Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 23, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

! i. . v X j il...Ljj T . l.\ ii-'-'-i:,;. ri.-1'.L..t.l. ,,..''..'...-. t ..-, . . _ i BLOMWE LIKES THETI7UTH-- I'LLTELLHE? EXACTLY I'M SO LATE you FpBTELLINSTHE y TPUT1-I - J 7h( EXCUSE VOU fcj. AUO I'M NOT MAO AT ALL I CANNOT TEU. V OH. DAGWOOC A LIE, t I WAS PL/WING POOL WHAT KIND OP SHENANIGANS HAS HE BEEN UP TO? WAKE JUNIOR'] HE STUMBLED. ^/IN HEREABOUT ·3A.M. BEEN WALKING ALL NIGHT. VA6, ) ' 0 YOU/;B NOKW HAS ID 1Q.L YOU.' RIGHT OM THE 6UI.LETIM 30ES IT HAVE T' ^.JSPECIAL KjNP? HELLO, UNCA DON.'ALCL.V'SA!D VOU COULD HARDLY V DOOLA, ICAN'TFIND 1WHY,NO,DOCTOR,I OOPANYPLACE,..0'VOU/HAVCN 1 T5EEN HIM C,MOWWHEI?6-^ __^S, IN A LONG G1VE-CIM CORM FOR JAMESTOWN WEGIVE VOO'm NOT KIDOIMQ.'.' WHEN I WAS IT SMELLS LIKE MONKY, Y ·vDUNG. HANbSOME, - WHO KMOWS ) AND POOR-1 OOOLtifT BETTER THAN US.HOW f\ 8RT AaiRL-BUT , THE SMELL OP MOWW ^ " ATTRACTS OIBL«. EH, FELLAS ? "THAT MAKE* MEKI WHENEVER OUR. STOCK GOES UP- GENTLEMEN /T-WE'RE TO MAKE MIUMNS. r .'-OSJE. OF MV- DISCOVERED A PERFUME nW -lOUNG MEM EABN J BRAINTS RESCUED FROM AMMONIA FUMES I FIREMAN CARRIES a woman down a ladder at an Ice cream plajit in Illlwauker. WIs.. a f t e r ammonia gas swept through the building. Five lomen and two liremcn were overcome. I Internal tonal Soundptiotol A light year, in astronomy, is the distance that light, traveling at 186,000 miles a second, travels in a year's time. OUT OUR WAY At present the only North American cities v.'lth · underground trdnnit systems New York, Du.slon, Philadelphia and Chicago. By J. R. Williams YOU'RE GETTIM' TO BE A STREET HOODLUM--VOU KIT TI-EKE AWHILE A! JO I'LL HELP YOU V TO LEAEN TD TELL TIME.' BAH.' MOBOPY SVER. SEZ., "\ j 'IT'S TIME PER YOUR ICE U CREAM CONtf, IT'S TIME FEE A YOUR DIME" --WO, IT'S ALWAYS, I "IT'S TIME. PER BED, ITS J TIME TO WASH.'"--! GOT EWOUGH MISERY WHEW IT COMES, V WITHOUT KNOWI \VHEM \TS Belfeve It or Not! ARE FORMED By THE SUN WHEN IT SHINES THROUGH THE FOG-* THE SMALLER WATER OSOPLETS SCRAMBLE tie COLOQS ano THECENTK OF foe: BOW is /norms UHITP _ ' FOR WHICH A MAN WAS HANGED OX A GOLDEN CALLOWS.' n alchemist CONVINCED W)KE FREDERICK! THATHEC0ULD TURN 1800 POUNDS OF IRON INTO SOLS/ HAWED OH A CALLOWS THetRON- ANDCM7W MTfl GOLD LEAF ««S. MARGUERITE HOlLIDAy if Hln;ptl»,.VJ WAS BORN ON THANKMIVINS D«V HEB MOTHER W.'-S tJOUN OM JULY4 HER FATHEB WAS BOQN ON ST. PATRICKS DAY «NO HER SON WAS 603N ON KCOMAT10N DAY PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK "That's NOT ilow motion... That's lh' way that hart* rural" KGRH . 6:00 LombardJ on the Air 6:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark.Sports Review 7:00 20 Questions 7:30 Dance Orch. 8:00 BASKETBALL Arkansas at S.M.U. 10:00 News 10:15 Dance Orch. 10:30 Dance Orch. 10:55 News 11:00 Dance Orch. 11:30 Sign Off SUNDAY MORNING 7:00 Freedom Story 7.15 Music for Sunday · 7:30 Music for Sunday 8:00 Church of Chritt 8:liO Fayettevilie Baptist Assn. 8:45 Sunday Serenade BOO Nazarenc Church 9:15 Tne Story gehind the Song 9:30 .Voice of Prophecy 10:60 Sacred Heart Prof run 10:15 TIMES Morning News Edition 10:30 Tabernacle Choir 10;45 Harding Hymns 11:00 First Baptist Church · SUNDAY AFTBRIVOON 12:00 News with Vandeventer 12:15 Melodies for you 12:30 Show Tips and Show Tunei 1:00 Top Tunes-with Trendler 1:30 Bill Cunningham 1:45 Piano Portraits 2:00 Bandstand U.S.A. 2:30 Air Force Hour 3:00 Oklahoma City Symphony 3:30 Oklahoma City Symphony 4:00 The Shadow 4:30 True Detective Mysteries 5:00 Sunday Down South 5:30 Nick Carter 5:55 Cecil Brown SUNDAV* NIGHT 6:00 Affairs of Peter Salem 6:30 News 6:45 Christian Science Program 7:00 Gabby Hayes Show 7:30-Methodist Church 8:30 Favorite Stories 9:00 Top Ten 9:15 Top Ten 9:30 Top Ten 9:-15 University Hour 10:00 News 10:15 Dance Orch. 10:30 Sign Off MONDAY MOKM.NG 5:30 Disc N' Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Market Report and 6:3.1 Rise i-r Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kapen 7:30 Otajco Newa 7:45 Sunrise Serenade 8:001 Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion ' 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take a Number 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckage Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of -All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuckwagon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 Dixieland Matinee ' 1:25 News 1:30 Afternoon Varieties 2:00 Ladies Fair 2:25 News 2:30 Pools Paradise 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Pick'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 Bobby Benson 5:30 Wild Bill Hickock. 5:55 Cecil Brown AUTO WORK br rditbU mcchtnlei. All work GUARANTEED. BROUGHER and ROBB Wh»«lt'« Oarnt, kick Whlt.lty'l t.r.le. ItallHl Nl«M IH7 WALT BEACH R*polrtnf OuorantMd WIUl II I. etMw tinM (ATITTIVILI.I, ·*·. % MMM IMi 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55e (rider Bros. Nursery OMnNLAND, AUK. Hillside Adventures « ·By FRED STARR \Ve have just come from dippinj our tie in soup, and getting on tht outside of some of this delicious Ozark chicken with some 200 other People, Honoring a man who believes it is more blessed to give than to receive. Dr. G. W. Wilson, a dentist, in the little village of Greenland with a population of 150 souls, has seen fit I'o give his community a $60,000 structure. This building houses a gym, a school cafeteria and a group of classrooms; all for "free lo the school children of the community where this dentist has lived most of his long useful life. Not having any close kin to fight over his money when he passes on, Dr. Wilson decided such- a monument would be the most valuable lie could erect. He is -trying to figure out a \vay to make the world a better place for children lo grow up in. It seems almost unbelievable that a man in this mad age of dollar grabbing would decide to~ give his away--and I'm sure his gift was quite a sacrifice--without any strings attached, and without expecting anything in return except the feeling he is contributing to the happiness of the present youth of Greenland, and to generations yet unborn. The school districts of this Wonder Stat. need a lot more Dr. Wilsons to help,lead it out'of the wilderness of money and teacher shortage. If we could get enough people, the state legislature, and big b u s iji e s s interested in giving the children . even enough tax money to have the same chance those in adjoining stales have, it would be a wonderful gesture. In t h i n k i n g of the generosity of this man, who has made much his money from bad teeth, I thought ahout the scod old clays when he started in this business of ridding folks of aching molars. The time \vas when you sat yourself down on a stool and had your teeth yanlred out without benefit of dope to ease the pain. While body will do most anything to get rid of a throbbing tooth, it must have taken a heap of nerve !o walk up and let the dentist start yanking you around. 1 remember my mother having all her teeth pulled at one setting, ind without any pain killer, and she never even stopped cooking !or her family of seven boys, who each had a sister apiece. But, no doubt, they were more rugged in .hem days. , However there were more that didn't than did. Most people just let their food choppers go until :hey look a notion to fall out, and thought themselves fortunate if hey reached old age with one upper and one lower, and they lappened to meet. ( As Ihe giver of' this structure sat--following its dedication--and watched a basketball game, I wondered if his memory didn't carry him back to his own schooldays, ivhcn they stressed the three H's, which one educator has called, 1;cess, Racin', and Rasslin'. I won- lered if he shared the feeling of o many his age who seem to be- ,icve the young are headed for Ihe bad place, and that the world s getting worser and worser, and thought about the pun somebody gave vent lo recently, "The younger generation isn't so bad. It's just hat they have more critics thaa · models." It looks as if this den- ist, who has about reached the ime in life when the teeth pulling and fillin of his community will lave to he done by somebody else, s trying to make himself a model nstead of a critic. Here's Your Date Special By Sue Burnett Planning a special date frock-or one for the holiday ahead? Then you'll like this appealing, youthful dress that features the full skirt, so popular this season. Note the shaped cuffs and collar. Pattern No. 8749 Is n cow-rite perforated pattern in sizes 10, 12, U, 16, 18. Size 12, 4M yards ot 35-Inch. For this pattern, tend 30c In COINS, jour name, 'address, site desired, «nd the PATTERN NUMBER to Suo Burnett, Northwest Ark«ns»j, Times, 1150 Ave. Americas, New York 19, N. y. Tho new Spring and Summer Basic FASHION for wnmcn who »ew will bo ready for you shortly. Send 25 cenU now (or your copy.

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