The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1936 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 8
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Kossuth Fair Wfto's Who of County Business firms FRANKUM'S PRODUCE none ttt Whtttemore, Iowa ftest Pr)c<* for Poultry anS figgs FrankunVs Product has aided materially In tfie development of this sectloft and nas been especially Instrumental In aiding the progress tit diversified farming tn this com- f nlty. They furnish the farmer h a most advantageous market his ttittltre and eggs and oper- an initiation of great cOritmer- 341 value to the public. Their jfrices are far, more favorable than w6uld be twcyrta by the people if they had to BMP elsewhere, for it ii a well known fart that this popular establishment pays the top market price at all times. , One of the recognised, principles W farming along scientific lines today Is the raising of all kinds of poultry. It Is because of the excellent service and the desirable mar- ket afforded by them that this Une Is receiving more attention ^ froth the farmers today and progress along this line Is particularly noticeable In this community as the producer knows he will receive the highest possible prices for poultry and eggs. Another feature of the very satisfactory service of this popular Produce Company is the courtesy which marks their dealings with the producer. They are always willing to give you the latest quotations and those wishing to market their produce to the best advantage Will do well to get In touch with this concern. In this review we are pleased to give Frankum's Produce the prominent place this progressive and reliable firm has merited. FLAIG GARAGE tred FlalR, Prep. Phone 87 Lone Rock, Iowa Chevrolet Sales & Service. A iTui! Line of Accessories Phillips 66 Gas and Oil. New Electric Pump* "Leaders Can Accomplish What Others Dare Not Try" The Chevrolet is ably represented In Lone Rock, Iowa, at the FlSlg Oirage. They render a superior iervlce to their friends and customers in order that they may receive the best of service from their Chevrolet cars. ..The new Chevrolet Is capable, of remarkable speed w^th .comfort, tase of riding, and economy. It represents the last word In automotive engineering, tn beauty, comfort and resale value. Antiques may be all right in the furniture a^d art business but In cars the' public demands modern features and convenience and also a car that has a high resale value. The Chevrolet excells In these qualities and finds a ready resale market and at a good price; whereas "off makes" are very difficult to sell even at ridiculously low prices. Call the Flalg Garage at Lone Rock for a free demonstration and you be the Judge. Never before hpve you been offered so great a value for so little money. The Flaig Garage has never disappointed the public and their new productions far outrank any previous effort. Buy a Chevrolet from them and bank the difference. You can afford to own one. Let the boys show you. WESLEY AUTO CO. Lonls Rauptman A Sons Wesley, Ittwa Chevrolet Sale* and Service Oliver Farm Machinery, Parts and Supplies tine of the .most aggressive and up-to-date auEomobfle dealers id this section Is the Wesley Auto Co. of Wesley. This firm has been serving the people of this vicinity for a great number of years. By their honest and upright dealings with the people, they have built up one of the largest garage businesses in this section. Their business volume exceeds by far many points much larger than Wesley. The Wesley Auto Co. is headquarters for the Well known Chevrolet automobile. They can make prompt deliveries of all models, both passenger and truck. In order to appreciate Chevrolet's points of superiority you should phone 66 at Wesley for a free demonstration and their salesmen will gladly prove to you be- yond a shadow of a doubt that 1 is to your own advantage to own a Chevrolet This popular garage also carries a good line of tires, tubes, acces sories, gas, oils and greases. They are also headquarters for the Ol iver line of farm machinery and can take care of all your wants In this line, whether it be a new piece of farm, machinery, tractors or trucks or repairs for any you may now own. They operate a first class repair department in charge of expert mechanics. Drive your car into their garage and let them make a regular inspection after every thousand miles of driving, if you are In the market for a new or used car, see the Wesley Auto Co before you trade. MC ENROE BROS. Phone S19 Algona, lown Will Pay The High ttollar for Your Livestock FARMERS' CO-dPERATIVE ELEV. CO. J. C. Mawdsley, >Igr. Grain, Coal, Feeds and Seeds Irvlngton, Iowa The Farmers' Elevator Company Is a strictly farmer-owned and controlled Institution for the benefit of their many friends and customers. 'Co-operation Is the 'greatest word tn the dictionary. It Is, the powen that builds cities, states and nations. No enterprise can succeed without cooperation. Splendid co- Operation has built the Farmers' Hevator Cojnpany.of Irvingtp.n and made it the successful enterprise that It is .today. x .This e|evatqr .company has, always enjoyed 4 splendid reputation . and is In top market for unlimited quantities 'of grain. They carry an extensive line of grain, coal, feeds aha seeds which are handled on a small margin of profit as. they depend more upon volume than on i large profit No doubt that this, is another reason for their popularity as this firm is widely known throughout this section. The Farmers' Co-Operative Elevator has the equipment and facll ities to handle your grain. Phone them at any time for quotations and the daily market reports. This company is founded upon clean cut business methods and they have made a splendid growth under the able management of 3. C. Mawdsley who is a man of many years' experience in the grain business. A good elevator operated Upon the lines followed by this firm Is a great asset to any community and this community may well be proud of this splendid institution, which brings a large number of people to town to trade on account of the opportunities offered by them. Hurray, Prep. CORNER STORE On The Corner and Doing On the Square" LaVerae, I A good share of all you spend in this store remains in circulation in your home town and you have a chaqce to get it back again, because a home-owned store. This store tk a place where quality, service and satisfaction meet and Where people from the surrounding territory go to nnd a perfect trading center. Anna Murray, the owner, seeing the drift of trade to the congested areas, established a store that la gaining in patronage every day and now Is so busy that all merchandise to turned quickly, which makes both for lower prices and for new and fresh stock. Tkils. store, under the direction of the owner, strikes the keynote In modern life as people do not want to spend all the money they take in for necessary provisions, but want to have money left for the pleasures of life. Those who trade here have found that they ate able to save money on their grocery bills, and if properly put away will net them a handsome sum over a period of time. The prices are a result of lower overhead, closer buying, doing a larger business and making a small profit on earn sale. In this review we are glad to compliment them as people who are making a continual study of the grocery business and as conducting a store that ia worthy of your patronage. WHITTEMORE FARMERS' CREAMERY K A. Bartlett, Mgr. "Service That &ttl»ne»" Whlttemore, Iowa This is one of those fine home- day with the best prices that can owned institutions we enjoy telling about This concern has had a very important part in the up- building of this community. There la no substitute in the long run for a home concern owned and operated by thoue that know and ara Interested in you and the community in which you live. People of this community have come to de pend ui'On Uuj plant for all aorts of dairy producta, knowing that they will be of the best quality. The butter produced here is noted for Its flavor and superior quailty. The Wliittemore Farmers Creamery is here to serve you day after) pioapenty. be paid, and it pleases them when the market warrants a better price tor butterfat. We cannot recommend and urge you too strongly to do your trading with this wonderful home-ownec institution. Dollars spent at home remain In your community and wil some time come back to you. Don't let them leave. They won't come ba';k again. We are glad to reserve this space ii-r the Whittemore Farmers' Creamery and R. A. Bartlett, the manager, as it is one of the outstanding business places in this locality and we wum them continued Through their straight-forward and above board policies this firm has established an enviable reputation in these parts and the farmers generally have come to look up on this firm as one of the prominent concerns of the community. Through their extensive dealings in livestock they have afforded the farmers of the territory a most advantageous market right at their door. They bring thousands of dollars into this section each year that would otherwise go to some other center were their policies and service not so entirely satisfactory in every particular. They are dealers on a large scale In livestock. Far and wide they are known as among the promin- ent dealers of the county. For many miles around the farmers have learned that from this flrM they receive the best prices and they seek rto further market $e- cause they find it both pleasant And profitable to market their livestock with this concern. McEnroe Bros, have spent years In this business and have by their honest methods brought their establishment into the leading position that It occupies in the commercial and agricultural life of this section of the state. They have always been boosters for the community and In this review we wish to compliment them upon the admirable manner in which they and \ their associates are serving 'the! public. kroner, Wjrr. In Feftfc ft* afti fcfeft*** y*,i*ift,tiwa When anyone in ttts thinks W'fSfeSs, grain <*, •,Hv^4_ '^bttaJL. "Aim Ab^T * AWA 1 tney tnioK or tnft L<one 1— chftflge Co.. located at Lone ToWft, This is one of the rao#t ant firms «b the section. Tney ci. dAfe estabUshmeht. 3d to take care Of dr feed needs fA ftn ner. They carry a ftul line ,_ t . co feeds and a1«0>anufaett)re,t) *MM*B *"*' ' - v - ~-..-^V lljrjl'j_ ' Ll-J-Tfl" j.A iVi «w*» aiconomy ) JuneraiuEeu < ¥«-._. PVed which contains die greatest combination of organic minerals, vitamins, .quality proteins and Iodine known to the industry. ThU feed Improves herd and flock health and increases livestock and poultry profits. iceliaridmlSalcm unwu «tt a*d fair- and sqtAre _„. tegs have always beehOftlr policy. Ah instlt^tldn of this nature ,6p kted tmder the ptftictea that are fbl lowed by them is of inestimable value to any community and that their bosinett methods are appreciated by the people U evidenced by the fact that they attract trade from the country for many miles. PATTCRSON ELECTRIC SHOP Phone M LuVerne, Iowa Eleetrlca't Mr. Patterson through his capable and dependable business methods, ample equipment and skilled employees, has gained an enviable reputation, not only In LuVerne, jut throughout the surrounding territory as wvO. Re specialties fn electrical appliances and actaren, electrical service, lighting and ignition systems and carries a very complete stock of guaranteed parts for popular systems. Throughout thi* part of the country the Patterson Electric Co., Id known as the foramottt dependable establishment where electric service can be obtalnwf at reasonable rices. Mr. Patterson to a man of ong experience amf is wen posted jn every detail of the Intricate el- you. this ectrical proWems. When you desire any electrical servide. consult Kim— he knows hfa business. Tott can always depend on what he tells .e an your problems of is character t» him and you Will get the proper solution* The most essential feature In the repair and" care of electrical system* is adjustment by skilled men Who absolutely know and have the experience and ability to back it up. No man wants an "apprentice" to experiment with his ftb— it is ajways costly- and very unsatisfactory. We. desire to refer the Paterson Electric Co, to our many readers as one that meets every obligation and solves every eTectrical problem— and. to commend them for their aggressive tmMbeax methods. These Live - Wife Kossuth County Business Firms Justly Deserve Your Hearty Support, Patronage CASH PRODUCE CO. WUl Poole, rr Cream —Eggs—Poultry Hubb&rd Sunahine Freda Lone Bock, IOVVH ••••••••^••••••^•^^^^•iiHHBBHHMaHBBISaSHSHBllHBSMBJMSHSBBiHIfllJHIjIflljIJIMIjlJIJIjPJFJPJPJPJPHP^^ See Col. Art Goebel I They Are In The Market The Year Around and Pay the Best Prices The Market Justifies To aid in building any city or i copununity it U netti-ary that the | various busineds firnio of the city and county provide an adequate outlet for the products of the section affected. The Cash Produce Co. has booated and aided the farmer In every possible way. Here id a market always available where the producer may dispose of hia Poultry. Cream and Eggs to the best advantage, which means a service directly or indirectly to the people as a whole. At the Cash Produce Co. the pro ducer is fuel with courtesy and accommodation in every transaction for Mr. Poole, the proprietor, U consdenUcua in his efforts to render real service. No obligations are incurred by asking questions to ublam the latest market quotations all that is necessary is to call them —phone 31, Lone Rock. Mr. Poole is always glad to be o service to his friends and custom trs. Top prices await you at hia market. DR. J. T. WAITE Veterinarian Phooe S-M Foremost among our proft.ssiunal men U thU popular veteriuarian located at Fenton, Iowa. In every community there are Individuals who because of gpecial- iMd service are an indUpensible factor to that community. Foremost among these, especially in a rural community, i« a gopd veterinary who saves thousands 'of dollars for the farmer. Kt-nton, Iowa Among tbaae that deserve a word -' ttmmendation ia Dr. J. T. Wait*. has proven ca.oable.Wl4 It, Wi ly to ttrve ttSte Wtto call up- on him He has fitted himself with years of study and experience. Anc whether it be a dog or horse thai needs attention, you may call up on him day or ui^ht and be assur ed that he will be there <ui soon tt it Is humanly possible. In this review of the progress 01 .our bectiuu and a directory to tht reliable business and professions, men we wish to compliment Dr Wuite and suggest U you are in need of services of bis kind, thai you get in touch with him. You wil b« aflaa«d at the rj^taonableneatf ia prlcM and bis wonderful results. Write PHILLIPS 66" In Letters A Mile High At The Kossuth County Fair Friday, Sept 11, Col. Goebel uses Phillips Petroleum Products in both his plane and his Chrysler sedan, the broadcast car in front of the grandstand, Phillip* Product. Distributed Ually by HARMS OIL COMPANY Stations at Algoiia, Titoiika, Burt, Whittemore, Corwith, LuVerne, Berwick, Lone Bock, and Lotts Greek t. P. Stader, Mgr. This prominent concern under the capable matiagemeht of J. P. Studer, Is of grett Importance to KossuCb and Hahcocic counties and the surrounding territory. The K. A H. Oil Company Supplies a large territory and has come to be known throughout this section as one of <he foremost oil companies and by reason of their satisfactory service they are rabidly expanding and well merit their Increasing business. They maintain motor truck tank service throughout this community making deliveries both large and small as it matters hot whether yoa phone for ft thousand gal- ton* or blily Wesley, iow» frfty y*n wttl be A to Z, haying a brMd experience as to whfcn jparttctuar ode and greases are beat tutted to your particular purpose, whether it I* for yflur auto, trite*, tVaettw, OP machine abo*. • . in tnis review edition w» wish to recommend th» K, * H. Oil Co.. and J. f. mtJ**, It* manager, ana thttr many Mrtrifca stations ta o«* readers as tltejr ate offering a to*, vice par exceOenea in & most essential business. Their best fed* verttsement Hat greatest awet to their army 6f satisfied patrons. ALGONA HOG MARKET Phone «** Alike ftWfly, Pirtp. Afettna, Win Pay the High Dollar For Tonr Livestock Here Is » successful man of tills section wfio is enjoying a thriving business covering a large territory. His prices are always the beat that can be obtained In any market and When you se8 to him you cat always depemf Bpoft getting honest weight antf fafr and square dealing and he Is moat favorably known by the farmer* of tate 'territory. Agriculture T» the most important industry of Iowa, and livestock raising the most profitable.; It may be said, IrutMnfly, that advantageous local market conditions added to the best prices paid by Aftfte fettlly are responsible tn k larg* measure for the rentwtfd IntflrMt on fee farms, of this vtclmty ifc the MUinlr 6* livestock. Mike fteffly nas had yeart of expedience In the livestock ftttWn** and dealings with him «t* c&trt- OZ10 luOB in InlQu Ot KlVlHir flu DtfiV Ttflllflflt flLnCl teUalttUtWI't- ft ory service. are pleased to give htttt co»- mendable mention in this review aUd can assufk our read*rn fntft they win In each and get a square deal. DUTCH'S SUPER SERVICE "Dntch" LoreiUi Prep. Phone 98 Gas, Oils ft Grease*, Goodyear tare*, Exide featfertea « Brake Service a Specialty "Where YOU Get That Little Ksttra Service" A!gta% Dk. Dutch's Super dkrvice la Just what every motarfat likes to find, a place where you. can,get that so- much-desired quick and satlsfac- ;ory service. This is a fast •&*, The .automo- >tle manufacturers are building faster can every year. The automobile driving ptrWJc demands It Ask yourself, "Wftat can atop all this speed quicker than a dead battery, electrical trouble or a blowout?" What la more gratifying than to know whare you can get that prompt, efficient service. "Dutch" knows that delay caused by these troubtea invariably occur Unexpectedly and when you are in a hurry- For that reason he baa specialised in this wbrk and wtO give you that so much desired efficient servlcfe. You will also find that he good Judgment In the selection Of merchandise that he offers for sate and carries a complete line of *c- cdssorirt, tires, tubes, battertes, oils and gasoline. It Is a pleasure for the writer of this review of the community to recommend Dutch's Super Service to every motorist You will not fta sorry if you drive In and 1st ttfita change your oil, check yottr bert- tery and keep your tires in proper shape. Rave your car oiled right. FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY Ed Hlldman, Mgr. Alfred Erdmanv Hlgr. Lumber Yard Wesley, Iowa Phone «• Grain, Oosj; Floor, Feed, Fencing, Utitiber * BaikUng Material "Their Coal Biitu Warm Friend*"—Lay In Your Winter Stppftr Now This Is one at the finest home- Owned Instltatinns) of Ibis community. They ara fattnisui* In promoting the welfare tt the cltftens of the community and have done their part toward Ita development. At the Farmesa Co-Operative Society rou can always find a dependable market for grain, Just weights 'and excellent treatment By adhering to these basic principles they bar* greatly Increased their business. ThU concern has assisted Ita community toward prosperity and has helped to Improve the conditions of Wesley and surrounding territory, and they are at your service at any time. Their elevator Is of such sUe that they can properly caret for unlimited quantities of grata lad are noted for pacing the hlgbest market price fOr farm producta. Alfred Erdman will be glad to Serve you with anything In the lumber and building material Una and help you to plan any, form of construction. This Is strictly a home-owned concern and has no connection with any chain elevator. Dollar* spent at home are "Double Duty Dollars" —you reap a double benefit You will get the best of service wh*a dealing with these men at the Farmers' Co-Op. Society, and We are pleased to refer them to our readers. JOHNSON'S MEAT MARKET ftume 29 . H. Johnson, 8r. LuVerne, Iowa -He Cut* The Price With Every Slice The proprietor, J. H. Johnson, 8r., Is an experienced market man. He U well posted,on every phase of the retail meat busmen and endeavors to sell quality goods at rock bottom price*. Give hlra a trial on your next order, a roast, a steak, ham or bacon. He has always been regarded as a public-spirited citizen of LuVerne and community. He conducts a home owned market and keeps his meat in proper condition by proper refrigeration. J. H. Johnson, Sr, U widely known over a large territory and needs no Introduction to the majority of the citizens of this section of the country. However, he extends a special Invitation at this time to old friends and new customers to visit hi* shop, as it Is his desire to render the very best service. Meat Is wholesome, nutritious and low-priced. Bat more of It Have him select you a steak or a roast He strives to please and comes as near doing it as any cutter we know. At this time we recommend this popular firm to our readers of this 1936 review of our surrounding towns. Phone 87 C. H. UCHTY & SON Everything In Hardware LuVerne, Iowa You Can Alway* CM It Here and Usually For LCM The Lichty Hardware Is one of the most widely known hardware* concerns of the community. It i» a long established firm and their business ha» been built upon the Idea of honesty and service to the customer. They serve the community by always having on hand merchandise of the beat quality and appearance. They keep a complete line of bard- ware, paints, sporting goods, guns, ammunition, tinware, builders' supplies, washers, and many other articles of the best manufacture. When you want quality merchandise you can buy any article at the C. H. Lichty & Son Hardware and be sure of the beat quality. This U an up-to-date enterprising concern under personal management and these men have done a great deal to put LuVerne on the map in a business way. When in or near LuVerne, drop Into the store and get acquainted. In their line they can provide you with real service a« well as quality merchandise. They specialize ia good hardware at the loweat prices. See them for your hardware wants. We are pleased to recommend their service, quality and sound business policies knowing that any dealing wth them will prove very satisfactory. Phone 1M R. C. BAUER &*» and Service Farmall Tractor* and Bepain "Service Unexcelled" Wesley, Iowa ThU concern U of great importance to the farmers of this community as they are representatives for the famous International Harvester Une of farm machinery. They carry a complete stock of farm machinery parts and supplies. When you buy International Implements you are sure of prompt repair service during their long life. *--- international dealara fa al- •* • » »"~ •*-—T-T-W fwni machinery, trucks, tractors, the Ho- Cormlck-Dwring ball bearing separator, a manure spreader which has roller bearings, AlamiU oiling _..».* ~— a|w| m&ny " " ~~ ttaun plimenting. McCormick-Deering machinery, as you know, U built and backed by the International Harmter Co., who are this year celebrating their COth anniver.^ ThU great company was born fa 1831 when Qyrus Hall McConnick invented the first successful reiWr FaxnuOl tractors will do th. w«k and go anywhere. They will do aU the work that other tractors «?• Have R, C. Bauer different mpdeU of th tractqn. H^ readers flr«t very

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