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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 16, 1952
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2 MOITMWBT AKAMAI TIMH, tayrttmMv, ArhmMt, lotvrfey, February 1*, JfSJ ·19 1 u X 1 Church News ] First Baptist Purchases Lot I For New Mission '·-, The Firtl Baptist Church his . purchased. * lot, 190 by 160 feet, T on James Street near the. confluence of Garland Avenue and .Ihe Ml. Comfort Rnnd, for the faction of s ' B a p t l n l mission in the northwest-part of Ihe city. The cniifrcKitloii has also voted to borrow 38,011(1 for the. erection of the first u n i t . o f the canlom- plaied building. This first mill Is to be !9 by 170 feet, and will prn- ; virle a sanctuary, seating 150 people, plus some nine other rooms caring for an attendance o( 1 135,'ot nil ages'.In Sunday School. It Is'hoped that construction can ufart on this building in the Immediate future'. Dale Bradford la chairman of the church'? millions' Committee, which has been .In charge of arrangements (or this mission task. i The pastor, Walter L. Johnson, [ntates-lhnt-H Is the "hope of the 'congregation of the First Baptist ·Church that this mission can out ;day. : be a - f i n e Baptist church · bringing 'o many the message of ' l i t e In the northwestern icctlon of the city of · Fnycttevlllc." Rally Scheduled To Be Held At First Baptist Sunday School ami Training Union', workert (rom , Southern Baptist churches Jn Washlngton- Marilson Association will meet nt the Kirft naptkt Church, Miinriny evening at 7:30 o'clock Jen 1 a combined Sunday School-Tniininfi Union rail". The rally will be in t h e main church a u d i t o r i u m . I t will be under the direction' of James Gricss, Associations! Sunday School xupcrinlenctcnl mid Or. 0. W. Morrison, Association Training Union director. T h e n . w i l l be a separate conference for workers In all departments of Ihe Sunday School and TralninR Union. In these conferences the latest and best methods used In teaching the various age groups will be-discussed. A special feature will Jjc ili« showing o(- the f i l m "Traininjj Union Is » Family Affair." This film illustrates how the Baptist Training Union benefits every member of the family. The rally w i l l , be climaxed . by an inspirational mcKsape by Ihe ficv. Bill Eustls, pastor of the First Baptist Church at Siloam Springs, ; "Why Bible is Most Popular Book?" Answered By Bible Society Librarian HV OOROTHY KOK What makes |hc H i b l e ' the world's bpKt-sellinc book, year in and year out? Thai is, .i.ilrle from the spiritual Knlacn millions received from It. Mbs Mnncnrct J I t l l s , libr«rian nf the American Bible Society, hiis a few answers: ''The average a n n u a l circulation M the Bibles distributed by uur liocicty nlonc is somewhat over !),(K)0,00() volumes--;md that, of course, does not include Ihf numbcT sold by rlcnrmifnatiomi] iind commercial publishers! Up to t h r j end of 11150, the American Bible .Society h;id distributed 406,- ·122,01(1 volumes of the Scriptures nim-e its or£ani/.;iiirn in I R l f l . "You don't have to be a theolo- Kifiii lo enjoy reading the Bible. 1f yriu're looking for stories of ad verdure, I n t r i g u e , violence, romance or mystery, you'll find them all in the Bible." There arr f e w - p l o t s in the literature of all nCQS which cannot Ito found in the Bible. And this may be one reaKon why. so many men name this volume when asked what book they would choose H they could have only one to read for the rcM of their UVCE. Hubert Voider, the American business man imprisoned by Communists in Hungary, said in his recent memoirs that during his long months in prison the one bonk ho wanted most was a copy of the Bible, and never again would he travel without one. If a modern novel sells 1,000.000 copies in · year, It is a fensa- tlonal bestseller. R u t for hundreds of years th* Bible has continued to break nil publishers' Kales records. Us nearest competitors on a Ions-range basis, says Mis; Hills, arc the Hod Cross llandbool and the Boy Scout Handbook, This year "is bcinj" observed a; the 50(Jlh anniversary of lh J Gutenberg Bible, the first printed version of the Scriptures, publish cd about 1452 in Mainz, Germany by Johann Gutenberg. Carillon' Concerts : Planned For Sundays A Sunday morning carillon con cert will be inaugurated tomorrow on the University carillonic bell by Francis Medaris of Lincoln new bcllmaster. The half hoin concert will begin at » o'clock, as a prelude to Sunday morning services at Fayetteville churctfes Sacred music will be playce during the Sunday morning concert. During the .week, three 15- minute concerts arc given during the noon hour, which include bpU sacred and .secular music. The cariillonic bells were Installed at the University in 1949 They were obtained through the interest of the University Alumn Association as a tribute-to University students who have served in the armed forces in any war, arid were paid for largely by alumni and other well-wishers. jSelect From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend BAPTIST L JOHNiON. l«lor · ^ ' · ' f :M · jn flunoar Achool, , lO'.SG a. ' m Mornlni Worihip . Sermon: "Salan'i Doreat. th* Judi- '·lent. Heaven and · Hell" '- i.'M p m Baptut'mmint Union ' - 7'3° p m Evenlnf Wnnhfp ttrnwm "The Cmeloui Invitation" CCNTHAL pitcsBrremjui C EDWARD BRUBAKEK, Plllor William E. Glbton. Mlnlilct to Itu. «*nti »i« . m. Church School 10:00 i. m Mnrnlnx Worihip · Anthem'. "Brother Jamei'Alr"--ar . fanftemtnt by Jacoh' · Sermon: "Your Story and Mine - 5:00 p. til. Hl«h School Wtilmmiler Cupper And Program nn "Melnl Dli- eonlentfd" BiM n. ni. Unlvrrillv Weitmtniiter K llowinlp, Unlvcrul Student Guy of ·yer Service, Weiley Hull at Central Methodlit Church PIMT PREUYTEMAII IfjfLi W BUTLER, JR.. winuiB m aibton. MlhUur M Itu- t:4 t. m Sundny School 10:SI Mornlni Wonhlp Anthem: "Knur Into Hli Citii"-- ··VflRf . . . ·ermon: "Two Kindt of ConfeMlon" 4:M p. m. Junior rellowihlp 4:30 p. m. Jr.-Hl fillowihlp - 1:00 p. m. Wfilmlnlter rellowihlp ·tildent Cenltr, VIZ Welt Mlpli Slrttl Women of Iht Church, Monday, 1:30 p, m. ·T. PMJLt CP1KOPAL MARIUH J LiNDLOrr. H.clor ··kllellma · 8:00 *. in. Holy Communion . «:.ip : · m Family Vtrvic* . : IliW t. m. Mornlni Fraycr and Sermon : '. *:00 p. m. Vounc churchnwft. , CEKTMAti METHODIST . D L OYKM, JR.. Paitor ·I:W a. m. Collwi ctudinl Colfn ·our :H a, m. Sunday School ·, 10:4S a m Mornini Wonhl* Anthem: VThe Kin« of Love My ·hepherd li"_Shclley: anloliti. Dr. arid Mm. Alfred llathrock -. Solo:' "Hear Thou My Prayer' 1 -Hamblem hy Bob Wllllumi . 8:00 p. m. Weiley Foundation 5:30 p. rn. Universal Student Day '*(· Pniyer Service *a:oo p. ni. Youth Groupt T:,10 p. m. Evcnlnn Service Anlhcm: "now Down Thine Ear --Frnnk: Snlolil, Mn. Harrell Hall Solo: Richard Grrer Sermon: D. L. Dykriij Jr. ..froadcait over K/CRH UHITAR1AN TELLOW8HIP Gama room Studtnl Union. 11 a. CENTRAL CHRIITIAH ntD HUCKELBURV. r.ilnr 401 Wait Rock Blreel 1145 a. m. Sunday School lu:w a. m Bible tfuliom. II:M a./m. Worihlp Ser»lc« Communion ' ·ermon I:4S p. m.-- Youth Meetlnf T:M-- Evenlnf EvanK«!litto Sarvlc and Communion T:M f. m. Wadnaiday-- Praya MMtlni · ' 7:00 p. m. Wedneiday, Teache Tralnlni Claw : 7:30 p.. m. Friday, Choir Pracllc and Youth Recreation CHURCH OF THt NAZAREN1 J. 0. CORDELL, Paitor. Saulh Locuit streat ·:4S a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m, Mornfnf Won hip -" - V. V, P. S, Pr.ytr Met «;M i 1:49 |i in. N. Y. P. B. Pmnrnrn *:4fl p. m. Adult Prayer Band 7:90 p. m. EvanlclliUc Service WMntlday, 7:30 p. m., Praytr Mea fhurirtiy, 7:00 p. ni., Vlillatlon ·f ·nllil Tnt Communllf Church ririt Sunday 11:W a. m. Rev Daa Pirker , Second Sunday 11:00 a. m. Rev. D H. Laudtrnack ThlrH Sunday 11:00' a. m He Charlri Andereon Fourlh Suridayl 11:00 . in. Hev. C. «rwln 10:00 a. m Each Sunday. Sunda School WEDINOTON MCTHOOIIT CHURCH A. L. RICGS, I'ailor 10:09 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Preachln Sarvlcei on Fourth and Flllh Sunday CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BILL BARNES, Pallor ·07 Douglal Street ·:4I a. m Sunday School. .1:00 p m. Ivanlnf Wonhlp. riHIT CHRISTIAN ROBERT MOFFETT. 1'ailoc ·:4ft Sunday achool KM Mornini Worihl* 6:30 p. m. Chrtiuan Yoillh Fallow ahlo »nd chl Rt« reilowihip Tilm Serin on Life' of Paul : '·' fr ". ST. JOHN'S LUTHEHAN Arkaniai and Dlrkion Tel- S4t or 37 IHEDCRICK GUM/,. Pallor . :30 a. m Sunday. School 10:45 a. m. Sundiy ·Worihlp !0:3G ·. m Nunery U open In Cdu ea''onal Building 4- CHURCH Of CHfllSr SCIENTIST 1:30 «, m Sunday School 11:00 i m. Sundiy Sfrvlct 6:4 p. m. KQKH Sun tiny Radio ?rotrim " "... . .... Wednesday, 1M p- -m..- met t nn Rtudini Room iivchuirth 06eh"**»cl day txcepi Sunday arid hoildayi. ·'*. GHEENLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST OJUS SAL.YER. Mmimr 10:00 · m Church ichooL -11:00 » m Scriwot, ' II 44 · m Communion titrvirt. 7:90 p m Song Servlci anil Blblt Study. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER COWARD It MALOY, I'lilor Sundiy MIIIM 6:00 and 10:00 *. m Thursday. 7:30 p. m. Novena Matiei Devoiloni . Weekday Man, Monday throuih Friday. 7 Kaiiirrtiy Mam. 7:00 a. HL riril Fridty HIM, 1.00 ·. m firil Saturday M«B*. T:M a m Confvitlonr 1:00 lo 100 p m and btfort all'Mattct J. CHURCH OF CHRIST fUED McCUING. Mintilrr WMI Center and Norm Loetut t;4i a. m Bible nuflj, 10:34 · m Morning Worihip ·trmon: "Some N e w ' T h l n n " 7:00 p. m Claiiet 7:30 p m Worship Sen-let Rermon: "Lord Open Thou Mine Eyes" 9:X a. m.. Wcdneiday, Ladlei Bible CI*M 7:3* p. m Wedneidiy, P r a y » r MMtlni and Vlblt Study for all aiei JBHOVAH1 WiTlf£*BC9 JM Floor Red Croai Oruj »ldi, WctfncHtay. 7:90 p m nook Study. Friday. 7;N p. m. Utrvlct mcetinc Friday. 1:41 p m.. ThwcraUo Mln- 'fctry *ch«tl WEST FORK BAPTIST R. H. REED. Piilor . :4 a m Sundiy School. 11:M a. m. Mornini Worahlu. «:W p. m. Oapllit Training Ui ·?:M p m. Evening Worihip SCTHCL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W. REED. I'm I or . «31 Million Street ·:45 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornini Won hi p. ·VIM p, m Training/Union 7:30 p m. Cvtnlni Service Midweek Pray*'- Service--Wcdnoi day ' p. m. 1 CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK UCAN Faitur »;4N « m ttuntlay Kchool. 10:30 a. m Morntux Wurnhlp .7:00 p m Bnptial Tralnmy Cour*e 1:00 p m Even!n| Wonhtp ·:00 p an Wadneaday. Prayar Mr vlct. FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TUMMY GIBBS Pnlor 1.10.00 a in Sunday School. r \ 1M a 'm 'Preaching. "7'li P m Ev»ngt)iilie ·ervl"e - Wcdneaday. 7:30 P ni Mlduet Prayer Service, Friday 7:30 p m PYPA Scrvi"* BLACK OAK BAPTIST HOWAHD P n i C U A R U l'«»tor 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 M m Preiti'hlnf Service 7:00 p m Training Union *:00 p m Preaching Service Thursday 7:30 p m Prayar meetm* GOSHEN METHODIST 3 M YANCEY. Ptulor 10:00 a m Sunday Hchool. 11:00 a m Morning Wnrihlp 7:00 p m Cvrnlng Worship ·AYETTEVILLE BIB..E MISSION *VO BLOCK SOUTH CULl-tUt [nl«n1enomlnatlnn«l HOMER MOUTTET. P«tor l:4i a m Sundiy tfcnool 11:00 a. m Mornlni Worihlp 6:1) p. in. Young Propln Services 7:00 p m. EvanielUtic Service- Junior Choir wlil meet Saturday at n m WcdnMday, 7:30 p in. Prayer Mrcl- ii f ·f SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST ;«· K MORIIAN. Paiioi RI.1M MOSTtl.Ltlt, AoiM^m Paitor 10.00 a. m Sunday School 7:30 p m Evuniclmlc Me time Wednesday prayer mectlni at 7:30 m. + HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 n m Sunday Hchool. 11:11 a. m Morning Worship Wtdnttdar nlfht. 7:10 p. m., Prayti ·ervlcM, WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY WatcMouer CHURCH Sunday School 10:30 a. in. ELKINS COMMUNITY CHURCH IAMES K CARTER. Superintendent 10:00 a. m. Sunday School SECOND B»iPTIST N V. DRAKE. I'aiK/r »:4 a m Sunday bchool. 10:45 a m Morning Worihip. 7:00 p m Evening Worthtp. Wedneiday, 4 p m . Tayir Servlc* 4 WEST rOHK ASSEMBLY OF GOD IirtANHAM and STEKLK. Puilort 9;JA n m. Sunday School 11:00 Morning Worihlp fi:30 p. m. Chrlil Ambaiiador Service fi:no p. in. Junior C. A. Service 7:30 p m. Evflngeliillc Service Wedneiday at 7:30 p. m. -- Prayer Meeting and Uihle Study -T- BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH Pulton-- Rev. Otha Tackelt and Hev. Rrx Morgan 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:110 a. m. Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evening Service 1:011 p. m. Friday night. Bible audy and prayer meeting + WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON. Pallor South Church and Third Blrieta 9:i:t a. m. Church School 11:00 a. m Morning Worthip ' a-.:o p m. Youth Fellowlhl* . 7:30 p. m Evening Worlhlp , ·»· WEST rORK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBEL.L, [Mlnllter 9:45 a. m . Church School 11:00 a. m Morning Wonhlp and mmunlon Preaching every 4- rlrai ' and third JOHNSON CHURCH OI CHRIST BILL E SMITH. Minister 10:00 n m. Bible Study 10:.VJ a m Worihlp Service i:3U p. in. Young People') Clnmei , 7:30 n ni Worihlp Service Prayer Meeting Wedneiday at 7:30 SON'S CHAPEL i MILES KAST ON H I G H W A Y 41 0:30 K . - i n Sundny School Superintendent -- Turner Brown. Auxiliary every lourtn Mutioay 1:00 p m. FARMINCTON BAPTIST [ M KltKIS. Paitor lil:llll n m SunUaj School 11:011 a In Morning Worlhlp l!:3fl p in. Bfipllit TratnlnK Unioi 7;.10 p. ni. Evangelistic Service Wednedday 7:30 p. m. Prayer Mfet- ns. -f FARMINGTON METHODIST A .. IIIGCS I'.nlnr 10-tlU a in Sundn.y Schoo: 11:00 a in and 7:30 p m Preaching Service on Flrtt. Second and Third Sundayi NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD SAMUEL E URUCt. Pallor lil.oo A m Sunday School 11:011 a m Sermon 7:30 p in. F.vanBeliillc Service Tuesday, Young People'! C A ce». 7:30 p m Krldsy. Prnynr Service. I « p ir ARKSDALE BAPTIST I K N N K R UAVlh. Pjtlor Anl.EN MOSTELLAR. Assuliinl I'ailor 10:«l a m Sunday School 7:30 p m Cvangclimrc Menage LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C. COLEMAN. Panlor 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:01) a m. Morning Worship *:30 p. m. Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening Worihip CALVARY TABERNACLE ' 1130 South Hill Slreet BERYL E BETH. Pantor 3:30 p. m. Deliverance Mefitage and Praye,' . 7:30 p m Evangeliitlc Service! 7:30 p. Service! 7:30 p. Service -m. Wedneiday, Tarrying m. Saturday. Teitlmonial WEST rORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BREWER. Pastor ririt And Third aunglyi , Sunday School 9:30 a m Evening Worship 7:30 p m tocic An* r«irtk tundgyt Morning Worship S:,10 a m Sunday School 10:30 a m Evening Worship 7:30 p. 'm. WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH 111:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m. Morning worship Rev John Asbell. Second Sunday GOSHEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CARL FIEDLER. Pailor 0:00 a i,. Sunday School. 11-00 a. m Wonhlp Service*. 7:30 p. m Worthip Survlcw. WcdneAclay 7:30 p m Prayer Mcit- nc Friilal. 7:30 ntetlng. m Yuung Peoplt i OHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH E M LOC.UK. P.-islor 10 01) A m SundAy School ll:lkl « in Wor»hlp Setva-ei 7:00 p m Training Union · 00 p in Kvanitelilttc Servlcil R:no.p in Evening Service Wednesday. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet- ig ' +/' iEVENTH D A Y ADVENTIST 7 SOUTH STREET SATURDAY: 10.00 A 111 Sithbalh School 11.00 A in Church Service Tueidiy. 7.30 p m Prayir meeting ALCM MISSIONARY' BAPTIST ' R SHARP. Pallor Six Mlle« nnrthweit 10:00 a m Sunday School Il:il0 A m Morning- Worlhlp 7:30 p m · Evening \Worinlp Wedneiday. 7:30 p. · m., P r a y i letting ·4- HURCH Or JESUS CHRIST LATTER DAY SAINTS AMKR FI.ETCIIEI1. Klcler Student Union Hlua Room I0:.10 I. m. Sunday School. BAPTIST CHURCH i."M."TErS. ra.tor 0:«l a. m. Sunday School 10:45 a. m. Mornlnj Worahlp J-00 p. m. Bnptlil TTalnlni Union Wtdn.iday ?"o" "p* m"" ilfid-week CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 613 Soulh College H I. DAYLESS. l-nlor ·:4;i a. ni Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Wonhlp «:30 p. m Young People's meeting 7:30 p m. Evangellitlc Service 7:30 p m. Thundiy. Prayer meil- CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH ». SES. rr . °' Maple and West Slreeti ELDER A. D. STUCKEY. Pallor · :4i a ^i Sund«y School 11:011 A m Mornlnt Worihip Sermon: A. D. Sluckey «:}0 p m Training service 7:.IO p m Evenins Worship Sermon: A. D. Sluckey Sen^lc" d " y *' 7:m "' m Pr »'« r IMMANUEL BAPTIS1 CHUHCH G W MORRISON. Pallor Corner Duncan and Sinn* - . ,, " !: m Sunday School 10.55 Mornln« Worinlp 6-15 Bapliil Ininlnf Union Evenlnf Wor.hip Hedneiriay. 8 p. m.. Prayer Scrvlc FIHST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD WALKER. Patlor t:45 a m Sunday School. 11:01) a m Preachinf. 6:00 p m V P Clan. 7:.tO p. m EvangelUtic Servlc«t ;:30 p m rrlday. Blblt nudy. 7:30 p m Tueiday, C. A. Hrvlct OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Mileg Nortntait) I S WHITKLEV. Panor lll.IXl n. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning WorahlD WO p m BYPTC «:30 n m Evrnlni Worihip Wednesday. 7:30 p m Prayer meet "Ministers Week" Held In Texas Fifteen Mclhodist I'aslors from Northwest Arkansas attended the a n n u a l "Minister's Week" a Southern Methodist University i: Dallas, Texas, last week, "Minis ler's Week" has become one o the largest and lines! convoca lions of prolcstant ministers hel in America, according to the Iie\ William F. Coolcy, Methodist su pprintcndcnt of t h e ' Faycttcvill district. Three lectureships hav been established which draw out standing men from the field o theology, preaching, and 'th Bible. In the 1902 series, Dr. Hoinholc Niebuhr, dean of the faculty am professor of applied Christianity Union Theological Seminary, Ncv York City, was the 33rd Fondren Lecturer, with the general sub jcct "Crucial Issues Between Christian Faith and Secular Culture." Dr. Niebuhr is internationally known as one of the foremos modern theologians. Th e P e yf o n Lecturers 01 Preaching were delivered b; Bishop Richard C, Haincs of the Indiana .Area of the Mcthodis church. The eighth annual lecturer in this scries, he had as his gcncrtl subject, "Christ, Our Redeemer." ' Dr. Luther Allen Wcigle, Deal Emeritus,- of the Yale · Divinit} School, New Haven, Connecticut was the sixth lecturer in the annual Jackson Scries on the Bible Dean Wcigle's lectures were on the-gcneral subject, "The Revision at 'the English Bible.'' Among 1 the thousand or more in regular attendance were the following from Northwest Arkansas the Rev. o. Wendell Barbaree Sulphur Springs; the Rev. O. L Cole, Gentry; the Hev. Edward B Dodson, Berryvillc; the Rev. O R. Findlcy, Dccatur; the Rev. Horace M. LeVis, Springdalc; the Rev. S. O. Patty, Prairie Grove the Rev. Robert L. Rittcr, Ben- tonvillc; the Rev. Frank Shell Alpena; the Rev. Arrjolci Simpson Fayettcville; the Rev, Allen D, Stewart, Siloam Springs; the Rev, I. Kermit Van Zant, Huntsvillc; .he Hev. Jam'es F, Wcathcrforcl, St. Paul; the Rev. Thomas H. Whiddon, Lincoln; the Rev. James W. Workman, Jr., Springdalc; the Kcv. W. F. Coolcy, Fayettcville. vlrs. Dodson, Mrs. Ritter, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Van Zant, and Mrs. Workman accompanied their husbands. Prison Education, Morale Builder In California EGYPTIAN ASKS POLITICAL ASYLUM Announcements ntral Methodist Church The Pcarle McCain U n i t of W. S. C. S., Central Methodist Church, vill meet at the home of Mrs. Virginia Prickctt, 203 North Block Itreet, Monday at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Grace Grother. will be in charge if the worship service. The pro- «ram will be in charge of Mrs. 5race Strain with the topic, "Let Courage Rise With Danger." The Nellie Dyer U n i t of Weslcy- ti Service Guild will meet Monlay at 7:30 p m., in the Ladies ·arlor at Wesley Hall. Miss Gladys 3o7.arth will lead the group in cnrship and Mrs. Lucille Follclt cill have charge of the program in "Stewardship." This is a public meeting and all are invited. ni PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER .lESSEFt. Paitor iHighwty 1C W«t) 10.00 a m Sunilov School 11:00 a m Mornini Worihip li:,10 p m TrAlning Union 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service Thiirsnay. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet. ing + GREENLAND COMMUNITY ROBKRT PAIiKF.H PAIIOI MS A m Sunday School 11:00 a ' m Morning Wonhli. Thuriitay 7:30 p m.. midweek lerv ivet led by the Rev Jack Taylor APOSTOLIC rAITH CHURCH ' NKfll.A MOORE. Pni'or Hlehuay 71 South 10:00 A m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Service 7:30. p m [vangollillc Sirvlw Hednelday. 7:30 p m . Mid week ·ervlce ST. JAMES BAPTIST INqr.l J W WEBB Pinor 10:30 a m Sunday School. 11:30 a m Morning Worihlp 1:00 p m Vo lornlng itmg Pei 'oplei meeting ·:0n p m Evanftllitlc Itorvln ST. JAMES METHODIST (Mtno) A L BUCHANAN I'ailor t:4 a m Sunday firhool 11:00 a m Morning Worahlp · C:4b p m Youth Pteimwihlp. ):0o p m Nlihi StntcM As A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule ··Arkansas Weittrn Gas Co. ·Boston Store »Cy Carney Appliance Co, ·Campbell-Bell · Foyttt«vill» Drug Store ·Hatfield Pontiac Co. · Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co ·J. C Ptnney Co. ·W..G, Shipley Baking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas i Electric Co, ·Vicker'i Inc ·Whitfi«ld Motor Co. St. Paul's Kpiscopal Church There will be corporate com- nunion for Younjf Churchmen at l a. m., JBunday. Breakfast will oHow. ' Ste. Margaret's chapter wil inve a 1 o'clock luncheon meet Monday afternoon with Mrs C. F. Armlstcnd, 231 North College Avenue. M"rs. II. Scott Tucker of Lincoln, and Mrs. M F. Watts will be assistant hostesses. St. Paul's Chapter will meet a 2:30 p. m., Monday with Mrs C. D. Mcllroy. 504 East Lafayette Street. Sic. Anne's Chapter will have a dessert meeting at 7:30 p. m. Monday with Mrs. R. G. Pick- nrd, 15 West Prospect Street. i Columbus, U., - (/I 5 ; - Religious education has proved such a good i morale builder in California's! prisons a church group today i urged it he tried in more slates.j The committee nn adult work' of the Division of Christian K d u - l cation of the National Council of! the Churches of Christ in the U.' S. A., heard a report by |he · Richard E, Lenlz, who conducted | a three-year experiment in three 1 California prisons. ) Courses were offered prisoners j in RJblc, prayer, other religious i subjects anrl one Bible study course in Spanish. There were 79 classes with 2,992 students, Lent?, said. Lentx said the teacher of one class said one prisoner had complete chaiiRC of personality. Another prisoner said the class he attended was ''one of the greatest ithings lhat has happened in this place." About 1,200 Christian Education leaders repesentinjr Major protestant denominations are in Col-1 umbus for the week-end a n n u a l ! meeting of the Division of Chris- MOHAMMtD All NA5SEF, former press attache of Ihe Egyptian embassy tian Education. ! In Washington. Is shown with his wJfe as he announced he IB seeking » .. I p 0 ijfj ca | asylum fn U. S. and will offer their three children for adoption j rather than return to the "tyranny" of Egypt "I employed my constitutional right to speak up against something I thought wu wrong in the embassy's affairs," he said. His pay was stopped -Jan. 13 and he has been reduced to selling personal belongings for money to buy food. His wife is expecting another child. (International; Devoe WhJteley Ordained At. Summers Baptist Twenty three ministers anc deacons met in council with the Summers Baptist Church Sunday for the ordination of Devoe Whitcley to the Full Work of the Gospel Ministry. Approximately 250 people were present as Mr. Whitcley . was ordained in a ceremony, used in the Baptist Church throujth the years. Passing the examination, led by his uncle, tho Rev. I. S Whiteley, Mr. Whiteley was f u l l y endorsed by the Presbytery of clergymen and deacons. Reverend Whiteley and his wife, the former Lula Belle Freeman, plan to enter school soon. They are the parents of one son, Ronald [.con, now a freshman in Lincoln High School. Student Council Plans Service At Wesley Foundation Under ihe auspices of the World ILuriunt Christian Fellowship, a special program will be held in Wesley Hall at Central Methodist l.urch, Sunday evening bcgin- ninj; at 5:30 o'clock, by the Stu- tent Christian Council at the Uni- r ersily. The program will be in recog- lition of 'the Students Day of 'rayer and will be in charge of Dick Marlowe. Students from "entral Presbyterian, First Pres- ytcrian, First Christian, Central VTethodist and St. Paul's Episcopal "hutches will join in the service, ["he offering will go lo the World itudent Christian Federation. Supper will .be served at G 'clock, after which a prayer serv- ce will be conducted by University 'students, Tom Richardson 'atricia Murphy, Herbert Neie crman Exchange Student, anc Mck May. The service will be Concluded nt 7:15 o'clock. Central Methodist Church Receives New Members Approximately 225 people 'attended the reception held Wednesday night in honor of the new members of Central Methodist Church. Of this number, 100 of the 208 new members received by the church last Sunday morning, were honored guests. After a period of fellowship and visitation, the Rrroup was entertained by a t r i o ' f r o m the chancel choir of the church. Mrs. W. J. Smothers, Mrs. Harrell Hall; and Mrs. L. O. Graham sang "Dedication" by Franz, "The Shepherd Boy" by Wilson, "Ciribirihin" by Fcsta- lozza, and "Who-oo" by Wilson. They were accompanied by Mrs. Harris Butler at the piano. The Rev. Jack Wincjreart then led the group in several son^.s. The various phases of the church were then presented/ Virgil Blossom presented the church at large. Mrs. J. E. Critz presented the work of the W. S. C. S. Paul Young gave a financial report, and Bill Adair presented the work of the Church School. The Rev. D. L. Dykes then spoke briefly lo the new members and introduced the following staff members: Mrs. Virgil Blossom, finanical secretary, Mrs. Cecil Gainous, church secretary, Mrs. Margarette O'Malley, choir director, and Reuben · Armstrong, custodian. As the guests arrived they were received by Mr. ad Mrs. Virgil Blossom, Mr. ad Mrs. Bill · Adair, Mr. ad Mrs. Clay Yoe, Mr. and Mrs. Dykes. ·Serving at the table were Mrs. W. F. Coolcy and Mrs. Earl Rrown. Assisting with serving were: ( Mrs. Harold Clinehcns, Mrs. Darrell Spriggs, and Mrs. Joe Crumplcr. Hillside Adventures By FRED STARR First Baptist Church Womcns Misisonary Society wil meet Monday at 10 a. m., at which time Dr. Waller L. Johnson will teach the W. M. S. Mission book "Tangled Threads," by Ralph Phclps. Jr. A covered dish luncheon will be served at noon anc at 12:30 p. m., each circle will meet for a short business session. VVirchu Memorial Methodist Church Mrs. Karl Cole wll continue the study of the Book of Acts, Wednesday at 2 p. m,, in the basement of Wiggins Methodist Church. Unitarian Fellowship A sermon in observance of Hrolhcrhood Week will be read tomorrow at the meeting of the U n i t a r i a n Fellowship in the Game l^oom of the Student Union. Scr- ·ice begins n t ' l l a. in., with the church school in session at the same lime. Title of the sermon Is "The Four Blum Truths of Irolhorhood in Our Time," writ- en by Ihe Rev. Aldemar Argow, pastor of The Peoples 'Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. AlMnlcreslcd 'n a liberal religion are Invited. Bounty contests were « feature of the o f f i c i a l town (ai.. held 'wlce a year in 18th Century Wll- iamsburR, Va. Thfl wnrld'g first nent-burnlng gas turbine engine has been built nrl Is now operating In Clydc- b«nk ScotlMt Membership Increased n Southern Baptist New- Orleas-(/l)-The Southern Baptist Convention said today irijl membership totaled 7,373,498. This represents a 4.1 per ccnl increase over 1950, J. P. Edmunds, secretary of the convention's department of survey, told Southern Baptist editors at their annual meeting here. Kdmunris said 375,525 persons were baptized in 28,928 Southern Baptist Convention c h u r c h e s ' i n 1951. Methodist Men's Club To Meet Monday Night The Methodist Men's Club will hold its February meeting Monday evening, in Wesley Hall. The f!ev. J. Albert Gallin of Conway, will be the guest speaker. Mr. Gatlin is the executive secretary of the Town and. Country Commission of the Northwest Arkansas Conference. The program is planned to include entertainment along with Mr. Gatlin's address. Members of Wcslay Faundation will he in charge of the entertainment. Reservations should be made by noon Sunday. Lindlpff To Attend Meeting In Texos The Rev. Marius L. Lindloff, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church and head of the College Department of the Seventh Province of the Episcopal Church, will attend a Provincial Council meeting at the Church of Incarnation, Dallas, Texas, Thursday tnd Friday of this week. The Dismal Swamp, « half mil- ion acres in Virginia and North Carolina, has a permanent pnpu- atton of Just one family. If cotton and nylon socks are nhout the same gcnernl thickness and weight, they will be equally ·'«rm. Two ski k-», e«ch 280 yurdj ong, will be In oper«tlon lor the 'irst time In Scoll»nd this year at i Perthshire. iM club. This spring weather, being dumped, on the Ozarks right in the big middle of -winter, has got the hill folks a i l - m u d d l e d . So many say, "It ain't so," while nany contend It "hadn't ought to be." Everybody seems to t h i n k we'll wake up one of these mornings and find winter right where it ought'er be. · The hens arc busy singing cgi:- laying songs. Yesterday--for the first time this year--1 heard the weird cry of the frogs from their muddy beds along the creek. The green of spring is r u n n i n g down the h i l l to the ereek as if wondering where lo go ncxl. The breath of the cows is already heavy with garlic and wild onions, and only the morning's milk is fitlen to drink. We haven't had a single, solitary winter day since the groundhog ventured forth over a week ago lo find spring pushing winter clear out of the picture, and his shadow scaring him back to cover for six more weeks of sleep. All of which makes us believe like the old Negro mammy who remarked, "I'm shore the Lord ain't turned His weather business over to no groundhog,". ^ "In "Run of the News," by Karr Shannon, he docs a lot of snooping around through the lanes of memory--a habit with MS old 'uns --and wonders if there's them what remember when Maw used lo come to the door and yell, "Come to dinner and bring your chairs." In them days they used the cane bottom chairs for all pur- poses, and you could buy one of Ihe critters for 98 cents. Now they won't let you sit down in a ' chair in the .furniture 'store just lo try it out, for such a price. I remember chopping cotton on« spring for a feller -- paw was always hiring some of his "'seven boys out so we could all eat -- and " his w i f e always yelled, "Come on to dinner -- supper or breakfast -and bring two chairs." The funny . thing about that call to put oil " Ihe feed bag was that they only had two chairs. I remember an older brother being hired out to assist a blacksmith, and he got the whole sum of five dollars a month and -board for his efforts. Now I understand plumbers are about to start getting S3. 50 an hour for forgetting" and having to return for their tools. Just had to pay an establishment that -.sells plumbing supplies,' $15.50 for a bathtub faucet, and I asked if there wasn't some mistake. Thought maybe they had a sneaking idea the thing was gold plated instead of chromium. Made me t h i n k about the days when you could buy a -purty good cow for that money, and then I thought about a feller just offering me S250 for a good jersey, so maybe things have a habit of adjusting themselves. It might be like I overheard » neighbor say when the rich first begin buying artificial ice, and we poor 'uns · couldn't afford .it-- that the poor had just as much ice as the rich only the poor had their ice in the wintertime. ; Lafayette Square in Washington, D. C., is named for the Marquis de Lafayette. MY PEACE GIVE UNTO YOU John 14:27 To he spiritually minded it Ufa and peace. ROM. 8:6 f Confident SECURITY Lasting HAPPINESS A Life of LOVE THE R E A L C H A L L E N G E IS TO YOU FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter L. Johnion, Pailor "SATAN'S DEFEAT, THE JUDGMENT, HEAVEN AND HELL" (R.v. 20-22) ... Mprnlng Worihip Hour 10:55 (Broideut ov.r Button KGRH) Sunday School flip "THE GRACIOUS INVITATION" E«nlng Worihlp Hour 7iJO Training Union (ill Th« Nursery U open ·» oil WELCOME

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