Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 15, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1952
Page 9
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NMTHWMT AMANIAS TIMtt, taycttttrill*, ArhcntM, »rH«r, hfcrvtry If, Iff I " ' '" LOVE CONQUERS THE COAST GUARD U. S. COAI1 OUARD'Bo«uni Matt 3/c Buron U Wimp nuvtn ovii nil wife, i«»T Lou. »n expectant mother, Un Un Bftch. C»I, tlt«r leap. Ing fro" 1 * Cout Cutrd cutter thro mllei off ihore. Bound on « three month weathtr eruiie, he couldn't bur. to thinjc of Her altHk and ill it borne..« overbotrd he went, weirlnt a lift Jacket. Freighter Aibury picked hlm up, took him asnore. Cout Guard brtvu camt to a decliion: ahort duty, no dliciDlinary acUon. t Inttrnttional Houmif Hotel University Students-- CONTINUED ritOM PAGE ONE lion drive will be awarded at the Slngfest. Judges lor the collection contest will be Dr. Eleanor Barnes, atcing head of the home economics department;. Mrs. Narnce M u r p h y of the College of Business A d m i n - istration, and Miss Eleanor King, newly appointed choreographer. Judges for the Singfcst will be the Rev. D. L. Dykes. Jr.,. pflstor of th« Central Methodist Church; Milan Creighton, former manager of Creighton's Drive In; and Ralph Eubanks o f t h e ' U . A . speech department. .A m i n i a t u r e race-track in front of the Union, with a car rcpresent- ^in each' women's house, will record the progress of the drive. Every house will turn' in a record of collections daily and the cars will be moved forward accordingly. Four Powers Planning Giinl Naval Maneuver Naples, ]taIy-(/Pj-Plans were announced today for operation "Grand Slam"--a joint, nine-day exercise of U. S., British, French and Italian naval forces in the Mediterranean. The big maneuver, I n v o l v i n g hundreds of ships, will begin Fch- ruary 26 under command 'of U. S. Adm. Robert R. Carney, corn- mender of Allied forces in Southern Europe. Twenty or more separate* task units will' operate without regard to nationality. A four- power 'stall will assist Carney aboard his flagship, the U. S. S. Adirondack, in Naples Harbor. Court Glerk Rings A Bell Philadelphia-OT-A steady muffled ringing interrupted the court of Judge Francis Shunk Brown yesterday. An aide investigated and traced the sound to a clerk's desk drawer behind t h e . b a r of the couri. There he f o u n d a crudely wrapped package. "It looks like a time homo," he said. '.A court officer blushed. "That's my alarm' clock. I took it in to be fixed and just .got it back at noon," he explained. Says Toll Roid Problem Before All Stales Little Ttock-OT-Akansas Highway officials have been warned that "the problem of the toll road is on us whether, we like it or not." , B.urton. Maryc, assistant chief engineer of the Virginia Highway Department, yesterday told the Highway Audit Commission that ·II . itate highway departments must prepare rnmediately to meet the toll road problem. He said some states have turned to them/ in desperation and others will. Nationalist Leader In Iran Is Wounded ' T e h r a n , . I ra n-W-The Iraniar Nationalist leader, Hossein Fatemi, one of Premier Mohammed Mos- ·v.negh's ilbset-- confidants, was shot and wound.ed'totfay at a Na^ tiohalist service in a cemetery near Tehran. Fatcmi's secretary said the Nationalist leader was rushed to military hospital w i t h chest wounds. His assailant,' who has nbl«n identified, was arrested. Fatemi, former deputy premier, resigned last December to run for election aj, deputy - i n the new M a j l i s - ' P a r l i a m e n t . H e ' w a s amonj the National Front deputies elected, from the capital. Chicago Hay Employ New Commissioner Chicago-OT-The Cily Council has ordered., investigation nf the shotgun slaying of Ward Leader Charles Gross and is studying a proposal to hire a civilian police commissioner, "of outstanding national reputation." The aldermen, meeting in "pedal session yesterday, set. up a nine-man committee with power of subpoena to probe the gang-, style killing of Gross on February 6. Gross, 56, acting Republican committceman of the 31jt ward, was believed s l a i n . f o r not heeding hoodlum warnings- to get out of politics. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phona CellKt ttll . F«TtltaTilIa, ArkintH Rtndcring Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4^-12 H.K MERCURY MOTORS . PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phmi Calltci 1111 Fayittwilli) · Rtmwing Co. AUTO WORK fcr nlitkl* «*cktiiln. All w«h OUARANTCED. ·ROUGHER and ROM Hurray Says Steel Would Provoke Strike New York-m-Philip Murray, president of the CIO and the CIO United Steclworkcrs, accused the steel.industry, .today, of trying to provoke a s t r i k e ' o r threat o f ' j walkout .to get "unjustified price increases!"·'· . - j ' : Murray made.'his charge i n - a prepared statement, a s ' h e opened tbe union's.-rebuttil before a Wage Stabilization-Board panel seeking lo settle a wage contract disputf and a v e r t a threatened February 23 strike. . ' ' i The CIO chief said: "I accuse the steel industry of deciding in advance not to engage in real collective bargaining seeking to provoko a steel'strike or the threat of a steel strike, in Older to place addition*** 1 pressure on the United States government for new and completely unjustified price increases . . ." An outstanding flavor--Junta's Roman Meal Bread. 11-ll-tf Car* Of Than* I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my friends and neighbors who were so kind to ms durln« my recmt bereavement. Also for the b e a u t i f u l floral offarlni. Also the pallbearers and the Rav. Brother Irwln for his kind words J. H. Kephart UOALNOTKU first publication had. and show cause why tht title to said lands should not ba astablilhtd. quieted and confirmed In tnia Htltlonir. i IN TUTIKONY WKCKEOr. 1 have haraunto set my hand and a f f i x e d the acrl of this court on this tha Hth day ef January, IfSt (SEAL 1 Richard B. Greer Clerk, Chancery "Court 11-M Feb. 1-H-15.H c !· TM MstHClMl CWrt Of Wa»*iii|«an Cwiriir, ArkHnu. A. L. Thurman, Plalmllf vs. Earnest Workman Defendant The Ovfandant Earnast Workman is warned to appear In this Court within thirty days and answer t h e complaint of th« Plaintiff in th* above entitled cause. Witness my hand and sea] of this Court this ZMh day of January, 192. (SEAL! . V. James Ptak Municipal Judia 21 Feb. l-l-15-x DOC*-CATt--Pltg REGISTERED red cocker spaniel nun- pies. strcU by Champion Hocky I'oliu NICE H foot lioat, i-hcap. See- Johnson Motor Service. Highway 71 N o r l h . ! F0£f ATE--HOME N«D» | j *F'O"R S'A'L E ~ i : 4-Hurncr M a g i c Chef Gat j range . . $20.00 ; .springs and KIVICCI orrrno Iron bed mattress W a l n u t bedstead and $ 5.00 C A J K . «'H| cliulppcd. Icn miles toulli . jmrinin t i s n n l of Tulsa. Seals it. new f i x t u r e s Seil . '"""K" 1 - -- - ?I5.00! 1. W, Lcdforrt; junks, okis. j Iron bedstead, springs and I JMaltress .. $ 8.50' E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Grovtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phgn« 249 . i, HOUR cfnvi'ce ON" '·d Tailored INSTRUCTION COMPLETE your high school at home In spare Urn*. Texts furnished. Di- ploms. No classes. StnA lor 47 pace bookjtt and sample lesson free American School, write f, O. Box 320. PERSONAL · t H Green Stamps it Culling and Ruftcll EIIO Service Station on a l l ··lei and nrvlce. C miles north Highway 71. Come to are ua. HELf WANTED--MALE YOUNG men wanted to fel ready 10 accept positiona in drafting, accouol- inff, electricity and dieiel engineering. We teach you-at home in spi time and help place you. Amerk School. Write P. O. Box 320. HELP WANTED--KEMALE RELIABLE woman to,.Hvc ini and cure for house and hahy. Room, hoard and salary. Phone 2B8-W after i p. m. EXPERIENCED wailrMi. Heflir I Cafo, South Schoo^JStreet. _^ ^^^^^. LOST AND FOUND LOST, white letter birddof ,on collar. Phone 801 W. £. M,-'Mur- MONET TO LOAN FhA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms. UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 3203 L O A N S ' $50 to $1,000 . We make a u t o and f u r n i t u r e loans, ^t us finance the purchase of Pour new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. -± North Block SI., or our used car lot. Corner Center and Church Streets. WANTED WANTED r«»1 stit« liftings. Firma, runchft. city property. Hiving loti of proipecls from Texas and olhcr stutei. J. G. Coffey. mleiman for Tommy Land Co.. branch office, MO Gar land Av*. Phone 1447. FO* SALE--LIVESTOCK 2 HEAVY springer llolilein heifers 300 Jsui he Is co r n. H4M4. I - H A V E plenty uf good bred W e s t e r n rwca to lamb In March and A p r i l M. G. Polk Llvcilock Co, CaMVillo Mliiouri. phone 2 t ) i W j . ^ niiG'lSTERED Spotted PnUnd~Chintt hoar and Bill piss, eij;hi \venks old L. H. Burion. R o u t e 2. K a y e t t e v i l l o . Phone P'rnilngion^gi;!!^ 20 cwea now Jamblnc. feeder Iambs. H, 30' HEAD sheep, b u r k .. . . Adair, H n u t e . 3 . Prnlrlc Grove. One - miic . . a t o f Vincy G r o v c . PULLORUM clean chirks M Kl'c each from Nichols henn. All Mocks locul no _cggs shipped in. Hatching SM.OW per week, Eureka and Indian Hivrr. W i t h ihcsa chicks you cnn expect good weight at idling time Why buy out of state chicks when you can't bent these. Hall Hatchery, ^JJose^ ArkansRi. phone 177. FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS GOOD oak timber on 80 acres, near West Fork. Phone 14g(l7 or 1771W. pTOTlLLERS Tor RnrdcnirTfi the eas- Irst way--free demonstration. E. F Whitchurch. Box 186, FayetlevUJe. I'honK 170;JW. FIVE~alTnD3r new Kas^ljro"odcH"$'2" r iO each. M. L. Morgan, West Fork Phone 12EJ1. YblTNG white~ Iciihorn Jnyfng"*liens. 07- production. ¥1.25 each. 'Phone 612 West Dickion Street Jj_mlerested p h o n e 1228-J N O T I C E iU'i-" 1 , ?ri)S. A u c l l o n l l n u i o . S a t u r d a y . Nh lot o- h n u j c h o l d l u f n i l u r a lo he 1 ? l ":l;pn. If ynu lo hu; ..$10.00 i O r d t r » . Satiif action or Monty Back. ron N E W T H R E E BEDROOMS ONE of our l o v e l y new hnrnsi of native «tnnc, co/.y w o o d b u r n i n g fireplace In largo l i v i n g room, double c n h i n c t * In k i t c h e n , b r e s k f a i t nook, d i n i n g room, lnut nf c « m t r u r - linn, forced *lr r u r n u r f * l t » c h r d (·rage. |«r|e landscaped iol on pave- mcnt. TWO A C R E S N'ICK j t u b u r b u n p r o p o r i y . (u-o bedroom home, modern w i t h c i i y u t i l i - F0» MLt-- tEAL IlTMtat "!orailn* f 6- XNU~?HA LOAN' NICr. modern 2 ewdroona homt Garland pavement. N*ar U;' of A rurnct. ha il/ LOAN' on* . rdwond floors, f l.«,7« wlfl .s» montk. : Fr(« J anlj . Addingfon Real Estate Phone IM3 ' . ' ^ lARGE~RbCK"VENH* HOME:; Wflde Fincher *n -riinrh. Terms rim Hen I An tji'p ami ^B 1*1*:_-- f "" _, iicrei. Pric« jurintfcd. S '%*S S | W £°K MACHI r C °' TMTO.«~.». ,, 11 S.E. St.. Faj»ll«vllU mile off Hale hlshw?)'. Apnroxl! II . Cravens and Co., Inc. Cfnjer fhona Ht Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake crater · i jyy fj ( Kvtrn nice icwlni: m a c h i n e "" .15011 Fluorescenl clnih i n i u p ,Jn Used sp.npr BTU clrculalor (S 00 ,, J O H N RHODES APPLIANCE 31 North Blot* p h onc 3021 - I T K e l v l m i l o r Dealer" LANDSCAPING Matt-rial* and «ervfct C. I V W U g a n i . 24C2J. FULLER BRUSHES u I a r dairy brooms. Llndcll, Phone IM8 FOR 'LEASE LAJtGE lot. 230 DITCH DIGGING K O O T I N G S - w a l e r . (.1 and sewar ditches, little tank holes. Dlialni and back f l l l l n i Call 2121. Bryc. HAY for sale. 75c i 797J1. - FOR EXCHANGE EIGHT sood l'6Ts~locaTed~jT; f i t y Tampa, Florida, for near Fayellex-llle Z. Clark, 8323 LaP K^J-exai. WANT TO_R£NT 2 BEDROOM houaiT" Phonc 2434M. - - · L outside properly or Sprlngdale. J Jrt Hood, llouaton. AUTO repair shop-. 1 well equipped" Write Box K-31. T.TImca. ABY bed. balhlnette, hl,h chair. leclcr babe, car scat.- Phone 25MJ. CUSHMAN motor ncooter. Very rea- ible\prJee. O'Ncll Scott Hold. NEW... iirla Columbia bicycle, large f i r . ..... Phone-mr. EGGS, fresh'^double yolks."~i;b~cents phone fifiBR4. "DID YOU THESE facta about a H p l p o l n t 1. The nventcc bill Is about $2.00, 2. Save ah-iiil one pound nival out ol cnch five cooked in the oven. There is no smoke or soot . Fiinler thnn nny flame conking, i. Safer t h n n any f l n m e cooking, i. You net the exact heat you l u r n on. " Charcoal type hroilin.;. 10 small steaks at one time. I n s t a n t heat on each u n i l . I. Oven cooltptl meat mor« juicy, . Pride of ownership. THEHE i« only one Motpoint. Conic in for more i n f o r m a t i o n Can he bought for ns l i t t l e as S^.ni weekly AUTOMATIC APPLIANCK CO. 1M3 Ntirlh Block Phone IHII rcuintor r'Olt SALE--AUTOMOTIVt 19n FORD pickup. Priced reasonable! : 'hone mill. , SAVE !i, on cost of nearly new 1951 Stuoebaker \' a ton pick-up. Sec or write owner at Bulldlnc »B. Apartment 2. Tarry Vlllaie^jyellevnie. REGULAR Farmali. on rubber. Runs food. IB5.00. 41 Allls Chalmers (i, : ew battery, Prestone. cultivator. ttM.M. 2 mll«s west of Prairie Grove on M. ', mill south. W. E. McAdama. . · · WE : WILL BE HERE TOMORROW TO KEEP THE PROMISE WE MADE TO-DAY , 19SO Ford dan. Custom 4-door IB- NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Rait: 3 cents per wora Unfit In- scrlion Thre« consecutive Insertloni 7 ccnti per word. Minimum order «c. Classified ads cash in advanc* -- not taken over tht telephone Deadline for. classified ads: 10'30 a. m dally: t:30 a. m. Saturday. Corrections and rerun cheerfully made after first insertion. No corr«. lions or nrun mads after ad has «- plrcd. . . . , ^V'r"' 1 "! *rr '"· other is dut at 12 noon tht day pre- ceedns; publication: 12 noon laturtay (or_ , Eijbftcallon ^ on Mondar "' LEGAL, NOTICES ·Wist In The ClMfwtry C*«r1 e«mlV, lV, Ar rtalntl iford 'Is WaminitM Arllt W. Mnfford Goldle Lanffford Defendant The Defendant GoldK Lar warned to appear I n ' l h l i Com .!? "JS", "P3 answer the complaint thu Plflnttff In tht Ibova antiturt use. ' '. Witness my hand and sial of (his ^EAI '* 1 '' * th '*** °' *'^' jru * r l'' 'W 2 Richard B. Oreer Chancery Clerk K-15-22-21 c HuIifJNi 1950 Chtvroltt Club Coupt. Extra cltan; ttat coven, radio, htattr. 1950 Chevrolet t u d o r ; radio, htattr, stat covtrs. 19X9 Pontiac' 6 Club Coupe,radio, htater, itat covtrs. Beautiful. 1949 Chtvroltt Stylelint 4-door. Radio, htat.r, seat covers, j 20 Eos , Ceh|er 1949 Chevrolet F l e e t l l n t 4-door. NAi'ivfiliVj-. "iaPi I--springs PRACTICAU new , heater, cheap. Phone ^ l-«x9 OR'ciiT;! watkTnTooicrTFoV iljeals or venctablcs. of slccl constnictlon. Equipped w i t h FrlRltlnirc u n i t - and coll, Like new. Can be seen at Arnold E. Li'inkc. Wholesale Meal. _floj;nrs, Arkansas, Phone 010. AF"GMS~M?-hndirrra^~mTfde~"Un~- coln--for Kort-nn relief. At McKechan's Fabric Center. . _ Piano--Rebuilt-- Strcamjinelf -A VERY fine i n s t r u m e n t PASTURE h c a d ut ?""'«· W r i l e FOB HENT-Wl«r|r| J |,A.Eou.«, ~ _ for~S~a'dullsrDes(ral)ly . U n f u r n i s h e d or present nc- wl " Bcl1 iurnlshinij cheap. nice .'I roonr7llhurhjin~fl"ifn- a p n r l n t o n l . All modern cnn- TM 1 ' K " r p " r t l c u l " r " P h o n c . ONE bedroom a p H r i m c n l , new mortcin ' tile, i n l a i d linoleum, cnragr G mile* ' ' EXTRA lihed LEWIS MAtTR'ESrcOT n r n o v a t c d . r e b u i l t . One day service. Phone 2774 ^^J^ilhwny 71 »oulh. P.J miici. KOR SALK--REAl^ESTATE ~" HioTfiVAY fronta«e surtaiile for'aual- nen or residence. Clly Water and n a t u r a l (as. Will consider food car WHEELER REALTY CO. Owirk Thralcr Blrie Phone l m _ N l n h l s 2T2H.I orJ42J^V BY'OWNER ' HOCK vcnerr 4 room houir. nlorp- Inc porch, b a t h , on !'.» acre*. SouUi of Airport j u j l off 71 Vast, ~ ' ' catlnn for schools C. r. Wilson. · . .. Good lo- and city bus. S7TALL hnuid _Pbone 1169. ATTHA'CTIVE .-ipurtincnt, 27H1L1. IK. 712 Siiu'th ColIcRe. H room u n f u r n U h c d rcrtcL-oratcd. P h o n e N I C R fi room u n f u r n i s h e d K r o u n d floor, val- cntranroa. n..»t bu hed a p a r t m e n t ' furnjicc, modern p r f line and . ^ ~hirnlshcil~iipartirii"nl - . . . _ . v . . T i l R E E i-oo'm p r l v n l e bnlh. prlvnle entrances. Ne B l bus line nnd new hlEh srhool. Phone Cho!ce"of 71^'HIGHWAY"FARMS y ,i M I L E uf the beit fror.ta*e. 160 acres p e r f e c t innHdow land, bottom. #d- Jolnine W h i t e niver. No exnenna lias hern ipared to p u t . th!* land In perfect shape. 4 room home. Barn SHxino. T«KCB a lot of numey to h a n d l e but w i l l be worth mor* and more an .ytars «o by. ANOTHER OVER 3(W acrei on White R i v e r nml 71. nnr nf the better h l K h w n y busl- uciici. Q u i t e a Rood ict-tip. . BROILER RANCH 'IP-TO-DATK equlpinejit and house for IS.000. A food location on 71 nn-1 modern hntnr. Prtreri to trll -VK would like lo auk t h n t you t-nmc to our o f f i c e , fl miles n o u l b nf Fay i»M.*vlIlr on 71, for i n f o r m a t i o n Ilir Rbove placen. Glad lo Ulk I n v f r w i t h you and show them. If in tereHteri. NEWLIN REALTY _ WEST form A K K - -- , ...,, , . - p n r o x l - 1 jnai«!y Sfl aiTe* of f m o n t h . levirr liind Three bp'lrontn reaidrnrc, ^il , f u r n i t u r e , snort, b u r n , s / n n l l hen | -hnu*4*. broiler r'quipitipnt «nd n i i i h - 1 rrous m!»ce|l»nrniM f t e n i a Jim Ihe [ f a r m f o r d a i r y i n g ond p n u l t r y ThM ' li n w a l k o u t propo*l[inn and t h e i nrlrc is r i n b l . ; SMALL F A R M I N K A f l K n v r l t c y i t l f T h l r t e r n *rtr* o f * -""" .· ~~*-~K?l l ""l,. 111 u- p J." r *! l :-..:; o ' l . r ., room ! AUTOMATIC HAMMOND RFAITY- Cv« Phone H D Hamm'rtnd 1372 J A J f i r v U llriJOw B Y O W N K R I ROOM hou^r, 5 enri old. hirdwood floors automatic fan flvar fuJBice. Ineu'^trd, i*r*|f, nice liu yard which [i very attrKtlvtly land- ·cantd N f t r U n i v e n l t y and lv- ,. r r f t t School, on bus lin«. A|jijme our e q u i t y for J.l.OflO and' pay bal- atire at .JJ7 ~1 per month. Tnl*I pricp 31.000 Call 26*3-11 anytlmf U i n t e r c i t e d , or drlva by 1921 Lfvtratt AFFLIAKCE CO. It) BEAUTIFUL .nrn hi the h e n r l of tlie Otnfkn wilh a modern .1 mom house. Plcnly of *hmlr w t t b ciltckch houses and a barn. A couri r e i i a r and rlerlrlt- p u m p 2 inuea Kasl on old fi« at Ihe c u r v e , n. n. Miner, h Lev". I JN FayeHrvllI*. Pi acre* mirth eretl. Kor I n f o r n i n U o n w r i t e - A . T. ! H e f r e l l i i K c r . . city or phpue 20.1^-W 20 ACRES. Hund .i roojiTho^r'ntc". ' t r l c l t y . two well*, on Br»vcleri road, on A l l routrs. A b a r K n i n i , t - »»o. (niW-OO cash, bit U net; in Minill ytmrty payment*. L. CJ. Well* n e n l l y , Lln- 1 D ' n '_,,. "TM" ~ l ' L ' 2 0 5 ; BUYS C.I II Kincoid O Co. . . 11 Lewis C o . S*JIIIB very sot-- TWO bc'di-oom niodcri a l u r n l s h e d two room Iwth. £. M. iDuiV, also oom a p a r t m e n t Murphy. Phono price. No School. monstrosities. HAY for «nlc. Gnnd mixed, ncason- ftble. Phnne_ft22Jl. Only 1 Day Left To Save $50.00 en o Deluxe Coldspot Refrigerator with lt'» a 9 ft. all the trimmings. Reg. 279.95 Now Only' 229-95 Cal. Price TERMS Phone or Come In Sears Order Office f r o m 2 ROOM fiitnii for buxincH woniHn.' 2 b'.ocki _»qu.»rc. zoa West nock. LARGE one room cfficie"ncv rTWr Bqunrc. A d u l t s only. Available M n r c h first. 7lin.T. ROOM for one or two ·tiidcntFftrT.Tce -f^lll 1 J'.9nic._rhone_26B3J, NICELY r'urhioricd ,1 6oni""d"own7tii)ri apm-lmcnt. Privntc cntmnco. pri- v f l l r b t i f h and carncc. Close In A r i u l l a . _ P h o i m IGltjJ. s«.oo"p"feR "MONTH 601 EAST L r t f u y c t t c . nice a p f l r l m r n for couple. Lni'sn l i v i n g room dln- cltc, k i t c h e n , bedroom and I Best of lonwtton. Cull O. H, G a m b l e McCartney Lewis Co.. Inc. Phone " Kj-c-^'Ph o nc _18 75 MODERN 2"riioiii "partially'^i'urnliih'cd a p n r t m e r t . W3W. 117 East Lafny- _ FOUR Toom 1rriarii~io"iiVc7~cJec.'flirfiy nut not modern. Chlckcj, hou«e and ,i acre anrdcn. II. K. A d n i r . Route .1, r-rnlrit; Grove. One mile went Vlne.v Grove. _ HEU n p n r l m e n f . __only : _J'honft " " Close In Fcbrtmry Street. Radio, heater, icat cover.. . JSiicy?" ' bales. '4 miles road. A r t h u r 1948 Chevrolet Areo.'R,o d io, heater. 1947 Pontiac 8 Streamliner Sedan 4-door. Rqdio, heater. MAYTAG las mnRcTncarly new. piT- fect condition. For less t h a n half price. .Also. DcLaval electric separator, year old. NEWL1N hereby tlven that there (lied m the orilet ct the flerk of the Chancery Court e( Wash- Initon County, Arkansas, a petition lo quiet and confirm In Alonta llar- vay, htlnc Die same person as I.. A. Harvey, nnd-or txnxo Harvey, the line to the followlnt lands In Wash- iton County, Arkansas, to wit: The Southeast Quarter of tha Southeast Q u a r t e r Sectlo i HKteen (III. Township Thirteen (13) Norlh, Ranie Thirty (.10) West: ann. Ihs North U of the Northwest Q u a r t e r . * the Southwell Quarter of t h e Northwest Quarter Section fifteen (IS), Township Thirteen (13) North, Ranga Thirty (30) W«st irt tin rtijir P. M.i in all IM scras. All persons clalmlni fsl lands, cir any Interest therein, are herehy noil , «" wiriwd to apptsr in salt ks aftar Halt «? «n«1 wtuun Mi wMk 1946 Mercury Club Coupe. Radio, heater, teat covers. 1942 Studebqlctr Commander. 4-door. M P o n t i a e 8 Streamliner. 4-door. 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe.! 2-door. 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe. 2-door. 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. 2-door. 1939 Chevrolet Tudor. 1937 Chevrolet Tudor. P I C K U P S 19JO Chevrolet Vj-lon; Deluxe ceb. 1949 GMC long wheel bate tt-ton; Deluxe cob. 1949 GMC V4-ton.. WHEAT and corn. Throe mlleriouTii H»rris posloffice. Pearl Woodward FayetlcvlUc. Route 7. itABNURE fertlTnSrrBcsTTonFw"n7 jrsrdensMRflOJ. GOOD mixed~a'i(aTf"a. lespedeza" hay. .also prnlric hay. 2!i miles or. Wyman rond. David Clark. i BARNVAnb or~chlckrn rertlilTcTTWeli IDEAL MATTRESS CO. W* intcl or beat any competition 40) WEST OICKSON RAINBOW TROUT lotd daily. Phone Otark Trout Form. Sprlnfdnlc 3201, Near Johnson. LUOGACK,'. s u i t cases, foot lockers, brief; cases. 8-4 hags. OVilto cases! V^^^XjiSK*TM?!! FOIt 8AI.E--IIOMB NRJEOR i 1151 Voss washe'r roiiiossesVed^ a t u r a / f a s . Kxtra 169.15 1949 CMC W-ton; Deluxe cab. 1941 Ford H-ton. 1940 Chevrolet H-ton. 1939 Ford V4-ton. ' Phone .... I New P c r f r c l l o n oil runse. K x l r a HATFIELD TRADING POST ^TM*S££-:Zs* ' 1 Nnr«« re(rl«eralor. Good con- extra clean. Phone 1 181 1 19SO Vois washer gasoline, fotttl condition .. i i o B r , Phonc 111 . . ' I Barton washer 113 8-i Phone 16] ' ' / 1 Kasy Splndrirr 149 t\ pho"- '«' I D I X I E rsnso, n clean . Phone i«i I Windsor rann, old but exlra 22 (ait Meadow, out IN! Modfl M Intarnatlonsl liar" vtittr tractor, «mxt rubbtr, jino UB1V "" . " P h o n e ' U l ' ' ·""·' .._O.Kl_.AIfpHA T I R E fc HUI'IM.V lin 3"*"6ST'"Ilnlpolnl~elpclrlr "r'«. Irlljralor, I'rlced rcasonahlp Phonn Hiin. U«b~Mua'rVliiVMay"i4ii wMhar, rti' aonable, Thont 24, _ _ _ __ _ ^ NEWLV decorated "4 "room unfurnish- apart man t. Al«o ,1 room f u r n - ji|i»rlinent. Phone 712J. . 16. Couplei only. 20 Hill - mcnt w i t h bnlh. To p e n n a n r n i ton- Ulc. Hwrdwood fjoor«. built-in.i. plenty of iiorngc ipace. Alio *n- noOM nicely f u r n i s h e d apartmcnT Privato hRlh. Ullllllc! paid. I blocks from square. Laundry prlvi- _'IH!jI. / )J«j£e''._Adlilt«._l'honi! MBW. BOOM In lirlfk house. "MlddleaVtH person. M u s t _ _ f u r n i s h references. KOUlt room bungalow " wilh*~]«7Be screened in hack porch. Located on Vincent Strccl. F'jUR room a p a r t m e n t 1'i blocks off square. Suitable for o f f i c e sulle. very cnod for office and home for small f a m i l y . THREE room muderii' a p a r t m e n t , l i t j l - ltlc= p a i d . J40 m o n t h l y , u n f u r n i s h e d . TWO room modern a p a r t m e n t , u n t u r n - ish?d. 5^7.10 m o n t h l y . Hammnml Healthy C o m p a n y Phone 783 U N I V E R S I T Y ~AT'AnTMF.NTS,~o n e bndrooni. u n f u r n i s h e d SD7.r»p. f u r n - l«hcd J7230 bills p.-ild. B r n r i l x Jnirulry available. Phono 258tn . i'Afikv[E\V"APAIlTMENTSrone bed^ room u n f u r n i s h e d $5(1.00, f u r n i s h e d Slio.Of); two l)edrofim u n f u r n i s h e d S*;r».on. nondix l a u n d r y available. Phone ROB. OFFERED K X C A V A f f N G --~ _ PONDS 1- ROADS"-- "cI,'EAmNG _ O f , I N KAIINES AND ELLIS WILSON ·i!5 2W ._ · 2BHJ I N D f V f n U A L Income lax rervfceT Rea. umahlc. JOS2H. TRACTOH «ardrn"plowln«."call"22M for I n f o r m a t i o n . HARRY H.'CREMER SIGNS n n u l p 1 nox 211. W l n s l o w PLOWlNt;"dcinc by'hour or job. Phone I-; ' t n x servrce"*7 1 'hon8~nTyfriond ~" . HI FOR Cull II. I, Stewart F t o o f l n K Cootrnctor Also. Astislos Kldlnir _llome repfllr«._l'hone I f l i l J ~ " " . l u i l t o n holrs. Quick service. Reasonable rates. Phone 577J. Mrs. W a t - kins. S If ST-TiCf" v«iTe~ifi n~ffm"dr 7nd~a1umT. n u m w i n d o w screens atu' awnints. h r r e estimates Onbe Cooper. South l.oniit. Phone I d l e ~ ~ ELEQRIC CO. Quality Inilalltri ·PUMPS · POWER .24, WMI Perk , We Ju*t Don't .Know . KitK t h n owner plum to llvt i f t e i C l t l r i f . WE DO KNOW hi niCHn D «cll--soon. The price R M O W I t h a i ! Keren on Iliwj.y 71 ·( Weil Pork, i room home nccdp *nme f l n l i h tig, A hAtch of ( u r n t l u r e goti w j l h ho house. You'll llkr thr plnec. t h r 'ficntion, the view, the prtcr. *2.B.'0 Shakespeare Never Sold It IT l f « t r u e . The bwit lime to hi a liDinc U when your money w xet you Ihe moot. Sre (hi* 5 room modern, r o c k - v e n f e r a d - home In tin (·rile of Fnyctttvlllr. Good n t l f h ho r hood, nice R u r r n t t n d l n K i , n r n slorc *nrl school. Bulll only .1 year M- CJty wntar, nnlunil gut, o cotirnt. A place whcrr you iind ynui f m n f l y will enjoy lfvln». S4,IWW. Good Hornet for Two Foml!i«i ON t h i n no acre f«rm. This f a r m twn cond home* for two (nml I In or f a m i l y and tenant, nf) acre* nf r o t l l n x ir«M liind ontt three ever- U R ( f n g iprlngR Mr itock. Loti of new fcnclnjj. 2 dcrc hn pmture One S room boiiit, eleclrlcfly, nnrl r u n n i n g walcr. A new c u f r - f u l l y constructed 4 room home. New burn with loin of fiheri room. 2,r0n c n p a c l t v broiler house with 1*1 and r u n n l n n water. Liylnn hotne. A typical Or.nrk i e t t l n « lor the buildlnia, A well improved f«rm nnd one th»l will run n lot of co"'i thli Biim- mcr. C e r t a i n l y x RQW\ acntton. Just V mI1c« nf p n v c m r n t oiT good ir»vc: rond, A m i g h t y big Inly for 112.60(1, NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY South 71 Sprlnidale. Ark Phone III TWO S P E C I A L VALUES THIS b e a u t i f u l Colonial type home, 0 rooms, bath, service porch, and farace, Washington School district; m i t o m a l l c ess h e a t . 2 flre-placev Insulated: 'nice farden. f r u i t , lot 10T by 17.1. SPECIALLY PRICED u n t i l March t. SKl.500. NKAtl new I t l f h School; S room hunialow, f a s .best, ideal for small duplex Iol 50 by 200. J5.000. J. D. EAGLE, Realtor 931 HIGHLAND K J V K roKin colonifll liunmlow. Localfd on lovely cnrtier lot nnt block S. o/ County MoipllHl. Two l l f h l corner bedrooms, clothex clotft*. h u i l l i n * . fcrecned k i l r h e n porch, (turme »»rl bnaeir.ent. A Inn pltniy of splendid young red letter] rn^Dl* *h*d« t r t f i GUNTER ADDITION A BEAUTIFUL homo on h r m i l l f u l corner lot. In cultured neishhorhrtod Two bedroom*, den, patio. Tnla Invrly home hn* «vrryihln«. Im ni show you. Phone 783. " RFAITY fO Eve. Phone II. T). H a m m o n d 1372 J. A. J n r v l i I5WW Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory BABY SITTING CAtlK for children In my home Hu»liay, ( MI^ UvaVjill.^mj : Mrs BKAUTT ALICE'S *i;AtitV jlttbl* Now up town. 715 K M o u n t a i n SL Alice and M a r t h a Phone 1:6 COLVABD'S BEAUTY SHOP ZOi W Maadow-Phon. .Wl Mich n.V).up Cold wava It riorvnt* Dlekww us) BMUTY SHOP RaM.IAILI WORK !*i N Block l-hona TM H A I l r . I N O ffaullril Day ar nlflht Call U l e n n Ray fteed I37IJ »AND AND CKA^'KI. RUAD AND DRIVCWAY ORAVC, - MAO TUP SOIL Phone 15 MJ end 30SJ OFFERIP i,e.nd»rfipe i"il)fy)»lfl rrtt PtlMW It''*! :· Crtdcr firottitn Nuntry. OrttHlMd. FOR THE BETTER IN F.yctlevllUv «if'nca. Gimhie w l l h McC«rinr: Inc, At jircscnt wr. h«v" Monti properties l i l t e d . ·ble prices. For f u r i h o r i n f o r n i H t i o i call, HW. Cycnhiijs call i«7r.. Two THOUSAND^ REUUCT1ON on Iblt wry .leviable · u b u r b n n hpnir. 1! ncr«» o| f e r t i l e j Innri. K room nnd ·unporeh. H t r l r t l y | modern home, double Karncc, d t v i wu'er IAI and ctcclriclly, City bus | ·trvtcr--ben In locMlinn--jiriced to ! Mil. Krry at office. ' G. R. Crandell Real Estate I I * NorUi Knit Slrrat EXTRA'.SPECIAL G« «OUTM DUNCAN I-OVEI.V two bedroom home in ex- c e l l e n t condition, nc'vly dt'coralcd t h r u out bedroom* lurgt-r t h n n USIIH! W i l l ) n f c r L'lnaelA L ih/ipc- l i v i n g room and rffhlni room, t n - a u t l f bardwood floor*. J t l t t h r n w i t h amp cabinet ipuce, H t t l l t y room r q u i p p t for a u t o m a t i c winner, nttiichcd K*~ r«Rr. lnr«c corner lot on pnitf ITBVP- ment, c o n v e n i e n t li n i l nchnolr PHICED KXTI1A SPKC1AL at $10 JHW.OO. Ka*lly f i n a n c e d . McCartney-Lewis Co, Inc. Eve. O. It. Gamble, Phtmr JT.J $7250.00 BUYS N I C E .2 bedroom IK m*, lucwled on Minion .Street, livinf room, d i n i n g room two bedrooms m»ri Ijntli. Ntcc kitchen nd u t i l i t y room, urse lot nit fenced. G o o d r u w b l n n l l n n F. M. A. find G. I. lafttm In e f f e r t . S2.4rK),ofl w i l l handle. Pfiymenu «3.6 monthly, includei Uxci *nd t n n u r i n c c . McCartney Lewis Co., Inc. Phone 3GG KVI-. Call O. M. Gninble. ;'honc_l«7S A "FAMILY HOME"" THREE South hcflroonn. IHTKC cloici*' Inrxe b n t b w i t h t i u l l l - l n drcsifni: t*ble. AiKO 'i b n t h . Nice k i t c h e n ·eparatc d l n f n s room, n l l r A - l l v c Mv. ini room, n i t itched K(irn«r, Good location on paved slrcet. nenr ichoo'', «nd bun. S1.1..'tflOOO, Can get C I IOBII. Cnli .?";m K r t c h r ;K 2,'iRO.H, KINCAID COMPANY · Automotiva ·Flrt · Health and Accident · Polio · Liability · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION · Plate Gloss .·Burglary I N S U R A N C E . Automobile) »- liability «J Fir* -- Extended Covtragt'^ Poiio - .Plot* Glaii 7" WAM HNCHI* Arnd* lld|. LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc Bargains Bargains Bargains 1947 Nash Ambassador 4-dber. Radio, hialtr and ovtr- driv». 1947 Nash 600 4-door, 2-lon». Very slick. 1946 Nash 600 4-door. Nice. 1942 Dodg* 4-door, 1942 Oldsmobile 5-P. Coupe. 1941 Plymouth Stdon. 1940 Chevrolet 2-doer. 1939 Ford 2-door Several other good used con. Priced right. MODERN MOTORS 125. W, M o y n t a i n St. P h o n t 252 Thft new rjiiT; ccrliiinly lire beauties -- w i t h d r i v i n c n d v a i i l i i g c s no c:irs cvar offcrcil \ivtore, Cit course ,vnii want to own one. In d r i v e p r o u d l y ^*^ OSk'"^^" *» --tor business nr plcur.urc--nr bnih! Ami you can order ywir t«r li mcdlntrl.v, w i t h f u n d s provided by our Financing Plan. Up lo II months lo pay, and j o u have Ihe t h r i l l of car owncnhlp M tht uiM inic. ··· MOTORS FINANCE CO., Inc.', *" 17 E. Meadow Phont FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS ; · .1

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