Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 16
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m-lm^:,- TIMii, .yrt*»lll.. AAmmm. TfeiW.y, Nhni^y 71, 1*51 WALTER LIITMANN $ 2f .. r : -1«: awkward that the Ushon ··omferehcci should have (o meet . w toon after the two parliaments. :;lirit,tht" West German. In .Bonn iihd thtn the French in Paris, have :«xprttted their feelings and havs .put themselves on record. No end off embarrassment and trouble ' 'eoiild have been avoided If onlj .; wq, i. -who have been the prime ..'movers,. h»d lakcn the elementary -..,»: yj .-'precaution -of finding out first £ o ,.:*H at the French and the Gcr- ', ; ; ' .nians actually think and feel. '··)'·£ ':",' Hae we done that, we would i;f o -;h«ve paid attention to those who "|:f fcave said from the beginning l h a t sr -*i 3* political settlement between ;·' * c ^France and Germany must come :«BJ[L · jahead .'of a European army, of ^·**J IGerman rearmament, and Indeed ''* -iv .*?' th* unification of Europe. .Our 'i fi jtnormous influence could then f [-; ihave been exerted to promote a .^ ·( Sfr*nrh.r!nrman rm-ntlnllfiiilnn Iti- much to pacify Europe at to vindicate our own earlier declarations. The plain · warning la that France nnd Germany must make peace with each other before they will or can collaborate in Europe. They cannot become allies and then confederates, · and Indeed Ihtimolc companion)* In arms, while their frontiers arc still undetermined as a result of the un concluded war. V['c deceive ourselves dangerously If we try to brush off these talking about "ah, 5 i( .French-German reconciliation. In i n :stead of that we have preferred f h . ;to listen lo those Germans ond ·' !those French who--primarily In- ·Heresled in American financial reiilitlcs by , the wicked arrogant Germans again" nnd "ah, the dear but nervous French once again." There Is no mystery about the way the Germans and the Krcnch are ncting, They nre In no need of psychiatrists but only of statesmen, especially Amer- ciin statesmen, who would rather ic rlcht In the years to come (him iiivc it supposed a little while ongcr t h a t they were right last · · » . » : « li. ! opie' it home. .:·· I'' |we were asking them to sign, were fareadlly being scparalcrt from the I j |national sentiment of their own ':·" ,.| Yet. Ihe .situation, however rils- ·*ppomting, is not desperate. It Is ^not now, one may justly believe, ·at » point where It is out of con- jjtrpl .a.nd .is governed by forcej, |whlch ivis' cannot-Influence. It i! I' · II I ,, There nre, 1 believe, two courses · Jald--have told us wlint we were O|cn to us. The flrsl. and the right jtellinj them we very much want- one, is to recognize the basic truth |M to', hear. The. "one thins on which i;oth parliaments arc jwe did not want to hear was really agreed: that the rearma- Jthat these officials, who were incnl of Germany cannot precede '·ayliij'.«uch agreeable thln«s and but' must follow from a political jwcre signing so many of the papers sclllcmcnl. The gist of what IHc Gcrmann did at Bonn the other dny was.lo name Ihc terms which had to be met before they would he w i l l i n g - t o rearm. The slat of the Krcnch posl'tion us It came out in the assembly Is (hat they will not agree to rearm the Germans until there Is a political system which they can rely upon to regulate Ihe German forces'. The French anrt the Germans do not.nxrcc npv/ pn .the terms of a political settlement between them. That bus still to bo worked out by a difficult negotiation. But the Germans and the French are agreed on the fundamental principle--which we abandoned In I960--that a political settlement must.come before German rearmament. That Is the truth which .we shall now Ignore at our peril. Our European policy will run into ever-increasing trouble, the popular resentment against us In Europe will continue to mount', until we have the grace to return lo the fundamental .principle-namely, Hint the two great nation^ cnnnot be "Integrated" in an army u n t i l Ihey are In substantial agreement about their 'vital interests and about their European ainw. German reeohdUatlon. It may not be too late to come back to the main-highway. We must hope that pride of opinion will not cause us lo oppose a serious attempt lo put things back in their right order, which is first the Atlantic guarantee through the N.A.T.O, alliance and its military organization, then Franco- German reconciliation us through Ihc Schuman Plan, and then a European political community under Franco-German leadership. * · ^ * The oilier course is to "keep on with the policy of armaments before political agreement. This will lead, as a matter of fact this is now leading, lo the revival of German national power for the purpose of redressing Germany's grievances and of realizing Germany's national aspirations. This development means the gradual but Inexorable loss of French, British and then American influence over German policy. For the German nationalists will nee that they have nothing to fear from the West. Once they have gollcn from the west all that the west has to give them in the way of sovereign rights and help In ttic restoration of their power, their great un- settled problemn will be In th cast. Jt Is to .the east that the must turn to oncUthe partition to readjust their caslcrn frontiers and lo open up the markets ant resources of Eurasia to German Induslry. The Russians alone can satisfy these needs and ambitions without a ruinous war. On the other hand, the Germans, once hey arc again the.first power on he continent, will have much to iffcr the Ilusslans in return. II is only reasonable lo suppose that both the Germans and the Russians will, when , that -time comes for a showdown, prefer a mutually profitable ' n n d cold- blooded deal to a suicidal war. Jap Soldiers Still Hiding On Islands Old Charges Not. Enough, Garage Owner Reports Dcnver-,'/pj-A garage operator Is charging the same* prices he charged seven years ago and he said today it "just isn't enough noncy, I can tell you that." Apparently Delbert Bohlander, )2, who has a Pritchett, - Colorado hamlet, hadn't heard of the death of the OPA in 1046 or the establlsmenl of the Office of Price Stabilization. ; The story came to light when Bohlander wrote a letter to OPS headquarters ' here. He said he Manlla-Wj-A Japanese w h o cmc here to lure World War II stragglers out of the jungles today estimated that at least 1,000 Japanese still arc hiding- in the "'hillppincs. Nobuhlko Jim no, a former Japanese Army colonel, flew over Lubang Island, dropped bundles of letters from relatives of slragglers, and by loudspeaker urged surrender. . i fcorne^io, that, however, if we jcontlnu.if to disregard- the plain ,"w«rninjts and,with stubborn pride ' ahead determined not so PtAN TO BUILD ·« Our Mit«rt.L ' ' Ccl Out PilcM. DTKE LUMBER co ·-'-.- .-. Kl «!. ChiilM : % GALLON ViRilli ice Cream Mont v EVIRYTHING K ; .^.V- IM ' rtUMMM on4 t *FAYITTEVILLI IRON and METAL'CO. OOVMNMBff AVI. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP FEELING «m LOW ? ·Htyfc* VH NaH VI-MINTEX · M Viu'n ftitffif fe«. dj« to ink at ntirfid ,'; vUim.fliinrf mlflinii, V|.MINTEX Tiblili ·· *·?. p«p you up i!i» no'body'i butlnnt. ·'. TKiy ntliy pick « »*tlopi. You 9*1 i . ; in*ntl*t vHimlnt «nd I tutnllil mintnlt. .j ft* bodjr Midi thin ill, Try VLMINTEX !· ttblvH for.* month'*! our rlik -- en * ' . Vl.MlNTEX ' · · ! II Is .no use moaning that this ncans delay In getting .the ten o . twenty German divisions for 1A.T.O. There Is In .fact no way o get those German divisions except after a full Franco-German political understanding, If there are any among us who are thlnk- ln«, why not arm the Germans with oui- tanks and our.artillery, let them look at a map arid realize that for military purposes all the roads to Germany lead through France. It Is harder today to bring about .. Franco-German rcconcillatlo than It was before we dcmandet .German rearmament. The raisin of this nuestion has inflated th Importance of the nationalist an military Influences in both coun tries; It has cut down the In fjuencc of those very Frenchme and .Gormnns--n;nong them Schu man and Adenauer--who do i truth want a European systen which would rest upon a Franco DAI AS*C ENDS TON1TE · AI.AV.C "JOURNEY INTO LIGHT' STARTS FRIDAY -- DOUBLE FEATURE DARK NOW SHOWING .w«-»%i% OPENS 6 , u SHowg 7i20 _ |!jo YOU CAN SEE IT NOW AT THE IR IL AU ,,.,^ A PHI LO NI(frTS thru SAT SHOWING"" Wtla,w 7 9 P.M. DIRECT FROM KANSAS CITY'S PARAMOUNT UW MARILYN AYRES MAXWOl AHDT DIVINI -·:..: AUo Air Mill Wtwt, «nd 'Tinnty Buiinm" fc Othen saw the a««ncy rmnlioned - in « newspaper «nd wondered what it meant. The i»ra«e man says he charges $35 "plus gaskets" to overhaul .-a six-cylinder automobile engine. The same job in Den- ver runs 11 hlfh as WO, plui the cost ot liskets and other mar terials. ·'· · 'Eacy L. Wilkinson, state OPS director, said some OPS material appropriate to garage operations would be »ent to Bohlander. Not white, not wheat, not ry«, but a flavor blend of all three-- Junfe's Roman Meal Bread. " - 1I-1IMJ See The NEW FRIGIDAIRE FRIGIDAIRE MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL Before You Buy 17-19 N. BLOCK ervice B.F. GOODRICH Inside Story on Perfect Drinks The inside story of the drinks you-mix -- is told by the whiskey you use. Thejiner the whiskey the finer the drink. So always mix with Seagram's 7 Crown, You'll be sure of a success story in every driiik you serve! Sure Seagram's 7.Crown. Blended Whiskey. 86.8 Proof. 65°/, Grain Neutral Spirits. Seagran-Distillers Corp., N,Y. Jack Sprat Cherries . . Nc i 2 19c 4-lb.Pkg. Pinto Beans,. . 45c 100-lb, Bag SHORTS $ 3.59 100-lb. Bag CORN *3.89 100-lb. Bag CHOPS $ 3.99 MORRIS BROS. GROCERY FORMERLY WATSON GROCERY Highway 16, East Phone 175 Soap Powders . 27c AM Flavors ' Jello . . 3 pkgs. 25c Gerber's Baby Food : V can fc COFFEE. 69 Mrs. Tucker's SHOTENING 3^69 Yellow Bonnet Salad Dressing . . . . qt39c La'rq* Stalk* Celery .2 Potatoes 10 t, 65c Fresh Tomatoes, tube 17c California ' Carrots, 2 bchs. 19c OZARK NOW W * l J ^ i % BURT LANCASTER With Pork O.T. Beans Big Ben Pork Beans 2 ar 15c No. 21/2 Can 15c Chief OLEO 19 Pure 45-1 b. can LARD S 6.49 Griffin's Unsweetened Grapefruit Juice . Libby's Pineapple Juice . . IT I.T 19c 29c Mrs. Watson Tomatoes, 2 ?j 29c « - · Gold Medal Flour. 25 $1.98 Yellow Bonnet Pineapple . . . 2 flat cans 25c Big League ' Boysenberries . . . 2 . 2 25c Sunshine Crackers . . . . . Ib.b'x29c Childs Razor Blades.. 5c Aluminum Foil . . .«» 49c ,

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