Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1952
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

NOtTMWRT ARKANSAS TIMM, F«y«tt«vllk, Arkrnsm, Saturday, February 13, 1952 Bj HAL BOTLsT to build; your own three children to bring up. Profit by t h c , mistakes maac In your childhood and be sure that you nnd your husband show no favoritism. Treat each J, ,, , ,_, ,.,, , . . , , , ' ; child equally and avoid f u t u r e New York-OT-What is a j u n i o r ; junior executive as a bri B ht young disscilsion in thc , amil cirdCi executive? , m a n with simple, but overwhelm- , You aiso have ,, good husband who You hear more and more about j ing successful ideas is becoming I j deserving of vour best alien this character. But he · - · · · -·-"-=--· me a pretty b'-the-wisp lellow ana i am not junior executive looK." BanKs arc j to ^Mc your troubles will only sure he really exists at all. I am | pleadirg: "Are you Ihe junior ex r resu jt | n an emotional conflict beginning to think he is just a j ecutive type? Borrow from us-- lhal could lcacl (0 a c ( u a i illness. RENOVATION OF WHITE HOUSE ALMOST COMPLETED iesr more auu muie duuui | ing successiui ineas is Decommg i j s deserving of your best atten- iractcr. But he seems to j more and more popular. Clothing i lioi]i Tc |j ) ljm f rall ^\., w n a t the ·etty mysterious and will- is being designed tp . "give that | s it u a t i o n is . jn your family; trying 'isp fellow and I am not junior executive look." Banks are j to n |(] c .. our ~t rou b| cs will only figment of -somebody's imagina- figment of somebody's imaginaion. anything from $50 to $100, more or less, payable back in two No one can tell me for sure whal lifetimes.' Evr-n motor car models [jjy outings an . junior executive is, because no- j arc now "styled for the junior c \ u ^ e neighbors · hotly ever seems to have met one ; executive." Create a social circle around your husband and'children; plan jam- in the flesh. Before lonf, girls' finishing Go up to anyone you know who '· si-hoils are going to join thc trend id activities to in- \ icighbors and friends. Don't j sit home and brood over your un- ' works in an office for a living and "ask: "Are you a junior executive?" He may flush with embarrassed pleasure or turn upon you in cold anger but he is certain to answer: "Who, me? Of course not." Everybody has heard of junior executives but nobody will admit he is one. That's why I don't think there really are any. Opinion varies as to just what t Junior executive is. Some people " think'of him as a fine clean modest alert young man who has climbed the first rung of thc ladder of success. Others see him as " merely a young stuffed shirt, a petty office tyrant who tries to get ahead by aping the real execu- . lives. That's part of the mystery ol the junior executive--he's anything you want to believe he is: a would-be boss in rompers, or industry's new type Horatio Alger. And nobody seems to know for sure just what his job is except to sit around and wait for the senior executive to drop dead. The clearest picture of these new toy tycoons of the business world is given in the magazine ads. You scs two fine old senior executives discussing. a busy young man seated at a desk in the background. One !;.}s, "I've got Bill there in mind for a top management job. He came to me and suggested, " "Let's switch to using blotto typewriter ribbons.' Well, I did as he cuggcsted and that's why our business tripled la-l month. Keep « your eye on Bill." This romantic vision of the Make Whiskers Go Like 'Preacher' Roe MOOKLYN DODGER WCHEH 'RAISES CHILD? ILADES UM WHAT M MYll "A smooth *Uv.ry means tv.rythlnc to · . f iteher. A smooth shave means everything to a man with a tough ketrd said tender skin. That's why I u» a Child.' blade. I find a, Cfcllda' blad* live, up to ita slogan, ·nd IMVC. mjr (ace 'smooth aa . 'Preachtt" Rot and give courses such as "the junior executive's wife: her role ·in thn comrr.vinity." As I see it, however, {his present legend will someday become a reality. Sooner or later there will be created an actual live junior executive. And I'predict he will meet disaster by trying to live up to the rosy legend. It will happen like this: He will marry an expensive junior executive wife, make a $5,000 junior executive bank loan and with it buy a junior executive suit and put up the down payments on a junior executive model :ar. , Unable to live on a junior executive salary, he will go up to his boss and say: "Why don't we switch to blotto typewriter ribbons? It'll triple business." Well, thc boss will switch to blotto typewriter ribbons and in three weeks the firm will be bankrupt, beca'use nobody really can read letters written with blotto typewriter ribbons. The junior executive be tossed out of his swivel chair, and he will lose his wife, his home and his car, and be forced to pawn his suit. Thai's the danger of being real-life junior executive. One lousy idea--and you're just the man in the street again. DOROTHY DIX -- CONTINUED- FROM PAGE FOUR no respec' or love for me or mine, and no consideration for my feel- grateful relatives; forget them \ until they realize that your pa- ' tience has reached the breaking point, and thai you arc no longer j the beggar for their love. Dear Miss Dix: I am a war bride, and have been happily mai . ricd for four years. I have a 7- ' year-old son from a previous marriage. Whenever friends meet him, they turn to m y ' husband and ask, "He can't possibly be yours, can he?" We don't know what to say in front of our son because he thinks my husband is his real father, and we want him '· to keep on.believing so. F. C. \ Answer: You arc making a grave mistake, and paving thc way for a great deal of future em- barrassmenl,' "by nol Idling your son the Iruth about his parentage.. The facts can be explained to him very simply. Your friends, too, can be given the facts of thc situation without unduly, lengthy explanations. ings? Ruby Anne Answer: At no lime do ive pul ourselves so at the mercy of others as when we want to win love and approval. Your anxiety to be liked puts you in a position where you cannot refuse to do a favor, and all you ask in return is a smile or kind Jvord--which usually isn't forthcoming. Stop Tryinr Unfortunately, .the more you e::ert yourself, the less return you will get. The minute you cease to be a soft touch, you get a cold shoulder. Realizing, therefore, thc utter futility of ail efforts, the best thing to do is stop them. This system will at least win your family's respect--if not their love. They will certainly never- respect you while you continue to play the underdog. Visiting your family just to be hurt and humiliated is foolish. Stop visiting them; if they decide after a while that they m:ss you, they'll come calling Ihemsclves. You have your own family life Lady! You'll Be QUEEN FOR A DAY on FEBRUARY 29th * $400 in prizes to be, given away in "treasure hunt" * $50 bond to be awarded In bean-guessing contest! * Bargains galore in every store! JUST REGISTER AT THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFICE ON FBRUARY 29 Dear Miss Dix: I'm 12 years old and in Ihe seventh grade. My mother sends me to bed at 9 o'clock each'night and I think this is too early. What would you say is the correct time /or a girl my age to go to bed? I think JO o'clock would be fairer. Brcnda Answer: Your mother, Drcnda, is entirely right. Nine o'clock is the proper bedtime for a 12-year- old. Soon enough you'll reach the age when you can stay up later; get lo bed early now, and build good hc.«llh for Ihose coming days. Debate Tourney Is Planned At The University An intramural debate tournament will be held at the University in the spring semester under sponsorship of the University Forensic Society. Thc main purpose of thc tournament, according to Ralph F.ubanks, faculty sponsor of the Forensic Society, is to extend debate training to a large group of students who otherwise would not have debate experience. Each organized house on the campus may enter The deadline for entries is February 27. Debates will he held every afternoon, Monday through Friday, during the tournament. The number of entries will determine the length of thc lournamcnl. All ol j Ihc debates will be open lo the I public. One faculty judge will be used in each debate. An oral crili- \ cism period wil follow each dc- balc. Trophy awards, to be given to | the first and second place win- j ners at the annual Honors Day j convocation, will become the property of the house receiving them. The names of thc -winning debaters will be .engraved on the trophies. The first annual intramural de- jale tournament sponsored by the forensic Sociely was held lasl year, wilh 14 organized houses entering teams. The Pacific golden plover flics each fall 2,400 miles across an slandless course from Alaska to Jnwaii. Springdale JHISE PICTURtS, JUST RELEASED IN WASHINGTON, show the progress made on the reconstruction of the I Executive Mansion to date. At top is a view of the White House without the scaffolding. At bottom, left, is thc inside of thc East Room looking west into main hall, first floori On top of the door Is wooden carved replica of the Seal of thc President of the United States, At bottom, right, is thc East Room, west woll, showing fireplace and ncwly-lnstallcd mirror. Floor is still to be covcred.'Thc Chief Executive and his family are expected to move into the' renovated building in the very near future. (International; Denies Threats Made Against Witnesses Mayor Of Wickes Testifies In Federal Court Fort Smith, Ark.-M')-Mayor W. C. Wa'kins of Wickes, Ark., has denied that he ordered five" Jehovah's Witnesses to leave town. The mayor look thc slum! in Federal Court here yesterday irN thc trial of a $210.000 damage service station nnd then went to suit filed by the five members of thc religious sect against Wilkins Town Marshal Owen Cornelius and seven other residents of Wickes. Thc p l a i n t i f f s charged they were forced by threat of mob violence to leave their homes in Wickes because of religious beliefs. Watkins testified that on the night of September 20, 1950, he nttcndcd a citizens' meeting in Wickes theater. He said he left thc meeting with Ninlh District Prosecutor Bobby Steel and State Trooper Allan Harris and went to his home. Later t h n t night, Watkins .snid, he was called ^rom his homo by an alleged disturbance at (he Witnesses' meeting hall. He said he met Virgil Kimbrell, Jerry Brewer and Cornelius at a thc hall. He denied he ordered any of thc Witnesses to leave town. Steel ami Trooper Harris testified that they iillcndcri thc cillzcns' meeting. Both said Ihcy did nol hear liny thrcnU made agnlnst the sect members. | . Monty Tripp, small son of Mr, .. i and Mrs, Garland Tripp of Mill | ir'cl, underwent a tonsiilcctomy .' !,arrv Dcwccsp of S p r i n K d a l o ' a l Ur - Stanley Applcgale's Hospi- vvas circled vice president of t h e ; '«' r ' r " l! '' Morning. 0/,«rk Caimcrs AsMcintmn at I h c ! " convention in Springfield. Mo., i The regular meeting of thc Inst week. Dewee-c Is manager n f ' O;k Grove P. T. A. .met Thursday the Sicdo C a n n i n g Company in j afternoon. Betty Letzig. district . Springdale. W. A. Craln, Spring- j Methodist ' deaconess, taught »' dale, was elected to the Board of i course on "Adolescence." Thurs- Dlrcctors. j ctay night thc Rev. Jim Work-- ' rm'ii, pa$tor of the Wesley Mctho- Mrs. M. W. Hall was hostess i i l j d i s t Church on Hunlsville Street, ' ·i meeting of the Junior-Senior! and Mrs. W o r k m a n were guest High School Parent Tearher Asso- Unrskers for a ?tudy course of the elation study group Friday a f t e r - j P.T.A. in the home of Mrs. Keith noon. Mrs. V. n. DuColc wa« Icjid-; Monryhun. cr of the program on thc s t u d y ' · ·--' topic, "Problems of Adolescence. 1 'I Neighbors and friends of. Mr. At Ihc rmi of thc discussion, r e - j and Mrs. Jeff Baker, who lost Ihelr frcshnicnls wore served by t h e ; home and household goods by fire hostess. | Stindiiy, K.ivc them a miscellaneous ~ · i shower Friday nighl al Ihe Center"^ Mrs. D. K. Kichcr entertained! Corner Schoolhousr on the Cave"! thc ''42" Club Friday afternoon [ Springs-Lowell road. ' " ' lit her home on Kichcr Avenue.! . ' '. The members held a 12:30 o'clock I Voters in Springdale will be luncheon nnd nlnycd a f t e r w o r d . asked lo approve .in Increase- In millacc from 30 mills lo 40, In the Thc l-'hcbcan Sunday School - school election March 13. The Class of the First Baptist Church i Bonrti of Education has announc- mcl Thursday nighl at thc home] cd t h a t this increase will be neccs- of Mrs. Charley H u n t on N o r t h I s a r y to assure a nine-month term " Berry Street, Mrs. Dill Hallcy and of school in 1952-1033 school year. Mrs. Sam Witlock were co-hostcss- cs. In the TIMES-- li psjs- MM "R" Tr«Kt»ra Hav* Ptonfy «f RoMrv* P*w*r With a unlotit engine that featurei 140 fewer pans... fore. feed filtered lubrication ..'. controlled cooling with complete water circulation around cylinder* tod combuMJon chamber! . . . easy inspection and servicing . . . oil with -air cleaner . . . replaceable cartridge npe oil (Iter a.4 scavenger type breather . . . dynamically balaBced drop- under rigid quality control methods . . . the MM Model R Is hard to equsl (or economics! power snd low up-ke» com. Let ui thow you the sdvsnts|et of owning an R . trsctor, svsilsble In 4 front end types with a complete UM of mitched tractor tools. VOW MA1II IN MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL IALU AND MIVKi Chorlesworth Pontioc Co. SPRINGDALE, ARK. RAZORBACK SQUARE DANCE Club members will dance to the music of BUDDY HAYS SATURDAY NITE, FEB. 23 //T.I Its a Smart Step for AnyBoy" MALAYA'S -OSS-Con. Sir Gerald Templar arrives In Kuala Lumpur to take over the post of British high commissioner of Mit- layn. He replaces Sir Henry Our- ncy, who was tlaln in » Com- munlit ambush Uil j*J^__ ·\ · THE FATHER of any hustling carrier- boy will tell you that taking over a newspaper roulo was a omart movo lor his son, in co many ways. Belter than any olher spnre-llms gain- lul activity, a newapapor routs eocms to satisly a toon-a-jor'n desire lo earn his own money, buy his own things, enloy more good times, and add lo his savings Kind. Also, it loaches him much about modern bur-mass methods, and helps him bocomo mors manly, ambitious and soil- reliant-- q u a l i t i e s w h i c h increase- hla chances (or success In lilol Why not »«· II there's a route opening lor YOUR son? NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Announcing the Of City Lumber Co. Successor to Sanford - Green Lumber Co. 103 NORTH EAST ST. PHONE 2938 No Change in Personnel t Under the Management of Wells Bone and Joel Bunch · See Us for Your Building Needs -3

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