Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 22, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1952
Page 3
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Restoration Of Washington Homestead Annual Program Washington-(/P)-The ?20th anniversary of George Washington's birth finds his famous ISlh century homestead more than ever like it was when he and Martha Washington, lived there. Reconstruction of General Washington's greenhouse, a major proj- cc'. in thn restoration of Mount .Vernon, has -just been completed. Another restoration project, re;decoration of the banquet hall, is Hearing completion. The original greenhouse, last ol ·the major units which constituted Mount Vernon at its highest state of development, was the o n l y major structure that failed to survive until the . Mount Vernon Ladies Association acquired . the property in 1858. It was destroyed by fire in "1835."' ' : Evidence for the present recon- struction, largely obtained iron the correspondence of Genera Washington, was accumulated ove many years. Sufficient data for an authentic reproduction was gathered by the latei 1930's, but World War II forced postponement o the reconstruction. The Mount Vernon Ladies Association is beginning its 94th year as a custodian of the most famous home in the Western Hemisphere The association pursues month by month and piece by piece a perpetual program of restoration. Should the mansion ever be destroyed, it would be possible to reproduce the celebrated home for future generations of Americans Large scale measured drawings are available which/include even the the intricate 'designs of the ornamental plaster ceilings. Stocks, Prices Sag As Raw Material Supply JjjjIds Up By SAM DAW'SON New York-OP)-Slipping stock prices and sagging commodity prices point up 'at least one thing --America's staggering ability to produce. The raw material shortages (real and imagined) that developed after Korea are melting steadily. Abundance is succeeding scarcity in the nation's factories--just as it did long ago in the retail markels And signs increase that fast- expanding industry 13 approaching the point where it 'can supply al that civilian, consumers will buy and military consumers need-with products to spare. MUSICTO HER EARS Tkl* t«, n l.. a.~jj i^..^ Thl« lovely bride might never have married if she hadn't diicovered how easily and Inconspicuously she could hear w i t h Sonotone.The t i n y Jeweled pin is all that shows. Write (or free booklet. SONOTONE HEARING (ENTER Washington Hotel Monday, Feb. JS, 1952 10:00 AM is 7:30 PM ······l H'i FASHION BOOK '? rWom "lD'orM*na ·howmgSonotontworn ·0 ootwdT aotlcn It. Cilf JOHN B. ANDREWS Manager it *f ttri ftmlHi 1M Ncrth tilth ItrMt r*rt »milh, ArkiiHM ·eeeeeeeei . As a result, wholesale commodity prices have dropped lower, on average, Ulan they/ were a year ago. This has finally caught up with some retail prices, as store sale ads show. industrial capacity is licking inflation, business leaders contend. Slocks Marked Down And stock market operators, worried by the easing in the prices of goods and the profits of business, recently have marked down the stocks of some companies. On the London stock market base mcta shares were particular targets of bearish-minded traders --a sure sign that they, at least, think the days of shortages in lead, zinc and copper are numbered. ·Metals men here also report there are m lines of customers forming pi their mill doors for stmc of their products. .,-', Makers of brass sheets and strip, for example, say demand Is definitely off, Their products arc used by auto, electric, hardware and plumbing industries. And output of these industries, has been cut back--in some cases by government controls i n d . i n others by slackening sales. ·· Sheet and strip arc in plentiful supply, steel officials say, Their customers have as big inventories of these products as government inventory curbs'permit. The speed with which American steel mill capacity has expanded has astounded the world. Some Types Scarce Some other types of brass, steel and copper products are still in tight .supply. And government control officials insist that the suddenly appearing surpluses of some industrial products docs not change the over-all picture of defense needs. 1 Tho government, however, is relaxing some of its metals control, to the extent of permitting more metal to go in the second quarte to makers of cuch "Jess essential' goods us toys, Venetian blinds cigarette lighters, umbccllas am costume jewelry. Abundance is also showing in some non-metal products tha once were j-:arcc. Cotrols are being relaxed on rubber and some chemicals. Paper companies note a slacken- ng in 'orders and consumers report they can get all .they want now. Radio Free Europe Infuriates Reds In Central Europe, Encourages Resistance Many new comets and a large number of new "baby plnncls" lave been discovered already in he- "s!:y survey" being conducted t the -Palomar Observatory California. 7 SHOPS / IN ONE · Apothecary Sliop · TpilitriM Shop · Candy Store · Stationtry Star* · Tobacco Shop · Soda Fountain · Gift Shop B... for fint aid tupplits eUptnel on thl« ·tort. Be sure your medicine chest (and your car) is well stocked with first aid items so necessary to care for cuts, bruises and burns. Our first aid kits carry complete instructions as well as the necessary supplies. Have one handy, it may save a life! SHOP RED CROSS DRUG RED CROSS DRUG STORE PHONE 490 N. Sid* Square Ft's Tops For Spring KIWANIS CLUB PANCAKE AND SAUSAGE BREAKFAST Saturday) Feb. 23 6:30 to 10:30 A.M. St. Joseph's Church Cafeteria No let price Pay what you care to 8810 9-18 By Sue Burnett The most important item in your spring wardrobe plans is the little topper that goes with everything from daytime and sports clothes to special evening togs. Add big pockets, big buttons to this dashing collarless shorty. Pattern No. 8810 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18. Size 11, 3 yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, tend 30c In COINS, your name, address, site desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 1150 Ave. Amer- fcas. New-York 19. N. X. The new Spring and Summer Basic. FASHION for women who sew will be resdy for you shortly. Send 25 cents now for your copy. Munich, Gcrmpny-yi'J-One of* iT.e Kremlin's biggest headaches throbs daily in '.His Bavarian city just a jet hop from the Iron Curtain, where Radio Free Europe fires a ceaseless barrage of infor- matign against what RFE calls "the big lie of Communism." . If a speed-up plan in a.Commu- nist factory outside Prague falls flai, Itadio Free Europe has the report almost immediately and spills the beans during Its 18-hour daily broadcasts. When a Communist party official in Hungary gels the boot, Radio Free Europe finds out and tells, over a 135,000-watl beam that probur the crannies of Soviet satellites. Radio Free Europe is run by the American-sponsored Crusade for I'rcodom. It gets its f u n d s Irom private donations. There arc no government strings attached and Ihfit's one of its biggest advantages. "Since we arc a private enterprise,' said one- official, ' we can hit below the belt and sometimes we do. It gives us opportunity to WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU at ^17-19 NORTH BLOCK BUY AND PAY THE EA$v W A Y ! FRIGIDAIRE Service (3. 17.19 N. ILOCK PHONE 35 B. F. GOODRICH throw a verbal punch without wondering about policy. Our only policy is to disclose the lies' of Communism." Has New Building Radio Free Europe employs more than 700 people in a new and compact two-story building here. It keeps II studios busy most of Lhc time. Five more studios arc under construction to 'help h a n d l e new series of programs to be beamed to Poland soon. Thai's a lonp way from the beginnings of Radio Free Europe on July 4, ir*50. .Then there were 20 employes at work here in a dingy apartment.* -They converted a iitchcn into a master control room and used a bedroom and living room as studios. It went slowly at first. The first echoes of audience reaction came with refugees who fled to the West. "Keep it up," they said. "It has given us strength to go on. know- that somebody cares about v l iat happens to us. It has bren almost our. only source ol information from the West." )onatinns Rolled In So Radio Free Eurupc kept It . Money donated by Americans rulleri in as contributions. 'ot far Libya Wins Election Tripoli. L i b y a-(/p)-The P r °- Lafayette Square, Washington, 0. C.. conlalns statues o' five men w h o distinguished themselves f l t f h l i n c for the UniteJ States. They are the Marquli At Lafay- cite, Andrew Jackson, Ccmie d« nochambeau, Tadeusz Koieluszko and Baron von Stffuoen. from Munich Is th.- big Czech !),, Uf. t | orn Darin In refugee . camp at Valkn. People 'rlW IfBIIBlll rOlIj III there are anxious to tell v.'hat they I , know and lake part in the propaganda fight. But Hadio Free Europe is careful whom it employs. Everyone on i western Independence Parly won a commanding majority today in [ the Libyan House of Hcprcrcnta-1 lives pn the basis of official but j incomplete returns from the new · kingdom's first national election. Results from 40 of Ihc country's constituencies Rave tho independence faction 37 seals to .seven for the Congress party, which opposes the present government and wants to drive the Americans,! French and British from their military bases. ' Minor parties won two seats. t Advtrlinr In the TIMES-- It payn'J the payroll' has been thoroughly screened by RFE's own security offices and through close liaison with U. S. Army counter intelligence. The few phonics who sneaked in were soon found out and 155" fired. Strict precautions arc taken even against the wrong kind of visitors. Special guards are at all the doors. A visitor must show proper credentials, and he cnn'l wander around w i t h o u t a guide. "We have to be f.n t h e watch for possible sabotage," said one .111 IS official. "Thus f a r we haven't had ;iny trouble. We want to make sure that we don,'t." Hadio Free Europe uses seven transmitters to pierce the I r o n Curtain, including a repeater at Lisbon, Portugal. "IlittiiiK Them Hard" Full dress programs are beamed at Czechoslovakia and Hungary. News is sent daily to Poland, Albania, Romania and Bulgaria. "Vic are h i t t i n g them hard in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, and we know it," said an HFE man. "The people coming out tell us that we have reached them a n c driven the Communists wild." Tu prevent detection, Czechs have started Radio Free Europe listening clubs, where members spciul one hour each turned in on FIFE. Then they meet secretly and pool their information. Some UFE successes have feus (rated Czech Communist bosses. For example, Prague morning newspapers are quoted and re- bulled by RFE the same day the papers appear on the street, in the Czech capital. "That's a professional secret," said an RFE official with t grin. May Br Culled Dp l!ollywood-W)-Thc 10-year-old son of actor Edward C,. Robinson was ordered yesterday to report for his induction physical examination Tuesday. A R I S E ! "Why «ll r°u ih'rt "id dit?" TUNE IN KBRS Monday thru Saturday, 1:35 a. m. Sunday, 1 D. m. REV. BERYL E. BETH Just Imagine! ;· A Genuine TAPPAN GAS RANGE FOR ONLY $1CA95 159 Cy Carney Appliance Co. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE PHONE 1728 THIS IS the LAST WEEK O/ OFF EVERYTHING A MUST BE U SOLD ARK. BROKERAGE CO. Jtf ?«**. Reopening --All New Merchandise --March 1 NEW LOWEST PRICED IN ITS FIELD! ThU big, beautiful Chevrolet lei Air-like to many other Chevrolet borty t -Mill for lett than any comparable model in Hi field! (Con) In ua I ion ol tl atd equipped! and ttim illuitrattd It dependent an availability of moftr Finest Features in Its Field! Niw RijirTiM Jlyliit--You'll CHIMBS Niw Eiterdr Cites- Allmiii{ Niw Interior Colors- Niw CeirtinjoiH Powir - Bring, admire the big, bright, bcauti- Vivid-fresh-sparkling . , .. Upholstery and Irim two-tone new smoothness, new freedom field! Come in-i ful Bodies by Pishcr and Ihrill- with your choice of 26 new to harmonize wilh exterior from vibration and new pro- ing new front, side and rear- solid colors and two-tone color colors, in all DC Luxe sedan lection from road-shock to ·~ A ·""'-- -:--:-and coupc modc | s low-coil molorini. Check over all the things you want in your next car. Then come'in, examine and drive this big, bright, beautiful Chevrolet. We believe you'll agree you've found your car; ind we know that you'll discover that Chevrolet offers the most fine car features at the lowest cost. For here is Ihc lowest-priced line in its end design. combinalions. Moro people buy Chevrolet thin any other carl (taw ItprnMl Nwir-Jot Cut.- SKhr, SMI!* H* for nil P a 5 . hw*|Mi Mmttt TrmiirMii MnrnnMn-b-Huttn'm Eibi-Eity CrtK-Nn! SlHftai- £itn$* jMta-Dm Ww- tMN (with automatic choke in scngcrs, in bolh front and rear with 105-h.p. Engine and Auto- Dwlti-Brings j'ou ouuiand- Control is crnlrrrrf bclHetn brakes In th« low-prk« Powerglide^models) improves ««»_- 'Ji'^J 0 .,^^,;TM,,.TM- malic Choke. Oplional on lie ing performance, acceleration, the from wheels . . . mjkin» field. Ami owneis will Icll you :osl. rcliabilily and economy. steering surprisingly easy. they're safest, u well. , v a b b , , . l m a c o e . itartmg and acceleration. proved shock absorber action. L uxc modeli at PRICED SO LOW! Green Chevrolet Co: 17 E. Meadow Phone 2S5

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