Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 1, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1974
Page 14
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·toward Hughes Water By The Truckload Every other day, Kansas farmer David Marple drives to Pauline, Kan. for 500 gal- Inns of water for his market hogs. "Seesiis like the cattle and hogs are worth less ev- ery day yon feed them," 3Mar- jilc says. "Why, they sold 400- pound calves for $125 each at the \Vakarusa s a l e Hie other night." With 200 head of ho£s after starting w i I h six sows two years ago, Marpie finds this venture as pre- curious as (lie drought-hit corn and milo crons. (AP Wirephoto) Family Operation Produces Potato Chips For Island Of Mayi KAHULUI, Hawaii (AP) --I The Kobayashi family on the island of Maui has a business problem at their potato chip factory that would be the dream of every potato chip company in the capitalistic world. ·They produce a potato chip which is more expensive than other chips on the Hawaiian _ market, but which is so popular the family finds K hard to keep up with the demand. ' ,. -The Kobayashis -- father ' Yoshio, 71, and sons Dewey, 45, 1 and Joe, 35 -- run the family! ! owned Mani Potato Chip Co., · '. whose '.'kitchen-cooked" chips : 'are snapped up whenever they : . appear anywhere in Hawaii. ; The family began their 'oper- ,; alion on this island in 1957 after Voting Reviewed On Third Article , WASHINGTON (AP) -- Here · ' i s the 21-17 roll call vote by '·which the House Judiciary 'Committee on Tuesday approved an article of impeach- 1 ment charging President Nixon ;'with violating his oath of office ;;by refusing to give the com- ;.mittee subpoenaed evidence for cits impeachment investigation. For the article: 21 · } Democrats for: 19 \ Donohue, Mass.; .Brooks, · 'Tex.; Kaslenmeier, Wis.; Ed- Awards, Calif.; Hungafc, Mo. ' Conyers, Mich.; Eilberg, Pa.; ^aldie, Calif.; Sarbanes, Md.; Seiberling, Ohio. '· Danielson, Calif.; .Drinan, Mass.; Rangel, N.Y.; Jordan, 'Tex.; Thornton, Ark. . Holtzman, N.Y.; Owens, Utah; Mezvinsky, Iowa; Ho- ;dino, N.J. Republicans for: 2. · McClory, 111.; Hogan, Md. Against the article: 17 ' Democrats against: 2. : Flowers, Ala.; Mann, S.C. Republicans against: 15. ; Hutchinson, Mich.; Smith N.Y.; Sandman, N.J.; Rails :back, 111.; Wiggins, Calif. Dennis, Ind.; Fish, N.Y.; Mayne, Iowa; Butler, Va.; Co hen, Maine. Lett, Miss.; Froehlich, Wis.. Moorhead. · Calif.; Maraziti N.J.; Latta, Ohio. WASHINGTON House has refused Transit' Bill Defeated (AP)-- Tin to adopt a one-year $800 million mas transit bill, partly from tea: that such action would imperi a more comprehensive $20 bil lion measure due on the floo soon. ! By a 221-1BI vote on Tuesday the House referred the bill bac' to a House-Senate conference. "This is not a defeat fo mass transit," said Rep. Bell Abzug, D-N.Y., a suporter o both the one-year bill and th upcoming $20 billion measure. eing forced out of the grocery usiness by the large chain tores. They bought a smal me-pot cooking operation and :tarted experimenting w i t h rays to make potato chips \fter more than 15 years of ex lerimenting, the Rpbayashi! ave perfected a chip unlike my mass produced potato chip rom the mainland ·-- a chij .lat everyone in Hawaii wants it only a few can get. "We produce potato chips pri manly for the people on Maui.' aid son Dewey. "Whenever w :et requests from outside o his island, we try to fill the or .ers, but most of the time lan't. And this is the family's mail iroblem. SMALL OPERATION "It's a shame that we can 1 lupply everyone's orders, bu vc're a small operation .... an hat's the key to our good po ato chip," he said. "You can' produce .our type chip . on arge scale, believe me." The Kobayashi's Main chip irst of all, is thicker than th conventional chip from th nainland and it's brownish olor, almost burnt looking. It' isually larger and slightl irittle too. "The darker color of on ibtps is caused from the suga :ontent in the potatoes use," said Kobayashi. "Th arger companies use the kin if potatoes; that make a white coking chip ... which is okay i ,'ou're only' interested in how ]hip looks and not how :astes." Only nine employes and th hree Kobayashis make up th entire work force at the sma chip-making factory. The pc ato peeling and cutting is dor by machinery, but the rest done by hand, including th cooking, salting and packing. Yoshio Kobayashi, the falhe: landles all the cooking -which is done every week da from 11 p.m. to 1 p.m. the no: day. Dewey and his brother Jo handle the mass packing an shipping chores. The plant consumes about 3 sacks of potatoes, all imporie from California and Washin ton, per day. "It's hard to sa just exactly how many bags o chips we put out because varies so much," Dewey said. The fuel crisis has also ha its effect on the operation. Di scl fuel is used to heat II large cooking vals, and sin the company is allocated fu by its 1972 usage level, "cor pany growth" is being he back. Kobayashi, even though 1 makes what he calls "the be chip in the world," is not h own biggest fan. He says prefers baked potatoes to h chips. "When you look at a pota for 18 hours or longer a and sec nothing but pota chips, you don't want to ; home and have them on tl table, no matter how good th' are." NOTIC In Today's issue of The Northwesf Arkansas Times, CITY LUMBER CO. Special Section has a Misprint-- The item reads. . . . Dishwasher, made! No. 33-7212 $119.97 The Item Should have re-ad: DROP IN RANGE $1OO97 Model 33-1212 199 CITY LUMBER CO. Hiway 71 South Fayetteville, Ark. Both Senators umer FiHer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Both rkansas senators, J. W. Ful right and John L. McClellan oted Tuesday not to end thi libustcr against a bill to es iblish a federal consumer pro iction agency. The cloture attempt failed by 0 votes. Fulbright had been regardet s a "swing vote" on the bill. .Earlier Tuesday, McClellai Tcred three amendments hich he said were "designe ) strengthen the protection o II consumers in the market lace." However, a spokesman fo he Ralph Nader organizatio aid all of McClellan's revision 'ould weaken it. The bill, as currently written rovidcd for a single adminif r a t o r for the agency IcCIellan wanted a bipartisan iree-member commission irect it. "The dangers implicit in nblishing a single autonomou rbiter accountable to no on ver the wise and sometime ompeting interests of con- umers are not imaginary," I'IcClellan said in offering the ill. "The administrator could ave the power of life-or-dealh ver business or enterprise that tirred his displeasure simply y p u b l i s h i n g unfavor- hle.'..information about it," HcClcllan said. Another of the senator's menrtments would allow the gcncy to intervene in labor Hsputes -- a provision the Naler spokesman feared would di- [ ert its limited resources. 14 A Nortriwet; Arkantts TIMES, Triurs., Aug. 1 t 1974 FAYETTEVILLC, A R K A N S A S _^______ Empire Threatened With Civil Suit WASHINGTON (AP) -- Thejbrirtg against him. ovcrnmcnt may slap the Howrd Hughes empire willi a civil uit in the same case that led o Hughes' indictment on crimi- al conspiracy and stock mani- ulation charges, according to nowledgeable sources. Officials of the Securities and Ixchange Commission told the u s 11 c e Department three veeks ago that they intended to ile the suit regardless of vhether Hughes was named in criminal indictment, depart- nent sources said Wednesday. An SEC spokesman declined ominent. The reclusive billionaire and hree associates were indicted 'uesday by a federal grand ury in harges Las Vegas, Nev., ort of wire fraud, con lug lies er. piracy and stocL manipulation. They were accused of using llegal tactics to force the di- ictors of Air West, a West toast airline, to accept a company purchase of- On Dec. 31, 1368, the airline joard reversed a position taken hree days earlier and yielded o Hughes' terms. The Hughes Tool Co., now known as t h e umma Corp., took over the airline. ARALLEL INVESTIGATIONS The parallel Justice Depart- nent and SEC investigations have been marked by internal disputes about the strength of Hughes, who hasn't been seen in public for years, reportedly s living in the Bahamas under protection of an extradition agreement which could shiejd trim from returning to trial in the United Stales. Government prosecutors in Las Vegas are preparing to seek a court summons commanding Hughes.' return. That would be the first, step toward extradition proceedings. If Hughes escapes extradition, the trial of the other three defendants could proceed. But the government couldn't touch Hughes unless he were subsequently apprehended in this country. An SEC suit, making similar charges in a.civil rather than a criminal proceeding, could present Hughes with a greater threat, although his personal liberty would not be at stake. It was not clear whether the SEC intends to proceed against Hughes personally or only against his corporation. But a suit against the corporation could be tried without his case against Hughes anc most effective action to presence and could yield harsh icnalties. An SEC suit also could conflict with the criminal proceedings, already bogged down in bureaucratic disputes. Hughes first was indicted in the Air West case last December, but a federal judge threw out the charges a .month later and gave the Justice Department until midnight Tuesday to renew them. As the deadline approached, dispute developed between top Justice Department officials in Washington and the U.S. attorney in Las Vegas, V. DeVoe Heaton. Department officials report- Reynolds Intervenes LITTLE HOCK (AP) -- Re loTlds Metals Co. asked the Arkansas Public Service Commission Wednesday for permission to intervene in Arkansas Power Light Co.'s application for a $38 million rate increase. edly felt Hughes should be omitted from the second indictment while Heaton took the opposite position. The grand jury, the same panel which returned the initial apparently refusec Hughes and indictment, to exclude day, after Justice Departmenl officials took another look at the evidence and reached ar agreement to include Hughes the grand jury returned the diclment less than seven hours before the deadline. TRMAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New Used Antennas Color · Black While Boasters · Tower* Fre* Estimates 751-7927 75I-S4W 7S1-0257 ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS BUFFET Both Noon and Evening Bring the family! Child's Plate Only $1.35. We have three private dining rooms that will accommodate up to 350 people. Buffet Noon and Evening REG. U.S. PAT. 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U$e Resists mAdem sion* has V-locked |omts on runas. or exterior. *n» or outdoor. Permartetit Hwy. 71 B f North at Rolling Hills Drive in Fayeffeville, Ark.

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