Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

A4KAhtA» . fu r «ii*.,M*. AKIXIMM, il, Citizens' Committee For Hoover Report Is One Lobby Lawmakers Want To Retain . By .StKKUNi; K. (WEES i| on campaign without jetting in- Washingtoii-r/l'i-Some members jvolved, in the |)olillcs| crossfire. Bf Congress d-ld an unusual thin The committee was organized this week. They urged a disband ' Ing .lobby, a n - a d m i t t e d pressur group, to stay in business. The lobby is the Citizens' Con mittee for the Hoover Report. I goal is better mid cheaper gov ernmsnt. The committee plans to brea up May 31. A non-partisan bod} It f»els || can not survive the elec WALIHIDE nUMfff/00 You'll be limp and money thttd to paint your walls with WaUhidc Rubberized Satin Finish. Thii new wall paint saves hours of (oiling labor. It glides on swiftly and f.-'" ': «' odor free in less than an hour. Grease, ink spot* ·nd stains wash off easily ·ncj completely. Let us give you ail the facts! $4*8 e*UON We Giv* SfcH Green Slampi JOHNSON'S Mirrors -- Wallpaper K K. BLOCK PHONE 101 in 1949 to lobby for the approval of the government-reform proposals of the 12-member, bipartisan Commission on Organiza- tlon of the Executive Branch. Thal commisaion .quickly be- citme known as the Hoover Com- mis *'° n - Its Chairman, former President Herbert Hoover, (aid that in taking leadership he was 'performing his "last public service." Sent to Congress in bulky in bailments th.ree years ago, the Hoover report was »n attic-lo- basement survey' of 1 the r a m shackle federal structure, and an item-by-item blueprint for modernizing it. The Citizens' Committee, voluntary and privately supported, came into being when the Hoover Commission completed its work md closed up shop. The committee's sole aim was to see that the Hoover report did not suffer the fate of earlier reform efforts--which still are gathering dust in congressional ligeon holes. Numerically, the committee has won adoption of 55 per cent of he Individual Hoover recommendations. In 'terms of dollars saved, it claims about two billionsiannually, against a potential s a v i n g ' o f 5',4 lillions a year if ail the proposals »eame law. Actually, the easier parts of the irograni have been accomplished'. The hard ones, bitterly contested by other pressure groups and irietracked by the more, compell- ng considerations of defense, eem to have hit a road block. The committee last waekend decided to make a final big push at'least six more major rer organizations measures and then iisband at the end of. May. Sen. Paul Douglas ID-Ill) appealed to the meeting for creation f "a taxpayers' body to take its lace." Republicans joined Douglas in pplauding the general goal of the loover campaign. Rep. Clarence Brown (R-Ohio) old the committee governmental economy and efficiency'never can Showing Next Week At Payetteville Theatres "MODEL AND MARRIAGE BROKER" MIXES LONELY HEARTS AND LAUGHS AT OZAHK SUNDAY The inside story of how a marriage broker operates and her influence on the lives of those who enlist hn- services m-c explored with hilarious designs in "The Model and The) Mnrrfocc Broker,", starring Jcannie Grain, Scott Brady and Thclma 1 Hitter, at tha Ozark Sunday. The side-splitting story revolves around the maneuvering of Miss rtittcr as the broker who devotes her life io f i n d i n g mates for loncl Individuals who cannot solve their roiunntic. perplexities. As n mode Jeannie Grain gets involved by accident with the lonely-hearts untre preneur and finds romance madc-to-nrdrr for her \yiiii Scott Brady This is Brady's first comedy role in which he shows very definii talr-t for the Ihhler touch. 1 achieved without the help of bi-partlsan organization! luch s your own." The first theater in the Amerian colonies wa« built ii. Williams- ii, 1716. Whtn one touches a surface with he fingers, the ridget on the finer tips usually leave an invisible attern of perspiration. "LONE STAH" ACTION PACKED DRAMA OF LOVE AMD AD VENTURE, AT OZARK WEDNESDAY. Texas, In the turbulent era of 1845, and the deadly conflict between those who favored annexation tn the United States and the ardent supporters of an independent republic, for the surging backdrop for "Lone Star," at the Ozarh Wednesday, with Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Broderick Crawford heading a powerful cast. There is enough action in this vcd-blooded, two-fisted drama to fill a dozen motion pictures. Gable, as the adventurous Dcverenux Burke is sent by ex-President Andrew Jackson to the beloved Texas patriot, Sam Houston, to Intercede on behalf of annexation and is ambushed by Commanchc Indian raiders. Brorlerick Crawford, as Thomas Cradcn, plays the bitter opponent of annexation and a sworn enemy of Burke. Ava Gardner, cast as Martha Honda, spirited owner of Austin's newspaper and n woman who proves as ardent in her support of Texan independence as she is difficult to tame. "Lone Star" is recommended for families. New ttolpoint "Super-Stor" Refrigerator Ont-in-Ft-ORl with Everythiig! Now Available Haiti » Fxtra shelf spice in the door Plus Complete Refrig'eruioM I H.nrfr leliowr Kick Stnic. .., · Food FfMMr Butter Conditioner .nd . full-tin rtfrig.rnor ia i Sliding Ad!uit*bl Shelf tingle kitc»e» u«i Room)' Hi-Hunfdity Driwen denn, xpirtw toaue-li, OOK TO H O T P O I N T FOR T H I MNIIT-F/|lf» if Automatic Appliance Co. 11-13 N. ILOCK PHONI 111 "·UBMABIME COMMAND" DRAMA OF U.S. SUBS IN KOREAN WATERS AT UAHK SATURDAY. -The brilliant exploits of a tough crew of submariners cruising Korean waters is depicted in "Submarine Command," starring William Holdcn and Nancy Olsen at the Uark Saturday. Filmed with the cooperation nf the United Stales Navy, the film relates the story of the .submarine Tiger Shark, assigned the most perilous undersea mission of tho Korean conflict. How she accomplishes it under the command of a darint: skipper is e.xplnincd in a fact-paced assortment of sequences with the emphasis on action and .ujpense. Family type entertainment. NELSON CLAN ROCKS SCREEN WITH TOP COMEDY AT U A R K One of the must d e l i g h t f u l domestic comedies to -cnmr; out of Hollywood in many a moon is "Here Cnmo The Nplfnns,"' starring Ozzle and Harriet Nelson of radio renown and their two young sons, which opens at the Uark Wednesday. The story begins in tho Nelson home In the mnxt true-ln-Jifp manner imaginable, then proceeds to build to one nf the most hilarious climaxes seen on the screen in recent years. When O/.zie .saves his advertising job and brings Miss Lawrence and l!ork Hudson to their fadfout clinch by stringing dozens of liulicr. elastic foundation garments across a highway and halting ft speeding automobile driven by the villians, audiences shriek as audiences haven't since the old Marx Brothers days. 'HercCome The Nelsons" is recommended fur the whnle family. [ays Paper Industry May Be Revolutionized New York-M'j-A Canadian pulp md paper scientist said today use of atomic energy and other prnd- cU of the laboratory may rev- lullonlzc the paper industry. Dr. Lincoln H. Thic'sm.cycr, )rtsident of tho Pulp and Paper ioscarch Intlltule of Canada, predicted the Industry Is "on the hrtthold pf anormnu* develop- mtnu In the flild of applied re- eireh." · Throuj[h rtiiarch rturlni the n.xt 10 .VMri, h* ald, thera Is more money to bt made or lavtd n pulpwoort onarallont of North America than hut bi«n mada or av«d by manufacturing methods n the pait 25 yelri. ta MM TIMn--II *n. The usj of fire, candles or to- baccn v.'.is .strictly prohihilerl in the f i i s l capilnl l i u i l d i n g in co- loni.-tl \Villiamshur;:, Vn. COLD SUFFERERS ·H will work for you) Thoutanda 4pemt upon thU I«M formula Tor hat nl W fraa* mid ml.. . Den'i M fr, r , ny Way Purse b Divvied Can Mean Happiness In Marriage. Women's Association Reports l.ondnn-M')-Uivc may make a happy mnrrlaxe but It's tho way the family purse Is divided t h a t keeps It FO, the Married Women's Association reporter) today. Ktn ·» wM.tft* m II.IKOS nog me divorce cowu. The wnmoir made these sugpog- lions for marriauc without tears If the wifo does the housework, she should be paid the same wu^e n servant or housekeeper would t gel. | The wift'i allowance from her husband must lit a reisonaulc amount of Hie family Income and there should be no strings on how she (penris II--except for- "excessive addiction to gambling or drinking." Moneyed wives should con- t r i b u t e to family finances accord- Ing tn their menus. Debts should be disclosed, brfnrc marriage find HSBCts w i t h i n three months alter the ceremony. Gef handy KIJCHtN UJiNSILS IN M01HWS OAJS Every big if|unre pick*{t« of Mother'* O»ti plfcn in exciting douhli vatuvt Brcitiii mon*y cin'i buy · finer quili'ty, more delirium, or marc fipuriihini; oiimciJ thin Mnihrr'x OKI. And pickid in titty picki^e you'll find « viliulilc, uicful premium luth · Mliiminum kitchen utcniilt, fanwui "Ftre- Kinji" pU i. cup ind snucer, beautiful "Wild Knie" p*i cm chfna ur e»y colorful Garni. V»l Wtrc, Nci rial Nn coupon*! No mnney (ft lend! J«it *H ynur g r n t f r for Mather'* (J*tl with Prem urn, uj the big iqutr* pack»»e. MOTHII'I O A T J - . p t W ml QUMH O«fl KROGE HAS 2-49 Fig Bars Kroger Brand, Fresh, Delicious, Salmon Packen Label No. 1 . Chum, tallcir) Y f o e . It* Kngv U, CANE SUGAR PIE CHERRIES Gedehaux or In factory sealed bag* f Oik 89' Krofer Brand, Red, lour, pined. No. 2 01 C can 21 Canned Chicken... 3U-lb. can $1.59 Macaroni Spaghetti.. ,.lb.pkg. Ifr Collet. Inn, Cooked Wholt Krog.r Brand. ' Canned Chicken... 3Mb. can $1.69 Chili Beans....... 16-oz. can 33 Coll.g. Inn. Juil and itr»«, Krogar Brand, w.ll M»m*d. ' . - · · . Swift Ice Cream...... % gal. 69 Hunt's Peaches.... No..2% can 31* Chocolal., Vanilla. Slrawb.rrr. Sllcn and nalrn. Chicken Noodles.. 216-oz. Jars 59 Kroger flour......... 10 Ibs. 75^ 69? Rand.H'i Tally, d.llcolui Fully .nrlchrt. Bl«ach*4. CHUCK ROAST act* Ib. Round Sfeak . . . . . . lb.99 Ground Beef . . . . ; . lb.5* Kiog.r Cut T.nd.rar B»f. ' Sirloin Steak . . . . . . . lb.99 Boeon'Sir::::::t5:«*.,35i. Krog.r Cul Tend. ray Bi.f. Baby Pig Pork. 6.10 Ib. avg ; ..... . . Ib. 49* Kreg.r Cui Tend.ray B..f. Swlfl'i Slic.d or pl.t.. i' Porterhouse Sfeak . . . . Ib. $1.69 Bologna Kreg.r Cui Tend.ray B..f. Rib Roast ...... . Ib. 79* Pork Sausaqe . . . . . . Ib. 59* ivroger itnoeray. r«r Boll CELERY Krogn Cut Tend.ray B..f. Swift Brookli.ld. baby llnk«. Plate Beef . . . . . . . Ib, 37 Ocean Perch Ib. 3* Krojer T.nd«r.y. F«r Boiling Fllleli, In conium.r pk». . . ' PASCAL Clean, crisp, fresh. / STALKS Best when full green. Head Lettuce . . . . 2for25 Larg«, jumbo haidi. Cracklln' crlip. Bell Peppers . . . . . Ib. 19 v Large,, rtlu. priced. Oranges . . . . . 2doz. 69 L«rf. 171 Sli«, FlprMa Cr«wa, New Potatoes 3 Ibs, 25* You'r. tur. to want a 1*1 al Ihll law Qrt. »rk.i In Ihli ad«. OUARANTEED THRU Feb. IT. Prodtte. and m««t prket f«*d Ihru fcl, F»fc, It, SEED POTATOES U.S. No. 1 Blue Tag Certified Triumph* 100^5.59

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