Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 11, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
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TMI WittC MTCMIT K THt FIRST CONCERN Of THIS NEWSPAPER AnocioUd Pratt Leased Wir« VOLUME 90, NUMUR 170 AP, Kin? jnd NEA Fcafurci Fa.vettevllle and vicinity partjj j rloudy with occasions! light rair. 1 lonluht and tomorrow. Continued * mild. High tp.mpertture yesterday j 70: low 31; noon today (1. Sunrise ' 7:09; iiunsel S:S«. I FAnrnviui, ARKANSAS, MONDAY EVENING, FIMUARY ~ii,m? Crashes In Area Result In Injuries To Five Persons PRICE FIVE CENTS London Pays Respects To British King Thousands Stand In Rain And Sleet To View Procession London-(/P)-King George VI returned to his capital today for the last time. His mourning subjects paid homage as his funeral cortege wound .through crowded, silent streets. His train, bearing Quee.i EliM- | beth II and her- family, edged into King's Cross Station in a downpour of rain and sleet after a private funeral service at the Sf.ndringham estate where he died Wednesday. Thousands lined the three-mile route to Westminster Hall where the body of the late monarch will lay in state until the burial at '.Vlndsnr Friday. Windows all along the route! were crowded. Many spectators! on the streets held umbrellas. I Tl.e biack-veiled y..ung queen, now the head of the royal family at 25, stood by as Grenadier ; 29 Killed In Plane Crash Scouts Have Their Day New Administration Airliner Hils Declared Costly To f v f at f House Road Department Mcmbcrs ol t h e B °J' Scouts of America "took over"- m ·Kavcttcvillc '' Tnn.- i.- tnc six vehicles which figured in Saturday night accidents near Kayetteville arc shown before they Were removed by wreckers. Top, two cars which figured in a five-way wreck on Highway 16 west rest at the side of...the pavement. The Plymouth in Hie- background was driven by James Colcman, 19, Fayctleville Route 2. while . -- --the Ford in the foreground was driven by Earl T. Jones,-also of Koute I ??. s . P l a t f 9TM a "d took 2. The coupe in which two Fayettevllle men were injured on Highway 71 at Drake Field is shown in the lower picture. Hospitalized from this accident were Elmo liobb and James Caudle, both of Fayetteville. (t-Miska T1MESFOTOS). 1 · Five persons were injured in a rash of weekend highway accidents in Washington County, and ! Guardsmen lifted" the coffin "from i t o d a - v - i n observance of Boy Scout Day. Above, left J i m ' H a t f i e l d its hearse coach. She was pale and I ' ro °P 102, who :served as TIMES editor. Interview's Jerry Lee Trooo drdwn. Queen Mother Elizabeth, | 9 '. v -'ho was acting mayor. The picture was made in 'the office of Princess Margaret, the Duke of i TMayor Powell Rhoa, (TIMESFOTO). Edinburgh and the Duke of i Gloucester rode from London to: Sandringham with Ihe queen in i her coach. Just -beforj the royl j party stepped from the train, a i royal attendant in top hat p'accd Hie .imperial crown wilh ils 3,OC4 jewels on the king's ca;ket. Queen Goes To Palice The queen'and women of Her narly did not wait to follow IHfi 'recession in ils slow-cadences ingham Palace. The dukes of Edinburgh and CrashNeqrChaffee Kills Five Persons Five men were killed early this morning In the flaming wreckage of a passenger car and truck on stale Highway 22 near Charles- ulouccster, wearing long' black j ton, Franklin Counlv Bv early coat, and silk hats, walked slowly: afternoon only the body' of the -- up , . , riage icge moved out past the thou- i'" almost five years, occurred 20 i.-.nds, many of whom had wailed! miles casl of Forl Smith, while for hours, identification of the four s tnc platform and took up , , , , . , , , ·' " ions just behind the gun car-i ^ dmct . had bccil Identified. : carrying the body. The cor- | sccidenl, Arkansas' worst .,,· m . ' "Women's Day" «*.»·· . ' * i · Plans Are Made Sales Scheduled February 29 through the night. n,,, ., . ^ , , -, , , , b .. onde Duk , e of Edinburgh 10 motorists escaped injury in freak, five-way crash which demolished two vehicles and smashed three others. Two motorcyclists, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Luker of Springdalc, werc - - - hospitalized after their machine j coated officials of the royal house- collided wilh a passenger car al I hold. doffed his hat and walked bareheaded behind the gun carriage in the procession moved tn- v/ard Westminster.-The D u k e ' o f Gloucester was bareheaded, too. Behind them trudged the black- Springdale at 12:20 p.m. yesterday. Neither were believed seriously hurt. Th sheriff's office reported that city-wide : ) n c Luker's were riding south on Highway 71 when an on-coming car, driven by C. A. Story of Little Rock, attempted tn make n left t u r n across the highway. The mo- lorcycle struck Ihe car on the Plans for the first sale of 1952 have bcei- complcled, Heydon Lewis, chairman of Ihe Retail Merchants Cnmniillee o? the Chamber of Commerce, announced today. .The sale held February 29--Leap Year Day · right side, throwing the riders --and will lie known as "Women's ' the pavement. Day." . Both victims were brought to One o f - t h e feature attractions ' Washington C o u n t y Hospital, of the event will be a "treasure i whei ' c t n c l r injuries were diag- hunl." N o r t h w e s t Arkansas TM scd as cu i s ' bruises and shock. will be invited lo register! S °!J TM s ^.^ wltn "H 1 "!' 0 «? at the Chamber of Commerce, of- uK^pea^nce^K ''^ fice hi. which time each will be I Two m ' m ^ j, OS p it .,, iwd as given a number. Ihen, by. finding , the result of a Saturday night acci- j matching number in o,:e of the dent on Highway 71 al Drake Field, slorcs, she will receive a prize! Sheriff Bruce Cridcr and State awarded^ by the merchant. ; Trooper Wayne Hyden identified A bean-guessing contest at the I them- as Elmo Roberts, 109 South Chamber of Commerce registra- ] School Street, Fa.vettevillc, and tion booth also is planned. J James Caudle, also of Faycltevillc. ^ev.'is said thai nearly all retail I The officers said a light coupe, merchants in the city have agreed j driven by Robb, traveling south to offer special bargain prices ; about 8:45 p.m. attempted to pass during the sale Male clerks in : '"'other automobile.. Meeting an most of the stores will wear j pn-commg car, Rohh tried to drop i .. . aprons as a gesture of servitude i .,,?5'.'° toward their \vomen customers, he ! said. Boy Shoots Mother, Brother And Sister Milwaukee-l^)-Angered because i was refused the use of the family automobile, a 16-year-old boy shot . nd killed his mother brother r.nd sister, police reported -- -- -- .-.-.. charred bodies found in ihe wreckage of the passenger car could not be Immediately identified, Stale Police said .the men apparently were soldiers from.-. Camp Chaffcc, The scene'of the tragedy is 11 miles cast o( the big Army base. The (ruck driver was identified as John Louder of Muldrow, Okla., The coffin was draped with the "" cm P'oyo of the I'elil Jean Lum- scarlet and gold roval standa'rd. ' ljer Company of Fort Smith. He "· " j was en route to Fort Smith wilh a load of plate gluss. The Associated Press reported his body was thrown clear of Ihe wreckage and did not burn. Stale Iroopcrs were investigating the accident early this afternoon, and no statement on the cause of the crash had been issued. Officers said only that the two vehicles, approaching from ·y THI OBSERVER Opinions on GOP presidential candidates haven't jelled among the m e m b e r s of Washington County's Republican Commitle. apparently. Some of Ihe parly leaders arc known to favor Senator Taft, Eisenhower backers in Little Rock said yesterday that supporters of the general may organize clubs in Fayettcville and Springdalc, but the local supporters were not named, and they may or may not be Rcpublic.-ns. Charles Atkinson, chairman of the county GOP Committee, says the committee will meet before the opposite directions, collided about 4:30 a. rn. * Gasdinc t a n k s of Ihe.lwn ma- cnines exploded on impact, wrapping the twislcd wrcci;s in flames almost immediately. When the first motorists irrlvcd at the scene Ihe Top Fighter Pilot Missing Plane Shot Down In Korean Battl* Washington-f/l'J-Thc Air Force announced loday thai Ma.i. George A. Davis, Jr., 31, America's lop combal pilot.of the Korean War, i missing 'In .action.. The Air. .Force said Davis' p'lVn'c;'w'as"W down yesterday and that no parachuti was observed. The flier's wife Doris, lives .at Lubbock, Texas. Davis Is credited,with having shot down 12 enemy aircraft since his first combat mission last November 1. Nine were MIG-ISs and three TU2 S . The MIG is a jet fighter. the TU2 a light bomber. The Air Fore; said Davis also probably destroyed one MIG 15 and damaged one other plus damaging another TU2. The oft-decorated pilot apparently was shot down in the big air b a t t l e yesterday in which 100 MIG 15s werc involved. An Air Force spokesman said it is likely Davis plane was h|t by a Communist jet since he was flying an F-RG jet, and none of these has yet,been destroyed by enemy ground fire. blaze was too advanced to permit removal of the bodies. Almost five hours passed be-' fore the flames died and the slcel i bodies of the car and truck cooled i., sufficiently to permit removal of |||gff (JlldCr AffCSt Two Suspects In Drug the bodies, who notify making the Mililary authorities, next of kin before names of dead sol- last night. Arno Schul/. found the bodies of his wife and two children when he returned from- ; business trip Sunday night. Nea. the bodies lay a note addressed to him and signed "Your twisted son, John." At Kirkwood, Mo., state highway patrolmen who picked up the boy in his father's car'for routine questioning said John told them he killed Ibpm with a shotgun Sat- i.rday night. The victims were Mrs. Calherinc Sclnilz, 38; Robert, 11, and Calh- crlne, six. Poultry Market -- The poultry market loday as reported by Ihe University of Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology nnd the Dairy nnd Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas area. Mar-' ket tteady to f i r m ; supplies reported short to a good demand flt most points; volume of trading *cry heavy; prices f.o.b. farm rc- "orled to 2 p. m.--broilers and fryers all weights, 28-20, moilly 2». control, a n d . his car iver on the highway. Robb was taken tn the Veterans Hospital and Slory to the County Hospital in a Nelson's ambulance. . Apparently neither man was hurt critically, although Hobh remained, a patient at the VA hos- pilal today. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle with improper state license. Suffer Bruises Police were at a loss to cxplajn how the occupants of four passengers cars and a light pickup truck involved in an accident on Highway 16 west" Saturday night escaped injury. But, they reported, stale GOP convention in April but i diers public, were silent. Ihe mceling has not yet been! At Little Rock the Associated called. j Press quoted Lt. Jack Rhea of the i State Police as saying the crash Another city prisoner iricd his hand at outrunning the police Two Fort Smith men believed to have ,be'en Implicated in the theft of a quantity ot morphine from an Alma drug sto-e Friday were arrested Saturdny at I3cn- tonvillc. Buford Smith, 30, and B.v I.KON HATCH - « Little Pock-Wj-Twn witnesses! today used the f i g u r e of 51.000.000 j in estimating Arkansas Highway Department 'losses caused by! changes in administration. ! Dcnnison Vales, Hiirhvay l)c-i partment personnel officer, said lie Itclievcd there was t h a t much: loss as a result of per.sonnel re-; placements and n resulting loss i n i efficiency each time a new governor came i n t o office. Later, J. C. Baker, former hiah- way director, used a similar lis- ure. But he said his cftlmalc covered overall loss in Ihe department, i n c l u d ' i g both personnel and machinery. ^ They testified nl resumption of the State Highway Audit Commission inquiry. Baker said, for example. Dial one man mi^ht be operating cer-j lain machinery without- trouble, i Replaced by another man, Ihe machinery often had to be-overhauled ! before the second man could oj cralc it properly, he said. i.llllf Hiring Authority Baker, who has made several i appearances before Ihe commix-j sion, said he had litlie a i i t h o i i l . v j over hiring and . f i r i n g of n o i l - : technical personnel. He testified j such employment orders rusln-l marily came from the governor's office. In this connection, he mentioned Henry Woods, Governor Mc'Mnth's executive secretary, and Joe Martin, who was a McMnlh assistant early In the administration. Baker agreed thai "political hiring nnd firing" had a bad effect nn Ihc Highway Department He added , there was little interference in t h e : selection of hard-to-KCt engineer!! and draftsmen. Baker said that his ndniinlntra-1 live, troubles .Increased '-In/direct-' proportion to.ihc.nfmb'cr of.jiigh,- way- commissioners During 1 hlij many years with the department,; Baker worked with commissions ranging from a membership of five lo the present 12, j Superintendent Testifies O. A. Tinslcy, Paragould. dislricl j maintenance superintendent since March, 10-10, and a veteran of some 27 years with the Hiphway Department, said he had no authority over hiring except in cases of emergency. He said his cm- Drive Gets UnderWay In New Jersey Troffic At Newark Port Halted After Three Such Wrecks Elizabeth, N. J. - tffi - Another a i r l i n e r . ' the third in less than two months, thundered down into this tense, jittery city today, smashing into a big apartment house and k i l l i n g . 2 0 persons, · ,, ... . . . ,, A National'Airlines DC-R, crip-. iv .,,. , ,1"io°-1 ^ IU "' " lcd h y ""iTM «»M*- '"Wn* 1 v chali man or the IB.,2 li,art j f r n m If00n ,,,,, ,,, ,, moonll , ^ . Kmd, mo w i t h campaign leaders 5trn , k ,, 5 ,. (ilmlly dwcliin,, »n( In FaycHcvillc today, including ! cx pi oc ) cc ] · . " Twenty-five of the 62 Person Aboard the. - Miami-bound plane and tour residents of the apari- nicnl hou'e were killed. About 40 persons, most of. Jhcm plane'* survivors, were injured. . . - ' . The new tragedy forced a shutdown of air traffic.-at nearby Newark Ali'port, one nf the busiest in the East, The field's operations. said Mayor James T, Kirk, had placed this "city under ah "umbrella . of .death," The airport'! traffic Jvas . diverted to .Idlcwflti arid XaGuerdia airports in New York City and also ^Philadelphia. A few moments before the airliner crashed--shortly nfter midnight--its pilot messaged that,two engines had failed, Told to return lo the field he radioed "Can't make It." The pilot, Capt. W. G. Foster, died In the crash. B*ar Strikes Terror T.h? ,.(«: plane plunged dowri- llke'·' * ··: meteor, streaming ne.behind.It.:The.roar of its descent kindled terror In residents below.. Twice' before since mid- Dtcember they had heard . that sound - and twice before naming death struck among them. One hundred and 15 have died the-tht'ee crashes.. took the highest toll of lives in a I George Pavin, 35, were arrested . , .- - single Arkansas accident since j by S( a t c Trooper Wallace Parncll this morning, and showed a pretty June 24, 1947, when five persons I a f t e r a druggist becamr suwiciotis fair turn of speed before he was.l drowned six miles west of Grady - ·-- ·'- Auspicious overtaken several blocks "rom the i , f l e r Iheir truck plunged into a police station. The prisoner took flight as he was being returned bayou. Ihe occupants were from a few bruises. , unhurt aside Sheriff Cridcr said the acciricnl happened at 7:15 p.m., about three miles west of Fayctteville. He explained it this way: Clayton Ward, 28, Fayctleville Route 2, had parked his pickup on the highway to change a tire. Three east-bound passenger cars, traveling fast and close together, were approaching Ward's unlight- eri Iruck from Ihe west, and a fourth car was approaching it from the west. The driver of the first oast- oound car, Manuel Drain, 22, Fay- cltevillc, failed lo see the truck and crashed Into its bed, bouncing off and skidding 300 feet down the lavement. The second car, driven y James -Colcman, 19, Fayettc- ville, missed the truck, but cirie- swiped the nn-rotninc y. Orbin Ward of Houle 2 and skidded clrlvn Fayctleville to jail from Municipal Court. He was caught at South Street. City bicycle licenses, slow in arriving from the factory this ycrr, have gone on sale at the city police station--at 25 cents each. Sold at cost, the licenses are designed I'o help police kec : j a record of all bikes in thr. city, aiding in recovery of stolen machines. Secret Service Busy Guarding President Washinglon-fyPj-Secret Service cases involving threats . a g a i n s t ' "Hidio, Tokyo" B«ck Tokyo-(fl" R a d i o Tokyo' back on the international he,, the men purchased two hypodermic needles and a medicine dropper. A quantity of drugs, including morphine lablels. were found in [ s I t h e i r possession. Broughl i.n Fay.........,,,,,,,,.,, o.r :' cl ! cvillc ' th » were i d e n t i f i e d l,y waves after a sil'encc of seven.; Mlss J l u l e Quick nf Alma, an em- years. An hour-long broadcast l a t e 1 n '"y of Ihe Alma Drug 3tore, as Sunday was beamed in the Knglish I l n o mm who had been in the language to the West Coast of the ' slor( - when the drugs were slolen. Qnilcd Slates by Ihe Japanese j Both suspects were Broadcasting Corporation. I Van Hiiren. returned lo -iuincaio iloymcnl orders came from Hie director's office and that he didn!: enow from whom the director go! ils Instructions,' Tinslcy identified copies of nine otters from Baker's office .telling lim the names of persons tn be employed and in most instances Isting the names of persons they were to replace. The witness also expressed opin- on that in his scvcn-counly dis- ricl Ihere werc more foremen han were needed. He said he clieved one lo each county would enough. Actually, he said, he as about 16. Tinslcy said, however, he didn't elicvc the total number of labor- rs in the district .could be reduced without-a loss In efficiency. Yalcs lestificd earlier that he believed the tolal highway department personnel could be reduced considerably wilhout any loss in efficiency. No McMalh Appearance Indications werc that Governor McMalh would not niakc r appearance before the Audit Commission. In a letter to commission members, released yesterday and dated Saturday, the governor said he would be happy to meet with the commission at its convenience "al Ihe governor's rcccplion rooni." I Last night, I I A C Chairman n. C O N T I N U E D ON PACK N I N E Stewardess Survives Crash, Tells 01 Experience Elizabeth, N. ,l.-(/IV'It was so horrible--jusl like a fiery nightmare--and we were pn helpless." I It was. Nancy Taylor, 22, s warricss from Coral tables, Fla., i telling of her experience aboard U. E. Baughman. chief nf the ; the National Airlines p l a n e that President Truman already have increased 33 per cent this fiscal year which still has until June 30 run. · · Secrel Serv:'cc -charged w i t h guarding Ihe president, told the House Appropriation- Committee crashed here yesterday. Unhurt hut emotionally shaken, in testimony made public today | M i s s Ti| y lnr K» v e a graphic ar' threat cases rose from 2,598 last year lo 3,(12!) in Ihe 1951-52 year. The third cast-bound automobile, driven by Earl T. Jones, also "f Fn.vcttcvillc -nnuln 2, dodged 'oth the truck nnd Orhln Ward's car, but struck Colcman's wrecked automobile. The truck driver, Clayton Ward, vns charged with parking on the lighway without w a r n i n g /lares, opcratlnR a motor vehicle without driver's license »nd without · state license, Colcman was charged with operating a motor" vehicle without driver's license and following too closely. The f i f t h accident victim, Mrs. Elsie Evans of near Fa.vettevillc was brought to the County Hospital following an accident at the Interaction of Highway 71 and Highway (12 west. She. suffered only minor injurln. t ' 0 ". n ,!, : I l l never forget the first minute up In tin.' sky when I knew something was wrony. It was Jusl after we left Newark. I'd were up nbout say we ' f e e t when one of Ihe motors con!:ed oul and marie a terrible rumbling nolsr." That sound, she said, "was as terrifying as a n y t h i n g I've ever heard." Then, Miss Taylor said, "We slarled falling . , , I I h i n k we dropped at least 250 feet. I don't anyone breathed i n t h a i = 1 H IV, - I . , said the- pilot "must have Grady Horlon chairman," lo gel the push for f 2,500 in the county under way. Brown announced chairmen -in the various communities of the county as follows: Sprlngdalc, where .the kicko/f breakfast will be held tomorrow-- . Ihe James Workman; Farmington-- Russell Broylcs; j'rairic Grove-- Hubert Kecne; Lincoln- Frank Dickson; Winslov;-- E. A. Holibs; West Fork -- Mrs. George Freeze; Tontitown -- Richard Ardcmagpi; Elkins --Ernest Bunch; Elm Springs- Bill .layroc, Twenty workers attended -the kickoff breakfast this morning at Fcrgusoi 's. All civic' clubs and the licta Sigma phi. sorority in f'ay- ettcvillo . lake part In the "I didn'l know wl'elher i was alive or not or if I would r,?\ out of the ship. Mr body had been campaign. Those who arc not contacted by a worker arc asked to send contributions to .any bank or to' any post'office.. . '· The campaign for funds got-qff lo a start with three pre-cam- ,Mign $100 contributions, one each from L. B. Smith, Paris Green and Mrs. Roberta Fulbright. The national quota is JC.000.000. In accepting Ihc Heart Fund ·nalrmanshlp, Brown said thai "Ihcre is hardly a pcrsrn in our community who has not lost a I member of his family, a friend .or j j - ... . , » ·· i a business associate from h e a r t ] |g VlOICnl l/CdlD) III illscaSc. The new hope for h e a r t s ! made possible hy recent scientific | Cl»l« ftiirinn advancer, will spur oui common jJHIs 1*111 Hlg efforts for ultimate control of the heart diseases, our nation's lead . filmiiy 'of three. Another .resident. . died oh the second floor behind * -wall of flames. The plane caromed II off the building, jllnglng wreck- ·I age for hundreds of yards. The. front of the fuselage Catapulted Inlo the playground -.of a children's home, burning fiercely, while the rear section lit In a treetop. . - . . . ' Unlike Ihc olhcr two crashes in. which alt plane passengers and crew, were killed, 37 of ihose aboard, most of them 'In the rear section, escaped death. The plane nosed ovor.and roared ·downward shortly after its lake-, off. In the apartment house below.' some one screamed: "Plane crash! .Everybody run!" County GOP To Take Poll On Four Candidates A newspaper poll lo determine the prcfcncc of Washington County "Republicans for the Carious GOP presidential candidates will be conducted tomorrow by this Washington County . Republican \ - CotnmiUre, Charles W. Atkinson, chairman of the committee, announced this a ftcrnoon. A special balldt, to he carried Irt the TIMES, will list the names of Gen, Dwighl D. Eisenhower, Harold E. Stassen, Sen. Robert A. Taft and Gov. Earl Warren. The -Republican voters will be asked to mark the candidate of thoir choice and mail the completed hallol to either Atkinson or W. M. Kilter, committee secretary, n( Frfyctleville. , ing cause of disability aijd death." .. ~ ' "·"· ··""- , "i uii: Miijj. ji" nnriy nnd ncen TMincthTe\TMwe*Tcmerro r ' r ° m '' V/iSlC ' (i " psiflc ^"''""' As ' * l r "'- 1 S t u d y Of Price HrnnfiU ' Th""' "u rlomadl ^P': around my wa'Is" soimonc'opened 1 S i t u a t i o n Orde dropplnc. Then, about a m i n u t e .i-.e nc.'u t,i i.i c plane Inter. WP :):trt/vl I*........,! .U A ' . . n _ . i · ... .' . , l f . . 1 . : . / /t». ·(·! dropplnc. Then, about » m i n u t e l»tcr, we started fallinj; toward the ground and I knew we were going to crash . . . . "As tht plane fell I could hear screams and yells. All Ihe piis- still had tb'eir straps around t h e i r waists. 1 was still in Ihe .stewardess' j u m p sent and oh how I prayed! "When we first slrurl: the aparl- menl 1 building--I d'dn'l know whal it was u n t i l later--! w :i s tilled almost upside down. Fire was roaring all around Ihe outside of Ihc plane. "Then we slrurk xivnclhlnn else - - t h e ground, I RIICSS--and I could feel the ship s k l m m i n c .ilong. Then we stopped suddenly, Ordered r.e nii'u til i.ic plane. "Nnthini; will ever happen WaMiiiiiit'iii-l/I'p-Thc Office ............... ,.,,,.. .,»,,,,,. in my life" to match thai' mornciii! | Prir( ' $l;ihilira!lon is making I don't know whose hmuls were ' ' - ' - - .......... *--· around my waist, but oh, Ihey fell so wondonul! Then romermc l i f t - cd me from Ihe se;il. " A f t e r n mlnulr- I turned lo look at Ihe plane. It was horrible. "I could see some of thr piiji- scnKcrs crawling out holes. Others surniPd In ho s l i U K i ; l i n n . Maine's were leaping all .iround (hem. Bodies and w i e r k a g c were strewn a l l over t h a t field. "I wanted lo help them, but I couldn't do a n y t h i n g Oh, It was awtiil. "00(1 help them .ill as he helped me," survey to determine whether prices should he decontrolled or suspended nn a long list of items ranging from meats to shoes, Michael V. DISallc, as one of tils last o f f i c i a l acts, yesterday named a rcvrn-innr committee of OPS o f f i c i a l s tr, make th(- study. The Weather-- Arkhnsar--Partly cloudy, a lit- llr cooler this afternoon and to- nifihl. Widely scattered showers south portion, cloudy and w m m i Lillle Rnrk-l/P)-Eighteen persons died violcnlly in Arkansas in the week ended Sunday. Danny Ray Thomason, 15- month-olri fun of Mr. and Mrs. fierald I!. Thomason of Elliott, i Ark., was killed Saturday when he (| j j was struck by a car m the drive,, i iv,iy of his home. Elliott is near Camden. A fi.l-ycar-nld retired farmer was killed near North Little Rock Sunday when he was struck by a car. lie was Claude Marsh of Hccbc. SUte trooper Forrest Booth ."aid the d r i v e r of the death car fled the scene. Hobby T»VM Hit Lit. Butler. Ky.-MVTlcjtinald Rlppt- loc's hobby cost him his Hie yesterday. The 3?-yf«r-old Cincinnati man was guiding his gas-mo. · ' " ' ' '" wits high volts T l l i x r l a v n . r l l , , I ^^ mX ' ' 1 "'fPl"""! W i t h H WTO Tuesday part y wh( . n , hc p | ane sm , sncd 1nto ,,,,,,, icr. Widely wat- i cn ,| nn w lrcs. sendin* «.»00 volts , , , -- i tviHMuii wiivs, acm I trred *howon In north portion. I through his bo^f.

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