Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 12, 1952
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1 i THI PUBLIC INTRUST · Ml FIRST CONCMN Of THIS NCWSPAttft Associated Press Leased Win AP, King and NEA Features Council Moves To Cut Damage From Air Rifles Proposol Of Stice To Operate Lake Is Accepted Any youngster who uses his air rifle to shoot out a street light or to cause other damage within the city limits, is subject to a fine o not less than $5 nor more than $25 under terms of an ordinance adopted by the City Coucil las night. The action was taken after it. was reported that damage to street lights has mounted this winter. The Council decided against making it unlawful to shoot the B-I3 Buns in the city limits, but did decree that any person who causes damage with such a gun may be fined if found guilty. The aldermen accepted a proposal by Marc A. Stice to operate Lake Fayetteville this summer at a salary of $250 a month and the proceeds from t h e concessions at the lake. The city will receive 15 per cent of all oyer $3,000 in gross sales the operator may realize. Stice will hire what additional help fs needed during the summer months, and will pay the lijrht hills. It is planned to open the lake to fishing and boating April IVINING; KBRUARY u", Reds Driven Back; Enemy Loses 96 Men Seoul, Korea-WyUnitcd Nations soldiers today Killed 96 Heds and wounded 130 in a fight near Ihe Mundung Valley on the Eastern Korean War front--the heaviest single action in weeks. A group of Communisls struck Allied positions near the valley n two places three minutes apart. In less than an hour the Allies had driven back hoth attacks. A group nf 150 Reds made Ihe first attack. A band of GO made the second. Tart of the lolal 226 enemy casualties was from the balance of the Reds' original 420 men, observed earlier approaching down the Mundung Valley from the north. The valley is just wesl of Heartbreak Ridge, a craggy range of mountains captured by American troops last fall. West of the valley are olhcr tall, snow-covered mountains. Enemy troops east of the valley are North Koreans. Chinese Reds hold (he area lo the wesl. An i Army communique gave no indication whclher the attacks were by North Koreans or Chi- cse. Other lied probing attacks were reported all along the 155-mile ront. in one of these on the ccn- ral front west of thc Pukhan liver, 12 men of an enemy platoon were killed. In all other probing attacks, Ihe Reds were beaten off After Airliner Struck Apartment- House IOCA1 FORECAST-- .Fayeltevllle and vlclnllr ,-iostly cloudy with occasional showen, tonight. Tomorrow partly cloud; 1 and continued mild. Trawbf rain. High temperatures' yesterday 88; low 4.1; noon today 51. Sunrise 7:08; sunsri ,5:57. PRICE FIVI CENTS $1,000 Per Acre Paid For Highway Land In Van Buren-Alma Strip "Witness Heard withdrew. 1 and operate it for a period of seven months. Permits for fishing and boating will be sold for $5 for the season, or daily fishing and boating per- f r- · i · mils may be obtained for 50" cents I \-Q f PQ IT) 111Q T.' each. ' The proposal by Stice was accepted by the Council upon recommendation of the Water Committee, of which Alderman Webb Williams is chairman. Bus' Driving Criticized Alderman Verne Heflin asked Mayor Powell M. Rhea to suggest that school bus drivers use more caution. He reported that at least one driver of a school bus which comes/ from Highway 71 South «nd turns west into Highway 62 in the mornings, has been observed proceeding in a reckless manner , _ and with red lights on the front of his bus flashing warnings to other motorists. The mayor (said he would confer with City Superintendent of Schools Virgil Blossom about the matter. Alderman Williams declared that Greyhound and Santa Fc bus i drivers are ignoring speed laws of j the city along the Highway 71' north slrelch near the Veteran? Hospital, and said "something is going to have lo be done about this." He suggested that a "very close" watch be kept on speeding buses by police. It was agreed to finance the Rending of a drill team by thc Fayetteville Fire Departmcnl to the district firemen's convention . at Decatur later this month. Drill teams from Fayetteville have won numerous honors at past conventions. Mayor Rhea said Highway Department officials will be in Fay- elleville next week to discuss highway plans to deadend two city streets. The proposals have Cops Couldn't Place The Face Philadelphia-{/P)-Pnlirc c a m e j across an abandoned car this! weekend and towed it off. They had seen it before. In fact, records showed they had placed 37 t r a f f i c summonses on it during the last 10 months-without ever hearing from the owner. Yesterday, Steve Kosolov, 1!), walked into the station and inquired about the car. He was arrested. Chief Magistrate James J. Clother levied,a $373.26 fine. Koso- lov's father paid the .fine and Kosolov went off with the car. - , ru , ' · -v.*.., ,,. ,,. J f c ,,(!,, 1IIL , inu-(j sucn disaster in the ritv fhe plane crashed two minutes after taking off fro,,, Newark, N. J."airport fo Miami. Fla. Quotes Truman As Willing To Make Sacrifice Gels Fund Drive Started The under way morning with 1952 Heart Fund drive got Sprinffdata Ihis . brought protests from the city, and an effort will be made to work out [ a different program. The mayor presented a resolution signed by officers of th Northwest Arkansas Milk Producers Association asking the Council to help speed up coun action on a recent injunction granted lo a milk producer by . Chancery Court. Thc mayor was instructed lo write a letter to the president of the association expressing interest of the aldermen . A hearing date on the matter has been set by the court. kickoff breakfast at the'Hilchin 1 Posl. After the breakfast, six teams --about 20 persons--l.-.unched Ihc money-raising efforts. The Rev. Jim Workman is Springdale chairman. Jeff Brown is chairman for Washington County. County quota is $2,500. The national quola is $8,000,000. The funds will be used for research and trcatmenl of heart disease. Fayctteville's kickoff breakfast Rhea Asks For New Trial In Vote Contest Action Holds 10 More Ballots Due Mayor Mayor Powell M. Rhca toi joined Arthi'i- B. Davidson in a.... . , ing for a new trial from a judg- ' , mcnt rendered by Circuit judge j ; Maupin Cumnlings in an election , j contest between the two men. The j \ court held February 1 that Bhea i wit elected mayor in thc Novcm- \ \ ber 6 general election, when Khea I was thc declared Democratic nom- \ ince and Davidson was. a writo-iiH candidate. Davidson later asked : for a new trial. | The motion filed today by At- torncys Hex Perkins. Jeff Duly ; and Price Dickson, in behalf of,' Mayor Rhea. slated, in parl: | That the court erred in f i n d i n g ! ,,,UMC-IS, Bcigium-t/ri-The S ^"S^ 1 ".^"?.!* TM l ,. for ' l : r ?' ciTM.ian governmcnl of Pr Carnegie Group Aids Southern Education Plan Washington - t/P) - Kr-p. Sabath i D-lll quoted President Truman ' today as saying he may be will- i ins lo make the "sacrifice" and j seek rcoleclion if he feels it will i be necessary io speed Ihe peace, i Sahalh talked w i t h reporters a f t e r a call on thc president. ! He raid Truman told him the ''· president's work "is a killing job," but lhat if he "actually felt he Atlanta - M') - The Carnegie -ild be of aid and help to Amcr- i foundation has given $100,000 to and the world in bringing I t h c Southern regional education ut peace," he would he w i l l i n g ' program lo heln Improve $100,000 Given To Regional Program Among Institutions b , i his life expectancy. i Ihc chairman of tl :s Com milieu. - """ I««i-"" t e «"«««?« '"rough "the join, Thomas Would Hear McMath "Under Oafh" Meeting Place Of Little Consequence, He Explains Herbert Thomas of I-'iyettcville, i mcmlicr of thc Highway Audit Commission, issued Ihc following slalcmcnt ycslcrday in regard lo an a n n o u n c e m e n t by Governor McMalli i n v i t i n g the Highway A u d i t Commission to his office for a conference: "There hiis never been a discussion or considered action on the part of Ihc Highway A u d i t Commission lo use or reveal campaign contributions as such. "We have not fell that t h a t was in our authority or scope of investigation. "The m a t l e r lhal has been discussed and aclccl on by Ihc Highway Allriil Commission was in ronneelion wilh (he grcal weight nf testimony indk-alinK payments exacted from verfdnrs and con- Irjctors with the His'nv.'ay Dcparl- ncnl--smnc of which were paid or acccplccl when there was no oppo- State Death Toll Up Nine In One Day Lilllp Mock - (/!) - N.,ie person! died violently in Arkansas Mo- clay. Twci Texas men .ere killed when Ihcir car struck n bridge a b u t m e n t near Walclron. The victims wcic Vancce :miih, Ama- rlllo, and Kenneth Medics of Morion. John Fred Garlich, 114, suffered falal burns when hc f e l l intn a log steam vat al th .Southwestern Veneer factory al Collon Plant. Hc wns employed ill Ihc planl. Four soldiers who rt«.d- In a col- By Commission In Little Rock Project So Costly Federal Aid May Be Refused By LEON HATCH Little nock-(/n-The Arkansas Highway Audit Commission was parlment paid $1.000 for an acre of laud on which thc appraisal was Right-of-way for a (Hi-mile , , . rtnjjnrt was a.iked: "How did you miss In nrk, N. J., died i.. a LIUIc flock hospital of injuries suffered last ; week when « pickup truck In ! . governmenl A. "B. David-TM, A r t h u r Davidson I micr Jean Van Houtlc was do- j and A r t h u r B. Davidson were cast: fc-.tcrt in a vote in P a r l i a m e n t o for one and the same person, to · day over King Baudouin'v do-' which the p l a i n t i f f objected: j sio'n irt nf and industry." John E. Ivcy, Jr.. director of th program, said the grant will greatly speed an educational effort j -cd-uca tort · nnd-'jfovcmmentnl leaders have been developing for iwo years. "Hundreds of millions of dol- . j 'ars of facilities now used pri- London Funeral jS, '^vZ^rUll^ "arc being opened up fo r university gradualc e d u c a t i o n - a n d research." Thr money w i l l be spent over a two-year period. It is not iil- Kl/~if, INOt' To Take Part In Brussrls, Belgiuni-(/I')-The So- Governor Postpones Appearance At U.A. Gov. Sidney M c M a t h will not ·ppear'as scheduled for a speech , on the campus of the University Thursday night, Paul Griffin, Jr., of Little Rock, president of the Arkansas C o 1 lesiatc Political League announced today. He said the governor had written postpon- in/i the date of his appearance until \pril or May, saying he found it necessary to remain in Little Rock for Highway Audit Commission hearings. Griffin said thc planned speaking series would open February 28, with an appearance of Mayor Pratt Rcmmel of Litllc Rock at the Sludent Union ballroom. Poultry Market -- The poultry market today as reported by the University of Ar_ kansas Institute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansa; market steady, demand good, offerings continue light, volume of tra' r ;ig · below normal. Prices paid f.n.h. farm up to 2 p. m.. broiler* and fryers all weight,"! 28-29 cents Ib., nostly 29. was held yesterday. Move On To Sponsor GOP Stale Primary Little Rock-(.1')-A campaign for 25.000 signatures supporting a proposed Republican preferential primary in Arkansas has been opened by the Arkansas-for-Eiscn- hower Club. Jeff Speck of Frenchman's Bayou, Mississippi County, chairman of thc stale club, said the pe titions were being mailed to boosters of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower for prcsidcnl. Hc predicted workers could obtain '50,000 signalures in two or three weeks. Republican Committee Polls Party Members County Coin- ton County is ] -- ,, .. , ti learn how · arty members feel aboul pros- Thai the court erred in overrul- i f u n e r a l of King George ing a motion to strike thc answer I B r i t a i n , and cross-complaint of Davidson;, Young K i n a Baiiriouin has l - , , That Ihc court erred in f a i l i n g i "''.'-cd his 17-year-ild brother, | located lo separate) i n s t i t u t i o n s vi f' 1 "" "'"' ' in '"H'[; consultants, com- n r | missions and other a c t i v i t y in de- mlcr-instiluiion pro- sition to the governor, "Some of us feel ( h a t we have ' " c ' lr loth a legal and moral nblign- j ' " Inn in trace these s, iccific p a y - | » i .. · _ , - ncnls as lo where they were rlr-11)160(1 MaK6S BOHO Oil losiled and wholhor o not they ; ^'bCitr IPS " lm " lc rnm - [Misdemeanor Charge "The procedure always has been made clear lhat the out-of- state auditors would be the only ones In examine this account and lhal no ilcms would lie rclcrred ibert. M i s . crash wns John Louder of f l u l - | drow, Okla., driver o . , t h e truck. | The soldiers were returning ;n i case'"' Cnmp Chaffee from furlough! | ·"' didn't know the land was ",es- Mrs. Basil Keller. 4.1, of New- 1 ln « '" l '05 around $1,000 an acre," - · - · i Bosnrt replied. Bonart said that J. Neal of Van Duron was one of the three appraisers on the project and that after appraisal! had ttarted he learned that Neal owned proper!'' which would be taken by thc right of way, The project, which has not been completed, Is for widening of the highway, extending the right of way to a total of 300 feet. Payment Hlporltd Bogart testified 'that besides (m appraisal fees, Neal wa» . paid j which she wns riding overturned W i l l l n m Glenn, ' operator of Clcnn's Dairy, lias been freed under a $500 bund on a misdemeanor charge. He is charged with deposing of milk which hurt been i|UarantineH-by ngcnts-of'thc stale' Board. of Health. ....... The "hnrj?o was filed by Prosecutor Tod P. Coxsey following a dispute between Glenn and the Board of Health over m i l k the il-ir.v is selling under "Oracle A" label. II. E. (lid not have a connection wilh Ihe Highway Department, and Hi operation, and In their opinion needed f u r t h e r consideration. "II was on Ihis score thai some of us on the MAC fell Ihe governor should make clarification. 'Bui I have no inlcresl whatever on Ihc subject unless his statements are made under c "if he would clarih these . m a t - j lor, withdrew Glenn's grade A Irrs under oath. I'd just as'soon ! rating, Glenn went into Chancery j ' ,'i" °"'M ,k . ui u ,, ,_ i. be in his o,fi,o in .he stale- Court and secured a lemporary | m $ ^^ ft^hK . On December 20, , . . . ,ath. Smallwoori, county medical clircc- $3,092 for 3.092 acres of land taken by the new right ot way. ; This puymeni was parl of. a bill of M3.880 Ncal,submitted.'the.wlt- nesB testified. Began said the remainder _;(vn« for damage :\vhlch NoaJ.-said-had been suffered'by other property he'owned adjacent to right of way.. '' Fiogart related that thon' Highway Director J. C, Baker and Chief Engineer A. E. Johnson agreed lo fill in the remajnlnj property to restore It to its original condition- In lieu of paying house or anywhere else." and^fulrr i^ute 1 ",,!^ n'S Aiocr,^"^ K*"^"*TM* «"-""" Pro*TM ! Hllbby PreferS r j_..i ! . _ _ _ . , , . . . iM, i . : . . _ · _ r.. _ ' W.'IS CCC.'ltrrl in lildtt hv n ,.nm i - fcndant to execute a bond for cost. The request for a new trial holds ' ' that 10 more voles should be a c - I ' ish king's funeral. One ,,,,,,,,,,,_ ion is t h a t Eaucinuin did not wanl himself because Ihc Prince The Re mittee nf corded Rhca t h a n were given to j n ^ Wales, now Ihc Dur.e of Wind- him in Ihe court's ruling. The mo- mr - instead of King George V lion also holds lhal Ihe court | a _ l| cnded f u n e r a l services for Bel- erred in refusing to permit coun: R ' H n K i n R Albert in 193'). sel for the plaintiff lo interrogate witnesses as to how they happened lo vole for Davidson or to show any "scheme or conspiracy to conduct a write-in campaign d u r i n g the last few minules before closing of thc polls, to which action the n l a i n t i f f objected." The legal action also points out lhal Davidson Icslified t h a t on and before the election he was a kolder Weather Felt i In Some Sections Chicago - (/r - --~ , R5fl students Ihis year arc crossing .stale'lines for education in medicine, veterinary medicine, 'den- lislry, and social work not available in their home stales. Winslow Boy Hurl In Dodging Cars On Road colder weather moved into most of the , Mother-In-Low CIcvfland-MVI'hc pretty 22- | year-old wife of an Air Force p r l - j vale demanded to know whom h c l loved. i "Your mother." was his reply, i Mrs. Rosemary McDonald testified | in an uncontcstcri divorce action yesierdny. Thc blonde bride nf 13 months said Pfc. Kevin McDonald, .'10, also lold her he wanlcd to marry her mother, Mrs. Mary .lane Nyc TslrainlnE order prohibiting the Board of Health from interfering in his nperallons. The hearing al which Ihe restraining order will he dissolved or made permanent i.-. set .'or February 20. Blood-For-Korea Rally Only I B prospective blood donors , . "· i N in i MCI , ivi i ,s |v|;ii An eiglil-ycar-nid Winslow boy,! a 42-year-old widow identified by Ihe sheriff's office Eastern and Far w n =i i V"" lnclul 'ieu By me sheriff's i lodaTU"^ w T ,'££ « r C«"|' Walk.TM. *%*«** ^rn.r^ -~ ; '^r^f^ri^^ suant to such rule? i ' _. ' o n , . iTs'orms hit Eastern | way 71 when he was almost struck The court action al Ihis lime , Oklahoma and Arkansas north-1 by two automobile, n d o d g n y paves Ihc way lor Rhea to file a : w; "'d into - Kansas and Missouri | Ihe cars hc fell sinking his head rross-appcal in case Davidson i ""d southward into Louisiana a n d ' o n a mailbox. He was given first lakes an appeal tn the Arkansas : En?Lorn Texas. Light rain a n d ' a i d treatment at County Hospital Supreme Court. snow fell in some of (he Western slates. Warmer weather was in prospect for most of the mid-continent. Times Advertising Pays icclive GOP cadidalcs for prcsi- ; school AhC Grant Receives Proof That TIMES' advertising pays! Carl Gray, proprietor of thc Fire Fighters Souchl method what the sentiment of Commission to start research into j s"mm, n d? Iricl fnr«.nr · ' party members in this locality may : the cause of possible remedies for ! m|)S " n ' ri '' slncl '" res ^r. said until after Ihe funeral of King George VI 1 -id.i.v. Thc admonilior. came from the Duke of Norfolk, the Karl Marshal who arranges major ciurt ceremonials. No specific directions were laid fnTI't °, nC .., i "H 0 T!"' , com "TM 1 bc - ! Arliansas-Considrablc mg thai .individuals will know . with sea tiered showers signed pledge blood-for-Kore cards during a rally al the Uark Theater Saturday night. Although a capacity crowd at- Icmlod the show, at which Korean veterans spoke on behalf of thc Red Cross blood drive, and thc high school band played, few persons stopped to sign pledge cards. Almost all of (he I B who agreed were University to give blood students. The picture shown Rayoncls." and those promising blond were admitted free by the U,irk management. The Weothtr-- , , . /^ - .....,« wan scaucrct xnowcrs or tnun- best how they can pay tnbule to idershower, ihl, aflernoon lo gh. his Idle majesty by some little ( a n d Wednesday; a little outward sign nf mourning." I this nflcrnoon or tonight. i injuries resulting from X-rays, Pirates Free British Ship For Ransom Of Cash, Watches iti " i ounpsnn, district lorester said 2.1 L " 1 "' I n R HMh, for I separate blazes were raging o v e r ! Mr ' aml Mrs - c - '·· Nou '· 15,000 acres in H a m i l l o n Countv I - " lcr stl « | ents at the Univc L' arc now residing in Engl, nd. Taipeh, Formosa -My Chinese pirate.-, halted the l i t t l e British steamer Wingsang last night but let It go for a ransom of $4,500 in cash and four wrist watches. The 7B passengers on the Wing- sang dug In their pockets to pay for the freedom of the ship. Three were Americans--Edward Stansbury of Coldbrook. Mass., al- lache of thc U. S. Embassy at Taipeh; hij w i f e , - a n d Frank A. "·clers of Talorsnn, N. J., nn American oil company represcnl»tlv« «t Hon* Kons. The ship was in Formosa Slrail, about 15 miles off the Red China coast, when pirates opened f i i c wilh a n t i - a i r c r a f t guns, a bazooka and machine guns. One Chinese crewman was shot in t h e lei;. A f t e r much shouti:ig back and forlh through megaphones, Cnpt, f . o n a l d O. G. Slanlon of Liverpool went over lo Ihe frcebooler ,...-,,, ,, ship w i t h several of his officers others worth 10,000 lars. Can you get thai?" Jhere were no gold bars on Ihe U'ingsanp. The p i r a l c chief said he would l a k e cash instead, bill no jewelry, Captain Slanlon pulled off hi: shire, England, in response lo a.i advertisement in the TIMES. Mr. and Mrs. C. I.. Neunling, L-ersity. wrote the local grocer, enclosed Ihe order, and | still advertising. Plca»c send us i l l c f " l t l o f f i c i a l s today challenged T tile f o l l o w i n g " Thnli. n,.*!/... I.. -.. , ., ,,,,,,,.,.,:,. ,· , ,, ·I mag.i/me article lhat says Forl Magazine Charges Fort Smith Tolerates Sin; Denials Issued j i Forl Smith, A r k . -f/IV Husinn.i, | civic, church, law enforcement and Uniled stales dol-! l h ( ! '"""wing." Their order is on : the way. Residents Asked To Take More Baths · - i -" in i n i n i Kfilibnnks, A Id ska - f/T'i - Tjtir- w a t c h and said, "This is all the I banks icsidniis ) " ,, - iV-cn avked gold lK,rs we have." The pirates ! by t h e i r city engineer l(, t a k e a n so look ivnsl walches from the ; least ,,,,,. l,,,th , d a v . If, , i ,,, S m i t h Is one of 25 nation "lhal lolr-nitcs In cliinery for vire suppression." 1 Forl Smith was the »nly Ark m- sas cily mentioned In Ihe Look survey. Typical of reaction lo the article cordance to the agreement. Claim Submitted But. hc said. Neal later submitted a $2,372.50 claim for re- seeding of crops and other property damage which he reported was caused by this fill-In' work. Bosart laid Neal had been paid $4,975 for his appraisal work and that hc had pending an additional bill for $750. also for appraisal. Boifart said he understood Neal was thc qhoice of thc Crawford County judge for membership on thc appraisal committee and that a second appraiser, nay Patterson, ' Forl Smith, was suggested by Highway Commissioner Roy Martin of Fort Smith. « ,; He said Patterson had been paid $5.255 and had $750 pending. - Thc third appraiser, John E;- Buxlon, Liltle Rock, now heart oj the National Production Administration in Arkansas, was paid his full claim of 51,446.95, Bogart said. The appraisal took place in 1350. Piymtnt Contrultd Bogart contrasted the approximate $1,000 an acre paid.for the land, exclusive of improvements, with some $300 an acre paid for right of way for the new West Memphis by-pass road. Bogart described Ihe later land as "some . of the best cotton raising property clouds ! In thc world." Ik- also said that the Little Rock Real Estate Board charged the Highway Department. $3.000 for eight days work in appraising 111 tract.' in Pulaski County needed for the proposed npw ro'id between Little Rock and Benton. There were 117 tracts and fewer Improvements involved in the Van Rurcn-Alma right of way but appraisals on this project cost about $13,39(1, Hognrt testified.- Ally. Gen. Ike Murry. win . ,'jucstioned Bogarl, asked if th? ' appraisers had any authorily to i negotiate with property owner.'. Bogart said they .had none as far ·is he knew. I He also said the Highway Com. mission had relieved Crawford "Fixed : ' warmer here was lhal of Eirl F insworth. County nf any responsibility for . principal of Fnrl Smith I l i v h · r | R h l "' way pavements but school, who s.iid- . he was unable to find any aulho-. Issue of Look. It said II. a l . w h i l e " . . . I t h i n k t h a t ,-nv tvpc of i t v '°' sucl1 action in Arkansas commercialized vin- was "all niil li,M-stig.uion would p r o v e Forl ' «"»l"t*. ,,,, I ' l i m i j n i i in r "ri Ihe article- appeared m today's School, who s,,id; wiped out seve vice racketeers n :o. "the Sn. I t h a rlca orn/.cnly minded clly " ' n and relicioir _ , Bogart related that, despite t h e ' '"; comparatively high cost of most " l i n k s they're loo dirty, H' K he: "1 showed tin' p i r a t e chief my I passport," Slansbury said today. "The chief laughed and said. 'Wh»l we want no gold said, bars i n l e l l e c l u n l (ace and dicln'l look slnislcv nl a l l . Hut that's w h a t made It so sinister." feet' t h e rjlv's i l l - . l n 1 Tl I T h C " rli '' l(1 ''ddecl ·"' i^js^s!^^^^. "* idown or bought up ihe local ma-:gelling nlong fine. ^ 111 wS^ZK"TM"^ Al "" 0 " d * M *"' n Kl W*TM?-""S'-au^r^i-'^-'- nad'SKrtUo ·hoy ,,, SC em ,,, ^'f,^ ^X^\^^ I . CONTItwrf OH P»GiV»i

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