Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 3, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1974
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

LOTS OF ASCIANS NEVER 6£TMARRI£P JKT BECAUSE THATSHIHATICALl A 8AD INFLUENCE jjj GIVE HIM A 8© fW WWESAIDlt TrER AW5ELS YEAR CONTRACT THEN -YES' WOULD NO'.' HOMEMflDE DOUGHNUTS' f*M HONGrW PER OUTWHAT "-- WHAT EL-SE WOU A SAME WAN PO- iF HIS CHEF LBFTA -*HUOpgp.!!-S!UIVE FEATHER ON HIS OUR FIRST X WIWSS HAVE WW86R * ON WINGS OF SON31 BUT tfUST Ar4D ME--lfHIMK HE'S WtWTKWp OF DO T fSTHATf WHADDVA MEAM BEETtE, WE'RE J . A AWN ON i DUTY TONISfiT. VOUtU 1060. BUT I HAVE A PATE WITH I WELL, UN-£l4CWER / BOY, THE COST OF LIVING KEEPS SOWS UP LOOK AT THE PRICE OF EGGS' JS. I HAVEN'T BEEN TO A FARM,LATELy-- i S- BUr fU_ BETAU_THE .CHICKENS ARE WEARINS ^ ^1 MINK FEATHERS r rBelieve Jt or Naif i* CHAWL FOR VISITORS TO REAL DE-CAIORCE-MEX|« CARVfD fff mNtttSOF THE Oll M1MUG Tt/HNEL Joharm Fnednch. KRIE TM-'«* WHOSE SURNAME IN GERMflN MEANS " JOHtfbjHEF/tClfCtt MS mtlNPet IN tfffKf 2* 7/Mtt AND ! ' MILKIMG ASOAT 1N.E.JAVA. IMDpNESIfl,'- RESUiRESTWE- "'COMBINED:EFFORTS Of 3 FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope North*** ArfcaiWM TIMES, fc*, FAYITTIVILI.I, AKK*M«A» A*. «, 19T4 Wjurt! seenisJtiiat'pt . nfected ears could easily pass heir infection on to others. Miss F.L:, 111. Jear; Miss L.: .'fortunately, pathogenic (dis- easei producing), germs do ibt; survive for a long time on :elephones. Therefore, they are not 'as dangerous as many people think. .It jis ..exceedingly rare-;for disease ''to be'-tran's- milted in this way. ,iI.Vunderstand that the' telephone companies have investigated this problem, for a Ion; time'and have concluded..thai the danger to health is minimal ... Some people use some protective.^ overing, l i k e a tissue, over/ the ear piece of publk telephones. ,.,This, appeals..,tc their.! esthetic 'sense' -and' cuts their if ears about contamination It is my Impression that 1 the elephone company, at inter vals,', sprays or cleans, t h e ' i n itrum£nts in public''pla'ces! 'Per laps f i t could be done more frequently, to make all of us mor comfortable. Lock in the section in wheich your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SUNDAY, AUGUST t, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Most endeavors should prosper, but think before you .speak or act. Above all, avoid tendencies toward the unorthodox; to extremes in general. AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Good Venus influences now imulate , your inspiration, eas for a new strategy with hich to attain objectives. Rq- ance under especially benefi- ent aspects. EMINI (May 22 to June.21) Personal matters may need evising. Look, for better ans- ers, A state of readiness need- d to cope with the unexpected. ANGER (June 22 to July 23) In dealings with others, don't esort to brevity or abruptness ' speech, when full explanations re truly needed. Do your best 3 really "communicate." EO (July 24 to Aug. 23). ' Once you know that your eas have good potentialites, ose no time in trying to bring hem to realization. Good solar fluences should help you. /IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) If plans prove unfitting, not uite feasible, change them-- ifch no regrets. But do not ake drastic changes without ause. IBRA (Sept.'24 to Oct. 23) A day which should lift your pirits considerably. Persona' elationships should be highly ongenial, with romance ac ented during the p.m. hcurs. CORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov.22) A good day for planning nexl eek's program. Be especially stute in mapping out budge equirements. You may be fae d with some unforeseen ex enses. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 1) . PubUp.-telephones iiri.'so.'filthy ! «**- J - hatT.make a "conscious'effort o avoid .them. Can't anything . ivoided in a low-salt. 'diet? .1; There are a number of ex- . cellent cook books availablei for ; hose who are on a salt-fr*» or low-salt diet. One, "Cooking [ without a Graln : ' J of' ! Salt," is · lubliahed^by^DoBbleday. .Thes«;;. K»ks'- : also' list ·' the 1 foods j you . should avoid and suggest i»alt , substitutes, ,.. . ,,, ,, ., ,% 'The -following foods -are'- high ' in sodhun', n the 'ingredient in ; soBlum ! '-ichlorio-- : (satt) Uhat ; should be avoided in a salt-free ; . diet: Sausage, liverwurst, most : smoked . .mests, ..chili, j»uc«, · relishes, olivts'.lcuihed soups. : Muillon ' cubes, 'cereals made ', with 1 baking 'soda, salt pork '.and ; smoked or salt fish. '' : .These .are Just, a. .few of th« · foods'to be ' avoided. ''You must ; read' die 1 labels' 'of' canned or ;. c«xed 'foods'to be : sure t h a * 1 sodium or salt U not an aver* ; looked ingredient.. ,, , ''" Carbonated -beverages- contain ; a consldefaWt "; amount; of sodium. Many people are'., not ; aware of this. . ·· · · · · : ' ' -*·' Beneficent stellar influences now encourage all iyour endea- ors--especially . those along creative lines. An interesting communication indicated. iAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) , Some misunderstandings ..possible in unexpected areas. Counteract with poise, tact; and sincere desire to clear the air. , . - · · . ' . . AQUARIUS (Jan..21'to Feb. 19) Be careful in whom you confide and respect confidences ;iven you. Some tendencies tow a r d mischief - making pre-, valent. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Suggestions from friends or business associates could prove valuable how. In leisure time, shun social events which could impose too much of a strain on you. YOU BORN TODAY are an extremely self-reliant and determined individual; gifted with many talents and the perseverance required to attain the loftiest .of goals. You have a magnetic personality and 'this, coupled with a talent for enter- iaining, makes you a "natural" for the stage. You could also excel as an orator, lecturer, salesman or writer. Your intellect is in the superior, class; thus, with astuteness and applications, you could make an eminent name for yourself in the fields of" science or the law. Your energy and enthusiasm are boundless but, here, you must be careful not to overtax yourself. Curb tendencies toward overaggressivenes, too Birthdate of: Harry Lauder. Scot, actor. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hasten* Individual ·*./:·· ; !: \Ci"* !! n I Championship Play) HinniraininiffliiiiiiiiBiHi South dealer. Both sides .vulnerable; - NORTH A Q 9 3 6 4 Crossword By Eugene Sheffer * 9 7 2 WKST * K 5 V J 8 6 4 2 BAST V S 7 S 4 6 5 J J : '· *Q J 10 6 5 Soura"'" ' ' l ' x ' A A J 1 8 7 2 V 1 0 3 · A Q J M + A K 3 The bidding: ' " · · Sooth West North.,, East 14 Dole RedHe 24 Pass 3 * P«ss Opening lead · kin gof clubs. It is one thing to know how to execute an. .endplay a! declarer, but it is''quite' another thing to know how to avoid an endplay as a defender. Consider this case where East-West must perform their task flawlessly to top South from making' four spades. To begin with, let's suppos*"' hat \iW.est i-leadsjithe ^K-Aj and^ inqther '.flub;,',which' 'declarer^ uffs. South!'eilters.'dummyjWitK^ heart and ' plays the queen" of spades. When East follows" ow.ySQuthi.c^ecides/that'he has;; a.better : cfiapce. qi.'Jm'aking; the'', cbntract; By ao encjplay than »;· rump'finesse" . '." iy. '* Accordingly, he goes up[with;i fie! ace' of- spa'deS.'i'c'ashesj two;; more hearts,-and. exits with a;; rump.' There 'is -no escap^'i fop.; West. He must lead a diamond dr. yield.La ruff.and.discarii by»" *eturning ; a' ! heart.' EitKer Way,' iouth avoids (the idiimond .loser^: and makesithe contract, r. ," Now let's go back to trick one, tafter.,West. leads, the -'king; v of "clubs',Yon' which" 'East should-·- signalLwith.-the;'qlie'en to showy tha't he has the jack. -West. can;;, see that if he continues VitlCl- the, ace,he, may.eventually^run 1;J into an endplay,.;'s6" J h'e leadsv- the three of clubs! at trick'two-: in an effort'to forestall it. } When East wins the club with the; ten,! he,- deesinq.t ;have to be Van Eiflstein to realize jthat another''.' club'' lead /''would; be ruffed · by ' aecla^er. He Jalso . realizes ' that :; West's sole .purpose, in. .underleading, the i ace of.'clubs-'at'tribli'lriYb 1 is trf. get ·· East tb : play a diamond at trick three';' · . . · · : . · · . · . · - ( ' -^ So East returns a diamond'' and; ;South r rnust, .ineyitably go . down'.'one',' The' jsrfdplay^ a throttled before it t is' born. ··, ACROSS 1 Roman patriot S Plead 8 Sunk fence 32 Dry IS Friend 14 Feminine name 15 King of Sparta 1? Grease K Victimized person (slang) 19 Ancient Egyptian city 21 Chair 1A literary collection 25 Greek letter 28 City in New York 30 Perch 33 Eggs 34 Bards 35 International language 36 Skin tumor 37 Quarrel 38 Former Russian ruler 39 Japanese porgy 41 Narcofie 43 Suggestive of a lawn 4S Finished M Dutch painter 51 Cooked too long 54 Chills and fever 55 Relative 56 English school 57 Examination SS Letter 59 Remainder DOWN 1 Summer, recreation area 2 Region 3 Hue 4 Black sea port 5 Sheep's cry 6 Australian bird 7 Pith ' 8 Wife of 15 Across 9 Military advance ID Employ 11 Attaches 16 Alkaline solution Avg. solution time: 22 min. ·Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 20 Certain ' fodders 22 Above 23 Step 25 Ribbon ornament 26 Twilight ' 27 Son of Zeus 23 Former Austrian emperor 31 Mountain on Crete 32 High hill 34 Greek letters 38 Compassionate 40 Valuable possession 42 Through 43 Indian mountain pass 41 Fashion 45 Bondage 47 Love foolishly 48 Son of Seth 49 Impression 53 Force 53 Being 27 37 28 St I TOLp you my father couki father! HOW TO WRITE . . ' ; . ; A/GOOD ; CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLBAK. ReadeTf Ksoond moiV 1 quickly 'and ' given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for the reider-projjiect- "to r«idi ; TOU. -Atwij« inaert your telephone number or your name and addTMi. If you do not have regular hour*, give a preferred time to haraivnwDecfa call you, ^ PLACE YOUBSELT, In ,th« reader poftUen and aik .yeurwlf . whal you would Ilk* Ho know '(aborf y^ouV ! off «).aWiin«w«Tj«« ' give will mak. a «ood ClawUied ad. :.·:. ,-\',: \ ,1 ,.-· TM . WANT ADS THAT FAIL 'to bring aaltofactlori-'d* '».' not through. any. lack o .reade»hip, -but becaiue they, d* tat «JnUln-K»u«h Inlormation So get prompt action. T . THE GREATEST. READER ATTENTION can ke fecund for ytwr advertisement b/^orderlnx coru«cutiv« inaertlana. You can atop your ; ad in the evenf of reaulte and then jpay 'only for «l« dayr It waa publiahed.-Tlwrelare alw Tery ipctiai r»(e» far tfaoea wfco CM

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