Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 19, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWIST ARKANSAS TUNIS, f·«*·»*·, Ark«m«. TiMMhy, Mbruary If, IMt Br HAL BOTLF New York-W-Evcrybody knows history has bar 1 its big moments. But when they depict them in the · movies they always have a wise old- character around tu make some historic utterance, showing he knows how important the event is. And the bystanders generally nod profoundly--as if they knew what was'Soing on, too. · My theory is that people don't usually make historic remarks at historic moments. They just talk like they always do. 1 know I was aboard the battleship Missouri when the Japanese surrender was" signed and the most historic remark I recall overhearing was, "quit hoving." Historians generally agree the most important event in the story of the human race was. the dis- remark I think probably would be typical of the average reaction at the big moment: 1. The destruction of Carthage, 14C, B.C.,. which put the Roman Empire on top of the world. rtoman soldier: "That's the big cover of fire. Tcn-to-onc the! brass for you everytime--burn most memorable observation at I'iown down so the guy in the that moment wasn't something i ranks won't have a place to en- like, "the torch of man's upward i joy himself." march is hereby lit."-It was prob-| 2 . Battle ot Adrianople, 378 A. ably a simple exclamation -"ouch!" ^v . Recently two university professors--Louis L. Snydcr and Itich- ard 13. Morris--polled historians on the 10 most decisive events in man's recorded past. They, were put into a book called "They Saw It Happen! D., which marked the beginning of the end of the Homan Empire. Roman soldier: "Oh, my poor aching back. Well, you .can't win Great Events." Here is their list -- along with a Plain solitaire engagement r i n g with w e d d i n g ring to match. 'em all." · ' 3. Invention of printing from movable type, 1450, resulting in the rapid dissemination of learning. » Workman: "How am I ever going to Ret this ink outa my fingernails." ;. Discovery of America, 1492. opening the new world. Sailor: "Now maybe we can go back to Spain and get a decent meal." · 5. Advent of the steam engine, 1769, introducing the industrial engine. Workman: ' : lf anybody thinks people will spend their life stoking a machine he's crazy. It hurts my cars." (i. Declaration of Independence, 1776, the classic statement of human rights and the democratic credo.. Tavcrnkecpcr: "Well, it's nice to see these patriots put their signatures to something beside a bar tab." 7. Discovery of anaesthesia. 1846, leading to the conquest of pain. Nurse: "Hey; doc, the patient's knocked out--but do you thing we can bring her to?" 8. Assassination of Serajevo. 1914, which started off the firtt of two world wars. Spectator, holding ' up son: "That's the archduke--the one that's bleeding." 9. D-day; invasion of fortress Europe, 1944. American soldier: "Oh, my poor aching back--don't tell me this is France. Where arc the dames?" 10. The atomic bomb, Alamogordo, N. M., 11)45, opening a new age in warfare and technology. First scientist: "Well, let's pack up and go home. My wife'll give me hell if I'm late again--atom bomb or no atom bomb." Lakes And Volcanoes Impressive In South Chile .(This is ono'ol a scries Ed Van- devenler is writing about his t r i p through South America. He will return In April.) By ED VANDEVENTER Petrohue de Chlic--Now, if the class will please come to order, professor will give the third and ' final chapter in tl'.e lesson, "Chile, a Geographic.Freak." You know about the J,000-mile stretch of. desolate rainless desert which joins Chile to Peru; you know that Central Chile is a replica of Northern California. Now the TIMES' roving correspondent is in the ·'Switzerland, of South America." Here are the many beautiful lakes and.numerous volcanoes. ' The Latour Agency in the Carrera arranged my trip so 1 did not have to use any money after leaving Santiago. A folder w a s given to me with slips to cover fare, cost of travel by bus and boat, and hotcls.'I paid a liltle more than 11,000 pesos to Latour rift had no more worries. From Santiago we traveled in streamliner drawn by a diesel engine 16 hours to Puerto Varas. The scat next to mine was oc- cjpfed by a pretty Chilean girl. I was bemoaning the fact that' I could not speak Spanish fluently v/hen a Chilean man salJ, "Naughty buy. You arc being punished being too lazy to learn Spall- sh." 'our Meals A Day At meal time--four a day-- vaitcrs place tables before the tassengers and bring food to them. r or 30 cents one can buy a bottle i of delicious Chilean wine to enjoy with the meals. You shiver as the (rain slowly crosses Pucnle Majlcco--a bridg 320 feet above the river near th town of Collipulli.. You pas through a town in which 8,50 persons were killed by an earth quake in 1939. You see a volcan which erupted a few years ago melting the 300-foot-dccp icc-and snow cap and killing more tha 100 natives--dashing many t death against the rocks and drown ing others. You pass a shrine on a moun That's the way history happens. The average guy is always con corned with his own small prob Icm ut the big moments, not 'wl: they will mean to mankind. Bu you can't tell that to the movie producers. How you can compare cars and judge value! Our new "SHOW DOWN" WAY gives you the full facts and free proof you've been looking for! Where others give you "sell" ...we give you proof! Stop by soon .. . we'll be glad to give yon your . copy of the "Show Down booklet that helps you make car-value comparisons so quickly, conveniently . . . convincingly. You can take it . home and make your money-saving comparisons It your Icisurcl UE YOUR OWN expert nn car valucl Let the fuel.! prove how the big new Dodge for '52 gives you more comfort, safety and economy than even cars costing hundreds of dollars more! First, of course, you'll want to actually inspect the smart lines and luxurious interior of this big new Dodge. Then . . . with (he free Dodge "Show Down" booklet . . . really gel down to "brass-lack" comparisons. You can quickly compare with other cars the Dodge features that give you extra satisfaction even after thousands of miles. Kor instance, Dodge gives you big, smooth - slopping Safe - Guard Drakes with longer-wearing Cyclcboml linings nnd six h y d r a u l i c brake cylinders instead of the usual (our. See bow of her cars--even those costing hundreds of dollars more -- compare ou these important safely features! Spttlfiwtlonl end Equipment Subject to Chang* without Nolit* NOW ON D I S P L A Y - WUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS* 14-22 N. College Aye. I'untciigudo volcano. Snow covers both of thrni. "Continental 11 IJrrak' Some of the hotels In S o u t h Chile are very beautiful. For lain side. The bus stops and the leaped to her death over these driver tells you that the contractor. li Us.' w l io. built the road on which you You see ill the (llstiin.-e the arc rifling had n daughter vho be- mighty Osornn volcano and the c-ime very 111. The contractor prayed to (lie Virgin to stive her, promising to erect a statue in return. The daughter recovered, and the contractor built the itrotto. Every January J, mass is said at the statue of the Virgin. The driver stops and lets yuu take pictures of Salta Pllmaikon, beautiful falls which provide electric power for a large area. J'il- mallicn was the name of an Indian girl \vitli whom two brothers were madly in love. She could not tr.'.crate the emotional strain and breakfast you go "continental" have ' o f fee. a hit of toast, nnd jam; then a heavy lunch with f i n e wine; tea at 5 and dinner al 9 or 10 p. m. And always yuii arc looking at pretty waler and awe-inspiring mounta:n peaks. South of these lakes there Is valuable timber. Then i nines the stral 1 named after Mafielh.n, who found It while searching for a way to cro33 from the Atlantic to the Paclfi" without making the hazardous trip iiround Cape Jlorn. And then there is Ticrra del Kucgo, /acini; the Antarctic. Can you iringlne r a i l i n g such a cold place, the "land of fire?" Ma,.cll8n saw' the heavens lighted as he K a l l c d ' t h r o u g h , the strait and said: ·'Tlcrrd del Fuego;" and the name stuck. Below the strait, the penguins live on Ihc A n a r r l i r ice. Ti.ey have nothing except pebbles '.vith which ' to build their nest. 1 !. U'hcn a male j penguin wishes to make love he chooses a good-looking Clil penguin, picks up a pebble and drops j It at her feet. If she picks it up they are married. Sometime:; the Eals play coy nnd ti'.o poor guys have to keep on laying pebbles ! until they make up their minds. ' The penguin it the only form, of/lire which survived the last ice! Age of the Antarctic, Today, sheep? are raised, in Tierra del. Fuego.. '· For And Tickers Ain -- STEAMSHIP --.HAIL HOTELS -- TRAVEL AW0 LUGGAGE INSURANCE AMERICAN TRAVELERS CHEQUES fTo Sflrric* Charge Independent ft C«*nlNctt4 TMtn KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU 7H i»«:n m«M s-nn LITTLE HOCK, AUKANIA* · PENNEY'S A L W A Y S F I R S T Q U A L I T Y * . EVERYTHING FOR SPRING! YOU SAVE 20'- ON PENNEY'S SEWING NOTIONS! SANFORIZED! SPORT DENIM DRUGGED! PRACTICAL! *36" WIDE! FAST COLOR! 59 yd. SANFORIZED! BROADCLOTH ^PRINTS OR SOLIDS; *EXTRA QUALITY! 49 C yd. NEW LOW PRICE! PENNEY'S OWN RONDO PERCALE 39 yd. *CRISP EXCITING PRINTS! ^SPARKLING SOLID COLORS! *VATDYED!36"\VIDEI *SEW NOW AND SAVI! FASHION NEWS! EMBOSSED COTTON *NEW COLORS! 36" WIDE! *NEW DESIGNS! SANFORIZED! GINGHAMS ^BEAUTIFUL NEW DESIGNS! *NEW LOW PRICE! 79 yd. OUTSTANDING FABRIC! NO-IRON CRINKLE PLISSE PRINTS 59 yd. ^TERRIFIC CHOICE OF PRINTS! *COOL BREEZY FABRICS! *SLEEPWEAR, SPORT SHIRTS, DRESSES! *36" WIDE! FAST COLOR! SPECIAL PURCHASE! WAFFLE PIQUE *WHITE AND PASTELS! *36" WIDE! VALUE! . 44, yd. BEAUTIFUL RAYON PANNE SATIN *NEW LOW PRICE! *39" WIDE! LOTS OF COLORS! 59 yd. NEW LOW PRICE! PENNEY'S RAYON CREPE SORORITY PRINTS ^FLORALS, BOLD DESIGNS, CLASSIC PRINTS! *39" WIDE AND HAND WASHABLE! *YOU'LL MARVEL AT THE QUALITY! *SHOP NOW AND START SEWING! RAYON TAFFETA 59^ yd. LUXURY ORGANDY 79'yd. LUXURY BATISTE 69* yd! BUTCHER WEAVE RAYON..59*yd. SHEER RAYON BEMBERG PRINTS *NEW LOVELY PRINTS! *SEW FOR SUMMER!

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