Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 11, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 2
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-·2-- HOJHIWBT MKAMtAI TttH, FcyMtvWi, ArkcntM. rVUneloy, NbriMry II, UIJ Hf.OIMIIIIIIimillMIIIIMHUiUHIIIHIIIItHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIhlllllllllllllllinil Pledge List Of At 1 MRS. KATHIKN DOZItR t . · « , · Daily Calendar of Events · \- Tonight . . . "'.{ B. P. W. C., FcrsukonX 6:30 .:».;,HI.SI Club, Clubronm, 7;00 I ; \NqrthwiMfDlslrict Kxplorcr Scouts Open Hrnise, UA Military Arts DC- I - -parlmcnt, 7:SO · . f i Washington Lorlcc One, .Masonic Jl/ill, 7:3(1 ' t l^eabody parejit-Teathers Club, Fcnljod.v Hall, 7:30 \ r , Tuesday . . . i ^'Plunned Parenthood Association, Clly Hospital, 10 n, in. t VKIwenls Club; Wnshiniiton Hotel, 12 i( j"Llons Club, Ferguson's, I a - j '. Delta Sigma Mothcrc Club, Mrs. Hcyden Lewis 2 . -;j ·',, Sub Deb Club,. Sue Calc, 7 - ' . I ,. Naval Reserve Composite Unil, Eason Bn'llding, 7 · i.-; Veterans Supper, Civic Cluhrnomi, 7 ' 306ih Military Government Grnup, 11214 West Center, 7:30 D.A,V.,_LrRion H u t , 1:30 . . 1 ' . p.A.C,, Mrs. V. M..W«ttSf.7:3(l -·'.'- 1 ricbokah Lodgo'.-'fcJQlOGtn,. j [ . .·;;,,·".'.'..·,.. ' · · '. En«;lnecrin({ F»ciilty AVivei.ChittilHtJC^H'.-B. atlliis, 8 Modern Danro-Lecturo,- Student Union, f) ' - - - . . . . Hum ijitrrpictadnnt reached » climax in the .Sonata In G Minor, Opur, 22 uy Hoberl-S:humann. 'In i flnyinf works nl the romantic po riurt.lio Invfirii :, K ood bli of body j| inoUoii which Mccmliirly nerves I" ,'. . . | hciKhten 'the ilrainntlc effect of 11 A I iff ft/I Ihc musk-. The «onatn in one of UiMi LljICU 'H'luiman! '.s more profound works, Mind it was performed In a manner vhidi tHrl justice to Us Krcnlncsi. Robert Smith Heard In Concert At University Ky BKIJCK HKKWAKII Robert Smll Incllana-b o r n rianlst and mc/nbcr of the Unl- '-versity faculty,. S svc his firr.1 rolo -^recital of the season yesterday j Iflernonn in the concert hall of lh« Fine ArU Center. A crowd of "·bout 200 p'copjc Nttendcd. \ The program began with n .Swldom-heai'd Sonnla In O ' M n j o r by the early English composer ·· Thoman Arne v/lm is perhaps hel- The compositions heard after In- lenniMlon were In direct contrast Named of 25 mlrl - semester plcdscs to fraternities lit Ihe Unl vcrsily were released' Saturday adcrnoon I»y Dean i f Men John lo the Sehumami Sonata. Firsl . Shoemaker. They, are: , , [ K j p rornc 'three ".Smics U'iihuiii Words" i hy M i l h n u d followcil hy U'.'d liliort numbom of I'oulcnc. All of these were d e l i g h t f u l l y impressionistic ;nid effective, T!ic last iirouj) on the pro^rjini was by^ Chojiin--the number h(;inM the pov/crful /. f l a t major, Opus 5.1. The middle sc-'lion of this Polonaise contains one of the most r l l f f i c u l l of all oclnve passages for tht? left hand Perhaps the most nnitnic 1 n u m ~ ^r on the program was the Chopin Nocturnn in C sharp minor Ich .Was published (inly a year or Uv aaio. The 'exifitenco of this work VMS not known u n t i l it v.'as dTscovfrcd.rearnlly by musicoloK- sls and definitely attributed to Chopin. Mr. Smith is an artist of considerable talcril, aild hi:i ployinK y \w mcHits bjckcd in v l t a l i i y and intcrcHt; ho\';ov(rr, it is probable tcr known as the enmposer of Ihe , . . patriotic song "Bute- MriHani,," ^ ^ ^ . . ^ t b ^ h e Z Mr. Smith Intcrprelcd t h i s work | (! j u , n yesterday in technical nt- with a Brciifcr firmness mid more tempo variation Hum )s usually asfoelalnd with eomposillons' of ''(!,.· j j u t . l t - w n s ncvcrlhc- cjcnr aiid brUllnnl, Wilh ine'playins; ; of the Hondo in C Major,' Opus 51 No. 1 hyTlcel- hoi-en Mr. Smith cclabll.shnd hlm- nelf a» a member of the sclunl lhat bellcvcfl In generous use »f Ihc pedal, but no m a t t e r win! treatment he gave' the Muster if Vlclina, the Bcclhoven n u m h e - s oh the prosram \vcri! cileetivc ai il Ihoroughly pleasing to the ,-iud- lonec. · . i Mr, Hmlth'K imwcrful and brll- Covartnl Sutfont -- BuckUi -- Belts Including tht Ntw Contour »«lri in Ivtry Style Cutlpm Flhlihtd And Beady to Wear the »ame Day We Recel»e Your Order. 8kM Omen Stimpi on Ererrihlni M«K««h«n's Fabric Center " ·· '·"·" · talnmcnl anil tonal shading. High School P.T.A. lo Begin'Sludy Course The J f iiyclt«viile H i K h School P. T. A. w i l l conduct" Its first ntudy course, bi'Siiminif tuniorrow nifiht »t 7:30 o'clock Ir. the Ac- livil.v Jloom of the school. The KciierM theme for Ihc roui-sc is "family Coopenilion in Developing Cilixenship,'' v/ilh t h e ) subject nf the firnl meeting, "Fnm- ; lly Coo])Ci'!itlon in Travel and Hcc- i rcalion." 'Phe meolinfi \vill be in ' cinir/jc of Orrin l-ic will lead n discussion . and introduce : several members who v/ill show colored slides and motion ]iie- tures nf families ciiRagcd in rec- rcalion aiul travel. Mrs. A. Wi Blake, chiilrmnn if the study course will disi'Mss t h e . program to be followed in t h e : nf four meetings. appa Jim Franklin Kcenan, Harrison; William Freeman Ugon, Dcllfihi; Michael Brent NewcK, Morrillon; Mac Bruce Woodward, Magnolia. Lambda C'hl Alpha Hubert Burrell Bennett, I.IUlc Hock; William Thomas James, Pir.c B f u f f ; ftobcrt n. James, Pine H l u f f ; Henry Joe Ustcrlok, Little liock; l.ynn CJuillin, Foulkc, and John V. Wicsc, Pine Bluff. PI Kit* Joseph, Bernard Biundcll. Lllttt Hock; Addlson Frederick Smith, Blylhcvllle. 8l(sni Alpha- Knllcn -useph 0. Bydstor.e, Jr., Hot SpriiiRs; John Price GMJcnwatcr, Hot Springs; Charles K. Gholston, I El Dorado; Don Harold Hodden, (Lcwisvillc; James David Jones, Pint Bluff. Sljmj Chl Marvin jack Henry, Jacksonville; Edwin ftoberl Pomcrny, Mpnllccllo; Hurry F. Snydcr, Jr., Little Hock; William Edwin Wallace, BIythevllle. Sixnu Nu , | Marvin G. Klrby, Keosho, Mo,; Robert Dale Larson, Joplin, Mo.; William Robert Randall, Hot .Springs; and Harlan Stark, Joplin, Mo. |Leake To Beg in .A Radio 'Mission Series - The Rev. A..L. Leake, superintendent of Missions of the iOzarks, through the coJrtesy o; · K a d i o Station KBftS, Sprinadalc, | will broadcast every day except Saturday from 11:15 a. m. lo 11:30 a m. and on Sunday from 8 a. m; to 8:-'JO a. m. The programs will concern those who arc ill or troubled and need help or advice Leake. Requests for music and songs will be a.ccepled. . - · - . , T^..-^,, nf Oklahoma City, Okla., and his sister, Mrs. Marie . . . . . ^ity, Kan., were weekend 1 guests 0 / jjr. and Mrs. Glenn Rickctls. Mr. Poison and Mrs. Scolt were childhood friends of Mrs. Rickctts and all graduated r -om hiph school the same year at Southwest City Mo. . "Hot Rashes" Stopped of ilrlkinfly tvlitVMl \ It's so easy lo relieve coughs and stufflnes! of colds In a hurry this Home-proved way ... with 2 spoonfuls of Vlcks VapoRub In a vaporizer or In a bowl of boiling water as directed In pack'age. Just breathe in the steam! fcry single breath carries VapoRub's Boothlnf; medications deep Into throat and large b r o n c h i a l tubes. It medicates Irritated membranes, helps restore normal ·,, breathing. For' coughs or upper- bronchial.congestion * there's nothing like -using ' Vicks VapoRub in s/.eam. , For continued relief always rub it, on throat, chest and ^ - -- - ---· back. V V»»oRu» THE BLAIRS, STATIONERS 0"^; Tru Oldti! Ofiici Supplr Houst in Northwtit Arkinus IT'S VALENTINE TIME W« have lh» ants you want, from It to $5.00 tach r»Ttll»rills's Lugtst l«l«ctlm -- tlfltd 1jy Gibson - · If you're miserable from thi "hot flashes," and iccompwljlni Irritable,' restless feelings of · cbanie of life"-you may .be'sufferinr 'jnn^Mlirilyt ·For... in tests by doctors .'..Lydl» Pinlthiun's Compound and Tablet* brought relief from such functionally. caused suffering to 63% and MS (respectively) of the womtn tested! Complete or itriking relte/! · · . ' Y«[ ReMHrch h»i pror«d thtM medicines tliorpuflili/ fflodtrn. In action has shown you where to look for relief from those diitreailnK, nervous, "out of aorta" fetlingi of mid-life "ch|na«"l BO...SH L,au E. Plnkham'i VMet*b] Compound-- or ne», ImproM* Tabltta. wlltl added Iron! (Wotlter/ul, too, /at thi functional jalni ol menjlnial ptrfoii.) should government be? Lincoln \var.l'rosi(lent at a time when the federal jsov- , «Tninent hid to lake away from Its citizens more rights «ncl rcsprinslbilities than ever before. But he didn't like It. Me bcjieveil, wilh llic writers Of the Conslllnlion and (lie Dcclaralion, (lull our HOV- ·mincnl should prolr-ct |ooplc'.s indnphiulciu-c, not push ivoplc around; As l.inooln once said: "In all tlnit Ihc ponplo am indiviclmilly dn as well for themselves, Kovcrninrnt might not lo interfere." , . Lincoln never let Americans forgot Hint, l i e kepi reminding the nation du.ii th e government's vnsl war- «me powers must be only He m»dc powerful enemies. For tliero are nlways Hiose i who wnnt to sec government rim tliini»--nin! run peoplc-penniineiilly. \\'e hiive Ihcm today..They think up all kinds of reasons why the federal government should lake over this or that business, industry or service. They never say they want socialism. Maybe they don't even realize it. Hut t h a t s actually what (hey propose. Most Americans don't want socialism any more than ynn do. The job is loTecoKni/c il-and halt'il-no nint, ler what disguise i( wears. The pr«|ilt nlm pl»n .nil work for « toci/iliiilic U.S.A. linOH ihnl pi-rmnlirnl rinnrol nf · f»» kf. Initnitrlftl and jrnlccs M i l l jive cnvrrniiirul llm powfr in lnl« ovrr juil «|HMU rvrrjllihiR. On« of llin Icy Iniliiitrin ih.l lli^'ra Ir.'inn I" Inkr n\or 1 rlrrlric llahl unit powrr. Thul'i vh; Hr ItrlHK Ilii* HHrniiifi lo 71*11. K, .1, DYE88; DIVISION M A N A G E R S pring /^ fashions KEYED TO YOU -L AND YOUR BUDGET! SISTER ACT... three-way jacket suits in rayon checks 1 big litter 7 to 14 little Hitter 3to6X Cute and practical... young mils that readily uplit up u Kparateil They'll wear the trim unlined jacket belted clote, half-belted, or loots at a toon-over with other nkirti. Well-tailored in blue or tan check*. BIG SELECTION BATISTE BLOUSES /·?*«·· ·, 2 Sryltd for lot* winttr and tpring. Dainty, frilly, wilh laci-odgtd Ptttr Pan collar, ·litchod and lac* trimmed front. While. Sire. 32-38.' BIG SELECTION FABRIC GLOVES WHITE AND THE WANTED COLORS IN SIZES 6Vi to S'/i FOR YOUR VALENTINE! LACE TRIMMED NYLON SLIPS N»w low prie» for extra quality! lovely "nylon trlcoV knit in 6-gore stylo wilh wide lace trim. White or Pink. 32 IS 40. FOR VERY SMALL VALENTINES! CRISP COTTONS W o v · n ginghams, starchy ·mbesstd c o t t o n s , broadcloths. . . In gay young print*, in ict-crtam-'n'candy solidi . . . tiiii 1 to 3. CHECKS as you like them... handsome woven rayon checks s in fully lined : Spring suite ^^^«SJJS»3et»*««^"'--" CLOSEOUT! 300 YARDS PRINTED FLANNELETT| 3 ^ QUALITY! 34" WIDE! JFAST COLOR! FTOBI tiny pincheck* to bold winrlowpane checki .7. tnm tbarp black-and-white to paitel corabinationi.;. froa slim line* to the fulLikirted « u i l . . . It'a eUfeeka for Spiisj|| PnciaiaR-tiilom), rojron crepe »Md!. 10-li.

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