Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 5, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1974
Page 12
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/THE ACTUW. TERM IS * LIVIN6 lOlTHOOT HE SMS THAT A CHILP WHO DOES NOT HAVE A 006 15 UKE A CHID P6PRIVEP WU KNOW WHAT *W 6RANCfATHS3 SAVS? HE SAVS EVERV CHILD SHOULD HAVE A DOS_ THATSR3RUAUSHINS ATA\VHAT1NPU8UC FOR ALL OCCASIONS CLARA WILE/ LAHt SAXES, NOU NEARIX SCARED THE UFE CUT OF MS, COMING THRU THE- SECRET PA65ASE THAT AUKT WINNIE, I'M WORRIED.' YOU'VE" SIMPW 6OT TO PUT THE OBEDJAH FRILLV TREASURE NOT ANYMORE; ,w MINNIE. LIKE A WILD MAN. HE WONT STOP UNTIL- HE'S FOUND IT. WHATEVER YOU THINK BEST, DEAR. 8ur -men, vwnn THE posrune eRfAIN FOUK5 l N.fHfiY COW.OOHI.V step UP. ·? It) SP6ND A QUIET CW FOXSISSONETOSTtfPOWH AVAV fWOM TH6 WORRieS flN'VE SHOULD RHEflRD TH' IJ) SENTENCE PftW THREE DftDBURN DftVS WHAT SORTA SENTENCE DID JUDGE POTTER 61UE MORE MflM SNUFFY THIS MORM1M 1 ? rTCOSTA FORTUNfE, BUT we POUSKT up THB PICTURES OF 0EATIM UP THEy'RB WA1TI MS TO PHOTOGRAPH YOU 6IVINS DEW? OU CPIWSEUY A SCX-P WATCH FOR 60M6ARSOP If IS WAMT AW OF IT.' V0U HAVEN'T £V£M TAStBD IT YTY -so HOW PO YOU Li POUT W K J T ? / 88-S LA*T THAT HE'S ABSOLUTELY UCPELES6 WHILE VDLTRE THERE, WHV DON'T YOU HAVE YOUR HEAD EXAMINED I'M SOWS TO THE DOCTOR TO HAVE MY EYES EXAMINE!? r MR. DITHERS, I'M LEAVINS A LITTLE EARLY TOPAY IT'S NOT SO MUCH /~N J WHAT HE SAYS -f^ )\ IT'S THE WAY. 1 M HE SAYS IT r ( j^^. I BclicTC/torAqt/l Sr" RAYMOND ISIDORE IN FRANCA HAS ITS INTERIOR WALLS, CEILIK^ FLOORS AMD FURNITURE OWE12ED -OF-SQGKfft. Cff/ffA OF PERUVIAN INDIANS DJSRAY A SKULL IN THE WINDOW TO FRtGHTSU AWAY EVIL SPIRITS JOAQUIN MILLER THE AMERICAN POET. WAS CHRISTENED' CINCINNATUS MILLER. BUT ADOPTED THE NAME JOAQUIM AS A TRIBUTE TO JQAQUIW MARIETTA --A AlEXfCAN BANDIT OP«y«»»».1|i.Bi.U hg. imT«M.»U,^»J. 2 · Northwest Arkoiwai TIMES, Men., Aug. 5, rAYITTKVIkl.1, *»KAM1A» ; LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Hamburger, Fries Not All That Bad FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Our children are hooked on hamburger, French fries and milk shake diet. This is what they eat every day for lunch. They're in great health, but isn't this an unbalanced meal .0 have every day? Mrs. S.V., Calif. Dear Mrs. V.: No one has ever satisfactorily explained the magnetic attraction that hamburger, cheeseburgers and French fries have for youngsters, adults and even the elderly. Dr. Lawrence Finberg of (he Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York says the adolescent could do a lot worse than this fast food diet. PROTEIN CONTENT He feels that "the protein content is surprisingly good land the fat is lower than one might have guessed. The diet [also provides all the minerals hat an adolescent needs, with the exception of fa.t-soluble vita min A and vitamin D. With additional diet supple nents at home, such as fruits mit juices, green and yellow vegetables, and a vitamin sup element there is no need fo: you to be concerned. Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR TUBS., AUG. 6, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Some tricky situations to handle: Don't leave anything to chance. Keep a weather eye open all day and don't let down your guard. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) You may find it desirable to alter your program, but be sure ;he changes you make are for the better--not merely based on whim. GEMIN I(May 22 to June 21) Some ups and downs in financial matters. However, a stroke of luck in the late afternoon will compensate for an unexpected morning loss. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Check and re-check before you asume something will be good risk. In purchases, sound for hidden values--or lack of them. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) A day in which "to curb your innate aggressiveness with intelligent self-discipline and stress moderation. Extremism kind ' could alienate of any others. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You may run into some com plex situations. Aim to s o l v e matters with as little red tape and fuss as possible--not .too difficult for the ingenious Vir goan. LIBRA (Sept. -24 to Oct. 23) Tentatively reject uncertain lies--until you have more facL and- a better guarantee of sue cess. Ask counsel of well-in formed persony. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov.22) Avoid cynics and pessimists Review past test periods: The held the same challenges, an more. Past procedures may be he key to this day's action. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 1) No outstandingly impressive pportunities indicated, ye here are hidden gems of value vhich you may overlook if you are too hasty, too anxious. APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) There is a tendency to vacil- ate now. Avoid it. If you seem down in efforts, take ime to reoranize. New me- hods could help. Some procedures may have o be changed but, in general, you will attai nlhe results you vork for. Your keen wit could attract new friends. 'ISCES (Feb: 20 to Mar. 20) A day for astute thinking and equally wise follow-up Try something different, if only as hobby. "Little things" could sring you great happiness now. YOU BORN TODAY are a h i g h 1 y gifted individual; magnetic of personality and im- )iied with a love of beauty and he dramatic. If you do not take up the theater, writing or mus- career--all of which are the best outlets for your :alents--you will, nevertheless, inject something of beauty and drama into whatever you do. You may teach or preach, buy or sell, design or illustrate--but always with flair. The Leoite usually advances on his own momentum because he is unusually finds Is there any truth to the ide that people who suffer wit migraine are more intelligent lan those who do not? Mr. J.V.G., Neb. Dear Mr. G.: I don't know where this idea riginaled, but I have heard it Tiany times. There is no truth o it. In a study of migranine that ncluded thousands of sufferers, :his painful headache di6order was found to e x i s t among people of every level of intelli- [ence. High I.Q., low I.Q., social economic and ethnic groups lad no special claim on this problem. MICROWAVE OVENS Do microvave ovens send out rays that are harmful? Mrs. F.G., 111, Dear Mrs. G.: Frank Chappell a n d R. H. Weather of the American Medical Association, recently released a bulletin about this problem. It seems that "Microwav* ovens manufactured after October, 1971, when hew safety re- 'illations went into effect, are highly unlikely to cause health problems." : They say that if you hav» one of the older models In your kitchen, stand at least a full arm's length away while it is operating to he safe from radiating rays. The unit should be p e r i o d i c a l l y serviced by authorized repairmen. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Bolder to Msiiten' Individual Championship Play) South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH *74 » K 6 · A K Q J 8 6 3 + A10 EAST *53 V J 9 4 3 2 « 9 7 4 + 6 5 2 WEST * A Q 1 0 9 8 6 2 ·5 + Q J 9 4 SOUTH * K J V A Q 10 8 5 * 102 + K 8 7 3 The bHdtag: South West North !»· 4* 4 NT 5* Pass 6* ambitious and constantly new -incentives to drive him onward but, along the way, he may be too aggressive and too arrogant--both traits to conquer, since they lead to resentment and enmity. Birthdate of: Daniel 0' Connell, Irish statesman; Alfred (Lord) Tennyson, E n g . Poet; Robert Mitchum, film star; Lucille B a l l , comedienne. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer East Pass Opening lead -- ace of spades. Lee Hazen and Sam Fry were playing in the Vanderbilt when this hand came up. Fry opened the bidding with a heart am West, taking advantage of the vulnerability, jumped to four spades. West's overcall posed quite a problem for Hazen. He had gooc reason to think there might b a slam, and furthermore hi could not blithely dismiss t h e possibility of a grand slam. At the same time, t h o u g h Hazen couldn't even be certain hat there was more than a jame in the cards. It all depended upon the nature of Try's opening bid. Hazen finally chose the bid nost likely to c o y e r all con- ingencies. He bid four no- rump. F r y properly read this as Blackwood, even though there lad been no agreement, express implied, on which suit was rump. Accordingly, he re- :ponded five diamonds, showing · me ace. Hazen now had a new problem. He realized t h a t tha opponents had an ace, probably spades, but he had no way of knowing whether they could also cash a second spade trick. He decided -- all factors considered -- that there was a ;ood chance of Fry's" having either the king of spades or a singleton spade. He therefore bid six diamonds, despite t h e risk attached to that bid., Fry did not let him' down. First of all, he had the good sense to pass, though he could hardly have felt comfortable winding up as declarer with only the 10-2 of trumps. More Important than that -to back up his reputation as a fine player -- Fry had the decency to have the king of spades, and he easily made tha slam. Had Hazen played the slam from his seat, the contract would promptly have gone down with a spade lead. ACROSS I Bradley 5 Man's nickname 8 Island east of Java J2 Split 13 Slender finial 14 "The Hed" 15 Ireland 16 English poet 18 Eros, for one 20 Nests of pheasants 21 Obtained 22 Inlet 23 A Montague 26 Matrimony 30 Spanish gold 31 Party goody 32 Kentucky bluegrass 33 Night spot 36 Plays the lead 38 Novel 39 Beetle 40 Platform 43 Juliet -47 Forsaken by lover 49 Opera heroine 50 Hebrew measure 51 Dowry 52 Gas 53 Hardy heroine 54 Lamb's mother .55 Cards wool DOWN 1 Russian city 23 Fabulous 2 New 19 Sticky Zealand bird substance 3 Tel -- 22 Corded 4 Revoke, In bridge 5 Spartan serf bird 6 Footless 2* Money of animal 7 Roman 54 8 One of Milton's fallen angels 9 Anarold 10 Insects 11 Tops the cake. 17 Oklahoma Avg. solution time: 27 min. Answer to Saturday's puzzle. account. 25 Crowd 26 Humor 87 Former govt org. 28 The heart 29 Dutch cupboard 31 Moisture 34 Riles 35 Film spool 36 Bribe 37 One cutting school 39 Famous poet 40 Narrow opening 41 Volume e The birds 43 Boast 44 Stead 45 Esau 46 Treats hides 48 Poem SI 26 Si 5S Z7 32 29 "Robbie has the ultimate summer vacation... his parents are in Europe, and he's looking after the house and carl" Complete news coverage, (local, area, national, international), intensive sports and women's- interest reports, top features. . . .six afternoons a week and Sunday morning.. . .delivered to your door for less than 11 a day. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242

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