Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 13, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 13, 1952
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1HI PUUIC MTttllT II THE FIRST CONCNN OF THIS NEWfMPft IOCAI fOMCACT-- f'«yettevllle and vicinity pirtly cloudy and colder tonight arid tomorrow, with strong northerly winds. Rainfall .02. High temperature yesterday 57; Jow 45; noon today 61. Sunrise 7:07; sunset S;5jl. A*MCMt*4 Prats Leased Wir» AP, King and NEA Feature* FAVITTIVIIU, ARKANSAS, WtDNKDAY EVENING, FEMUARY II, l»51 Testimony At Road Hearings Is Concluded Texas, Virginia Highway Experts To Offer Advice Testimony Summary Planned By Members Of Commission Little Bock~(#)-The Arkansas Highway Audit Commission has , completed examination of witnesses in its investigation of state Highway Department operations. The commission heard its last witness yesterday afternoon and then · recessed . until tomorrow when members will confer with Highway Department experts from'Texas arid-Virginia. After reviewing operations of highway departments in those ! Patterson and Neal said the Springdale Girl Queen Candidate Washington-fypJ-Arkansas' princess foi»the annual Cherry Blossom Festival here in the spring will be Beverly Joe Reed, Springdale, Ark. Miss Reed, an employe of the Agriculture Department, was chosen by the Arkansas State Society. A graduate of Springdale High School and of the University of Arkansas, she will compete with princesses from other slates lor the title of Cherry Blossom Queen at the festival. The queen is chosen by lot. not been properly restored. Tells of Appointment ' " " " " Sfassen, Tafl And Warren Hit Republicans Take Sharp Blows At President Truman Hi' 7V .-\w-iillr1 T'rr*r Republicans from coast to coast look a deep breath Wednesday after Lincoln Day speeches aimed mostly as blasts againrt the Dem-! ocralic administration j Three GOP aspirants for t h e ' presidency--former Gov. Harold ; E. Stassen of Minnesota, Senator' Taft of Ohio and Gov. Earl War-: ren of California--were among those who had their say. Slassen, in Denver and Salt Lake City, callcd for "ending j seven years of mismanaged Missouri misrule of our nation's government." He accused the Truman I administration of loose spending j and "unnecessary loss of lives of; American sons." j Taft, in Seattle, said Chiang! K-i-Shek's forces on Formosa, now neutralized, could "protect the island chain which is our Pacific shield and . . . prevent Communist conquest of Southeast How Times Change a «,,, u / .1. . ~ Asia.". He said a Communist as- a member of the appraisal sault threalcns Southeast Asi» and "the only chance to stop H is by a Chinese Nationalist invasion of Communist - h e l d territory." Chiang's forces make up in spirit what they lack in equipment, Taft team at the request of Highway Commissioner Roy Martin of Fort Smith. He saic'. he had estimated that the appraisal would take 30 Hays, but actually it took more than 100 days. states, Ihe commission will hear a summary of testimony presented during the three sessions. The commission yesterday heard testimony: 1. That the state paid $1,000 or more an acre for property purchased for a highway project between Van Buren and Alma: 2. That the price was fixed by · team of three appraisers which Included a ma-; who had property ·long the route; 3. That appraisers did not take Into account the assessed value of the property or of prices paid for ft by owners, and 4. From t\vo of the appraisers, Including the landowner, who defended their decisions in determining the urice of $1,000 an acre. 1?8 Acres Included The. testimony concerned a total of 128 acres for which the state eventually wi 00(1. pay about $300,- Two of the appraisers, Ray E. Patterson, Fort Smith real estate tractor started work on the project at about the same time the, said. Vandalism, Attempted Robberies Present Problem For Police; Groups Out At Night If Lincoln were president today,, Warren said in Boston, he would i block Communism's spread started evaluating the property, j uniting freedom-loving n..tions Stock-Killing Panther Hunted In Oklahoma He defended the appraisals, saying that there were records of many Sl.OOO-pcr-acrc land sales in the vicinity and prices of $400 and $500 per city lot in Van Buren. 'usable buildings on the affected property. j Hith Debt Service . The commission also was told ' that less than half the money col: lected for highway purposes in i Arkansas is going toward road j construction.:' M. L'. Baird. highway department statistician, said much otthe money goes for debt service on bonds, county and m u n i c i D a l t u r n backs, general revenues, the State Police and tax refunds to farmers on gasoline used for agricultural purposes. Highway from motor fuel tax, auto license fees, oil inspection fees, auto title fees and intransit taxes. To Carry dealer, and Jay Neal of near Van Buren said they thoucht SI,000 an sere was a fair nricc for the property. Neal said hr sold three acres to the state for that price. Neal told thc commission: He was asked by fialoh Robin- Bon. Van Buren attorney, to serve i fts an appraiser. He first refused i 'on tbo ground that he lived in thr I.. neighborhood of the proposed j RGDOfK Of Fuil0rll hishwav project, but accented T * Wl ' Ull * lal when Robinson told him that his j ' f a m i l i a r i t v with the property would help the project. Tt never was established what connection Kobinson had with the project or who authorized him to employ Neal. Quotes Market Price The only br.sis on which he fixed the price for the right-of-way was the market price and that was $1,000 an acre. Neal said. The money he received from sale of his land was in addition to a fee of $4,975 he collected from his . part in the annraisal and a pending claim of $750 for the appraisal work. Hc intends to file a claim /for . several thousand dollars against the state unless the Highway Department restores other property that was damaged by the highway contractor, he testified. Hc said the s only announced candidate for the clusiv « panther t h a t lias been kill- Democratic nomination, said in I m * stock thc P ast f r w weeks. Chicago both parties should join j Last "'K hl he (or she) was forces lo fight "the Influence 0 £ spoltccl a S a i n - H crossed the road criminals and the unholy alliance I '" front ol a rar driven by Barrel Hayes, 19, of Kremlin. After patrolling the area thoroughly, authorities gave up again. All Ihey found were footprints where the beast had ducked under a brlc'je after he ran across the road. How it manages to vanish when searching parties comb | the area is a mystery. · - McCteljin Trhisijl On Spending Checks Washington - (/!') - Scnat.or McClellan (D-Ark) said today he will move for an early vote on his bill to set up a super-watrh- dog commitlee on federal spend- He said ther were 125 livable and' I belw ^ n t h. c , m ,,» nd somc few TMn | 'usable buildin« n,, th» ,«,,,,,.j m P u b h c l l f c TV May Become New Problem To Breakers Of Law! He Concludes Reds Just Don't Make Good Sense! By FLO VI) CARL, JR. Holdup Results In Arrest Of Three Persons ISoldier Reports students Raise Three University students from ! Fayclteville have been named to: committees in charge of arrange-! mcnts for the a n n u a l Campus; C'hcsl drive. In ho held February! 18-20. Devon Hammnnd Is Sing-' test chairman; -take Sharp, chairman of the 'Arrangements Committee; and Jcrol Garrison, publicity chairman. The drive will close With competitive slnzfcsl -Wednesday night In the Student Union ballroom. Men's houses will participate, The coal for the-drive is f3,000. Collections will be .made by (be m-Rani/ed women's houses on the campus, each competing to-raise the most money. Various methods will he used to solicit money. Sc'v- j e r a l houses will stage shows; one A scries of assaults, attempted j " lillls lo nold al ) u s'. y M n n con - robberics nnd vandalism by loen- ase groups d u r i n g ' ( h e past few lest, and one will sell cnndy. A concert on the rtazorbnck band calliope at noon today In the days confronts city police here j Student Union lobliy publicized with a problem. I l "c l l r i v c. The calliope will be used In another concert on the Recently petty theft,, p a r k i n s JTM East Orange, N. J.-(/]')-Soviol lot prowlmga and vandalism reports have been coming into police headquarters In Increasing numbers. In a d d i t i o n , there have comment on his recent election defeat for a place In the New Jersey Legislature is "just a hie laugh," Negro baseball Btar Monte Irvin said today. Soviet Sports -- the top sports paper in Russia--yesterday blamed deceit and bribery of voters for the New York Giant outfielder's loss. It said it was "out of the question" in America for a Negro to be elected to an organ of state ( authority. ·Irvin said, "Why the man that beat me is a Negro, just like I am. Those Reds just don't make Washington-fyPJlSturiy this face on your television screen, the Announcer said, because this man is wanted for investigation of house breaking. Mrs. H. H. Knnwles.. at home in nearby Alexandria, Va studied the face. A knock on the revenue is derived I door, interrupted her. She walked ' ' ' ' " ! " v er and looked through the peep - Yipes! Same face! C - ' V ? Policc ' Thc ' iSooners Seek To Compete pass it," Mcm » r - ' o ass , c- man fled._Pol,ce_d,dn't calch him.| C lcnnan predicted. Ho contended New York-(/P)-The four major radio networks will carrv reports on the funeral of King George VI on Friday. Television networks will be limited to oral descriptions and itill pictures on the day of the funeral Newsreels of the event are expected to arrive here by plane Saturday. Flagpole Painter Dies Chicago-(/P)-Charle.s H. Crippen fib, suffered a fatal heart attack Tuesday while painting a 50-foot flagpole at the Seventh Avenue School in suburban LaGrange. His body was found dangling in his ' S Cta " ' mm the '"« * bandit, driven by a liveried chauffeur in an expensive auto, held up two service stations Tuesdav. After 'both jobs he stepped to his car and commanded: "Home James!" John Sala, a t t e n d a n t i n . Downey station, told sheriff's officers the highwayman wore a grotesque red devil mask. Sala surrendered $64.78. Thc bandit got $16 in his Norwalk holdup. Social Security Number For Grandma Moses Troy, N. Y.-yP)-Grandma Moses, whose primitive painlings won her world fame, has a social securily number for Ihe first time-'-at the .age of 91. New York-m-Rep Fr.-nklin D. G r a n d m a -- M r s . Anna Mar I government agencies which do the i spending, "too long have held all I the cards" in shaping the multi; billion-dollar budget, i | He said he will move lo have ' : Ihe bill called up after the .Senate Norwalk, Calif.-(£i-A masked " a £ - d i s p o s e d of the question of His Work In High Roosevelt A Delegate been reports of women followed along dark streets by groups of boys; teenagers forcing their way Into homes; and at Icasl one Fay- cllcvllle woman attacked by boys who attempted lo steal her purse as she stood in her own yard. The. biggest d i f f i c u l t y confronting police..has. been thc problem pi. IdciHlfcaton--most of thc Incl- denls'havc occurred during darkness-mid so' fur .witnesses "hlvt" been unable fo Identify any of thc youths picked up as suspects, One of the incidents occurred at 6:45 o'clock Sunday morning when the drive. Farouk Orders Floral Wreath For George VI Are Stolen Fort Smith Police Holding Suspects For County Sheriff Two women and a soldier, ar- · rested at Fort Smilh ..'early .this mnrning while driving the car of a Washington County holdup victim, were being held for return lo I'VycltcvIlc this afternoon. Sheriff Brucr Crider .said the three'have been charged with robbery In the holdup of a Camp Chaffee lioldler »l Wlnslow about 1 o'clock this morning. Al 1-Vt Smith, Police Chief I'ink Shaw said - t h c arresting officers identified the trio as Cpl. Cusler J. Vplton, Camp Chaffee, Normn fidwM'ds and Sue Fllppln, Addresses of thc young women were not available. Thc trio was arrested juout 2:15 o'clock- this morning In Kort Smith by Fort Smith and Military Police after thc robbery victim, Cpl. Jackson n. Taylor, also of Camp Chaffcc, had alerted Stole Police. Stale Policc Sgt. Boone Barllclt of Clarksville, who look thc holdup victim's complaint about 1:30 , this morning, said Corporal Tay- London - (/n - 1- InnsU disclosed j | 0 r told him thc robbery occurred Wednesday that one of the most : ncar c; rcc ri Shadows or Highway caborale of an estimated 100.000 7 1 Bl Wlnslow. He quoted the tol- floral day's has come from Varouk. . tribute* . o r d e r e d for Frl- dler as savins: funeral of King George V I ! ... ....'.J!.. Kin King . He had 'driven a filrl friend, to h , wreath includes-hundreds of curled laurel leaven--11 took two women 12 hour*'-to curl thciii --and white lilies/The whllc'sllk Knrouk of Egypt and thc Sudan," Oklahoma City-(/P)-A contest to I door "' a ' ho ' mn "n East Spring name "Oklahoma's million dollar Street, ncar. College Avenue. 'Ilic , . . , , . n i ' n . i i in nf^j fji n i i u nil: o u u d l l i Uvo youlhs knocked nl the front Florists, swamped with work, SJUSSlLSSH 1 . . n .« r Aojierjoor: Re- . ruing to his panted car he vita,;two .women and a ' man,-"who'-'took his billfold and ribbon attached Is inscribed "King« nionc yi drove him a short distance «.. .. -. r. .- , .. . . . . .. I snt | f 0 ,. ccr | |,| m O U ( O f hjj own c a f j leaving him afoot; The car headed chicken" be conducted by the Poullry Committee of Ihe Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Tom Woody announced today. Tlic person submlll ing the winning name will receive $500. Woody said growers arc producing just under SOO.OOO chickens annually and with the sale of feed, chicks and equipment it's "a brand new million dollar industry." Oklahoma is atlempting to compete with Ihe Arkansas broiler market. contractor he testified. He said Roosevelt, Jr., has fee, named !Robertson Moses of'ncarby Eaele quads, three boys and a the state had ordered thc contrac- one of the 13 New York County j Bridge-recently was assigned an ' born 3mmr * ' 4 - tor to fill an excavation made on j delegates lo lhe Democratic Na- account number as a se"f-em-i ~ his properly, hut thai the land had itional Convention. I ployed person. ! Mokc: Hk Life C General Pays Tribute To Bravery Of Major Davis admitting Alaska and Hawaii to statehood. The hill proposes to set up a Senate-House committee with a staff of investigators lo . make year-round studies of government spending. Mother Of Quods On Way Back To Arkansas ... old man identified as Max Joseph Chicago-W)-Mrs. Leonard.Pon- Froskaucr was given a part lo der, mother of the Arkans;.. play such a role in a movie a year quads, was to start back ' to her ago. Murfrccsboro home today after a .The FBI now says Proskauer whirlwind tour of Chicago. i . . . Mrs. Ponder, 38, received gifts for lhe babies when she appeared on the "Welcome Travelers" radio show here yesterday. She also received clothing for herself. Thc quads, three boys and a girl, were Plays The Part He Looks, FBI Charges New York -(/!·)- B e c a u s e . h c looked like a convict, a 33-year- Tokyo-W-Lt. Gen. O. P. Wcy- land, commanding general of the Far East Air Forces, paid tribute today to jet ace Maj. George A. Davis, Jr., as "a man of daring courage and skill." Davis was shot down in North Korea Sunday just after he scored his 13th and 14th Red kills. Weyland issued a statement praising Davis, but made no men- tion of a protest by Mrs. Davis, who said her husband was forced to remain in Korea against his will after he became an ace by shooting down five planes. The first three men to become aces in Korea wore sent home to train other pilots. Thc Air Force said those were exceptions, that the normal tour of duty for a fighter pilot in the Korean War is 100 missions. 44 Inches Of Snow On Ground in Maine As Cold Weather Spreads Over Big Area Chlcago-W)-Slorms which swept Northeastern states diminished today as cold weather moved in from the Hudson Bay district. · There was 44 Inches of snow on the ground nt Caribou, Maine, after the worst snowstorm of the winter season, As thc slorm abated, ' temperatures dropped and i :id- Ings early today were near zero in somc areas. Wind gusls yesterday reached hurricane force In · somc parts of the storm belt. Power lines were knocked out and electric service disrupted over a wide area. Thc chilly air extended to thc Carollnas, and spread Into Michigan, sending temperatures tn near zero nt Saull Sic. Marie and I'ell- slon. Readings were above normal In most other parts of tlicTHidwest but colder weather was forecast. It was mild again today In the Gulf states. The mercury climbed to RB above at Laredo, Texas, yesterday. Weyland spent most of today with his public information officer and then issued this state- Mokes His Life Comply With The Regulotions Oklahoma City-yi'i-Hulcs arc rules, Police Inspector Roy Bergman told the young applicant; only married men are allowed to be officers. Two hours later, the youth returned to Bergman's office and announced: "Sir, I've just had a! mcnt: "The loss of Maj. George A. Davis, Jr., is a tragic one. He a man of 'da skill. My hca rcavement, just as I have shared the grief of thc mothers, wives and .._ -,,.,-,.,,.,,,,,,,, -,. famnies of every other airman lost day death toll from Alpine ava- T^_..._ tahchcs mounted to 26 today. admits hc actually is an ex-convict. Arrested here by FBI agents yesterday, he was held in $20,000 hail as a fugitive on charges of committing a Chicago bar holdup Patrolman Sawyer Back With City Police Force Motorcycle Patrolman Frank Sawyer, who has been on leave of absence from thc city police force while on active duty with the owner, a woman, told police that after she refused them, entrance one of the boys forced the back door, entered thc house and told her, "You arc going lo get shot over I his." Robbery was apparently not (he motive, since the youths look, nothing from the huucc. Both had j apparently been drinking, the woman told police. At 0:30 o'clock last night a Fay- cllevillc woman reported lo police that she had been frightened by a group of teenagers who followed her home. Less than two hours later another woman was followed by a group of boys who attempted to grab her purse, she said, but fled without it. Thc attack look place on East Street about two blocks south of thc Square. Earlier in the evening police were callcd to a West Dickson Street address a f t e r teenagers bombarded 3 residence with rocks. Monday night five teenage youths entered the City Hospital, attempted to escape wtih a fire tinguishcr and fled when police Inquishcr and fled when police' were called. ' hired hundreds of extra workers. Among those w h o o r d e r e d wreaths were Egyptian Prime Minister Aly Mahcr Pasha and Prime Minister Mohammed Mos- sadegh and his Iranian government. 12 Violent Deaths In Slate Monday, Tuesday L i t t l e lloi:k-(/I')-Thc violent death toll in Arkansas during the first t w o days of this week totals 12. 1 Jack Holland, about ?,.1, of Hot Springs, apparently drowned in Lake Hamilton Tuesday when hc south. Co/noviil Taylor telephoned Sergeant Darlletl at Clarksville. State Pollen blocked Highwa; 1 64 north of Clarksville and alorted Fort Smith police. The stolen car was located a few minutes later by a Kort Smith prowl car. The arresting officers reported finding Taylor's empty billfold In the stolen car. This afternoon Fort Smith police said they were holding the tl.rcc suspects '.or release cither, to Washington County authorities or State Policc. Sergeant Bartlctt said he had arranged to hive the three returned to Fayetteville to face trial. , Deputy Prosecutor I'eter G. fell from a boat. His body hasn't tst « ihis afternoon filed »,charge of robbery against Volto.i and the two women In Circuit Court. Sheriff Crider said they would bs returned here later thij afternoon. Duke Of Windsor In been recovered, Bcrnice Lowe, 46, Negro, perished when fire destroyed a two-story building in Hot Springs Tuesday night. She was the only occupant. Crlrket Player KHIef with a military rifle, ran amrk j Southampton. Kngland-WVfhe f l an Adelaide cricket match Duki of Windsor arrived home to- Wcdncsday, killing om. player day for thc funeral of.Klng George with a shot through th.- heart and VI, his brother to whom he re- wounding another. 1 llnquishcd his ihrnne. ...... -" ' - « w k j m i l l mi; . . . . · I I M J I VU H A K l l i Navy, has returned to duly w i t h ! l l a l n m K Program for its reserves ,, f s u m m c r * the police. in lhe nation's history. The de- : active .luty HI Sawyer, a petty officer in thc tivr'dufv^h'nrMv'".^"''^ 10 T tragic one. He was long talk with my girl. We're go- hrc .. k ', ',..., £ " , ,, , , oul ; railed for IS days of active dutv - ;lr ""' ring, courage, and ing to get married. Where's the I "'.?.., ,, " n c n . o r c . i n war and .,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,, , , ', ' Ihorlz t goes out to Mrs.! application blank?" S "^ A I" n ' on !, hs ».' 5 "°TM 'n.slal- »· t""mng on a mandaloiy" : Army Planning Record - Breaking Reserve Training Washinglon-M'j-The Army a n - 1 mobilisation designations -- the I schools. There will be an average nouncod today it will conduct this ; summer-time tolal will include: | of 60 days of summer schooling for year Ihe biggest summer-camp i 'S.flno officers of the volunteer \ the officers and 30 days for the ·: reserve assigned to 15-day lours | enlisted men. field training, olher j fi.774 officers and 1,954 enlisted ity or school attendance. men who arc students at Army 2,000 recruits in the Organized j area schools. They will be selected l h c r bc in Korea. "We are fighting a vicious and skillful enemy in the air war and Ardinches Cause Dialhi Vienna. Austria-i/Pj.Austria's 4- Latest victims were three children and a British skier. New snows , * ' " · · " officers and enlisted men will be , "cscrvc Crrps who are without i on the basis o: training for future military service. They arc a u - · advancement and their summer fur ii-iininu rm ·, ·· . , .. " ' :ccl lo SIM ' VT " 3l) - (1a ' t o u r ! courses will average 17 days. lor n a m i n g on a m a n d a l o i v : ...:.i. _.. ._.:..- » , · .. · -- ... . _ _ . .. Volunteers and other catf:- : will bring the t r a i n i n g total c y, cry ounce of our .skill, leader-i were causing thc lalesl avalanches. I ship, experience and rlctcrmina-j lion is needed. Major Da.vis pos-: D-,,.|»_., "OUIiry sesscd these attributes in abundance, in addition to a dauntless courage, and thus served as both an inspiration and a mentor In lhe younger fighler pilots. His loss is a blow to thc Far East Air Forces." Davis was one of three more aces who were ordered to finish their regular 100 missions. One of those eventually returned home. The other is sill! In Korea. Davis was on his .!!)!h mission Thc poultry market today as reported by the University of A r - kansas Inslitule of Science and Thursday and resumed his duties j wilh thc police yesterday. Piper Changes Name Kansas City -IIP,- Thc Weekly lend summer camp. Last year Kansas City Star changed Its n a m c j 121.000 reservists were trained In H will bo i.he second summer members of the troop program u n i t s of Ihe organized reserve corps have been required lo ,il- Technology and thc Dairy a n d ' y e a r s earlier. to the Weekly Star Farmer with today's issue. The weekly paper was founded in 18RO by W i l l i a m Rockhlll Nelson who had founded t h e Daily Kansas City .Star 10 Poullry Markel News Service ol Ihe U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas: Market f i r m ; demand good; offerings re- Sunday when he was'shot down P" rlcrt light al.mosl points; volume In Lnhhock, Texas, Mrs. Davl °' trading slighlly below normal; 'aid her husband "had expected I prices f, o. h. (arm reimrlcd to 2 t o - b e hom« for Christmas a f t e r ! p. m.-- hrnilrrn and fryers nil he shot down his fifth plane." I weights, 29-2DV4, mostly 29. The Weather-- Arkansas--Conslde,able cloudiness, showers and lorai ^n'.t'.nf-' storms Ihls aflernoon *nd In cast pnrllor. tonight; wvirmci t h i s Ml- ernoon, turning tonlcr tonight; Thursday p.'irlly cloudy add cooler, wilh an active Army t r a i n i n g di- i 30C- officers and 324 enlisted vision. men on thc staff and faculty of men who ,i.-r students at service : officers, 30 days for enlisted men. District Attorney Invites Magazine Writer To Tell Grand Jury About Vice In Memphis dis- i Brown said he was sure Maisel the largest ticli- encampment program lo date. In ItlSO, about 50,,100 took summer field training. \ Mcmphl.s-(/1'j-The federal ....,-, The t r a i n i n g last summer was al · trie! allornfy here has invited the . would have little enough to tell 151 ramps. Th. Army IMS not de: author of a magazine article about j any federal Grnnd Jury, and '.ermmcri how m a n y will bo need- , s i n f u l clt|p« to tell a Grand Jury j charged thc writer had "dctib- M Ihls year. Nor has it announced ; where to f i n d all that vice In crately and wilfully lied about olnns for lhe six week, of basic i Memphis. i vice conditions In Memphis." branch t r a i n i n g nl summer c a m p s ' A blast at I/ok Magazine a n d ' lor college 1IOTC students. Last, Writer Albert Q. Maiscl by DIs- more than 21,000 student!' trlct Atlorney John Brown 1,1st look part. I : Ight climaxed a scries of slatc- The Look article listed Memphis and 31 other cities us htvltif "pooi-" vice conditions, according . . .. ... ,, i - i to statistics compiled and Vent by In addition l-i the 160,000 m a n - 1 mcnts by dly officials who Insist I the American Social Hyflcne A«- ,1'n. inl " "(fleers; this once roistering river rlty Is j snclallnn. Fort Smith, Ark., and I!A! "?;'; onn cnlislrd men plus 1 1 , - i n o w as mannerly as a Sunday Oklahoma City wtn nM to tol- 000 officers holding I n d i v i d u a l ' s c h o o l picnic. I crate sin.

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