Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 14, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1952
Page 16
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T MKANSAS TIMII, foyMMviMe, Atkmm Tlnirwtoy, NkrtMry 14, 1M2 If '.Vsl · i! Vil flit Interest Should Government Take In Produces Growing Debate In Courts ind Communities Of Nation; Old Question ..JHe* ' ·; Vork-W.VWhat Interest ·jjould the. government take In (SjdTvthat's the heart o f ' a quos- tfcn which has produced a grow- tig debate in the nation's courts and communitcs. y"trii First" Amendment," says uU. Un.ltld Stales 'Supreme Court, 4 ^u« creeled 8 A All of separation between-church' and sl.-le which quit'be .'kept high and impregnable." . i. PUN TO BUILD IM Our M.HrliL O»t Our Print. : . Try Our forvlc*. DYKE LUMBER CO. Stl Si. ChMlw. 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55c CrMer Bros, Nursery . OIUZNLAND. ARK. Lconomicdll, StJoseph A S P I R I N . But mine feel, In the words of (he Catholic bishop* of the United Slates, thai absolute separation js a n ' " u t t e r distortion" of American traditions thai threaten; to "ban God from public life." Others nay, In the word of the Central Conference (if American Rabbis, lhat the separation principle Is "being questioned, chal- lenccd and undermined In many quartern." They, loo, calljfor jjroat- cr spiritual emphasis. Varjlnir Allltudrs Varying attitudes have developed on a fcorc of modern issues stemming from the central problem. It hns "vexed Xnd divided Americans" and the eo'urts as well, Mjid historian Henry Stecle Com- magcr. , At the roots Is the struBKlc of a nation to reinforce Its moral foundations In Ihc face of rampant materialism and Communism, and at the same time, to safeguard the rellsious rights of each man. Commager put it this vvay: The riddle Is over "where the line is to be drawn between - conscience and authority." Mow c a n ' t h e government of ,, millon, v/llh 250 religious sects within Its Lantern, favors any without offending others, or favor all without offending hon-bclicvcrs, agnostics or supporters of n* religious systems, of ethics? "Religion," Jarnc Madison once ««ld, "l« not within the purview of hum»n jov'ernmenl." EVERYTHING '- -. '.IN ' HUMMNO end SUmifl FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVWNMINT AVL WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP DANCE SAT. NIGHT SPRIHOOAIE LfdOH HUI rf 12 p.m. Adm.: 75c person MJKCKER and his ARIZONA TRAILHANDS fl«Ukt KRD(* Mond.r thru Frldiy, liOt-lilO ,WfW lUHUt liiurdir, lliU-lMI LAIT DAYI' .j.J 7 " ·"· · . .- · 111!-, till -1:15 . 7i20 · 1:80 S A I L O R B E W A R E STARTS FRIDAY 145 - 3:45 - 5:45 - 7:44 - 9:40 with JANE NIGH ALSO Nawt fr Cartoon UARK -X Starts Sunday OZARK l 0ATHTHEBA: Pint SWwirif at Prkes DAI Af F "ALAVL LAST DAY "MEET ME AFTER THE SHOW" Friday · Doort Op.n 12:45 nun NUL-WrUDMN AND Jimmy Ellison Russell Hoyden In "HOSTILE COUNTRY" ·trial k Color C.rlowi In Waterloo, Iowa, . j u d g e recently wa» »iked lo handle « will leivlnj »70,000 lo (supporters ot the "true Christian rellslon." Impossible, he Raid. Our . laws and government, being separate from church, define no religion. . · 'The United Stales' Constitution pays' homafie to no deity: Its laws spurn any distinctions between lic- llcls. But the -division between church and slate never hj.s been complete. Here arc a lew ways the government shows interest In God: 1. Its coins bear the words "In God We Trust." 2. Churches arc tax-exompl. 3. Thc'-prcsidcnt and others lake their oath 'on the Bible. 4. Congress has engaged a chaplain and opened with prayer since the. (oundinsj of Ihe Republic and Ihc Constllutlonal Convention. 5. Legal documents arc;l "in the year of our Lord." When a wilncss is sworn, he affirms, "So help me God." 8. Religious observances -- Christmas, Good Friday, Thanksgiving-^ are legal holidays. Presidents often have called for national prayer. 7. The Declaration of Independence proclaims Ihc "Creator" the bcstower of rights and liberties. , The First Amendment, said Father. Vincent C. Hopkins, Fordham University historian, does not mean absolute separation" of church and slate, either legally or by tradition. "It's not possible," he said. Yet the Supreme Court has declared; We have staked the very existence of our country on the faith thai complele separation belwcen Ihc state and religion is best for the .slate and best for religion." In Topeka, Kan., an organization called the Christian, Amendment. Movement is carrying on a campaign to get recognllion 'of Chrlsl Savior and King" Into the U. S. Conslllulion. There have been -a half dnzcn congressional proposals of thli nature -- »11 defcaled -- Ihc last one in 1047 by the late Sen. Arthur Capper of Kansas, Minjr Court CMC* , Scores of court cases have arisen over Sunday laws, with varying results. , Allhotigh about one-fourth of the stales require .school . flag salutes, the 'Supreme Court has ruled II ufVconstilutlonal In compel children wllti religious objections IP do so. ; · The court slso has held in recent times that conscientious objections to mllllary service, m ro- lljlous or other grounds, must be respecled. Differences 'over Irans- porUtion or other state aid to parochial. schools has bcen'bne ot the keenest issues. IGA Cane Ma S Y R U P IGA Cake Flour KM UGHT and FLUFflER CAKES! Winslow The Lions Club'meeting scheduled for Thursday has been postponed' until Thursday, February 2i;' B. F. Davidi club secretary, his announced. Hlchard Williams,. James and Raymond .Gibbard nnd Mclvin Null have gone to Los Angeles, Calif., to find work. Mr. and Mrs. Upyd Webber and children, and Mr. and Mrs, Russell Reed and children,' all of Greensbut'K, Kan., are visiting here this week. Earnest Krnuse left Tuesday for Florida, where he plans, to spend a few weeks. Also on Tuesday, Mr. 'and Mrs. George Kersten left for Florida, accompanied by Jim Ruble of Chicago. They planner! In visit Mobile, Ala., and other cities en route. Mrs. Verne Carlcr was hoslcs: to the Thursday Hook Jlujj Club at her. home -Thursday, February 14. Luncheon was served at noon. First U. V. H. Carlcr, Jr., left from a San Francisco, Calif., base for Korea last week. An Air Force Jet pllol, he has been stationed at Berastrom Air Force Base near Austin, Texas. His wife and infant son will remain in Texas temporarily. . Mrs.. Earnest Krause and Mrs. Norman Aimer will be co-hostesses for a'· meeting' of. the Coffee Club at Lake-View Courts Tuesday, February,19.' Mrs. Lyda . Pace has . received word of the serious illness of her cousin, Burn Winn of Valiant, Okla. He suffered a heart attack and Is - a patient in a St. Louis hospital. . The Women's Society of Christian Service met at the Methodist Church Wednesday in an all-day session. The. day was spent in quilting with a covered dish lunch- eon''at noon. The Orange Bowl game Jan. 1 will, be homecoming for two Georgia Tech players. Halfback Bobby Moorhead and guard Or"e Vcreen both hall from Miami. .Not white, not wheat, not rye, jut i flavor blend of all threi Junft's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away -- NAraln. ttkrk.tht, tnM of p*p .nilrnrriy, h««l.f hM nnA itliilnnl hmr h« duv lo (low. Amu Af kl,lntr function. Doctor. ».jr .00,1 kliln«r function I* vtry Impnrtiinl lo tr*4 he.llh. Whfniwnf «vtryd*yrondlllon,»uch ·· Kirn, .nit *tr.ln, rtww* thl« Imnortunl function 1o*lownViwn,inftnrralk«siifteTnM' lint txtkMhr-lHl MlMt.hlo.Mlnnr W.H. Mr Irrltillont ltM to CAI4 or wrttn. dht m.y nuM«ltln.upnlihUflrrmuMFimit». rttn't ufKKt yo«r t|4nyi If lhnt rmill. llmi MlMr you. Try Donn'n Pllk-. mlM illivtllc. UH ntmidilly hy mllllnm for »v»r it yxn, ll'i imiilni k»w mmy tlnn Ddin'i |lv. k.i,t,y nlltf from tlww iflifom. (ort-M|itli.llmll«ofkMnrylunninilnl. tan Hurt out »wl«. Git IXo.'i rilk IM«T| .1 sters - 35 Marshmallows 2 ss- 33 SWIFTNING 3-lb. Can 79 MATCHED 4 PIECE CUTLERY SET SOAP POWDER, box . 27c IGA BRAND GELATIN, 3 boxes . . 20c GOLD BAR YELLOW OLEO, Ib. . . 19c KRAFT NATURAL CHEDDAR CHEESE ft," 33c GOFF TOMATOES, 2 No. 2 cans 31c KIMMEL'S HOMINY, 3 No. 3 cans 29c l6ACal 5U p..l2..i.b.llle1»^ (| ^. ng ,, ,,,,,, IGA · .. . _ . Apple Buller...28-oz. jar 23* (it Green Beans No. 303 can 12* Pinto Beans... 2-lb. Macaroni 2-lb. * SWOT * SIMM * VSiM. SaveSOH MI tttlft PJilHisOliMP Loretto Clobber Girl ^ ........ C3H 19 Baking Powder . . Mb. can 29* p et Milk ...... 2 tall cans 27* Compfire IGA Vienna Sausage can 17* Rolled Oals... 48-oz. box 35* CRISP FRESH Fruits Vegetables GIANTSIZE Head Lettuce.. 2 for 19* Fresh California Celery 2 slalks 19* . FRESH CRISP Carrots 2 bchs. 19* No. 1 Fancy Tube Tomatoes 2 for 29* Cooking Apples* FROZEN FOODS Orange Juice... 2 cans 29* Leaf Spinach..... pkg. 17* Cut Corn........ pkg. 19* Fresh Frozen Strawberries........ 25* Boysenberries, . pkg. 17* White Dairy Iced Milk.... half gal. 59* Now Is The Time To Buy PURE LARD $| 45-lb. Stand · l« · W 6 Large Fresh Country EGGS « 30 Gold Medal Flour i* HYDE PARK SPINACH... 2 ci?29c SEE WHAT A $ BUYS AT IGA JET BRAND Toilet Tissue . 15 rolls $1.00 TRELLIS BRAND Sweet Peas . . . . . 8 cans $1.00 MERRIL Cream Corn . . . . . 7 cans $1.00 CHEF Potted Meat . . 312-oz. cans $1.00 Seedless'Raisins . 3 P2 £. $1.00 MUSTARD OR TURNIP GREENS . . . 11 No. 303 cans QUALITY KONG-TOM MEATS CUDAHY'S SUGAR CURED Picnic Hams. WILSON'S CORN KING Sliced Bacon LEAN TENDER Chuck Roast , FRESH LEAN Ground Beef YOUNG AND TENDER lb.35c lb.39c lb.69c lb.59c Pork Liver . . lb.29c STORE No. 1 S. Side Square Phone 94 CONSUMERS STORE No. 2 300 W: Dixon Phone 240 SUPER IGA MARKETS PRICES ALSO GOOD AT FARMER'S EXCHAN6I, PRAIRIE GROVE -- PUILIC'S IGA MARKET, SPRINGDALE

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