Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 1, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1974
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

(WT STACT THt; SAME 6ET SM6LAS5E5 APJUST6R TD 6£T WOIXP tW ? WBH x HAD»CT pecpptD THSJE MOST se W. . j IF ONLY »WFf -fBFP-TISRE WftS SWiETHIHGTO HOLD OMT?.. CAME-OOWti IMTO THIS CISTERN, HOWTTHE week wo HE6ET .THERE'S AHOIHCR ftS LONG AS I'M HERE, HOW'S ABOUT LOOKIW IN MY FUTURE LET ME LOOK flT MV DADBORN PRESENT FUST BlRFDflV, GRANNY ( TH6 SROOS \5 THSRES A FEATHER ONIT»-M3U KNOW; HOW i Feet- Apour FEATHERS.".! WelL,ADpir-TOTH6 IT TOOK FOUR uiues. ANP 2OO.OOO.OO 7 CAPTURE THIS PARE . GROUSE FOR THE ~ JCOtff F6Et- SO XXTO»l (F Yxn,l, SfAV AND WATCH TUB STEW SET SOME WAT£K AN5 IF I 6tT AMP WATR,WHIL6'Y£t» STAY ANP WATCH TH srew WELL, 60MB OP IT ALL I DIP r4ANP A TO . 1 DIPNT EAT ANV Oi4, YOU'RE TOO SENSITIVE NOW YOU WOUT HAVE K SOMETHING THAT YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU HAVEN'T 60T BUMSTHARITWINKTHE flj ENERGY CRISIS FINALLY HITVOUR BI?AW.' BOSS,I FORGOT WHAT IT WAS YOU ASKED ME TO BRINS YOU ADOLPWS LUDWIG KOEPPEN CI6CM-IB7S) A DANISH PROFESSOR ATFKMflJN AW MARSHALL COLLEGE 1M LANCASTER^, CHANGED MS ATTIRE coMnerety 4 TIME? EACH MY JHKOV6HOVT HISAWLT i/ff Aoow WITH THE 1 ZMrtVW 7 OHITS FOREHEA 9 Ark«n*M TIMiS, Tfion^ Aug. 1, 1974 · imWIW»l«Wllll!limM LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Eye Itching Generally Caused By Allergies HUIIIWIM^^^ RON,BV. A BHXXJH W MAOAlW SftlH ARABIA, 3,OOO-YEAe-lUD TOMS siiiitiaiiiiiiBiiiiiiiraiiiiiiiiraniiiiiiffliiiBi FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Sometimes my eyes begin to itch intolerably ' when I go to visit my mother in the country. A friend who has a similar problem told me that hers was caused by a "trie." 'No one seems' to know what this is, not even she. Can you help me? Miss L.'E.. Penna. Dear Miss E.: Your symptom or intolerable itching is a common one, and is often associated with marked tearing .of the eyes, and even pain when there is excessive light. This appears to'toe a severe allergic reaction. The - symp toms are more, prevalent in the spring and summer. Smears taken from the' secretion in the eyes may show certain cell. 11 which are characteristic of an allergy. The exact subslanc- that you are allergic to must of course, be determined by spe cial tests for sensitivity. Treatment with antihistamin^ drugs and cortisone are benefi cial. Now, about "trie." This is a strange organism that resem )les both bacteria and viruses [t is farel/ seen in America It is -'related to the contagiou disease of "trachoma." You ca iiiiiriniHiiiiiiiiim^ Look in the section in which your ."birthday comes-and find what ;your outlook is,'according to the stars. FOR FRI.,' AUG. Z ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr, '20). '. If you've had difficulty, in launching a cherished project because of opposition, .you'll get a chance to prove a significant, point after noon--and · barriers will fall. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Don't: let your sympathies-run away with you. There are:sorrie who would take advantage o[ your generosity. ' . . : ; GEMINI (May 22 to June -21) I f . a proposed p l a n - o r project is well-advised, try it ..even though it is unique. It just conic wove- 1 to : be one of your more interesting challenges.' GANGER (June 22 to July 23) Some. restrictions. where per sonal relationships- 'are con cerrie'd. Don't; try i .to ' force issues'. Associates won't play along.-' , - ' " ' · ' · ' LE0 (July 24 to Aug. i 23) Opportunities · in · a ' new fiel w i l l ' interest you..considerably Study well if only to. grasp a! an avocation. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept: 23) . Judgments of the a.m. coul not only be a bit "cloudy" but if based on overoptirhism, coul have disappointing results Yourv.ins'tincts can be truste after'3 p.m., however. LIBRA-(Sept. 24 to Oct..23) Avoid overtaxing yourself' -a tendency now.. Temper, you ambitions and 'desires wit common sense".' SCORPIO ,(0cl. 22); A good day for closing profi able deals or arriving at a cords whioh will make · them possible; Gut a few corners you can. sure that this is not you» roblem. People who suffer from ver- ial (spring) conjunctivitis can ften learn the substance that hey are highly' sensitive to and hus avoid many of the unplea- ant symptoms. Is there any value to maasaget s a way of losing weight? Mrs. D.P.B., N.H. Dear Mrs. B.: It is a misconception to believe that excess poundage can be "rubbed .off." Pockets of fat may be redistributed, but cannot be "lost" with active or passive massage. There are. however, other ad- . vantages to good, sensibl* massage. It tones the muscles', and gives one a sense of well- being and in'vigoralion. One must not delude one's self into believing that massaga- is a way of avoiding calorie \ counting. The single accepted la weight reduction is based reducing the cajorie i n t a k e . ' ' When the calories we cat are? greater than the calories we rcq-airr for our daily activities it is inevitable that a weight gain will follow. , -. calon»" \ law of ' AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to DEC 1) . . - . , . . . . Get. important matters, out o ie way by 'noon, .if possible ertain planetary restrictions in ie. p.m., c'ould wjng.: : about elays,,. unexpected-., iriterrup- ions. " " _ · APRIC0RN · (Dec! 22 to Jan. Do not-,. judge the actions of thers lightly -- or: with suspi- South dealer-, ion. Study;all factors; carefully nd you , will more eliable : .conclusions.. iQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to i s eb. 19) You can 'make' u n u s u a l ' p r o - ;ress in -many areas, now. Get ·our. mind clicking early,, 1 and n tune with present trends., . ISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20)' Aspects indicate the possibil- ty : of- some deception in your area. -Be' -alert -and ready to c o u n t e'r a c t t \vilh..firmness. Above all, -avoid- those \vho have deceived -you,bjifore. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Mister*' Individual Championship Flay)'" Both sides vulnerable. NORTH A 10 5 3 ¥ R J 1 0 7 4 » A K + 861 WEST * A K J 9 7 »3 * Q » 8 2 *K104 EAST V 8 5 · 9 6 S 4 * J 9 5 3 SOUTH YOU BORN;' TODAY., -like most'-Leoite.s, present-'an outward appearance, of self-confidence .arid, self-assuredhe's's but, unlike most others born under your Sign;:this often masks an inner feeling of timidity and insecurity. Try to curb this self- doubt for you ^iave been en dowed with so many fine characteristics ' and^ : talents that, properly .educated, of course, there are-no heights which you cannot .attain. Surest avenues of-success:- The .sta'ge, literature, sceinc.e' and .the. law.. If attracted'tb business, manufac luring would be- your best bet b u t , ' i n such case, be sure to have some artistic outlet for contentment ' and .fulfillment. Birthdate of John . Tyndall, Brit,, physicist; John Kicran. journalist; author; -James Baldwin, author·;.Peter O'Toole, film star. ' " ', ·' ' : " '-. '. V A Q 9 6 2 J 7 3 * A Q 7 . Th* bidding: South West North 4 V East Pass Opening lead - king of spades A player.can't regard himsel as a really good card ptaye before he has -mastered thi basic elements of an endplay There, are hands .where, declare can establish an end positinn that \Vill save Kim '.a trick'' h might otherwise lose by. relyinp on a finesse.. Take this case where Wes eads -the A-K-,1 of spades which declarer ruffs. South see Crossword By Eugene Skeffer ACROSS 1 Haggard novel 4 Cats 8 Hebrew prophet B Spread hay B Heathen deify M Hipped BVase 16 One way of 46 Seizes SB Silent movie star 55 -- Khan 56 One DOWN 1 Tree stamp 2 Mister (Ger.) 3 Novelist Ferber · 4 Confused . cake STSraeV. 58 Haul strangers 18 Support 20 Sorrow 21 Attaches 24 Condoled 28 Newly enlisted soldiers KHindo god 35 Wing M Fruit 36 Moisture 37 Tides SI Actress Martin 61 Letter 6 Obtained 7 Sluggish . !5 Grecian city. 9 Rural sound 10 Sphere 11 Perceive. 17 American author 19 Vehicle Avg. softrSon time; 23 min. 3 HfflfB ffl@@!3 41 Heads C Scottish . Gaelic tana rastfls HHMH Answer to jwterday'* possle. 22 Food regimen 23 Gaze 25 Queen of Carthage 26 Always! 27 Jackdaws 28 Grate 29 Charles Larnti SO Small carriage n Blemish J6 Narrative of events 38 Cuts 40 Beverage 1 42 Biblical wilderness 45 Minute particle 47 Singer Smith 48 Personalities 49 Adages SOThePres* for one 51 High cad 52 Permit .53 Actress Lopino lat he may lose two club tricks nd go down one by relying m a club finesse later in tha ilay .So, to avoid this possibil- Ly, he draws . two rounds of rumps, cashes the A-K of dia- nonds. reenters his hand with i trump and plays the.jack of liamonds. · ' - · · ' , When West plays the qucen; leclarer discards a club from dummy! This unusual play; ;nocks- West 'out of the box.* Whatever he returns, South- makes four hearts. He is "well- and truly endplayed. But when the actual declarer played the hand, he went down one.. It was not because he was unfamiliar with endplays; on iie contrary, he was well' them..But: he to a trap laid by- West arid . it is difficult to criticize him for' it. ' - '. South played the nan dexactly as described, except that when he led the jack of diamonds West played Ihe ten on it! South naturally assumed that' East had the queen - it was inconceivable that West would not cover the jack' if he had the Q-lfl -' so he ruffed the diamond and returned a low club. Had East followed low, South would still.have made the hand b; .playing' the seven, but East was smart enough to put " u p the nine. So South lost two club tricks and went down one as* a result of the . high-class defense. PONYTAn. You're right, Donald, she is a good-kioking. chick.. .and tier boyfriend teaches knng fa tt ft* HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR. Readcw rtsnonS more tjulefcly §nd f»v«»1Iy wh«B given cbinpleie, ' or definite Information. . MAKE IT EASY Mr the reader-prospect to reach you. Alwiyl Insert your telephone number or your name and addreas. If you do not havs tegular hour*. gtv« a preferred time to hava n call - you. PLACE YOURSELF In tha reader'! position and aslc yourneU you would 11V* U know (about your offer). The answer you five wiU make a good Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT I'ATL to bring Mtlsfacllon do so, not through any lack of Teader«hin, hut because they do not contain esoufh Information to set prompt action THE GREATEST READER ATTENTION can b* lecared tor S»UT advertisement by ordering consecutive insertions, You can atop you* ·d in th» event ol recult* »nd then pay on\y for the days It w«« publUhxl. Ther« u* tlK very ipeclal rltei for Uv)» who «r»

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