Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 6
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'* Prices Among Latest Auto Features Experts Predict Growth In Demand For Cars, Trucks . B j DAVID·!. WILKIE (AP A»temtlv« Edllor) DelrolWflV-Along with engineering and styling advances most ·uto makers Introduced new and higher price tagi with their new model cars. Lt« than two ye«r» ago new .eir pricei ware being reduced b.v mprt manufacturers. But the A R I S E ! "Whr III 7«i Ihirt and ditj" TUNI IN KIRS Monday thru Saturday, 1:11 a. m. lutfar. l a m . BEV. ·MTL t iETH downward trend didn't latl long With the-ovtbreak In Korea, higher manufacturing costs ind wage IncrtiM'i unit profits began to shrlrile for most car companies, An a rnnittiuence the J I O lo $30 price cult of early 1030 liave been converted Into periodic advances of from $50 to S200 on various mjkfi of cars. Delivered prices range anywhere from $160 to ai much at JSQO more lhan they were two yeirs ago, depending upon make and .model. What the steadily mounting price »calc will do lo new car demand is being widely discussed In automotive circles Every time an increase Is announced the trade experts begin talking about the thousands of motorlits who are being "priced out o[ the market." RerUlratlont Meunl Yet the total of passenger car and truck- reglstralions continues lo mount. In round figures It now stands at approximately 50 million vehicles, T h a t , roughly, is six million more than were .licensed I (ha end of 1943: The' Increase wan recorded despite the wrapping of.' something lik« eight million 'ehlcles In Ihe »ame two years. The,experts whp predict a rte- irrind for all the new can and rUcki Iht,. industry will build In another four million vehicles this year. . . · A review of sales figure* prices began going' upward, show th*l If any would-be car buyer w»« "priced o u t ' o f tin. Jnarket Ihere always .was somebody to taHi his place, Industry nxccutlvts fuy there always has been tome shin- Ins from one price class to an other, bu'. never.any lessening of the overall urge to buy new cars They wont deny the combination of higher ·prices anti tlghtei credit controls sffecls dales volume to tome extent. Yet, they assert, the industry's retailing division ft capable of considerably more sell Ing effort l h a n has been exerted at any lime .since World War JI. Really For Competition U Is virtually certain that should here he any great sales resistance n the months Immediate!} ahead another drive will gel under way 'or a relaxation of limitations on credit buying, · · . To a great extent the industry B set for a competitive battle ihould one develop in motor vc- ilcle merchandising this year. Along with more mechanical and lyllng changes than had been expected in its 1052 models, the Industry brought out * wider vnrlety ilone. Other volume producers also h a t e . a wide variety of body styl- Jlix, Including convertibles and stalk n wagons. Obviously the more popular models will bo produced in great* cut volume hy all makers, However, most of them are equipped to swing Into production of any model that might become more than ordinarily competitive. Arkansas State Flag Returned By Guard Unit J.illlc fioclt-(/!')-A tattered, dirty Arkansas slate flag which Arkansas National Guard unit, in Korea used, was returned to Governor IvkMath today. The flag, sent by the governor, reached Batlery B, 037 Field Ar- illcry Battalion, and was used by t ar, a'' bttlc flag. With Battery 3 miw back in the United States, he flag was taken to (he governor's office today by the unit's commander, .Cant. A. N. Xeiler. f models. As an nple, Ford hai ·Is in its - f o r d - ' f t ''· :-'t ·53 c ' · ll ·· f : 18 line WE ARE RE A D Y TO SERVE YOU at 17-19 NORTH BLOCK HUY AND PAY THE E A S Y W A Y 1 FRIGIDAIRE ervce N. ILOCK PHONE 35 B. F. GOODRICH · r "-' · · · · Armed Services Have Tough Problem On When To Release Names Of Casualties Zcilcr read to McMalh this ilntcment f r o m , the battery: "You were t h o u g h f u l enough to end the Arkansas National G u a r d Korea an Arkansas Hag. -We eccivetl the flag and carried it with us through the Korean campaign. It was used by Secretary of the Army Frank Pa-e ( i native while .he was- in Korea. We are now returning this- I Hag to you." Zeilcr said I h j t his battery suffered one death in 11 months of lighting. That was when Pfc. Ueralcl G r a h a m , t'aris, was killed in a gun -explosion. Six Persons Die In Mexico Theiler Fire Gaudalajara, Mexico -()- S \ x persons died last night when fire broke out. near the screen of the Alamecio Movie Theater, t h e n spread to the rest of the building. Patrons on the ground floor escaped, but the one exit from the balcony became. jammed. .with terrified fans trying to 'feach the By KLTON C. FAY W»shini!ton -(/FVS h p u Id tbt mlllUry announce immediately the namt! of men killed. Injured or missing in major accidents or withhold them until relatives have own notified?. This question, for which loil md humane arguments can be made, on cllhersirie, was pointed up yesterday by a new Air Force regulation. The regulation increases from four to 12 hours the time that must elapse between the sending of o f f i c i a l . n o t i f i c a t i o n to next of in and (he release of names for use by press and radio. Whst troubles everyone--relatives, military and press-radio-- ia this: In holding back names for pub- icalion the relatives of 10 or 20 men may be shielded from the shock of receiving the first word through press or radio announce* ment, if the military has been un- ahle to reach them meanwhile. But the relatives of possibly JO.OOO other men, known to £e in the area of the accident, undergo hours or days of anxiety u n t i l they know the rames of their servicemen are not on the grinv list. The m i l i t a r y feels that its policy --withholding names foi a specified period until cither relatives have been notified or it may be assumed sufficient time has tlapaed for such notification to be cvmpieted--Is the lesser of two evils. · But the other side of the problem w«s demonstrated recently in in incident dilring winter maneU' ver» at Camp Drum, N, Y. A plane with four crewmen and » load of paratroopers who were to make a drop crashed on takeoff. Authorities announced that /our men were dead, The news appeared in early morning newspaper editions and radio newscasts. At Camp Drum, for the maneuvers were 33,000 soldiers, paratroopers and members of plane crews. Any of theie men could tiave been in the crash. The base lelephonei were flooded with calls on anxious relative*. The names of the men were not announced until the following day. The time interval for publication of names now differs with services, A'liile the Army and Navy follow :he general policy of releasing lames involved in accidents in the Jriited Slates after the four-hour nlerval, the Air Force has.-re- .'ised its time to 12 hours. An Air Force spokesman says his was done because a survey bowed a large percentage of no- ifications do not reach next if kin n f o u r hours, that sometimes it akes as much as 22 hours. EXCLUSIVE! THIS W H I S K Y IS 4 TEAM OLD · II PROOF IAKLY TIMI1 DISTIUIRT COMPANY · UiiiivfN* l,K.,, Vf i r UttM le 'Hx NEWS, Mch wctMoy, ol 7:10 AM, over station KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE * SUPPLY CO. streets. Six bodies neir the door. were found Methodist Missionary From Red China Dies Hong KoiiE-f/PJ-Methodist missionary Gertrude Cone, 50, of Geneva, Ohio, died yesterday »bouj 30 hours after arriving from Bed China on a stretcher. A Methodist spokesman laid death was caused by a cjncer discovered only yesterday and ag- Cravated by severe malnutrition. He said she lived the past three months on a daily ration of one bowl of rice and one clill pickle. A4frtiw In the TIMES--ll para. ll 2'J P a f f o n ' s Tasfemark has them! NEW, CONVENIENT, HALF-GALLON Paper Bottles 1 Mello-D Milk Now you eta gel fuaoui Tc-elunirk Mello-D Milk in the new hilf-gaJlon paper bottle. Saves l i m e . . . uvei sftaee... end* icebox duller. Mor« convenient--* plentiful · supply of good, rich Taaiemark Mello-D Milk on hind at all time*. TaMcmark Milk is now available in the new, coavealmt half- gallon paper bottlei. Buy your Taitemark Mallo D Milk--|n half-gillona when you buy your groceries. r*Nii » . * The "· »i|rilT. l*«le utd l«i- Ta«ltpark M«1)-D Milk hu aid Jouble-cliccked by Ihe famnui Tfilemark Hnmemaken Panel. Panel mtmbtn ar* womea jual like your aelf, who (i»le-lMt dairy pridneU right in their ·wn homei. Their ilamp of approval mcani jon ind your whole family ire ittiireil nf Ihe very hlgheii quality whea you loiltt on TtMemark Dairy Protlucla. * * * MMOVID lastemarR: MILK r»»n row* M I I K WHIM row i w r rowa ·aociain . Do U thi Etsy Way with this Handy YARD CART ftyl for ilitlf in * thort time Tilts 'Hght down to the ground, mikes loading tnd dumping a cinch. Rubber* tired wheels for easy rolling. ELECTRIC POWER MOWER Wkjilt ikfoug*. Mil M vKdi .th * Hiy WH 1/iifc this tig. 16-inch fnti m H · p. PK.CO HOTOf. nirai 4 big (Ma MfMy (Vittd. (Miiil HAND TOOLS Just the thing for every light garden digging uik. Enameled m«al trowel, transptantff, weedcr and cultivator with smooth, hudlic. JU^ular 19^ nch. 18-lneb Rttl-Typt Fertilize your soil VI60RO 95^ P o w e r f u l ! . 1 h.p. Bri|f It Suttton or CliMM «i|i)K.' All r«i tan to is it guidl it. Q»in drive ... oe dipping. SpecialScvmgs on GARDEN TOOLS GARDEN RAKE ' Heavy-Duty BRUNSWICK TIRES Sturdy Garden HOE $139 COLD RUBBER for more mitea|t! Cords fo? greitfr afety! Don't risk driving wjih slick, dingerous tirts. Rrplice them with Brunswick "Heavy-Duty" tjr« it a teal sivjng! Scicntific*lly designed treid x ive » traction. $h»rp 6Vi inch kten edge. Strong handle. SPADING FOR Quoreatnd 18 Months 4 cun-td tirm, brvelej to pre- vtnt do|gin|. "P" h in die. HOE CULTIVATOR D»«'/ G* Slack! tjjuif Your Car With BRUNSWICK S"N U O D ; TIRES Muslvc treid gives sure gtip in mud, snow and ice. Sizes to fit most cars. JK, special -lrtl olf ,£ On your c*r A hio^ ccmbjmtio tool lot all ftnerii ^irdcn FISHIHG HOD VALUfS! 2-tc.Roun4 Minnow Bucket 6 toot S T R I N G E R 5-F». GLASS CASTING ROD Pl/itit finol-jrif bindlr. Won't nut, Salit lamk»o r-LY ROD ) piKt roi 114 fltt long, tf 7ft nntt «ight. Bnwrkiil. *J./' OctM-City C A S T I N G Strong brtided cord with Kiln, nik, guifi * fcrnk oaaMc. TELESCOM ROD 52,79 CANI POLE CASTING LINE F L Y L I N l Wittiproof, I) Ik. in, JO FLY MIL $ 1 . 4 4

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