Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 15, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1952
Page 8
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fiiuoy, rtbiuaiy 15, 1952 Senator To Tell More About Brewing Company Tax Rebate he had never represented .Ihe Indianapolis Brewing Company. "I never spoke tn anyone on the company's behalf," he said. "I never received a fee from the GUMS; WHEI I WAS YOUR AGE I WAS PLAYING WITH DOLLS THINGS HAVE CNANGEO MOM-JUST TODAYA.BOY IN-MY CLASS WON A CAKE-BAKING CONTEST WELL.I SAV BOVS SHOULD BE BOYS AND GIRLS SHOULD BE GIRLS DON'T YOU THINK 1 SQ DAGWOOD ? y Wishington - ftp) - Senator Wiliams (R-Dcl) today promised to tell the Senate more next week about Joseph D. Nunnn, Jr., and a tax rase involving the Indianapolis Brewing Company. The Delaware Republican, who lection of evrr having signed an slonal investigation of tax ilals, (old nlc colleagues yesterday that the brewing company got a $35,000 for $-1,500 a $636,000 claim back excess profit taxes. that he could represent the com- rebate after settling pany, he said he \vould "like to see that waive'." Nunan now is a ITS AN HOUR BEFORE THE CHECK WITH TWE NEWS. :MARUE. GET SOME MORE MUSIC AND IN A ru*x STATION STUDO. Nunan. v.-ho resigned FAQ AS GOES. TRANSFER FDR POINTS NEXT. BUS MOW/S missiorcr of internal Williams immediately produced ITS THE LATEST POLICE BULLETIN ONTHATBWKINC KILLING. W»NT ABOUT A SANDWICH? June 30, 1947, said In New York for reporters a photo the Committee on Practices in the Internal Revenue Bureau, The waiver, dated March 28, 1949, and notarized, said Nunan was applying for permission to anpear before Treasury officials "to represent Indianapolis Brewing Company of Indianapolis, Ind., in conncdion with federal income and nxccss profits taxes for the period of years 1944, 1945, and 1946 tn which T gave no personal consideraf ion and as to the facts of which I had no actual personal knowledge while in. the service of Bv J. R. William I HATE THEM I FUJ PARLOR. PAKI1CS, BUT 1 PROMISE!? "THE OL' LAPY I'P GO, AN 1 YOU KMOW HOW THAT IS--WHEW ·iDU PROMISE 'EM ANYTHING.' BULL Y I WCULDM'T WAN DDES KNOW 1 MIME TO KMOW HOW IT IS -- \ A THING, LIKE WIVES \THA7--SHE'p .KNEW HOW MUCH ISAY.'WHY PIPW' YOU SET 'EM GUY OK) A HURRY-UP TO POLISH JOB, THEY'D KNOW THEM FILTHY HOW MUCH IMFLU- SHOES AMP EK'CE THEY REALLY WASH THEM HAVE IN EVE THING JUST A MOMENT, PLEASE NO/GET PACK OM THE JOB, M» LUX. 1 1 HAVE STAY HERE; WELL. IF YOU THINK I'M GOIMG DOWJ IM THAT DACK THEATS? £ WITH THE YOURE 1 CHEER IT, JIMMY. TOMCHtOW WAT SEARCH PLANE Will IE W*. THEY'VE MnU TO FIND US. NO USE FREEZING TO DEATH. THE PARACHUTE CAM BE MADS INTO A TENT, THERE'S A MOTOR FULL OF OIL, AND -- HEY? THERE'S EVEN CASOIINE! INCIDENTALLY, OIMMV, I FOUND WHY YOU COULDN'T SWITCH ON THE NO.Z GAS TANK, m WERE SAIOTAGfD. SOMEBODY PUT A CRIMP IN THE LINE WITH A PAIR OF PLIERS. THE MAN OF THE HOUR OUST THC SAME, MZ, I WISH I'D KOUiHT (OME SANDNICHE*. BtftLE CARRIED ey RFC WILLIftM LEPPEH STOPPfDA HKHINE6UN BULLET »tS*XD HIS LIFE Korea-Jur* 25, LOOK,UNCA DONALD EACH SAVED A NIC OUT OF CHJg ALLOWANCE ...WHERES U ' THE ONE ^ WE EARNED?' REMEMBER, BOVS... ·A NICKEL- SAVED IS A NICKEL EARNED".' GOOD BOVS.'1DLI CATCH ON, QUICK CHARLES GERMAIN Perth Bmtoy 6COREDA BASKETBALL GOAL WITH A , THROW OF 85FKT IOST A DIAMOND RIN IN |Q04 AND FOUND IT AGAIN IN HER OWN YARD 47 YEARS LATER/ NOW THM I'M IN TH- ROLE OF CAPN JOHN 6MITH, HUNTING FOOD TOR JAMESTOWN, 1 MUST ACT WITH DIGNITY AS BEFITS A MILITARY AMBASSADOR! ONLY THING THAT SETS MEeTHISLI'LOL' STICKER) IT) FEELA LOT BETTER IFF'N WAS TOTIN 1 MY AX ...STILL, I'VE GOT TO T IT'S A PRETTY EFFICIENT WEAPON... EEVATELIFJOF BUCK AH; NOW IFTHATBU3H HAD BEEN AN INDIAN - irs AN OLD LADV WITH THE PROPER MVSTK: MENTAL FACULTIES)? p CAN DRAW HER IMAGE FOR YOU-- XXI MSNTALLV CONTACT r-AT rmr /vsmvr in DOG · MAMMY is srootfo IN V, TUt. M«AMSU MOLL!. the Treasury Department _ . ." Telli tt Otter Walnrs "Whether Mr, Nuhan did anything for the company I don't know," Williams Mid. "But he did l(et that waiver. Furthermore, that is not the only waiver he fot. There are others." Robert Wilson, revenue agent in charge a t . Indianapolis, said the tax case settlement was made against his recommendation. He said he.has no record that Nunan was attorney for the company in any court litigation. "I can say there was ho rigging of the case in any action taken under my direction and I'fl be (·really surprised if thcv find any irregularity along that line," Wilson said. The tax settlement was handled in Sunerior Court in Indianaoolis. Williams said he understood the company was settle the 1638,000 claim against it for S4.500 ecause it had been placed in receivership 1 . He said' the comnany theri asked for and got a $35,000 rebate on excess profits taxes naid. but did not soecify the years involved in the latter action.- Began In 1949 As outlined by Williams, the case followed these lines: On December 8, 1949. the $4.500 settlement was accepted by the square dances. At 10:)0 "time oui 1 was called for refreshments nerve-, by.Sue Vinson, Bobbie Curtsinger, Charlene Brewer, Sue Wilson and Katie Sue Helm. Hostesse: were Mrs. Rath? Lane, mother advisor; Miss Ethel and Mrs. Edward Speedlin, Mr Broyles, and tax division of the Justice Department, under T. Lamar Caudle, since fired by 1 the president, on the recommendation of' Charles Olinhant, who has resigned as chief roun;el for the Internal Revenue Bureau. On February 9, 1951, the brewing company 'ilecl sui' claiming $35.000 over-payment of taxes. Williams said the chief counsel of the Internal Kevnnue Bureau, then Oliphant, "advised the Department of Justice that his office could suggest no defence to this suit." On August 28. 1951, settlement was made for $35,000. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Delap. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Nc'al announce the birth of 1 daughter, Jacallne Sherla, Monday at County Hosnitsl. Mrs. T. P. Harrison has been returned home from Elizabeth Hospital, where she had been a patient for several days. Mrs. L. A. Carman ' s p e n t Wednesday with, her parents, Mr. and Mrs Charles Carter of Siloam Springs. E. F. Norwood, who Is home-on leave from the Navy at Seattle, Wash., is spending the week visiting friends in Oklahoma. The February meeting of th« Washington County Medical Society Auxiliary was held Wednesday at 'the home of Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Raggett. Mrs. Max McAllister ol Fayetteville. society president, nresided. Sixteen members from Sprin/jdale and Fayetteville were present. Prairie Grove The Study Club met Wednesday j afternoon at the home of Mrs. Clyde Delao with Mrs. Delford Ric'f and Mrs. J. Frank Holmes as hostesses, Mrs. L. E. Mauoin presided. The members voted to contribute money to the BooneviHe Sanitorium library fund and to the local library. The meeting marked the club's 2fi anniversary and Mrs. Mauoin discussed the early history. Four charter members were present. Mrs. Erin Cates read a ooem and Mrs. P. J. Ellis an article. Mrs. N. 1+ Brooks spoke on rubber, and Mrs. L. L. Baggett read a paper on the .cure for old age. -Guests were Mrs. Kay Cornwell. Mrs. Walter Dodson and Mrs. Alcie Edmiston. The Order.of. 'Rainbow Girls gave a "sock hop" at the · high s c h o o l gymnasium Vednesday night. David McCartney called Test Vole Coming Up For French Government Paris-(XP)-Premier Edgar Faure lemanded today that France's Na- ional Assembly approve a six- nation European army with Germans in it or get a new government. But Faure said the United States and Britain must guarantee that Germany won't threaten Europe with war again. The premier, whose government has held office for only four weeks, designated the vote on tht internationa 1 army plan « ballot of confidence--one in which a defeat would cause the cabinet'i resignation. The motion voiced once again French opposition to reconstitution of either a German national army or a German general staff. France, Faure's "government said, wants the Germans re-armed as members of a European army or not at all. No Summer Camo For Air Force ROTC Group There will be no summer camp for senior Air Force ROTC students of the University, LI. Col. Ray M. Alford of the ROTC at the University announced today. All Air Force ROTC students q u a l i f y i n g f o r commissions through April 30, 1953, .will be commissioned without summer camp. Current junior class in Air Science III at the University will be encamped during the Bummer of 1952, Alford said. CKUldl 6:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time 4:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:011 Wayne King Show · 7:15 Gabriel Heatter . 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 BASKETBALL Springfield at 1 . Fayetteville 8:30 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 Platter-Party ' 10:45 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off SATUKDAT MOtNINQ 1:30 Rise 'N Shin* 6:00 Rite N' Shine 6:25 Markets and Weather 6:30 Stock Talk Time 6:45 Country Editor 7 00 Minutes by Munlc 7:15 Jordanaires 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Organ Heveries 8:00 After. Breakfast 8:15 Morning-'Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning .Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary · 0:00 Kiddies Hit Parade 9:30 News 9:45 U.S. Navy 10:00 New Record Releases 10:15 New Record Releases 10:30 Cancer. Show 10:45 Guest Star 11:00 Proudly We H»ii 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 News at Noon . SATIItDAT AFTMNOO* 12:00 Man on The Farm 12:30 Symphonies for Youth 1:00 Symphonies for Youth 1:25 News--M ' · 1:30 McAllister Singers 2:00 Ranstand U.S.A. 2:25 News--. 2:30 Sports Review 3:00 ttlurday Swing Session 3:30 Hawaii Calls 4:00 Lan Lan Ensemble 4:30 Bands (or Bonds 4:45 Music*! Interlude 5:00 Harmony Ranftn 5:JO Heart Program .1:45 PTWton Seller! J:S5 Cecil Brown Legion Official Denies Gambling At Posts ·Little Rock-W-An official of '.he American Legion says there is no' gambling being conducted in 'he state's Legion posts. State Adj. lert Presson said yesterday that \rkansas legionnaires may indulge in "harmless, sociable pastimes such as bingo, pinball and poker games," but there are- no slot .machines or other gambling devices in club rooms. Approximately 25 million cowl contributed to U. S. milk production in 1951. Keep ·» wit* Ik* ttsnea--read Uw TUnet dato. Beginner's Luck By Sue Burnett Even if you're new »t the sewing game, you can turn this well mannered dress out with confidence. Few pattern pieces and * clearly illustrated sew chart shows you how easily and quickly. Pattern No. 8716 Is a sew-rltc perforated pattern in sizes 14, 16, IR, 20; 40, 42, 44, 40, 48, Size 16, I',* yard*, of 39-inch. for ihta pattern, tend · 10c In COINS, your nam«, addreii. tin desjr*d, and tht PATTERN NUM. BER to Sui Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 115C AV«. Amtr- Iras, New York If. N. Y. .Th« new Sprint and SiimmM Busle-FASHION for women wh» yew. will be ready for you nhortly. ·tnd n ctiju now for your copy.

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