would seem pitiful in the arms of a woman." Said Miss Pampanini:' "Hollywood needs a bunch of new lovers --young and virile, in the. prime of their youth, not men who were born in the last century." ' She added with a shudder, "It's Eight Persons Killed In Wreck Near Camden Little. rtock-(fl')-0ne of Arkansas' worst traffic accidents in history yesterday killed eight persons, pushing the week's violent death toll to 23. Three white teenagers and five Negroes died in the accident near Camden. i Arkansas Stale Police said the ! mishap occurred when the car in ' which the Negroes were riding attempted to pass another auto and met the teenagers' vehicle in a head-on collision. j Poultry Morket-- The poultry market today as reported by the University of Arkansas Instilute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department "of Agricul- indecenl being kissed by an old man. Clark Gable thoughl Miss Pam- panmi's views "enormously f u n - ny, ^bul wouldn't comment saying: 'I m not going lo get mixed up.m THAT." Mrs. Humphrey Bogarl, Lauren Bacall, whose husband was yachting yesterday, rose to the defense of local males. "Some of these girls will do anything for publicity," she said. "I thmk there' in the old boys yet . . . After all it took Ihem years to know what they were doing, and now that they know it, we women should be thankful." Mrs. Charles Boycr, who answered the phone while her husband was showering, said she was ' q u i t e nauseated" by Miss Pam- panini's remarks. Red Cross Holds Food Packages For Prisoners Seoul, Korea-(/P)-The American ! Red Cross has 11,000 food p a c k - j ages ready to send to American prisoners of war in Red North Korea, but it doesn't know when or how it wi" be able to distribute I them. | The Communists have rcjc jfed.1 United Nations ' Command .-; tempts to send relief items to Rer prisoner of war camps. The Red Cross has 7.000 star.d ard packages, . containing canr.ei foods and vitamin' tablets lo sup' plement the basic'rice diet in the POW camps and 4,000 spccia packages for invalids, containing high protein soft foods which arc easily digested. Denies Europe Vill Get Unit )f Marines McForland Quotes Truman As Saying No Promise Made Washington-lfl'i-Scnator McFarland (D-Ariz) .quoted President Trurnan today as saying no Marine division has been promised for service with Kuropcan defense forces. McFarlnnd, the Senate Democratic leader, reported Mr. Truman had given him and othei congressional lenders this assurance at their regular Monday morning conference with the president. Some concern.had been stirred in Congress by published i-eports over the weekend ' the United States had promised a division of Marines next year for the defense of Western Europe. McFarland said the matter was discussed with the president-while the congressional leaders were be- .'.".«, " 'gc'ner'aT 'military 'plc'Curc: Such a "briefing" has come to be thing at the Monday routine meetings Girl Found lure. Northv/cst. Arkansas market about steady, demand good; volume ivf trading was heavy, supply adequate. Prices paid f.o.b. farm, sales rcpo:tcd up til 2 p. m. today, broilers and fryer* all weights, 2728 cents, mostly 28 cents. Beef Cattle Study Day At U. A. Farm Slated A special Beef Cattle Breeders Study Day Is scheduled at the University farm tomorrow starting at 10 a. m;, and w i l l go on regardless of the weather. In the afternoon a sale of tested sires will be held. Pickup Reported Stolen ' . The-sheriff* office reported today .that a 19*2, Chevrolet pickup owned by Doyle R. Brown of West Fork wns stolen from a parking plnco on East Center Street «bout 8 p. m. last night. The keyi hid been'left In DM ignition, ' Other Capitol Hill leaders at the conference were Vice President Barkley, Speaker Rayburn ID- Texas) and House Democratic Leader McCormack (Mass). It was the first conference attended by Barkley since his recent eye operation. Last Riles For Lincoln Naval Airman Planned The body of Lt. Cumndr. Mack Hcnny, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hcncy of. Lincoln Route 1, will be returned to Lincoln for services at the Lugenbucl Chanel. Burial will be in the National cemetery here. Date of the services has nol been set. Commander Hcncy was one of four naval airmen killed last Friday in the crash of a twin-engine Navy plane on the King Ranch near Kingsvillc, Texas. Two other fliers were seriously injured. Teachers Group Highly Opposed To Ford Plan, Split Between Two Types Of Colleges Declared Widening The Ford 'Foundation's" proposed "bold experiment" in teacher education in Arkansas was. '.'rmcd "not only unspund but dangerous," and "a throwback to the I f l t h century,'' in a statement by t h e ; American Association of Colleges ' for Teachers Education in Chicago Saturday. The statement about the "re- i turn to the 18th century" b r o u g h t ' from one leading educator t h e : commmcnt, "So what?" ; Word of opposition to the pro- ' gram from the AACT, in conven- j lion in Ihc Windy City, came from '. the Associated Press, which re- i ported the group as saying: j "We are told, that such drastic j action is necessary in nrdc-r to permit the State of Arkansas to quali- : fy for a grant-ln-aid from the Foundation's fund for the ad- S'anccment of education. j "This adoption of an I R t h con- ! tury model for teacher propara-' lion is called a 'bold cxperimcnl Pork Where They Stop in teacher education' . We find it impossible to describe what is being proposed ill Arkansas as n promising experiment. "Domination of a stale's educational system by n central agency in the United States, whether governmental or private, is extremely unwise." Ready With Financing The Ford Foundation put up (85,000 to finance work on a plan for revising teacher education in Arkansas, with the.priviso that if whatever plan should be worked out meets with the Foundation's Mld m finance the program for a period 'hf eight to 10 years.'It has been estimated that the cost might run Into The ·several millions of dollars. Foundation stipulated t h a t p i r n should include a four-year general education course for all irospective teachers, plus a f i f l h car of work at a specialized cen- cr--which would amount to an nternship in cducalion. Announced By Dr. Jonen The Foundalion's proposal was announced here some months ago by Dr. Lewis W. Jones, who was resigning as president of the University, and wh is now president of Rutgers University at -New Brunswick, N. J. Asked yesterday in a telephone conversalion to comment on the statcmenl by Ihe American Associalion of Colleges for Teacher Education, he told the TIMES t h a i his first thought in regard to the "return to the 18th century"., remark was "So what?'' He recalled that in announcing the opportunity for Arkansas lo work out the education plan he I .. ' Market Street. San "world's largest p h r k i n g . ^ _ : _ orders nnd parked their cars In this m a n n e r down thc°ccnlor of 'ihc street during Ihc city's trancpnrtnlion slrike. In some sections, .traffic was limited lo n single lane each way. when motorists disregarded pojlcc Louisiana State Trooper Called From His Home, Shot To Death; Two Are Captured ^-'Jen«,~ : -lia.-(/P)»TW6' ; 'merr Vwho police'said shbl to death a Louisiana ^late police trooper . yesterday nre bring held un^er guard th e j in a hospital, They were wounded by the officer who captured Ihcm. Marlin Jackson and Luther Pearson, both about ,11), were taken to a hospital in Pinevilic. about 35 miles southwest of hcic. Pearson was In a critical condition. Sheriff D. Floyd said two men called state police trooper Ulis Floyd, 55, the sheriff's cousin, from his home shortly after midnight Sunday morning and shot him through the heart. ' The moved here a year and a half ago, he is survived by one sister, Mrs. Tommy Byrne of Los Angeles, Calif., and one brother. Eugene Hcncy of Houston, Texas. Britain's Air Force Wins Top Priority London-Wi-Britain gave the Ro; - al Air Force top priorily loday I in this nation's $3,780,000,000 de| fcnse program. Thai policy riircc- | live was announced b_- Ihe govcrn- menl along with the 1952-53 csti- males of defense expenditure. Barbara Nemcroff, three, Montreal girl, was kidnaped from her crib at home and held for $50,000 ransom before she was found in front of a downtown store. Police arrested a 22-year-old former em- ploye of Ihe child's father, Area Veterans Back In IU Transport With 3,900 Docks The tranyporl Gen. John Pope wns to dock in San Francisco, bringing ,1,722 Army combat veterans and 122 men from Far East-- , crn posls. Listed- as on board the up to m the community as the best j transport were 57 Arkansas men, educated persons among the popu- i including 2 men from this area lation. He said when he announced j In addUion to his parents, whoj's.'iid there was "nothing revolll- i _ _ _ j _ ·--'" u onilI .yM j n ,, | )r0 | )ns;i ] )n educate teachers, and that he said thrn in former days teachers were looked the Frrd Foundation offer that he thought such a condition was commendatory, so he reported yesterday he couldn't sec thai a return to sucri a situation would be so bad. He also revealed that "a split between regular colleges and teacher colleges has been developing' for some time." This, he said, "Is unfortunale, hut it is a fact CONTINUED ON PACE ELEVEN Delegates Said To Favor Kefauver If Mr. Truman Does Not Run Resident 01 Tulsa Dies In Oklahoma City Fire Oklahoma City-(/P)-A fire early today look the life of a Tulsa man · jj' a 'tes Y "io" i'he idenlilied as Archie S. McDanleld. convention. Acting Coronet Ben Lafon at- Tnc results show Kefauver two ' By DREW PEARSON Washington--The delegates who nominated President Truman in 11)40 now overwhelmingly favor Senator Kefauver to succeed,him --if T r u m a n chooses not to run again. This is the f i n d i n g or the Joseph M. Baird.Company of Nc-.v York, an Impartial research outfit, which has polled 2,798 delegates lo Ihe 11)48 Democratic convention. tribuled death to asphyxiation by smoke. Deputy sheriffs identified the body found. In a tool house adjoining the Colbort feed pens at the stockyards. Firemen extinguished the fire, believed to have started from a stove in the building. It was confined to the feed pens, Hgt M*- DinleM w«l overcome hjr «tnok«. , , . his '' carcst rlv "'A d l n i Stevenson of Illinois. to i Gov Of the 820 delegates whi replied to the straw ballot, .115 per cent voted for K e f n u v e r , 19 per cent voted for Stevenson, 15 per cent lor Chief Justice Fred ' Vinson, 14 per cent for (Illnnls Sen. Paul Douglas nnd four per cent lor Supreme Court Justice W i l l i a m O. Douglns. Kefauver heir! i coinninndinj lead i n . Ihe key stales of Nc'v York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California and Michigan. He was the wcakcsl in his own bailiwick-the South--thotigh-even ( h e r e - h e led mosl of the other candidates In Georgia, ho trailed Georgia's own senator, Dick Russell, hut ran * close second, Ir Kcpttcky and Arkansas, K e f n u v e r ran ' hind Chief Justice Vinson. Elsewhere In the South, Ihe Tennessee senator polled the most voles. Hi? biggest lead was, In his home stale, Tennessee, where he tx-cclved nine of the 10 votes tasl -despite the vindictive opposition of his colleague, Sen. Kenneth McKcllar. who hrs vowed to crush him. Though the polls look good for Kcfaiivcr, It didn't answer Ihc I question: What would be th« re- if T r u m n n decides In n;n ngnlnst KefniwrT The men from this area ;ire: ' Col. ./ohnny A. Galibard, M/Sgl. Jack W. G u i n n , and Sfc. Dwight K. Mix, all of .Fayctlcvillc; Sgl. Gene Kccncy of Klkins; ' Lt. Jack C. Fields, and Commissioned Warrant Officer Warren W. Wood, both, of nentonville; Sgl. He/ic K. Scoll and LI. DeWitt C. Slaughter, Jr.,, both of Rogers; Set.. Andrew M. Canlrell, Jr., of Sulphur Springs;. Capt. Virgil D, Daulcl, W a r r a n t 'troopeHs '24-year-old son, 'Donald; was : shot and killed when.hei.r*n from the house with his .father's revolver. - , - ' ' The two gunmen drove off I n - a car, but abandoned H when it ran outof gas and fled on foot. They Were wounded and captured in a field about a mllo from the slain man's home. Sheriff Floyd said no charges would be filed pending the outcome of Pearson's condition. State police reported Trooper Floyd had stopped Pearson and Jackson earlier Saturday night and warned them about driving while drinking. ·r IHI OBSIRVIR A Kayctlcvillc business m a n picked up the ringing phone a day or so a«o and heard the voice of a woman telling him she figured polio was sixlh among the causes o deaths In Ihe United , States. "Don't you think so?" she inquired without t a k i n g breath to explain what she was calling about: He said he guctfse'd in, arid she then asked If he didn't think she should "win the prize." He ·iiirccd she should, and then told thing wrong lur: "There's only one wrong---you have the number." He never did learn who the thought she was calling, for she h u n g up with a hang. ' Action Taken By High Court In Taxpayer Suit Washington County joined To Madison, Benton To Carroll Little nock-WVrh* Arkansas Kunrcme Court today divided the stale into 20 stale senatorial dis- 1 Ir'cts. The action was taken in the latest nf tv:o suits which have been filed in Ihc court asking for ,1 r e - s h u f f l i n g In accordance with population chaniics from 19-10 to 11)50. The 2fl districts decreed by the court compare with 34 now in exlslancc and with S3. which the sMic Hoard of Apportionment had fixed after a previous court suit. ' i The 35 senators, which are fixed by the constitution, remain un- · changed. Most districts have only one senator under the new order · but several Have two, and two districts have three senators each.* One of the latter IE Pulaski. County. The other is composed of Craighead, Mississippi and Poifl- se'.t counties. ' Northwest Arkansas will be divided Into three -.districts, each, w i t h one senator. District one will i t » composed of Rcnton and Car| roll Counties, while Washington and Madison Counties will make, up District Two. District Three, w i l l Include Crawford, Franklin and Johnson Counties, Today's order was made In aboriginal action in the' Supreme Court filed by two Sevlcr County taxpayers. Litigation over, recils- trlcting goes. farther back,, however. , -. ; An amendment to the state constitution 'provides that after each federal census '»· state Board of. Apportionment . ijiall re-shuffle «lnlc.,senatorial' districts on 'the basis of· population. .The board is 01 the.' «ovtrnor, th« »t- riey"ge or No Chime Made ·. · · , ... After the 1950-census. th« prts-' cnt board left the senatorial 'districts · unchahfred, saying : that the 10-year-old set-up was as eqult-, able as could be devised. The vote was 2-1, -Governor McMath favoring a revision;- : The board order 'was attacked by two Puiaski-County taxpayers, and the Supreme Court ordered the board to revise the districts to slve Pulaski at least three senators. This the board did by reducing the 34-diilrict total to 33 and giving Pulaski County three senators instead of two. This action th,eri wa» attacked in the high court by Sevlsr County residcnls,"'who said that while the board had satisfied ihc court demand for three Pulaskl senators it had effected other in- CCtuilics. · ; · ! ' ' . . - , . Their suit, brought in the name of Jess Plckens and others, asked that the court order the board to d- the job over again or that, the court make its own rcdistricting. The court chose the latter alternative. ' ; In its opinion today the Supreme Cjurt recalled' that it announced January 21 that interested persons would be given until February 11 lo file briefs in the Pickens suit. Except for Ally. Gen. Ike Murry, who had disagreed in the mclhod the board took for its reapportionment, no one filed a brief.' The court, in an unanimous opinion written by Chief Justice G r i f f i n Smith, said that redistrict- wns a difficult task. "It Is not inappropriate to say A number of cattle raisers and program in Northwest Arkansas nrc pretty well up in arms over the recent wave of cattle thefts in this locality. Several said today they rope to raise a reward sum, started by Sheriff Bruce Crider with $100. In a considerable amount. One raiser said "it's worth $5 n day lo me for these thieves lo be raught." Deports , · l r o u n r t hcri; '" r c - c n t O f f i c e r ( j g ) Owen Payne, Jj^l o l n c r s intcrcflcd ^n the livestock and C'apt. Thomas M. Phillips, all'" '" """ ' of Bcrryvllle. May Sidetrack Vote On McDonald Nomination Washington-l/I'j-A move to aboi lh " vcs lo bc ' ""^ ish the Reconstruction Finance I " l! " lat cal " c l h c f l ' Corporation may sidetrack plans in soroc " CHrb ' ·" for a Serrate vote today on Prcsl;]!", "VJJ 0 "']!,',?, 1 ,," 1 "', dont Trilmfin'K disputed nomination of Harry A. McDonald lo head Ihe lending agency. ! Senator Cfipcha.t ( R - I n r i ) w r v - 1 Those truck drivers who don't cd notice yesterday in Charleston, j buy city truck licenses licforc Fri- S. C.., (hut 'ic will m a k e every o f - . day is over nre going to be sub- foil In h a l t Ihr vote nn McDonald j Jcct to penalties when they do get unless he Ret.", assurance I w o ' their licenses. Stale truck II- pcndlng bill.' r e l a t i n g to RFC will 'censes are "not due right now. but he called up soon. The I n d i a n a (he lime for s e l l i n g . Fayettevllle Semite t o , s i | r k c r s Is up February 29. Alter two bills:! that, they come higher. The same goes for a u t o owners in the city, oi course, only time for buying state licenses for them Is already bright ( D - A i k 1 which would write | up. They run get their city car Into Uw certain "reforms." · itlckcrj through Friday. iii uecks. l a w m a k e r w n n l j Ihr choose between these one nponsorr-d by .Senator Hyrd (Il-Va) which would abolish the HFC, and one by Senator Fill that nol one of the judges is entirely ratisficd wilh all district ar- rangcn.ents," the opinion said, "but-it is imperative that the mat- k-.' be now disposed of, hence individual preferences must yield to necessity.". The court plan leaves intact 10 of the present districts, the first four having the same identifying numbers. In the next six of the unchanged 10, new district numbers were assigned without other alterations. The new set-up Is the first in which any district other than Pu- asslgned more than one senator. All state scnatorshlps will be at stakt at next summer's primar* lea. This Includes those in which there normally would have been hold-overs. The same situation would have been true if the Ap- pt-rtlonmcnt Board's order had stood. ' r » worsc | l ( «ki County ha, been than they are * " vc ''''"" Tht Wt««itr-- Arkansas--Cloudy and 'coldei with occasional rain this allernoer and In cast portions tonight, except some snow in norUiWMt am extreme north portions. Tucwia; mostly cloudy and told. Low** tonight 20 In axtrerr.l (Mrthwtt la DO In exlrcmt Mlthtwi.

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