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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 19, 1952
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INf PUBLIC IN7ERIST · THE FiRST CONCERN Of THK NEWSPAPER Associated fttti Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Feature* Murry Outlines "Experiment" In State Politics Campaign Based On Honesty Suggested As Arkansas Need Little Rock-m-Atty. Gen. Ike Murry says Arkansas p o l i t i c s needs a bold experiment: A gubernatorial c a m p a i g n "based on the sincerity and integrity of the candidate and the honesty of his program" and elimination of a campaign "where public office is auctioned to the higl-est bidders." .Murry, generally considered a candidate for Democratic nomination for governor, outlined his views in a statewide radio address last night. He remarked that "I speak, not as a candidate for any office, but rather as your public servant." Murry spoke in answer to Governor. McMath's blast of five- weeks ago at the attorney genera and the recently-ended publi hearings of the Arkansas High way Audit Commission. Tells Of Hfarinj Murry touched briefly nn lnc public hearings in which lie par- ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 19,1951 Britons Would Leave A-Bomb Work To U.S. Londqn-Wj-Britain should turn her engineering skill to the development of atomic energy for peaceful uses, leaving the m a n u - facture of atomic weapons to the United States, the liberal News Chronicle said today. Asserting that the "whole of British foreign policy is based i upon Anglo-American association,"! an editorial in the paper said j ! was .better that "America, who can accept the industrial strain of making atom bombs, .should bca while Britain should turn to other atomic fields. ticipated at request of the Audi Commission. He said that testimony presented to the HAC showed t h a t "the 12-member Highway Commission recognized no obligation to the public "II became a tool for political expedi- sncy-a veritable blackjack over those who wanted state highway Purchase orders." 'Is it any wonder," asked the attorney general, "the governor became frantic when it finally dawned upon him that the sordid truth was going to be told?" He r e f e r r e d to McMath's charges that the Audit Commission had been reduced to a "political witch hunt." The governor also accused Murry of injecting himself into the hearings for po- lilical purposes. McMath is expected to he a candidate for third term. Outlines Proposal Murry then outlined his "darin experiment" for Arkansas politics which, he said "no honorable c«n didate can afford to mortgage hi future decisions for a large cam paign v contribution." ; " ·'--··· His proposal calls for: 1. "A stigma -upon the nex campaign . in. Arkansas when money flows freely--where publii office is auctioned to the highes bidders. 2. "An attitude of m.itual respect between the legislature and the governor. 3. "The candidate will accept Suard Group Reaches Chaffee Processing Under Way In Fort Smith Fort Smith, · Ark.-(/P)-The last arge sroup. of Arkansas National uuardsmen returning from Korea any no contribution that exacts or infers any promise other than good and efficient government. 4. "The candidate'will not fear to shun the formula that promis-s all things to all groups to win votes. 5. "A campaign without · elaborate headquarters. 6. "A campaign in which the /ssues are presented lo the citi- 'MIIS of each county by the supporters nf the candidate in that county ami »t their expense." U.S. May Be Planning lest Of Bargain Bombs Washington-(/P)-The U n i t co- Stales may be planning to tes "bargain" bombs--that is, A- bomhs packing full-scale power but with lesser amounts of precious atomic explosive. This is an unofficial view, because both the Atomic Energy Commission and the Defense Department, in announcing yesterday I new series of atomic tests will be held at -Eniwetok, offered no clue as to their nature. Not even the date 01 the tests was announced. was being processed at Camp Chaffee today for 30-day luidlin furloughs. Most of the 246 soldic who arrived here from the F East yesterday were members the 936th Field Artillerv Ba talions. They left Japan "Febn ary 1. A number are Northwest A kansas residents. Three Hurl In Crash In Benfon County Bentonvillc -(Special)- T h r e people were hospitalized yester day as the result of a car truc collision on a narrow bridge on State Highway 12 east of Vaughn All three .occupants ot Ihe ca · re in the Bates Memorial Hos ital. Their injuries are said no o be serious. Injured are: Ham 'axton, 62, his wife Hazel, ahc Retty Hellick, 18, driver of the ar. The Pax-ton's live \jn Houtc 1. Bcnlonville, near Vaughn. Sheriff John Black, who investigated, said the car traveling west collided with a loaded count} gravel truck on Ihe narrow bridge The car remained upright, Black said. James Douthit was driving the truck, the sheriff reported. Another county employe was .in the truck with him. No charges have been filed Sheriff Black said. Much-Sought Robber Captured In New York New York-(fl 1 )-Fugitive Willie Button emerged "today from the ·ole of an obscure miser with a (6-a-week room, and was called before a judge as the nation';: most-sought bank robber. Two 'oung policemen recognized Suton on a Brooklyn street yesterday. The capture ended a vas five-year m a n h u n t , launched vhen Sutton made the seconc rison break of. his career. Police verc taking special precautions oday. Sutton, 51, will be arraigned on n indictment accusing him of a Three Planes Of Reds Downed Over Korea U. S. Jet Pilots j Tangle With Enemy In Two Battles Seoul, Korca-(.4U. S. Sabre jet pilots today shot down three Red jet fighter planes in two air fight- over Northwest Korea. Other Allied jet. fliers reported they destroyed four locomotives on the Communists' North Korean supply network. Twenty-six Sabres fought elements of a 50-MIG formation Tuesday afternoon in a five-minute running battle. It started near Sinanjj and ended near the Yalu River when the Red fighters fled into M a n c h u r i a . The morning fight waj between 27 Sabres and parts of a flight of 00 MIG-los. It raged seven to eirht miles above the ground. II. S, Fifth Air Force said abou, 30(1 MiGs were sighted in Northwest Korea Tuesday--100 in the muriims s"H 200 in the afternoon. Clinic On Regulations Of OPA Is Scheduled ministration regulations will be held at the Chamber of Commerce office Thursday from 9 a. m.; until 3 p. m.. Hoydon Lewis, chairman of the Retail Merchants Commit- lee, announced today. Lewis said .he OPS will have two price rep- -esenlatives on h a n d ' a t the meel- ng to assist local businessmen in complying with government price regulations. OPS is particularly interested in assisting merchants who have I iled pricing charts and have jroblems regarding use of the University Campus Chest Drive Under Full Steam; Organized Houses Turn-To With Vim And Vigor lOCAt KMTKAn-- ~ KayettevilJe and vicinity partly cloudy with occasional light-Jiin and colder lonlght, Tomorrow partly cloudy and continued cool. High temperature yesterday 38;. low 5!; noon today 1 (I. Sunrise 7:00; sunset 6:04. MICE HVI CENTS Tankers Crack One-Sided Joke To Store Owner Ends Tragically Ifl Cafe; 56X611 San Franciico-M'i-Dralh rndcd ' _ afa 1 ^ik no ' wi '·· Gravcs h " a " i frAwmpn Dpar! The 2li-ycar-odl Korean combat V»l V f f l l l v l l 1/vQU veteran, bound overseas again* i after nn emergency leave w i t h hi.i i i sick sevcn-moiilli-old child i n ' B u f f a l o , N. V., entered a grocery ' hrro .faimuar.v 18. As .1 j-,k'c, he ' snatched up some food and started : fo r ihc floor. ; But the grocer--a robbery vie- 32 Rescued, 33 Others Spotted On Stern Section Chatham. - Coast ," ~~, ".--"·"··-"-vi i is waitresses this week al t h e ic two Chest drive. From lefl to richt. arc Roberta Masscy Campus Doyce Woolard, Dorothy Ann Girdlcv, Dot Little' wait tables. (Martin Plinlnl 1 · ' 1-line, By .fEROL GARRISON The- University Campus Chest drive, now in its second day. has turned into a m i n i a t u r e carnival --and a money-making carnival at t h a t . Nearly $400 was raised yesterday. | There is only one t h i n g d i f f e r e n t | about this carnival--it is almost I'ill also wait tables. ( M a r t i n Photo). money, for the main entrance In | houses will the Stude compete Union grille is lined I Campus Chest Singfesl i in the out of a hack door shooting. A bullet Indeed in Craves' spine. The soldier died yesterday at Lcltcrmnn Army Hospital. Court Action A 'inimenf, Says Phone Head Further Adjustments Necessary, Asserts Arkansas Manager W. E. Bray., general manager of Ihe Snuthwcftcrn Bell Telephone Comnany in Arkansas, yesterday Issurd a s t a t e m e n t in regard lo an Arkansas Supreme Court finding concerning telephone rates In Arkansas, The i-nurl held ' "' annually.. The iws£-? potoi I! E? 5«r" F- '^'=^^'^ TM: i ^ (ruction trades services, and new j J « nS01 °'''', whlcn collected a top nd used automobiles will also be ? y c -TMrriay, have gone all out xplained. to cover the campus and to help Finally, if any male should b c | 7 : l 5 . The men win sing semi- I able lo escape Ihese traps, he is ! classical, popular, and f r a t e r n i t y i l ' n| .l»iiy had asked for $1.600,000, sure to ho hnM ,,» TM .i , snnBs . All w i l l be of a serious na"- ! n » c l Ihe Public Service Commis- tu !!!y .. , sil ' n had granted an increase of Uiarlie Jones, Fort Smith, co- i-h! of the drive, w i l l be I master of ceremonies. Oil Stacy's sure to be hold up on the outskirts of the campus hy Kan'pa women on horseback bandits.. Collection Means Vary The moans of collection posing as Bray's statement Im-fldcd: ulbrifihl Says Budget uts Can Be Made Richmond, Va.-(/P)-Sehator Ful- right (D-Ark) thinks at least five lllion dollai-s could be cut from he presidents' budget for next ear without harming the nation's conomy or welfare. In an address before the Rich- ond Traffic Club here last night enator Fulbright said he thought reduction in military expend!- res would bq necessary if the udget is to be trimmed. 64,000 bank larch, 1950. holdup here Records Of Campaign May Be Subpoenaed Little Rock-(/P)-The Arkansas Highway Audit Commission meets here this week to decide whetKcr to subpoena campaign records of Governor McMath. HAC Attorney Cooper Jacoway said yesterday the meeting-tentatively is set for Thursday. Members of the commission asked lo inspecl Ihe records last week, but Henry Woods, executive secretary and campaign manager for Ihe governor in'l!)48 and 1950, refused to open the books. Poultry Market -- The poultry market today as reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and Poullry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t ire And Drowning Take Lives Of Two Arkansans Little Rock-m-A fire and a drowning have claimed two lives in Arkansas since Mondav. Mrs Birtic P. Simms, 78, was "burned lo death when her clothing caught fire at her home in El Dorado Bobby Joe Davis, 12, drowned in the Current River near Pocahontas when he drove his father's auto off a ferry into deep water. i State Republican To Seek Congress Post Magnolia-(/p)-Arkansas .Rcpub- hcans will enter a candidate for Congress in the state's new Fourth district W. L. Jameson. Jr., ,,f Magnolia, Fourth district GOP chairman, said yesterday the district n o m i n a t i n g convention would meet here March 12 lo select a Parly candidale for the post The district is made up of the old Seventh congressional district raise the 53,000 set as a goal. No matter where a male student turns he is asked for contributions. While wending his way across the campus he may be stopped by a girl from Holcombe Hall, fre'sh- man women's dormitory, carrying an -envelope w i t h - a red heart on It in which to put contributions. Anyone attempting to drive a car through the cross-campus drive will be stopped by several Kappa girl policemen for contributions. The girls carry clubs for persuasion. being subjected to a plea _ ,.· · -- -- *·" i n - i i u m ; UUHYUL-U Hie numbers bv the Delta sorority turned its house men and the judges'decision' mlo a casino from 7:30 to 0:30 and I The public is Invilcd to the sing. , I 0 * 1 ;' riimCCcl ' h " ri I Tlcknt! mil - v I)C " ...... " their f o r t u n e told, saw a' floor show, and played roulette--all for charity. Zeta Tau Alpha Is p l a n n i n g a show to be given on Ihe front porch tonight at 10 after the basketball game, and Holcombe Hall is present a show tomorrow afternoon al'4. ' . * / Floyd Ford, Alpha Carrlma Hho was leading in the Chi Omega "Ugly Man" contest yesterday afternoon. Students vote for their favorite ugly man by dropping coins in a jar next to his piclure. Sin a climnx .. i *··· *··· " i. tuiiti A iviritiv n OK tin for I tomorrow night when eight men's and OK Taxi. Collier's or t h e Red Cross Drug stores, or at t h e door tomorrow night. Admission is SO cents, all of which will co to "Doush For Polio," one of Ihe recipients of Campus Ghent funds. Trophies to tho top two w.lnners in (he sing, a* lo the women's house in the c'ollecTforFcnn- .tcst,- will be. awarded a t . the slng- fcst. Tho trophies and engraving thereon were donated b.y "Jus" Wheeler's Drive-In, Jini Bcnton's Bowling Lanes. Mrs. Jimmie Morgan's liockwood Club, Ferguson's Cafeteria, Hob Noh Llqiinr Store, Mack's Steak House, ML Cafe, Taft Favorite · So Far In Poll Senator Taft iR-Ohio) is way out in front of the poll of Washington County Republicans on the presidential candidates. European Army Plan 'Approved' By The French , Paris-(/!';-The French National Last Tuesday Ihe countv GOP' Asscmbl ' forla .v Have hesitant and leaders published a b a l l o t ' i n the i ' u a l i f i c d endorsement to the Euro- TIMES and invited Republicans to I pcnn army l )lan f " r rearming Gcr- mdicate Iheir preferences Bv man1 ' ' r)i " A *-'--'--··- I" * - l , - l 1.111:1:;,. J J V yesterday, nearly 300 ballot.; had been returned, and they were still coming in today. The pcrcenlages: Taft received Ihe .votes of ap. _ ~ u ..£,i. i..-.oiuijni uiairiL'L and a portion of the old Fourth district. A reshuffling ot the districts was necessary when Ar- . - -- - ·»..«, ,,, ap- m: voie was :« kansas lost one of its seven con- | Proximatcly 65 per cent of those jnrily of 40 vote" gressional seats because of a popu-! «' h " nad c »st ballots up to todav; I But ,,,,, ' ,T?L , . , lation decline. | General Eisenhower received 24 ; molutmn endorsing (be "- " " ' Per cent; Governor Warren o f ' * TM - ' many. The Assembly's action carne on a vote of confidence i.i the government of Premier Edgar Faure who had staked the fate of his cabinet on the army plan. hc vole was 327 to 287, a ma- - i i '·" -vi i.inuiiii'.s. i.,ii cnacy s ,.i,r -- ·ombo w i l l play a h a l f - h o u r i n t e r - I ilra " lM P')olntcd that the · · ! Supreme Court did not allow us the Incrcarc In tclcnhnno rales we believe necessary lo produce nde- al cither ?",;' l !i o a r n l n «- The court's .order Tailed to give any consideration to today's h l e h r r cost of providing and expanding telephone service. "We are not now earning the 1 per cent upheld by the Supreme Court even if the entire request of 51,1100,000 had been allowed: The f i n d i n g s of the court are based In part pn;ll)4H.and.,c8flv,.)()5rfc!\1VJA of ..c-vBense^bsfarn Jhf ififfsiW' " el of the ..Korean: v/ir ; .Jto ... ...^i Since 11)50 ntir oncfatlni expenses have cnnllnitad to climb Federal, income taxes were increased f r n n v 4 7 to 52 per cent In If)5l. Increases in wages were also experienced last year. "Even Ihough both the court and commission found a 6 per cent rale of earning to he f a i r , we are not presently earning .this much cvp-i on the. higher rate now bclnt collected'under bond . . , "Since September 21, 10,10. nur ·ustorncrs have been paying the "bond" telephone rates which are higher than the rates yet to be determined under this order. These customers will be entitled to a refund of the difference between the tanker Fort Mercer but reported no signs of life on.the bdw of the t a n k e r Pendleton, both ot which broke up last night In a gale off Cape Cod. ' ' Seven of the crews of botli vessels are known to bo dead, 13 arc unaccounted for and 32 were rescued- last night by the light at flares. L . The Coast Guard cutter McCuI- lock reported nn sign of life aboard the bow section of the Pcndlelon, which grounded last night. The safely of Ihc 33 met! on the . fort Mercer's stern was reported toy the Military Sea' Transport Service freighter Short Splice as rescue operations resumed at dawn. . , Among those feared lost in the bow of the Pendlelon was her skipper, Capt. John Fitzgerald, 38, of Boston. . . jpllt-Sfronrf Operation Thirty-two seamen were rescued lust night from the. Pendleton In a split-second operation in · the . face, of a screaming storm off perilous Chatham Bar. Th'c two tankers, apparently broke up at almost the name time In the winter's worst storm off thl« fijhiiiif port. Five, and possibly six, men perished when they leaped from the · tossing bow of the Fort Mercer and- missed the bouncing life rafts. One man was lost while Coast Guards were taking the 32 seamen from the Pendleton. Another, although clad In a IUe- jackct, was swallowed by the seas when he leaped from the Pcndle- ton's bow In an attempt to reach a lifeboat, More Snow Predicted The Weather Bureau reported New England, which has not yet completely dug itself out of one ot the worst, bU««rd» In years, niay/got mote uiow. tomorrow Collection Of Tax Expensive Detroit -ItJ'i- Stephen Kicrmicki has his property laxes paid up for another year, and Wayne County is six cents richer--or $1.07 poorer. Kiermicki's tax bill came lo just six rents, but County Treasurer Harold E. Stoil figured it cost $1.13 to collect it. The taxpayer's property in downtown Detroit is 102 feet long . these two rates. However, this is subject to further determination by the Circuit Court and lh P Public Service Commission. We can not say at this time how soon this ['unity but-n yfiii ae clouay early .Wednesday, followed by snd^ or 'rain --'In .;Southern. Neiv . England and snow in the north jportloni. Some 30 persons have font their ' lives In the storm, which began Sunday night. The northeast blizzard deposited from eight Inches of snow in Boston to 31 Inches on parts of New Hampshire. Three KiHeTtTHurt In Indian Plane Crash Bombay, Indla-(/P)-Three persons were killed and 14 others wo of them Americans--were inured in the crash of a. TJeccan Airways plane at Nagnur Airport . . ini:hes rc !!! nd can bc msdo · · · u is v "y hacl Rivcn lhelr " ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' 1 TM 10 arn lnc " ' hc Am "kTM Calling Of Guardsmen . To Duly At An End Washington-/P)- r rhe Army said Plan Asia Defense Saigon, Indochina -M'j- American, British and French Army Navy and Air Forces attaches in Indochina flew to Singapore today for another conference on what steps should be taken to d- · fend Southeast Asia in the event of any fresh Communist aggres- today it plans lo call no more Na- Eisenhower Club Formed tional Guardsmen or reservists to Falls Out Of Plane Orgonization Changes active duly except for a few sma In State Capital units and i n d i v i d u a l officers An Army spokesman ever, changes on the international headed by Robert Roach, UMe (1 per cent upheld by the Supreme Court, f u r t h e r rate adjustments are nectary. We are currently earning only 4.3 per cent." Grin Fin Extinguished A grass fire in a vacant Jot on Woolscy SI reel west o f ' the Vet- crans Hospital was extinguished about 10:15 p.m. larl night by firemen. Cause of the fire was not determined. early today. The Americans,-who were hm-' litalltcd with burns, were listed (is Mr. and Mrs^ P. Lewis. They, ress in India slon Hospital,- Vcllorc. The dead were the pilot, tlie radio officer, and V. K. R. Menon, civil supplies commissioner for Cochin state. -- ,... I .^. i*..,i.u\.i^ n i a i r i o u i o r who said aim of the club is to gel . " ··"" "' ll!L J (.UIO IS 10 gel independent and Democratic sun- port for Eisenhower. Roach is a Democrat. IU1 - - · """...UK ijnvaic pianc near the MU.UUII Guardsmen and rcser t.hanges will be madr- in t '-mia airport. Bruce Overmeyer, i to active duty Most of them will parly organization because 01 the * l-TMa steeplejack, was flying the i be released by the en dof the vcar r e c e n t rc-distnclmg. Area i n - two-scaled Knirchild. Assistant I __._.._..._ y r ' eluded m the congressional dis- Prosecutor Waller While said h e ' 11 A Dl T T i tnct was changed,^ e l i m i n a t i n g | would file manslaughter c h a r g e s - ' ^' On '° Transfer ^counties and adding others. ' against Overmeyer. Students Seek Ways To Curb Cheating At U. A.; Committee Named Concerned over roceni nnhiich n-. r. ,. .. .. about steady, supplies adequate for fair to good demand; volume n* trading normal. Prices paid f.o.b. farm up to a p. m., broilers «nd fryers all weights 28-29 cents a pound, mostly 28 cents. Concerned over recent publish ed reports nf cheating on exams University students sounded of last night on campus honesty ant set up a committee to look foi " way to improve Ihe situation About 100 students attended an open "mass m e e t i n g ' in the Student Union game room at the invitation of Associated Women Students. A f t e r various students ipokc for nearly an hour and 'a lalf--mostly for or against an 'honor system"--the group voted o set up a committee to try to ormulate recommendations. Nancy A n n e Hall, Little Rock, president of AWS who conducted l i s t night's meeting, appointed Chnrics Allbrlghl, Little R o c k , editoC fl f the Arkansas Traveler, *» chairman of the committee. Other members are Al Hnzelwond, Ourdon; Sharls Smith, Wynne; I'at Crawley V a n Buren; W i l l Eelser, Miami, Fla.; and Dean of Men John E. Shoemaker. Allbright's committee w i l l studv the s i t u a t i o n at the U. A., get information on the systems in use at other schools and make proposals They will find out how other schools, conduct examinations on the honor system. But they may go Into other aspects of the honesty question, too. When the committee has proposals to make, Miss Hall s a i d norc mass meetings of students vlll bc called lo discuss them, · i n a i recommendation will prob- ibly bc submitted to the Student Senate for action. They did not all agrci. on how widespread the cheating is or what should be done to curb it. Much ol the discussion centered on pros and cons of a "workable honoi system." This method would place each student on his o w n honor lo be honest on examinations. Violators would lie disciplined by a student Honor Council. The idea would he to create "social pressure" against cheating a n d reduce students' desire t.i chrai. Such a system has operaled for 15 years in the U. A. Law School. Students last night contended the School honor system and All the students who spoke lust those use In several other *- "·· *-w*i.ini mill.! schools operate satisfactorily. But oihcrs ,'xnressed doubt that t h e .. ».j ik . L ' '' '"nrcsspt doubt that agreed that cheating exists system would succeed here n U A. examinations and thai The chief a l t e r n a t i v e nrnnosal omelhlng should be done about It. was for a system o? strict procTor ing nf examinations and extensive policing hy f a c u l t y members, with various physical devices lo try lo m a k e cheating d i f f i c u l t or hax.- Other suggestions concerned the methods of giving tests, subject matter nf tests, the "curve" system of d i s t r i b u t i n g grades, and the a t t i t u d e s o f many students a n d f a c u l t y membcis toward e x a m i n a - tions, glades, and honesty. Some of the s t u d e n t s spoke b i t t e r l y of incidents of cheating they h a d ' w i t - nessed. An AWS committee was ap. pointed earlier lo study th problem. A committee n[ Blue Key campus leadership fraternity, has Hurtled I h e problem a n d B l u e e.v lust week went on record In favor of nn honor system--if one can be designed to work. jFund Is Blocked Little Rock-MVAn attempt b y , the University to transfer $20,000 i from its maintenance fund lo the i a d m i n i s t r a t i v e salary account has been blocked by the stale auditor's ; office. i The auditor's o f f i c e said stale '. law p r o h i b i t s transfer of money : lo ;i salary account fiom any ,nh- er f u n d . Libyan* Vntr Tripoli, I.lbya.OVi-ThnuMiids of Libyans voted today in (his 57- i day-old federal kingdom's f i r s t ! n o t i o n a l election Some violence i occurred in Tripollt.inla, whc one person was l i i l l r d . f h t Weather-- Arkansas-Showers I h l j n f i e r - 1 noon, cooler In northwest portion;; p a r t l j cloudy and cooler t o n i g h t : ' shov.ers in east and south portion*, lowest temperatures 28-32 northwest portion tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy and cool. TAPS-Sgt, A l e x a n d e r W , Cicmny Is beating it out of Ihe Army. The flvc-fool-lall, Polish- born veteran, n bandsman for the 10th I n f a n t r y Division M Ft R i l f y , K«n., Is being retired nfier 32 yenri, seven months and Id Joys of bugling mil drumming lor Uncle Sam. Slate Delegation May Nominate Fulbright Little nock-OT-Governor .Mc- j'Math said today Arkansas delc- |g-ites to the Democrat!j national I convention would be giving Sen| alor Fulbright "the recognition i he deserves" by nominating him as i native son choice for president. The governor, nominal head of the party in Arkansas, s a i d again, however, the delegates will go to the convention without instructions "If they want to cast a vote for a n a t i v e son and pay him (Ful- hrghl) t h a t honor, it would be nice." .McMath said at his news conference. He said Fulbright "is a good man. is known nationally." While voicing approval of a first ballot vot"! for Fulbright, the governor said he still favors President Truman for rcnomination. Church |i«]|s stolen Paragould, Ark. - (/P) - Thieves arc active in the Paragould a r e t ' these days -- concentrating on church bells. Chief of Police Sam Hunt said yesterday « large bel!' stolen from Wood's Chapel Church was jold for j u n k . He said numerous other churches have re-· ported loss of their bells, Judith Coplon ! Melhtr New York-WVJudlth Coplon, 30, former government employ* accused as a spy for Russia, hut given birth to i seven-pound, 11. ounce girl at M»nh»lt»n Genertl osnltnl. She is murrled to Albert H. Sokolov, on* o( her «ttorn*y«

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