Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 11, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 10
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If MOtniWMT ARKANSAS TUMS. Arkwiwt Mwtfey, February II, ml Of Staff Expect Early On Prisoners Of War if'DMW PEAKION I himself, will make the final de J'lWiifhlnjton--Tht Joint Chiefs ft Stiff »re knocking on wood, but , _. ^^_y"exp*ct in curly?solution to it' V'* 1 ·'- ·*'·' Rf'blcni of getting our r ; "^af'*fls6riors back from the Com ' I'. · AunUU. · . · "Tht latest Communist offer 'time wltliln V h a l r of satlsfyliiE j«ir..d«m«nds. They not only agreed Sjr.the Teleise of all prisoners, bul . Vitmtrd th«t tick and 'wounded "·WMhcn be repatriated first and .·". ' ,lh«y.'.'. ; further offered to furnish .,',- . 'Wlljr -data on all prisoners who ---"Hive died In captivity. Th« blf question hlticcs on the iroV "rel «,que Jlegse. General TMdgway jliti; Insisted that all prisoners must be. rclc'acnd but not necessarily rc- -tturned. lUdfwuy hns wnrn'd the h that Chinese troops, who rrtndered, Will be shot If they art returned. .Since the C'ommu- Jliits m»y hold oiir prisoners us Whoitues until nil Chinese deserter* re returned, the question Is sn lellcate thut the Pentagon notified that PrWdcnt Truman !i GALLON Vmilli ke (ream 64c Heftvnd ftr*. Lvchir Mont Meanwhile, Sen. William Jenne: Indiana Republican, lit secretl circulating a petition among *or ators that may throw n bombsho Into the dcllcnlc negotiations an keep our G.I. prisoners In Com munist concentration, camps In definitely. Jenner's petition woul oppose a - m a s s 'exchange of prls oners and Insist upon a man-for man trade, Eight Proposal! Here are the latest Communis proposals, a« cabled to the Penta Son: olh sides agree t h a t , im mediately nfter the military armi slice agreement Is signed and be comra effective, nil the prisoner of war In the custody of each sld ;hall br released and repatriated "2, Hoth sides agree to ensure Lhal iilhthcir captured personnc shall, nflcr. being repatriated, be restored to a peaceful life anr shall not l a k e port again in acts o, war, .I- Both sides agree that sorl /-.sick flmf seriously wounded shall be repatriated with priority In KO far a» possible, both fides shall repatriate captured inedica" personnel 'at the same time, wher such prisoners' of war are repatriated, so that the latter may be accompanied and cared for. "4. Hnlh sides agree that al tliCiOthcr prisoners of war in theh besides those who arc ro- TO ALL PEOPLE and ALL CHURCHES Are Invited To Hear Rev; Beryl E. Beth . . . · · · ' ^- · · · '·. Prcoch the Fyll Gospel EVEfeY TUESDAY - AT7:30P.M, |i Prairie Grove, Ark. Amtrlcon Ltgion Bldg. pitrlited with priority under para graph three iihull be repatriated in groups within the period of tw months' after the military arm! slice agreement Is signed and be comes effective, "5. Both fides ngiee-that Pan munjom, within the demiliUmoc zone, will be the place for the handing over and receiving o prlsonen! by both sides.' T« InilH R*d Crow "fl. Both sides agree that . . each side shall designate three officers of field grade to form a committee for repatriation of prisoners of war . . . "7. Both sides agree that . . they will Invite respectively rep rocnlallvcs of the Internationa. Committee of the Red Cross anc representatives of the Red Cross of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China to form a joint visiting group to go to Ihc prisoner of War camps 'of both sides to carry out on the spot visits and to assist In the repatriation of prisoners of war at the place where the prisoners aro handed over nnd received by both sides. "8. Both sides agree to f u r - nish the other side, as noon .as practicable, and no later than 10 days after this military armistice agreement is signed and becomes effective, t h e name, nationality, ·iink and other related data of all irlsonrrs of war who dic'd in cau- ivity." Buckner. .Mrs. Ethel Longs)reel and Mrs. Cdith Von Erdmannsdorff onter- alncd Friday afternoon at the /on Erdmannsdorff home for members of the Friendship Club. The. hostesses were presented with ylon corsages by Mrs. Cordia Irakc and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson. ramc prizes went to Mrs. Gladys Spillars, Mrs. Mamie Atkisson, Mrs. Nell Hughes and Mrs. Wilson. Trs. Lucrctin Mhoon was a special uesl. Rcfroshmcnls were served. H o m e Demonstration Club icmbers attending the Country ouncll meeting at Faycltcville hursday were Mrs. G a r l a n d l,aw- on, Mrs. Eula Osbornc, Mrs. Corla Drake; Mrs. Louise Sell, Mrs. ell Hughes, Mrs. Marie Rushing. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson and Mrs. tacy Phclan. A meteor from outer space he- omcs a meteorite by surviving ie: friction of passage through ic earth's atmosphere and reach- ig the ground. d.Tittiw In UK TTMKR--II p«j». Taft-Eisenhower Compromise Hinted In Oklahoma (By The AwocUted PreH) The political spotlight toiay focusscd on Oklahona, where Taft and Eisenhower forces met. in the nation's first Republican state convention. But some of the edge Was taken off the outcome by a reporter last-minute compromise made in an effort to avoid a showdown test of strength. Jack Bell, Associated Press po- lltlcal writer, said backers of Senator Taft of Ohio and Gen. Dwight O. . Kiscnhower got together in Oklahoma City hotel-room c... fcrences yesterday and tentatively decided on a slate of four at-large delegates including two for Taft, one for Eisenhower .and one uncommitted-. Bell said the best estimate of wlitical observers on the 12 dis- rict delegates already chosen is that four are 'for Taft nnd four T or Eisenhower, one is favorable to Taft, two lean to the general, dnd one Is committed to Gen. Douglas M a c A r t h u r but likely to :o to Taft. If Taft gels t w o . delegates to- lay he would have a slight advantage, and, if the MacArthur support goes his way, a majority. While the number of delegates nvolvcd is. small, the advantage t viewed more from . the psychological standpoint. Other developments: Taft In Far West Taft, in Minneapolis Spokane, Wash., and route whirl- draw, they must sign an affidavit saying they are not candidates, and will not accept a nomination if It is offered. Senator Long (D-La) said in St. Louis that he believes Eisenhower could carry the South on either ticket if nominated. Sta»«n Explains Stassen, in Washington, said he wasn't reflecting on Indiana citizens when he said a "semi-isola- lost (hat slate nnd Ohio and Illinois to Democrats in recent elections. Republican Senator Capehart of Indiana had criticized Stassen for the remark. Sla giving the voters GOP leaders to their platforms. A r t h u r H. Van in .Detroit he w GOP senatorial n ceeri his late fa help promote campaign in M Senator K e f a u \ long into his New paign in the na dential primary. H., speech he s moral decency a government, and President Truma in the primary. Stassen said he was cents in his pocket. And we give a dime of that to a blind begger." father if it would the Eisenhower .ion s first presi- Iri n Nashua, N. spoke out against id- corruption in took a slap at n, a|su entered Column. By HAL BOTLF, For her honeymoon she accompanied Al on a sales trip 'through New England. She sot a $50 », week job and they lived on t h a t while her husband was launching into business of his own. They were living at a $10,000 a year clip in 1929, owned nine retail clothing stores. But the crash wiped them out.' "I . even sold my engagement ring to keep us out of bankruptcy," recalled Mrs. Tisch. "For the next four years the four of .us lived on about $20 a week until we got all our debts paid. But, believe me, there was never a tear shed over | it. I wouldn't have had jt any other way. We've ahyayr had fun, just being together." And together they, built up a new fortune. * The United Statei It ixnr the world's leading. toymaker. ICZEMA ITCH ·if ycVitoimf Try RESINOL OINTMENT For long-lading relief New York-{/J')-Housewives who Jo much entertaining often sigh, "I might as well be running a hotel." · .. Mrs. Al Tisch · agrees.. She be- llavcs any \vifc who can entcr- .ain well in her own home can run ' hotel successfully--if she has :he stamina. "I feel it is far easier to cater ·v 800 hotel guests than to care '»r 10 in myown horn?," said Mrs. risch, one of the nation's vomen hotel presidents. few "I often wonder why more wom- vinci program that takes him oh en don't embark in the-hotel husi- n c r t a in« ^ nr t D « ^ I « « J - -- u i.-! ness. We'd have better hotels. They need the woman's touch." o Seattle and Portland, said he will not enter Minnesota and Cali ornia primaries. He said it wouldn't be a f a i cut because he would be bucking favorite sons" in larpld E. Slassen 'both states -in Minnesota Warren in Cali- l i d ' Gov.' Earl fornia. But the possibility arose that he may be forced into the Minnesota race, In which Slasscn, Eiscn howcr, and MacArthur alrcadj are entered on the GOP ticket M a c A r t h u r may withdraw. A rural editors' committee announced yesterday at Pier?., Minn, that all presidential ' candidates i n c l u d i n g Taft, President Tru man, Warren and Senator Ke- fouvcr, who have not filed--wil be entered in tiie March 18 primary by a petition now being circulated. If they want to with- LOW PRICES Week-Day Values V ^^ on Canned Foods Spinach Peaches Pineapple Apple Sauce Garden Peas Green Beans Garth Brand Highway Sliced- Halves Llbby-SHced or Crushed Lake Mead Fancy Gardenside Early June Gordenside. Cut-- Green 3 No. 2 Tins Large Can 2 Flat Cans No. 2 T i n - No. 2 Tin No. 2 Can 33c 25c 29c 13c 13c 13c Dalewood Colored Pound Carton Thc Tisch family is a unique four-member partnership^ Sayde Ttnch, her husband,,.Al, a. former clothing manufacturer nnd their two sons--Larry, 23 and Bob, 25-operate a. c h a i n ' o f 10 hotels, including the M c A l p i n n in New York and the Traymore and the Ambassador in Atlantic City. "None of us..draws .a* salary," shc.'saj-s. ''Each'' takes' what he needs." Mrs. Tisch, a friendly, warm- voiced woman of 51 vise the entire chain. helps super- But her own Spiritual Crusade Called For By Pope Vatican Clty-VPj-Pope Fius XII has called for a spiritual' crusade to turn the world from "paths which sweep on to ruin" and from a general condition which "may explode al any moment." . Broadcasting over the Italian EVERYTHING M nUMIINO and SUmifS FAYETTEVILLE IRON ah* METAL CO. OOVCJWMCNT AVI. rad yes jp terd pet project is Laurel-in-the-Pines, a Lakewood, N, J., winter resort. She okayed its purchase in 1945 after a fivc-minutei inspection. "I believe in women's intuition," she said smiling. Shortly before this she had sold a children's camp she had operated profitably for 10 years. Her family wanted her to.retire, but retirement held no charms for her. "Coddled women age 'aster and feel useless because their lives seem empty," she said. "Keeping busy may not keep you young-but il makes you feel younger." Financial success or f a i l u r e has never altered her enjoyment of living. "When Al and I came out of the | Brooklyn marriage bureau in i Islands in the Gulf of Bothnia in 1920." she said, "he had only 30 ' 1951. network, the pontiff said ay each man 'must reexamine "what he can and must do personally as his own contribution to the saving power of God." As Bishop of Rome'he, addressed the Roman Catholics of that city, but his appeal for a return to 'Jesus Christ, the Church and the Christian \vay of life" was clearly ricant for all. .. ' PLAN TO BUILD Sn Out Material Get Out PrlCM. Try Our Sirrlca. DYKE LUMBER CO. »BI St. ChailM FEEL AWFUL? DUE TO COLD . MISERIES i ^^ _ _ gives Tasi ft ** f* symptomatic OOO RELIEF Finland became guarantor of :he independence of the Aland mm, WHO FiXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP 0 Z A R K SHOWING 1:10 - 3:15 - 5:15 - 7:20 - 9:20 DEAN MARTIN THE FLEET'S ALLIN...fROAi LAUGHING! It could happen in year home. Sneezes and sniffles invade the family circle .;;. a quick call to the druggist... · · ur prescription is 00 the wf BUSINESS TEIEPHONES HELP MAKE YOUR HOME TELEPHONE WORTH MORE THAN IT COSTS Garbage Cons Banjo Hominy Fresh Eggs Tbsues Frurf Cocktail I We Cherries Dog Food Ma and Beans Snowdrift or . Crisco Stap-on Two-Piece Decorated $1.79 Value Large Whits Fluffy Grains .-Ib. Can each No, 2 Cans Large Size Frosh Scoltles Brand Hostess Delight Honeybird Brand Butcher Shop Tailt Tell. 3 Wesson Oil 2 pkgs 29 Salmon 24* Baby Food 23 Pure Lard 25 Cheese 21 Lettuce Vegetable Oil UARK TONITE 7:00-9:00 P.M. No. 1 Can No. 2 Can 16-oz. Cam Gold Cove Alaska Heinz Gerbors Armour's Star Van-zee Brand Crisp Heads Ql. Bot. 16c r39 7 Reg J Cans 8 lb. , Ctn. 25 $1.49 Lb. Loaf Pound CLOSED SUNDAYS to Jto tab* 'M' -*- ·- -- ·vwfvnv* ··VMM SAFEWAY OUR PRICING POLICY S«ltw«r will rnxl thi lewttl ·dTtrllftd prtct ol «T«rr com- ptlllor, Ittm br lltm, diy by day, «r» by it», qutllty and cmdlllen o( mitchtmllM can- lM«f*d. "YOUR f R6SCRIPTION, MA'AM." How much easier and quicker it is to let a simple telephone call go shopping for you. Think of the time nnd ttcps to bo saved by being within telephone rcnch of practically every business in your community. You cui place orders by telephone ... mnke appointments . . . make reservations . . . mnkc inquiries'.'And the Yellow Pages of HID telephone directory arc n storehouse of valuable shopping information. IN THE' PAST TEN Y E A R S , the busiest we've over known, tho number of telephones in service hns doubled. And as wo add'now residence and business telephones, your service grows in value. You can call more people, morn people can call you. At tho same time, telephone, rules arc up fnr loss than our costs of providing this expanded service. So . , , your "up-in-valuo" telephone service today is tho best buy it has over been. FOR FASTER IONS OISTANCI SIRVICI ...CAU IV NUMIII MANY .A MERCHANT rings up extra sales that couldn't possibly come to him without the help of the telephone. Today's businessman employs telephone service as a right-hand man--a dependable, hard-working partner that ties together all his business affairs. No other means of communication comes close to delivering the speed and accuracy he needs for a · profitable business operation--at anywhere Hear tho low cost of telephone service. vg- · · *^ \^^ » 7H Cf NiL'ir.f OX Mnw W '."hUrl NcM CM'". MHHUNS Pldege A Pint of YOUR Blood . . . NOWI LAST TIME MONDAY "Abbott Costello Meet The Invisible Man" - ind Wagon Wheels"

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