Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 9, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1952
Page 9
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U.N. Ready To Negotiate Only On Question 01 Korea . Munsan, Korca-(/P)'-The Uniletl*- Nations toddy accepted a Com: munist proposal to begin nogotiat-. ing a Korean settlement within i three months after air armistice,; but rejected n Red suggestion that · the talks cover Far Eastern qucs- i t!ons beyond Korea. j The Allies endorsed two-thirds i of a ned-propos'cd three-point: agenda for a high levol conference, but told the Communists! they would discuss no Asian ques- i tlon other than that of Korea. ! The U.N. cuiniiianti agreed t o ' discuss withdrawal of foreign' troops from Korea; peaceful set-j Jlement of the Korean controversy and other Korean questions related to peace. The- first two points ^yere proposed by the Reds last Wednesday, i The 'Communists also suggested | the high-level conference settle "other problems in Asia related to the Korean question." Presumably this could include such thorny subjects as Formosa. In re-phrasing the third point, the UJV. would limit d e b a t e ' t o problems connecled directly with the Korean conflict. Troubadour Trim MOtTMWMT AUKANtAI TIMK, htyttttrlll*, ArkoiMi, fatvntar, Ftbrvfrf? 9, I MI ? . ^ Colu mn ! Jy^'jy^ 3 op f.9*T. lJ ' vl T ir _ I .^iL'^TJ??^^'!?.? j W A N T E D , famllyjonc* or more, who ,; U'ANTKL) farm worlTwlth'li ·i HAL BOTLft . Korean Veterans To Take Par! In Blood Donor Rally A ffroup of Korean war veterans, headed by the commaridino . officer and executive officer of Northwest Arkansas' 936th Field Artillery, will highlight Sprmgdale Mr. and Mrs. Lookwbotl Searcy paigri tonight to. obtain blood | n t Johnson Street returned home (honors for the Red Cross blood! Thursday morning from St. Louis, campaign. | where Mr, Searcy had been » pa- EMIIT MOOKS displayi ttif ive- nihg Version of th^e Troubadour Trim, popular Bocialltt' hairdo ot Europe shown at the ' American Hair Fashion' conference In New York City. ' fMternalitmal; give blood. Blood donated by Washington County residents is divided evenly bctewen the armed forces and county. Half of all blood donated is retained here for use 1 in hospitals and l\y physicians. Kept in the Veterans Hospital blood bank, it is available without charge. Washinjton-WJ-Wilbur Peoble, America's mott average citizen, today suddenly called off Ills one- man inveetlfation ol the federal government. . Ke tells why in thir, f i n a l letter to his wife, Trellis Mac: Dearest Honey, Well; I give up! I came here as » patriotic duty, trying to find out what really is going on in the national capital. But it is simply too much for one mind, no matter how giitecl. You have to be a paper clip to really get the feel of Washington. And I'm worn out from head to foot. My arches are flat from. walk- Ing on marble floors al'- day and j I'm suffering from marlini-arth- ; rilis, a commo'n disease among f h e j cocktail circuit riders here. j Also, I'm broke. I told the hotel I clerk I would probably .have to j;o ' out on the highway and hitch ride home. "A lot of our visitors leave that way," he said, cheerfully. "Come back after the November election. They always button up here a lit- tL before election." Now, that was a typical remark. They figure nobody comes to Uiisnincton except to look for job and nobody leaves unless he is disappointed. They don't believe anybody works outside the government by choice. said: "What nm mean that." rThe?n«,r o r . , , h « frull and herry farm I .' h " rk p a r t n e n on (i f Will havn Hrrry plcklns Iroin J u n e . ' I (saying? I don't I u n t i l Nnvcmbcr. Sonic f a r m lithor i extra. A 'cnnrt c l m n r r /or w o r t h y pcoplti .\ewtiomcri I n v c i t l g n t e IIP- i f n r c you Invi-Jtt. Sec or w r i t e J B : Whin, Rom* ], Uiix l.X West Fork. Arl;. N'OTICR fjOES~j-nur"chl7d lit-cil "tupofvisccV play w i t h hi* own nsr ijroiip? Velrrnn'i V i l l f l R p nursery r«n now arcrpi new mcmhcr.i nl U n i v i rsity personnel Phonr inn.'i or 201.'n - - - . - .IP news, rend n t boon able In f i n d out w h n t , t n e Tui«« Wnriti. tnily. Kor d e l i v e r y J phono mil Ktnkiidp. 2B71-W. I ft 1 * TM*i--* q u » r - I MODERN 3 rot m » n i . K|-c!ric r*frlicra'nr. Private haih and f n t r a n r r . Ht,tn- w»y 16 w e a l , ("0 f0, bUls pairt. Phone J decider) 1 oushl to p;iy my rc- pccls lo President T i u w a n before Retting out nf town. On the v.'ny over i told the tax I driver I (eft pretty blue hmius I miily had- J K O R 'i-omnlciV world w n't been able In f i n d out " " is lining on in Wnshinfiton. He cheered me up by snyinjj: "They ain't nothing to find nut because they ain't nothing Ruing ~ , on, now, bud. Nobody is doing miy- :}a|e$meil ftf\U E x e C U f J V e S Injnjf, because he knows if ho docs · | Boinctliins lio'll be investiptncl.: W a n , high-grade, experienced whatever it is. Everybody s m h i s : - r mouse hole, waiting." Well, I didn't set In sec the HM,I- WANTED FhA 11OMK LOANS Low Interest, Ions lermi L'TLKY AND COMPANY, INC. · L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . \Vc make nuto and f u r n i t u r e loans. Lti us finance the purchase of I your new or used car. QUICK SERVICE FINANCE CO. ; , president. One of his hired h a n d s ' . s a n :man from selling field or execu- live group. Posilion carries ve. Block St., or our uned · lot. Corner Center and Church T y | Streets. The men, including LI. Col. tient at Barnes Hospital. You almost became a widow yesterday. 1 was passing a government office building just before dusk. The doors opened and a mob of people rushed out and ran over me. 1 jumped up and yelled to a fellow: "There must'vc been an explosion iti there. Come on. Let's RO in, and help bring out the wounded." 'There's nothing wrong," he said. "It's just quill i:ig time." I fell in step with him, and lie William Bush of Lincoln and Mai I ·'· L - Kirkpalrlck, Si., of Theo- 1 said: Clint Meadows of Faycttovillc, wiili d '"'° Dnvc - returned home Weci- appear at the Uark Theater at 7 ! ncsda 5' a f l e r spending some ti;ne o'clock this evening on behalf of! 1 " Tcxas ' where he w " s employ '. the blood donor program. Colonel! The Hcv. H. M. Lewis, pastor. . Bush is commanding officer of the i ° f l»e ; First Methodist Church, I ard as "ybodj . I . 936th, which recently returned ! »'« lh = «ev. and Mrs. Jim Work- ' Uicm t h a t criticize us just had my after a year In action on the Ko- I mim arrived home Thursday nishl rean front.- j from Dallas, Texas, where they '" ad bcon - iincc Monday of this 'You l;now a lol of folks have got the wrong idea about .us government- employes. They think we're all loafers. But we work as some of : job." i Then he paused in alarm, and apologized, and said: "Kc's busy ''/· W o n t m a n u n d e r p a i d in his right now reading a book some- - present f i e l d . L i f e t i m e job in body sent him called "Huw to-Live ] p e r m a n e n t i n d u s t r y ; P. O. Box on a Small Income in Florida." 1447, L i l l l e Rock. Give brief busl- But I'll tell you, Trellis Mac, ness history, i n c l u d i n g age. Inthe president is the only relaxed I ' o r m a t i o n c o n f i d e n t i a l , nan in town.. He's having more! income if you q u a l - ! U)ST_AM FOUND FOUND, s m n l l hlnck and' NICE i room house U n f u r n l i ! C«mpui. J'honf JBI9-J nr Kml 2nd Hi. ed. Nenr «·« .1 ; n h f d I'n. r double S I I K U iiunmciil Dnwn.l'.l Hill* pHld. Phone 19in-1. LXnOK hrdrnimi. u c t l lu 7M J rnlr """ Slime f'OUII ~'room " liimsiiln../ unj, i, rl!t «-rccn»d in hack porch. l...c, on v i m e n l .Street FOl'll rnom uparlinciil I ' j tloi-k« off · nuare. tiulmliir ior o l l i c c u n i t ' very tood Inr office nml home Inr ·mull ( A m i t y KrMTT ONE bedroom hom«, atUch#d .,._.- _J??*r!£J?.?*- lMr f*..lot. Phont 1»W. MOVE'IN ~"~. SPARKLING n*w «-room ttxmr, con- y r n t o n i io trjiuportjiUoii and ichool. \ l i b u t h i , /nrccd tir he fit, A11 ached tV'K' " 1 -"'' ) ^ 00 ' Shown b ^ Jej i n COMPANY THHEK room inndpni TWO ap'irtm?nl. n!ll- ithiy. unfurninh- isnlcrs, .and ushcrcllex. M u s t he neat nnri dcpcutinble. pre- Irr m a r r t r t l women. Musi he 1H or over. Apply In Thcn'cr n f l c r person P. flt Pnlncc fun than n circus, because he's ihc only man here who knows for sure what he';; going lo do--and hasn't said what il is. The Democrats all say, "of course he's going to run." J- ml the | Republicans all say, "1 v.'i.sli' "J'__ ,, he'd run again--or do I? Nobody ' WAITRESS for cur hop..Phone"" or can rear back and pass a second jj.- miracle--or can hcV" I IIFI,P W,\NTi:n--KRMALE From my windov/ J can sec the Washington Monument, i'tamiing blear and bare and simple in the noonliglit. That is the way life used to be. here. But now it is more like the Capitol b u i l d i n g , covered with complicated fretwork and full of many rooms. Washington is like a big sen. The politicians cnmc and make a few waves in their time, then cave. Bui Ihe real currcnls run .00 deep lor us on the surface knov/. Anyway, I'm coining' home, before. Ihcy start invesii/;;iting my investigation. H is all to much for Your loving husband W i l b u r r. S. Tell the lioss 1 have recovered from my virus infection and I'll be back at work Monday. TWO y n u n g Indies, ncnt n p p c n r l n u . well (;roninrcl. AGE If'J-'Jfi. -iiH«tG. SI.'-.OO to Mart. Phono Mr. OCKF.N- J-'ELS nt 1(MI) (or n p p o i n i m c n t . FOR SALK--AUTOMOTIVE CHOICIS""or""uvo~]ii-lB~ 6l(islmhil(~rt"*i K»d:ins. One hjis only 20.(1(H) mi Irs lloih in per feet conrllllon. l»rirc SJIK) 00 hulnw m a r k e t or m;tke nn off?r. Call -l.inj a f t e r ii p. in. IHHJS--CATS-- I'ETS K I N D cood home lor h a l l lila.-k rm-k- er ipaniel pup. 11 tnonth.t old. I'honp __2«J_a(t_CT n.:iu p. ni neUISTERKD red rocker u p a n i r l pup" nir? Hired hy Chninpictn llocky I'olnt ^Jledeoat Mrr W y a l t . plmno S07J2 TOR' SAH OR TKAUr. , _ INCOME properly SprlnKdale. Snuth' SMAf-L Krorcry Cinod htiitlncs! 7 p. m HiChljuid. ntul (rrvici Phone w. R l a t l o n . lieforc K)R SALE-- LIVESTOCK TWO | «pringlns""er».'Se l :niii' ~ P^ld. S40 n\nt\rrn ftiiarlrnrn!. tit)furit llxnimand f l f A l l y Cfijiri J» Dumr- 7 H 1 3 ndOM f u r n i s h e d n p , .icnt " Unl!- Hei pfllil. C!o«r In |'h»n.« Ki^J. TWO brdroom hcVme'n'it p n v r U sireoi two HUtcki f r u t n J n i r r r M i i i Kchinti' i h r p c h l n c k » F i n m Souarc. Hcni iS'vnn. cmi zii2M. ' N K U H N I S M i ; O b t i ; i r i m c n ( . rrnt" r r - .fluccrl.^Adull.^ C-rtlt IJM. NICE tm7iirii]«iiod" flpsrtiii;u"t "im-a'tcd «i fl(H Has l l.afn voile. Inr it- I t v l n a room, d l n l n t rooni v.-mhin-im,,,. mo k l i r h f n . h a t h nm i hcdroom ncm n n r'"' r , monlh C l M l Hic only Call p. H. r.fimli.r M r C i t r l n r y I.r»-u Cu - I . n ?TMC!! ( i' I «.. : l fi(l -_ Kvp - 1h '"^ 1«1. ' * ' " iti!r. I f'r'-kr, 2'.jn-n. iJINCAID^ Iron aa!? by owntr, 51 ncret"~of ~0aw* ' | f u r p Jjind. I m!l«i from TtyetteV . ; v l l l r . on j;ood ro*H. At $2.150. PhorvS' ' | ^SM-M ·; . iCO.MPtKTKI.Y modern cunnlnc pfant" in cnorl inrrmto r,nifn« ·ccUon.--fte- , reiil.y rcrnndeted in mrfft '*)l'-tnv- ! Vrniticrtt rcfiuircnipnl.i. Good prtra j for r i u i i k HBjr Ocne Thrtiher, Ho** I C" L a n d Company, Realton, Ron- j Fieri Crown, 1.121 M. ___ Ci"T* EQUITY "in "nearly newTivfTbTri" room hornr; lncxl«d clnii; to Square. (. : ''mptrtr!y modern »nd hulJt und«r nnc- m til per month. N;:W!,V RKMOIJELCO ihrtr bedroom hmn". h.irtlwond rtoorn. floor f u r . nncc ;iiKl .·itiiricrn ki'rhen. You can't brat Ihh Hi 5-V-OO.flO, FOR INVESTMENT a nice /iv* room himf i u o hlork ^ from C4mpuf At TMFtr.f; »KU[!00.'.f n !l'oMES. W« h v t , ihr rhmrr in nlrc ihrcc hsrlroorni' h»m?» w i t h rne or two bathi A I! new ami pricM from iil.OAO to- fal f r. I ia ? S!- hft.irmcni/wflihr tar, B a r d p n mill t RITIER AGENCY 1 Phone IJM Mr* id E. or (5W Center pounds, J60.00. Phone 22fil Ca . W a y n e FOR SAI.B--MISCKIJ.ANKOUIH CAriGK old~'hou3c.""23b~South E «"« I Slrcct. LkSPEDRZATnVW'hny "n~ff *of "llm'i*- . _ . _ . . . , __ slonc ground. 9(lt: bale. Phone 213W. DGE Gnod coniHflon.*SI95. Cnri SMALh toy Chihunhun' dog.' Nice pet iron M n l o r I n n G a r n e r . ] M0 .OT. Phone I67BM. c h n l r . ~ s i O . 0 0 . i p r l i l l / e r . WrtI r JjT?r i -K,.'^!ji l * r , ( . 1 ..i;i' )u;1 '· W CM Fork' Irrj thrnucliruil ! ln;lrli- rcm^ni- ', pfHlw 1 If u'nnt- ' crt. H|f!tw.i.v Ili \vrM ,fMloiii? I 7 U 1 j .1 TtOOil n i r n l i h r i t . i m o m ' u n f u r n H h 1 L A R G E ROCK HOUSE" r.l B p,rlnicnt. N M r cflinpu*. I'hono ' u-cAl Bl) i»n I w c n l y «rc« . f f « v m .l« J' n n ·', - - , - . , - - ' K n i l "i «" ' r S Highway 11. Thi* ill i 3 ro ?, m f»'"il««Mi ftpflrimcnt nrar ' '" 1 "" 1 I" mo-lflrn and nice. Vrry ,.V. M !yr«lly. PIiniiA 23*7.W. ' t p : c l - l fnr r r r i r i n g people. NICE 3 roorn liillKrnlim'. Sc^'ciu-nrr M L A R G E F A M I L Y HOME LOIIPC Shop, corner ui FOUI1 f i n e i i R d r n u n n w i t h untrtm* | rlonr't citK «nl rt half h^ihu. larj(t 'louTHiiiii* I l'.i*.rjncnt, r r n t r n l hc«(;n« anrl m a n y 'f r n i r n t i o c , p n v t i t « i ('Uicr f m r If.itufrs M u i r h« intd " " and L - I N I C K L . ONU'rtNli:i(EIJ J ' Quick Ihl to wslklnjt Lni in K h u w you. Phon Cenlrtl lo- of #vcfy- be sr S'LIGIITLV used 7»f P.'ymoulh.~Mi: PC 11 nt nni'iv Sundnys or eve nines. .·i(i7_ W. Crnter. ia.'fl TWO " dour ~ Pont tap'." IS.flOO miles. com! en nili I inn. clean, cxtrsr.. Sec Ceril n l H a l f i » ; l d ' s Essn S l n l i u n . A Good Thing To Know! SI7.IKI FOLDING lllljll Never US'.'il. 410 Wmhl nAriNYAm"or clllckci! roltrtl PlKtnc ll. r ,.ll In addition to the veterans thc rayettcville Hi?h School band j and reprcscntatiV' ican show, ·'FixedBa.vo'iieis,"'w'i'n be in- I l u n t s v i l l c Street, viled. to sign pledges to donate blood through the Red Cross. A bloodmobilc f.'nm the Spring- i w ' c c k attending a "minister's ; on furlough. He left Tuesday for -- ' " .v,..^^.....!,.^ of the Amcr-! w c c k " on lhc c a m P u = "f S.M.U. · port Bliss, Tcxas, where he will Red Cross will take part i n ! M r - W o r k m a n i s the pastor of the receive his new assignment with rief camoaisn Patrons of the Wosle v Methodist Chi:rch on West ihc Army. He just recently re- . field, Mo., regional blood .center, will be in Faycttcville and Springdale Ma: will be Media M. Zachcry of 1003 West Center Street has flov.'er shop here turned home from Korea. Mrs. Claud Kelly entertained optncd a new j the American Legion Monday in Springdale.' night at 7:30 at her home on Jbituary A reputable dealer is a good person to know when il comes , lo buying a Used Car. Our rep-j utaMon and integrity assure you j of a really fine Used Car. W e : , have a wide selflction of finer,! 7fl, died thin/cleaner cars -- all in good me. She came here from Dallas, Tcxas. | Pleasant Street. Mrs.. Marguerite Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hycrs of Hot j Farwell became a now member. Mrs. Ida Beai IVjrs. ioa J-ioiiz, morning at_(i:35 o'clock at hci ^ c h a n i c a l condition. Easy terms? home in " . itoutc irch 19, 20 a n d 1 ) 1 The unit Springs have recently purchased ] Mrs. Elmer Gordon presided o v e r 1 in Fa'vcttevillc two d-ivs ! P rn P crl ' nn Wes t E "d Street in ' the short business meeting. Mrs.; O n e o f those daysw ill be devoted i R P r . i n S d n l l ; - Thc y wi " "" " " ----· - ---i- -« ' to the Univcrsilv, where student:-' 1 , hplr .," cw home as soon last month donated more blood '" rr " ll ' rc arrives. move to as.their than the bloodmobilc crew is nor-) rfc - Dcwcy C. Ycager has ar- mally nblc lo handle in one day. The- second day residents of Fay- eUevillc nnd nthor Washington County towns will be asked to rived from Fort Hood, Texas, and his B. B. BrORdon read an article on "Americanism." The i.celing date has been, changed from the first Monday of the month to the third Monday of the month. n t h c B l H c k O a k c o m m u n i t . Y , ; 0 f cour5fi , fhese*values- five, blic was born .June 8,; TODAY! 1951 Ponliac 8 Super Deluxe Catalina. .,., _ . _ . I O C ! i^U ! _ · ! _ n o r _ I Surviving her are her husband, | John Roax, of the homo; two nuns, 1950 Chevrolet Tudor. S12H.IK1 GIBSON K t t i l u r , Sn.lH). Tnu'lif- h i J I , second hmnr. west M c n n s CJrO- rry. FnlrRrmmdc. L A R G E * »lzc ' c o m h l n n t l o r r ' rndlo~iiml rceortl player, like new. $40.00. HH Jlnlcs S l r r r l . Phone J014.J. nFJ5fAUriANT"flxinrc«." Mason'n'Ciiin- Dlli drill. _fi!7 West nirkson. CURED nnd MtmkcrrhnmJt.'fiOc pritind. lirnokn Lewie. Fnrrnlnitlon. Phont ;-n^i.__ _ _ KARAT diamonD, iticrlricc heciiuie ^nfjjjnc^nox K-lfi, 7'Tlniei. VALENTINE GIFTS of Distinction at . Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Collect 1351 Fiy«li«Till«, Arkinut Joplin Rendering Co. Job In Freight Yard DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. is spending R furlough with mother, Mrs. Hoy Yeager' o f ' PN Pl/ino A ! Sprinedalc. Private Yeager i. re- j Ls(J(-) LxUco t\ j cupi'ratinB from an operation fol- I [lowing injuries received while in j Korea. ' Mrs. Joe J..Reed of Springriale j left Thursday jiighl for Washing- ! ton. D. C., on a business trip. | Mrs. Bccca v Mustain of Elm | Trenton, Mo.-(/l)-Quuenie is a .Springs is spcnding'th? \veck with i dog doing a man's job on the rail- hcr sister, Mrs. E f f i e C a n u p of ; I'oari. She locates hot journal boxes Springdalo. j heatefl - axles--on freight cars in I The Springdale Riding Club met! the Chicago, Rock Island Pacific (Thursday night at 7:30 at the i Railroad yards here. | home of Mr. and Mrs. Fivd M i n d s ! The black, brown and w h i t e on West End Street. Evcrel Head,! mongrel Is on the job IS hoMrs a I president of the rlnb, had charge ! da '.. scv TM . da i' 5 a wcck »""i n c j of lhc meeting. The regular busi- j ness session was held and a discussion a f f a i r s followed. Refreshments were served to the guests by the hostess. , Ernest and Fred Run, both u f ! 1 9 5 0 Chevrolet Fayctlcvillc; two daughters, Mrs. j Coupe Mrf X u r l S h U 1 ive-passenger ', siV~Ti -- T « p " r line in. arTmriit. " liliii-k'n KURNiSHEIJ n o r t h or if) lull! c/irporl. rn]lnwiy"|tiVl'rywiiml hcl, Inncnprini! niBHrcs.. TMc h n l h khowcr. I,nll ol »tora«i- i-lcinrti. Allk- Jan Coinplelply rcdcL-orntc-1. I d c n l rnr Iwn, J17.JO. All u l l l l t l r i . Oarhnjc nnrt n u r u m c n l i linlcl. Ont of Ihf lr«L Plionf 2S07. _ ^'ICK cifTcictu-y npnri',ncnt - "for "lu-o*. to pcrnuncnT quirf. ^rc«pon"lljlc i»dun«. 2 bcrlrono) fitrnlnhetT hoii.-.c 3 hlockj Norlli nf U n l v e n l l y , p». mil yard. Pnrklru apace, "'ffn'/itiln oflv i i l l l l l l t « ».w.oo monlli. rioferenni «2I Storcr, HAMMOND RFAUY CO. Eve Phoof II. n. Hammond 1372 J A J a r v l j I5MW -- tlty. Hnrrt s u r f n c n iftreet. heamifuj irrci .·mmi.. MM etict iM p in,-. iT«'hT . . - . . ; . - ... libpM unftirnliiie'd iipk'r'inie'iii. .M, hull paid ;·, blork from cam_!!!: ^""JJ'l 1 TM «Ll«r ' n. m. 4 HO'oM iinliirnTiilie'ii apflrliticrH, U t l l l - llel paid. Adults. Plionn ,1011. 8lCj5~j«f«~nrom. 117" E.~ Lifoyiile. _i'hoiM faoaw. ' b»dr iom u n f u r n H h e d »57 so (urn- lihert $72.51), lillli paid, I) r n d i x ' 72.51), lillli available ~ ~ ·oom unfurnlilwrt $50 Ou (urnllpcll 165.00! two htdrcom unrurnliHtd 116.00. Rendlx I f u h d r y available Phon-i AM , Mrs. Nellie Boaxj Loupe. wood. 1101 Wooldty. HAY, heal duality. R. L. Comb*. in. Phone 210RII. of Faycttcville; one hrother .lames 11949 Chevrolet 4-dor, Floelline. "Plifino iiswl '_ ' Collins, Los Angeles, Caiif.; 12|1949 Chevrolet 4-dor. Styleline.: : O O D . " ' ' '" = " WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phan* Colltcl 1)11 Fayetteville · Rendering Co. Mr;:. Bill Boyd Ls the gurst of her mother. Mrs. Eva Bateman of Springdalc, while her husband, Mai. Bill Boyd. ,1 paratrooper, is In winter training at Watertown, i Iowa. Mrs. Boyd experts to he in whiz on air brake inspections, ton. Fellow workers say she can detect j the slightest air leak. Her most constant working partner is August C. Kroeger. She trots ahead of him while he inspects the trains. When Khe comes to a hot box or an air brake line leak she signals with loud barking, and stays there until help arrives. Queenic is strictly a freight train specialist. "She won't have Springdale about 10 more days. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Thigpen and daughter, Joyce Ann. of Tulsa, "She won't have a thing to do · Okla., have hcen visiting his par- w i t h passenger trains," says .ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Thigpen, Kro e«er. , v.-hll, Pfc. Jack Thigpen was home ! "~ "' Mansfield To Run For cwxplit* mgiiM tnw-iy Hfrt'i wrSot you g*t . . . · All piston rings replaced with new Genuine Ford Rings. · Carbon cleaned from cylinder heads. · N e w cylir!:r h e a d g a s k e t installed. · A complete engine tune-up. Wt US! OM.Y OCNUINI FOKD PARTI NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Senate In Montana Bozcman, Mon(.-W)-Rcp. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont) will run for the Senate and leave the congressional scat he has held the past 10 years, a Bnzrmnn radio station reported yesterday. In a transcribed broadcast over ^ 0 I-M nc ' Tn trnt * ' 1Cr ^'M"-'! ? in *'' e , radio station KBMN, Mansfield |7 cents prr word. Minimum order -t2c said, "I am t a k i n g this mc;ins to j P'' 1SS|1 '. C ' 1 a $ 3 cash in tidvancc--not announce that I will .not bo a can- | n DMd»na r fo? daSi/lcd' nds; didnlc for the seat I now hold in ! ;i m (!«'!'; 5-'' 0 «· m. Saturday, the House of Represematives, but j ,,^"S^rTML!XTM JH"^. that I will be a candidate for the j "on* or rerun m;irle after ti;l h.13 cx- U. S. Senate from Montana this j pi fJm-F A^ H i , ,, MJ i f'- A n v f f r t I s l n x t'Opy for oilier year. - ... . . grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Funeral services w i l l be hold Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at j 1 9 4 8 P l y m o u f h Coupe, the Alt. Salem Community C h u r c h . ) 1947 Pontiac 8; Fordor Sedan. 1948 Chevrolet Aero Sedan tu- dor. i i f t c r _ 4 _ p j r n . :h, ricll'vtrcd Burial will be in the Ml. Salem cemetery unrlcr the direction of Moore's Funeral Chupcl. Hindsville The ColbauKh H. D. Club met \vith Mrs. Dave Caslecl Wcclncs- f'"iy, with cishl members present, Mrs. Dean Slonc, president, had charge ol the business meeting. Two community improvement projects were discussed and committees were appointed. Information setting bulbs ynd 1942 Sludeboker Fordor. 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe ludor. 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe tudor. 1939 Chevrolet .tudor. ,193? Chevrolet tudor. T R U C K S 1950 Chevrolet '/2-ton, deluxe cab. 1949 Chevrolet '/j-ton. 1949 GMC W-ton. 1949 GMC Vs-ton, Deluxe cab. 1941 Ford !6-lon. woon. for -inic. $4.Ao r In rtycltcvMlp. ni5Ma 2 A i f t cbaied Wliooniln ·"' !ir .. n !mj :i _j 11 '- n KOU R a w i c i n n products. cnlTor write K. Z. C Ark. Pin itiis, 'noulc 7, Fnycttrvtlle, 94HW1 a f t e r 1:3(1 p. m, IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Wt mt«t or beat any compttition was given shrubs. Mrs. Castccl won the! 19^0 Chevrolet Va-ton. Dutch auction prize. Refreshments .were served by the hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs, Karl Davis, March 5. Lundy Davis is recovering from a severe attack of the flu. Will LOUR has returned- fnnn Jin extended visit in California. Miss- Jnnice Johnson, daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Johnson, is in the City Hospital. Keep up w i t h the times--read Ihr TIMK.S dililv. HATFIELD TRADING POST 22 East Meadow. Phono 303 SPECIAL"" WEEK-END SALE LOOK LOOK TIAINIIOW TROUT «nlH dally. Phone SnrinKdalc 3201. O/.nrk Trotil Farm. __ Near Johnnon. tjJcTGAGKr^suTr cnflcs. iool InckimT, brief canet, H-4 bnsi. O ; nltr cairn, toilet kits. plr. A complete lint HA^MPTON-s^AnMY SURPLUS STORK FOR SAI.E- PIFCE chronic cholc" of colorx. t ( ?H' l -_ I)rlv ?I:I" _!'" X'Cr hcd, ~llhrar .. couch, )rcr?.«r. Phone IIOMT, nc 11 eT~3«x Co" fn blit" 9^.r,n nmi up. Hll- n i t t i r u Hl ' iKuncT'i-nniit! " !rvic °- "*J^oiTYouir"hb6riNa NEEDS ~ Call H. L. Slflwnri Roof ln« Contractor ' ~ : Also. At IMS In* SldJii*. Ilonic^ppulrs, Phono IOI1J __ """' J.W.HIII ELEQRICCO. Quality Initalltn ·PUMPS Phorw 24, W«t Fork B U L L D O Z I N G Grovtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phont 249 ._ 24 ~ lnblr lM)li. ..-. Yofllni _ ___ For OLLER BRUSHES W« slock r e g u l a r dairy brooms 10:30 CASH or TERMS CASH or TERMS Abshier-Bryon Motor Co. "Your Fricti4ly Ford Dealer Since 1913" Arkansas Soldier Dies In Louisiana Accident Camp Polk, La.-M'j-Camp Folk authorities today identifier! a soldier killed In an automobile accident as Cpl. Joseph T. Graham, 20, Wynne, Ark. Graham was k l l l ,ed and two other soldiers critiral- 1 ly injured near DcRirtrlcr, I.a., i Wednesday nifihl. The injured in- idurlfd Tvt. N a t h a n i e l Green, 20, , Utllc Hock, Ark. i First Lieut. ,1. W. North, post · s a f e t y officer, said the soldiers' ;c»r was forced part way off the ;TO«C| while pnssitiK anolhe.- auto, j skidded about 160 feet and landed ' i n li ditch. Under War Wsshlnston-l/I'i-Atlnrney firn- McMtth reports ,14 federal Grand Juries scross Ihe country have answered hit cull for · special Krass- j root nurvejr of rickiuerlnf and I organized crime. p.iKCfl 1« flue at 12 noon Ihe da .- cpcdmtf puoliCHlion: II; non»- Snturclnj Igr^^pubilcmjon mi Mniulflv LKC.AI, NOTICES NOTICE In Tn* Probate Court Of WMhlngton County, Arkinin In The H i i l l r r Ol 1 ht tslni^ Ol fcdllh I). Fuller, drrcnsrcl. Nn. IO.UA. · K r l l l h D. Fuller, wliunj last known ndrcSN w*n ^OR N. Church SI., Knv. etlcvllle, Arknnnns. f i l e d on the 2nd Carl's Motor Sales 1946 F o r d 6-cylinder. Radio, Heater. Runs good. First customer i n S a t u r d a y morning gets this cor at a price of $495 1951 Chevrolet Belair. Loaded with extras, 1951 F o r d Crcslline. Radio, Heater and white wall tires. 1947 Chrysler 4-door. Radio, Hoaler. like new $395 I'hone 1S4H FOR SALE OR KKNT_ SMALI, house trailer. "ncuNOnabic". _J^iiincJ«MJI,tfnrc 7 p. m. FOR RBNT-- ·MI.SCEU.ANEOUK COM j'i7KT ELY rurniihTd" a rTTom n p n r l m c n t . Prlviilc balh. I J t l l i l l e i paid I n u n d r v prlvllrgri. ^r,!!3J. .1 nooM nicely furnished "aparline'nt" Privalc halh. U i n i l l c « paid. 2 li'ncks from uriunrc. L a u n d r y privl- I f K r a If desired. Adullji. phone liSflW. HOUK £ Hemililchlng, Pleoling, Covtr»d Buttons, Bulton Hol«, Tailored Belli and Bucklfi. Spiclal Attention glvin Moll Ordtn. Satlifaction or Monty Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO 18 S.E. St.. Fmrett.vlllt lo ·t room home, iiigft. 0 mile* (iu mcnt. price "'" cl, watered by tprlnil, r of out build- mtlei i MOORE REALTY Over Red O'rosi Dru* "hone I0.-i»-!n|j-- illi-91 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE A Billtf Plict la Bur 11 N. Block DEALER Ph. 13) Huqh . Kmcoid Co. · Automotive · Tire. Excavating ""Bulldozing ·Health and Accident ... Who's Who For Service Consult You' Clossified Service Directory BA'B'V "SITTING CAIIK lor r h l l d r e n In my home Mri Hushey. K\ Levercti. 117U. one 1,995; 1947 Ford ^-door. Radio, Heat-, or. A DANDY at. . $895 1940 Ford Ooluxo tudor. Like new inside. 1948 Chevrolet Vi-lon. G o o d : condition J895' , . tiny ol J f i n u n r v in;,z An I n s t r u m e n t tliilrd lln* a.Mh fl.iy nl June. IO.M. wn liilnilMdl In pni. l)Hln UN Ihe l««t will of .snlfl dc-rrrlrlU on .'ilh rl;iy ol Fchrunry. Hl.VJ, flnfl the "nderildned were npixilnled CKWII- , ,, , . inn ihrrcumicr A i-imieti nt lhc pro- , 1 946 Chevrolet '/j-lon hnle ol jam u-ill cnn \n clleclcd only I hy lihnfl ft pcllllon w i t h i n tl- dine provided hy law. . ; All pmons h n v l n n rlalim iiffoltHl I Ihr r.nlnlf m u n i e x h i h t l Ihcm d u l y vorllUMl. In Ihe u n i l e r i l K u r d w i l h l h n i x motilh!! from Ihe dalr' til lhc l l r M I pnlilic-lllon of . t h u nnlire. or Ihpy i K h a l i he to.-cvor hiiirctl anil precluded Ironi liny Ijenellt In Ihe cnlftle. I 'FljlA notice f i r s t published on Hie i n i h i l n v n' Fehrunr.v. 1952. i Kav Klnilfll and Cli,trlr:( W A l k l n i n n , KXfirulorii P. O Mox i Knycllcvllle. Ark ».|(.r ALICES BKAIJTY SIIOI' Now up town. 7',i E M o u n t i i n St _ A l l r r nort Mnrltin. Plionft 620 COt.VARD'S BKAIJTY SHOP" 201 W Mcadou'-Phono S002 - .y.^ ( 'h _S]l.fip-iip Cold wave Vt up 8*IAI'K5 BR/" 177 "" 1 "· -- riortne* ·n » mciiK). INSTRUCTION COM"ri',K'TK~yoiir'"l good $495 1941 Chevrolet tudor. Radio, Hoator $295 1941 Chevrolet club coupo $245 1941 Ford club coupo. . .$295 Thoso cars ore all priced for quick sale. Cash or torrm Carl's Motor Sales PHICK.E1T3 UKAITTY SHOP MI.IAkLI WORK In *pare l l m f f . Texts ( u r n i n h r r l nlomB. Nn clnm*. Sonri for 47 rime WM S M A L L i--1.1-1 , n ,| ,, mr ,| e \titi)n , 3 Miles South of Sprlngdole mr Hifjliwriy 71. Phone 3 2 1 1 'lonr Kxfftllfnt Oiy or nlchl Call G l e n n liny nrtd I.179J ROAD AMD ORAVH, -. ALSO TOP SOIL Phone 151M »nd 305J A m c r l o n "Hrhnn'i."' Pn no* Kurclo Sprlnm, A r k n i u u . IM. _ " d l l l o n . I73J2. Cl " vr ° rcl Phonr · nrf» John Rho»l*i AprtllHnc* n N niock. Phom :o:i. Disking - Brush Rake j Ponds - Roods - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 212 Virginia A've., hox 143 U. Sta. Phone M80. Bayctlcville LANDSCAPTNG Mntcrials nnd itrvlce COpTINCS-wiilisr. ( ai , dltchri. icpiic lank hole* n«vi« b * cl " 1 " n "' c "" 28 b ' yc ' ·Polio ·Liability, TEWTS~MATTRESS~C07 Hcnovalcrt. rebuilt. One tiny icrvkT. Phone 211 \ nine*. 0 / ^^ jell 140 fldrp"mmmtafn" l sl7)t-k /Hr'nV s room house, b.irn, ceit«r. misnkc »?"**' P l c n l y Brasses nnd u-jtior". AIIO Mdjolntnc (arm w i t h in acrci holtoin Unfl. H. O. Rtldd. Houie 7. _» rnl.'cs Rotilh Ourhflm. You're Likely lo Find Fault VOn Inr 3 room horn,- nrcil* ytvt.nil- i n j t -- ( h O U f l h It * rooriiy .ind cfinijurt- j j ablo. And i h f r c n brooimcrtse n n ! the l a n d -- h u t ii'i n -valley L'O mid i c,«n support « or 10 lirad o( c H l t l f i ' Thf l o r n t l o t i Is tfoo'l ihcrr \ n (mr i · h » r n , r h l r k r n IKUHP j-ixni v,cl\ i i r u i l rr-llur and elrcinnty. And .in ' M l r a c l i v r s u r d l"r n u l r i o n r I ; v i n e t h i s a u r n m r r I'rir r j:i.:;fto 00 Tcnnj. Near U n i v o r ^ i l y F a r m T H E n K S « IIOIKO v/Hh live l.irne rnoinv cIcclrK'tiy. nmninjc u, nn t h i n Id acre plJice It \ on * E'tOil hlKbwH.v i-l'no to K n y c t t p v i l l e . t l a i I.MM ctnckfii c;in.u*ii HIH.IIU i Irlrplmnc. An ( i l . i c f ' f o r noinc- ; 1 onf who w f n t s to work in t o w n \vfiilr n n k i n c t h t * i n t o n ihow place Price $i 3.1000. For Catllo or Shoop O W N K U of H,|, 4 iHi ««TM K rrt.rmrf. It · n pUcc Ihftt do \vrll t»y Miur stock, noo a r r r » n f c n r r / i »r«rp l l « b t p l e n t y f)| |ir;nn w a t e r In pmti;rci. 71 wri-t yl nir-admv Lt. ralfd 2 m l l M nt It* s 71 l l n n 4 room i t o r i f - v r n c f r home. Rood burn, plenty n( ^hffti ronin, S M ^ i f l f f i . l i a U down hilnntf: einy. NEWLIN-POWELl REALTY kiuth 71 phoni Hi Sprinirlulf, Ark. 6ENDIX A O II AT OR W A S H E R AUTOMATIC $229.95 CO., Inc. spnctoua l i v i n g room, dining roomt modern hltencn w l i h bre«kla»t upacc. loin nf built-in*, lar«e *l- txchrtl Rsrage \vilh pluinhini tor \vtihcr Mtifl room ^or work bench, .tncalrri on level lot with paid pave- mrni and the price li ?i 1,200.00 with Crncfnuf) flnanclna avMtlrib NfcW TWO BEDFIOOM HOME unt n l t a r h c d xnrage wlih lovely living room, pretty combination kitchen and d l m n n room, u t i l i t y room. pl«n- ly of .clodcte, vriKtinn blind*, fully i n t u i n t r d . forced *tr ffai furnace. Tht prlrc 11 J8.000.00 ind Ol Lo*n nvriiiAhtt* u-lih down payment of n p p r u x i n i a t r l y saooos including eioi- "wffiNS REALTY CO. MJ..N . Colleg* Av* Phone 1791 Dny nr Night ·* iVo^TTcnE aiocir~fnrm with good ·· room home *nd large barn, walrtr, Irani sprinn und?r nrcsiurc- On nil' rnuici V.'lthin 21 mllei of Tayelte*. vHlf, Should carry Aft head utactC- M good ewc.i «oing with r«rm. or- fercti hy wlrinw lady it a bargalo- ol $7,000.00 Sfft · j j Slrout Really Agency, Inc.-j {O. M. Purker. AiiocUU) O __ I.incnln. Arkuniai ' ft; ONE OF THE BEST R A N C H B S - v e have been- arlvlXtrd ·io offcf. BK3T BECAUSK Ol k]t«- tlon. modern iniprovrtnenM. A lock b n r n t , 13!lo. amount nf Acreage, practically no WHSls, level, no rock*, productive, wnter where and when you need it, last b u t not lead the price U rlj(ht. II Jntcrciled we'd like t«T t n ' k with you in parson nteaffc.. 'V , N E I L SAWREV, Broker, Realtor , · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION- · Plote Gloss ·Burglary- I N S U R A N C E Automobil* - Liability Fir* - Extendtd Cavtrag* Polio - Plat* Glais WADE FINCHH A read* Bldg. Phen* Ml

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