Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 1, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1974
Page 21
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47--Real Estate--For Sole-- 110 ACRES 7 mllci southwest ol ; raycllevlll con 2« Klway. Just 'right for imall tracts, Sell all or , »ny part. j. p. NEILL REAl ESTATE Rogers, Ark. Phone 636-37-19 NEW 3 *nd 4 bedroom homes in Sprinjr- dale's tincsl subdivision, For tnfonnallon - call Stan Howard's Royally Homes, Inc. ' phone 1KMMOT or 751-I67. . DrMEDIATB possession. H09 Rollins Hills Drive. Tlire* bedroom!," two baths ' central heat and air. SM.OOO or make oflcr. Mart sell. Call 3S7.3T65. THREB bedroom older home, very neal and clean, 4 acres oC land, on HI. Cotn fott Roadj 3 miles Irom city Nmltj. Phon* ; after 6 p.m. 521-1623. · JN PRAIRIE Grove. Cozy 2 bedroom · home -with lull basement. Heavily (had i ed lot* Wtftk to school and town. Call #6-2515 for appointment. · BEDROOM modern ho rtiind, "W mile north ot juL Ptvon* 442-4561. - nc. 1 highway 1 1972 AUDI -.^Automatic, air conditioning like new radial tires, exlr "elean. ; Wheeler Motor Co, Inc. fSI PHONE 443-3458 g (Highway 71 North) OWES FOR AMERICANS Committee Wanls To Reshuffle Individual Taxes WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tax changes benefiting average taxpayers, and one that would reduce the levy on some wealthy individuals, have been approved by the House Ways and Means Committee. The committee T u e s d a y wrote the new provisions \ effective with next year's income, into a major tax reform bill it Is preparing for. House consideration after the impeachment proceedings are completed. II enacted, the provisions would result in an estimated HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL . Strict Mother Has A Naughty Daughter Northww! ArkonMU TIMES, Thun., Aug. 1, 1974 MYETTiVlLLB, ARKAH1A* - $1.6 billion annual Treasury revenues. loss in DISTINCTIVE but practical styling makes this house an outstanding example of a small house packed with good living ideas. For future expansion, the breeze way can be closed in to make a family room. Plan HA834S has six rooms and 1,165 square feet. The architect is Herbert C. Strupp- mann, Room 505,48 W. 48th St, New York, N.Y. 10036. Anyone wishing to know the cost of the blueprint should write to the architect, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Of principal interest to most taxpayers are proposals to: · --Increase the maximum standard' deduction used by those who. do not itemize on their tax return trom $2,000 to $2,500, and the rate from 15 to 17 per cent. --Raise the minimum standard deduction that benefits low- income persons from $1,300 to $1,400 on single tax returns and to $1,500 on those of spouses filing jointly. --Create a new "sim- The TIMES It On Top of The News Seven Days a WseV! "LET THE RANCH HANDS HELP YOU" WHEN BUYING OR SELLING LAND Just look What the Wranglers Have Their Loop on Now. 'B-i" No, 501 --, "MINE-HANCH" 10 Acres iuat'-hbrih'of Lincoln. Price $7,500 SI,500'Down $64.43 per month, 15 years.- It's hard to beat terms : like this. ; B-F No. 502 -- "RANCH ON A BUDGET" 40 acres with Cabin Mobile Home Site -- 2 Wells, creek on New Hope Bd. West of Prairie Grove, Priced at «0,000 ONLY J3.000 Down and Balance in 15 years. '· B-F No. 507 -- "RANCH WITH A VIEW" This Jine Hill top »PJ"' " has 30 acres, with permanent pasture. 7 acres of wood land P?«« ' iprlne-fed pond, spring branch Only It miles Irom the Sq. in the ; · Elkins area. B-F No 5H -- ".WORKING RANCH" That will pay it's way. 600 acres " 180 in row crops, 80 in wood land pasture, the bat m pasture. 5 Eoo - pondi Good Home out buildings. 36.000 chicken capacity. You wil " hav^e to see this Ranch to believe it's in Northwest Arkansas. Let th V Wranglers show you this one To-day. That Is. are in the markc for a ~"Show Place Ranch". B-F No 521 -- "WHITE KWER SPREAD" This K acres on the Whit River has a "Million.Dollar View" -- river frontage, some grass lana Just Norlh of Elkins. The Price is Right and we also have term!,. BARRETT-F1NCHER REAL ESTATE 118 So. College Ave., Fayerteville, Ark. · 521-1929 Member: National Institute of Farm and Land Brokers plification deduction" for taxpayers who do itemize. They would be allowed to claim up to $650 in place of various mis- Rap: I don't know whether to kill myself or run away. My Mum thinks only vampires go out at night. I'm 15 and not allowed out after 9 p.m. I can't have boys call. 1 can w a 1 k to school with my dumb sister, not my friends. She spies on me and reports to my foks. ·If I'm asked to a' party, Mum gets a migrain. No boys till 18, no dances till the llth grade and then Dad has to lake me. I have to wear only dresses to school. Don't say talk to a neighbor There's no one I can trust. Am our priest is Mum's best friend Dad does whatever she tells him, so he's no help. I'm a popular chick. A lolls good it does me! This has ·go me so nervous that I amok (weed and cigarettes), pep pill: and drink, and get low grades. I was good and didn't tal back to Mum for two weeks but my dumb sister picked fight and now things are wors than ever. MiiiiniiiniiiiiNinniniiiiiniiiiniiviiiiniiiiiininimn Today In History mmmmmmmmmmummmmwmm By The Associated Press Today is Thursday, August irst, the 2I3th day of 1974. There are 152 days left in the car. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1914, Germany declared war on .Russia at ,he outbreak of World War I. On this date: . In 1502, Christopher Colum bus landed in now the Central American country o Honduras. In 1790, the first U.S. censu was taken. In 1794, a revolt known as th Whisky Rebellion broke out Pennsylvania. In 1876, Colorado was admitted to the Union as the 28th state. In 1907, the forerunner of the U.S. Air Force was established jy the Army. The aeronautical division consisted of one officer and two enlisted men. In 1946, the U.S. Atomic cellaneous .deductions, such as the one for state gasoline taxes, that the committee has decided to repeal. Backers said the change on balance would be advantageous-to taxpayers. The change that would benefit some upper-bracket taxpayers would extend to some unearned income the ceiling on he graduated tax rate that now applies to earned income, such as salaries. Under present law, while income generally may be taxed up to 70 per cent, earned income may not be taxed at a ·ate higher .than 50 per cent. The proposed change would ap- )ly the 50 per cent ceiling to a .axpayer's unearned income-such as dividends, interest and rents--to the extent that it matches his earned income. I just may walk in front o car . _ Help If You Can HIYC: Your mother's restriction are much too tough, but you'r doing your best (or worst) t make her believe she's righ' A "popular chick" who smoke pops pills and drinks wou earn a D-confidence rating eve from a relaxed parent- G straight, and maybe (let's hope she'll gradually get less Ugh -- Helen HIYC: ' But it will take more tha two weeks! Getting straight like going o n ' a diet: the fir few days are worst becau temptations are greatest, i one notices but you, and yc figure what's the use becau t won't work anyway. But it's your only hope. WOMAN'S WORLD rrj """""i . iii'^i A Convenient Sewing and Shopping Guide for Today's Gal on the Go. y "beiirg good" for the res the summer, then lot u. low whether things are better your house. -- Sue ap: Do you think older teenagers lould be allowed to read agazines like Playboy and enthouse? Half of rny friends read them, nd quite often at home where icir parents subscribe to them nd don't mind. I think the articles are good nd the pictures and jokes ren't any worse than kids pass round at school. But my folks buy these maga- Incs and then hide them so my little mind won't be con- aminatedl Should I tell them 've got my own set hidden in lie closet? -- Almost 16 )ear Almost: Why' hot? Teenagers should be allowed to read any magazine that's - "fit" for their parents. (And if parents don't hink it's fit, they shouldn't buy t.) Besides, think of the money saved if you could share the same magazines. -- Helen And le P.S. Seriously, it seems to us .hat parents who "protect" older teens from their own girlie magazines aren't very aware. They should know kids will read them elsewhere, il they're so inclined. Rap: I'm a new husband and I've just discovered my wife's idea of equal rights is -- the husband brings home the paycheck and the wife spends it. Except she spends more than I make. What should I tell her? -- Un- liberated Husband. Dear Husband: We'd suggest she work out a firm budget with your help, or get a job. Or both, -- Helen And Sue Y Energy Commission was established. Ten years ago: A Communist battalion struck at a.-village only four miles west of South Vietnam's capital of Saigon. Five years ago: President Nixon was winding up an Asian tour in Lahore, Pakistan. One year ago: East German Communist leader Walter Ul- bficht died at the age of 80. Today's birthdays: French fashion designer Yves St. Laurent is 38. Former tennis star Jack Kramer is 53. Thought for today: And what so tedious as a twice-told tale Homer, ancient Greek poet.. Soviets Discover New Element MOSCOW (AP) -- Soviet scientists working at the Nuclear Research Institute at Dubna have discovered a new elemen with the atomic number of 106 Tass reported today. 'fhe official news agency saic the scientists bombarded lead nuclei with accelerated ions of chromium-54 to produce the jipw element, which divided in radioactive decay in less than one-hundredth of a second. Physicists at Dubna," near Moscow, are leaders-in world research aimed at discovery of new transuranium elements. In the United States the principal work in this field is carried on. at the University of California. Claims of new element discoveries have in the past stirred controversy between the two scientific centers, which use different techniques for creation and identification of the new elements.- The search for new elements is presently carried on DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketcham One Out Krlsla Becker, 10, of Pauls Valley, Okla., and licr hnse- Imll team struck out t h e first time up in court tills week, hut her couch says the game Is not over. Krlsta Is the only girl in the Pee AVcc division of the OK Kirts Association baseball league, and her assistant coach got a temporary restraining order stopping Jhe state tournament by alleging the team was treated badly by .league officials In a disputed g a «ne because of Krisfa. She's the team best'pitcher and batter. (AP Wircphofo) (Mi** Win compliments every time . you wear this clever vest! ; Instant C r o c h e t ! - O n e - r o u n d : medallion for back, 2 halves for · t front! Use knitting worsted in varied colors- Top pants, shorts, ' dresses. Pattern 713: sizes 8-10; -· 12-14 included. 75 CENTS each pattern -add 25 cents each pattern for first-class- mail and handling. Send to special Laura Wheeler Northwest Arkansas TIMES, 450, Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N. Y. .10011. Print Pattern 'Number. Name, Address. Zip. - NEW! 1974 Needlecraft Catalog covers the creative scene -- knit, crochet, fashions, embroidery, quilts, more! ...15 NEW! Sew plus Knit Book has basic tissue pattern .._$1.25 NEW! Needlepoint Book .-$1.00 NEW! Flower Crochet ....$1.00 Hairpin Crochet Book ....Sl-OO Instant Crochet Book $1-00 Instant Money Book $1.00 Instant Macrame Book ...-$1,00 Complete Gift Book $1.00 Complete Afghans no. 14 .$1.00 12 Prize Afghans no 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quilts no. 1 -50 cents Museum .Quilt Book no. 2 --50 cents !5 Quilts for Today no. 3 ---50 cents Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs .50 cents C h o o s e sun-scooped or mandarin neckline for this sleek "INCHES SLIMMER" Style. The uninterrupted line makes you look taller, narrower, Printed Pattern 4654: Half Sizes 10%, Wk, Wk, WA. 18'/4. Size Wh (bust 37) t a k e s Z'A yards 45-inch. Send $1.00 for each pattern: Add 25 cents for each pattern for first-class mail and special handling. Send to Anne Adams Northwest Arkansas TIMES 438 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York, N. Y. 10011 Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP SIZE and STYLE NUMBER- MORE FOR YOUR MONEY i n NEW FALL-WINTER PATTERN CATALOG! 100 best school, career, casual, city fashions. Free pattern coupon. Send 75 cents. Sew plus Knit Book -- has basic tissue pattern $1.25 Instant Sewing Book -$1.00 Instant Fashion Book 51.00 Second Twirling Camp Under Way A total of 155 students from A r k a n s a s a n d surrounding states are attending the summer twirling camp at the University of Arkansas this week. The camp began Monday and will conclude Friday. Eldon Janzen, director of University bands, said every phase of intermediate and advanced twirling is being taught in the camp. It is sponsored by the Department of Music and Division of Continuing Education. Kathy Rice of Crossett, former head majorette for the Marching Razorback band, is the supervisor-instructor. Faubus Expenses LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Former Gov. Orval E. Faubus spent $148,545 through his campaign headquarters in his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. The figures were contained in a report mailed to the Democrat State Committee. The largest expenditure was $78,204 to a Little Rock advertising agency for art work, production and advertising in newspapers, radio' and television. Faubus also said he spent $16,675 for polling services. test of scientific theory and has little immediate practical value, American physicists explained. The new elements are created in very small amounts and often have extremely short life before radioactive break-up. ; However, a U.S. scientist explained, there is the theoretical possibility that some elements with higher atomic numbers may be more stable and be of value, for example, as improved sources of neutrons for use In atomic fission. Attache Appointed TEL AVIV (AP) -- Gen. Avraham Adan, the tank commander who closed the armored ring around Egypt's 3rd Army during the October war, has been appointed Israel's military attache in .Washington. The military command said on Wednesday that · Adan, 48, will assume the post this week. end. During the October fighting, Atla;; led his tanks into Egypt, capturing the city of Suez and cutting off Egyptians who had crossed to the eastern side of the Suez canal. 'WOULDN'T T ee KTURIF m w FUBSER KWDS M'-CffitfT WHEELS ?' State Receipts Up In July LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The s t a t e Department of Finance and Administration says general revenues collected in July were up 27.4 per cent over the same month a year ago. That figure is a 16 per cent more than the 11.5 per cent increase in revenues over the last fiscal year that the state would need to fully f u n d the current fiscal year budget of J455 million. T o t a l general revenues collected were $37.87 million. The July 1973 was $29,71 Stale Crop Outlook Brighter After Rains LITTLE ROCK (AP) --Most crops in Arkansas showed remarkable improvement last week after rain moved into the state, according to a report by the Arkansas Crop and Livestock Reporting Service. The weekly report said rain brought relief to dry fields and pastures except in the northwest portion of the state. Hail damaged cotton and soybeans in Mississippi County. Here is a report on the status of various crops in the state: COTTON -- The cotton crop was making good growth but was shorter than normal. Most of the crop was in fair condition. RICE -- Rice was generally reported in good condition. A Few areas have grass and weed problems and some levees were iiniiuinmniHiiiiiniiniiiiiiiinnntiiiiiiiuiiniiiniiiiiiiiiii Business Notes broken by heavy rain. total in million. Total sales tax receipts for July were up 19.1 per cent over collections in the comparable month of 1973. The amount received was $16.84 million -- or $2.7 million more than reported in July 1973. One index to the health of the state's economy -- automobile sales -- has begun to climb again, state officials say. Automobile sales taxes increased 11.2 per cent and t h e automobile used tax was up 6.5 per cent compared to July 1973. Another large increase in July 1974 collections was in the quarterly wilholding income taxes. SOYBEANS Rain helped the soybean crop in all stages of development. The older fields began new growth and recently planted fields were germinating. The crop was in fair condition. CORN -- Heat and earlier dry weather caused a deterioration of potential yield, but the grop is growing well. Early corn was nearing maturity. FRUIT and VEGETABLES -- The early apple harvest was complete. Peach picking was ended. Okra was growing well and production was increasing. Tomato harvest was tapering off. Free tickets are available at the Bird's Nest in the Boston Store for the Seventeen Show at the Twin Cinema Theater at the Northwest Arkansas Plaza on Friday afternoon. The firsl show will be at 3:30 p.m., and the second at 4:30 p.m., anc admittance is by ticket only. Miss Lasky, Seventeen Magazine editor, will be present for consultation on back-to-school clothes. The slate Highway Department announced Wednesday that Anchor Construction Company of Fayetteville was the low bidder on a work project along 10.7 miles of county road. Anchor bid $180,710 for sur- 'acing the strip of road on bounty Route 1048 from Hwy. 52, a mile east of Lincoln, north to Arkansas Hwy. 16. ADVERTISE RBtZ! Thousands ol homerailteM MM * this feature- ditlr . wlU IM you meow*. ud 1972 VOLKSWAGEN 4-Speed, air conditioning, low mileage, like new. Wheeler Motor Co, PHONE 443-3458 Um 3244 N. College · (Hishway 71 North) Squatters Scorned By The Associated Press Israeli Premier Yitzhak Rabin said today that Israel had an indisputable, right to the occupied Jordanian west bank, but warned he would continue to ban Israeli settlements in the area unless they had government aproval. Speaking in the Jerusalem parliament. Rabin took a firm line against Israeli nationalists such as those who sparked a national controversy last week by squatting on a patch of west bank land in a bid to force the government to annex the zone. Steel Earnings Up PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) -- U.S.Steel Corp. reports its second-quarter net income, bolstered by 13.5 per cent in price increases, surpassed a 15-year record. ' The nation's largest steel- maker said Tuesday that it earned a record $160.3 million, or $2.95 per share, on sales of $2.42 billion. Earnings were up 92 per cent from $84.9 million, or $1.56 per common share, on sales of $1.81 billion !n the second quarter of 1973. They also broke the quarterly Income record of about $148.5 million in 1959. Osceola Presses For Sale Of Gas System OSCEOLA, Ark. (AP) -- City officials and civic organizations are pressing Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. to sell its natural gas distribution system here so the new owner can bring additional gas into the city. The Securities and Exchange Commission ordered Ark-Mo in 1971 to divest itself of the gas distribution system. That rilling was made because the utility, which also supplied electrical power, represented a power monopoly in the area. Osceola Mayor Richard Prewitt says the firm has stopped taking new customers, which has significantly slowed the city's develomcnt. He charged the company had obtained three extensions of the commission's order and apparently was uninterested in get- ling rid of Us gas properties, LIFE BEGINS AT 40 AND IT'S ABSOLUTELY TRUE WHEN YOU SAVE AT FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Juit Imagine ... if you are 25 years old and you save just 100.00 a month with us for fifteen years,' without ever drawing it out ... a total of 180 pay ments. So, now you are 40, and life begins . . . because we now start paying you 100.00 a month, but the 100.00 we pay you goes on every month for at long as you live . . . and you still have your origins! Investment. Can you imagine living to 80 like a lot of people do and collecting 100.00 a month for forty years. A total of 48,000.00 dollars and you still have your original investment. Need we say more? Drop in today and let us start your life at 40. (Assuming our current rate o! Interest) first federal sayings Phone 521-3424 or 521-3534 on the Square and Northwest Arkansas Plaza

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