Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 15, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1952
Page 2
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, AiUmm. Fflctoy, NbriMty 15, I*S2 - MM. KATHIHN DOtIM IIHMUHHIIIIIMIIMlllHlllllllllMlllllHMiiiilllllllllllililllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIln ··* Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . · DOT Slid Auxiliary, C|vlr Clubrooms, 7 · Washington Lodge One, M.Honic Hall, 7:30 Saturday . . . . F a m i l y Nljhl, Country Club, -i ;' Ordci of Rainbow for Girls, Maionlc H a l l , 7 Birthday Dinner Honors Mrs. Roberta Fulbright and MIsX H d f n Huihei, formerly : on the editorial stuff of the TIMES,, Music WM provided by mem. I bora of" the Gil St«cy--nrchc«tr«. \ who were Introducod by Ne«l Boalrl|hl. CcorKo ftenrlurl, jac- companlod by Miss !!ughf» at tho nlano, wing three spccia) numbcrij, one of which w«« dedicated to Mm. Fulbrighl and one in honor' of the 35th wedding anniversary! of his mother and father, Mr. and '· Mr«. Sum E. Gcarharl, "O Sole, Mio" was played by the orchestral for Mrs, Constantino. . Brief talks were made by KuKene Murphy and .Tommy Johnston, Mrs. fiend nnrlMIsi Solet. Impres-' slons of the U.S. were given by I Miss Snlel nnd Johnston, who if.'from Ireland.v i F it 1 1 n w I n g the talks, Mrs. F u l b r l g h t received gifls, presented i by Miss Ethel Smith, who made a ' congratulatory speech on behalf of TIMES employes. Mrs. F u l - ; bright save a response. ' Concluding the evening, games were played, Including a rjuls gamc mode up of slogans of local a n d i national advertisers. I n ' c h a r g e of j thn fames were Mrs. David Dorman and Mrs. .lank Allmon, Ed Puskn and Floyd Car), Jr. Tea And Play Feature Special Founders' Day Program Bridal Dinner Given At Stacker Home A dinner in hoijor of Miss Jo Ann Kelly and Visit Tansacha was i;h'en Tuesday evening by Mrs. George Sleeker anil Mrs. Ella B. Hurst at Hie Stoclicr home on Weil Maple Slrccl. A w h i t e imported Chinese cloth covered the dinner table, which- was centered w i t h a crystal prlsmcd oporgnc conlaininc pink swecl peas. Eleven white tapers In crystal 'holders lighted the (able. Guests Included members of the bridal. party, Miss Kelly's family, and Mrs. nobcrt White, Mrs. May Armstrong and Mrs. E. E. Blnndcau. . ' ' Following the dinner Mr. Tan- sachn was host to the group at a theater |)arty. From left to right, Mrs. George Cole, Mrs. Hugh Kincaid, Mrs. Joe Fleming, Mrs. Orrin Hcnbcst and amble ai they _. TIMESFOTO). The Washington School P.T.A. Study Group held its iccond discussion i n ' a scries of four under Ihe title, "How to Build Healthy Personalities," yesterday in tho school a u d i t o r i u m at 1:3(1 p.m. Mrs. Robbye Kincude of "the University Training School spoke on "ways to mental health," assisted by Mrs. Ellis Shelton, before an audience of 65 people. Mrs. Moarl McKinncy presided. -·The Study Group was followed by the regular P.T.A. meeting at 2:45-p.m. A f t e r . a shorl business meeting, plans were made for a \. production yesterday al Washington School. (Puska forthcoming vaudeville show to 10. 11. Gamble as Phoebe Appcr- be held at rioot a u d i t o r i u m lo raise money for playground improvements. Mrs. Wilkins, cniiir- man of the Finance Committee, will -be in charge of the benefit. Mrs. James Smith. Jr., Mrs. Clint Jones nnd Mrs. Clareinc Young were named as N o m i n a t i n g Com- Conine was named chairman of the Summer Round-up. Mrs. Robert Thomas gave t h e - d e v o t i o n a l , followed by a Founders Day production under the direction of Mrs. R. K. Bent. Starring in the oist w.M-e Mrs. son Hurst and Mrs. Orrin Henbest as Mrs. Alice Birney, founders of the first P.T.A. Supporting players were Mrs. H u g h Kincaid, Mrs. Joe Fleming and Mrs. George Cole. Mrs. Richard Grccr named and presented corsages Glenn Rlckctls, Willis Rickctls, Charles Clinehcns, Shcarreli Vin- cqnl, r.uthcr Freeman, BIT West, Leonard Pratt, John Alexander, I'sul Tweedlc and Jennings Con- yrrs. . · . The next meeting will oc held at the home of Dill West. Mrs. Wqde Barron Entertains H. D. Club The Klkins Women's U.D. Club met Wednesday in tho home of Mrs. Wade Barron. The theme ot the meeting was "My duty as a citizen to vote.!' Thi as a duty was voted on in the affirmative by 100 per cent. There were! 28 -members and three visitors · present. , · Mrs. Mragarel BruVnfield, who spoke on the advantages uf know- ! ing huw to purchase nylon hos3, | Mrs. M. A. Hamel, former member who now resides in Kansas! and Mrs. J. M. Terrell, a pro-spec- | I live new member of the club, were guests. It was voted to give two dollars to the sanatorium at Boone-ville, for the purchase o f . a book and to bring a gift next month for a box to 1 be sent to the Crippled Children's Home. Following the business session, ballads were sung and popular iccordings played. This was followed by refreshments which A R I S E ! t 4M" TUNE IN KBRS Mondir thru B*tw4ir. t:3S . m. Sundtr. 1 P. m. REV. BE1YL E. BETH MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL milter for 11)52 and Mrs. Floyd past presidents, Mrs. Dick Pratt, Mrs. J. D. Pickering, Mrs. J. L. Smith, Mrs. G. R. Coulter and Mrs. Gene-Williams. A silver tea was served at the eiosc of the meeting and room count was won' by Mrs. C l i n t Jones. Mr.. Fulbrlght cuts htr birthday cok* . Mrs, Roberta Fulbrlght was hon| ored last night at « dinner party Train for the Top Sound luiincn Training Counts Enroll l e d o y. In |ul a few ihort monthi b* confl- dtntly prtpartd for a |ob wllh o good futurt. riyetteville Business College "Th» SchMl Y.u'll lik." 301 W, Dickien Phont 1$ given by TIMES at. the Washington Hotel in observance of her birthday., Centering tho table in front of Ihc guest of honor was an arrangement cjf red roses with two red and while hearts entwined. White and red tupcrs .Were spaced along the lahle. Favors and place cards curried out the Valentine motif. A Ihret-tiered cake, Iced in red- and white and topped with a photograph of . Mrs. Fulbrlght, was placed on ·» smaller table, as were lifts. The honorcs.nUD.l-ceelycd « white carnnllnn conajtc 'from 'the Sim E. Gmrliarl, master of ceremonies, oiled for introiluc- Hohf, after whlrh nil joined in slni(ln« "Happy Birthday." Sixty- five employes, members of their lumlllcs, and guests attended, Und were introduced. Special guests were Mrs. Frances Conslanllno of Fort Smith, mother of Mrs. Gcar- hirl, Mrs. Lcssio Head, former TIMES edilnr, Mr. and Mrs. l i a l Doujlas and daughter, A n n , Miss , Jarnudlno Sole! of Paris, France, Covircd Buttons --· Buckles -- Btltt hKludlnf tht Ntw Centaur iUIrt In tviry Stylo Cuitom Finiihtd And Rudy lo Witr tht ·«"· D«r W« flKti». You'r Ordtr. Skn Grtin Stimpi on Everything MtKtthan's Fabric Ctnttr " «· """' i Miss Paddock Honored At Luncheon Miss Alice Paddock, bride-elect of Tom Pearson, Jr., was complimented Wednesday at a luncheon given by Mrs. Paul Colcman and her daughter, Mrs. Jl:n Younkin, at ihe Colcman home, 201 Ila Street. A Valentine mollf w i t h the bridal I home were used for dec- orallon. Centering Ihe table was an arrangement of white snapdragons in which nested a red and white tulle heart trimmed with red honjchalr braid. A love bird was pcrchcd-'at'the peak of Ihc heart from which wedding bells hung. ' The hnnorcc received a sterling compote as a gift from the hostesses. Guests were Mrs. C. B. Wiggins nnd daughter, Anne, Mrs. Loyce. Halheock, Carolyn Sue Hathcock, Mrs. Hussell Paddock, Mrs. George Stocker and Mrs. Sid Bcnton. Rifle Team Match To Be. A I' Jonesboro The Army HOTC I l l f l e Team, coached by Major Parker, will meet the KOTC R i f l e Team of Arkansas Slate College of Joncs- horo in a shouldcl- to shoulder return match In Joncshoro. Last Saturday, in a - m a t c h here, the Universlly .learn dcfealed Ihc A.S.C. learn by "a score of 1767 to 1712.-The local team outscored tho visitors in each position. Lucas of Arkansas Stale was high scorer with n 370, .followed by Tommy Stanford of the University with .168. ,Other scores for the locals were Don" Mitchell, 354; Tom Hcasley, 351!; D. C. Davis, 347; and Joplin High School Orchestra Makes Hit.At Concert Hall By BRUCE BKNWARD The concert hall of the Arts Center w«s the scene night of an eyp-opcncr for many reslder 1 i of this vicinity. The Joplin High School orchestra under the direction of T. Frank Coulter presented a progrsm thai woulc have'done justice to most college orchestral. The average person usually think; of a high school orchestra as a group of well-meaning and eager young high school sturlr-nts who painfully saw their way through a recital of harmless little second- rale musicul numbers; they arc then applauded d u t i f u l l y for thoi enthusiasm by a tolerant audience made up mostly of parents and other well wishing relatives. However, the performance last night by Mr. Coulter's organiza- ^Perennial Club Hears Talk By C. B. Wiggans lion was a far cry from the average iierson's' conception. This or- chtstrn ij composed of · 85 accomplished musician* who play the best of orchestral literature, and furthermore they play it well. The Instrumentation is much the name as that of many professional orchestras, and the concerts they Hive arc worth going to strictly from the musical angle. The program opened with "Gypsy B a r o n" overture Strauss, Immediately the by following l h a t was the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3, th Erolca. The students' cave a masterful performance of this d i f f i cult work which Is a n y t h i n g but trivial. Tt was not a special "hieli school arrangement" of the symphony which the audience .heard, and it was well interpreted righl down to the /inal cadence. A f t e r the Sccthoven Mr. Coulter Icrl his charnos through the "Celebrated Waltz" by Moskowski and "The I-iff of a Parisiennc" by Doratl, Following intermission the cnn- ccrtmaster, E. M. McCunc, violinist, played Ihc first movement of the Violin Concerto in E minor by The Perennial Garden Club belt its monthly meeting at the honn of Mrs. Lonnie H a l l Yesterday with Mrs. Van Howcll as co-hostess. .Sixteen members and one tucst, Miss Lutie Root, were present. The hostesses served a Valentine dessert course, usin;; a coloi scheme of red and while. Arrangements of spring flowers were placed throughout the house. During the business session the prcsirienl, Mrs. J. F. Hyland reported on a recent mectine. of local How to Lose UGLY FAT Without Dieting - Hunger! "'·"·"· "'r 1 '.*"·'"''· ·»w»»llM . T!!f h . l ... l «!T.K'r ·"""·' '.K'«rr .»«» «»k. mil mtini «il« ini.ilii!, n.w, illnlolly l.iltd 'm.dl. Hi rfl*vry |h»| U Mni.ll,! .11 tllnlttl IMr Tkf ilotlnn rllnll-,11/ t«i«| l,r»- ",'" ·ssm n«IM ««l»«rll» .n rtluclnf rfcomnicndci) WATEX In Till rtjunr Rimlo Hcnith T»lk« over A Urjni numlHtr nf n,ri!n £!·· lltmi. Ha »yi. "In n lurflp group of pconlc who u-rre rMlly fit, and who \vrtf not put on 11 dlrl. WAFKX produrrri in liver. Hie M'olKht )oi» of ft pnunrll per month w i t h o u t lumRrr panjti. Thul', why nmny doctor, uir und prrlrrlbn W A F K X hrrainc II IR n m f r m t h i t l t i t l o for dlol- l n » «nd ronlroli hunger und nvfmiini." MtTMiV.Wrll v ' lor clhllnl . Wnfex, Inc. Mendelssohn. This talented young ' Grcyson Ycttcr, 340. Also f i r i n g a r l i s t R»ve a warm and brilliant for the locals, but not counting rendition of the..concerto, fully in jn the score, was Carter A. Davis, keeping with tho style of the music, and distinctly clear in the fast passages. The orchestra closed the printed portion of the pro- grain with the Overture lo "Mignon" by Thomas, a toccala by Frfs-nbaldj;-;and. « modern fantasy by Andcrsonv The audience was so ·enthusiastic th»t the orchestra played three encores, one of which contained such "live" sound effects «» a barking dog and a yowling cat. A f t e r the third encore the orchestra finally left Ihe stage with the audience still clapping. . The person m a i n l y responsible for the high calibre of the organization ij Mr. T. Frank Coulter, or "The Chief" a; he is called by Ihc nrchrstra members. It is dqubtful if many towns three or four times the size of Joplin could boast of a bi«h school orchestra equal or bettor than the one heard last night at the Fine Arts Center. Karden club presidents, hclc" at the sucgcstlon of Ihc City Council of Garden Clubs. The council has proposer! a joint project (or all clubs and several ideas were discussed. An announcement was made .of he Jonquil .Show to be held in Siloam Springs, March l!0 and lOtli, sponsored by the Siloam Springs Garden Club. Following the business meeting. B. Wiggans spoke to the club m "planting for permanence." r. Wiggans pointed out three rc- |Uircn-.onts for landscaping: the development of grass and lawn, lie use of shade trees and the j l a n l i n g of shrubs. The speaker old oT necessary steps to develop a goorl lawn and suggested many ·arietics of trees and shrubs adapted to this climate, in summing up his talk, Mr. Wiggnns pointed out thai landscaping should be adapted to the needs of the home and grounds and lhal over p l a n t i n g should he avoided. In conclusion {reelings were c: tended tn Mrs. Jay Kulbrighl o the occasion of tier birthday. Drug Club Elects Officers For 1952 The Washington County Drug Club met last night al the home- of Willis nickclts for the purpose of electing officers for 1952. The following' officers were elected: Jennings Conyers pi'esi- dent; Hill West, vice president; Leonard Pratt, secretary; Charles Clinehcns and Shcarreli Vincent, co-chairmen of public relations. Plans were macie lo hold another dodor and druggist picnic in the near future, and it was announced that (he club w i l l meet on the first Monday of each month at 0 p. m. Present for the meeting were Safer Cough Relief fOR CHILDREN For crwighs and bronchitis due to coldi you can now'get Creomtilsion ipeciilly prepared for Children in a new pink and blue package and be sure: (1) Your child will like it. (2) It contains only safe, proven ingredient!;. (3) H contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes. (4) Jt will aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed throat nnd bronchial membranes, thus relieving *hc cough and promoting rest and sleep. Ask for Creomulsion for Children in the pink and blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN rtlltm Ciqki, tktil Cilfc, Auti IrMcMKi from the dining Table decorations; were served room table. were carried out in the Valentino molif. The next meeting will be held GOOD HOME MADE HOT TAMALES 60e Dozen to Go and Chili, 60e Pint Also Strving Delicious Plate Lunches SOc -- 65e DELUXE EAT SHOP 306 W, Dickton Phen* 14S Order Ling's Chicks and ft $URf! Ling's Pioneer Hatchery, with 35 years expert breeding experience, guarantee! ., 1 1 (1 · 1L. 1_ i ·*, I tAUCl L UJtCWUH C*ptl'ClH-t, ftU*l«HhCCl on March 12, in the home of Mrs. ^ r salijraction £ th lhc ir perform- .1 P. H l l M / ' l l t j . . . . .. . . . , J. E. Bunch. 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55c, (rider Bros. Nursery GREENLAND, AHK. H.vability, rapid growth. If it'i CRRS you want, you can't beat our W h i l e Leghorns and Austrawhitei. Also White Rocks and New Hamp« for belter broilers. Many broad-breiwted lircs infused each year. Rigid culHni and blood-testing program iniurfi healthy parent ·lock, iturdy, healthy chicki. Write today for circular, reasonable prices on day-old or started chicks. ONEIDA HATCHERY i PHONE 128 ONEIDA. ILLINOIS "Hot Flashes" stopped or tfrikingly relieved in 63-80%* of cases in doctor*' tests! ·v£, B ym £ ol " g thr ° u h -v°u know what H has done change o l i i o ' . . . suffer- for ot[icrs! . ing the "hot Hashes." L But do you know what It xpus tension, irritability, win cto for .von? NDM you weakness nnd other types haven't experienced the relic! of functlonully-ramed dis- - - - - - - - - - - -- ' " · · · tress of this difficult time? of Irnslon. "flashes" nnd Irrl- tnbiliiy it RO often brings at relief from such distress... in 63 and S0;' 0 (respectively) of the cases testrri. Complete or striking relief! Surrly you know that Lydia Plnkliam's Is scientifically modern in action! Surely ·Ith added Iron . . , snd rtt«- covnr how much easier your "ctmngc or life" may be! Younger women and girl.i-- · u f T e r i i i f j from r u n c t i o n a ] paina nnd riistrcfis or nipn- K t r u a t l o n -- f l n j P i n k h n m ' s wonderful too? It contain* no LyAin Plnkham't sympathetic ner* i-oun system-re^ lieves disjiesi 6f tht "It tat wave*' t FEBRUARY 29* Lf. Col. Caron Visits University Lt. Col. nrucc W. Caron, o f f i c of the chief signal officer, Wash ington, D. C., made an inform.*! inspection of tlie Signal Corp Army HOTC unit at the Unlvei sity Wednesday. ' ' - . - ' While at the University, Coloni Caron, accompanied by Col.- Henry Neilsoti o f - t h e University Arm nOTC, met wltli University Pro" vost Joe Covington and Vic President T. C. Carlson lo dis cuss lite Army HOTC program. Colonel Caron plans to visit Ihc Signal Corps units al Oklahomt A. and M., Texas Technologies "ollcgc, Texas College of A. and ., Texas A. and M., Univcrsil of California, Washington Slate University and Oregon State Uni- vcrslty, on his present trip. . ANNOUNCING! I hoy. Uoiid tht Conoco Strvict Station, acrost tht strttt from tht Court Houit, from Ltt L. Sparks. Wt will contindt to givt you rht tamt courttoui ttrvict and quality Conoco Products that you hart dtptndtd upon in tht pott. BUD PAGE, Lessee CONOCO SERVICE STATION ACROSS FROM THE COURT HOUSE IAIT SIM IQUARI Tuttmirk Cherry-V«nilli Ice Creim hn been listed, tested tnd tpproved by t h e l i m o u i T i s t m a r k Homemikcri Ptnel * * Pretty-as-a-pictute tte* up meals all througt February --Tastemark Cherry* Vinilli Ice Cream. Rich, red cherries ... folded into creamy-smooth vanilla ice-cream . *. buitin' out ' · ill over with bright color and wonderful flavor! An international favorite... get some today.. .Jauemark Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream!

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