Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 13, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1952
Page 7
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMK, foyeH»vill«, ArVomw, Wednettloy) February 11, 1M1 -Professors Push For Knowledge About Private Life Of the Bat; Caves Throughout Northwest Arkansas Explored NEW HONOR FOR CAPTAIN CARisEN Basic Cause 01 Alcoholism Wilhin Drunkard From Birth, United Nations Group Reports By FKED COCKlt The private life o( a b,it is not 10 private as it once wi's o Northwest Arkansas. Cave-life tranquility these days is subject to intru- lion by a couple of persistent spclunkcrs. A spclunkcr is a person who ipcnds n lot of time poking nrnunrl in caves, cxplorins. mapping, nnd Just looking. It's a sort of hobby. Probably the most purposeful .iiielunkcrs in tills area are two Universit.v'zoology professors--Dr. John A. St'iiliimlcr and D-. Howard Youni!. During the past year these two men" have explored about 15 caves in Northvest Arkansas and have bonded 701 bats. They bcnan their spelunking ·ibout a yuar ago. In their spare time, mostly weekends, they have ';onf to the l;j cures -- in Wellington and Madisor, counties, SUFFER NO MORE RHEUMATISM, HIADACHES, WMK KIDNIYS, ARTHRITIS, STOMACH AILMfNTS, NEURITIS, DIZZY SPILLS, NERVOUSNESS, BLOATING, also, Aclis, Lack of Energy, Vitality, Sleepier Nights, Underweight. Irritable, Bmd Complexion, Bat! Breath, frequent Rising at Night. New Life HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUFFERED from thtse com- plltlnti? Kffirdlcsj of wlial you harA tried fh the past, or how lour yon have put up with thepe ftnmehts, joa can now hofe for n1fef wMh HOPE MINERAL TABLETS. In Jnit a few iiji, you will «M the watte. ALACK AS NIGHT hc- rin to leave your body and you will feel the Tt\M and «-on- NATURE HAS BLENDED (races of FIFTEEN different minerals in IIOI'E MINERAL TABLETS. When aches and pains eel you down, perhaps jour body is tryinf Ii ten you Ii neeas these mineral; Hope Mineral will crt ilown t th* root and *lll start yonr Uiy orrins iKrrMn* ajain. It will brbii tack powers' yon thumb? yo« had Imt. Frit Your Body HOPE MINERAL will enrich yew MA**, Jive yon pep and cnerty, airf will help your bod; drive Mt pohwhons waste! The warm red rlow of health'will he in J6ut checks and your eye. 1 ! will sparkle arain. HOME MINERAL fs not like oiher prMvcts that jrive yon a lar** dose of ALCOHOL just to rrre yn n temponrr lift. These Minerals are not man made minerals. Hope Mineral is taken from the earth from Na lutt't Work Shop. It contains onfr Natnral mineral!!, no dopes, no oik, and is not habit ftnfrrnf. , TAKK NOTE OF YOUR ELIMINATION a few days after «*tni HOPE MINERAL. Vthen the Mack waste betlni to leave yoir body, do not beeome alarmed--the minerals are flo- ln» their work. When yoir or- iruis are free of waste and int- pirltles, yon will berin to feel relief. Then be thankful yoi hare finally found HOPE MINERAL. Nature Cures DOCTORS W I L L T E L L YOU, It Ukes God and Nalnre to do the real and final curing. 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They found a few bats In most; . at I ho ciivc.s but in inl.v l i r i -- | \verc there enough to l ( band"| ;them. In the others, Ihr-y collected i I a few specimens. In the three! i larger caves where bats were; ; fount, in larfie numbers, the professors caught as many as (hoy; : could and placed a l u m i n u m , n u r - i 'bcrctl bands on their wings f o r ; identification. ; Seek Information There are a few things a b o u l ; bat life t h a t humans don't h n n w j yet, and the Arhancar professors j hope to find out some of those j things. They want to learn some-1 thing about the sex ratio among i bats, and about their movements, in and among caves. . ' Most b;|ls, apparently, are slay- at-homes.'But at bast one species is known to go to Cuba for the winters. It travels as much as 300 miles away from home sometimes. The U.A. spelunk.;rs h a v c i found and preserved one bat o f ; this species. Whether the Northwest Arkoi sits bats are travelers has not yet been learned. But th" lirnf-s- sors plan to go back (6 the three caves where they banded the 701 bats, and they'll try to find some of the same bats. In this way n v f r ^ few years' lime they figure to learn something about local bat behavior. Dr. Sealandcr says there some pretty special bats : ~ : Wiiitt'in Churchill's policy of dnrS- '· , lit' cro;ioink'!i tr put Britain'3 h.stJM,' economy on an even J'.ccl HtVOIC SKIPPER of the Flying.Enterprise, Cnpt. Hcnrik Kurt Carlson, of Woodbrldge, N. J., salutes the fishermen's monument in Gloucester, Mass, He had just placed a wreath M the base of ihe statue in memory of the city's 11.000 men lost at sea. Later, the mayor of Gloucester presented Carlsen itrith a mariner'* award and scroll. f / n f c r n a f f o n n U Gf;ntv;i-t/l'J-Thr basic t'.'iusc "f ;il- [·uholiFtn i:; w i t h i n ;i ( f i o m b i r t h . ;ici'f);'(fit]K t'' (he* U n i t e d N i l t i n n s Wdrlcl Jloiillh C J i K i i i i i i M lion. A .seven-nation com m Hire of WHO OX|HTt;: s»i iilcnhnlism fmmrl t h a t nnly tluwt: "rxrcssivf d r i n k - ers" brrmne filfohoMfs wh" art 1 born w i t h ;i "romlUuUwinl li;j- b l i i t y " to flk-fihnl n k l i r U « n . The commitK-f drfinod nlrohnl- ics as "excessive- n r i n k r i : ; wln:.r (Icpfudfiitc u p n n itlcuhol Ims .it- t n i n c f l such a deprfo t h n t It r.hmvs n n o t l t m b l c rncntiil (li.slurlunttc or an Intci former w i t h t h p i r bodily mid menial heal I h, t h e i r i n t r i - personnl rotations ;irul t h e i r sinontii Asocial niwl wwiomlc funrtinnini:." The experts SHid I ho pi wist- nature of the- inborn f t t c t n r in iilcn- hotfcrn had not .vrt bcf-n ( ' p f i n i t i - l y established, but it wap bclicvi"! .'. be "a p l i g h t deficiency of r n i b o 'l 1 ' · ; ! ] ( · Mif'tn'vili ;m. ul * h * ·'.·!]'/;· :nr system r of cerlnin ondorriiic iviali J . i ; . ' Tho belief t h i s i-; cnn- ftrnitnl is based on I r e f a c t t h a i 'many d r i n k r r s who d r i n k as luch as the addict, over period:; of 2."i \ o ; i i s or more, never come to the stn?;e of loss of control." The committee, however, did not ::av the defiurni-y was J n h m t e d I ' c r - i ' t i x a f f l i v l e d w i t h » rmgdiitiil'. i a b i l i t y to nlr'i*ioll:m brcmjf; «it- niho! (irldlcK Iho experts said. If they fct'k to ( t t r r f T t a n c u m ' t c j condili'jfi or "pr-pinmilify m a d e ; qtificy' 1 by d r i n k l n c . A f t e r a f o w l years of Incre'f.'.inH in toxics lion. · . Mich pe.rj-.wt3 j-eiich n point where : they lose cnntrol of thrir Mk-oJ-iril ' I'ftnstirripUnn arid eventually be- .viii.ii': cfirortlc Crtsos. The r x p r r t s ; \ e^timatefl the d i n a ' i o n nf t f u ; ' , ! process to ;\veraqo l. f » oar::. ; ! A cure is po :*ihte. tin rxpe!·(.«; ' -tiiid, with the help of h uir. m a k i m ' i alc'uhnl ;ihh«»neril t'i the n n H e n t , ; ! ;is well us of v f i l u n t a i y ortt-'mi/i-. ! lions such as A!foho!tf! Anftfi.v- · moil;;. Once cured, an alcoholic; 1 must m a i n t a i n t o t a l abstinence /or, · the rest of his h f r . UTortl v;iiuc of il.jO million pounds --six per cent htsher than th« monthly avenue /or th« »«cond mostlj half of l!)3l. drizzlj Imports were estimated at 3,17 Colder million pounds. eraturj · . . i today Seven of M l r h i g n n Stftte'.t harks ;3 ". ijver.i^^l b u t l e r t h a n 4.5 yard* per · c-;irry during the "SI football sea- rffm Keep up trrtn tit* ftm«*-- re»(J hf T ' M K ^ dal»/. ' Northwest Arkansas caves- are the ·known j Rayon And Acetate Fabrics, Long Confused «£$r «n£ Ji In Public Mind, To Be Strictly Labeled These have liccu foinul in several | . ' I By DOROTHY ROE iat*d Pr*» Wbmtn's ] Do you know the difference between rayon and acetate? You will from now on bncausr law says all rayon and to now grouped :avcs in the area, although their j existence in Arkansas had n o t : . . . ,,,. , _ . . previously been established offi- I Ai«oclll«d Prws Womtn i Edilor cially. Few "I.aree" Caves One thins the professors have leaded aboil cav'es in the area, ;| ~w aw say; They are somelimes ponridcr.^ , j-cUata'-bTM. u ^ smaller t h n n local boosters dc- ,.. n ,, must be ]. lbclc(I c | K , r i v ;cribc them. A few times they i scpm . alc .,j Kl d - lA - mcl , ib( , r5 . have explored caves which ucrc T h i s may not sccm to hc n c w s supposed to be "10 or 20 miles I t |, a( wj || ma ^ c a grcni change in long; they turned out to be a your life, but it's more important I few hundred feet long. I than you think. ; They haven't been nto all the j Jt means that you'll know ox^ caves in the area. If there arc i actly what t h a t hew dress or.slip- I some large caves will" b r t j p o p n - 1 cover is made of, whether it should iatlon,.lhe men would, like to ex- ' ' '"" -- ·'·- -' ' ···'-·'-- plore them and study those bats. Anybody who knows of a big :ave could help the i n q u i r y by telling the professors about it. If you really want to .elp, they'd j probably let you help, chase t h e ! bats. You, loo, can be a spclunkcr. The per capila rates of steel production in the leading Western European courftrics are mostly around two to three times as high as in Kussia. EAST SIDE SQUARE DRUGGISTS be washed or dry-cleaned, whether it should bo ironed with a hot or cool iron, and how much rough treatment it will take. Most of us have had the experience of ironing a new blouse or ! dress willi a loo-hot iron and see- WALT BEACH Wflrdl Wltk r*Yimvii.u. Aim. GOT A TAKE 666 COLD ^^ for fast syntptomitic RELIEF ing the fabric melt before our eyes. Definite informatlorT as to fiber content will prevent such mishaps, since rayon and ncctntn have definite and d i f f e r e n t rules for their care. A washable 1'nyon fabric can be handled it) much the same way ns cotton, while an acetate fabric requires gentler care, according to A m e r i c a n Viscose Corporation' rayon manufacturer, and Cclanese Corporation, acctnte maker. washable rayons may he tossed in the washing machine and pressed with an iron almost as hot as is used on cottons, while washable" acetate should be laundered by hnnri in luke-warm water nnd mild soap, and pressed with n cool iron. Both Wid*Iy Us*d Probably a floorl share of dresses in your wardrobe arc either rayon or acetate or a blend of both, since these fabrics rank second only to c o t t o n . i n U.S. use. Both fibers wuj'e developed before the the t u r n ot the century, but did not come into use in commercial quantities in this country until much later on--rayon in 1910, acetate in 1925. Both arc known as "crlhtlosie" fibers, arc marie from the same raw material, pure cellulose, obtained from wood p u l p and cotton Mntcrs, the fibers which adhere to the cotton seed after the cotton has been picked. To make rayon, cellulose is reduced to a thick liquid, then forced through tiny holes in n spinnaiet into an acid bath. The fine streams of l i q u i d then are solidified 'into th rends or filaments which arc twisted together to form rayon yard. There has been no chemical change in the cellulose. To m a k e acetate, acetic acid is added to cellulose, m a k i n g a new and chemically d i f f e r e n t substance, cellulose acetate. This h then reduced to a liquid and forced through liny holes into warm air, where the "fine streams of liquid are hardened, by evaporation, into filaments. fiayqjj fabrics generally arc stronger t h a n acetate, though both w i l l give good wear. Ilayon is mors absorbent than acetate, w i l l not melt under heat. Acetate dries more quickly, is adaptable to more delicate garments. Tomilo Plant Found To Yield Alkaloid Department reported, A R r i e u l l u r c today thai the commrm l o i n n f o pliin*. r n n l r i f u s mnlcrinl that crm be used to make sex horrrtnncs. Chemical research ha:; fntinri, Iho agency .s.'iid, t h f i l nn alltnloicl 4-;i11cd "chryslailinc loniatine" uan be extracted from thu tuinatu leaf. This iill-nlold c;m be used as a .slurtin.n mntcrlnl in the m a n u f a c t u r e of the mcriiCRlly important sex norm/Hies proRCsteroiic and tcstnstrone. AdTfrthi« in in*- TiMKft--it myn n PLUS THE THRILL OF THE NEW OLDSMOBILE HYDflA-MATiC SUPER DRIVE I OliUmnlitir lifts tli« IwflfllinM n g n t a - - w i t h n nrw, nrw "Itfiritrt"! ThffV» IW) rr in llm nrw t-nfAnr.l NVw liiph-lift vnlvro! Nrw fJiuulrijM CnrlmrHor! fVriMiinnnl nrv fr.iiurr* llirrmplxiiii! W l i n t V rnorr - Hj'drft-Mfliif:* Ii iifw--wilh A new "S" ItUnRr {nntuftfrftfrfitrninnrfiTry ih«e KCNit n^w ff«lnrffl lio new 5i;/irr "/?/f" or ('{antic AVnrI) -i.'tfjil! Sr*; your Oldnmohilr ilrni^r *'mnl Britain's Exports Hit All-Time January High London -f/f'i- U r M n i n ' s exports' h i t ;m a l l - t i m e rocord in . I n n i - a i y find tht^ nnllon's adverse t r a H c ha I a ncc w;ts slnKhc'd by l.*i jicr cent, the Board of Trade a n n o u n c ed today. It was tin: first sign t h a i navit tr;c-j tnt i mf-rl:rr«. flHlI vo IT t\in irn *riy rrmedis* you' a: mcnui. p£ftrt«ii. (not or may iw-n S'S'ALV^ »M wrntlT MMfrsIM Snap tin hflp you. rtnw tnr yoi- fotkf «t Rttwe WONDKH SALVE I" while. trMKICIi. : rtr chlldr.n O| WONDER 3ALVE »r1 WONDER ANTISrrTIC SOAf-- · rr.rulfj nr money refunded. Troly I wmdcrfiil preparation*. Try Uiein. Ii Sold In rayM!«-/ill« by Quaktr, F niclesitt. and FflyefttTlIlt Drug Stores; or youi hometown dru^tiil. 'WUT10NMTIRENEWS. 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